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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  July 17, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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new information tonight about the man shot and killed by san francisco police. his connection to a brutal crime in seattle. good evening everyone i'm healther holmes. >> and i'm ken -- heather holmes. and i'm ken wayne. seattle police say the 19-year- old was a person of interest in a shooting there last week that left a pregnant woman dead and three others injured.
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his name has not been released. the gunman in the south seattle shooting on wednesday opened fire on a parked car killing the 19-year-old woman who was seven weeks pregnant. both police departments are now working together on their investigation. police today confirmed they recovered the gun believed to have been used by the suspect in yesterday's shooting in san francisco. ktvu's maureen naylor explains police video taken by a resident helped investigators locate the weapon. in the video you see a large crowd following yesterday's officer involved shooting. the person who posted it anonymously claims you see a handgun about 20 feet from the mortally wounded teenager and that someone in a hooded sweatshirt picked it up. >> the person who posted that video shows that there was a firearm at the scene, that someone picked it up took off with the weapon. >> reporter: independent
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witnesses backed up the story that when they tried to arrest the suspect, they shot at them. >> there had been shots fired at the officers, that there was a weapon at the scene. that folks picked it up and went southbound on paloo street. that all helpedded us to find the weapon. >> he just got a barber college license. he just got a license to cut hair, he was a good person really. he just didn't pay his fare. >> reporter: police say the suspect had a serious criminal record out of state. officers patrolled the third street corridor with an additional 10 crimes. police say one of the officers involved is a senior member in
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the bellview and did not recognize the suspect. a group says it plans to protest at the scene tomorrow. maureen naylor. last night's shooting set off an early morning demonstration in the mission district. our crews were there about 1:00 this morning. no arrests were made, police tonight tell us that a community meeting is being planned for later this week. the family of the san anselmo man who was hit by a blow hole and disappeared has returned to california without their family member. >> reporter: the common law widow of pots said she wanted
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to say in maui but today she tells me that she had to return because her life depended on it. >> he needs me. he needs me more than ever. >> reporter: this is video taken of hick's partner of 11 years. david pots died last saturday while the family vacations with two other couples in maui. >> he was the most generous, happy, happy go lucky wonderful man i've ever met. >> reporter: in january, pots went bankrupt and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> we found out i had cancer and it was hard. >> reporter: friends and family are now stepping up to help. >> watching my sister and what
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she's going through, it's gut wrenching. >> reporter: david was with his brother-in-law when he went missing. >> i can't ask why very hard because i don't know if i'll find an answer to that but it hurts. >> reporter: a fund has been set up to help tika offset her medical expenses so she can focus on getting well. >> so hard right now to focus on anything but missing david. he was everything to me. everything to us. >> reporter: tika had taken time off from her job as a preschool teacher to take care of her son and her ailing health. she is expected to have a
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double masectomy tomorrow morning. police say they found a victim who apparently died of injuries suffered during a robbery. there's no word on the identity of that victim or just how the person died. in west oakland near the corner of 19th and west streets a man was found shot inside a vehicle. police responded to that area after reports of a gunfire. en donald robinson was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. a lone gunman was responsible for the shooting. there's no word on any suspects in this case. oakland police say there's been a development in a mother who was found burning in a street. they have identified a person of interest in the death of monica rotis. rotis was discovered in the rock ridge district. police have not released the suspect in the crime.
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meantime friends and family of monica rotis held a fund raising. they washed cars. the money will go toward a trust for rotis son. family members said they raised about $400. volunteers conduct another search effort for michelle le. a family spokeswoman says some of the searchers came from as far away as florida and also included a kidnapped survivor. le was last seen in hayward hospital. hayward police are investigateing the case as a homicide but friends and family still hope she will be found
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alive. with two weeks now from the debt deadline two weeks away, there's a show down. it requires a 2/3 majority. senate majority leader is proposing a compromise that would raise the debt ceiling just high enough to let the government run until 2013. it was a rivetting battle that captured the fans of the bay area. a large turn out in san francisco to watch the women's world cup soccer final. >> reporter: twice in the second half a san francisco crowd erupted when the u.s. scored go ahead goals.
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>> it could not have been more exciting. till the very end it was a nail biter. i don't know how they could have stretched it out even further. >> reporter: a fan favorite hope solo. for the start of the game we joined petaluma's peter solo who's hope's half brother. >> i cannot believe she's in the world cup. >> reporter: he shared with us childhood photos and a text he received from home this morning. >> i just assumed she would not get back to me today. i was in no way thinking she had bigger fish to fry today. >> reporter: hope solo and teammates could not stop the japanese who won it in a shoot out. the cinderella story of this world cup has been japan playing for that country's recovery from the march
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earthquake and tsunami. >> reporter: this win clearly lifted some heavy hearts. >> it's been a hard year, we had such a hard time. >> reporter: some american fans did say if the u.s. didn't win japan was the next best thing. in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. that was the reaction in japan where there was jubilation as soccer fans watched and waited through the early morning hours as their team and u.s. battle teams battle. skwra japan is the first asian nation ever to win the world cup. as for that dramatic finish, two hours was not enough to settle the cup final. we'll have all the highlights and accounts coming up later in sports wrap. rebecca brooks is free on
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bail tonight. brooks is a close confidant of murdoch. brooks was in charge of news of the world when she allegationly bribed police about tips on celebrities and politicians. news corp. has since shuttered that paper. >> with hindsight i wish we had handled some matters in this differently. i didn't and that's that. >> reporter: hours after brook's arrest, the head of scottland yard he finally resigned. he says they wish they would have done something differently. the police have come under fire for failing to investigation the phone hacking issue
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thoroughly back in 2006. executives are expecting a grilling by parliament on wednesday. teenagers from around the country are enbarking on a cross cultural mission. one of southern california's busiest freeway is back open today.
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32 teenagers from around the u.s. are in san francisco tonight. but likely too excited to sleep, tomorrow they head to japan for a first of its kind cultural visit dedicated to two americans who parished in that quake and tsunami. debra villalon here to explain how this all came about. >> reporter: 32 children from some 300 finalists, their next destination san francisco's sister city osaka. they are practicing introductions and soon they'll be testing their fluency. >> georgia. >> virginia. >> washington. >> vermont. >> students from all over the u.s. going to -- >> japan. >> reporter: very exciting.
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but also bittersweet. the japanese exchange and teaching program in its 24th year lost two members in its tsunami disaster. for the first time the program reached out to high school students in their memory. >> they loved japan. they tried to do something. >> open your heart to japan. it needs your love, let them know that we care and we're thinking of them. >> reporter: and these students have thought of japan they said since they were little. most already have several years of language study. eager to be good guests and aware their free trip, especially after disaster makes them ambassadors. >> i'm grateful that something good could come out of it and that we're able to do this because, it's just a dream of mine and i know it's a dream of other kids here. we're all so excited, we can't wait. >> reporter: a 10 day tour may
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not be long enough. they'll see schools and shrines, immerse themselves in language and culture. this inaugural group hopes more will follow. how safe is the nuclear power plant along the california coast? the diablo canyon plant is built right next to the ocean near two active earthquake faults. it's owned by pg & e who says the reactors are strong enough to survive a 7.5 quake on those faults. the san francisco chronicle reports, the faults may be capable of producing a much larger quake. a bay area man is dead tonight after a boating accident in southern california. the l.a. county sheriff's department says a 32-year-old man from fremont died at about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. after his wave runner crashed into a 20-foot ski boat. the man's name has not yet been
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released. san jose police are investigating a fatal crash that killed a pedestrian. a dodge caravan struck and killed a woman near old tully road. the victim was a latina. the female driver stopped and cooperated with police, officers say there's no indication that she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. fears of a carmageddon did not materialize this weekend after construction wrapped up early. all 10 lanes of the 405 were up and running shortly after noon today. transit fishes had warned the work -- transit officials had warned the closures could have lasted until tomorrow morning. >> not only they didn't get in their cars, frankly didn't leave their home for the most part and if they did, they walked, took a bus or biked. they heard us loud and clear.
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and they answered the call. >> a 10-mile stretch of the 405 freeway between ventura boulevard and the valley were closed so crews could demolish a bridge. the contractor faced a $600 a minute penalty if the project ran over schedule. drivers are having to at that particular to at that adapting to changes. >> reporter: drivers found themselves adapting to more changes, but it's one that they can get used to. >> if you're go to highway 1, there's two lanes that will be two lanes from here forward. >> reporter: the transition considered just another milestone in the $1 billion doyle drive project that has been under way since 2005. caltrans says it's time to get
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rid of a roadway that's outdated and substandard. this weekend's transition is just one milestone, crews are celebrating another. take a close look at the crew, they are working aboveground but they are also down below. because doyle is going under ground. >> we're constructing a roof over it as opposed to the more traditional tunnel like the devil slide tunnel. >> reporter: caltrans wants to do this while keeping traffic moving as much as possible. but that's not easy with so many phases sometimes it is hard to keep track. >> it's about as complicated as it gets. >> major milestones this weekend but bigger ones ahead. the plan is to get all traffic off of doyle drive and on to a temporary bypass by the end of the year. that way demolition can begin. this entire project expected to be complete by 2013. in about 10 minutes we will
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tell you about talk of a merger that could dramatically change public transportation in the bay area. the agencies that could join forces and why it could save taxpayers millions of the dollars. drivers in the east bay may notice something new on their morning commute. tomorrow at 6:00 a.m., metering lights will be operated on 680. transportation officials hope the lights will reduce traffic congestion along the interstate during the busy morning commute. the lights will be green this week to warn drivers of the change before going into regular operation next monday. a walk for a cause, it's the 25th aids walk in san francisco drawing thousands of people. how much this event has contributed to research through the years. he's out of jail, how casey anthony spent her first day of freedom in three years. and the legal problems she still faces. this cool weather system
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a 6-mile walk in high heels? that's an example of the dedication show in this year's san francisco aids walk. why the walk has so much meaning to participants. >> reporter: the crowd lined up to walk the 6-mile course of san francisco's golden gate park for the 26th aids walk san francisco. some of them took an already challenging walk, and took it to new highs. >> i made the promise that if i raised $5,000 i would do it in red pumps. and i raised $7,700. >> everyone who walked had a personal reason. stret walked for himself. >> i'm walking because i've had
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aids myself since 1992. >> reporter: stret says seeing this crowd is an inspiration. >> i love it. i hear a lot of people about walking for the cause. and it's my cause and i'm walking. >> i am walking for my brother who died of aids. and i'm walking for everyone that has h.i.v. and aids. i know we went through it and i know people need help. >> reporter: some say on the 30th anniversary of the disease they walk because they've never known a world without hiv and aids. >> it's growing, more and more and more and more. and so it's important to be educated and be safe. >> reporter: in 25 years of aids walk san francisco, organizers have managed to walk more than $74 million for bay area bay service organizations. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu news. jack lindon square was
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filled with faces looking for a home. rescue groups all combined their efforts to find homes for cats, dogs and bunnies. >> we just hiked 7 miles. they can run with the big dogs. no one can say datsun's cannot hike. >> the human society also held an adopt-athon today. and shuttle astronauts will have a light work schedule until tuesday, that's when they undock from the universal station for the last time. casey anthony is free tonight and for now has escaped the cameras. only a few photographers were allowed to take pictures of anthony as she left jail very early this morning. when she stepped outside, she could hear a storm of protests.
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the soupd of news helicopter -- the sound of news helicopters and people yelling. the 25-year-old will continue to face legal problems including a civil suit from search organizers who are furious that she misled police about her daughter's disappearance. it was a very different scene later today in orlando as a silent march honored anthony's daughter caylee. thousands of people walked into the woods where the little girl's body was found. one one participant said it was a way to say goodbye. next on a ktvu special report, the agencies that might report, the agencies that might just join forces and i want to crush more cars.
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♪ consolidating two of the bay area's biggest transit district. it's a move that might help move traffic and save you tax dollars. >> reporter: does this make you crazy? >> a waste. >> reporter: this double bus owned and operated by ac transit costs about half a million dollars. there's about 100 of them in a total fleet of 500 buses and those buses burn more than $17 million in fuel every year. many of the buses are very often empty. or are you one of the many that gets upset trying to use b.a.r.t. parking lots that fill up
12:00 am
before 7:00 a.m. a weird lack of clear signs. a renewed attempt to consolidate b.a.r.t. and ac transit is quietly taking place in the bay area now. a new set of studies is under way, also polling bay area voters will take place as early as this summer to see if they would vote for it. >> i would really like to see a full blown discussion of this. because even if it doesn't happen, it would bring up a lot of good stuff. >> greg harper is a lawyer and engineer. he's also an elected board member of the ac transit electors. that board is only four in the entire united states. >> it is highly unusual and i would like to see it changed. >> reporter: another board is this one at b.a.r.t. now the powerful if largely unknown metropolitan transportation commission is looking into consolidating. >> obviously people travel across city and county
12:01 am
boundaries, they want the system to work that same way as well. the commission is going to tackle it in the next six months, do we have the system right now that can meet the future. not the system that can meet the past. >> reporter: there's some serious political muscle behind this. >> it's not to say that anybody is not doing a fine job. it's just that we don't need as many people doing fine jobs. >> reporter: don perata is actively helping top transportation officials find a way to start consolidating not only ac transit and b.a.r.t. but also the 28 or so separate transit districts that are scattered around the bay area. >> why do you mean 20 hr departments. why do you need 28 different legal departments. >> reporter: jim wonderman of the bay area council support the move. >> depending on the systems you're look at savings of 10s of millions of the dollars if you do it the right way. >> reporter: so instead of ac
12:02 am
transit competing with against b.a.r.t. for money, it will work with bart. some of the savings could also be used to buy more b.a.r.t. trains or even put up simple signs that could help commuters. so who's against it? >> i think that if we did the study and the analysis and everything showed that it was the only thing to do, i'm not going to die over it. >> reporter: tom blaloch is a 17-year-old veteran and widely considered one of its more moderate directors. so does he think his colleagues would be able to give up his seat? >> probably not. probably not. >> reporter: mtc says the opportunity is deep. >> frank somerville, ktvu channel 2 news.
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you can find this story along with other recent ktvu special reports by going to our website click on the news tab and choose special reports from the drop down menu. a state of the art tunnel is getting attention tonight. the park hill tunnel was named project of the year by the american public works association in the historical preservation category. this is video of the tunnel when it opened back in december after a $28 million update that imaccess for pedestrians and bicyclists. in news of the world tonight, assassins again strike of the amiz's inner circle. the taliban claimed
12:04 am
responsibility saying muhammadkahn was on their target list. protesters in egypt refuse tonight to believe reports that ousted president mumbarack is gravely ill. doctors quickly denied reports saying he is in stable condition after a dizzy spell. panic spread at a blues festival in ottawa tonight when the main stage collapsed during a performance by cheap trick. a violent thunderstorms with high wind appeared to have caused the accident. thousands fled for shelter as debris flew down. several were injured and at least three people had to be
12:05 am
hospitalized. the cash cab game was involved in a crash accident. a producer was driving the cab back to storage when the accident occurred. a bay area man is on a mission tonight to help american forces overseas. aaron nearbon is the founder of troops direct. which packs and ships supplies to troops. the effort started with one box that was sent to his friend and has now grown to 2-tons of supplies a month. >> when someone like a colonel comes to me and tells me the troops direct is single handedly changing the manner in which his service members can operate in the front lines, that makes me feel good that we're increasing the chances of
12:06 am
bringing our troops back home safely. well today was the perfect day if you have a sweet tooth and who doesn't. it is officially national ice cream day. find out where
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we've been dealing with this cooler weather pattern for a week. the skies cleared out. and the results plenty of sunshine across a good portion of the bay area. right now we have mostly clear
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sky, the clouds still way offshore. we are expecting the clouds to redevelop tonight over the next few hours into early tomorrow morning. this was a time lapse looking out toward oakland. forecast story for tonight we do have this, patchy fog developing tomorrow, some patchy low clouds out there. a bit of a please and the extended forecast does feature a warming trend. overnight lows tomorrow morning for your monday under partly cloudy skies. some patchy fog favoring the coast. you can see most of the region starting out monday morning in the low to mid-50s. you can see the system up to our north. this area of low pressure generating clouds. as this system moves to the south, there is a slight chance of a few sprinkles, a few showers as far south as mendecino. that shows up nicely with our forecast model. not a lot of rainfall to show you but the bulk of the
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activity out toward hubble county. a chance of a shower maybe right around lake county as well. this area of low pressure remains in command of our weather tomorrow and into tuesday. not a major warm up but look what happens as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday. high pressure gradually rebuilds and as a result we bring in our warming trend. by next weekend the warmest location inland could be in the upper 80s to right around 90 degrees. it will be a gradual warm up with no major heat up in sight. patchy overcast, once again tomorrow morning at 8:00. then as we put this into motion, a few high clouds will move in in the afternoon hours. tomorrow's forecast it's 7:00, 52 to 57 degrees. by 2:00 a sun cloud mix, then we will call it partly cloudy. not much in the way of 80s, the warmest location out toward
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clear lake and san helena. livermore in the upper 70s. you notice temperatures cool off slightly into tuesday. that will be the coolest day of the workweek. then a little bit of a bufferin in the numbers. if you've been waiting for that warm up, we've been advertising it and it should be here by saturday and sunday. today is national ice cream day. the so called holiday is observed every third sunday in july. you can see many families took part of the celebration. in case you were wondering, ice cream day was created back in 1984 by president ronald
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good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. missed opportunities led to ultimate heartbreak for the u.s. women's soccer team today. the u.s. in the finals in frankfurt germany.
12:15 am
the u.s. finally broke through in the 46th minute. looked for a long time that that goal would be enough. with just nine minutes left to play, japan came alive. miama cleans up in front of the net. they head to two extra periods tied at one. the u.s. took command, abbey wamback with a header in the 104th minute. that moved wamback to the all time highest scorer with 16. they settle it with penalty kicks. three u.s. kickers failed to convert, the third one toben
12:16 am
heath. that meant japan only needed saki kumaga to make her goal and it's all over. its first ever win against the u.s. in 23 tries. as japan becomes the first asian team to hoist the cup. soya was named the tournament east most valuable player. three of golf's last six major tournaments have now been won from the player of a tiny city in irelands. that in the heels that mcilroy winning. >> who's your favorite golfer? >> darren clark. >> clark took a one stroke lead into the pursuit of his own.
12:17 am
he got off to a great start. clark with his approach that leads to a birdie and a two stroke lead. it was up to the rest of the field to make a move for 10 holes, phil mickelson was up to the challenge. mickelson for eagle, he was tied for the lead. mickelson played the first 10 holes. 6-under par. he is finishing with his 68. clark dropped the shot with a bogey at number four. got two back when his eagle put on number seven was also good. the other player in contention was dustin johnson. johnson began the round one stroke back when he made birdie on the 12th hole. he was back within two. any chance that came about on win -- he took double bogey. that meant clark could stroke in. he gave one back with the bogey. took another one here at 18.
12:18 am
when his power puck would not quite drop. that still means a three stroke win that clark said wasn't just for him. >> i want to share it with everybody. i'm your in normal ordinary guy and i just want to share. to get here at 42 is wonderful. i've tried and tried and tried. as much as i got annoyed with the game, i kept the belief. a final look at the leader board where clark was 5-under par for the tournament and three strokes in front of mickelson. thomas bjorn the other irish on
12:19 am
the board. and today in san diego they found a way to run the game. matt cain pitched well enough to win but got no decision after this. the hitters made sure he wouldn't take a loss. eli whiteside would -- but nothing is easy for the giants. bryan wilson walked the first two hitters he faced before kyle phillies bunted into third. sandoval with a strong throw, wilson then walked another batter before he ultimately
12:20 am
closed it out. next up, the dodgers back home in the first of three tomorrow night. when it came to baseball cool there was no better place to be in the 80s than the oakland coliseum. the a's celebrated that decade today with mc hammer bobblehead and the appropriate attire. the a's looked like the guys from the 80s in more ways than one. pan era walked four of the five batters he faced. the guy worse, after another batter had scored. he unloaded them. that's career grand slam number one for jackson: no team in franchise history has scored seven runs before an out was recorded. pentington who's double came around. that was more than enough support for gio gonzalez. not exactly a jam but gonzalez ends the third when he gets tori hunter to bounce back to
12:21 am
him and starts a double play. they are off tomorrow before playing the first of two in detroit or tuesday. hottest team in baseball right now is the texas rangers. seattle's blake bevin put two runners on in the second. mitch moreland did this. all the rangers would get but all they would need. that's 11 in a row for texas which now leads the second place rangers by four games. still to come on this [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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a show tied at nascar's standings that the over all leader can go from first to fifth in one race. also thanks to a driver who won for the first time this year, coming into today's raise, kyle bush was number one in points. but bush's chances to win was over after a -- all three able to keep going. hamlin finished third. the day belonged to stewart hass racing team. it was the first win this season for newman who started on the poll. carl edwards moves up to the top spot. stage 15th of the tour de france. several riders with a chance to win at the sprint to the
12:26 am
finish. and the bright green edges tyler ferrar. if you were paying attention to his final days with the warriors you may find this hard to believe. according to a report tonight, don nelson is in the running for another head coaching job. nelson has had talks about replacing the current curt rambus. nelson has had five separate coaching stints, two of them with the warriors. and in the tahoe celebrity cup tournament. you get eight points for a hole in one. that's where former nfl star
12:27 am
joe sequi got for this ace. sequi earned half a million dollars for himself and money for the live strong foundation. and wagner's three points better than tony romo who was second. and finally tonight the nfl's court appointed mediator returns from vacation tomorrow and rejoins negotiations ending the lock out. both sides are aiming for an agreement in principal in time for an owners meeting. that will do it for this edition of sports wrap. have a good evening everyone. >> we were talking about the significance of that and you said a lot of people are optimist optimistic. >> there were a few things that got ironed out that seem to be sticklers. by all accounts and we're staying optimistic there are some things to be ironed out but they do expect it to be done this week. then the work will return to normal.
12:28 am
>> we're getting late word of a triple shooting. it's at fourth and bissel. we understand at least one person is dead. the morning news will have more on this story. >> our coverage does continue -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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