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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 23, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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self-proclaimed zombies on the move tonight in san jose. the message these young people want to deliver. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm mike mibach. young people concerned about their jobs and their future are waiting for front row seats at a council meeting. lloyd lacuesta is live.
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it's not just the young people who are demanding the council's attention. >> reporter: let me show you a truly rare site, there are young people camping out overnight not for a rock concert but they want good seats for tomorrow's meeting of the san jose city council. tonight they took their cause to the streets in a most bizarre fashion. they call themselves next generation bay area. and they zombie marks through downtown san jose with a message. >> we're dressed up as zombies because we want to represent that the mayor and city council collective bargaining in san jose will be the working dead. there will be no future for our young people here. >> reporter: earlier tonight there was a more traditional union rally. but there were no less passionate about who makes them angry. more than 200 labor supporters gathered in front of city hall to say that they are upset with
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the governor and they want a balanced ballot. >> we're under a contract presently. if he imposes what he's imposing is breaking that contract. >> reporter: the mayor says me negotiations are now under way with five unions. six unions are hoping not to negotiation. >> nothing regauche . a fiscal problem that will cause 250,000 workers to lose their jobs. tomorrow they will look at putting pension reform up for a public vote. and no doubt these young people will want their voices heard. lloyd lacuesta. starting july 1st, santa clara county will have a new ambulance service.
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the reason is simple, money. county officials say it is similar. they are ending their contract because of budgetary reasons. amr has had the contract since 19. in 1979. in its place will be a new company. san francisco is readying for one of the biggest weekends. this weekend is pride weekend. ktvu's patt i lee is live now in the castro and says the crowds have will be arrived. >> reporter: 1.3 million people is a bigger population than the population of san francisco. as people pull up in cabs, business as you can see are picking up. >> reporter: cabbies are different, stores filled with tourists and it's only thursday. >> there's a lot more people
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here, it's just better business in general. it's much better than last year. >> reporter: already? >> yes. >> reporter: the anticipated crowds are a mixed blessing. >> if the crowd gets unruly you have to close. there's going to be a really big police presence. so hopefully everything will be all right. no protest at the rally. >> hi mom, i totally miss you. happy birthday. >> reporter: it's a lot like a big family. it's really wonderful. we take care of our own and it's great. >> reporter: the numbers show just how significant the gay force has become. >> there's a profitable market to be gotten through the gay community. >> reporter: some stores in the castro don't plan to be open at
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all ironically because of the crowds. >> we're just going to hope that it doesn't get like halloween because they had to cancel that because of the problems. but so far so good. >> reporter: right now there's a lot of foot traffic. the streets are busy but . by tomorrow night, there won't be any elbow room. police have said they will be cracking down on people drinking alcohol outside. and they'll also be working to keep those crowds a manageable size. reporting live, patti lee. more details now on some of the big events this weekend. tomorrow afternoon it's the transgender march. on pink saturday, the annual dike march to the castro beginning at 7:00. sunday is the big parade up market street starting at 10:30. the celebration continues at 11:00 a.m. we have posted complete details at just look for the right now section on the front page. president obama was in new
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york city tonight and spoke out in support of same-sex couples. he says he will fight for their rights. >> that's why i have long believed that the so called defense of marriage act ought to be repealed. it was wrong, it was unfair. >> reporter: the president did not endorse same-sex marriage. his position has been that marriage has traditionally been decided by the states. he did say that same-sex couples deserve the same rights as the rest of the country. later this hour what new census data reveals about same-sex relationships right here in california. the numbers coming up in 20 minutes. governor jerry brown visited san francisco today. the governor spoke at a builders convention any city. he addressed his veto of last
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week by saying, while you stand with your friends, you must also stand with the city. >> i'm determined to get this state on a firm financial footing for however long it takes and whatever it takes within the law in a logical transparent way that's where we're going. >> reporter: if no deal is reached by next friday july 1st, a portion of the vehicle tax will expire along with 1% of the sales tax. the state's board has already told california business to adjust their cash registers. it says the 1% drop in the state's sale tax will save california's families an average of $234. the state will lose more than $4 billion. first gunfire outside of vallejo apartment complex has police there investigating the city's ninth inside of the
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year. the shooting happened in the carport of the sonoma apartment complex. police are searching for a suspect. they tribe him as a young, thin young man about 5'11". he apparently got away in a silver or brown honda accord driven by a female. we now know the name of the man who was struck and killed by an amtrak train in san leandro today. he was james calhoun of concord. the train hit calhoun this morning. 15 minutes later another pedestrian was hit and killed by another train outside of merced. calhoun died at the scene.investigators are trying to determine if the deaths were suicide. trains are back on schedule tonight. president obama helped to drive down the price of gasoline by ordering the release of 30,000-gallons of oil. the unexpected surprise sent
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oil prices sharply lower today. the price of oil slipped by $1. not everyone is applauding the move. christien kafton reports. >> reporter: the average price is about $3.93. drivers say it's too high. >> i'm tired of paying so much for gas. >> reporter: this morning, the president announced a release of emergency oil. the news comes in the news of turmoil in libya. congressional democrats applaud the president's move. >> we're very pleased the president has taken this action. >> reporter: on the road opinions were mixed. high gas prices are making it tough to go on job interviews. >> $60 a week, yes. >> reporter: can you afford $60
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a week? >> no i'm unemployed right now. >> reporter: andrew mandel says his vintage rv gets about 9 miles to the gallon. while he welcomes the lower gas prices he says this may not have been the wisest way to keep prices at check. >> i did get the sense prices were going down already. i'm not sure if the timing was perfect. but it certainly helps my budget. >> reporter: but others say it was flat out a bad idea. >> i feel better having the reserve that way we're not at the mercy of other people when we run out of gas. >> reporter: to give you the sense of how much oil that is, it's about the amount of gas that americans go in ha in a day and a half. the dow dropped almost 60 points at one point but rallied
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to go down 59 points. nasdaq gained 17. -- it is increasing deductions for driving. the rate will increase to 55.5 centss per mile from 51-cents. irs officials say they made the change because of increased gasoline prices. many business and federal offices also use the figure to calculate how much to reimburse employees for using their private cars for work related business. there was fog this morning. then it cleared rapidly. fog returns tonight and temperatures continue to trend down. barry bonds is back in a san francisco room. the decision today on retrying the home run
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fireworks lovers in vallejo are not sure if they'll be able to put a match on this year's display. raymond prather says he and bbq productions says that they decided the fireworks are an important tradition. >> we decided in 2010 to raise the money. we came up with the money and this year we're trying it
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again. >> reporter: but if they can't meet a deadline set for noon tomorrow, they will keep what they've raised so far and use it next year. two men appeared in a federal courtroom in seattle today following their arrest in a plot to arrive a recruiting station in seattle. the two face terrorism and firearms charges. they were taken into custody last night when they went to a warehouse to pick up machine guns. investigators say the two planned the attack to wake the muslims up. they said they were alerted to a plot by a man, the man tried to recruit to take part in the attack. barry bonds was back in court this morning but just briefly. his legal ordeal is far from over and both sides of the case are trying to wrangle for the upper hand. rita williams has been following this case and has continuing coverage today. >> reporter: barry bonds tried
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to play hardball with prosecutors. that they should either try him or forget it. the judge did not buy it. >> do you think he's being denies a speedy trial. >> i asked the question, the answer that came back was no. >> reporter: attorneys also add district judge to throw out the theory or to at least grant him a new trial. that motion will be heard in august. >> we remain optimistic about that. >> to be honest i've never really been a fan of his. >> they should worry about what's going on in the country more than they worry about what's going on with barry bonds and his steroids. >> reporter: each is at risk of losing. prosecutors say the one conviction they have might be
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overturned, bonds that he could be retried and be convicted. >> this is a very -p opportune moments for discussion. whether that's going to happen or not. no one knows. we'll see what they do to end that deal that began here eight years ago. ktvu has learned an east bay corruption case could expand and is the subject of a grand jury investigation. four men went to court today in walnut creek. norman welsh, butler, lombardi and tonabi pled not guilty to 38 counts. that includes sale and possession of a legal weapon. selling and stealing trugs from police evidence. dui set ups and controversy. >> i'm going to be a very expen cy long drawn on investigation
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and prosecution. and i think appropriately handled by the federal government. ktvu has also learned there may be more arrests and possibly more charges involving other law enforcement officer. and a person is dead after their car the rolls off the road. everyone though one car was involved in the accident. it's hard to tell -- they city don't know how the car ended 500 feet from the road. >> looks like there's some track marks where he went off the road. we're still looking at that to see if that's where he came off. >> reporter: firefighters were
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concerned about protecting a neighborhood. >> we put crews in below it and on top of the roadway. with the wind helping us, the fire back down the hill at certain points we're thought how to knock it out. >> reporter: 1,000 customers remain without power through the evening. police departments say it might take several days for them to to figure out what happened there. and caltrans has been planning to expand that two way road between fremont and sonol. a lawsuit was filed earlier this month. it accuses the agency of not putting together the report. the project will hurt sea trap and other animals. another report reveals the area's best and worse roadways. the metropolitan commission says real vista has the worse roads. sonoma county was the second
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work followed by san helena. the 24 page report looks at the roads in the bay area community. here is a look at what cities have the best road. brentwood scored the highest. followed by belvedere. researchers looked at more than 24,000 drivers involved in fatal crashing. they found 29.4% tested positive for drugs and 25% were legally drunk. this here was the scene where an mtv star died monday morning in a crash call. his blood alcohol level was twice the league limit. it's windy out there right now. we're live at the bay bridge. the winds are strong enough today that it's got rid of the
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fog along the coast. temperatures today were still cool though. cool air moving in after yesterday and the day before. we had record temperatures compared to the two dayings. overnight lows tonight the fog should reform. it's happening a tough time. there wouldn't be a lot of it in the morning. look for patchy cloud. as you march through the bay area microclimates, temperatures along the beaches are just in the upper 50s. mid- and upper 60s around the bay and then low 70s as you head into the inland bay valleys. not as hot as it has been. for those spots that are usually in the 90s, just low 80s. a very sticky flower is keeping the uc davis botanical
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conservancy awake late today. the conservatory is staying open until midnight so you can check it out. the flower is most pungent tonight and will be fully opened tomorrow. the corpse flower is native to indonesia and rarely bloomed. it gets its nickname from you guessed it, it's smell. president obama meets with soldiers with his plan to escape afghanistan. treating veterans from the war on terror. we'll show you how one district is using their car. i'm live with dennis train. up first develop ♪
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developing news right now out of west oakland. you are looking at a live picture from a homicide scene near 24th and adeline streets. we are told police were called out just about an hour ago and when officers arrived they found a man on the sidewalk. he had been shot several times and was unresponsive. police say a suspect was seen leaving the scene in a blue dodge magnum with silver rims. this is oakland's 57th homicide of the year. president obama visited new york state today following his decision to withdraw troops from afghanistan. the president visited t hedivision. in afghanistan some members of the kabul police force said they welcome to draw down of american forces. they claim their perfectly capable of protecting the
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afghan people and defending their country. others disagree. civilians worry afghanistan will defend into civil war as old rivalries erupt into flood shed. the president acknowledged that many troops carry wounds from the battlefield home with they will. tonight tar a loyarti tells us about the new program that helps combat post -- the 26- he became an alcohol and even year-old army career was over. epded ended up in jail. >> people don't see the wounds
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because they're invisible. but you're constantly looking over your shoulder. it's from being in a war zone and you're on alert all the time. >> if i had a nightmare, buddy will wake me up. >> anything here that is making us feel sorry about ourselves? participant in fishing, swimming and yoga. >> we can take the time that's needed in order to get them really out of place where they can make that transition back into civilian life. >> reporter: path way and especially buddy possibly saved his life. >> i have hope and you know when i got here i had none. >> reporter: after seven months at pathway, mcfarland is graduating tomorrow and will head home. i'm tara moyarti. new census figures show one
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out of every 100 households in california identify themselves as same-sex couples. it's an increase of 36% from the 2000 census. it is worth noting the questions were posed differently this time. as a county, san francisco has the greatest share of same-sex couples at 3.3%. for cities the desert resort of palm springs ranked first at 12%. the anti bullying bill called seth law is one step closer to becoming virginia law. the state assembly has passed the bill now the education committee and the state senate have approved the bill. seth law would give schools more power to address bullying. it is a hollywood ending. how authorities zeroed in on ♪
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the federal government just announced it's ready to hand over high speed rail. but it can also be a lifesaver for caltrans. eric rasmussen is announcing where that money is going to. >> in about a week it'll cost 25-cents more from a one way ticket here to san francisco. even that is not helping cover medical costs.
12:01 am
>> caltrain might look slow once high speed trains begin using the same 50-mile corridor. but the commission facing a $30,000 shortfall can now thank high speed rail for the highest infusion of -- all rail systems have to have it by 2015 but caltrain would not have gotten the federal help without the promise of high speed rail. >> if we don't have high speed rail planned for this corridor we would have to find other funding sources to make this project happen. and we haven't identified any that have the capacity to accommodate the project cost. the satellite based system can slow trains down automatly to prevent train versus train crashes in 2003 that killed 25. spoátars say it will also save caltrain money in the long run but we still don't know where
12:02 am
all that money is coming from. >> that's one thing about in transportation that you're going to have a really high price tag. >> rail advocates point out no project like this gets all the money it needs at once. it also includes changing caltrain from a diesel system to an electric one which they say is also more cost effective. eric rasmussen. the state dolled out $825 million today. 49million is going to the construction of a truck lane and repaving work on interstate 580 in livermore. another $13 million will go toward repairing storm discharge along i40. the most awaited highway 4 received $20,000. james whitey bulger and his girlfriend have waived extra
12:03 am
diction back to boston. bulger was number one on the fbi's most wanted list until captured last month. the couple was hiding in plain sight. >> 81-year-old james whitey burger were captured here at an unassuming apartment complex. >> today marks the moment of when james whitey bulger will finally face justice for a number of his crimes including rico murders relate to 19 individuals. that he is allegedly to have committed. agents say the take down was a quick one. the capture led to a tip. by 4:00 p.m. wednesday a surveillance team
12:04 am
was in place. arresting bulger and greig less than two hours later. >> although there are thousands who have doubted our reserve over time it has never waiverred. the two were using the names of -- as for their arrest, authorities said they were pretty uneventful. but after they were taken into custody they found hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and weapons in that home. the federal aviation administration said air tran didn't make repairs until the plane had been used for four flights. air tran said at no time was safety compromised. air tran was an independent airline at the time it is now
12:05 am
owned by southwest airlines. auto industry airlines at jd power and associates issued their annual study. it rates cars by how many complaints the áf by owners in its first 90 minutes. followed by honda, acura, her se hercules. saab auto company says today they have not been able to go under the stage. they cannot get supplies on credit. so at this point bankruptcy appeared only days away. the top con tes sapbts are about to hit the road. the tour is going to be great. i can't wait to get out there
12:06 am
and tour the country with my fellow comrades and having a good time out here. >> that was idol winner scotty mccareer we talking about the upcoming tour. they're scheduled to make two stops here in the bay area. the american idol tour will be at oracle arena. it is an annual event, why protesters gathered outside a golf tournament and police had to be called in. and i'm back here in less than 10 minutes, we're going to look at
12:07 am
the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future.
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every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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25 labor protesters sitting in the road were arrested today in pleasanton for civil disobedience. they were outside castlewood country club. the club locked out dozens of workers more than a year ago. management's latestoff asked them to contribute over 50% of their medical coverage. police have arrested three men after officers watched the man hold off a dominoes pizza. police identified a suspect at 19-year-old maureen brunson. eric dagel and 3-year-old brother giovanni.
12:10 am
george gascon today promised he would take the case to court. today the judge ordered the men to stand trial but downgraded to a misdemeanor civil rights. >> the court does not hold the courtroom to answer, even though the questions were due to violation. >> the defendants are 32-year- old license ron fold jack on and maurice taylor --
12:11 am
the fcc is looking into whether google uses their icon to other travel. a san francisco man pleaded guilty to a federal hacking process today. he is headed into prison for tricking the at&t website into giving them -- in news of the world tonight in pakistan 22 merchants were welcomed home after being held hostage by so maly pirates for nearly a year. the pilots -p captures their similar and for many -- in chile it may not look
12:12 am
like it but scientists say an eruption is. they did caution the ash crowd could continue for days. the material that's fallen has con contaminated. soccer or football is hugely possible. arch bishop desmond tutu to cheer her on. next she heads to pot
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they call them ocean highways. bay area officials announce today that they know where and when big predators go and why. using this sailboat and other craft from off the island to the gulf of alaska to new zealand. researchers tagged and followed the biggest fish in the ocean. ten years of migrations reveal the california cost is very special. >> this piece of ocean that runs along the california shores is one of the richest places of top predators. it's sort of the yellow stone of our oceans. some of them went away but they always came back. so what we were surprised of was this honing ability and
12:16 am
what we're learning is that this is their neighborhood. >> reporter: this animation shows the transition. the past of the apex and others hugging the california coast. others like true that streak across the pacific along clear ocean highways. for the first time revealing the patter of life. they also tagged elephant scenes. the next goal is to get regular recognition. the oakland zoo is about to get a little bigger. the oakland city council this week unanimously approved an amendment to the east bay zoological society's master plan. it calls for adding a new veterinary hospital and the expansion of the california
12:17 am
trail project. it will include several acres of open state habitat. and new acres features regional extent. last month gf accordings oakland facility recycled 1.2 million pounds of carpet. managers there told ktvu right now carpet makes up about 3.5% of all material in landfills. and that discarded material has a lotover uses. >> they can make it into car parts. it can be reused for faux lunch seats in cities. the dream of a college world series championship has come to an end if -r the fans of the cal baseball team.
12:18 am
late this afternoon fans of the golden bears gathered at the king fish pub in oakland. they watched the bears lose to the university of virginia. many of these fans were keep for keeping baseball alive. supporters raised more than $9 million to fund the program. the winds are gusting outside right now along the coast. the fog is trying to reform right now at ocean beach. awesome indy kaeugs along the beach we're going to see fog in the next hour or so. there's a strong -- awesome inty indication along 53. two nights ago we had temperatures in the 70s and low 80s. it's not going to be an
12:19 am
aggressive huge bank. but there'll be patches off san francisco's ocean beach. it'll be there tomorrow morning. then it'll be gone probably by tomorrow mid-morning or afternoon. we have to stick around. this low pressure center is the mechanism that's going to keep us cooler than we have been. it's a best calculation. they're going to continue to dip down into the 60s and 70s as we roll into saturday and sunday. so it's not going to be cold it's just not going to be heat advisory weather, spare the air day weather and no triple digit heat. here's the computer model saying, a little fog shows up. about 2:00 a.m. we're going to see fog showing up at the ocean paefp and toward pacifica. and all of a sudden at 10:00, by the afternoon it does that
12:20 am
push again. that's good news probably for the coastal sectionless. tomorrow and saturday seeing plenty of sunshine. had the good news. i think sunday will be the warmest day on the weekend. 75 in sonoma tomorrow but that's cool. that's not very warm compared to what we saw a few days ago. 81 in antioch and pittsburgh. very good weather. a couple of degrees and you get into the fire danger. temperatures tomorrow for your friday in the 60s along the coast upper 60s right around there around the cost. you wi
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you probably did not know that today is olympic day around the world. a celebration of the rebirth of the modern games in 1884. in sacramento, lieutenant governor newsom is on hand. they hope to bring the games in
12:24 am
2022. last year's olympics created 22,000 jobs in vancouver. $800million in economic activity and millions more in infrastructure improvement. >> it's in a lot of places around the event. for those who go i don't care about sports. i think they care about the economy and jobs and they care about legacy in terms of infrastructure that's affecting their grand kids. i think it's a great opportunity. squall w -- squaw had the highest number. in the here and now the flurry of recent warrior moves
12:25 am
all seem to have the right to them. today is first round draft pick. >> golden date warriors select clay thompson. >> like seth curry, thompson, michael the number one draft pick from 1978. his son has a different answer. doesn't answer the big team's big man need. but a good fit here. >> we've said before we like him at a -- he's a guy that will have a good amount of success in the nba. the warriors come away with draft day along with two other
12:26 am
workers. it had a 9.11 final. and 3.6 scores crowd by the name of charles jenkins. it's a way for the giants, they give their pitchers no breathing room at all. but with a hugh sigh of relief from everyone concerned after take watching. vicious 6-6 record for now in the eighth the giants were leading 1-0. huff doubled to starter and codety ross gets him home as he scalds one to center. looked like it would be pretty good. if you went brine will soften for the night. he's in trouble. one out. granted pablo on first. he tries to track the runner down. did just make the tag on tkpwa
12:27 am
dire a 2-1 peufrpt. the a's are in a new york state of mind and it's not good. jose - - did just make the tag on gadire a 2-1. they had a great run. they were down 2-0 to virginia, kenney shwab the center. it should have been an inside the park home run. but squab, circling the bases, nonthe less. 8-1. end of the line for cal bear. that's the sporting life for a thursday night. back to you julie.
12:28 am
>> good one. mark, thank you. the ktvu morning
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