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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  August 9, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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their marriage. now why a bay area couple is being forced to separate. store complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening and welcome to bay area news at 7:00 on this tuesday, august 9th. i'm maureen naylor. >> stocks rebounded from monday's even bigger sell-off despite a less than optimistic economic forecast from the federal reserve. the markets swung wildly today up and down. at the close, the the dow industrials had gained 429 points. sit the dow's 10th largest point gain ever. it comes on the heels of yesterday's 200-point loss. nasdaq also regained some but not all of yesterday's loss climbing 124 points or 5%.
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as for the fed, its new outlook suggests that the us economy will remain weak for two more years and as emily smith explains it's already the battleground for the 2012 presidential campaign. >> reporter: while investors watched wall street for the numbers today, they looked to washington for the word waiting for the federal reserve's latest summary of the economy. in a mid afternoon statement, the feds said that risks to the economy have increased. so interest rates will remain exceptionally low until 2013. immediately after the announcement, the markets dropped. stocks have fallen 15% during the past two weeks and it has only heightened the political blame game. >> we have a debt crisis. that is all on the door of the president. his policies are responsible for this. >> it's not a lack of plans. it's policy that is the problem here. the lack of political had in washington. a new cnn orc international
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pool finds people don't like what they see in washington and it's personal. only 41% of people questioned say their own member of congress deserves to be reelected. the first time ever a majority of voters have wanted to vote out their representatives. if approval of the republican party is up. democrats hold fairly steady and the tea party movement is getting more negative views. republican presidential candidate says the tea party is not to blame. >> we are going to get the aaa credit rating back. we're going to do it. and this is how we are going to do it. we are going to cut spending now. >> reporter: the federal reserve says it is talking about the tools to promote a stronger economic recovery and it will use those tools as appropriate. in washington, i'm emily schmidt. apple briefly passed ixxon mobile today as the world's most valuable company. apple stock climbed more than 5% per market cap of $347 billion. exxon dropped a bit below that
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but edged past apple again by the end of the day. apple stock reflects soaring demand for ipads and iphones while exxon has seen oil prices retreat from recent highs. for the latest action on wall street, be sure to go to our and click on the wall street tab. police in oakland tonight say they are very close to an arrest in the drive-by shooting death of a three-year-old boy. today people dropped off flowers, balloons, and stuffed animals at the site where carlos was killed. the boy's cousin said the family had just left the little s ceasar's restaurant before heading home when he was struck by a bullet. >> i can't even describe the pain my doesen and his wife are going through, you know. he can't accept it yet. >> reporter: tonight from the us marshall and are following a number of investigative leads. they also told us they anticipate a resolution tonight. right now a large crowd of family members and elected
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officials are gathering for candlelight vigil in oakland for the three-year-old. these are live pictures right now from the scene where you can see a large crowd has gathered. the vigil is taking place at the spot where carlos nava was killed on international boulevard and it has had a large outpouring of support from the community. we will have more on this coming up on the 10:00 news on channel 2. repair work is underway at this hour in emoryville after a broken water main caused a cave- in alook part of a busy street. officials say a contractor punctured the water line. it happened about 2:40 this afternoon at 62nd and hollace. high school lass street is a major thoroughfair between burkely, emoryville and oakland. several blocks are now closed. this exposed two natural gaslines but knight pipe appears to be damaged. there's no estimate when the road will be open. a san francisco man is set to be deported in a little more than two weeks after the federal government refused to
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recognize his marriage to another man. christian is live at the immigration building in the city where officials say they are following the letter of the law. christian? >> reporter: i received an e- mail today from officials here saying that they are fighting the 1996 defensive marriage act which denies federal benefits to same sex couples. essentially, what that means is the same sex couple can't get a so-called green card like a heterosexual couple. >> these are the photos. >> reporter: bradford wells and anthony mack met 19 years ago in australia and were married 12 years later in massachusetts. mack, an australian, applied for permanant residency, an option open to hetero sexual married couples but learned just two weeks agatha his final application was denied and he has until august 25th to leave the country. >> we've been married now for 7 years. we have built a life together. so, the upheaval and moving is very difficult. >> reporter: wells, who has aids and relies on mack as his
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full care give says his husband is a literal lifesaver. he says the government is treating his relationship as a second-class marriage. >> my marriage is as legal as every other marriage in this country. >> reporter: ktvu asks us citizenship and immigration services about the the denial of mack's permanant residency. the agency sent an e-mail reading per sunt to the attorney general's guidance, the defensive marriage act remains in affect and the executive branch including dhs will continue to enforce it unless and until congress repeals it or there is a final judicial determination that it is unconstitutional. wells says he feels betrayed by his native country. >> everything that i have built for the past 20 years, everything i love, everything i have for my life will just be torn from me. >> reporter: mack and wells say their medical issues make moving to australia together an impossibility. the couple is appealing the decision and is hoping california lawmakers will step in to block the deportation. we're live in san francisco,
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ktvu, channel 2 news. there is progress to report tonight for a nine-year-old pennsylvania boy struck by a hit-and-run driver after a giants game. officials at san francisco generals say ryan white has been upgraded from critical to serious condition, and that he's now beginning to speak in full sen sense -- sentences. the boy was hit by a pick-up truck near at&t park after last thursday's phillies giants game. the suspect faces felony counts of drunk driving and hit and run. he's scheduled to be arraigned on thursday. san francisco mayor says he will not accept public campaign funds in his newly announced election bid, and as our david stevenson reports that decision will likely spark a fund- raising frenzy. >> it is good to keep what was only supposed to be a temporary job. san francisco mayor ed lee has also changed the financing rules in this season's may i don't remember campaign. >> -- mayoral campaign. >> i had to cut a lot of funds out of the city budget and out of the general fund. that is part of my decision is that, you know, if i don't have
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to use public funds, i prefer not to. >> this decision not to take public funds free from a $1.5 million spending limit, the top nine other candidate who is did take public funds get a break now too. >> the spending cap now does not apply, and so, you know, this again will now take the reins from one that was pretty expensive to one that will probably be nominally expensive. >> reporter: that board of supervisors president that san francisco mayor attorney dennis herrera lead the race for campaign cash. drew's campaign says he's raised $327,000 with an additional $290,000 in public financing. county assess sour and may i don't remember candidate phil king says she's raised -- he's raised about $375,000 in contributions and public funds. he says he understands lee's decision not to take public funds. >> but my biggest concern is we're going to have the public money now going to attacking
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each other which is really defeating the purpose. >> reporter: and faced a number of verbal attacks at last night's mayoral forum, another campaign forum is set for thursday night. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. a small fire is proving to be very costly for a school on the peninsula. a one alarm fire at bell haven elementary school was reported just before 9:00 this morning. the fire burned in a trailer on campus. the school was not in session, and no one was injured, but the fire damaged computers and office equipment. haws between 150 and $200,000. a man die in the a house fire. the victim is 6 ever 3-year-old tom catillo. the fire broke out in the front living room at 4:45 this morning. catillo's electricity had been turned off. investigators are determining if the candling he was using sparked the fire. the contra costa fire marshall told us the house had no
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working smoke detectors. he said the detectors could have saved his life. smooth sailing tonight after a computer malfunction caused a system-wide shut-down last night. sal casteneda reports bart knows what happened but not why. >> reporter: today bart officials explain what caused the nearly three-hour shut-down off the system that left thousands of people stranded. >> i was in the city. someone was able to give me a ride back. >> reporter: officials trace the problem to a faulty router system. they say the router in the back- up router both failed at the same time which prevented master control from keeping track of the train. that is when the system was shut down. although this happened at about 7:30 after the bulk of the evening commute, thousands had used bart to get to at&t park. >> i was at the giants game and they posted it on the board, so, um, a lot of people had to figure out alternative ways home. >> reporter: bart officials say while they found out what the problem was, it's still unknown why it happened.
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they say if the same problem happens again, they know how to fix it. that news was not much consolation for some. >> i almost didn't bring myself over here because i was afraid something like that might happen. but i needed to, so i came anyway. >> reporter: not sure what i would do if everything kind of shut down. >> reporter: bart officials say its computer engineers are trying to replicate the problem. they say that process could take several weeks. in oakland, sal casteneda, ktvu, channel 2 news. some privately -- privacy advocates say real-time video from muny buses goes too far. muny is using $6 million of federal money to install surveillance cameras in 350 buses. the homeland security administration is paying for the project which allowing muny -- some say it's a violation of privacy. the current surveillance system only records what happens on buses so it can be watched later. it's known for its pristine
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beauty, but beneath the surface, a dive spotted as is creating a lethal legacy at lake tahoe. a legal battle over a picture. a photo taken on a roller coaster leads to a lawsuit against the great american theme park. and a nice warm-up today across parts of the bay area. coming up our updated fog forecast model. no wonder temperatures will be heading as the new approach to the weekend. yea son campbell, larry fit jerald. and cardinals, raders. the preseason kicks
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the bodies of the navy seals and other troops killed in saturday's helicopter crash in afghanistan are back on us soil tonight. president obama and top pentagon officials landed at dover airforce base in delaware for today's private ceremony. the remains arrived at the base this morning including the after gann victims. once the bodies are identified, their remains will be flown back to their families. 30 troops died in the crash after the helicopter was brought down by insurgents. here in the bay area, relatives of one of the fallen navy seals, kevin houston, are mourning the loss. cathryn munn of san jose remembers her nephew as a rambunctious boy who wanted to be a navy seal since he was a trial. the you -- when he moved with his mother to massachusetts. >> there was a little boy who was appointed who welcomed him and he said -- and he shook his hand and said i'm kevin and i'm going to be a navy seal. he was in the 5th grade.
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me and other -- houston was 36 years old and leaves behind a wife and three children. a popular diving spot in lake tahoe is gaining a lethal legacy. just last week, a diver was found beneath the water 17 years after he disappeared. a diver found donald christopher's body in 265 feet of water off the point. as ken -- the spot where he died is the same place where other missing divers were last seen. from the surface, the waters look plastered like any place on lake tahoe. under water, there's a steep wall asending more than a thousand feet, a lure for divers. >> diving the wall is actually a lot of fun because you're totally weightless, and you feel like you're flying like a bird. >> dive instructor chuck webber shared with us photos on his dive from about two months ago. on the surface, the water is clear. visibility is low down below.
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>> and it's very dangerous for divers to go down there unless they are prepared to do the dive and have all the equipment ready to go. >> reporter: special tanks and buoyancy training are needed to go below about 100 feet. that is why the sheriff department used this remote submersible to retrieve the diving victim who was launched on the wall 255 feet down. even after 17 years, the victim was easily identified due to the fridged water. >> very good shape. he was very well-preserved. the rod recorded a temperature of 35 degrees at 265 feet. >> reporter: an experienced dyer spotted the -- diver spotted the victim in late july and notified the sheriff department. the victim's diving partner says he was seen sinking without his regulator in his mouth. >> at this point in time it was not determine first degree there were any problems with the diving equipment. >> reporter: there have reportedly been four other divers that went missing, their bodies never found. the sheriff department says the body had actually been spotted more than a decade ago but obviously retrieval efforts at
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that time failed. at lake tahoe, ktvu, channel 2 news. a restaurant helping to raise money to find 7 fischerman who are still missing after their boat sank. chicago and santa clara is donating 20% of its proceeds for the next three days to fund a recovery team. owner art harris said he was moved by the polite of the family. >> there were 7 bodies that are down there, we think, and that is what we are trying to do is raise the money to see what we can get down there and they can recover their loved ones and get some closure. >> reporter: family members are also collecting signatures on a petition asking the rust government -- us government to send divers to search the wreck which is more than 200 feet below the surface. officials at owe similarity national d national park have announced plans to demolish dozens of cabins at curry village. the cabins have been closed to the public since the rock slide in october of 2008. the rocks fell from a sheer cliff. after conducting a safety review, park officials say the
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best plan is to remove the 72 cabins in the danger area. the public can weigh in until september 9th. after that o officials will make a final decision. a new report bumps up the price tag for high speed rail in california. the environmental impact study estimates the first segment will cost 10 to $14 billion. original estimates are just over 7 billion. and rail backers say the report adds buildings and track alignments not included in the original estimate. once the senator today said he would support halting the project if the rail authorities can't ring in the cost. american muslims are reaching out to nonmuslims hoping for understanding almost ten years after the september 11ther the roast attacks. the effort comes during the holy month. members of muslim groups are opening their homes in an effort to dispel the mystery that comes from the unfamiliar. >> there is that space, and fellow americans. i think something magical
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happens. the trust starts immediately. >> bay area safe group said in a news conference today that antimuslim sentiment appears to be on the rise. they have pointed to the recent massacre in knorr baby a radical fundamentalist christian who expressed concern about muslin im-- muslim immigration. suing great american theme park after employees posted a photo of them labeled with a home phonic slur. the men say three years ago they turned down an offer to buy a photo of themselves holding hands on a roller coaster. later, they learned park employees had posted the the photo with the slur written on it. parable officials say they don't condone the action and the employees were dealt with appropriately. peninsula fire crews are coping with a rash of thefts that is hampering their ability to fight fires. in the past few weeks, thrives have made off with the connectors on sprinkler systems at 15 businesses and apartment complexes. firefighters need the connectors to attach hoses to
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collect water. authorities believe the thieves are bringing the devices to metal recyclers. a source of emergency in los angeles tonight. what may have caused this blast that has sent at least two people to the hospital. and temperatures are about to rise in some areas. coming up next where and when you can expect a bay area warm- up. okay, kids, we can record one more show.
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firefighters are on the scene of a building exemployees in los angeles. part of the roof collapsed and two people were taken to the hospital in critical condition. firefighters are investigating what caused it. they say they discovered a ruptured gas line nearby and two compressed natural gas cylinders inside the building and describes the explosion as massive and the blast appears to have been an accident. time now for a check of weather. for that mark, nice day, but a little warm-up ahead. >> a bit of a bump in the numbers. temperatures back up into the low 90s in the warmest locations of the bay area. the fog has been hanging under the coast over the past few hours clearing in fact especially north of the golden gate bridge. i can show you this on live storm tracker two. those storms out there. there is a fog bank primarily targeting parts of the soon mateo county coastline. i also noticed some clearing close tore ocean beach and around the golden gate bridge of that fog beginning to lift. it is just a short-term deal
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because it will regroup late tonight into early tomorrow morning and could be locally dense and possibly some drizzle once again especially coastside, so we'll be watching out for that as we do head into early wednesday morning. the forecast lows tomorrow morning. most areas not a big change here. we're talking about some 50s. clear skies inland. fairfox. san jose partly cloudy conditions and santa rosa forecast low of 50 degrees. high pressure beginning to strengthen a little bit from southern california so with that we warmed up a bit today and that trend will continue for tomorrow and another cooler weather system moves in from the north and that moves in for thursday and friday and with that temperatures come down a few degrees. beginning thursday lasting right on through saturday. we might feel it bump up the numbers a bit through the second half of the weekend. here is our forecast model showing you some of the dense fog regrouping coastside, and also surging back into the bay. so tomorrow morning at 8:00, but clear skies. clouds roll back to near the shoreline revealing partly sunny skies and breaks in the clouds through the beaches and
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plenty of sunshine through the rest of the bay area. that is all reflected beginning at 7:00. 53 to 58. by 12:00 12:00, still some patchy coast -- coastal fog. there is the eventual temperature range. it's a big one with those readings nearly a 30-degree range for tomorrow afternoon. fairfield around 20. oakland tops out at 70. san jose in the lower 80s with upper 70s right around 78 and san francisco 68 degrees. and here is a look ahead at your extended forecast and your weekend. always in view and temperatures cool off a little bit for thursday and friday. looks like one of the cooler days will be saturday. a little bit of a bump in the numbers by sunday. >> all right, thank you, mark. the cash-strapped college student holding a bake sale. she sold cookies and other streets -- streets in burkely today. she is from burke lee and attends uc santa barbara. this is her 4th bake sale. she says she's borrowing about $4000 per quarter in student loans and says every little bit
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helps. and that is our report. maureen naylor. our coverage continues online. and tonight on the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. tmz is up next. until then, have a great evening. bay area news at 7:00 from tv 36 has been brought to you by cash creek.
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