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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 22, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 10:00. our mission will change from combat to support. by 2014, this process of transition will be complete. and the afghan people. for the first time the president delivers a detailed timeline for troop withdrawal from afghanistan. and good evening, everyone, i'm mike mibach in for frank somerville. and i'm julie haener.
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it began with a terror attack on september 11th. now, almost 10 years after the united states responded by invading afghanistan, an exit strategy is becoming clear. during a primetime speech tonight, president obama said he will bring 10,000 troops home this year. and a total of 33,000 by the end of next summer. the president says combat operations will be complete by the end of 2014. it has been a costly war. these crosses filling a hillside in lafayette are symbolic is of the sacrifice. more than 1500 crosses represent the servicemen and women who gave their lives in afghanistan. reporter craig boswell is live in washington now with more about the drawdown. craig. >> reporter: good evening to you, julie. there are currently 100,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. three times as many as when president obama took office. tonight the president outlined his plan to bring begin bringing some of those troops
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home. about 18 months after the military surge september in an additional 37,000 troops he says he is sticking to the plan and wants to begin bringing some of them home next summer. >> starting next month we will be able to remove 10,000 troops from afghanistan by next year. >> reporter: they want 20,000 more by the end of 2012 leaving about 70,000. >> after this initial reduction our troops will continue coming home at a steady pace as afghan security forces move into the lead. our mission will change from combat to support. (gunfiring). >> reporter: some democrats in congress want afghan security forces to take over even sooner. >> the 240,000 security forces we have spent nearly $38 billion preparing to fight can fight against 20,000 taliban fighters. that's a 14/1 ratio. >> reporter: still some military experts and supporters
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are worried about this volatile part of the world. >> a signal of withdrawal is a signal of weakness to the taliban. are. >> reporter: the combat date is at the end of 2014. tomorrow president obama is scheduled to visit new york's ford drum, home of the 10th mountain division and most of the group mostly deployed to afghanistan. live in washington, craig boswell, ktvu, channel 2 news. oakland's democratic congresswoman barbara lee says the president's plan doesn't go fast enough. she wants the bulk of the troops to return home this summer. >> i'm talking about at least 50,000 troops. this is the longest war in american history. the american people are war weary. >> reporter: congresswoman lee was the only member of congress to vote against the war back in 2001. she now supports a proposal to cut war funding and hopes that it might convince the administration to before this period troops home sooner. rebuild afghanistan or the american economy. tonight some bay area residents are expressing frustration with the president's handling of the
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war and the money being spent on the war effort. ktvu's rita williams with more of our team coverage. >> reporter: president obama's poll numbers have never been higher. but record highs for disapproval of the way he is handling the country. 4-5 people are saying that the economy is in bad shape. what kind of marks do you give him? >> i give him a d. i think part of it was that it's such a letdown. we had high expectations. >> we need the money here in our country. bottom line, we need the money. >> reporter: for the first time since another unpopular war vietnam, the u.s. conference of mayors ventured into foreign policy this week. >> please raise your cards. >> ay. >> ay. >> reporter: passing a resolution to end the wars and instead use american taxes to build bridges here and not in afghanistan. >> i see a definite parallel when mayors begin coming out against the vietnam war, the
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entereder public sentiment shifted even more rapidly. >> reporter: uc berkeley professor harley shaken says the economy at home is causing many americans to seek relief in the $120 billion spent just this year on the country's longest war. >> the poor state of the economy is not creating the concern about the war. it's exacerbating an existing concern. >> reporter: president obama has a little more than 16 months until the election to turn the country around. right now, polls are showing voters split 48.47 percent as to whether he deserves a new term. in oakland, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. has posted president obama's address in its entirety. just look for the video player on the right-hand side of the front page. later this hour she's a witness to the turmoil in afghanistan. we sit down with former ktvu reporter diane garotsi on her
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recent trip there and hear why it had to be cut short. plus post traumatic stress disorder, a new call for better care as the troops come home. northern japan was rocked by another powerful earthquake today. but this time there are no reports of damage. today's quake registered 6.7. the epicenter was farther north than the disastrous quake in march but felt across the same region devastated by that 9.0 quake. cameras picked up the shaking. it lasted for nearly 30 second at one location. officials issued a tsunami warning but it was lifted about an hour later. there have been more than 1300 earthquakes in the region since march. federal disaster officials today denied a request for help from california in connection with a series of spring storms. the city of capitola had asked for $1.5 to help pay for damages after floodwaters roared through the downtown area and undermined a mobile home park. the state's request covered 17 counties. in denying the request for aid
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federal officials said our state and local governments are capable of dealing with the damage. and when it comes to disasters, californians fear one above all. according to our exclusive ktvu field poll, 57% of those asked say they fear earthquakes, while 23% said they are worried about wildfires. 9% are concerned about tsunamis and 5% said floods and mudslides. the ktvu field poll also asked when californians might expect another earthquake that causes major damage. 28% figure it will happen within the next five years. the same number 28% give it 10 years. and 20% figure it will happen within 20 years. people living in an oakland neighborhood say they are fed up with pot toot -- prostitutes roaming their streets day and night. the unique approach they are taking in an effort to stop the activity. >> reporter: it's not hard to find prostitutes along international boulevard.
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at 4:00 this afternoon my photographer shot undercover video of this woman talking with a series of men. then disappeared around the corner. we drove around the block just in time to see her get into this car. she talked with the driver for a few minutes and then the two drove away a cycle has neighbors so upset they have taken to posting signs discouraging sex acts in cars. a neighborhood youth group is going one step further. >> if it wasn't for the customers there wouldn't be this business. >> reporter: andy nelson from the east bay youth center says prostitution is a dragon the neighbor. he is working with the city's attorney's office to draft what he calls deer john letters. they would watch for prostitution, take note of the john's license plate and forward that information to the youth center which would then pass it on to the police who in turn would send out a letter. >> the letter would not make any accusations or indicate that there was any criminal activity, but just to say, look, this car was seen in an area where there is a lot of prostitution activity.
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>> reporter: angelina has lived here for 12 years and she says neighbors will put pressure on the johns. organizers are hoping to get those first letters in the mail by mid-july. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. there has been another delay in the case of a suspected fatal driving while texting accident in roaner park. she was granted a delay in entering a plea. her attorney was given more time to analyze whether texting was the likely cause of the crash. she's accused of driving through a crosswalk killing a 2- year-old girl and severely injuring the child's mother as the two were walking across the street. new information tonight about san francisco's latest homicide. we know the name of the man found floating in the marina at fort mason. divers today searched for evidence in the stabbing death of 20-year-old dennis nolton. so far they have not found the murder weapon. his body was spotted tuesday
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morning. his former girlfriend today said he came to san francisco from washington state last year for a fresh start. >> it's just horrible that something like this would happen to such a young man that's starting his life out and has so much ambition and places to go with his life and everything. there are no arrests so far. the police say they suspect the killing was in -- an isolated incident. the san francisco medical examiner today identified a man who died outside a police station as the co-founder of thrashers skateboarding magazine. investigators say 64-year-old eric swenson took his own life. he shot and killed himself on monday just outside the mission district police station. he was well known in the skate boarding communicate for his technology innovations, as well as his work with thrasher. he is survived by his wife and sister. preparations are underway for this weekend's gay pride celebration in san francisco. tonight mayor ed lee un if you recalled the rainbow flag at
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city hall. [ applause ] >> there were cheers tonight as the flag was unfurled on the balcony outside the mayor's office. the original gay pride flag first flew at the san francisco gay freedom day parade back in 1978. this saturday the city will host the dike march and sunday is the pride parade. activist bono is one of this year's grand marshalls. and a big cool down today. temperatures in your neighborhood as much as 10-20 degrees cooler. the fog is out there right now. more cooling in store. i will tell you how much cooler. a drink from a bottle of water sends a three month mother and her son to the hospital. what she wants done now. [ music ] >> and forget cuts to the stat
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. new at 10, bottled water is stirring up some stomachs and controversy. tonight an east bay mother says she and her daughter drink tainted water from a grocery store. lloyd lacuesta is in. >> bought this bottle of crystal geyser at this lucky store in fremont. now while you can purchase individual bottles, some of the case versus been pulled off the shelves for now. >> i just took a sip. a decent-sized sip of the water, swallowed it right away. >> what happened? >> i started having burning in the back of my nose and my
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throat. >> reporter: tommy molina says her 7-year-old son grabbed the bottle and also started taking a drink. >> our stomachs were burning. our throat was burning. we were just vomiting uncontrollably. >> this was on sunday, father's day and she says they called 911 and ambulances took them to the hospital where they were treated and released. she says they gave the original bottle back to lucky. this bottle contains a sample they kept for themselves. her brother says he took a sip but didn't swallow. >> i started foaming and tingling. and nasty flavour. almost like a real bad flavoured milk or something. >> butler says he tested the water with a pool kit and it registered highly acidic. crystal geyser says they tested the water and its practiced. they traced the code on the bottle and it was never sent to the lucky store in fremont. both crystal geyser and lucky say they have received no other complaints. >> i know people are thinking
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that i'm, like, the person with the chile that lied about what happened. but i'm not that person. i just want -- i am not getting anything out of this. i just want people to be aware to watch what they are drinking. >> we are learning that the department of public health is planning to test the water. but there have been no recalls. she says she will never drink bottled water again. live in fremont, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. it is often said in politics where california guess, the nation follows. and that seems to be holding true when it comes to marijuana. tomorrow members of congress plan to introduce legislation to repeal federal laws criminal eyeing the possession and sales and cultivation of marijuana. the bill would allow states to decide if people can legally grow marijuana, use it and sell it. representative barbara lee is a co-sponsor. in november, california voters defeated a measure allowing recreational use of marijuana. a new push for medical marijuana dispensaries in palo
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alto is being led by a seemingly unlikely supporter. palo alto resident thomas gale moore served as an advisor to president ronald regan. they are circulating a petition to ask them to allow the dispensary. they could be permitted in already existing liquor stores. 4th of july are right around the corner. a new report sheds some lights on the danger of fireworks. the consumer fireworks commission said 1900 people were sent to the hospital last year during the 30 days surrounding the 4th of july. most of them were injured using fireworks, bottle rocket and spark letters. a majority of the victims are younger than 15. all together, 8600 people were injured last year by fireworks. fireworks are not legal in all bay area counties. they are illegal in con extra costa, marin and san francisco counties. they are legal in the remaining six bay area counties. but some cities have banned the fireworks. new at 10, unpaid taxes and
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california's effort to collect them. this week the state published a list of the people and companies with the biggest backtax bill. ktvu's heather holmes is live new in san ramone and said if everyone paid up the state's fiscal problems would mostly clear up. heather? >> reporter: that's right, julie. one of the biggest offenders was a window blind company located here. it's tax bill was $2.4 million. on its own it might not make a debt in the deficit. but consider this here are nine $1 bills representing the roughly $9 billion budget gap. if this company and all of the others paid the backtaxes owed the budget deficit would instantly shrink to $2 billion. i think it's just disgraceful. are. >> reporter: little sympathy for those who fail to pay their taxes. silicone valley entrepreneur scott wellcheck is the bay area resident who owes the most, $2.9 million. >> i think the government
11:48 pm
should do everything that they can to pursue those people. >> reporter: the state is trying to get its share. publicly shaming tax scofflaws by publishing their top offenders as required by law. but naming names and getting paid are two different things. >> hey, i am looking for many akmanpour. >> reporter: another offender on the hook for $5 million. new owners had moved into his home in san ramone. and there was no answer at the oakland address for the worst bay area business tax cheat. the state claims shipping container company c and jd usa owes more than $1 million. wells interiors owes more than $2 million. they were long gone before the sanramone address on the state record. >> we're sorry. >> reporter: the contact number listed on the company's website was no longer working.
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>> those who don't pay are breaking the law and are cheating californians out of things that they would otherwise be able to enjoy. >> reporter: now, we tried to contact everyone in this story without luck. officials though say all of the unpaid sales and income taxes, well, it totals more than $6.9 billion. reporting live tonight here in san ramone, i'm heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. and you can see a complete list of california's biggest tax scofflaws by visiting we have posted them in the right now section. barry bonds's attorneys are pushing prosecutors to make a decision on a possible re trial. they asked the judge today for a new trial by the third week of july on the three perjury counts the jury deadlocked on. or his attorneys say the case should be dropped. he was found guilty on one count of obstruction in april. a hearing is scheduled for tomorrow in san francisco. the harvard university classmates of facebook owner
11:50 pm
mark zuckerburg are ending their battle against them. they said they would accept a 2008 settlement that was worth $65 million. the twins had sought to undo the settlement but the 9th circuit court of appeals ruled against them. the twins today said they won't be taking their case to the u.s. supreme court. [ music ] and yesterday the hottest day of the year so far. triple digit heat. heat advisory. look at today's numbers down significantly as much as 20 degrees in some places. still hot in antioch. forecast highs with the fog moving in are going to be cooler tomorrow. a lot of fog out there right now. current live stormtracker 22 shows a lot of fog at the gate. a lot of fog in san francisco shooting across the bay right now towards berkeley and oakland. overnight lows tonight in the 50s. fog will get out into concord and pushing inland. that obviously is continuance of this cooling trend that began pretty much today.
11:51 pm
the forecast model then for tomorrow when you wake up at 6 a.m., there it is, the fog footprint all over the bay region. back to the coast the sun comes out. temperatures drop down into the 70s and low 80s. back here in about 15 minutes. i will have tomorrow's specific forecast high temperature. >> some 12,000 people were forced to leave their homes in north dakota today as the river started to swell to record levels. >> this evacuation is effective immediately. >> this was the scene in minot, north dakota. it is causing severe flooding in bismark, north dakota. it has turned streets into rivers. the flooding could be the worst in the region that they have had for 40 years. >> he boarded a flight wearing just lingerie. tonight hear from the outraged woman who snapped his picture amid accusations of a double standard. a san jose professor just returned home from
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. a change in policy tonight from the tsa. tonight the head of the agency says patdown of children at check-ins should only be used as a last resort. an amateur video of a 7-year- old girl served in april is one of seven videos of pat downs that caused a flurry of complaints. the tsa took note. they are working now to give agents tools to screen young people. the change in policy is expected to reduce but not eliminate the pat downs of children. remember last week, u.s. airways told one of its passengers to pull up his pants or get off the plane. we have now learned that same airline allowed a man to fly wearing just lingerie. as ktvu consumer editor tom vacar reports, it raises questions about a double standard. >> about two weeks ago u.s. air allowed in white man dressed in
11:55 pm
lingerie to board and fly to arizona. these photos were taken in fort lauderdale airport by another traveler, jill tarlow. >> i was shocked at what he was wearing. but i was also shocked at u.s. airways not doing anything about it. >> reporter: but the airline did take action a week ago as shown on this cell phone video. 20-year-old marmon, an african american college student was deplaned and arrested at sfo and jailed. asked but he failed to pull up his saggy points to cover his partially exposed underwear, a style worn by many young men. >> it's a complete double standard. there doesn't seem to be any consistency. it seems to be a completely subjective interpretation. >> reporter: there are no specific bans but u.s. airways contract of carriage says only that passengers can be denied service if they are inappropriately clothed. travel attorney alexander analack says airlines are deliberately vague about airlines.
11:56 pm
>> they don't want to put anything more in writing before they have to. >> reporter: before you protest or get angry, realize this is the post 9/11 world. >> in the u.s., the crew have omnipotent power. if they say it, you have to do it. >> a court may well have the last say on what is and isn't appropriate airline attire. i'm consumer editor tom vacar. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> the candidates in the district attorneys election faced off tonight in a debate. they organized the forum held at st. phillip church on diamond street. it included george gasscone and batch and the director at the center for criminal justice. coopertino's apple said no to an app. removing an anti-israel application from the online store. the application is called third inti if ada. it is the israel name for the
11:57 pm
uprising in decades. the israeli government had complained directly to steve jobs. an apple spokesman said the company removed the app because it violated developer guidelines by being offensive to large groups of people. is apple planning to sell television? the technology blog daily tech is quoting an unnamed former apple executive in saying apple is creating a console that would have itunes and the apple t.v. system already built into it. apple had no public comment on that report. frantic moments when two jetliners nearly collide. hear the air traffic control operation. plus an accident at sfo today. what we've learned about the incident. later snow melt and high heat, the
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. by 2014, this process of transition will be complete. and the afghan people -- >> president obama says the end of the nearly 10-year afghan war is insight. few people in the bay area may have been listening more closely to the president's plans for afghanistan than a san jose state professor and former ktvu reporter. ktvu's eric rasmussen said he recently return from the war zone and he jones us live from san jose today. eric? >> reporter: mike, diane was actually training other journalism professors in afghanistan about the kind of t.v. news reporting we can show you we are doing right now. but she had to cut her trip short after a close call with suicide bombers. and now she's not sure she will be able to return. this was diane on her latest educational mission in afghanistan. she had a front row seat to the fighting even as she was preparing to leave. >> walking to the airport terminal, i could hear a gun
12:01 am
fight right there. i could hear grenades. >> reporter: she made an early exit after co-ordinated suicide bombings in the city of harad at the end of last month. the former channel 2 reporter was there as part of a $1.2 million grant to help fellow journalism professors at the university. >> they need freedom of speech more than almost any other country. >> reporter: but it also gave her a unique perspective on the president's plan to begin pulling troops out of afghanistan. >> humanitarian aid, programs to help rebuild the country, for sure it's going to put the people who are helping in danger because there is not going to be the security. everyone over there, all of the afghans have said to me, please tell people you know in the united states not to leave. because we need their help. but what's the united states supposed to do? >> reporter: now she herself is faced with a difficult decision. >> our project continues. the question is do we go over there for the next three years or do we conduct our exercises
12:02 am
remotely? >> tonight she told me she only had moments to snap photos such as this one out of concern for her safety. however, she says the plan is still on to fly out professors from afghanistan and train them here. live in san jose, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. many of the men and women who will come home from afghanistan or iraq will come home injured. but their injuries you might not be able to see. doctors estimate that up to 2% of combat -- 20% of combat troops may develop post traumatic stress disorder. one young veteran in afghanistan cold ktvu he's damaged. >> i am a mess today. i'm in a rehabilitation center. i lost two of my best buddies over there. >> he also told us he has become a heroin addict. patrick kennedy is leading a call for better research into ptsd and better care for the men and women who serve their country. a veteran's administration psychiatrist said there are treatments and they work.
12:03 am
stocks fell today after an upstart to the week. stocks came after the federal reserve acknowledged the sluggish paceof the economic recovery. the dow jones dropped 80 points. the nasdaq lost 18. they are not tipping their hand if the sunnyvale company is seeking to purchase website hulu. they denied a comment when we asked about reports saying yahoo approached hulu about buying it. it is jointly owned by media giants news corp and the wallet disney company and comcast. >> united airlines isn't saying much about an accident in which a baggage tractor hit an engine on a passenger jet. the crash happened at 10:45 this morning. these pictures were taken a short time later. the plane was parked when it was hit. the baggage tractor got jammed underneath one of the engines. fire crews were called to the scene.
12:04 am
they used an extinguisher and prayed -- sprayed water on the engine. the united spokesperson said no passengers were onboard the plane and no one was hurt. no word yet what caused the accident. we are learning more about a close call at jfk international airport in new york on monday. this animation shows what happened between the luftansa jumbo jet and an egypt airplane. two almost collided when an egypt airplane pulled out in front of the jet. an air traffic controller saw what happened and took action. >> the takeoff plans. >> we are rejecting takeoff. >> all traffic is stopped right now. >> this comes amid increasing concern over incidents involving jumbo jets at busy airport, including this one at jfk in april. that's when an air france jet clipped another plane. some hopeful signs from the hospital bed of san francisco giants fan bryan stow. doctors say he is responding to
12:05 am
some commands. and as ktvu's tara moriarti reports, his condition has now been upgraded. >> we've seen a number of hopeful signs. he has began to spontaneously open his eyes. he has had some movement of his left arm. and he is intermittently, i want to focus on this intermittently been able to follow some simple commands. >> they announced that bryan stow's condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. the 42-year-old paramedic from santa cruz was brutally beaten outside dodger's stadium two and a half months ago. he is now breathing without a ventilator and weaned off two of the five seizure medications he was given at hospitals in la. he is far from out of the woods. i think it's important for everyone to understand that bryan stow has sustained a traumatic brain injury that he probably would not have survived ten years ago. >> today's advances in medicine have made that possible. but doctors warn it does not mean stow will make a full
12:06 am
recovery. now stow's family did not attend the media conference, but did issue a statement saying: "we are grateful for the public's continued concern and support. we are encouraged by bryan's improvement and ask for his continued. if and when stow's condition plateaus, he will be transferred to a rehabilitation facility. in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu, channel 2 news. more details and the prime suspect in an attack is 31-year- old ramirez sentenced to ten months in prison on monday on a parole violation when officers found a gun in the home he was staying in. ramirez has not been formally charged with stow's beating. millions have them. even teenagers. what the fda is now saying about silicone breast implants. and that fog is pushing back in right now. be back here in ten minutes with the forecast for your city
12:07 am
for tomorrow. and a battle is brewing over
12:08 am
12:09 am
to local heroes. and we want your nominations. visit us on cox conserves heroes. [ music ] a lawsuit was filed today in an effort to stop a proposed ban on mail circumcision in san francisco. muslim and jewish groups joined forces to renounce the lawsuit on the steps of city hall. it would make it a criminal offense to circumcise children. religious communities say the law is an attack on their beliefs. as jews, we take the threat of banning circumcision personally. this measure singles us out along with the muslim community as i will legitimate and un wanted in our own city. the opponent's lawsuit argues it's against state law
12:10 am
for local governments to restrict medical procedures. supporters of the ballot measures measures say circumcision is a form of genital mutilation. women with silicone breast plants often have problems with scarring. 20% to 40% who receive implants for augmentation had them removed within ten years. and 40 to 70% of women who got them for reconstruction after breast cancer surgery also had them removed. however, the fda says the silicone gel implants are safe. there is word tonight one of the fbi's ten most wanted has been captured here in california. authorities say james whitey bulger was taken into custody in santa monica. he has been on the run for 16 years. he was the head of a notorious boston gang and is wanted for 19 murder. he is now 81-year-old. he was the inspiration for the 2006 film the departed. the fbi had offered $2 million
12:11 am
for his arrest. that's the agency's largest ever reward. in news of the world tonight in libya rebels took a pounding from forces loyal to moammar gadhafi. rocket fell on rebel lines. at least two people were killed and there are possible cracks in the nato coalition with italy showing some misgivings. but britain said the coalition is strong. in northern ireland, hundreds of young people have been rioting in the streets of belfast for the passed two nights. police blamed an outlawed protestant paramilitary group for gunfire. at least three people were wounded, including a journalist. there is usually an increase in sectarian tension at this time of the year ahead of the annual protestant marchs next month. and in france, boeing debuted its new 787 jet at the paris air show. the dreamliner is three years behind schedule. boeing says it has made of
12:12 am
carbon and other composite materials, making it lighter and more fuel-efficient. the first 787s are expected to be delivered by the end of the year. boeing and their rival airbus are competing at the air show. an environmental is now on display at the environmental center in sausalito. each sculpture is made of things found on the pacific. she was shocked to learn how much of the plastic had fish bite marks. the exhibit officially opens on saturday and runs through mid- objecting. fast and furious, california's raging waters. and a danger, rescue crews find themselves responding to over and over. >> but up first
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. rivers in northern california are moving and moving fast after a few warm days, the snowmelt has pushed the water levels up and making people starting to take advantage. as ken pritchett reports, it has not been a quiet ride on the river so far this young summer. >> hey, what's up? >> one answer to that would be the level of the american river. >> we have flows that are twice what they normally are. >> and there are plenty of rafters hitting the water to cool off. and the water is cold. 45 degrees. there were 18 water rescues here just yesterday. between the swift water and the cold water and the lack of awareness that people have on this river, we're having some serious problems. sacramento metro fire crews are training on the american river today so that they can be on hand if more rescues are needed. a strategy that paid off when a raft with eight bay area people capsized at this bridge last week. >> it was by chance that we were here. and luckily for them they had a
12:16 am
positive outcome. if we weren't here, they did not have life jackets on. and we're convinced that at least three of them for sure would have drowned. >> reporter: firefighters cannot force people to wear life jackets. we found plenty of people who were not. but many of the rafters took the sound advice. >> wearing it throughout the day? >> yes, definitely. >> reporter: fire rescue crews say the american river is running twice as fast as normal. and they expect it to do so for at least another week. they plan to be here through the july 4th holiday. ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> the alameda fire department has reinstated water rescue training following severe backlash. the move comes three weeks after witnesses say alameda firefighters stood by and watched a suicidal man drown in the bay. firefighters can now perform water rescues. just this passed sunday, three firefighters were able to help assist rescue a stranded boater and his two children after their boat capsized. new at 10:00, ktvu is learning about a controversy
12:17 am
over found -- funding for the ace commuter train between the central valley and the bay area. alameda county commissioner harper says the ace train wants $90 million for capitol improvements but serves only 2500 passengers. as an ac transit board member harper says he has had to cut bus lines with more passengers than that. >> you look at the $90 million and you look at $2500 people and $90 million and you realize something like, wow, you could buy them a very nice car each. and give it to them. and that's about what it would cost. scott is an alameda county supervisor and is also a m transportation committee. he says harper has his numbers wrong. the ace train serves almost 3,000 riders a day. he also says this is money already approved and earmarked by boaters. this is clearly the money that's just being drawn down from what we told the voters how we would spend the half cent sales tax. >> reporter: the alameda county
12:18 am
transportation committee is set to vote on the matter tomorrow. first lady michelle obama delivered a message of hope and inspiration to young women in south africa today. she spoke at a church at a church fighting apartheid. mrs. obama said while that moral struggle has been won more has to be done. >> you can be the generation that stands up and says violence against women in any form, in any place, including the home, especially the home, that isn't just a women's rights violation, it's a human rights violation. [ applause ] >> the first lady said the sacrifices are worthwhile. michelle obama is on a goodwill mission and that will also take her to bostwana. [ music ] >> the big temperature cooldown today. after yesterday's first day of summer triple digit heat fog at the coast. live stormtracker 22 and all of our friends out in san francisco, twin peaks and in
12:19 am
richmond it's foggy. and the fog will be in many bay area neighborhoods late tonight and early tomorrow morning. more fog than we have seen in a i will who. that means more of a temperature decrease tomorrow as we go through the day. so triple digits yesterday. today i had a 98-degree reading in antioch in some of the inland areas. but those temperatures are going to come down as well. with temperatures and hot spots into the low 90s, mid-80s. dense fog right along the coast who know about that. it will be at the coast a good portion of the day. a little bit of clearing at times today. but the fog is really a player in the next few days as this low pressure in the north just ushers it in. this low shows up and grabs the fog and pushes it inland. cool moisture air heading our way. increased fire danger. but not like yesterday. the fire danger has come down. the air quality has gotten a lot better. no heat advisory today because of that nice sea breeze so a nice weather forecast. it really does help the fire danger out a ton. the forecast highs tomorrow out
12:20 am
of the 90s. forecast high is almost 90 in brentwood. but these numbers have come down another 5-8 degrees what we saw today. good air quality. no spare the air day tomorrow. the fog along the coast is 60 at halfmoon bay. 59 in pacifica. it feels like summertime and it is summertime as we move into the third day of summer tomorrow. the forecast for your five day forecast and you see those upper 80s and it cools down for the weekend. not too worry just won't be in the 90s and 100. fire danger a big story as well as the high water coming out of those rivers. this pattern will certainly help the fire danger in the bay area. >> just kind of one of those classic san francisco days. >> it really is, yeah. >> all right. thank you, bill. plumes of ice crystals and water vapor are spewing from saturn's 6th moon may come from a saltwater sea. the new theory comes five years after scientists discovered the eruptions off the surface of the ice-encrusted moon. if the theory holds up, the
12:21 am
presence of water means life could exist on the moon. the lead researcher says if there is, indeed, life there, then it leaves open the possibilities for the rest of the universe. okay you harry potter fans, listen up, a [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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. harry potter fans are in for a treat tomorrow, this time involving an interactive game. the you've natured kingdom's guardian newspaper is reported that jk rowwilling will announce the online game. it is called pottermore and a treasure hunt. it is expected to come tomorrow during a press conference. >> mark ibanez is online here.
12:25 am
>> a couple of streaks ending one good, one bad. a couple of guys to put it nicely who are on the outside of giants plans when they came out of spring training. doing his bust buster posey impression eli whiteside not on the rostargue will bely their best pitcher. not talking about a us althoughing streak any longer. two on for whiteside in the second. and that ball is out for triple valley. ross and crawford are scoring easily. the giants new first string catcher has himself a standup triple and a rare early lead. giants in the dugout are pumped up about that fact. as for vogelson he gave up three hits and no earned runs. now 5-1 with a 1.73era as whiteside goes to get an rbi single there. the giants up their lead over the twins to 3-0. and adding to
12:26 am
it, aubrey huff i keep saying this guy is about ready to start coming through with the bat. here with the single it helps pad the lead. 5-1 is the final. and so ends the giants' five game losing streak. and of course all good things must end, too. wait until you see how the as six game winning streak concludes. i guess anyway you can get it if you are the mets. but talk about a cheap win. 13 innings back in new york. and a long night against the new yorkers. a long ball. and suzuki in the 5th the solo homerun is 5th of the year that tied it at 1-1. the as down at the top of the 9th inning. out to their last strike. connor jackson comes through with a-rod with a single that brings home the tying run on to extra innings. the 13 mets load the bases against brad. look at this, justin turner just kind of eases into the ball. they call it a hit by pitch. like i said, a cheap win 3-2.
12:27 am
and the mets in a walk-off. the nascar nation camping out this weekend in sonoma. the save mart 350 never fails to serve up some sort of unique promotion to pump i have their events. earlier today one of the drivers on the circuit clint boyer who has two top five at infinion calling attention to heart health through exercise. interacting up close and personal with many fans as he makes his trek. you know, this gives another opportunity to go out and interact with the fans. that's the neat thing about our sport. the closeness to the drivers separates us from other sports. this is another great opportunity of that. >> in the meantime, not in the bay bridge or the golden gate bridge but with temperatures in many areas up near 100 degrees not exactly thinking about ice hockey. but the sharks get some nice news today. logan couture was named to the all rookie team and one of three finalists for the nfl
12:28 am
nhl's top rookie of the year. that is a sporting night. >> the ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 tomorrow morning with all of the overnight development. >> find our [ kate ] if this icelandic mud could work wonders on my skin,
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imagine what it could do for my business. now, i just had to figure out a way to get it back to the states. so i called john, my citibank small business expert. [ john ] kate, how are you?


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