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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  August 27, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. she is a slow-moving and deadly storm and irene continues to move up the national education association coast. good evening i'm ken pritchard in the massive storm made landslide this morning in north carolina and has moved north, bringing high winds and dropping a foot of rain in some places. at least six people have died
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so far. and irene is not done yet with more on the storm, we go live to ocean city, maryland. >> reporter: the rain continues, the sustained winds are stronger than they have been all night. we're bracing ourselves for the brunt of this storm. now really just miles away. more than 1 million people will spend saturday night in the dark. hurricane irene has carved a path up the eastern seaboard, claiming lives, knocking out power and leaving a mess behind. >> so is this this is a very dangerous situation. flooding is going to be significant. >> reporter: still a category 1 hurricane, irish has her eye set on the mid-atlantic region, where conditions have spawned at least one tornado and prompted the national weather service to issue several tornado watches. >> we're looking at anywhere from 6-12"f rain throughout the state, high winds throughout the state, and extraordinary damage to the barior islands. >> reporter: new york city
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execute and unprecedented evacuation in low-lying neighborhoods, even shut shutting down the transit system. >> the time for evaluation is now over. everyone should go inside and prepare to stay inside until weather conditions improve, which won't likely be until sunday afternoon. >> reporter: as night settles in, those in ivan's path who did not leave are taking cover. for many daybreak will only mark the battle with the the monster of irene and for others it will be the start of a very long and expensive clean-up. and my crew and i are along the more than 1 million folks without power plant our hotel just earlier tonight lost power itself. the whole island hasn't lost power. we have seen elements at various businesses and obviously the businesses aren't open, but we have seen lights on, so we flow it's not an
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island-wide outage in ocean city. official very concerned with the flooding. it's not necessarily the winds, but a lot of precipitation and add the rain and tidal surge and you have a recipe for a real disaster. i'm chris welsh reporting from ocean city, maryland, now back to you. the last track and updates from the hurricane center, you can see the loop over the past 12 hours as irene moves up eastern seaboard, category 1 category moving to the north- northeast at 16 miles per hour. and the forecast track as we look at the updated forecast, as we take this into sunday morning, just to the north of atlantic city with category 1 hurricane winds at 75 miles per hour. approaching new york city and that along the track moving to the north is the track that produces some very significant rainfall and, in fact, widespread over a good portion of its region.
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by sunday afternoon it should be a tropical storm. some of the impacts you can see with the areas shaded in red we had hurricane warning storm surges in the area of 4-8-feet and high tides for new york city between 7:00 and 8:00, so not good with that timing. rainfall expectation, 5-10" and could be isolated amounts approaching 20". that of course would be very serious. this is the updated rainfall forecast model. can you pick up outthe circulation and you can see the rainfall moving through the northeast until the earlier portion of the afternoon and by this time tomorrow we should have improving conditions. >> thank you, mark. more details now on hurricane irene's impact on the east coast and tonight two million homes and businesses are without electricity. another 2 million people are nur evacuation orders. is there are also several reports of tornadoes produced by this storm. >> hurricane irene is obviously wreaking horrific with air travel on the east
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coast with several airports closed. her effects can also be felt by travelers in the bay area. tonight thousands of people at sfo are strand and unable to fly back east of the kutv's jade hernandez joins us live with what passengers there are forced to do. >> reporter: ken, passengers have stayed glue to the boards and have had to rely on the kindness of others. these national guard troop stop on the bay area on their way home from a mission in asia got complicated. >> whether be got there, we found out that all the flights were canceled. >> reporter: all day they have been tracking ways to get closer to home and so far the airline hasn't offered any solid suggestions. >> yes, we have flights, but put one or two of you on, you know? we are not sure if you are going to be on this flight. we're not sure if the airport is going to open up, you know?
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it's just been a hectic day. >> reporter: and an airport spokesperson reported at least 41 flights have been canceled today. >> somebody says that we there is a plane for us, and then after seconds there is no plane and i don't know. i'm really confused. >> i just wait in line. so we have got our own corner and we have electrical supplies. >> reporter: the taylor family points to their daughter freddy and who suffered a fractured spine and their urgent reason to get back it new york. >> they are all stranded and we took care of them for the day and they have all moved out. >> reporter: the troops were told they may be here until next tuesday or later and other passengers may be stuck until next weekend, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. while most people try to
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get a way from the storm a group of barbra rescue series about to head to it to help out. nearly 100 national guard packed up from at moffett field. they say they are prepared to stay for as long as they are needed. >> obviously we don't know what is going to happen here, how much damage there is going to be or how long our services are going to be needed. so we're prepared to stape to 30 days or indefinitely, as log as they need us there. >> the group is also taking two rescue helicopters and it's now passed as it skirts the eastern seaboard. >> family and friends of missing nursing student michele le honored her three months after her disappearance. they gathered wrote messages on teal-colored balloons and
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released those into the sky. le varnished during a break at kaiser hospital in hayward where sle worked. her family says they won't give up looking for her. >> we haven't forgotten about her because we love her so much and whether it's day 1 or day 92 we want her back just as much as we can in beginning. >> police have treating this cases a homicide and le's family is offering a $100,000 reward for information about her whereabouts. a major grass fire is burning outside of fairfield. the fire broke out at about 5:00:00 p.m. a few miles east of the interstate 80. the fire has been moving very quickly tonight, consuming about 500 acres. calfire now report it's 40% contained. while structures are threatened there are no homes threatened and no evacuations orbedded. calfire is providing aerial supported as you see in the pictures, 100 local firefighters are also on the
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ground there and we'll have much more on the fire coming up tomorrow morning at ktvu mornings on 2. a wildfire outside of yosemite continues to grow tonight, 36,000 acres have burned and a main road to the spark closed. 15 miles of highway 140 between mariposa and the park entrance are closed because of the fire. the fire is burning along the merced river. it broke out thursday when a motorhome caught fire. this fire is burning in very steep canyon slopes and firefighters say that makes it very difficult to fight. tonight they say the fire is 15% contained. the all-clear tonight in pescadero as san mateo county officials say the drinking water is safe once again. water officials had advised people to boil their water since a bump broke last beak and the town's water tank went dry. state regulations demand that the water be checked for
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bacteria levels before a boil- order is listed. the 49ers were roughed up on the field tonight, but no room for bullies in this the stands or the parking lots. how new security measures worked. wine-country, the location for a major announcement today by the tea party. and we have more coverage of hurricane irene. we'll head to ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show. who should get it? i really love jennifer.
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. turning back to the situation on the east coast, where hurricane irene continues to head north and tonight, cities more accustomed to snow storms than tropical storms like new york city and boston emptied their streets and subways. jennifer davis is live now in north carolina, tracking the damage along irene's path. >> reporter: hi ken and you know the good news is once irene moves along, there is some nice, king5 weather behind her, but the bad news is that she is slow to move on of she hung over this section of north carolina all day today, 12 hours of pounding winds and really difficult and hard rains and now this storm is taking aim at the rest of the east coast. irene is a monster, slow-moving storm and now that she is moving out of north carolina, she is taking aim at the rest east coast. a savage storm with a damaging wrath and irene is churning
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with winds packing a dangerous punch of the monster storm spent most of the day in morehead city, north carolina. managing to find the one grocery store employ in this town some scrounged up whatever they could. >> we really didn't want to have to break the grill out and try to figure out how to vent out of garage. they had lights on and i came to get something to eat. >> reporter: irene is blamed for several fatalityiates. a 7-year-old boy was killed when this free fell. this shows wicked wind and sting rain. irene is also affecting one of the most densely populated areas of country, new york and new jersey and now the city that never sleeps is looking a little tired with the mass transit system down in weather- related history and most stores closed up, the options for
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tourists is dwindling. >> time too honker into your hotel room, i guess. >> it's the middle of the night here, but dark for a whole other reason. we're dealing with serious power outages down here. we lost power in this part of north carolina at 2:00 a.m. yesterday. it's still has into the come back and say 1-2 million in north carolina, virginia and further up the east coast are now with or without power. live in morehead city, north carolina, i'm jennifer davis, halpern, back to you. >> thank you, jennifer and today's raging storm in north carolina could not stop several babies from being born. >> i just kind of knew that she would take the time to come. she was already overdue and i felt she was going to come right during the hurricane. that is newborn georgia ann elliot, arriving just as hurricane irene hit wilmington. the hospital never lost power and successfully delivered 16 other babies as well and none of them by the way, is named
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irene. >> the storm canceled weekend plans across the east coast and that includes tomorrow's dedication of the new martin luther king memorial in washington, d.c.. still organizer went ahead of services commemorating the civil rights leader, featuring excerpts from king's last speech as well as tributes from his youngest child. organizers say a dedicate for the new memorial will be reschedule the sometime this fall. >> hurricane irene is also affect something presidential campaigns, g.o.p. candidate mitt romney was forced to cancel three fundraisers this weekend in martha's vineyard and the hamiltons. a spokesperson for the former massachusetts governor says the events will be revelded. fellow republican candidate jon huntsman is scheduled to be at a fundraiser in new york. the former utah governor's campaign says while they are keeping an eye on the storm, irene won't keep huntsman off the campaign trail. >> you can track ivan on our
11:46 pm
website, the tea party express rolled into wine-country today and some protested its presence. >> dozens of people demonstrated outside of the nest napa and that is where conservatives were pushing for limited government and lower taxed of the the event kicked off this year's national reclaiming america bus tour and organize hers say the tea party has grown in size and influence and pointing out it will support a major presidential debate next month in florida. the congressman who shout identify you lied" at president obama during a state of the union speech sought of the hospital. republican joe wilson of south carolina was hospitalized for a viral infection and fever. the conservative says he is looking forward to his own bus tour last month. his outburst in 2009 led to his admonishment by the house and also apologized to the president. san francisco police are out in force to head off any
11:47 pm
repeat of football-game violence. ktvu's debora villalon at candlestick park where it was a calmer game on this saturday night compared to last. >> reporter: yes, it's quiet out here tonight. ken, tonight the 49ers played texans, not raiders, different fan-base, less friction and more cops than anyone can remember. alongside the action on the field, were dozens of police and security officers, ready to take action, should fans start wailing on each wailing on each other. a man was beaten uncorgin the stadium bathroom and post-game gunfire left two men wound. all of that had the chief walking the parking lot tonight. >> i think last week was an anomaly. >> reporter: an anomaly, but he is not taking any chances. and his officers were everywhere, on bikes, and on bikes and a command post moved
11:48 pm
to a high-profile spot next to the stadium. fans leaving a halftime weekend that the team needed that muscle on the field. >> lots of police officers and you ski a big presence today. so yes, we felt pretty safe. >> reporter: the numbers bear that out, only 12 ejections from tonight's game and two arrests for public intoxication. as strategic spots around candlestick, officers watched drivers leaving looking for signs that they had been drinking because there is one common denominator to lost week's mayhem. >> we have no information that any of the more serious salt war gang-related, but we're positive all the activity was alcohol-related. >> i thought this might be one of the safety games to go to after all of that. >> reporter: many fans welcomed the new security blanket. >> at my stage in life, i like, it the more the better, like airport secret, the more the better. >> reporter: others find it opressive. it's almost like going through
11:49 pm
tsa to get into the ballgame. i would ratherstit home and watch it or go to a sportsbar. >> reporter: the writing is on the wall and big barnes now warn fans they better behave and the police chief calls this the new normal. next test, september 11th home- opener against the seahawks. we're live in san francisco, deb roar villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. in the wake of violence after last week's 49-raiders game, the nfl stepped in and joined forces with san francisco police to believe up security at candlestick park and as patti lee reports that change was obvious in the parking lot. >> reporter: the requisite tailgate staples, food, football and friends were present at the stadium parking lot. as was something new an increased presence of police officers, and a team to enforce the code of conduct for fans. >> they did say that they wanted to us remove the champagne and that it couldn't be within eyesight and that no
11:50 pm
hard liquor was allowed here today. jeff miller, head of security says keeping order in the parking lot is key. >> if you lose the ballot in the tailgate out area, you have more fans than in the 1st quarter that are already visibly intoxicated. >> reporter: miller met with the 49ers and san francisco police chief before the game to discuss the changes. >> all the preseason games are a great game to dry-run what the new rules are. >> reporter: chief greg suhr says police presence is up 40% and they are here to enforce, but also to explain the rules. >> this is not just for today, it's not just for tomorrow. it will be everyday until people actually feel and believe that they are safe. >> reporter: and an hour after kickoff, you can see the parking lot is devoid of any tailgaters. it's part of a new security measures that involve sweeping
11:51 pm
the lot at kickoff and requiring ticket-holders to either go inside the stadium or go home. at candlestick point, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. police are still looking for the man suspected in a vicious beating that took place inside a bathroom last saturday at candlestick and the suspect is described as a pacific islanders between 25-30 years old about 6'4" weighing up to 26 o0 pound ways goatee and ponytail. the violent a san rafael man has been recovering in a hospital. wells fargo is making a large donation in gratitude to place police and security guard who helped to foil an east bay robbery. a security guard and pinole police officers respond to the armored car robbery in pinole. shots were exchanged before an officer shot one of the robbers dead. wells fargo announced a it will donate $10,000 to pinole police and another $10,000 to a non-
11:52 pm
profit charity chosen by the loomis gar. that guard and one of the officers were injured snootout and are recovering tonight. support freddy daniels was charged yesterday in that roby and also faces murder charges for the killing of his brother, his suspected accomplish accomplice. vidjaw foods says it's classic premiere brand of salmon may be contaminated with listeria and can cause fatal infections. here it was sold at saveway grocery stores and the packaths recalled have sold-by of september 1wr5á7b8, 2011 and so far no illnesses have been reported. rebels gain new ground in plibbia as terrifying scenes come to light about the brutality. gaddafi regime. >> also what mexican authorities are doing about
11:53 pm
about a deadly arson tack on a casino
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
. in libya tonight important gains for the rebels, but fighting in tripoli continues this as a gruesome discovery underscores the brutality of the gaddafi re-we'll. >> rebels shouted their praises to al ya as they claimed control of a major supply route. this came as rebelled are addressing severe shortages of fuel, water and electricity in tripoli and say they are in control of the capitol and the regime's gunmen appear pob
11:56 pm
fighting without leadership. new video of mass executions and a warning that that footage is rather graphic. the charred and smoke skeletal remains were found in a metal warehouse that colonel gaddafi used as a prison. a judge tetained there says the prisoners were also judges, lawyers, engineers, opposition leaders and civilians, all caught up in the violence. the judge said the executions happened on tuesday, as rebels overrun mr. gaddafi's compound. human rights watch says it found evidence of three more mass executions. in other news of the world tonight in baghdad two explosions claimed the lives of at least six people. the first blat happened outside a sunni mosque where a bomb hidden anyway bicycle killed three several hours another blast this time in a christian neighborhood killed three policemen. the that case a bomb was placed
11:57 pm
outside of a shi'ite mosque in basra. in niagara, prose goodluck jonathan stood among the blood- hin stayned level of the u.s. headquarters that killed nine people. the president says his government is working to bring terrorism under control. boko haran extremist group is fighting for the establishment of sharia law in niagara and alleged to have contacts with al-qaeda in the islamic maghreb and al-shabaab in somalia. >> in pakistan, the pakistani military says 25 officers were killed in an early morning attack when at least 200 taliban fighters crossed into pakistan from inasmuch as. afghanistan. the pakistani military blamed the attack on pakistan and afghan taliban-linked fighters
11:58 pm
who have sought refuge in the kunar and nuristan provinces. there are reports that the no. 2 man in al-qaida has been killed in a drone attack in pakistan. they say al-rahman was killed on monday and he was said to be in frequent contact with osama bin laden in the months before the terrorist leader was killed. they say his death is expected to further weaken the terrorist network. last month leon panetta claimed it was at the end their reach. thursday's fire at the
11:59 pm
casino royale at monterrey. no word on how the raids are related to the arson, but officials say the area is notorious for its drug gangs and deadly disputes over where and how drugs are transported. bay area teachers do some back-to-school shopping. coming up, who helped to foot the bill and who benefits from the hi, i'm doing my back-to-school shopping and i saw another store's ad for these crayons at a lower price. no problem -- i can match that right here. oops -- i don't have the ad. you don't need it. oh, what about a coupon for these pens? yeah. easy.
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. with millions of dollars of cuts in california schools and declared fiscal emergency, some teachers and parents have been footing the bill to keep classrooms stocked with sipplies. as ktvu's allie rasmus explains these theod teachers got a helping hand for their classroom. >> reporter: when lily chou
12:02 am
goes back-to-school shopping she buying for more than one or two kids. >> more than 30. >> reporter: she is a 5th grade teacher and every year she spends about $500 stock her classroom. >> she says many ppts can't afford school supplies and her school district can't either of the would he teachers have to supply our own needs. >> reporter: colored pencels and markers and crayons individually aren't that expensive, but collectively they do add up and they say the average k-12 spends $350 of their own money on supplies every year. >> the classroom is getting bigger and teachers are getting more overwhelmed. >> 200 teachers came it though target for free school supplies. the deputy foundation and
12:03 am
another company donated $20,000. >> one teacher had an issue with tardiness and decided to take $200 for alarm clocks to teach them the importance of being on time. >> reporter: she teaches 3rd- grade and lend stuff to the kid. >> threalways bring it back and they are responsible for the classroom materials and they always say thank you of the they are well-mannered kids. >> reporter: they says that makes her investment all worth it. in coalma, allie ras us in, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a rally was aimed at getting youngsters excited by school and helping them succeed on they are in class. about 900 oakland students attended the day-long phoenix at city hall, along with the games and give aways, there was a serious side. the students got a chance to take part in workshops focusing on academic success. >> it's very important. what you put into a kid you get
12:04 am
out and the more you put in, the more you get out and we're trying to do our part in putting in. >> the fourthth festival was put together by the mayor's office and school district and also oakland natives give back. students in san josi will attend a brand-new school on monday. this morning the elementary school district celebrated the opening of san antonio elementary. the 40,000 square foot, $20 million school features cutting- edge technology including touch- board screens instead of blackboards and ipads for each 4th and 5th grader. >> a place it play the ponies has come up with a flu idea to bring more people. and as john sasaki reports they are waging that good food is the draw. >> reporter: today people also raced to find their new favorite fast-food. >> where we mainly came here
12:05 am
for the food trucks. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the track has gone off the grid with the biggest food truck event in northern california. >> it's really striking a chord with the younger demographic is what we want to do is introduce racing to a newer, younger crowd and think food trucks is a great way to get people in here. >> reporter: cabana dave's is one of many trucks with an international flavor. >> here are your plantians, and i couple pieces of chicken, like so. we bring the wrap over here and a little bit of goat choice. >> reporter: you get the idea. diners will have no problem finding what they like to it. >> today we have 27 truck, three indian truck, two vietnamese trucks, one chinese truck. >> reporter: what is that? >> the fried chicken sandwich. >> how does. >> reporter: how does that taste'.
12:06 am
>> it's excellent. >> reporter: today is the first of four saturdays in a row at the track. >> i was excited two weeks ago that they were come and i couldn't wait to come over here and i'm on my break. >> reporter: after lunk you might want to say room for dessert, because one truck specialized in cupcakes and another just serves cream brulee. >> hundreds of women showed off their pride today in the east bay. >> we're women and we're proud! >> reporter: these women marched through oakland this morning for the 10th and final sistahs steppin' in pride march. organizers decided to discontinue the event and concentrate on personal commitments, but say it's been a great opportunity to represent the lgbt community. high drama tonight at at&t park. see if the giants could pull out a win later in sport wrap. also a little warmer
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. well bay area has been warm up a little bit over the past few days and it looks like the trend will continue as we wrap up the second half of the weekend of the right now we still have fog out there, so it's not completely clear of the folk still hug a good portion of the bay area coastline and santa rosa reporting cloud cover and even out towards the east bay, oakland and hayward, party to mostly cloudy skies. so for tonight, at least in the short-term, mostly clear skies. tomorrow some morning fog and it will be a little warmer and then the extended forecast looks like another cool trend working its way back to the region. first thing tomorrow morning
12:10 am
pasty fog, clear skies inland, maybe partly cloudy skies in concord. satellite and radar, a few high clouds moving into southern california and even those high clouds approaching the bay area. this will be the source of our warming trend heading into sunday. with that clearing skies. temperatures tomorow, most areas 2-5 degrees warmer than today's highs of the not much change on monday, but by tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we bring in another cooling trend that will push back into the region. here we bo with our fog forecast model and this could be locally dense first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00 and possibly drizzle as well. we'll put it into motion and see what happens, pulling back to near the coast. more sunshine around the bay and temperatures inland, plenty of sunshine. that red contour reflecting the 90s working their way back to
12:11 am
the region for tomorrow. here is tomorrow's forecast, beginning 7:00, 53-58 degrees to start out the day, by 12:00, still some coastal fog, upper to mid 80s. santa rosa, 89 degrees, fairfield, 94 around rim of the day, 70s for alameda, oakland, out forwards hayward, san josi 86 and gilroy at 95 degrees and san francisco around 70. here is a look ahead with your extended forecast with the remainder of your forecast in view and temperatures tomorrow, a little warmer. not much change for monday and we gradually cool off tuesday, wednesday and thursday with those cooler onshore winds. heather and ken, irene it 200 miles south of new york city. >> thank you. the giants try to gain ground
12:12 am
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nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. . good evening everybody and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportsan. well, last week's violence in candlestick park overshadowed the 49ers positives on the field. tonight, the fans were better behaved and the niners taking steps backwards in their march towards respectability. frank gore a healthy scratch for game 3 of the exhibition season. here is your first place from scrimmage. 49ers linebacker ahmad brooks picks off matt schaub, 13-yard
12:15 am
touchdown, niners led 7-0, but don't order those playoff tickets just yet, folks. texaths score the next 30. schaub to owen daniels, 12- yards, touchdown. niners did say they played a lot of players to protect the starters and hold tryouts for the backup positions. rookie quarterback kaepernick replaced smith and throws downfield and that is intercrepted by troy nolan troy nolan turns on his gps and heads to the end zone. and that is a 73-yard interception return, 24-7 texans at halftime. alex smith actually came back in the game in the first half. he was just 2 for 6 for 17 yards and one interception. this interception. troy nolan on the right side once again. easy fodder for houston and play after play he was either sacked or hung out to dry and antedo smith for houston, the
12:16 am
30-7 final. 49ers outgained from the game, 417 to 105 yards smith as we said 2 for 6 and kearn nic 6 for 16 and i know coach wants to keep it vanilla, but what we have here is a failure to communicate. >> it's not something that i'm worried about. we have ray great group upfront and work as hard as anybody. they are talented and protection doesn't always just fall on them, but falls on everybody sometimes. >> we didn't get any kind of rhythm at all. protection, route-running, decision-making and those things. >> here is your play of the game, longwell's field goal attempt is blocked and let's all follow the bouncing ball. ball takes control and runs the final 20 yards. dallas wins, 23-17. well the san francisco giant already had a panda and
12:17 am
baby giraffe on their team and today they added a flying squirrel to their pitching camp, surkamp gifts and led 1-0 in the 5th when eric surkamp gives up the double. that sends home the tieing run, but the flying squirrel, eric surkamp strikes out jimmy pandarus and that ends the 5th inning. surkamp left nine astros on bases and allows just sich hits and look at pablo sandoval, fake out and tagout. and eric the i flag squirrel
12:18 am
flying squirrel surkamp could deserve another start. here comes derosa, and scoring the game-winner and giants win 2-1. giants win back-to-back games for the first time two n- two weeks, 12-2347 extra innings, but don't gain on arizona, because it was chris young bobble-head night in phoenix. young with a two-run home run off san diego. 3-1 is your final and the giants remain three bask arizona. and when was the last time you hard this? we can't wait to get to cleveland? a's manager bob melvin says his team had to play in boston under the worst conditions he has ever been seen. but baseball officials wanted to get this double head essential in the books and playing two today means they could cancel tomorrow's game and avoid even more hurricane irene's destruction. but man, brandon allen takes the pitch over the wallful it's 1-1 in the 2nd, but it that is the last time that oakland shared the lead for the rest of
12:19 am
the day. varitek answers with a two-run homer. it's 3-1, red sox, who owned the best record in the american league. boston waits through two rain delays took three hours, but eventually claim the 9-3 victory. the day is just half over and a's and reds need 11 hours to complete the double-header. game 2 also featured another one-hour rain delay, but david ortiz managed to keep his bat dry with a big blast off recent call up godfrey. bob melvin wants it called after the 5 iminning and probably should have been just for safety sake. look at the rain and look at brandon allen at 1st. trying to get under the fly ball. hey moe, hey larry? saltalamacchia is given a
12:20 am
double and boston wins 4-0 and cleveland, here we come, but in detroit today tiger's pitcher justin verlander -- detroit justin verlander -- detroit leads the american league ♪ ♪
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well, for the first time in the five-year history of the pga fedex playoff system, one of its tournaments was shoterned to 54 hole and dustin jonson is not complaining about
12:24 am
it. both johnson and kuchar wanted out of new jersey before hurricane irene. the bunker shot for he'll and johnson 4 under arch the first four howl and on 7 is johnson for the birdie, shooting 6 under 65 today, but that wasn't the best round of the date. brandt snedeker ties vijay singh. johnson at minus 19 and where kuchar a 3 under 6, but matt bogeys this, the 12th hole and follows it with another on 13 and finished alone in second as johnson taps in for par. only dustin and the other top 100 points leader advance to next week's playoff. the endy car series maybes it's annual visit to sonoma, but thes, but around was news
12:25 am
that danica patrick is jumping to nascar. today 28 cars qualified for tomorrow's indy grand prix and castroneves won at infineon. will power won the pole and race last year at infineon and today he claims his 6th pole of the season. that is worth $10,000 for will power, who was fined $30,000 for his anger issues following a race two weeks ago. >> danica came from 25th out of 28 spots. this is her seventh indy series race at infineon and her best finish is 5th. thursday she announced she will race full-time in nascar. she hasdanica has never sat in
12:26 am
a sprint cup car yet. danica says she loves nascar style of bumping and grinding and didn't make the move because of the paycheck. >> if i wanted to go for money, i would have bob a long time ago. i would have gone in 2006, when i could have made a lot more money going to nascar, but if anything, nascar is going down quite a bit over the years. so i can't say i caught it at the right time, but it's what i want to do. so this decision wasn't about money at all. >> i think that danica still has to prove herself from a performance standpoint. i mean, she has impressed a lot of people, you know, in some of her performances this year, but i think she still has a long way to go. >> well, jeff gordon and nascar raced under the lights at bristol motor speedway. a fairly clean race, but mark martin got too close to mark vickers and that was the
12:27 am
fatality kiss for mark martin, finishing in 38th. no. 17 matt kennseth is caught loggy gagging and no. 2 brad keselowski takes second place on the restart with 80 laps to go. brad keselowski wins hi third race of the season. his he he broke his ankle he finished 1st, second, third. the san josi earthquakes trailed tonight of the check out the far left your screen, san josi throws the ball in and the sliding goal. check if out again. he proaccuse the 1-1 tie, but extends the winless streak and playoffs see highly unlikely. that is the saturday night addition of sportswrap. a's lose two in boston and 49ers get roughed up by houston, 30-7. >> wow. >> thank you, fred. that is our report for tonight everyone. be sure to join ktvu mornings
12:28 am
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