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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 16, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. the starbucks coffee issues a challenge to get americans working and the economy rolling. good evening. >> i'm julie. >> and i'm frank. the nation's top issue. the president is on the road promoting jobs. republicans are on the campaign trail criticizing his record on jobs exam tonight we hear about the need for jobs but do politicians hold the answer? we will go live to almeda to
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tell us the head of stars starbucks has a solution to problem. >> you can see behind me starbucks in almeda, the ceo of f this company says his company is plush with cash and is challenging other companies to match what he's doing, start miring. >> it seems like there's one on every corner, now the head of starbucks says he's going on a hiring spree. he's tired of waiting for washington politicians. he's also stopping campaign contribution. >> i thought let's send a powerful message to washington we no longer want to embrace the status quo and we want it to change. >> we should do it anyway without the blame and attention of the government and things we are going through. so what's up with them.
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the notion that washington isn't try aring. honda along with nancy me pelosi and barbara lee said they have tried to put together programs but have been blocked by the american majority in the house. >> republicans say you create by giving tax cuts to the wealthy. we say by paying a wage to workers so they create demand consume product, and yeah create other job. >> a lot of profits they have been sitting on it. they haven't been hiring people. >> those waiting to be hired wonder when things will change. >> i think there needs to be a lot of fixing but it is not going to happen any time gloon. >> pelosi urged congress to get to work and cities the nation can't wait much longer. in 14 minutes the topic of
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jobs on the presidential campaign trail, how president obama is defending his record as gop candidates hammer away at the issue. economic uncertainty also weighing on investigators, nasdaq was down 31. today's catalyst global concerns sparked by a slow down in the german economy. new at 10:00 a political evolution, only 20 years ago, san francisco signed asian american run for mayor for fir time. year eight candidates are of asian heritage. a mayor forum just wrapped up. amber. report one told us in the past week, many members of the asian community have been coming forward and asking for these registration cards. suddenly excited to go to the ballot box in november. >> the richmond district is often referred to as the second china town, but first when it cops to mayor races.
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as one puts it however the -- so goes the rest of the city. it is great. it is great that there's so many asian candidates. >> to be exact there's a historical six asian americans running for san francisco mayor. five are current office holders. they participated in the debate tonight. the five are interim mayor ed lee, state senator leeland, david chu and jeff -- >> what are you going to look for when you go to the ballot box? >> i guess what they support and what they're here for. i have not looked at any of them yet yet. a lot has changed since then. >> 1/3 of the city's population is asian americans. >> san francisco state political -- worked to register voters. he says interest in the mayor race in the asian community
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jumped after mayor lee. >> we have a community that was seen for many, many years as the sleeping dragon of san francisco politics. now suddenly in the last election cycle become really energized. professor lee predicts a record turn out in november. he says it will help asian candidates because they can choose three candidates. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu. allegations of racism are being batted around city hall tonight. as we reported last night at 6:00, the naacp is taking issue with recent statements by brown for criticizing the -- to acting director of department of public works.
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>> his assault and our public standing from the african american community will not be tolerateed. >> numerous, nonprofit to vote and work for gavin newsom and using city funds for personal use. new video tonight of an accident involving a transit bus. three people are in hospital with serious injuries. it happened around 7:00 this evening in oakland at the foothill boulevard. investigators say a ford taurus collided with the bus. three people in the ford were taken to the hospital. the driver was the only person on the bus. and was not injured. >> a large wildfire is burning east of lake tahoe and it is closed a major highway. highway 395 is shut down southover gardenerville. a pilot flew over and says that
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the 2000 acres have burden of proofed: someme people have evacuated on their -- have burned. some people have evacuated. it is close to a toxic dump. in los angeles, two rock climbers into the stuck on a ledge. firefighters used ropes and repelled down to rescue them. they were climbing without ropes and were wearing sneakers. >> a mother's -- of her kidnapped daughter. we have a never before seen look at the evidence and why police say this investigation is far from over. >> she spent so much time here it is like a second home and the police are like family. they're the ones she hopes will solve the mystery of who
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kidnapping her daughter, nine- year-old mikayla. these are earring, these are shy's like she was wearing. >> a rare look into what is called mikay kayla's room. her picture peaks out everywhere. >> it is helpful to be in here to see all of this that is still being done. >> hidden to bulletin board are seven inspects investigators are trying to rule in or out including phillip, jaycee's kidnapper who bore an erie rezem ambulance. >> as we reported last night, police interviewed viewed and in prison last week. they denied taking mikayla. police plan to question him
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again. >> i don't know if he is responsible. >> her mother is now a grandmother with a hole in her hooter in nothing will fill but finding her -- in her heart that nothing will fill but finding her first born child. >> if you are out there somewhere i have never stopped loving you. i have never stopped looking for you. >> rita william ktvu news. in light of case a new bill could change the way inmates are paroled. right now the parole board can only look at behavior in prison when deciding parole. this would consider the crime involved and prior convictions. phillip was on parole when he kidnapped jaycee. >> this photo shows a boy holding an assault rifle as an office every talked with children on -- offerser talked with children on saturday. at an event meant the to
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promote safe communities. here is another picture. you can see the boy in the white t-shirt grabbing a gun. the police chief says they were unloaded and were shared with the children as officers spoke about police work. police and organizers call the event success. >> the nine-year-old fan injureed in a hit and run is now back in pennsylvania. a spokeswoman said ryan white f flown east yesterday on a specially equipped medical plane. the boy was hit by a pickup truck are earlier this month after seeing his philadelphia phillies play the giants while still in serious condition. he still in serious condition but he has improved enough to move to a hospital that's closer to home. the attorney for the man accused in that hit and run provided a clue to his defense strategy today. he that he had he didn't know he hit the boy until he was arrested but he did recall hitting a taxicab. he's currently in jail held on
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$465,000 bail. and i am back here live in less than ten minutes we are a lot of spots at the coast. how that will impact your day tomorrow. >> also we have been following the california gray whale off course in the river. off weeks of swimming -- after week
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>> >> an oakland family said good- bye to their three-year-old son, an innocent victim in a drive-by shooting last week. his tiny white casket could be a catalyst for change. >> more than 200 family, friends and strappinger came to st. bernard church to say good- bye to the little boy in the tiny casket. the little boy whose death many people will be a lightning rod for change. today carlos father spoke publicly for the fir time since the shooting, speaking through a translator, he had this message. >> you never to stop the violence, stop the gangs. >> young car low carlos was killed by a stray bullet, he was with his family in his toy car. >> i will miss him. there's no word to describe that. he was really playful. >> during the funeral his mother called for an end to violence and said her son will
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always be with her. one woman who never met carlos' family left the service early. she said she was too emotional. >> there's nothing anybody can say. there's nothing anybody can do to make this family feel better, nothing. >> carlos' death must be a call to action. >> we have to really just not just come to this event and mourn people. but we have to enact real tools for the police to do their jobs. >> take care of your kids and i am frankful for what you guys did, the community, what they did for my son. >> local businesses held a car wash which raised more than $20,000. even though both parents are out of work they plan to donate the money to fighting violence. >> the second suspect now faces
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murder charges. the district attorney today filed murder and attempted murder against this man, willie torrance. he's accused of driving the car used in the drive by shooting in oakland. he feels due in court this morning but a spokeswoman -- he was due in court this morning but had he was in the medical unit at the time. she did not say why. police also released the 26- year-old accused of firing the shot that killed it three-year- old boy and wounding two men. james mitchell denied killing the mother of his daughter as he was sentenced to 35 years to the -- on his daughter's birthday, july 12, 2009. he was convicted of beating killer to gleght. >> a state appeals court has up
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heeled the conviction of adams in two cases that made head lines. he was found guilty for a 2008 shooting that paralyzed christopher rodriguez. he was also quicked of car jacking former state senator. in his appeal, adams claims hiss conduct by the prosecutor and the judge but the court rejected hi glam. >> the u.s. a vote of confidence this morning. it would keep a trim a rating for the u.s. long-term debt and the outlook remains available. moodies kept it aaa but says the outlook is negative. americans are doing better with their own personal debt. the credit recording says late credit card payments fell the a 17 year low, down 35% from a year ago. in addition, households are carrying less debt. but credit is harder to get. economic growth has
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dominated discussions in the midwest where president obama and republican challenges are talking about jobs. heather homes here with the sharp jabs being exchangeed. >> 1400 miles away from california's nearly 12% unemployment rate is iowa. where 6% of phlegm are jobless. -- of people there are jobless. was topic number one on the campaign trail. president obama rolls through iowa in his black armored bus pushing his plan to get businesses back in the black. >> the rural economy is still not as strong as it could be on the second day of the three day bus tour, the president listened to worried farmers and small business owners at a community collegement he proposed initiatives to help rural areas such as expanding job training services and increasing access to technology. >> our task has to be making sure that nothing stey stands in your way. that's -- stands in your way. that's why we are doing more
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expanding small business loans, blaming them for standing in way of economic growth. >> but texas republican governor rick perry told employees at a roofing company it is the president who has failed to revive the economy. >> mr. president you have tried now for two and a half years of government creating jobs. and it is time to let the private sector get back to work. >> that's the real. [cheering and applause] >> minnesota republican michelle bachmann also blasted the president for waiting until next month to unvail the economic plan . >> he's trying to let the american people think he has a planment he doesn't have a plan. >> tomorrow he head to illinois with a 9.2% unemployment rate, the economy is certain to dop nate his visit there --
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dominate his visit there. farmers in south bay told ktvu they welcome the initiative but had some reservations. farmers like the idea of more jobs and business opportunities. one would like to provide food to school nutrition programs, but he believes they play attention to big corporate farming operations. >> it has to do with lobbying. a guy like me can't spend a hundred thousand dollars to get my word in to congress or to the president. >> the santa chair farm bureau said california farmers are at a disadvantage because their higher cost of doing business and higher land values price them out of support programs. >> doing better tonight after getting sick at a sacramento water park. 20 people complained of burning lungs and injured eyes yesterday after too much chlorine was released into the wave pool at raging water. sa were released from the -- 15
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were released on the hospital today. the investigators say a safety device in the pool's filtration may have failed the wave pool will remain closed indefinite city. >> these are the highs for today. look for warmer numbers inland, along the coast just about the same. we have fog out there right now. that fog is going to push inland tonight. it will make it into many inland valleys, especially toward the valley area and over toward lafayette and it is already there. moving to the bay area, along the coast, low 60s toward the bay, and berkeley, upper 60s here come the mid-70s and low 80s out san bernadino into the concord area. so tomorrow looks like a light slightly warmer day.
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good air quality. increasing temperature, and back here at 10:45. we will look at the forecast for your neighborhood. we will okay at look at the five day forecast. we have sad news about the lost whale that spent weeks in the river. it beached it today and was found dead. she was first spoted in june along with our calf. that calf ended up leaving the mother and swam back out to the ocean about three weeks ago. it is not known why the mother took the to the river or what caused her death. the new wells well fargo is testing, how is agency is
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firefighters in san francisco responded to a big wet mess. we showed you these pictures oen channel 2 news at 5:00. a sprinkler burst at the ross dress forless market sending water out of vents. crews shut off the water within the hour. people inside the store evacuated and no one was hurt. new information tonight about the controversial decision to cut cell phone service for passengers. as the fcc looks into the matter, who made the desituation and the argument bart is now using to defend that decision. >> blake f was on a train when bart cut off cell phone service and when it was left in tact for a demonstration on monday. >> they learned the lesson. >> you think it was a clear message. >> i think so. >> is bart conceding they made
11:55 pm
a mistake on thursday. >> i app not conceding. i think we did the right thing. >> national debate that is erupted over bart's decision to turn off cell phone service has had an impact. >> people react to tactics and i don't think it can be used again. >> for first time at this news conference, bart identified the interim general manager and former legal counselor as the person who signed off on the decision to shut down cell service last week. also for the first time a 1969 u.s. supreme court decision that it says allows government to limit free speech in certain situations. under very narrow circumstances you can put public safety above free speech. the aclu disagree windshield that 1969 supreme
11:56 pm
court ruling which actually don't -- not whether or not it could keep that speech from happening. wells-fargo is teeing a $3 a month -- testing a $3 fee for customers to use their debit cards, in nevada, oregon, new mexico and georgia. they say this is in response to a government imposed tap on transaction fees from retailers. san francisco based wells-fargo says it is too soon to see if it will be rolled out in california. drivers of the green car -- with san jose which will make solar panel ifs the record ford focus electric. it will supplement and reduce the cost to drivers. the new focus electric with the solar option is expect today be released by the end of the year -- expect today be reloosed by
11:57 pm
-- expected to be released by the end of the year. >> the playstation three is being reduced by $50 in hopes the five-year-old system will reach a larger audience. the base model is now $250. it is $300 for twice the storage space. toward building a stadium for the 49er, but is it just a
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
the city council decided to teak a plunge to protect a new football stadium. we will go live now to santa clara to tell us that wasn't
12:00 am
the only thing at stake. it was a unanimous vote inside the city hall tonight. the city council voting to save the redevelopment agency because council members say it was about more than just a football stadium? on the motion. >> that pass unanimous slay. >> what they did tonight was -- to the state's optional plan to keep the redevelopment agency by paying sacramento 11 is million dollars this career and $3 million each year after that. >> we need to protect our land out there. we need to protect your libraries. >> redevelopment pays for affordable howing and it would fund a proposal new library. without a redevelopment agency, santa clara fears it could lose land it owns such as a stadium and $15 million a year. >> we don't have a choice right now to protect what we have in santa clara. we must go and opt in to the
12:01 am
redevelopment agency it is still about a stadium. >> it should be used for the public, not to support the 49ers. >> the state supreme court has yet to rule on the constitutionality of the state shutting down redevelopment agencies or charging fees to keep them. santa clara sid it couldn't take that chance. >> it prorides extra insurance to promote the system that we can move forward on systems critical to them. >> the stadium is a bad deal. we tried to get comment from 49ers about this but calls were never returned. >> danville is one step closer
12:02 am
to banning marijuana -- which is poise today approve it as well. the town's interim ban is set to expire on october 6 and cannot be extended. >> state prison officials are on track to meet a federal court order to reduce the up mate population the next two years. it will fall shy of meeting the fist dead lip, but it expects to meet the next deadline next june. it is part of the plan to save must be by releasing thousands to county jails. >> the los angeles times is reporting that guns from the ill faded program were found in at least 11 violent crime scenes last year and in connection with the slaying of a border patrol agent -- they allowed some 1400 guns to be illegally sold in the u.s. to underground buyer windshield the intent to track them to
12:03 am
drug car tails. a woman who robbed a bank yesterday is also responsible for two robberies. all three happened in the city. two -- mid to late 30s from 5'5" to 5'7" inches tall, weighing 200 pounds. the woman has her hair in corn down to her neck. police tried to figure out how a volkswagen jetta this afternoon, what they think the driver was doing just moments before that crash. >> reporter: the black jetta was can discovered in a waterway off island parkway around 1:45 this morning. by the time police arivered the drier was gone. a witness was there but said they lost control during a street race with another car.
12:04 am
>> a lot of people fail to stop. >> those who live and work in the area say at least three cars have ended up in the water although street racing here is rare. >> i have been here about six years. i would say every two years there's an accident there where a car gets stopped or goes in. illegal street racing is an on going problem with a couple of reports every month. >> it is something we have 0 tolerance for. you are more likely to go to jail than to get a ticket. >> which is what happened to a teen accused of crashing into a car at fifth avenue. he was sentenced to 16 months. belmont is not alone. these are videos of illegal bay area street racingment they
12:05 am
have identified the opener and are trying to determine if that's what survivorred the crash and then ran. a lock down has been lifted after they swept the campus and determined there was no gunman in the area. they say the noise may have come from construction. the college is currently between sessions so there are few students on campus. >> after a lightning strike at water cove in florida. none of the injuries is life threatening. they were taken to a hospital as a precaution. >> a to ho tahoe summit -- one agreement and vow to work together on more. back here inless than ten minutes i have a forecast where some temporarily which you ares are coming up. i will show you -- temperatures
12:06 am
are coming up. and a football game that ended in tragedy. what we have
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12:08 am
>> senators from california and nevada and the governors attended a summit to discuss the future of lake tahoe. it is hosted by diane, senate majority leader harry reid also attended. the two states share the lake but have different approaches toward regulation. at the event, held at homewood, governor brown said it is important to strike a balance between development and the
12:09 am
environment. >> like the lion and the lamb come up with a plan to make sound, sane and sustainable. it calls for reducing the amount of fie sentiments. the goal is to achieve clarity to 97 feet by the year 20 # 6. currently it is 64 feet. one of the shallow e reading on record. the family of cant, she was drugged sexually assaulted and killed in 2009. a neighbor pleaded guilty to murder and received life in prison without the possibility of parole. they requested that the autopsy remain sealed saying it was a matter of dignity. of murder victims to decide if it should be release today the
12:10 am
media and public. a teen stabbed outside of the mcdate mcdonald's is suing saying they didn't have adequate stabbing. the liability lawsuit says the owners of restaurant were aware that clouds gathered after the concerts and should have taken precautions. owners are not commenting. >> tonight in london a new twist in the phone hacking, called news of the world. former exec tifers say it was actually discussed as far back as 2008 and that the issue was brought to the attention of his son jam. both men have testified he cannot know -- testified they did not know about the widespread phone hacking. >> thousands of people protesting against corruption
12:11 am
and he refused to leaf prison. people are sick and tired of paying for everything from cell phones to business contracts. sa mall i can't, things are grog bad to worse -- is reaching endeppic proportions. the disease which can kill is easily spread through contaminated water in those refugee camps. new information tonight. the football player who police say is a person of interest in the assault on another player is banned for 96 weeks. he was seen over mark back in june when he suffered a traumatic brain injury during a match. he finally came out of a coma
12:12 am
two weeks expag is now in learn term -- ago and is now in long- term rehabilitation. >> renting versus buying. the big opportunity that hasn't existed in years. and chief meteorologist and chief meteorologist [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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home sales in california have fallen to the lowest level in 16 years. only five bay area counties saw more new home sales in july than a year ago. that was right after the federal home buyer tax credit expired. the median price for homes diped in all nine bay area counties an average of 7% of july 2010. it might be cheap tore buy than to rent. that's the case in three out of four u.s. cities according to a
12:15 am
new report. ktvu krurveg crunches the numbers. >> it is really cute. >> it is cute. >> michelle keys is abt to own a home because rents are much too high in antioch. >> i am having a har time finding anything under $1,200, even houses you don't want to live in. >> the realtor just informed her buying is a cheaper alternative. >> the payment is going to be anywhere from 6 to # hundred dollars depending on what price range she's in. >> to find out you save hundreds of dollars, your pets are welcome. you don't have to worry about moving again. it is a wonderful welcome. >> she will have the tax night off and it is hers. she's not paying someone else. >> this antioch home that paid for $550,000 at the peak.
12:16 am
today it is $129,000. >> it would rent between 16 to $1,700 per month. if you were to buy this it would run you approximately $1,200 a month with your taxes and interest. >> but can you get a loan these days. >> very attainable for most as long as you have been working, you have a work history of two years you don't even need a sizable down payment anymore. >> for more people than think so, representing may not be as good as buying. >> reverend is california is -- in his church. last night someone dropped off and the rev rape in the reverend says the thief may have been compelled because it is reconciliations. it was stolen thursday from the
12:17 am
rate carlton. canadian authorities -- on sunday. witnesses say she climbed over a railing lost her balance and then fell. >> there are signs warning against climbing on railing but they're often ignored. the woman is a 19-year-old japanese student. the body of another drowning victim was found. for a very special summer vacation. a charter jet brought this group to sfo today. the children are all ron include ill and taken apart -- called kids of courage. the trip is more than sightseeing. >> it is really important. >> the kids will spin a week in san francisco before heading
12:18 am
back home. >> welcome back. we have fog moving in at the benches now. over the avenue, over twin peaks and into the bay, the fog print is something like this. the fog is going to have a big effect on the morning temperatures with mainly 50s. low 50s. when you get going tomorrow there's low clouds and fog surprise, surprise. a little warmer tomorrow. but warmer in land. that's the warm spot increasing temperatures. around the bay and coast about the same. it is nice extended forecast after thursday temperatures dive down. it is not going to get cold but cool. the overnight lows as we fog into tonight l the make it play. already doing this but 7:00 a.m., you can see -- toward
12:19 am
san jose. that's a prime reason to bring temperatures up because you will wake up for the -- there they are. those are just clouds from the southwest that provide a deep sun set if you can see the sun set tomorrow x. some filtered sunshine. so the forecast high is tomorrow. there's the cool bite right there. that's how it has looked all summer. that's it. you are not seeing these oranges the 80s out to the coast like we have in summers past. although i will say this temperature footprint using colors to represent temperatures warmer certainly than it has been in the last few days. so as we go into tomorrow morning fog and low clouds. into the afternoon, warmer with temperatures along the coast, low 60s. we will see 70s and 80s around the bay. of course some mid to low 90s inland. it pight be a warmer -- might
12:20 am
be a warmer day of the week. 93 brantwood. you may get warmer in your neighborhood, maybe cooler, it just depend on the thermometer but trying to represent the bay area communities where you live. 62 pacifica. and 75 degrees is and that's the is the wednesday forecast and for thursday, it will be just a little warmer. the five day forecast, week end all in view. the thing to know is that the temperature is coming town. dropping off a few degrees but just settle, subtle changes. that had been the whole -- this has been so comfortable. new terrific grisk graphic cigarette labels go too far -- >> to engage in antismoking on
12:21 am
the government's behalf. the images on the new warning labels are expected to include dead bodies, diseases lungs and rotting teeth. the labels are currently incendiary yuled today be in place -- schedule today be in place by september of next year. ritter for closure. gearred huffman will cochair the coalition. they plan to discuss a time line to gather ideas from the public. it is one of four targeted for closure. it
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
>> it was 34 years ago today that elvis presley died and for elvis fans the anniversary of his death is a time to celebrate his music and perhaps sing a few of his song. in hollywood, fans and flowers showed up at his star. he was 42 when he died of heart failure linked to his extensive use of drugs. >> things are not going well
12:25 am
lately for the giants. >> heart break hotel. again, for the giants. i don't know, man. they van known haven't known had kind of misery. they continue to pile up, car loss a reliever, both on the disabled list today. jonathan sanchez may be joining them after spraining his ankle early against atlanta. rookie randall hitting the giants into the seventh. that's before he launched one and we have a 1-1 game. of course a solo homer that's the only hit. the giants having a tough go of it but staying in it. he is playing left field because of the short handed line up and savers the day with a great catch on the ninth, and he loves it. but the same guy who was robbed, gets his revenge in the 11, two out rbi single to right. 22 last at bat victory for
12:26 am
atlanta. that's best in the national league. the giants tough luck loser. all is well and getting better it seem for the diamond backs. now 3.5 up in west after beating roy holiday, and the phillies with 2 in the ninth. had he was released by pittsburgh picked up by arizona a two run double in the ninth. you can make it 7 straight wins for arizona. 35 come from behind victories this year for them and they beat one of the best tonight in roy holiday and the phillies. light years to the american leagues, swinging free and easy and that works for the ash's. earl weaver, josh willingham, against the baltimore orioles. that's 20 for willingham.
12:27 am
cocoa crisp right in the middle of it shooting the gap in left center field, got a two run double and he winds up with the routine victory for oakland arks. we know for sure that three one team will be using at&t park this fall. they were kind of kicking it around, kicking the tires so to speak this afternoon because memorial stadium is getting a makeover. part of the season at san francisco. they went through a light drail earlier today, hopefully take it easy on that playing surface. the coach not president whatting to make a huge -- the coach not wanting to make a big deal about the moving. >> we normally say it has lines on it. it is -- that's what you play on. that's all you need. but the good thing about this place it will have our fans. that's very important. but any field we play on, it is about focus and doing our business. >> september 17th that's the
12:28 am
first game at at&t. that's the sporting live for a tuesday night. >> the power house presbyterian. >> yeah. >> they don't get a win there. >> they had better. >> all right. thank you. tu okay, kids, we can record one more show. who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. okay, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. ooh, fun, yeah.
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