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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 24, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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big celebrations on two coasts tonight as same-sex marriage becomes legal in new york and gay pride weekend takes off in san francisco. good evening everyone i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the big news tonight is from new york where one hour ago the governor signed a bill
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legalizing same-sex marriage. patti lee is live at the castro where people are celebrating. >> reporter: i'm live at the castro in market where you can hear people are cheering about this. now people are out here professing to love new york. this plaza is expected to be filled with even more revelers. the party started long before the sunset. the castro, the ultimate destination of the evening. but there were events throughout the day. the annual transmarch attracted dozens of people. at pier 27, professional and volunteer float makers, feverishly worked all afternoon. >> i want to see floats that
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are choreographed and havee theatrics. like a show. i mean it's the gay pride parade, let's have some fun. >> reporter: police plan to keep sell praeugss in check, but excitement here -- keep celebrations in check. but excitement here is heightened. >> we're going to go to new york and get married. >> reporter: with the news that marriage has been legalized in new york. >> it's going to be a more energized celebration. >> it's big for california. >> california should have had gay marriage a long time ago. >> reporter: half an hour ago i talked to a beat officer who says there's been no problems so far. but as you can see the excitement and emotionals are starting to pick up.
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that's because they're starting to fill this area. you can see this trolly going by. people very excited about this announcement in new york. because the night is young, they're not expecting a lot of trouble. but as the night goes on they say they are ready for anything. patti lee, ktvu news. the vote that legalized gay marriage in new york came in the final hours of the state senate session and it was close. >>ayes 33, naes 31. >> reporter: three republicans joined with democrats and voted for same-sex marriage. just one gop vote was needed. the áf the marriage bill had already passed the state assembly and tonight new york governor andrew como signed it almost immediately. that means that marriages can
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begin in 30 days. right now same-sex marriage is legal in six states plus the district of columbia. the states are connecticut, iowa, massachusetts, new hampshire, vermont, and now new york. the battle for gay rights has come a long way since new york stone wall rights in june of 2009 when the movement first came after a riot with police. >> used to be that you could throw us in jail. used to be that you could throw us into mental institutions and that has finally been debunked. and now we're in that final stage. we want to get married, have kids, grandchildren and everything else. >> of course gay marriage is not legal in california. passengers from an amtrak train are due to arrive in emeryville in about an hour.
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the collision happened at about 11:35 this morning not far from where the burning manifest value is held. >> get away from this smoke. it'll kill you. >> are you okay? >> reporter: this is cell phone video taking shortly after the crash. it shows two of the amtrak cars on fire. we know at least two people died. the truck driver was killed an an amtrak official told ktvu a train conductor also died. the final death toll may be higher. the nevada highway patrol says there won't be a final count until all the cars are searched and right now it's too dangerous. >> we were there, sitting next to the window. next thing you know we get hit by something. there's a big ball of fire and we jump out of the window. >> reporter: the truck made no attempt to stop and crashed through the gate. the train was headed from
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chicago to emeryville. amtrak says 214 passengers and 20 crew members were on boards. this is a live look at the emery station. she told us the train passengers are arriving now in sacramento and amtrak plans on taking them by bun to emeryville. firefighters tonight are keeping a close eye on a grass fire that burned today. the fire started about 3:15 this afternoon on the east side of diablo near clayton. the two alarm fire grew to about 8 acres before firefighters contained it. about 250 firefighters and two helicopters battled the flames. no one was hurt and no structures were damaged. new at 10:00, police in antioch are joining a growing
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number of detectives. ktvus eric rasmussen tells us how it works and why police say they need the help. >> reporter: the police department is already 30 officers short. and now instead of picking up the phone, police say they want you to report it through the internet. citizens are better off getter help here online than calling for an officer. >> i think it's a great thing. >> reporter: bruson started her own internet community and she supporting the new system for crimes like graffiti, identity theft and car theft. >> they can't be everywhere. and the more information you give them, the better they can
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work. >> reporter: this first year of operation will cost antioch more than $23,000 and $10,000 a year in support after that. but the department projects it will mean an annual savings of $80,000. >> i think it's a disconnection from the community. i think it sends kind of a bad imagine. >> reporter: we found everyone is not excited about the idea. >> our internet access just got shut off. so if something happen, i can't report it at all. >> reporter: if somebody isn't able to file a report on the computer they can still call and they'll send an officer. an alameda county judge ordered a preliminary injunction against five alleged gang members in the fruitvale neighborhood. the injunction prohibits the men from wearing certain
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clothes or hanging out in certain areas. >> it does not contribute to public safety. this is the kind of thing we find reprehencable hencable in states and this is what came down here today. san jose is getting federal assistance in its effort to crack down on ganging. on monday two federal immigration agents will join the gang task force. san jose's police chief says the agents are strictly for criminal investigations aimed at stopping gangs. the agencies are on indefinite loan from the federal government -- the agents are on indefinite loan from the federal government. >> today police in morgan hill released this video of a blue toyota camry seen at the top of
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your screen. the toyota was driven by suspected kidnappers marbel makia and rosas. the two are accused of stealing a car with a 1 -month-old baby inside. if you have any information you're asked to call morgan hill police. the license plate number is 2hjd -- as ktvu's tara moyarti reports the naacp is now involved. >> reporter: the boy's mother teamed up with naacp to bring a lawsuit against the airline.
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>> i have not done anything, i'm just like everybody else. yes i am. >> reporter: it's a video that was emotional for her mother, sarah doyle to watch. >> sir, i'm like everybody else. he said no you're not like everybody else. what does that mean. >> reporter: the incident happened when the man was asked to pull up his pajamas. similar to this man's pants. >> reporter: the naacp is moving forward with a lawsuit against southwest airways. the controversy grew this week after another man on a plane
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with only a bikini and boots. while the airline did not comment on today's news it has said in the past that the airline has no formal dress code. i'm tara moyarti. reverend brown says the pant fad started in prison where inmates were not allowed to have belts and the rap culture popularized the look. and they lost the title but the cal baseball team is a big winner both on and off the field. they graced bay
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and a mural is reviewed just weeks after the artist was arrested for child pornography. >> reporter: norris was arrested june 2nd by the fbi for possession of child pornography.
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today san francisco police and school officials said inappropriate images have been found on at least four norris murals including this one at sunset elementary school. >> i think as an adult you would look at these tiles and see possibly some sort of sexual connotation to them. >> reporter: a source close to the investigation tells channel 2 that tile at sunset elementary was discovered last week by someone cleaning the 7- year-old mural. >> we don't have any evidence that children were harmed in the development of these murals. >> reporter: investigators and public works crews inspected seven other murals for questionable images. >> when an inappropriate tile is located these are being photographed, removed and the images are given to the fbi. norris is currently out on
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bail. his attorney told us she had not heard about these details. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 muse. san francisco is asking for the public's help to find a suspect. investigators say he was killed before the fire but no cause of death has been released. if you have any information about this case you're asked to contact san francisco police. an update now to a story we brought you last night during the 10:00 news. oakland police say a 27-year- old man was shot to death on 24th street near adeline street. his name is being withheld until police notify his relatives. it was the city's 57th homicide of the year. in less than an hour, both directions of highway 101 in san jose will be shut down
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overnight. north and sound bound lanes will be closed to the 280, 680 interchange. the lanes will be closed for three consecutive nights. tonight's closure is from 11:30 to 6:00 a.m. then on sunday from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. detours are available. two workers were hit by rebar while working on a sound wall this morning in antioch. the wall at summersville road is part of a project to widen highway 4. the men were taken to wall walnut creek with injuries. and two crosswalks were painted with stripes and arrows at schneider lane. ling murray and her daughter were hit by a car while crossing the street. the toddler died and her mother
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was seriously injured. authorities say 18-year-old kateland dunnaway was texting while driving. she was convicted to one year in prison. 31-year-old giovanni rodriguez was arrested last month. since then no formal charges have been brought against him. stow remains hospitalized in san francisco in serious condition. the cal baseball team arrived back in the bay area today. the team did not advance the college world series championship. as ktvu's rita williams reports, in the eyes of their fans, the bears are heros. >> reporter: cal's baseball team didn't win the college
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world series eliminated last night in omaha. but the bears had a great season since 1980. >> it's been a great year for cal baseball. and a crazy year. >> reporter: a crazy year because the baseball program was saved. after the university decided to cut baseball to save money, the players made a rap video. they came up with the money to keep the program. >> it made us grow up a little. >> and they kept fighting back. keeping the superregional. now safe at home the team hopes to keep raising money for a $20 million endowment. >> i think the first thing is to make sure we secure this program so that it's here for cal baseball players forever.
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>> reporter: to encourage donors to keep on giving so the team can keep on winning. >> thank you, go cal bears. >> reporter: they thanked the people that saved the season. and just to make sure, they did it again. >> reporter: thank you donors, go cal bears. weekend just around the corner. essentially it's here for many, the temperatures outside were cooler, much cooler than they were two days ago. temperatures tomorrow think about two or three degrees off or the same. it's going to be slightly cooler. fog on the other side of the coast. i have fog showing up in pacifica and south moon bay. it's going to creep into the avenues of san francisco. it's going to creep across the bay bridge. the computer model, i'm not sure the model is right on this one but look at the push it gives us tomorrow at five in the morning. it'll be close, i'm not so sure it's not all the way into napa.
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but it's going to be close. i almost want to say it's half. the idea of being more fog tomorrow, that means temperatures trending down. i'll have specific forecast. actor peter falk died last night at the age of 83. falk died one of televisions favorite detectives. >> my name is colombo. lieutenant. i'm with the police. >> reporter: colombo was the detective. hiss family said he had been suffering of alzheimer's in recent years. he died in his home. how city workers and their supporters used a prayer session to bring attention to their cause. a shopping spree tonight
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san jose city leaders did not declare a fiscal emergency today. instead they postponed a budget show down until later this summer. >> we will not tolerate this. >> reporter: opponents of mayor's plan came together with prayer. >> we ask you to send our love to those workers who are fearful of losing their jobs. >> reporter: they say the mayor's plan is alarmist. >> he's using a legal mumbojumbo to get his way. >> reporter: if leaders want to change the bill they need to create a charter. >> we're going to have an election in march that's going to save us tens of millions of
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the dollars. >> reporter: opposers say the governor's plan leaves them out of the loop. >> that's not bargaining. it's you're going to do what we say. that's not bargaining. >> it doesn't make any sense. the mayor doesn't have a heart. we're willing to work with them but they're not willing to work with us. >> reporter: mayor reed says that's not true and that six of the city unions have agreed to budget cuts. >> we're having to shrink our work force. lay off people. that's just a fact. >> reporter: the council ended up postponing any final decisions until its next meeting in august. in the meantime, staff will be looking at possible measures.
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a supermarket chain looks for workers to open its store. fresh and easy opens its doors. representatives say it is an underserved neighborhood. applicants agree. they say they're excited about job students but also for what the store means for people living in the area. >> this being here is very significant to the community because it's all here. you know, it's supporting the community and in turn the community will support this. >> reporter: the bay view store is set to open august 4th. there's a dozen other fresh and easy stores in california. the $299 million contract is to complete the springs extension in the southern part of fremont. the next phase of the project includes the bariessa extension. that part of the project is expected to open next year. meantime bart director put off a decision on late night
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service. the board was scheduled to vote on a six month test of running trains an hour later on friday nights and delay the start of regular service on saturdays to 7:00 a.m. the discussion was postponed until july 14th to give staffers more time to figure out how to implement late night service without causing [ beep ]
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new at 10:00 tonight, a show of support for a san jose state fraternity. a fire at their house earlier this week destroyed many of their possessions. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta joins us
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live now from san jose with how the community is coming together to get them back some of the basics. >> reporter: for men like us, it's hardly easy to fill a shopping bag. but for the students, -- >> reporter: the five alarm fire early tuesday morning destroyed the kappa sig house causing nearly $2 million damage. everyone got out safely but so many possessions were lost. >> it was bad in there, yeah. >> reporter: were you surprised you were able to save some stuff? >> i was surprised. >> reporter: some of the fraternity brothers were salvaging what they could from their burned out house. some of it was memorabilia from a fraternity that has been at
12:01 am
san jose state for nearly 50 years. there's been an outpouring of help from other fraternities, sororitis and the community. >> would you like to donate to the students of kappa signa. >> the generosity of the community, it's good for us. we really appreciate it. we can't explain how it is. >> reporter: the fraternity says it will rebuild the house. the donation drive is now up to $10,000. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta. vallejo police today identified a man they say is a suspect in a homicide that happened yesterday afternoon. the suspect is 21-year-old jonathan walker of both vallejo
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and san francisco. police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. walker is wanted for shooting and killing 22-year-old michael ross in the carport of an apartment complex on porter road. vallejo police says walker is also wanted in san francisco in connection with an unrelated homicide. walker may be in a 1980s brown or tan honda accord such as this one with a partial license of 6fb802. accused mob boss whitey bulger is back in boston. but this time the now former fugitive is behind bars. the 81-year-old did not enter a plea today. governor jerry brown is looking for ways to save rent. a nonprofit has been formed to cover the rent and utilities.
12:03 am
the president of the nonprofit said he will disclose the names of the donors and amounts in january. california has no official governor's residence. congress delivered a symbolic blow to president obama. the house rejected a bill that to conduct u.s. -- several members were clearly angry that president obama didn't come to them first for a congressional defense. there were concerns about the other wars and the costs. >> our nation can't afford a third war. the ones we're already fighting are bankrupting us morally and fiscally. this congress must reassert our power. >> reporter: a second vote on limiting the financing for the libyan campaign failed. the cost of the u.s. operation is expected to top $1 billion by the end of september. google today confirmed it is the target of a federal anti trust investigation as james rosen reports the in inquiry
12:04 am
puts the dominance of the power house under the microscope. >> reporter: the department of justice offered only a one word reply. when she was asked if she would comment on the federal probes now facing google. >> no. >> reporter: the giant confirmed friday it is cooperating in a federal investigation into whether google uses its dominance in the search engine field to push other services in a way that infringing on companies. >> you are searching, you check your e-mail, you go over to you tube. that's a lot of play. >> reporter: several states are probing google. it has sealed a 400 million-
12:05 am
dollar deal to purchase admede. google is much like zerox for example. i have to go zerox you know a form or paper. and if you want to argue that zerox is dominant in that way, that it's shaped an entire experience. i guess you can argue the same for google. >> reporter: the consumer watchdog wrote to counselor to challenge the priority of obama's relationship with google. the white house did not respond to our request for excellent. james rosen, fox. there's a stark reminder in washington, d.c. that anthony weaner has resigned from congress. the sign bearing the old congressman's name has been
12:06 am
removed. it has been replaced. the sign simply says it's the office for the ninth congressional district. news on a jogger that was attacked. a catch the sketch police want you i want to crush more cars.
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the ntsb is investigating the crash of a small plane near palo alto airport. the plane went down nose first into a marsh before coming to rest on its roof at about 8:30 last night. all three people on boardwalked away but one man went to the hospital with back pain. the faa says the single engine cessna lost power while approaching the airport for landing. roaner park police today released the sketch of a man
12:09 am
suspected of attacking a female jogger. the woman told police the assailant was a skinny white man, about 6'2", with a light complex. they say the man came out of the bushes and attacked a woman with a box cutter. she is okay. the water off steinson beach is open to swimmers once again. five days after a shark sighting. the national park service shut down a portion of the beach. swimmers were limited to waiting in the surf zone after the sighting. another rough week on wall street came to a close with stocks moving lower on friday. concerns about european death pushed the dow industrial 115 points lower. weak financial reports pushed the nasdaq lower by 33 points. the markets have fallen seven of the last eight weeks. go daddy website known for
12:10 am
it's spicy advertising campaign is in sales talks now. the company could go for more than $2 billion to a private investment group. go daddy is the world's largest domain website. it'll allow you to register anything like a domain extension will boost the company's value. and best buy is planning to lease space at stores to other business. best buy is considering everything from grocery stores to beauty supply chains. the company hopes to generate revenue. best buy says with so many of its shoppers online it doesn't need all of its space anymore. in tanzania, the court arrested a woman of genocide.
12:11 am
the u.n. court also convicted the former rowandan government. 800,000 people died in the rowanda massacre. hugo chavez has been absent for two weeks. he usually makes long speeches most every day. but chavez has been in seclusion in cuba after having surgery there. his prolonged absence has people wondering if they are getting the true story. wildlife officials decided to take the emperor penguin in for treatment and now he will need surgery. bill martin will have the weekend forecast. coming up we'll have your
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activities for the
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a rare sighting in the bay area. five california condors who traveled more than 50 files 50 miles from their nest at pinnacle. >> to see them so far out of the area where they normally range was just a real special treat. >> reporter: astronomer and amateur bird watcher -- these are five of only 108 in the
12:15 am
wild. >> i don't think i'll ever have such a privilege again unless they move into the area. >> reporter: we're just 10 miles east of san jose. >> the birds are obviously finding the area appealing up there. >> reporter: burnett tracks condors by radio. some flew into livermore six years ago but didn't stay. tuesday they lingered in the bay area for the first time in a century. >> that's the double edged here. we're always excited to see these birds go into new areas but we start accessing the threat. >> reporter: like lead and people. >> a privilege to view, and they weren't concerned about us at all. >> reporter: biologists burnett says overnighting here may soon need to nesting here. that indeed would be a spectacular sign of success. on mount hamilton, john fowler,
12:16 am
ktvu channel two news. santa clara county passed what is believed to be the first law of its kind that bans the export of e waste. it typically costs less to recycle computers. santa clara's law requires anyone who collecting e-waste to bring them into recyclers. e-waste is known to contain led, mercury and other toxins. a new trend is growing in san francisco that's making take out a little more green. it's called byoc. customers bring their own reusable containers when ordering food and get discounts in return. restaurant owners say the trend is starting to catch on. >> reporter: proponents say reuse is better for the environment than recycling.
12:17 am
participants believe the trend will cut down on the thousands of take out containers. 4g claims to be the top speed for smart phone, tablets and other wireless devices. but su says there's no technical definition. 4g varies by company. >> up front they will know what are they getting? are they actually getting the fasters speed? what are the minimum speeds? an international governing agency says they're still looking on specific standards. bipartisan group of lawmakers is making it legal to play online poker for money.
12:18 am
the law would ban children from playing. the bill would also tax the estimated $6 billion industry. currently bars financial constitutions from processing winnings. your week educational background weekend is here and the fog is back. let's go out to the golden gate bridge. live storm tracker 2. a live buoy reading from the south tower. we have winds west-southwest at 15. gusting to 23. so west-southwest looks like this. it's coming from the west- southwest. in that direction the fog is being pressed. it's being pressed into golden gate park right now. so the fog back in the forecast for tomorrow morning as it was this morning. it'll burn back a little more slowly tomorrow. won't be as quick a burn off tomorrow. so temperatures are going to be slightly cooler. i mentioned that. real hot a couple of days ago. we were doing triple digit heat. today temperatures just in the upper 70s and 80s. if forecast as we go through
12:19 am
the weekend, a little bit cooler on saturday. a little warmer on sunday. it looks great and not as hot as it had been. forecast then, you see the fog and the fog model lays out the foot fingerprint like that. 6:00a.m., that is a big doze of fog. boom right back to the coast. ocean beach, i don't know about montero but i think you're going to see clearing at the coast side. big deal going on down over at infineon. a lot of folks show up for this nascar racing. it'll get hot in the bowl. you will get to about 90 degrees. microclimates tomorrow something like this. mid-60s out in the bay. not hot at all. low 70s as you head to lafayette. mid-70s in walnut creek and concord. these temperatures are running about five to 10 degrees cooler
12:20 am
than you would expect. i would expect 90s out toward the antioch. not going to happen. the reason this high pressure is going to sit off the coast, it's going to usher in a lot of fog. no matter how you cut it it's going to be a heck of a nice week end. 80 in pittsburgh. got a bunch of cities here and not bad temperatures. not hot and not bad. good air quality. fire danger not off the charts. we have the heat continue. we have red flag warnings and what have you. a beautiful bay area weekend. there's the five day forecast. weekend in view because the weekend is here. look into next week and there's a chance of sprinkles in there on wednesday. i don't know if it'll happen but the models want to bring a little rain in. >> sprinkles of sunshine. >> no. >> i can't believe you're talking a week away. >> thanks bill. a new help for patients with type one diabetes. experiments found that it might
12:21 am
be possible to reverse the disease with an inexpentive vaccine. doctors in massachusetts are now looking to use the vaccine to cure patients. it is a dubious title but a little dog has claimed the title of the world's ugliest dog handed out tonight. her name is yoga and she weighs 8.9 pounds. but that's not her [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
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who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you. aaa is predicting fewer travelers will lit the road for
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the 4th of july weekend. it expects 29 million people to travel 59 miles or more r the holidays. that's a decrease of $29 a year. a gallon of gas is about 60- cents higher this year than it was last year. sports director mark ibanez joins us onset. mark the cleveland indians were in san francisco. something we don't see often. >> kind of a rare appearance. i guess it doesn't matter who they play offensively for the giants nothing to twitt home about. but it's the formula when they win. out there on the mound, cleveland indians out there. jonathan sanchez wild again. a couple of walks in the first- inning. 4-2/3innings of work for sanchez. giants were down early 3-0. but in the fourth they started to
12:26 am
come back. torrez pounds one to right and it will lead the premises. giants trail. bases were loaded, santana can't handle it. in comes a round, they tie it on a sacrifice fly and take the lead as aubrey huff lost one down the left field line. shanahan backing up, momentum from the plate. and that allows the speedy torrez to score. giants make it hold up 12-3 behind wilson's 20 second safe. just like that, the a's are back on top. the a's flat line in philly for their third straight loss but looking good. here is a beautiful catch. we go to the bottom of the ninth. 2-0. fuentes walks the lead off
12:27 am
man and he will pay for it. base hit 1-0 a's on the short end. and a look at the bizarre life of a professional athlete. yesterday devin setaguchi signs a deal. he says he loves the team, and the team says the feeling is future. today they trade him. the goal scoring setaguchi may just fetch the blue line they need as they acquire fred burns. he's a 230 pounds bruiser who can dish it out and move the puck. and meantime, it is joey logano with the pole position.
12:28 am
>> a lot going on. mark thank you. >> thanks mark. mornings on 2 begins begins at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can [ kate ] if this icelandic mud could work wonders on my skin, imagine what it could do for my business. now, i just had to figure out a way to get it back to the states. so i called john, my citibank small business expert. [ john ] kate, how are you? [ kate ] he got me a line of credit
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