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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  October 8, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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he was the face of the oakland raiders for almost their entire existence. tonight nfl legend al davis is dead. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm heather holmes. the bay area is paying respects to al davis, he died today at the age of 82.
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fans gathered at the raiders headquarters placing bouquets of flowers at the base and he was the owner and manager of the raiders for fifty years and he has been described as a pioneer in professional football. he create created a team of his own image. fred inglis reflects on his imimpact on professional football. >> mr. al davis was born july 4th, 1929. he was raised in brooklyn new york but he turned oakland, california into his own nation. the raider nation. >> this is about a new mystique. >> he was just 33 when he joined the organization in 1963. as head coach and as general manager. >> well, he was very demanding man. he turned our organization into a professional football team and he turned the american
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football league into a real first class football league. >> reporter: three years later davis left the raiders to become the american football league commissioner and helped force the merger with the bigger established football league and that historic merger ended his stint and he returned to oakland as part owner and he obtained control of every day operations of the team. >> i want a winner. that's my life and i have always won and i always will win. >> very tough physical and intimidating and good football team. i think is his legacy of being able to build that and a little bit of a renegade and outlaw and i'll do it my way whether you like it or not. >> out of all of the owners i played with in professional sports, he had to be the nicest
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and most kindest caring boss. he hired unknown coaches like john madden that was just 32 when he became the raiders head coach in 1969. davis hired art shell, the first head coach of the modern nfl era and tom florez, the first latino head coach in nfl history. who led the raiders to two of their three superbowl championships. >> he hired me, he didn't hire me because i was hispanic, he hired me because he thought i could win and unfortunately the only things that seemed to be noteworthy of print are the bad things. i know the other side. >> and chief executive amy tas is one of the highest ranking females in all of major league sports. >> i am not sure any other organization has done as much for the revival of fairness an
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opportunity to minorities. >> davis battled in court and won the right to move the raiders to los angeles before the 1982 season and 13 years later after multiple failed attempts to get a new stadium built in southern california davis returned to oakland. >> with this honor, it is a testament to a great organization. >> in 1992 al davis was inducted into the nfl hall of fame. >> al davis was leader of not only the raiders and not only the american football league but leader of all profootball. >> reporter: and while the greatness of the raiders has diminished since 1973 but will stand the test of time. >> we are what we are and the
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legacy we leave, mine, i hope will be the raiders. the oakland raiders in their hometown have had a rocky relationship at times. jay hernandez is in al ma kneeda. >> i met with those that knew mr. al davis and knew the icon. >> raider nation will memorialize him as probably the most important person in american football. >> after digesting the news of the passing a man bigger than life, don prado, a man with his own open history explained mr. al davis touch and go saga with the city. mr.davis refused to be told what to do, least of all by
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oakland officials in the '80s. >> the powers at be thought they would stare him down and he went to la. >> in classic al davis fashion,, john bella said that making money was secondary in oakland. >> mr. davis cared about winning more than any other owner in the nfl. >> just win, baby. assaying he would be rarely without and most fans continued to admire and follow when davis returned to oakland in his own teams and this time in a renovated coliseum and today the flag waved at half-staff and in al ma kneeda, fans descended on headquarters. >> he was at the game saturday and no one expected him to pass. it is a shock. >> mr. davis is the oakland
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raiders and was the oakland raiders and the raiders will never be the same without him. >> one fan club is asking fans to gather here tomorrow night at 6:00 to welcome back the players from texas. and the raiders organization today released this statement on the death of its owner and it reads in part al davis was unique, a maverick and giant among giants and a true legend and a hero and mentor and friend and the will to win will continue to blaze through the legacy of the great al davis. hugh jackson released a statement saying "it is because of this accomplished man and his love of silver and black, the fire that burns in him i will always and forever burn in me." former raiders coach and
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current radio analyst mr. florez says he called mr. al davis a friend for fifty years. it is hard to imagine that someone that has been a big part of my life and football and the raiders is gone. i think le be remembered as one of the great pioneers and one of the great architects of what the game is today. >> florez was one of the first latino coaches hired and currently in houston for the raiders game against the texans tomorrow and he said the mood is subdued right now. our coverage continues nation in mourning and we talk to the fans about the passing of al davis and the story is coming up in 20 minutes. san jose police scrambled today on a homicide after an officer involved and an officer- involved shooting and only minutes and less than a mile apart. we are live in san jose with why the two incidents do not
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appear to be linked. >> one was a cop firing at a suspected car thief and the other one in the alley was far more serious, a young couple shot and the woman fighting for her life. >> they were nice and didn't bother anyone. >> this neighbor says he knows the victim, a 19-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman and students at san jose state lo rented the college said they were robbed and shot perhaps by an intruder and possibly an acquaintance. >> they got robbed with their money and their marijuana. he was probably high on drugs or something to just kill someone. the shootings launched a massive response collecting evidence and trying to find a suspect. >> these are the worst case scenarios we talked about. the worst case because of the crime that unfolded police were working another scene, a sheriff's deputy shot up a ford
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exploder trying to apprehend the driver possibly armed and found in a training center and at the time san jose had two critical incidents stretching the officers thin. >> we don't have the personnel we once have so it is a learning curve. >> doing more with less doesn't make people feel safer day or night and some will talk about rising violence but won't show their faces. >> there is a lot of shootings around here. we have a lot of kids in the streets so you never know what is going to happen. not much suspect information yet from police on this homicide but talking to the neighbor that says he knew the couple, he said they had lived here about a year while going to school and they had not been any trouble here before. we are live in san jose, debra
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vilone, channel 2 news. the man accused of the deadly quarry shooting expressed condolences to the victims. police say shareef holman opened fire at the levi cement plant and there was a statement "there was no words to express how sorrow we have or how badly we feel we don't understand how it happened and wish we could change the events of this week" almond was shot by deputies the day after attack. in less than two hours protesters in front of city hall may be told to leave or face arrest. a group of protesters supporting the occupy wall street operation have set up opportunities and the police have warned them if they don't move by tonight officers will issue citations and may make arrests and the protesters said that would be unfair because a
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vietnamese was not arrested back in 2008. people remain camped out omission street and occupy san francisco activists are calling to an end of corporate greed. the demonstration has been going on now for more than a week. a smithsonian museum in washington d.c. was shut down after anti war and occupy wall street demonstrators allegedly tried to enter the building. a spokesman says 100 to 200 demonstrators attempted to enter an exhibit featuring aircraft, one of the security guards used pepper stray to break up the crowd and the museum was closed and one person was arrested. a golden gate back drop and bluebird skies and the blue angels over head and nothing
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better than that. we will take you to that. what it means for students at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment.
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because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible. seconds. they came by boat, bus and trolly and car to gather on the shoreline of san francisco and look up. we have the spectacle of the
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blue angels and this week's fleet week. san francisco has some noisy guests this weekend and they aren't subtle. a symphony of jet engines and the people gathered to watch the show from blue angels over the water to a parade of ships on the water. >> a lot of ships and fire boats. >> this is pretty much just a happy place. >> yes. thrilled. >> and navy divers under water. >> fleet week carnival like atmosphere is meantime to entertain and recruit. >> i think this is awesome recruiting because it allows the public to see the range of services that the rangers does. the risk and the beauty that makes people want to watch and the canadian snowbirds i flew with them on a media flight for an experience like no other and the feeling of
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taking off information and being so close to that flame next to you while you are dancing in the sky so you feel like you could touch it and doing slips and turns and you feel like there's an elephant sitting on your chest and coming into land and knowing that you have been within an inch an your life and still wanting to do it again. the risks were on display in reno while a pilot crashed into the grandstand and organizers say this is different, it is not a race but a show and the pilots are not hobbyists but professional navy flyers and it takes place over water away from people. >> i would be having fun if i was there. >> far enough to be safe and close enough to feel the power and to appreciate the school. >> no el walker ktvt 2 news. to see more, go to and click on the flight show
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tabs. cheers for those fighting for educational opportunities for illegal immigrants. as governor rown signed the dream act. a small group celebrated in berkeley. illegal immigrants will be eligible to receive state financial aid to study at state universities and colleges. supporters say it is an important state. >> whether we are latino or black or asian or native american, arab or white, we are all californiaians and deserve equality and to have our dreams come true. the dream act encourages international excitement and helping students to gain access to college benefits the students and the entire state. a bay area organization is pushing to keep funds coming for california high-speed rail and public policy advocacy group the bay area council opposes a bill introduced this
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week to free federal spending for high-speed rail. it would give time to honor the chance for success before spending more money and the pay air council says the service would create jobs and promote energy efficiency. searchers in sonoma county found the bodies of a missing sacramento man, volunteers found the body of 30-year-old and beton muto in the armstrong woods. officials say muto took his own life and he was reported missing on tuesday and his suv was found wednesday inside of the park. medical marijuana has promoted employment. one of the organizers of the job expo says the marijuana job market is a growing field. he hopes that it doesn't get sidelined by a crack down by the federal government. >> this is only one state out of fifty states to need workers
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and we are trying to find people that want to work and service the industry so we are helping to create jobs and we hope that federal won't interfere. the jobs available is testing labs and dispensaries and garden shops and law firms. damage control and distance on the campaign trail as governor rick perry tried to set himself apart from a pastor that made controversial remarks. pastor robert jeffers called mormonism a culture and said perry was a follower of jesus christ and mitt romney is a morman and today governor perry says he did not share jeffers police and perry did not comment on his relationship with jeffers. in 2008 jeffers made a similar attack on romney. ron paul is celebrating yet another straw poll victory
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tonight. the texas congressman won the poll at the values voter summit in washington d.c. with 37%. paul told voters today that it is time for america to go back to its roots. there is a whole generation of americans right now rising up and saying we were on the right track at one time. this gets back on that track and restore liberty and prosperity and peace. paul is also won in straw polls in california and north carolina. herman cane came in second and the poll and with 23% and rick san storage had 16%. president obama again pushed the jobs bill as the only way to get the economy back on track. the president's plan would reduce payroll taxes on workers and employers and extend benefits to long term employed people and spend money on public works projects. independent experts who do this for a living have said that this jobs bill will have a significant effect for our
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economy and middle class families across america but if we don't act, the opposite will be true. there will be fewer jobs and weaker growth. the jobs plan will be paid for by closing tax loopholes for oil and gas companies and raising taxes on individuals making more than $200,000. republicans though say any new spending and tax increases would do more harm than good for the economy. the first primary of the 2012 presidential election be held in 2011, new hampshire secretary of state says maybe. nevada will hold the caucus jan 14th and iowa has scheduled its primary for january 3rd, so now new hampshire, traditionally the first state to hold the primary says it is considering moving the primary to december. a decision out of new hampshire is expected by the end of the month. former president jim carter
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was present for an exhibit about his life. >> he talked about growing up on a peanut farm. a lot of peanuts. carter served from 77 to 81 and received a nobel peace prize in 2002. dozens hurt at at a wal- mart store. a computer virus has attack add network use by the department of defense and what equipment it went after. starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope,
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supporters gathered in wisconsin at the church for the first openly gay minister. he left in 1990 after admitting he was gay. opponents gathered outside of the ceremony say go homeo sexual should not be allowed to become clergy man. two women in a walmart store hurled toxic cleaners at each other. they got into a physical altercation and it escalated when one of the women poured bleach and pine sol on the other. 19 people were injured and were treated for exposure to toxic chemicals. a computer virus has affected the network used by pilots that control u.s. drones. the virus captures the strokes on the keyboards of the
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computers used at creature air force base. the pilots control drones in iraq and afghanistan. forces say that crews are able to use it to fly the drones and does not appear that classified information has been lost or transferred. from syria, amateur video shows a frightening scene, activists say syrian security opened fire on tens of thousands warning the death of a kar dish figure. michelle adbah has been shot to death, 14 have been reported dead but another says two. it is said to be the largest demonstration against the president since the uprising began 7 months ago. in libya there is street fighting and thousands are
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trapped in the home as modar gaddafi. from columbia, five people are missing and three are dead following a series of landslides. this amateur video shows rescuers going for safety and the river of mud took out several houses and closed a main road. tens of thousands of fans paid tribute to the king of pop today. the michael forever tribute concert took place in whales. christine aguilera and jackson's children made an appearance. zsa zsa ga bor was in the hospital tonight. she was rushed after losing
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consciousness at her mansion. she has been in and out of the hospital since last year when she broke her hip falling out of bed and her right leg was amputated in january after becoming infected. the raider nation is grieving and we'll tell you how fans will remember al
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waters of hawaii. as we reported at the top of the newscast the raider nation is in mourning tonight. christian captain shows us the fan tributes to raiders owner
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al davis. >> reporter: raider fans gathered at headquarters to offer a shoulder to cry on. the flags flew at half-staff and word spread quickly about the man that fans say was not just an owner but icon. >> i came out to pay respects to al davis, he was a maverick and created the raiders. very important person in the nfl. we owe him a lot. >> fans say they will remember him for more than just his legacy on the field. >> he was very philanthropic. i know i have been to several fundraisers and golf tournaments and special olympic events that were supported by al davis and the raiders organization. >> reporter: many fans made a pilgrimage to grieve and there were other places where fans gathered to remember al davis and the effect he had on raider football. when fans can't be at the game
12:02 am
they will be at the sports bar and ricky said he knew al davis and said he was a transformative figure in raider football. >> his vision, they live forever. >> reporter: fans say they have high hopes for the raiders. >> we are on a positive upswing and hopefully he can continue and make the playoffs and make the superbowl. >> reporter: fans say on the one hand al davis left an indell bell mark on raiders football but the team they say will never be the same. in oakland christian captain, ktvt, channel 2 news. the owner of ricky's sports bar says he expects a big crowd, ricky ra caro was inviting fans to come to the sports bar and celebrate al davis' life and ricardo says he is planning something special. fans of the raiders and al davis share their thoughts on facebook and posting pictures
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and telling story and most of the comments are to praise davis. if you would like to share your thoughts on the passing of al davis visit our ktvt news facebook page and also we have mosh information on al davis including a slideshow of his career. that's at and click on the al davis tab. police are looking for a gunman in a pet store. it happened at 8:30 in the pets mart store in el camino coral. the gunman shot a cashier while trying to rob the store and the cashier was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening information. we have no information on that gunman yet. a reminder from oakland city hall, most city employees will have monday off and that means city offices and parks and senior centers will not be staffed. the closure is part of a union negotiated deal to help the
12:04 am
city balance its budget and street cleaners will stay home parking attendants will be at work issuing citations. vandals have struck again releasing salmon in the bay. the director of the tib ber ron institute says someone cut the mets containing 20,000 salmon. the fish are being raised by volunteers and were supposed to be released in the coming weeks and on monday someone cut the mets releasing 40,000 salmon and the fish were raised by high school students and set for release at the end of the month. the glass is looking half empty grape harvest, the president of the sonoma county wine association says it could be the smallest in 7 years. the appearance of a fungus
12:05 am
called bunchi at some of the vineyards. three made off with three catalytic converters and it can cos victims as much as $2000 to replace them. the latest thefts what happened yesterday and all three cars targeted were toyotas. a pilot is recovering after ditching his plane in the ocean. the 65-year-old pilot was on his way to hawaii from monterey when he ran out of gas 13 miles from the big islands. as you can see the pilot ditched the single engine plane and climbed out of the cockpit and the coast guard helped to rescue him and he suffered only minor injuries. a music festival with a unique twist. the left coast came alive today in the south bay, why part of
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12:08 am a cage in the local shelter... heaven...your lap... music lovers flock to the south bay today. dozens of bands took to three outdoor stages in san jose for the live music festival and it featured food and drink and a silent disco where there were headphones to take part in the fun. it is fun to tune into the musical world here and pull off the headphones and hear the band. the best of both worlds.
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this is the 3rd year for the music event. a fairly nice saturday across most of the bay area. if you look to the west you may notice the fog bank and it has been developing over the past few hours and it will be a factor in the forecast at least in the short-term. here we go on live storm tracker 2 and low clouds developing around the bay and especially around pacificca and half moon bay. this was the estuarian you can see the fog. we have clear skies inland but fog developing and tomorrow we will call it warm inland and next week a instant warmup and especially by tuesday and into wednesday. by tuesday afternoon into wednesday. overnight lows tomorrow and when most areas starting out in the 50s except 40s for sanna
12:10 am
rossa and napa at 49 and san francisco 53 degrees. tomorrow more of an onshore push and more fog and temperatures inland approaching the 80-degree mark in the upper 70s and few neighborhoods around 80 degrees and a little bit of cooling around the bay and weather system out here in the pacific and it will be approaching the coastline on monday and with that a few sprinkles for monday evening into tuesday morning and beyond tuesday, we will have warmed up temperatures for neck week. here is the forecast model showing you the low cloud cover and more tomorrow morning and compared to this morning and concentrated around the coast and the bay and in the afternoon hours and the clouds near the shoreline and temperatures in the 60s to the 70s. the air show tomorrow you can count on low clouds in the bay and temperatures in the upper
12:11 am
50s and skies sunny and the low cloud cover could be more stubborn and with that temperatures cool off a few degrees cosi and oakland 70 and san jose 76 and these temperatures will check in around 3 clock tomorrow afternoon. here is a look ahead at your extended forecast with the remainder of the weekend, monday we will thicken up the cloud cover throughout the afternoon in the north pay and a chance of a few sprinkles and monday to tuesday morning and once that system is through the atmosphere wants to spring back and temperatures warm back up nicely by wednesday and thursday under plenty of sunshine. sounds good. thank you, mark. the san jose sharks drop the pucks on a brand new
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probably the most lasting quote by one of the most influential man in nfl history. many that awoke to the news that man synonymous with the oakland raiders, al davis, died. the 82-year-old was a rare owner, a football man first. davis was there from the beginning with the up start american football league starting with the chargers in 1960 and the raider the made him the youngest coach and general manager in football history in 1963 and davis forced the merger with the nfl, now the most profitable sports
12:15 am
league and serving as the manager's general partner they won two superbowls and one in los angeles and davis was championshipped as renegade and in ill health for sometime he died in his home early this morning. no one knew the man better than his first superbowl winning coach john madden. >> when they made al davis the coach of the raiders, he was the commissioner the league, they wanted a fighter and recruiter and a guy that would take on the nfl and they pick add perfect guy. al davis was leader of not only the raiders and not om the american football league but leader of all profootball. >> he has never gone with the trends and gone with what he feels is the best way to two and when he hired me he didn't hire me because i was hispanic, he hired me because i could
12:16 am
win. >> good football teams, fun football teams and i think that's his legacy of being able to build that, a little bit of a renegade and outlaw and i'll do it my way whether you like it or not. stanford's football team has high aspirations and new pack 12 member colorado did nothing to diminish them and tiger woods made his way to the stadium to see the game and max bergen comes up the middle to block the colorado field goal and bergen takes a hop and he is off to the races and bergen picks up a convey to keep from getting run down and 7-0 stanford and 13-0 after a quarter and andrew luck with a flawless day and makes it look easy to ryan hewitt and earlier the same combination, luck to hewitt from ten yards and
12:17 am
hewitt just getting in at the pylon. then the caper in the 4th quarter, luck will hit griff walen in strides and leaves tackers in his way to a 30-yard play and throws for 370 yards as the cardinals cruises, 48-7 and washington state is up next. san jose state, b yu in provo. riley nelson throws it to the richard wilson and he takes off on a 21-yard touchdown and by unfortunately in front 9-0 and did not look back. you see left hand you think steve young and nelson with a nice impression with a 40-yard scoring pass to jacobsen and bcu the winner. this is the one we are talking about. number three oklahoma against
12:18 am
texas in the cotton ball. no contest. oklahoma da mantry hurts picks up david ash and picks it up for a score and the long horns turned it over five times and dominic whaley around the corner and gone and 64-year-old touchdown and oklahoma 5-0. texas loses for the first time in five games. lsu expecting a challenge from florida. jarrett lee throws for it in the 1st quarter and reuben randall to hall in a score and lsu on the board first. here is what everybody is talking become the score that was not a score, brad wing in punt formation and nobody is rushing. wing takes off running to the end zone and nullified by a new rule and one official thought this gesture by wing was taunting used to be enforced
12:19 am
and now they wipe the play off of the board and the suspect call did not bother the tigers that has a 41-11 win. the sharks develop their quest to go where no san jose team has gone. several months will pass before we know if the sharks will try again. the sharks settle for another championship banner and fred burns one of nine new names and burns contributed against phoenix that digging the puck out and gets it to joe pel velki and one of three goals that san jose scored. michael han zug on the wrap around that made it 2-0 and mike smith got a lot of the puck but not enough to keep frit going in and scoring no problem for san jose 3-0 and then sar din stole the puck and went in on smith and san jose
12:20 am
on the way to a four-goal period and the final score, this time nar din refuses to give up the puck and converting once again and the coyotes got a couple of goals and the sharks start the new season with a 6-3 opening night win. not in the lead but tiger woods continues to grab the attention at the tournament and shot back to back rounds in the 60s, not a bad day for a nature walk. tiger on number 11, the second hole and almost a routine birdie. tiger trying to get the swing and his putting and the whole game in sync and puting to save par and tiger shot the 68 and which means four under par and ernie ls with a two stroke lead and he shot a 67 and two back
12:21 am
with paul casey and the leader is beard. on the 9th hole, man is he thrilled, shot a 64 and won more than $12,000 but never won a tournament and hoping tomorrow will be number one. game one of the american league championship. we will it's about building cars in america.
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we'll be right back. it was an all night affair if you started watching the american league championship series and stuck with it all the way. detroit at texas in game one, the rangers broke through and justin ver langer after mike napi single and murray to the right center and napli chugs around the bases and scores the
12:25 am
game first run and murphy with a triple and scored on a single byian kingsler and ver langer for one more and cruz 0 for ten before he had a solo home run and then 3-0 and then in the fifth the tigers put a runner on and a rain delay and tigers scored twice when wilson had a wild pitch to score jackson and after 13 minutes the grounds crew got a chance to do its thing again and this time a 69 game delay and mike gonzales on the mounds and ended by getting village to ground to second and more than 2 hour delay and finish it out for texas and lion rayburn to end it and the rangers take a 3-2 win and game two tomorrow after football.
12:26 am
winning on the road is not something that earthquakes had done for nine straight games but broke it today with a win over new england. coach clinsman looking for his first win. shay with a pass here and dempsey with the fancy football and escobar, the u.s. hangs on and the u.s. is now 1, 2 and 1 since clinsman took over for bradly. there is good feelings to championship the jim harbaugh area and the tampa bay pucks come here and one of the big differences of the play of alex smith. he had four touchdown passes and one interception and with a
12:27 am
quarterback rating of 97.7 and he is well chronicled and this year trying a new approach. trying to do less. i feel like i was pressing too hard and trying to make too many plays instead of letting them come to me and i talk about playing in a system, being myself and let the place happen, not forcing things and making the decisions and the big plays will come. the raiders take the 2-2 record to houston will they will play the texasens. think and it would be great if they were able to win. absolutely. that's our report for tonight. thank you so much for trusting ktvt channel 2 news and we'll see you the next time news break. starting at 7:00 a.m. for all of the overnight news and you going to and mobile ktvu. thank for joining us.
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