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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 4, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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rain is falling in the bay area at this hour as the leading edge of a wet and windy storm moves on shore. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. and we are back on storm watch tonight. we're monitoring an early season storm that's going to hit in the next few hours bringing winter like weather to northern california. chief meteorologist bill martin
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is tracking the storm, ken pritchett is in the sierra where it has been snowing but we begin with ken wayne in the north bay where the rain is already causing some problems, ken. >> reporter: julie we're in downtown petaluma on petaluma boulevard it's been like this for the last three hours or so a steady rainfall that has been falling. we take a look south. you can see the streets are wet out here. within the last 45 minutes the highway patrol just cleared a crash on highway 101 at north petaluma boulevard. the porsche was apparently heading southbound on 101 when it was taking the exit on to north petaluma boulevard. apparently lost control and ended up off the highway. the good news in all of this the driver was not injured. by this time last night the highway patrol in sonoma county had reported to 11 accidents. the chp hasn't reported any
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major injuries. strong winds are expected to pick up in the next few hours. concerned that those could topple trees and power lines, prompted pg & e to put crews on stand by throughout the bay area. tonight the umbrellas are out but there is little concern over the incoming storm. this woman felt right at home in her new hometown. >> it's rain, and winter is coming. and we're from oregon so hey, it's not too bad, we like it. >> reporter: still those who have tall trees in their yards know there's always a danger. >> i have some big trees around so it is a concern. but i think i'll be okay. >> reporter: some questioned the storm's timing. this was supposed to be the time of sunshine and warm temperatures. >> usually we have some of our nicest weather in the early fall. so, i'm kind of disappointed. >> i came down for sunshine. >> reporter: a live picture of
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a tree in downtown petaluma. this is what authorities are concerned about especially pg & e baa because you can see the leaves are still on the trees. with the rain and the wind the leaves are like a sail. pg & e is waiting to see what happens with this wind as we go into the evening hour, ken wayne. >> reporter: and pg & e says their crews are ready to deal with outages. the storm could cause more outages than usual because there are so many trees still on the tree branches. and this weather system is just getting here you saw ken wayne out there in petaluma.
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i just got a report from the facebook page of heavy rainfalling. this is just p beginning up here. now in this area we've seen about .2 to .3 of an inch of rain. the heavy rain still lies to the knot. i have north.i have a couple of -- the heavy rain still lies to the north. what i'm checking right now is the winds. you heard ken mention the winds, we have gusts this is realtime buoy readings gusts of 35 miles per hour. the winds are going to start picking up in the next few hours the heavy rain is yet to get here. this is going to wake you up in the middle of night. when i come back i have the latest computer model and i'm going to step you through the next few hours and you'll see what i mean i'll see you back
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here. our storm watch coverage continues throughout the hour. bill will show us the changing conditions on storm tracker 2 and at 10:30 we will go through the area. new at 10:00 tonight, lloyd lacuesta is in east palo alto he's learned about a grass roots effort to try to improve safety. >> reporter: frank there's still a memorial here for 6- year-old sierela zamora. the second grader was laid to rest as the city trys to figure out how to prevent this from ever happening again. at the city council meeting tonight some in the community wanted to know why the school driver who hit the girl was
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never arrested. >> they should do justice. if they don't do justice today it's going to happen over and over. >> reporter: this lady says that she's a friend of the woman who hit the girl. >> i told her she did not get this morning and say, let me go kill a child. that was not her intention. if that was the case they would have sent her to jail. >> reporter: there was insufficient evidence at the scene. but the investigation continues. >> there is justice for everyone involved in this incident. >> reporter: the chief says that one other child earlier this year was hit at that same crosswalk and suffered a broken leg. he says this year police have made 62 stops at that location and issued 19 citations. a traffic engineer says bay road is the second busiest street in east palo alto while safety lights were installed in one bay road crosswalk there was not enough money for all. one woman says more than 400 people have signed her petition
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demanding safety improvements on bay road. >> it angers me and bothers me that it has to be until someone's life is lost in order to get attention. >> reporter: this tragedy has touched so many people. there will be a community meeting next week to allow more people to express their feelings. live in east palo alto, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu news. newly freed amanda knox arrived home in seattle tonight after spending four years in an italian prison before her conviction was overturned yesterday. knox is overwhelmed was emotion as she spoke briefly at seatac airport. she says looking down from if airport it seemed like nothing was -- looks down from the plane it seemed like nothing was real. >> my family is the most important thing to me right now so i just want to go be with them. so thank you for being there for me.
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>> reporter: the italian court freed knox and her former boyfriend. italy's highest court can still overturn the acquittal of knox and her former boyfriend. a judge in los angeles has ruled that bryan stow's children cannot be added to a civil lawsuit against the l.a. dodgers. the suit claims that by reducing security at dodger stadium the team created an environment that allowed for the attack on stow to happen. however the judge ruled that stow's two children cannot join the suit and are not entitled to damage for distress because they weren't present when it happened. on the other hand the judge ruled that stow can seek punitive damages from the dodgers and their owner. their hoping to persuade the court that federal judge john walker who found the same-
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sex marriage ban unconstitutional should have recused himself from the case. after the case, walker revealed he had been in a long-standing relationship with a man. economic growth and job creation is a shared responsibility of all economic policymakers in close corporation with the private- sector. >> reporter: bernanke called on congress to reduce inequities in the public tax code, reach out to under water homeowners who are looking to refinance and to implement programs that help potential buyers. and while he said it's important toreduce federal debt, congress should avoid actions, despite dismal news stocks closed up today. the dow gained 263 points, the dow was up 68. the search for a missing mother of three in the south
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bay is growing more desperate by the hour. ktvu's jana katsuyama tells us what she was last seen doing and why some family members doubt that story. >> reporter: all day the family members went to shopping centers handing out fliers and posting as many signs as they could. hitting parks and neighborhoods too with the picture of casilla. the mother of three disappeared sunday. >> i am worried, i'm scared, i just want my daughter home, i don't know where she is. >> reporter: calderon was last seen sunday night. relatives say she was living near by at a cousin's house on waverly with her three young children. they say she left the home to meet with her astranged husband and never came home. relatives say they're skeptical, that she left her
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wallet and phone behind and that the two had a history of abuse. you're asked to call police or crime stoppers to leave an anonymous tip. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. the highway patrol is trying to identify a man who's body was found on interstate 80 in the east bay. several vehicles had run over the body. the man was found around 9:30 in the eastbound lane near san pablo road. investigators don't know if the man committed suicide, if he was the victim of a homicide or ran out into the road for some reason. he was described as african american, about 30 years old
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and had no identification. investigators say 34-year- old anthony wright has been arrested on suspicion of killing richard bowler in vernal heights around 9:30 last night. fowler was playing video games when a man with a gun showed up and said he had a score to settle. san francisco's hate ashburg community came together to help those who lost their home in a five alarm fire last week. that's the peacock lounge it was packed today with neighbors sharing food, drink and and music. they also raised money for those who lost all in an apartment fire. one woman who's apartment was burned says she was overwhelmed by tonight's love and support. i'm back here in 10 minutes i have the computer model all teed up and i have some rain coming in here in the next few
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hours i'm doing to show you hour by hour how it'll impact your morning commute. the newest generation of iphones drew mixed reviews find out what's hot and what's not.
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apple revealed it's new iphone but it's not the much
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anticipated iphone 5 model. cook introduced the new iphone 4s. they say the new device may look the same but it now features a voice command assistance, longer battery life and a faster processer. >> there's a new chip inside the a5 chip that was launched just this year in the i pad two is now making its way into the iphone. this is an apple design chip that's remarkable. >> reporter: for the first time the iphone will also be available to consumers through sprint in addition to at&t and verizon wireless. the phone goes on sale next friday. apple stock fell about $20 today before rallying at the end of the trading. it finished the day about $2 lower at $372 a share. that's a drop of about half a percent. many people are expressing disaappointment tonight with apple. they have been anticipating a block buster new product. ktvu's amber lee is in berkeley
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where some people are saying apple's announcement was a let down. >> reporter: you can purchase new 4s iphones on friday. but are people excited enough to line up and buy this new edition of the iphone. >> reporter: senior editor tong showed us his iphone four. he says the 4s looks the same. there was suggestions that the new iphone would be thinner with a larger screen. >> there's a pride about having the latest thing. it's going to look just like what you had the last year, and people don't like that. this is the first time where consumers aren't really wowed with this product. they're going to have to figure out how to manage that. >> reporter: but what is inside
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the iphone does represent the new generation. voice activation that's interactive as seen on the apple website. >> move my meeting with alta at 12. >> shall i schedule this any way? >> move it to two o 2:00. >> reporter: people we spoke with tonight said it is enough to get them to upgrade. >> i want to upgrade because the new one is faster obviously. that's one of the reasons i want to upgrade. also the camera is better. i like having the new things. >> reporter: the new iphone 4s costs from $299 to $399. apple is offering the 3gsi
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iphone for free to draw in new customers. amber lee, ktvu challenge two news. on ktvu's facebook page we asked viewers if they were disappointed. alex write, i was really disappointed on the small improvements. join the conversation on look for the slide show tab on the front page. a former san jose police officer is expected to appear in court tomorrow after he and a current officer were arrested and accused of embezzling tens of thousands of dollars. we went to his home today but no one responded. a friend who didn't want to appear on camera says she's in
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shock. >> it's hard for me to believe because manny has always been the kind of person when you're having trouble, he will always be the one to keep you out of trouble or give you the right advice. police also arrested current officer marco ibarra. he took about $40,000 from the association fund while acting as treasurer of the group. a gilroy hells angel accused of opening fire in a casino nightclub in reno is out free on jail. cesar viyaguana posted bond today. he is charged with two other felonies. a member of the vagos motorcycle club is facing extradition now to nevada for allegedly killing the leader of the hell's angel in the melee. there was testimony from a
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pharmacist in the michael jackson murder trial. and also why the prosecution called the doctor's girlfriend to the stand. >> reporter: it was all about nicole alvarez a 24-year-old mother to murray's son says that she remembers murray would leave late at night. >> he would leave, he would return in the morning, sometimes early morning, sometimes 10:00, 9:00. >> reporter: alvarez was also questioned about deliveries made to her home. the shipments received propofol. >> you were receiving them on a fairly regular basis. >> not every day, but it was every now and then yeah. >> reporter: another witness called by the prosecution was las vegas pharmacist tim lopez. >> mr. lopez after reviewing
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all of the orders placed by conrad murray to you, can you provide me with the total number of propofol vials that were bought and shipped to mr. conrad murray. is it 255? >> yes. >> reporter: so far they've called 24 witnesses and there's a chance they could call michael jackson's eldest southern prince to the stand. adam housley, ktvu news. gets lots of reports in. heavy rain around mendecino, around fort bragg and san anselmo. the winds are gusting to 25 miles per hour right now. that's just off san francisco. that front is getting closer. as it does those winds are going to pick up. here's the computer model. midnight tonight here's the bay area.
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here's the front. it's clear to see. here you go 3:00 a.m. you see the back part of the front. i got a report from the north bay right now of some very heavy rain. berkeley your rain is going to start coming down at 2:00 a.m. then it starts to clear out. i'm back here at about 10:30. this is developing, this is happening right now and this is a powerful weather system. we'll give you an update in a few minutes. fighting crime with some controversial tactics. >> reporter: those items are being discussed right now. why some people say
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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inside there is a very vocal group opposed to the three items that are being discussed. gang in injunctions and curfews. this is one of the faces behind council president larry reed's push to approve three measures he believes will reduce crime. >> going over to highland hospital. when the doctor came and told his mother that your son is no longer here, you know, that really has an impact on you. >> reporter: last week reed's friend 40-year-old hasan was gunned down inside the garage
11:56 pm
of the east side's dragon motorcycle club. >> i am tired, if people don't want to make change, then we ultimately suffer the consequences. >> reporter: reed and de la fuente are calling for an ordnance. perhaps most controversial expanding gang injunctions into north and east oakland. but members of the stop coalitions and others showed up in large numbers questioning the success of the so called safety zones and expressing concern about innocent people getting unfairly singled out. >> they tend not to do the targeted work but end up moving things around. they really enhance racial profiling. >> reporter: we're literally dying out there and we can't take it anymore. pleads
11:57 pm
-- please help us. >> reporter: that woman was a part of a small group in favor of bill. no votes yet. i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. we now know the name of the man who san francisco police shot and killed at home in the richmond district yesterday. authorities today identified him as 44-year-old peter wu. police say he came at officers with two knives after he had stabbed both of his parents. his mother nina wu died of her injuries his father was badly injured. san francisco police chief greg suhr led a community meeting to talk about that shooting. suhr explained the situation that officers faced, two men bleeding profusely and a man with knives. he also said wu appeared to be
11:58 pm
mental problems. governor brown signed a new bill that will protect children from harmful chemicals in baby products. if it's not the first snow of the season it's the first ♪
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[ cellphone rings ]
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>> lots of reports coming into the bay area center. some of the rainfall in fort bragg, san helena. the front is not even here yet. there's live storm tracker 2 you can see some of the heavier returns up toward santa rosa, napa, bodega bay. what you can't see is the actual front itself. it's still offshore. when i click on the buoys we check out the wind gusts it's a great way to see where the front is. because when those wind shifts they start coming off the west. winds up north up around c ranch. i have the reports up there. so that system is on its way and it's going to be here in the next few hours. of course when i come back i'm going to run that computer model and we'll also look at the five day forecast of when this rain is going to end. in the sierra, temperatures are falling tonight in a winter storm warning takes effect in
12:02 am
30 30 minutes now. ken pritchett live. the temperatures have dropped and the snow there is starting to fall, ken. >> reporter: frank it is starting to fall. you can see it's really coming down. now i have little pockets, hard to see on camera but it shows 30 degrees. i can tell you with this wind it feels colder than that. this road behind me was completely clear of snow. no chains are required right now but we talked to some drivers who are in a rush to avoid the weather. his mirror gauge was in the 40s once he dropped 2,000 feet. the clouds for most of the day have brought rain along with
12:03 am
low visibility at times. earlier today caltrans was gearing up for the storm and the inches of snow to come. >> i heard 10 to six. whatever happens, we'll just push it off the road. >> reporter: caltrans is bringing in more people and equipment working a 24 hour shift starting at midnight. but the snow is not the only concern on i80 that could complicate driving tomorrow. >> worse thing we have going right now is miles and miles and miles of construction. we're restricted down to one lanes in some places and it's going to be slippery wet and dangerous. >> reporter: an early october snowstorm may be a headache for so but it's welcomed by ski resorts. they're hoping early snow means another year like last year when the resort saw 811-inches of snow. >> we broke every record on the books it was truly incredible. we were skiing on fourth of july. many of us are itching to get back out there. we're hoping for another one of those. >> reporter: back to caltrans, plows will start to hit the
12:04 am
road about midnight. the first thing they will look for out on the interstate are rocking that may have fallen after losening. that's when they will start to tackle the build up of this overnight snow. near donner summit, ken pritchett,ktvu news. governor chris christie made it loud and clear that he is not going to run for the office of president. christie says that he made a pledge to the city of new jersey saying he has only been in office for 20 months. texas governor rick perry
12:05 am
was in wine could country for a private fundraiser. perry and mitt romney are currently considered the two leading gop candidates. but in recent day, perry's star has been falling and romney's rising. the founder of the harvard side hell -- health center says he may be forced to shutdown. he owes taxing that prohibits medical marijuana dispensarys dispensarys from?
12:06 am
if you need a basketball fix the aba has a new expansion team in the bay area. ktvu's rita williams introduces us to the richmond rockets and shows us why the players want to make the most of their opportunity. >> reporter: if practice makes perfect then the richmond rockets already are winners. >> these guys are playing for their lives. these young men are hungry because they've already been passed up by the nba and passed up by overseas opportunities this is a second chance for them. >> reporter: it's not the money, a few hundred dollars a game says david franklin now 29 and homeless since his last nba opportunity folded. >> the main thing is i can be seen on the basketball court so i can get other students expect for making money on the basketball court. >> reporter: now two, marquise katelye played for morgan state. >> this is going to bring a lot
12:07 am
of familiar faces back on the scene. >> reporter: at 5'7", ronny lou from san francisco and uc davis is the shortest. >> that means i have to work harder. play smart. >> reporter: the coach's son, a utah valley grad is a responsible star. >> he's a better basketball player or he wouldn't be here. >> reporter: the richmond rockets are the latest team in the american basketball association number 90. making it the largest professional sports league in the country. and definitely the cheapest only $10 a ticket. with a grilling first practice over the bigger jobs to turn the team into winners on and off the court has just begun. >> there will always be rockets on three, rockets on me. >> rockets. >> reporter: in richmond, rita williams, ktvu. >> the rocket season opens next month. to find out more go to ktv
12:08 am scroll down the front page. thieves strike again, the theft that is happening
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more dust storms rolled across arizona today causing the three major accidents and one death. a man died when the car he was riding in slam into the back of a tractor trailer. the driver of the tractor trailer was badly injured. dust storms caused two other massive pile ups and weather
12:11 am
conditions there are ripe for more dust storms on thursday. this video shows two passengers holding on to the helicopter immediately after the crash. a family of five all tourists were on board and the pilot was a long time family friend. rescuers pulled four people from the water. two are in critical condition. the pilot was able to swim back the shore. cooper thieves have struck again this time near the petaluma airport. thieves stole 1,300 feet of cooper wire from prince park. the theft has destroyed beacon lights that warn pilots about two 85-foot poles poles that are in the flight path to the airport. in somalia a truck loaded
12:12 am
with drums and fuel exploded today killing 70 people. many were parents and children on a busy street. rebels with the militant group immediately claimed responsibility and said there would be more bombings. the al-qaida linked militants have been waging a war to turn somalia into a strict islamic state. in new dehli karzite arrived. the move is expected to anchor their mutual neighbor pakistan. recently president karzite has been very critical of pakistan accusing it of links to taliban. retired arch bishop desmond tutu lashed out today. he accused his government of
12:13 am
vowing to pressure. tutu is angry that -- lots [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam, who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you.
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a strange case of vandalism has resulted in 40,000 young salmon being released prematurely into san francisco bay. as ktvu's eric rasmussen found out the high school students who raised those fish may be the ones suffering the most. >> reporter: these young salmon are suddenly part of a much smaller group of fish. >> there's no fish left in this at all. >> reporter: brook holsey showed us where someone cut the
12:16 am
nets on two of three pens holding 40,000 salmon. >> someone has taken a knife and cut everything. >> reporter: half of them were being raised by students at casa grande high school in petaluma. >> we're there on christmas, we're there all the time. >> reporter: students release the salmon into the bay but now that won't happen. >> the kids need to be given that pat in the back and the credit for raising the fish. someone has just taken that all away from them. >> reporter: the sheriff's office along with fish and game are investigating. gillis hopes the salmon that escape are mature enough to survive. >> we're out there helping, trying to help and people are just trying to stop us. but all you can do is keep pushing forward. >> reporter: they call this stretch back here the salmon highway. but by not properly releasing these salmon as a school of fish it may be a little tougher for them to make their way out
12:17 am
to the golden gate bridge. the san francisco foundation are now trying to raise money for security cameras. eric rasmussen. governor brown made a decision on two bills on state parks slated for closure. the governor vetoed a republican bill. the governor says that measure is unnecessary because the state already has contracts with cities and counties willing to operate parks within their jurisdictions. this chevy's is one of the 178 restaurants in the united states owned by the real
12:18 am
mexican restaurant. real mex sited declined sales and rising debt in their filing. a band greeted shoppers at the bay area's newest target store this evening. the east dublin store on dublin boulevard opened its doors to family and friends tonight. the store will open tomorrow and will have an official grand opening on sunday. that new target store is employing 230 people. and we're getting reports of strong winds now, the winds picking up just in the last half hour to hour in the bay area. i have the buoys up and i have a couple of radars going. i wanted you to see where the heaviest rain is. that's about where the front lies you will see right back in here. here we are, right. all this has to go through in the last couple of hours. you will see the computer model it will give you the timing on that. these live buoys are perfect for figuring out what the wind are doing. i have gusts up to 22.
12:19 am
i got gusts to 30, just since you've been in the newscast we've seen the winds offshore nearly double in strength or at least 20 to 30% stronger. the system is the big one. here's the upshot, it's moving quick. and it's a good thing it's moving quick. because the accumulations an inch to two inches could translate south but it's moving so fast most of us will just get a half an inch to an inch. that's a lot of rain. about one 1:00 in the morning you're going to start to hear this stuff coming down. 1:00a.m. there it is. you see winds are going to be packed into this front. here we are at 4:00 a.m. you will see it sliding into the santa clara valley. you're into the livermore valley. down to concord. then you wake up in the morning and there's a few clouds, drizzle, plenty of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. that's 8:00 a.m. right there. that's your morning commute. watch what happens, instability
12:20 am
comes in behind it. in area about 3:00 tomorrow maybe a scattered showers. maybe a stray thundershower. the whole time the mountains are going off. you saw ken pritchett out there. it's snowing already. that's a little ahead of schedule. once the cold air gets in there, the snow levels are coming down. at least 6,000 feet. here we are into tomorrow night, your commute is dry. this is really a good sized storm for this time of year. the upshot is it's moving fast. forecast highs tomorrow, mid- 60s. this system has plenty of speed with it. if this slowed down, it would be a pretty big deal. on a scale of one to 10 it's a 10. we're not going to see flooding or anything like that. but for early october you don't see storms with this kind of punch. we have but it's definitely unusual. >> who would have thought october 1st we're seeing snow in the sierra. >> just barely fall and we're getting a big winter storm in
12:21 am
the market. >> ken was freezing. >> he looked miserable. for anyone wanting to film a low budget documentary in san francisco, the council is allowing film makers to get tax breaks on payroll taxes. 20th century fox says it may have to pull the plug on one of its most popular tv series. the simpsons have been on the air for 23 seasons but it's producers say the show costs too much to make. the six actors who speak for bart i'm a curious seeker.
12:22 am
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i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.
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a crowd greeted fromoter after he won the noble prize. he says some mysterious energy
12:25 am
is causing -- to move faster and faster. textbooks is been rewritten because of the discovery and scientists have had to question their basic assumptions about the neighborhood. promutter heads to sweden november 5th to pick up his noble prize and $750,000. >> his daughter sure is cute. mark is here now with sports you are fired up. baseball play offs. >> this is a great time if you're a baseball fan. i tell you double headers a rare commodity these day, but thanks to the magic of television we get the quadrupel header. that diamond rookie diamondback rookie gave them such fits down the stretch wasn't just picking on them. as arizona fights off elimination against the brewers first before you see mr.
12:26 am
goldsmith it's miguel. and bloomquest scores. bases loaded, seemed this guy had a 15 lead, 8-1 arizona in the series at 2-1 against milwaukee. a little squirrely in st. louis. all those high paid phillies in the line up. and this is a guy who makes it happen. san francisco scoreless game provides all three runs. the bullpen made it stand up phils in a 2-1 lead in that series. if we were to ask what name doesn't belong on this list. babe ruth, reggie jackson or adrian beltre and you said beltre you would be wrong because as of today he is one of seven guys to hit as many as three homers in a postseason
12:27 am
game. who won't be on dancing with the stars, the photographer down the third baseline he got up and said, beltre say hi let's do it. next at-bat for beltre playing it even. going deep to right center. again connecting three solo homers. texas squeezing by tampa just like they did last year. the rays eliminated again. and texas celebrated. in detroit yankees spanked the tigers 10-1. granderson for the beautiful -t shot with the bases lowed to rob dun kelly that saved the yankees early. derek jeter who struck out last night not in this one. over the head of jackson. deep shot is going to score a pair. jackson scoring all the way from first a very nice elusive dive to make it there. we're not done seeing granderson at all.
12:28 am
tigers with a shot deep off the bat of johnny p era lta. beautiful catch and the yankees were big winners over. that wasn't it feels like help is never far away.
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it feels like you're protected against life's little mishaps. it feels like you'll make it home. that's what it feels like to be a member.


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