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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 12, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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that shapes the look of the bay bridge span. >> good evening. it's wednesday, october 12th. this is bay area news at 7. the occupy wall street protests that have spread across the nation are now moving to the suburbs here in the bay area. protesters protested today outside a bank of america. they say bank of america and other big banks benefited from corporate welfare. >> we taxpayers bailed them out. $25 billion. >> organizers are protesting against a number of issues ranging from unemployment to foreclosures to foreign policy. the main issue is corporate
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greed. another protest took place in pal o alto. organizers there said banks need to be held accountable. occupy protesters also moved in to marin county. we've tried to contact bank of america for its take on the protest, but so far they have not yet commented. this all follows a chaotic day in san francisco. david stevenson reports while protesters targeted wells faro, police -- wells fargo, police stepped in to make arrests. >> reporter: protesters slowed traffic and forced the bank to close its public entrances. >> a few people are getting very rich and meanwhile they're evicting people. >> reporter: the rally was inspired by the occupy wall street movement. >> we are the people in a low
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income community. we're saying enough is enough. we're fighting back. >> >> reporter: fighting back at wells fargo. the crowd jeers at employees. police arrested nearly a dozen protesters. >> this is absurd. i think there's probably a few people that have been wronged at some point, but i would wonder about personal responsibility. >> reporter: in a statement, a wells fargo statement says they recognize americans are demanding more from their financial institutions during the difficult economic times. we're committed to serving the needs of individuals and  businesses, keeping credit flowing and working to face the financial hardship s find solutions. protesters announced the end of today's protests. >> it was great. i think the other banks are
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watching. they'll be next. >> reporter: there was a march around the wells fargo building. others joined this ongoing san francisco protest. ktvu. >> we've just posted an unedited video of the protest. you can visit it at president obama says he'll keep fighting for his jobs bill after it was blocked last night by the senate. it stalled when democrats failed to get the 60 votes needed to proceed. president says he'll keep pushing for votes in congress. >> i need your help. you are our opinion leaders across the country. i need you to e-mail, tweet, fax, write letters, get on the phone. meet face to face. remind members of congress who they work for. >> the president and his democratic supporters may break
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up the bill. it will have job assistance, tax cuts for individuals and businesses. on wall street stocks today resumed their banner run. step s are being taken to ease the crisis. the dow climbed 102 points. nasdaq rose. it's the largest 7-day rally in more than two years since march of 2009. the dow briefly crossed into positive territory for the calendar year before settling back. new at 7, another step forward today for the bay bridge construction project. workers are building a type of ski lift on the eastern span. live from treasure island to explain why the lift is so critical to completing the construction. >> reporter: today you might have seen the cables up by that tower.
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i checked with the construction team and they tell me those aren't the real bridge cables. instead, they're the first lines of the ski lift. not something you'd expect to see at a construction site but it has an important role. high above the traffic today the new cables were strung from the 525-foot tower. news chopper 2 has this arial view. they'll be used for a ski lift type section. >> it will grab sections of the main cable and pull them all the way across where the cable needs to be so they can be put in place over the next year. >> reporter: not an easy feet. the steel cable is made up of more than 17,000 wires measuring 5 millimeters each. it will haul sections of the cable up and over to the bridge tower to the other side where it will wrap around.
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>> we'll do that one 37 times un -- 137 times until the cable is in place. we're putting our final pieces in places right now. we have two left. there were 452 originally on the sky way. >> reporter: a spokesman says crews are in place to complete in the next few weeks. the cable will go up by january. a high wire act among the thousands of vehicles that pass by each day. today's beautiful clear weather is helping them stay on schedule and they're aiming to open the bridge in 2 13. -- 2013. >> a mass murder today. 8 people are dead and a 9th is
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seriously injured after a gunman opened fire in a crowded salon in the town of seal beach and started shooting. he was targeting his e wife and they were -- x wife. funeral services were held for manual pinyon . 500 people came to the service. friends and family of 48-year- old pinyon say they're having trouble coming to grips of the mass shooting and his death. >> it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. there's no way to look at this and try to understand why or how these things work. >> the pinyon family expressed condolences and told wounded
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survivor mike ambrosio they would pray for him. police are searching for the assailant in a knife attack at a school. it happened at the loma vista adult center 10 :40 this morning. police say the victim and the attacker got into a fight. the victim was hospitalized with cuts and stab wounds. the attacker was seen fleeing in a green honda sedan. an illegal immigration operation in pleasanton. 4 appeared in court today. they pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit visa thought. trivalley university accepted millions of dollars from india. investigators say the money was helping them obtain student visas. survivors of the fire in san bruno marked a milestone
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today. they removed the barricades that blocked the drive and took back their street. the barricades went up last september. the crater has been filled and the crews finished paving the road. neighbors say they're ready to move forward. >> once we start building these homes and maybe a small park home, this neighborhood will go back to what it was before. it's not going to be 100 percent. we'll always miss those people who were victims of the fire. >> 8 people died. 38 homes were destroyed in that pipeline explosion. uc berkeley graduates who spent two years in jail in iran were released from prison last month. today they traveled to capitol hill to meet with senators. oakland has begun its search for a new police chief
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after the announcement of the chief. he'll be on the assignment till next month. it's up to the city administrator to select a new chief. >> it's a mayoral position. they should put a deputy chief into acting to calm everything down. >> it's said to be one of the top candidates to replace. other names are ronald david and former san francisco interim jeff godon. a new crime fighting camera coming up for you in 6 minutes. the city of hayward celebrated a new energy plant. 700 construction workers were honored today. today they completed 1 year of work on a new gas powered plan. it will make the bay area far less dependent on out of state power plants not as green.
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>> closing down the older less efficient more polluting plants. that will continue. >> the plant is scheduled to open in 2013. it will produce enough energy to power thousands of homes. the trial of michael jackson's personal physician. a blackberry black out with a global impact. how one problem is causing major headaches. >> temperatures on the increase as we head into tomorrow. i have a forecast i think you'll like.
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>> 5 school children suffered minor injuries this morning when the school bus flipped.
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the driver was trying to move past a truck driver. the bus struck one of the tractor's tires and it fell on its side. the children were wearing seatbelts. the bus driver suffered minor injuries. >> a florida man was charged with hacking in to e-mail accounts of scarlotte johansen and other celebrities. >> he was able to access photos that were uploaded to the internet. >> they arrested 35-year-old christopher cheney in florida. cheney faces charges of identity theft and unauthorized access to computers. bay area news at 7 is closely following the trial of doctor conrad murray. they called his care both negligent and unethical.
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there was a surprise turn today from the defense. >> reporter: a change in strategy in the trial of dr. conrad murray. his defense lawyers dropping the claim that michael jackson swallowed a fatal dose of propofol. this comes as the prosecution calls dr. stein burg who conducted a review of the care of michael jackson leading to his death. he found separate and distinct deviations from general standards of care. >> you concluded in your report that the breaches of standard of care directly contributed to michael jackson's untimely death? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: stein burg testified he based his findings solely on his own words. the defense challenging the expert's review of murray's care based solely on the police interview and arguing against the statement he had never heard of any doctor using
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propofol to treat insomnia. >> that article was published first of all in 2010. and so that's way before dr. murray gave that propofol. so when he gave the propofol, there was no medical knowledge that you can give propofol for sleep. >> an attorney for dr. murray says the defense dropped the jackson self ingesting propofol strategy because of a staudy that showed effect from swauling the drug -- swaul oing the -- swollowing the drug would be fatal. >> today in detroit, a defendant stunned the court with a guilty ple against the advice of a lawyer assisting him in his own defense.
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he was charged with blowing up a plane on christmas 2009. labor talks between the nba and players are heading to federal mediation. talks are said to start tuesday in new york. on monday, after negotiations broke down, commissioner david stern announced the cancellation of 1 100 games in the upcoming season. leaders have signed off of a crime camera problem. they have agreed to buy new cameras downtown. devices can be linked to other surveillance cameras in place and will allow 911 dispampers to view video -- dispatchers to view video as early as next month. in the last few years, the
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number of early morning and late night frights in brisbane has ex exceeded. air routes were created by faa more than 40 years ago. presidents haven't been able to meet with the air lines responsible for the flights schedule. wondering why your friend has yet to reply? people are suffering the biggest outage in years. even police communications are being impacted. >> reporter: rebecca romano is a court sten ography. --stenographer. >> it's definitely frustrating. if i don't get back to people. >> it looks like it's sending out but then nobody gets it. that's already messed me up a couple of times today. >> reporter: they blame the
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problem on a faulty switch that links its network to the internet. a huge backlog of e-mails is built up. the company is struggling to keep up with other smartphone makers. >> we've had to do a lot of job cuts because of the performance issues and they've lost a lot of top executives. it's hard to say if this is a problem that's stemmed out of that. >> police were at the demonstration in the financial district today. hundreds used blackberries. police have radios but for some, not to have e-mail is a under nuisance. >> they've never gotten any information. >> i think it's a welcome break. i do receive a lot of e-mails. i take a little bit longer to respond to them. >> reporter: blackberry's parent company say all e-mails will go through, it just may take until tomorrow morning. >> if it seems to you that
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americans are living in a sea of ipads, smart phones, black berries and tablets, you're not far off. there are now more wireless deviceed being used in the us than there are people in the us. that's 327 million wireless devices. a 30 foot tall sea turtle was on the uc davis campus today. the display was part of a push to get the city to ban plastic bags which can harm sea life if the bags end up thin bay -- in the bay or ocean. they hope to collect signatures to pass a law on single use plastic bags. coming up, you can view some of the prehistorical findings that have researchers so excited. a bay area warmup is now
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underway. it may be gone before the weekend. you can watch all our newscast on your computer or mobile device. we're streaming live at ktvu .com.
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just lots of referrals and appointments and bills that costs tons. maybe i'll keep it... it adds character... right? [ male announcer ] we know life can be unpredictable. that's why we offer affordable health coverage and dental plans. blue shield. >> a new boat house in gold n en gate park is now open for
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business. they've been revamping the dock and there's now more paddle and electric boats. it's set to be completed in the next four to five months. the city and former vendor are engaged in a legal battle over the city's competitive bidding process. today would have been a great day to go out in the park. >> oh, yes. a beautiful bay area week ahead. look at the clouds out there right now. high clouds. that's not fog. temperature right now in san jose, if you're going out to the movies, it's 74 degrees. that's bottomy for this -- balmy for this time of year. extended forecast continues with plenty of sun. overnight low, not that warm. the nights are getting longer. as we go to 3, 4 a.m.
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we'll get to the low 50s. daytime highs out to the beach tomorrow mid 70. downtown san francisco mid 80s. midand upper 80s in the upper valleys. if this was without the rain we've had we'd be worry about fire danger. the moistures are high higher. look at the grass out there. the grass really greened up rapidly. the forecast highs tomorrow -- oranges are 80. so lots of 80s throughout the bay area tomorrow. saevlts along the -- 70s along the coast. temperatures well above the average. not expecting records. getting records this time of year is a tough one. but temperatures well above the average. 83 in valejo. upper and mid 80s in the trivalley area. 87. got an off shore wind. the atmosphere and being
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stirred up enough so the ground level ozone isn't an issue. really nice day. too bad this isn't saturday and sunday, huh? all those saturday and sunday are going to be nice. they're going to be in the upper 70s, low 80s. should be the warmest day tomorrow of the week. upper 70s. pacifica, santa cruz will be low 80s. your 5 day forecast then shapes up as a really nice one. the weekend has got a few clouds. no rain, just a little cloud and fog. you're bumping upper 70s and low 80s. >> today we got a look at what's left of prehistorical creatures that once roamed the bay area. they showed off fossils that emerged during the digger of a tunnel.
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paleontologists said some of the fossils are from ancient horses and camel. they've uncovered fragments up to 10 million years old. that's our report tonight. our coverage continues online at i'm a curious seeker.
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