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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 22, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a dense cloud of smoke over contra costa county and stories about people being rescued from this burning building. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a three alarm fire destroyed an apartment building in the ross
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moore retirement community. ktvu's jana katsuyama is there and tells us now about that rescue effort, jana. >> reporter: just in the past two minutes they reopened this hose line, you can see that they're spraying water back on the building because they have found some hot spots here. we did talk to that one man who said he heard the calls for help coming out of a second floor unit and he went inside the burning building. by the time fire crews arrived all eight units of the three story building were burning. thick smoke poured out from the back balcony. it was just after 6:30 tonight, jonathan caldwell says he heard a call for help from the second story building. >> i heard a woman yelling, help, help, oh my god. >> reporter: carlos says he ran into the building and he found the fire coming from the kitchen. >> there was fire from the stove and the ceiling. >> reporter: minutes later the fire had spraƔed spread
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through the building. he showed us this cell phone video he had taken before the firefighters arrived. some neighbors near the building received care from medics but nobody was injured. crews attacked the fire with ladder trucks and hoses. >> the wind played a little bit of a factor. the building is not equipped with fire sprinklers so the fire was able to spread throughout all the units fairly quickly. >> reporter: the red cross and ross moore did put all residents on to a shuttle bus and took them to some temporary shelter. you can see they're still pouring lots of water on to this building just to make sure it doesn't flair up again. there are other buildings and trees near by. the fire marshal just about 20 minutes ago told us they found this was an accidental fire, probably in the stove of that one kitchen. but fortunately all of the residents got out tonight, thank to apparently the help of
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a stranger. the normally peaceful country of norway is realing tonight from dualing terror attacks blamed on one individual. authorities will are now saying at least -- authorities there are now saying at least 80 people were massacred. the first attack took place in the capital of oslow. a powerful bomb perhaps too exploded at a government building that houses the prime minister's office. two hours later and 25 miles away shooting erupted at the youth camp on utoya island. both attacks were carried out by the same man. they have arrested anders brevok he is norwegian. president obama extended his condolences to the people of
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norway. >> it is a reminder that the entire community has a stake at preventing this kind of terror from occurring and that we have to work cooperatively together. >> reporter: the motive for the attack is unknown although both are linked to norway's ruling party. and new details this evening about the arrest of three new suspects in connection with the savage beating of bryan stow. at the same time authorities cleared the man they once considered a suspect. back to dodger stadium where the crime occurred. and we go to christien kafton with how the arrests are going down there. >> reporter: we're in the middle of 8th inning and the dodgers are taking on the washington nationals tonight. dodger fans tell us they are very excited, but they say this is still a city that still has
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a lot of questions about yesterday's arrests. viragosa stood side by side to announce the arrest of louie sanchez, marvin norwood and sanchez. arrest records indicate marvin norwood is 6'10-inches tall. those descriptions closely match the men witnesses say severely beat stow. the witnesses also say a woman pulled up in a car and drove the two men away. no one yet knows if dorene sanchez is that get away driver. giovanni ramirez has been in jail since may. >> these cases work as they
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work. information comes as it comes. unfortunately it took a long amount of time to establish situation that exonerated mr. ramirez. >> the entire dodger organization, family and friends have a safe comfortable fun time. >> reporter: inside the ballpark tonight, most fans have heard about the arrest and wonder why it took so long and if the l.a.p.d. have it right this time. >> it's good that they found him. i didn't find the first guy they arrested was suspicious. i read he wasn't there, they couldn't match him up and i said that was kind of odd. maybe now they actually found the right guys. >> reporter: the three suspects will be in court on monday to be formally charged in this case. live at dodger stadium in los angeles, christien kafton, channel 2 news. and more details now all three of the suspects are from realto. louis sanchez and marvin
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norwwood are being charged with mayhem. dorene sanchez has not yet been charged, he is louis sister and is said to have been living with norwood. ramirez was ordered to spend 10 months in prison. for bryan stow's family and friends there is a bit of encouraging news tonight in his come back fight. nearly four long months have passed and hope has been found in the smallest of signs. patti lee has been talking to his family and has late word on stow's recovery. >> reporter: we just spoke to stow's brother, he told us his family is still processing news of the latest arrest and that the family is focused on bryan's condition and the unexpected good news that they
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posted on this website support of bryan stow. 42-year-old bryan stow the father of two remains in serious condition at san francisco general. the medical staff told the family that he gave a thumbs up to a nurse. >> it's good to watch him and know that you can look and know that he's kind of comprehending. >> reporter: family members tell us they feel bad for giovanni ramirez, the man police originally accused of beating stow. the family says they are now
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being careful. meantime, stow's roommate -- >> it seems to go hand in hand with what a lot of people thought that no kid was going to be able to keep quite that was involved in this. >> the most important thing is bryan, this is going to take care of itself. what's happening down in l.a. but our priority is for bryan. >> reporter: the family told me they'll wait and see what develops in the investigation out of los angeles. reporting live in santa cruz county, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and stay with ktvu channel 2 for continuing coverage. we will bring you the latest developments in the stow case on air and at the 13-year-old son of arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver has been seriously injured in a beach accident. his parents released a statement today saying their son is expected to make a full recovery. christopher schwarzenegger broke bones and has a collapsed
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lung. the injuries happened while he was boogy boarding in malibu last sunday. back here in less than 10 minutes we have the weekend forecast and temperatures in some areas are going to cool down. we'll tell you how much. drug, weapons, gang tagging, materials, all confiscated in one night and part of an anti gang push back in marin. we go along and it's only on 2. she has verizon claims its 4g lte is twice as fast as at&t.
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oakland police are investigating a shooting tonight that sent one man to the hospital. this is new video we just received into ktvu newsroom within the past hour. the shooting happened in west oakland near the intersession of market and 46th street at about 8:30 tonight. officers scoured the road for evidence. police told the ktvu crew at the scene, the shooting appeared to have happened after a robbery. in a story you will see only on 2, debra villalon road along with the officers for an up close look at what they're doing, debra -- >> reporter: well the pretty night lights of nevado don't reflect the reality, gangs are leer and becoming more bold. >> anybody inside, police department. >> reporter: a new gang suppression team is knocking and talking.
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checking known hot spots and checking known gang members. they photograph his tattoos and move on. >> they're hispanic gangs for the most part. nortenos and surenos. >> reporter: more prevalent in san rafael's canal district. >> there's definitely an up tick in the violence. there's no longer fistfights. there's weaponed involved, there's retaliation. >> reporter: mainly they prey on each other but gang violence affects others. someone could have easily been caught in the cross fire. >> how old are you? >> 18. >> where do you live? >> reporter: with traffic stop, surveillance and compliance check, this teen wants gangs to know nevado is not safe haven.
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>> a couple of digital scales. >> reporter: marijuana, paraphernalia, a switchblade and a stockpile of spray paint for tagging were all seized in one stop from a suspected gang member. >> they all said, hey, we haven't seen you like this. you're going to see more of us and spread it around. >> reporter: stretching the department thin but not doing it they say, not an option. reporting live in nevado, debra villalon. a jury convicted a richmond teenager of three counts of attempted murder for opening fire inside a church on valentines day 2010. marcell faces two years many prison. bugs was targeting a rival gang men when he walked into the church and opened fire. two people were wounded. we are learning more tonight about a terrifying final moments before a plane crash that killed a family of
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four. it happened two weeks ago when the small plane slammed into the watsonville medical center. a report reports witnesses saying the plane took off in a steep angle. then it went into a roll until it was nearly inverted. the plane spirals toward the ground before hitting the medical center. >> reporter: the state agency criticized for its oversight of pge is now directing for a new director of consumer protection. he is leaving now to become an administrative law judge. the division includes nearly formed risk assessment unit that was implemented following that san bruno pipeline explosion. yee became the first candidate in the san francisco mayor's race. lee and his supporters arrived at city hall with thousands of signatures to register him as a candidate. those signatures will save you
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a $5,000 fee. >> the fact that we're the first individual to collect the 10,000 signatures, valid signatures mind you, it just indicates the strength of our campaign. >> reporter: city attorney dennis herr era and chu are also expected to run. there's growing speculation major ed lee will also join the race. he's been in the job for weeks but tonight it is official. panetta has been sworn in. >> these past few years have also shown the world that america with our strong intelligence and military capabilities is up to that challenge. >> panetta says his biggest
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challenge besides the war in middle east is improving the budget without cutting -- >> your hands are shaking. >> i know, it's been a long time. >> reporter: we were with retired naval commander when she got the official news. 18 years after coming out as a lesbian military officer, don't ask don't tell is almost history. >> when you see a wrong you step up and do the right thing. for me coming out was doing the right thing. >> 13 years ago dunning won her case against the policy and was allowed to serve out her military career out of the closet. >> you know it actually was better than living in the closet that's for sure.
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i could go to work without fear. i was able to be my full self. and i actually established tighter bonds and relationships with my coworkers. >> reporter: that's dunning standing next to president obama when he repealed don't ask don't tell. >> i think other people today that are serving will feel relief. >> reporter: in fact, for many considering military service, this may be a new start. >> so don't ask don't tell officially ends in 60 days from now. that will make it easier for people who fly the rainbow flags to serve the american flag. but the fight doesn't end there. the next step will be to get the same benefits for their counter parts. noel walker, ktvu news. and the bill was enacted bid then president bill clinton. today there are 66,000 gay and
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lesbian members on active duty. more than 14,000 service members have been discharged under the law. memorial services are in the works tonight for a marin county sheriff's deputy. jim matheson was killed while trying to help a family friends solve a dispute between a friend's daughter and her ex- boyfriend. it'll be held at marin veterans memorial auditorium in san rafael. doctors removeed the screw from the ankle of injured san francisco giant buster posey. posey can't put any weight on his leg and is using a makeshift scooter in order to get around. posey is out for the season after that collision with florida scott cousins. he hopes to be well enough to return to the line up by spring training of next year. your weekend is basically here, we have a lot of fog forming at the coast.
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the story for tomorrow will be temperatures slightly cooler than today. it's not going to be cold, it's just going to be slightly cooler. so mid- and upper 80s in the hot spots. temperatures for the most of us will be in the upper 70s and 80s. it's the current imagery you see shooting across alameda. these were the highs today, let's subtract a few degrees from tomorrow's highs. instead of 88 look for about 84- degree. so slightly cooler. right now temperatures are on the mild side, 73 in san rafael. 76 in oakland. when we get going tomorrow you're going to see a lot of fog like we talked about. daytime highs tomorrow, a bit cooler. back here at 10:45, we will look specifically at your city and a long range forecast which does include a bit of a warm up. >> reporter: hundredsover people turned out to welcome home the final four space shuttle astronauts. in a scene reminiscent of the movie the right stuff, the crew walked on to a platform in front of a huge american flag.
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it was more than 100 degrees inside the airplane hanger but the fans did not seem to mind. when the shuttle landed it
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take a look at this, you're looking at the california screaming roller coaster that got stuck at disney california adventure park this evening. 25 people had to be taken off that ride. no one was hurt. the ride stopped when someone's backpack fell on to the track. california adventure is located right next to disney park. now to washington, d.c.,
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where the debt limit debate turned personal this evening after president obama and joe boehner got into a war of words. >> it is hard to understand why speaker boehner would walk away from this deal. >> dealing with this deal is like dealing with a bowl of jello. >> taxing, spending and entitlement programs might be in jeopardy. the president asked leaders to meet tomorrow at the white house. california's unemployment rate rose higher. 28,800 jobs were added in june. economists call that a good month. however more than 2 million californians are still out of work. about 10,000 jobs were lost in the los angeles long beach
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region. more than half of the new jobs added across the state are here in the bay area. employers in the ninth county region added 19,500 jobs. the east bay showed the strongest growth with more than 8,000 new positionings. many of those jobs are in the professional services sector. one thing that is not growing is border's store. the liquidation got under way today and it is taking with it a lot of jobs. >> reporter: border stores are now selling everything to the bare walls. >> i teach english so i wanted to take advantage of the good deal. >> when it's over, thousands of jobs will be gone. >> and these are the kind of jobs that support young people or people who maybe want to stay home with their kids and work part time. >> one customer told us for
11:56 pm
border's employees today's booming business is an irony. >> they wanted people to come before so they wouldn't be in this predictment. >> it's not that reading is going by the waist side i think it's going to e books and there is something you said for customer service. i'm not going to get a friendly smile, i'm not going to get a cup of joe at amazon, period. >> now that the big boxes have been done in. one wonders if the little corner bookstore has another chance. >> i wish it would be true but i don't think so. >> in fact, this small used retailer just blocks from borders is soon to close its doors. not done in so much by the internet says the owner but the fear of many recession racked consumers consumers have about spending any money at all. >> if the bookstores are smart they will take advantage of the niche market and bring in more
11:57 pm
authors and events. >> reporter: i'm consumer editor tom vacar. cash to commute, the controversial proposal to get hey parents, it's going to be a big school year.
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new at 10:00 a bill has made it to the governor's desk that promises to cut congestion and pollution by paying drivers to change how they commute. it could come at their expense, eric rasmussen has the story. >> reporter: this bill could make a requirement all over the bay area whether everybody is
12:00 am
on board or not. a solution to snarl bay area traffic and polluted air. >> i haven't had a car since the 90s. >> reporter: now a proposed law would pay more commuters to follow the lead of test roulette. >> people need to be encouraged to use bicycle and public transportation and stop using cars. >> reporter: a new bill by yee would require workers to subsidize their workers if they bike or use mass transit to work. they could get up to a $70 a month subsidy. >> absolutely, it would convince people to get out of their vehicles. >> reporter: people with as few as 20 employees could have to pick up part of their tab for this commute, and that includes this restaurant here in piedmont. >> we would do our best to meet those obligations.
12:01 am
>> reporter: but the owners of this restaurant and seven others in the area warn that it won't be easy. >> so many business are in trouble, to add one more thing on top of our day-to-day expenses, we'll try our best to meet those regulations. >> it reduces payroll taxes for employers so they save money. >> reporter: now despite that possible tax break some say they still aren't convinced, governor brown has five days to sign or veto the bill. transportation officials are working to improve traffic along the golden gate bridge. the highway and transportation district has added signs to alert bridge users of crowded conditions. officials say they will also add stripes to the bridge's east sidewalk to help traffic flow for pedestrians and bicyclists. investigators are blaming
12:02 am
late night drug makes for an explosion in oakley. it happened just after 2:00 a.m. on the 200 block of fourth street. flammable canisters used to cultivate marijuana exploded. a veteran mail carrier in the south bay is being praised for going way beyond the call of duty. 49-year-old danny paez was delivering made to this home when he saw two girls and their nanny running out to escape a fire. firefighters said they were on their way, but instead of waiting the 27 veteran postal worker took things into his own hand. >> i hooked it on, finally got it in there and i started spraying the fire. >> the fire damaged the kitchen but the quick action stopped the flames from spreading throughout the home and to
12:03 am
attached units. after the fire, paeste went back and finished his route. the average marijuana user may not fit the profile you think. researchers analyzed more than 1,700 marijuana patients between july and september of 2006. they found 75% of the patients were male and more than half were white. patients use the drug as a institute for other prescription drugs. 40% said they never used it prior to becoming a patient. a new restaurant is coming to downtown walnut creek. the tavern restaurant will take over this space at broadway plaza previously occupied by bing crosby which closed its stores five months ago. the new restaurant describes itself as a gastro pub. the restaurant will use locally grown ingredients. leaders in two bay area cities in contra costa county say they were stunned at the news. ktvu's john sasaki tells us why
12:04 am
those cities could be moved into the yolo county voting district. >> reporter: martinez is the contra costa county seat. >> it's the focal point. it's where we all come together. >> reporter: it's a critical part of this voting district says county board of supervisors chair gail ocama. she was stunned to hear that martinez and pleasant hill could be moved to that new district. >> we would be a very insignificant portion of that district. >> reporter: the voter created california redistricting commission is trying to create new districts that best represent the voters by geography. >> i cannot imagine a senator from that district who's basis is solano and yolo i can't imagine that person having a deep understanding of what central contra costa county and its communities are all about. >> reporter: the proposed map
12:05 am
is way too creative. >> i think it's outrageous. >> reporter: we rageous. >> martinez california, i've heard of it. >> martinez is over in the bay area, isn't it. >> reporter: you think it makes sense? >> no, it's kind of far distance from this area. >> reporter: the commission finalizes the maps on august 15th. but it's accepting public comment through tomorrow possibly through the weekend. in martinez, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. and we have posted linking to the proposed maps on our website. just look for the web links section on the home page. he was shot by police, coming up san francisco's chief of police explains how the fatal bullet may have come from the suspects own gun. and back here in less than ten minute, our forecast includes a bit of a cooldown for your saturday. some fundraisers were at the end of their ropes
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people in san francisco's bay view neighborhood gathered tonight for a vigil. it was sparked by the recent death of 19-year-old kenneth harding. authorities say harding shot and killed himself during a gunfight with police officers. organizers said they held the vigil to allow people to mourn for the dead and fight for the living. san francisco's police chief greg suhr today explained his theory of how harding may have shot and killed himself. harding is a parolee from seattle. he died last saturday in the bay view. the county medical examiner says the bullet retrieved from harding's head does not match
12:09 am
that used in police weapons. suhr explained how harding may have hit himself. >> the officer shot him, hit him in the leg. the instant pain caused him to lurch. >> the gun seen in this amateur video is likely harding's gun that skipped away from his body when he fell. the gun has not been recovered, but police say they do know who picked up the weapon and are looking for that person now. james murdoch knew that phone hacking was not limited to one single reporter at the paper. meanwhile here in the u.s. there are reports the justice department is preparing subpoenas as it investigating whether families of 9/11 victims had their phones hacked. in haiti, former president
12:10 am
bill clinton met with marchell marteli to talk about reinstating the education system. that could enable 10,000 students to return to class this fall. in italy, a nationwide strike by transportation workers left some tourists and locals on alert. they've been working without a contract for four years. stocks finished the week on wall street with mixed results. disappointing results from caterpillar sent the nasdaq down. business are buying more computers and software boosting sales and profits at ibm, intel and microsoft. all three companies announced this week they beat analyst
12:11 am
expectations. microsoft says companies are snatching up copies of its windows seven operating system. it's office software and programs geared toward servers. google's latest move into social networking appears to have taken off. google plus launched three weeks ago is already estimated to have 20 million users. but google had a long way to go to catch facebook which has 750 million users and twitter which has about 200 million registered users. an unusual fundraiser in san francisco today sent some people over the edge. a 400-foot edge. special olympics, northern california teamed up for the event. folks had to raise at least $1,000 for special olympics to get a chance to propel the building. the event raised more than $32,000 for special olympics. cool at the beach here at the bay area. but the rest of the co
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verizon claims its 4g lte is twice as fast as at&t. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest network in america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution.
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state health officials are investigating six possible heat deaths. cal osha is reviewing the death of a 78-year-old worker. the agency is also investigating the death of a farm worker in imperial county back in april. the other workers include a police officer, and a grader. the mid-coast is in the middle of a heat wave. this after enduring an unusually wet and cold winter. some scientists believe it's all connected to global warming. >> reporter: pretty chilly for
12:15 am
a bay area beach day today, but cool relief for visitors such as the ones we found from brooklyn. >> i just spoke to my mom she said it's 111 degrees out there. >> i usually don't freak out. the armaggedon or anything. >> reporter: a heat index of 131 degrees and it's not over. but remember the brutal winter there just a few months ago. scientists say we're witnessing climate change. >> the heat is more extreme. the cold is much more extreme, and the duration is longer. >> reporter: global rainfall is becoming more intense. worsening floods prevent soils from soaking up water and turn into more intense heat and longer drought. effects we're seeing today across america. >> not just on human health, on animal health but on the crops,
12:16 am
on our water availability, i'm very unhappy. >> reporter: people we spoke to believe curving emissions can turn it around. >> i'm an optimist. mother nature can be kind if you're kind to mother nature. >> my unscientific opinion says not too late. >> reporter: the ocean has observed much of the heat and will radiate it back into the atmosphere so even if we stop carbon emissions now warming will continue for decade. john fowler, ktvu news. net flix said today it is expanding and opening a new open in san jose. the company will move it's newly created dvd division. a judge in boston dismissed
12:17 am
the suit brought by the winklevoss twins. a federal court denied their attempt to reopen a $65 million settlement between the parties. customers who bought what they thought were apple products are demanding their money back. the bogus stores in the country's south province were so elaborately replicated that even staff members had been fooled. the stores were opened by counter fitters. once the word got out, customers from china returned in droves. they are demanding a refund and harassing employees. the closest legitimate apple store is 1,000 miles away. temperatures are trending down just a little bit. tomorrow is going to be a lot like today with a few degrees shaved off. more fog tomorrow morning. that's how you get the cooling.
12:18 am
but not a lot. just slight cooling. it's not going to be that noticeable. inland valleys instead of the low 90s and upper 80s are going to be just in the middle 80s. sunday a bit warmer. the extended forecast as we go into next week it's going to warm up a little bit more. the upshot to all of this has been low fire danger, great air quality. we're not talking spare the air days, we're not talking red flag warnings. that's what you get when you get this type of fog footprint in the early morning hours. there will be fog all along the coast. temperatures will be in the low 60s golden gate park. mid-60s to low 70s around lafayette. then you get into the low 80s in concord and martinez. i love this map just because it shows how diverse the area we live in is. and we also see the microclimates. you see the coast, the bay, and inland and you see how buried they are. big temperature spreads. not as much as tomorrow.
12:19 am
but still a big temperature spread. san jose downtown one of the big cities in the area. 68degrees at lunchtime but 68 you top out at. if you head down to los gatos and morgan hill you're temperatures will be in the 80s. the forecast then as this low pressure center bumps out. that's enough to tweak the temperatures down. sunday bumps north. it's that subtle. that's how it's been. that's been our whole summer. forecast tomorrow then, slightly cooler. the forecast sunday, slightly warmer. the computer model throws the fog fairly deep. you see sunshine but just slow to warm. as we get into the afternoon hour, you can see that cool bite of marine air and you see the heat roll back into the big valleys. 84 in san helena, 85 in pittsburg, 85 in gilroy.
12:20 am
your sunday forecast is going to show plenty of fog. fire danger still remains. it's usually very high this time of year, but it's way way more. >> it's really unusual how you compare our weather and the southeast. it's beautiful here. developing news now from san francisco where there are late word of a stabbing along clement street. police say the stabbing took place outside the dirty trick saloon at about 9:15 tonight. the saloon is located close to seventh and clement. three people were hurt and at least one of the victims is now at the hospital. there is no word yet if any arrests were made or the condition of the victim. walter guthrie died in 2006 after he was buried in a mud
12:21 am
slide near his home in mill valley. his widow sued the city saying that they knew the slide was near their home and did nothing about it. it's called chile's floating embassy. right now it is docked off peer 27 and what a ship. it's the second longest sailing ship in the world. the chilean navy uses it for training. it arrived yesterday and
12:22 am
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12:24 am
the california state fair is about half way through now. the turn out so far at least is
12:25 am
much better than last years. attendance is up 20% compared to last year. spending is up as well as much as 25%. this weekend's will feature performances by war and american idol contestant casey james. a double bummer tonight. the giants, the a's both lose. >> i'm just the messenger julie. on the phone right now sabian trying to get a little trade. he should be the offense over swinging, under achieving continues in the first of a three game series with the brewers. my mic is on. >> it's working. is it working? >> here is what you call a run budded in by sandoval. his shot in the first-inning actually hits the behind of the pitcher sean markum and it is a
12:26 am
1-0 lead. that doesn't last too long. matt cain gave up three in the second. the big hit jonathan lacroy a two run single. and it's the brewers ball game in the sixth. rowan pitch left shot to left field. watch out in the stands as the ball goes into the bleachers. you will see the replay of a little bit of an overzelous fan. an 8-4-2 final. for the first pitch 100 degrees at 7:10. that's hitting weather if you ask anyone with a bat in their hands. and the a's and the yankees. nobody was fanning at the plate in pinstripes in particular. former a nick swisher a three run jack to right center. he had five rbis, you think
12:27 am
he's happy to be in yankee pin strikes these days? yeah. and mark texeria in a third. a grand slam cahill. the a's had three hits himself. three by jamal weeks but not nearly enough. here is your final 17-7. if you've got a friend or two maybe who happens to be a billionaire. you already know they didn't get there because they're done. most nfl owners qualify and they have with a great deal of ghoul managed to position things so that it's now all on the players to sign a deal they the owners have approved and everybody can get back to the business of playing football but it's not quite that simple. >> we want to make sure the deal is right. i understand that's good. i mean, i'm excited to go back, but you know it's in their hands, they know what to do. >> all right, that is the sporting life for a friday night. they'll be playing football in
12:28 am
a couple of weeks. >> i hope so. >> we all do. >>
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