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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 10, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> it's a protest movement still gaining momentum. tonight the protest is set up camp in another bay area city. good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> the occupy wall street movement established a foot hold in oakland. dozens set up tents saying they are prepared to stay indefinitely. patty lee is live outside city hall and says how police plan to handle the situation.
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>> reporter: it's unlikely they will stay issue definitely. at least 25 tents have been pitched here and that's despite the fact it's against the code to spend the night and that's because police and the mayor are making an exacception. they say they can spend the night as long as they stay peaceful. a steady drizzle of rain didn't drive away protesters determined to make a statement. >> they can take me to jail until they say we can't be here. >> reporter: he is part of the working for and that is no longer acceptable. > i live paycheck to paycheck and barely make it work. >> reporter: around four this afternoon, 600 went to the plaza carrying signs with a variety of messages and agendas. >> we want health care, education, good living wages,
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ability to retire in dignity. >> reporter: there is a theme. >> what unifies us is we know there are the 1% that have the money. they have the ability to fund a better life for all americans. >> reporter: some republicans have dismissed the protesters, calling them a mob and say they are jealous of banker success. >> i have been saying the people have to get out in the streets. >> reporter: laura said she believes this movement will continue to grow and could lead to changes in the system. >> the over 50 people though we care we can't make the difference. we need the young people because they are our future. >> reporter: i checked in with oakland officers, just about 15 minutes ago and they say there haven't been any major problems. we have been smelling pot but they say they aren't focused on
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crack down on the crowd unless it gets out of hand. >> they may be a bit wet but the weather hasn't hurt the determination of those holding the protest in san francisco. demonstrators lined part of market street near the federal reserve bank. one worker said he came from fremont to support friend was college degrees who are struggling to find work after being laidoff. another man said the website is getting at least 100 e-mails a day from people looking to get involved and support the protest. >> in the capitol protesters got a four month extension on their permit to demonstrate. they were supposed to leave tonight. >> occupy dc. >> reporter: they have been campl oud near the white house for four days. many are upset about the gridlock in washington. the president said congress could move forward bypassing his jobs bill. the senate is expected to take it up tomorrow. >> the president crafted plan
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in consultation with the business community and labor leaders say what are the things we should turn that will create jobs right now. >> the bill would increase taxes on millionaires but republicans have declared the bill dead on arrival. >> the stock exchange website twice experienced outages today. the first happened at about 12:30 this afternoon and the second two hours later. it lasted 30 minutes. a spokesman said just because there was an outage or slow down doesn't mean it was hacked. the group anonymous has threatened an attack as part of the protest. a possible solution to help europe's hurt banks and stocks d -- the dow went up 330 points. leaders of france and germany have pledged to come up with a fix by the end of the month. last night we reported that yahoo jerry yang is considering a buy out. today the company stock rose
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more than 2%. bloomburg is reporting a website has talked to a company about financing a deal. >> new information on the circumstances around the death of steve jobs. the public health department released his death certificate. it indicates he died at his home last wednesday afternoon. the cause of death is listed as respritory arrest and a tumor. it was noted the tumor had spread. apple is planning a celebration of jobs life for employees at the company headquarters next week. >> it's the news basketball fans didn't want to hear, the first two weeks of the season canceled. the commissioner made that announcement in new york offer seven hours of negotiations between owners and players ended with no agreement. they can't seem to agree on a salary cap and how to split
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revenue. it includes all games between november 1st and the 14th. >> authorities have identified the two young people shot and killed near the campus of san jose state. lloyd spoke to friends of the victims tonight and is standing by live at police awed quarters. >> reporter: san jose home sid inspectors are putting in long hours, all trying to solve the 33 and 34th of the year compared to 20 for all of last year. a 21-year-old of atlanta da georgia and his girlfriend were gunned down at 11:00 saturday morning in downtown san jose. about a mile from the campus of san jose state. >> the case is still under investigation. the detectives aren't releasing any further details. >> reporter: tonight three of the former roommates got together to remember. >> he was a really good guy
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and a really good heart. he -- they wouldn't appreciate that. >> reporter: his friends say he did not come from a rich family and had street smarts. >> he was aware of dangerous activities and he was -- he grew up with it and i don't think he would ever have put her in a situation like that. >> reporter: his girlfriend was a prenursing student and a member of delta gamma. she was a hostess another a pizza restaurant. >> her and her boyfriend seemed like really good people. when i hung out with them they were really happy and friendly. >> reporter: homicide investigators are working around the clock to try to solve the homicides. it's very, very time consuming very taxing and emotionly, mentally and physically for the investigators to have a heavy case load. >> reporter: this is a city that once held a title of safest big city in the country. police say compared to other cities it still is.
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>> a san jose police officer shot and killed a man early today in that city's second officer involved shooting since last friday. officers came on the man on hills dale avenue. he had a hand gun and only wearing shorts. officers ordered him to drop his gun but police say he made a threatening move prompting one officer to fire. there is no word on his identity, police say they believe he did fire his gun about 30 minutes earlier a few blocks away. >> we are staying on storm watch tonight after a drizzlely start to the work week caused scattered problems. bill martin has the rainfall totals but we start at sfo and a new way of looking at flight delays. >> reporter: and good afternoon or good evening. the airport has extended the flight delays until one in the morning and there are confused people. i have an app showing delay around the country and a lot of
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green and then one red dot. that's us, we are the only airport with major flight delays. triading a flight delay to a rainy day. sfo gets about 1200 flights a day. to much to handle when the cloud deck is to low so at 8:00 a.m. they started slow control. >> it spaces the flights out and it's mainly due to low ceilings. >> reporter: flights delayed an hour or two and instead of using the word delayed they use now it's 7:08 and now at 8:20. i'm not sure if that's supposed to improve moods but. >> 10:35 instead of 8:35. whatever happens we don't know what happens did something happen? >> clouds. >> clouds. in san francisco. >> reporter: its been more of a
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nuisance drizzle, just enough to test out the umbrellas but it's dangerous on the roads. a roll over on 880 in oakland caused a traffic back up and in the east bay hills the rain soaked ground couldn't hold its grass causing a tree to topple and take out power lines along pine hearst. the foggy, rainy veil made an eerie postcard for the visitors who wanted us to take the picture. >> combination of weird and nice. i never seen the bay -- the bridge this kind of condition but it looks nice. >> reporter: at least they weren't stuck here waiting at terminal 2. some looked like they are settled in for the evening. if are you coming to pick someone up check their flight status. reporting live. noelle walker. >> more rain isn't what wine grape growers wanted especially after last week's storm. they have been hurrying to finish harvesting. they say thin skinned grapes
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are at risk to rot or can swell and burst but thicker skinned grapes are harder as one wine maker put it they are at mother nature's mercy. >> and the main rain moved to the north. here we are in the scattered shower that went through the bay area. it was wet all day but the accumulations were light. santa rosa three tenths of an in. are still showers out there. light scattered showers and a chance for more for the morning drive. we will look at the morning and the day tomorrow. i will see you back here. >> light burn in this empty hotel. they are squatters. >> online poker but with a twist. how new sites are skirting the law to make a point. >> and a violent attack on
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. the governor signed dozens of bills before the midlight deadline. one is legislation meant to keep a medical center open. the bill will give financial guarantees to lenders who will help the host pay off nearly $20 million in debt. doctors medical center sevens
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mostly medical and medicare and is the only full service emergency room facility. raves at the cowpallace have turned deadly. there is a new bill that we will talk ability to change that. a push to legalize online gambling it gaining movement. groups launching websites for people to play pocker without waking money. a bill that would have allowed for it stalled this year but a new one is expected to january. a recent field poll showed california voters supporting online gambling. >> netflix decided not to spite up it's dvd and streaming services. earlier they said they would separate them, a decision met with disdain by customers. the ceo said that user who still be able to use both under one account or one password.
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netflix does plan to stick to its new pricing plans which will have people paying separately. apple said first day preorders for the i-phone 4s topped more than one million. that beat the record set last year by the i-phone 4 which had 600,000 first day orders. the new model is supposed to hit stores friday. the base model is priced at $200 with a two year contract. i-pad user dear sir get a facebook app. the world's most popular sobanet work released it today. it was designed to fill up the larger screen and like the i- phone version it's free. >> a quarry reopened after a deadly shooting rampage there last week. three people were killed and six wounded when an employee opened fire. the next day police shot and
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killed him. the company said grief counselors will be available for as long as workers need them. it also hopes to have the plant operational with in a week. >> new, protesters led by homes not jails have broken into and are spending the night in several san francisco buildings. >> reporter: you can see there is a light on in the lobby, another up top and banners all over this building. a few dozen are inside this abandoned hotel and no attempt by the police to route them. it's a worldwide protest with deep local roots. 17 units, more dirty than most would want but the activist who went in say while the it's sat empty waiting to be converted to medical offices homeless people would have been happy to sleep in them. >> this is a lot nicer than
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many have. to have them come in here it's powerful. >> reporter: rallies and marches demanding housing for the poor were held in other cities and nations as well. part of world homeless action today in a second year. but it's a 20 year tradition for homes not jails in san francisco. their first target tonight, the high profile cathedral hill hotel, 600 rooms, long empty and slated to be a private hospital. >> every year hundreds die out on the streets for lack of housing. >> it's a form of child abuse because this building could house all of the houseless families in the city. >> reporter: and they say with 10,000 homeless and three time that many empty unit this is should be an issue of fairness. this college graduate spending a third of his income on loans
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said the possibility of homelessness is more real for him than ever. >> it's not -- no longer a thing associated people who are lazy. >> reporter: so this hotel and at least four other buildings have squatters in them tonight. relatively easy to break-in to and even at the hotel the guards didn't stop them. you can see police are standing by with you how long the squatters allowed to stay depends on how much the landlord pushes police to evict and arrest them. right now it's a wait and see. we are live in san francisco. >> a surge in violence against christians in egypt has left dozens dead and hundreds injured. rita williams tells us how coptic christians reacting how some are calling on the united states government to help. >> reporter: a coptic christian
11:49 pm
in danville. tonight adelle is praying for christians in egypt. >> we are very. sad. it shouldn't happen. >> reporter: he said it happened in cairo yesterday. what started peacefully with christians protesting the burning of a church ended with 26 people, most of them christians, dead. 500 people injured. protesters said they were armed only with wooden cross when is tanks ran them over and police and soldiers opened fire. christians make up about 10% of egypt's population. tonight distraught christians begged for the united nations to stop what some called genocide. >> obama -- they kill -- by gun, made in america. >> reporter: military leaders
11:50 pm
ruling egypt since last spring called the violence an attempt to undermine the state. >> christians have been oppressed and discriminated against for years. >> reporter: back in danville adelle whose mother wanted him to be a priest said he will join other copfic christians the next three days praying for religious freedom, not more death. >> and the rain stay together north, still scattered showers, the light scattered showers i showed you earlier haven't amounted to much but it's warm. temperatures outside right now are in the mid60's. it's very mild, overnight lows, upper 50s and even low 60s. fremont 61, these are overnight lows, it's warm, cloudy, we will see valley fog tomorrow morning. the dew points are high. the temperatures down, look for some really tense fog in some
11:51 pm
of the north and east bay valleys, that's tomorrow morning. the forecast then as you go through time look for that drizzle in the morning, 6:00 a.m., light countries example clouds and then the afternoon it starts to clear out. ly come back, the five day forecast with the weekend in view and there are big changes. >> city councilmembers in redwood voted to keep the ban on medical marijuana. they have had a temporary ban for two years and it was set to expire on september 10th. pot clubs require a significant amount of time and money to monitor and enforce. >> candidates for san francisco mayor make a push. how voters can vote early and how it can influence the outcome. >> and the tiny tool that can send a
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. election day is four week away but san francisco vote every dear sir go to the polls starting tomorrow and cast ballots in the mayor election. david stevenson explains. >> reporter: san francisco mayor candidate says he is pulling annual neither with 24 hours of campaigning leading up to tomorrow morning. >> he. >> we are going through every communication channel, whether in local neighborhood newspapers, to the ethnic press, to using online media. >> reporter: it was aimed to encourage residents to vote early, either at city hall or with absentee ballots. >> lot of people on election day -- half the ballots in already by election day. >> reporter: political sciencist cory cook said it tends to favor moderates but
11:55 pm
the other factor is rank choice voting less than a month until election day candidates jocking for place behind ed lee. >> they are racing money on behalf of candidates. i think it'll be a sizable push. it's now time to vote. >> reporter: lisa porter manned phone banks and went door to door. >> we are doing, making phone banks every night, monday through thursday and then every other day we are walking out going door to door,. . >> reporter: a number of the candidates said they will be here at san francisco city hall to cast votes for themselves. in san francisco, david stevenson. >> one candidate for mayor is calling for an investigation to determine if the current mayor violated campaign laws. the city attorney wants the law to look into 8,000-dollars in
11:56 pm
contributions made to the lee campaign by employees of a shuttle company. two workerrers told the bay city newspaper a manager asked them to make donations and said they would be reimbursed. a spokesman for ed lee said the monday write was returned after campaign staff noticed one of the workers didn't confirm it was from his personal funds. >> now to los angeles where the involuntary manslaughter of conrad murray is set to resume tomorrow and prosecutors are expected to play more of a police interview of murray. the interview was done two days after jackson's death. in it murray details how he told the singer's children their father was dead. on friday they heard him saying he loved jackson and had no intention of hurting him. there is new speculation tonight that the city of los angeles could try and lure the raiders back to los angeles. this just two days after the
11:57 pm
passing of al davis. the international business times reports a relocation is possible and yahoo sports sites at least three unnamed team owners as saying the nfl would be open to the idea of moving the raiders back to los angeles. it also says davis met with the developer of the los angeles down tom stadium team six months ago but talks went nowhere. there has been talk the raiders would be willing to share a new stadium with the 49ers in the south bay. >> sitting here drinking coffee with a gun at his side. the new california law that takes on open carry. >> later the winning entry in this year's pumpkin weigh off. >> first, first alert when second
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. an early warning system for quake social security being tested here. how you can play a key role in predicting quakes. >> by blanketing the earth with sensors you have one where an a quake could start. >> it's free if you hook it up to your computer. it could alert the public. >> giving then between 0 and tens of seconds of warning. >> reporter: here in this lab, a completely different idea. instead of ground shaking, changes in the earth's field, measured could give days of
12:01 am
advance warning. i would like to know if we are in a high risk time period on the order of 24, 48 hours because i would live differently. >> reporter: quake finder put in 70 sensors measuring tiny pulses. >> rocking almost ready to break will generate signals. >> reporter: this may ionize the air explaning lights people see before the quakes. days before the 89 quake, before allen rock and those seven and recent quakes there was this unique signature. >> starting about two weeks before the quake. >> reporter: they plan to go to quake hot spots. they say about five million in five years could prove it works. >> if we save one life it's worth it but potentially we could save thousands. >> reporter: john fowler.
12:02 am
>> has a quake section with information on how to prepare a kit and how to talk to children about quakes. tomorrow night at 9:00 watch the next great quake, are you prepared, how to prepare your home and more. that's tomorrow night at nine followed by the 10:00 news. >> the mother of i a gay teen praised the governor for signing a bill. the measure is designed to protect children from suffering the same torment of bullying. seth walsh hanged himself last september. the bill mandates anti bullying policies. the governor signed another law designed to ensure safety for events held on state property like the cow palace. it was authored in response to three deaths at raves last
12:03 am
year. the law requires an event action plan that addresses security, medical emergencies and age restrictions. >> students rallied at the berkeley campus today to celebrate the governor's signing of the california dream act. >> it's so important we as california ans take a stand as a way of saying it doesn't matter where you come from, it matters that you work hard and have earned your way to this inge sauce. >> many who fought for the bill say they expect it to generate negativitj, it lets ununanimitied students apply for financial -- undocumented students apply for financial aid. the governor finished up his fall bill signing by last night's deadline with a 20% veto rate. he approved 466 and vetoed 97 but the rate for the year was just 14%. those are both low compared
12:04 am
com. >> one of the most controversy new laws bans people from openly carrying guns in public. . >> reporter: here outside starbucks this man sat with a coffee and a 357 at his side. >> for protection but mostly -- it's an exappreciation of freedom. >> reporter: last night the governor signed a bill making a crime to do this after january 1st to openly carry a gun in public. under the new law it's a misdemeanor punishable by a year and a thousand dollar fine. this man said he new law won't stop him. >> there is nothing banning us from carrying long guns, unloaded long guns. so the open carry movement season going any war where. >> when you have people bringing this much fire power,
12:05 am
semi automatics, live ammunition into restaurants it puts the community at risk. >> you should be able to defend yourself with a gun if the situation calls for it. >> reporter: the california police chief's association applauded brown for banning the law. many carry their guns on one hip and bullets at the other. some told us seeing people with guns makes them nervous, others say they don't mind. >> it didn't make me uncomfortable. >> there are angry people who will take out, react. >> reporter: in say they expect to go to court to try to strike down the law. in pleasant hill. >> the new law started a long list of remarks on facebook. ken writes this bill won't stop me from carrying making sure i protect myself and family.
12:06 am
it's the american way. ian suggests the law misses the point saying is no way preventing criminals from carrying loaded gun; none of them will care. tell us what you think. >> remember joe the plumber from the last campaign? well he is back. he has filed paperwork to run for congress in ohio. he became a household name during the 2008 campaign when he questioned obama about his economic policy. he then campaigned with john mccain and spoke at conversative gatherings. banning solo hybrid car drivers carpool lanes has made driving slower. in addition to slower traffic in regular lanes since the state stopped the program on july 1st they found the average speed in the carpool lane dropped 15%. they say it may seem counter
12:07 am
but with regular traffic going at ten to 20 miamis an hour carpool drivers slow down, uncomfortable driving fast next to slow of traffic. >> stinging encounter was yellowjackets. the swarm that attacked a group of school children and why they are more active this time of year. >> back here in ten minutes, a warm upcoming your way. which cities will warm the most. >> missing, ♪
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so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at . there are reports that the number of yellow jacket stings
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is on the rise. they are an aggressive form of wasp. a middle school coach said they swarmed her cross country team four days ago. >> the girls coming up to me with them stuck in their hair and a few of them were stuck. >> wildlife experts say they are more active right now as they prepare for winter. they say they are stocking up on food and working to protect their nests. update on a story we brought you last week. an outbreakful mumps at berkeley has been traced back to a student. the student only showed symptoms after returning to school from europe but now they say there are at least 44 suspected and confirmed cases of the virus on campus. >> in news of the world in libya revolution fighters celebrated a small victory in gadhafi's hometown. they captured the convention
12:11 am
center. there is still intense fighting in other pockets of the city. one commander said one of gadhafi's son social s is believed to be holed up. an unexplained glitch cut off blackberry service across europe and africa. e-mail has been restored and it's techs are working to get service back to normal as fast as possible. the company didn't say what happened. in new zealand tar balls showing up on popular surfing beaches. the oil is coming a cargo ship that ran aground on arrive. workers had to stop off loading the rest of the oil because of bad weather there. is no explanation of why the ship hit the roof. >> police are offering a one thousand dollar reward for the return of a missing pelican.
12:12 am
it's a 700-pound bronze statue that graced the city park. the city commissioned it four years ago at a cost of 27, 5hundred dollars. the pelican was taken over the weekend and police say robbers may be hoping to sell it for the value of bronze. >> organizer will not be opening a haunted house in fremont saying they are be log for a new location. they were told to shut it down because of building and zoning permit violations. the house has been running for five-years raising money for charity. >> half moon bay holding its pumpkin contest. >> looking for new income the brits go
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. pumpkin growers converged in half moon bay for a fall tradition. the pumpkin weigh in. this year's winner is a record setter. >> reporter: they were destined to be more than just jack, o lanterns. >> there we go. >> reporter: a new state record was set. >> 1704 pounds. wow. >> just makes me feel great. >> reporter: he works at hudson vineyards many. >> they let me use their land after work. that's what i do. i do pumpkins, that's my hobby. arm at six dollars a pound he took home a 10,000-dollar prize.
12:16 am
not only was this pumpkin the winner of this festival but the second largest one wide in the world this year. growers came from across the state carting pumpkins large enough to fill truck beds, the secret. >> chosing -- it's a key to grow a giant pumpkin. >> reporter: with it highing 1693 brandt came in second. >> reporter: the contest isn't just about weight. they got to vote for the prettiest taking color and shape into account. all the prize winning pumpkins will be on display next weekend. in half moon bay. >> has details. look for the right now section. >> it's the second case of salmon sabotagn less than a week. 10s of thousands release from
12:17 am
pens at the salmon institute. the first happened last tuesday and again over the weekend. now all 60,000 are gone. some say the pens are inhumane but the institute said they have never been contacted by any group. >> we want to sit down and have a conversation with them. we are all about saving animals, the point is to educate the community on the declining population and we are saving salmon. >> students and volunteers raised them each year as part of the institute's fish restoration project. they were going to be released october 30th. senate british government is looking for suntey treasure to help its bottom line and it may pay off. a company found a trove thought to be worth $18 million the ship was sunk in 1917. this spring a florida company will try to recover the wreck
12:18 am
and the 20-tons of silver thought to be inside. 20% of the profits go to the brit everybody government. >> british government. >> still light showers, mostly drizzle but we have had it all day. didn't amount to much but it was a wet day on the road, and in the neighborhood. you see the light drizzle, go to the live reading you can see -- where it says -- winds are southwest at five. that's a moist flow and as long as that is -- southerly part linkers we will see more of that drizzle. its going to drizzle in the morning, overnight into tomorrow morning so just a little bit on the morning drive. it won't be like this was this afternoon or this evening. it'll be much less. tomorrow morning and the morning drive, tuesday morning little wet on the road. look for that. the rapid clearing after that. this week marked by clearing, warming orrin creasing
12:19 am
temperatures, light off shore winds and temperatures with the slight off shore winds in to the 80s. mid80s. now you can see upper 80s with the inland bay valleys, a real nice return to fall or warm fall in the bay area. hearing in the afternoon. now we go into the bay m," cro climate. most of the residents reside in this area. clouds and drizzle at nine. redwood, sunny skies up to 71 and then the livermore valley, concord and antioch, sunny and warmer. the climate is warming up. the computer model does this. here we are at ten. then at six, then ten in the morning or 11 starting to clear out and watch this. this is the model, watch what it does with the low level clouds, it just pushes them this way. that is indicating the off shore flow. it's picking up on the north or northeasterly winds that will push the fog to the coast. though it's not showing me
12:20 am
temperatures i know when the fog is pushed away, when the winds go off shore. temperatures start to come up and they will. that's how it'll be. 74napa, 74 vallejo and fairfield. notice our uniform the temperatures are. we don't see the big bump between coast and inland. the big difference in temperature. we can go 40 degrees. this time of year it's like 10 degrees. patchy fog, drizzle tomorrow morning but i think you will see the clearing coast side and plenty of sun in the afternoon. that's tuesday. be wednesday, thursday you will see temperatures begin to increase more, more sun, and numbers that will get us into the mid80s and upper 80s. cooler for the weekend as we go into saturday and sunday. >> looks like things going to dry out and be nice. >> warm up nicely. >> all right. thank you. >> a major hurricane possibly a category four could make
12:21 am
landfall on mexico's pacific coast tomorrow. the outer bands brought rain today. the eye of the storm is on track to hit south of there tomorrow. right now the hurricane has max sustained winds of 125 miles an hour and could reach 131 tomorrow. >> some of the 49ers took a break from practice to do a
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
. members of the niners helped put the finishing touches on a fit vanessa cad my. the goal is to gets kids active for an hour a day. >> happy faces there. one close game, one not so much. mark with the baseball playoffs. >> start with that not so close. they say the atmosphere for the brewers games lately like a football game. the pitching staff got in the spirit of that, giving up a couple of touchdowns as the cardinals won. albert with three doubles and this blast in the first.
12:25 am
shot in the first and it was all st. louis. little more of his work as they lay it on thick. albert with five rbis. this a shot to dead center field and as we say a one sided affair. a 1-1 series. historic happening in texas for game two. not because it lasted all day but for the way it ended. it didn't end year. a three run shot for the tigers in third. they led but it is nelson cruz the man. he tied it in the 7th with a homer, bases loaded in the 1st. untied and that's the first time a postseason game has ended in a walk off grand slam. nelson cruz, what was a close game ends 7-3 and it's 2-0 rangers in the series. school night for the niners. national tv and more specifically how to stop best
12:26 am
who blows it open against the bears and looked like that guy. sanders who was the all time great in the lion's uniform when carrying the ball out of the back field. here is best giving it his best. 163 yards rushing, 88 on this bolt. lions win. their best start since 1956, 5- 0 and they play the niners next in the -- the niners seem to be navigating the harbaugh learning curve. in their last six quarters they out scored opponents 69-3. every part of their ing yesterd about as good as it gets. the entire team grasping even without the benefit of train training camp what the entire coaching staff is trying to get across to them. >> our guys understanding, they are working extremely hard. we had a great week of practice for the most part every guy
12:27 am
playing hard and giving great effort. executing the plan very well. >> toward the end of the game we were saving some things, they did a great job of teaching and learning that this week. >> good coaches makes a difference. thehe only down beat it was conofficialed that joshua morgan sustained a broken bone in the lower right leg, could miss the rest of the season. he may feel better than mike, college coach fired as head man at the university of arizona. that's the sporting line up for a monday night. >> was it 69 points to 3? >> 69-3 in their --. >> that's huge. >> six quarters. >> they look like a different team but -- to be sorely tested against detroit who are undefeated we will have it. >> job at best, that one. he is so quick.
12:28 am
>> cal proconduct. bay area. >> thank you. >> and thank you for trusting us. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> join the morning news tomorrow at 4:30 for the latest on
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