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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 21, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> tension is rising as the 10:00 p.m. deadline arrives for protesters to clear out of the plaza. >> the situation is becoming more tense in downtown oakland for the 10:00 deadline has just expired. eric is live there now where he and his photographer were confronted while trying to tack with the demonstrators. >> reporter: first you know it's 10:00 but you can look and see everybody is still out here tonight. they have no plans of leaves. we were on the other side of this camp trying to talk to about the eviction notice when a group of men forced us out
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of the same area they have been in. >> nobody d. >> you can't touch it. >> reporter: trouble started at the plaza in oakland. >> public area. >> don't touch that cam a. >> reporter: when a group tried to stop us from interviewing one of the demonstrators. >> he wants to talk to me that's up to hmmm right? instead we are were pushed around and forced back to the street. >> you understand that's unreasonable though. this is a public area. nobody --. >> reporter: we were trying to ask the protesters about an order by the city to clear out the tents and stay away between ten and six. >> our goal is to encourage demonstrators to leave and peacefully. we have been setting out the rules, this notice puts them on fit this is no longer going to be allowed. >> reporter: the city said it had to take action because the public health and safety
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concern including rats and drug use in the camp. many insist the camp is clean and safe at least one democrat traitor admitted what happened to us. >> i have to say -- >> reporter: is hurting the group's message. >> it's the lord of the flies. what's going on here you have -- a large group of people that want to disrupt something organized beautiful. >> reporter: and back out here live the city won't say what it is doing tonight about it's plans to enforce the order. we will continue watching the situation out here and we will be back with another update at 10:30. live in oakland. >> in the south bay protesters did -- police say they arrested eight people overnight. occupy san jose, a few dozen
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people -- they say they are dedicated. they called because of concerns about health and safety. >> it's civil disobedience. >> reporter: the arrests were for misdemeanors though one was charged for scratching a police vehicle and for a probation violation movement more than half of americans say they don't supports the protest. that's the finding of a new poll showing 56% don't back the mostment while 37% support it. even more people say they are angry, 58% are furious with america's politics, they site the economy and washington bickering as their source of frustration. stay with us and the website for continuing coverage, we will return to the situation there in oakland at 10:30 and we will monitor any
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developments overnight. >> america's war in iraq is quickly cupping to an tend. the president announced that the united states trooping stationed in iraq are coming home before the end of the year. rita williams reports tonight on the end of a controversial chapter in american history. respect the president said the nation we need to build now is our own. >> after nearly nine years, the america's war in iraq will be over. >> reporter: unlike the president before him. >> in the battle of iraq the united states and our allies have prevailed. >> reporter: this president didn't declare victory but said the 39,000 american troops still there will leave proud of their success. >> the troops will be home for the holidays. >> the assistant public works director isn't sure if it mean
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its her 26-year-old son will get to come home by the end of the year. >> they are out in the desert. >> reporter: a medic in the national guard he goes on frequent missions to iraq. >> it's a relief. i -- i would like to see him not going into iraq again. >> reporter: what started with shock and awe is ending with almost 4500 american troops dead, more than 32,000 injured and a price tag so far of more than $712 billion. >> i think removing ourselves militaryly increases the chances for cooperation and for peace in the area. >> reporter: several republican senators say they are concerned not leaving at least a small force in iraq could mean that hard fought gains now could be lost. rita williams ktvu channel 2news. >> reporter: on a hillside there is a symbolic cross for
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each service member killed in iraq. even for thousands who did come home the effect of war is lasting. the impact on one family and their thoughts of the troop withdrawal coming up. >> new information tonight about a man wanted in connection with last weekend's deadly shooting at a hell's angel funeral. police say they have confirmed that the prime suspect is in fact alive and on the won. the suspected gunman is steve ruiz accused of killing steve townsend last saturday. the shooting happened at oak hill cemetery in san jose. the two reportedly got into a fight and that's what townsend who you see here was shot and killed. police initially thought that ruiz was taken away and perhaps killed by other members of the hell's angels but they have developed information that ruiz is a live and on the run movement in san francisco tonight police are searching for at least one gunman after two people were shot and
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injured. someone drove up the street, got out and fired at a man. he was hit by several bullets, a woman was also hurt. police say she appears to have been hit on accident but both now have life threatening injuries. police are checking to see if cameras caught the shooting. >> sheriff's deputies call it is biggest pot bust of it's kind in recent memory. they say they took 46 pounds of marijuana last night in livermore. they found it in packages in dozens of gallon sized plastic basses during a traffic stop. the driver is identified as 23- year-old allen kong of san francisco. deputies say they detected a strong smell of pot when they stopped his van . >> the big guns coming out in a protest against the open carry ban. starting on january 1st people will be barred from openly carrying unloaded hand guns in public. to show their displeasure the supporters plan to bring out
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rifles and guns and carry them as openly as possible. the first such demonstration is set for tomorrow. >> reporter: eye new warden wants to get rid of the death pen amount. she is collecting signatures to get an initiative on the ballot. it would replace the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole. capitol punishment is on hold in california as a legal challenge to lethel injection works through the courts. prison officials started sending out notices about possible layoffs. some 26,000 went out but that doesn't mean all the people will be laid off. they will reduce over crowding, fewer prison employees may be needed going forward. >> the unemployment rate dipped lower last night but the state still has the second
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highest jobless rate after nevada. the jobless right rate is at 11.9%. california created almost 12,000 new jobs last month. the state still lags behind the national unemployment rate of 9.1%. janet live in el sorito tonight and testimonies you what parts of the bay area are struggling the most. >> here at this shopping center there are plenty of businesses still in business but hiring signs are scarce, the county is one of five bay area counties with unemployment rates that are higher than the national average. shadows of the sluggish economy and job market linger in many shopper's minds. david jones said even with his college degree he struggled to find steady work. >> after i lost my job i was like really? this is how bad the economy is.
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>> reporter: today a state jobs report held a glimmer of hope. unemployment dropped. other areas doing better. san francisco is at 8.3% and marin has the lowest rate, 7.4%. >> the east bay market is normally construction and they are hit hard. >> reporter: in the past month they have seen an increase in job openings. >> we are starting to see more clients calling looking for top talent. >> reporter: professional and business services have had the most growth adding 78,000 jobs statewide. as for david jones things are
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looking up. >> the interview today got an interview tomorrow and hopefully that goes well. >> reporter: with businesses starting to hire for the holidays it could help some get by until their are more permanent positions. ktvu channel 2news. >> more details now, lake tahoe ski resorts looking to hire thousands. they have them planned tomorrow. >> a company has issued a second recall this week because of possible salmonella contamination. they are recalling bagged spinach after a bag passed positive for it. taylor farms farms.
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>> police and prosecutors calling it a brutal hate crime. >> the bay area weather pattern is changing right now. coming up the areas that will be in the 40s first thing tomorrow morning and the one direction temperatures will beading this weekend. >> and a live picture from the plaza. these protesters are now in violation of
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. new video tonight from berkeley where a charter bus crashed right into a 40-foot treet. happened at about six this evening at oxford and hearst near uc berkeley. the driver said he had mechanical problems and lost control. the tree was uprooted and split many half. only the driver was on board and he escaped with only minor injuries. prosecutors are charging a man with hate crimes after an attack on a family and their 3- year-old child at a farmer's market. david stevenson says it's not isolated. >> reporter: investigators say the attack happened near the farmer's market wednesday afternoon. police say the 48-year-old an exconthrew racial slurs at the
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3-year-old and 21-month-old sons of a mixed race couple. >> he used terms and then he assaulted the women, the men when the men tried to protect the women and assaulted the baby as well. >> reporter: he allegedly kicked the 3-year-old in the head. security guard from the art institute of california managed to detain him. he was arraigned on three counts of assault, one count of endangering a child and one count of battery. four come with hate crime allegations. >> we plead not guilty. >> reporter: the attack is after a saturday night hate crime in the mission district. investigators say five latinos attacked three men standing outside this store. >> at least one of the suspects uttered words to the effect of what are you doing in our neighborhood and used a homophobic comment. >> reporter: nobody has been arrested. the victim's friend posted this add seeking witnesses. the da told us hate crimes can be difficult to prove to a
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jury. jurors last week found two men with connections with a racist group guilty of assault but not hate crimes in an attack against two latinos outside this bar. >> they did not believe that was what prompted the initial assault and. >> reporter: bail has been set for half a million dollars. the judge issued a stay away order barring him from contact with the victims. in san francisco, david stevenson. >> all was peaceful today at concord high school despite a threat of violence. concord police were visible at the school, all day and school officials say they received a faction yesterday about a possible shooting that would take place this morning. about half of the 1600 students stayed away from classes. they patrolled westwood and el dorado where attendance as also lower than normal. >> election day is near and don't voters heard from many of
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the candidates. the forum was held at calvary church. it it would have the men talked about helping jail inmates avoid becoming repeat offenders. >> i'm being very aggressive. we should get it started at this level to get the foundations early. >> reporter: just one of the candidates for da showed up along with several candidates for mayor including ed lee and others. >> the two quakes yesterday on the haywood fault shook up business at one bay area store. how the quakes caused supplies to fly off store shelves. >> up to a four person survival kit. >> reporter: filled with everything you will need after a major quake, food, water,
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first aid supplies, even a hand cranked flash light. we have the ability to -- listen to radio reports. >> reporter: the kits are selling fast today at the your safety place store in dublin. sandy said yesterday's slaking what a strong reminder to get prepared. >> even though we have so many supplies it's good to get reprepared. >> reporter: she came down to do emergency supply shopping with her 8-year-old son nathan. stocking up on flashlights, food and water. >> you never know. when disaster will happen or the food gets spoiled by the time the disaster strikes. . >> reporter: one of the biggest sellers, the large water containers. because of the material they are made out of they can keep water safe for up to five- years. >> the company ceo said right after the two quakes yesterday, online orders started coming into the website. >> when you feel the quake and
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it scares you, you suddenly see it's a good time to prepare. >> reporter: you should have enough food and water on hand to last at least three days. workers staying busy putting together the kits trying to stay ahead of a surge in orders. channel 2news. >> yesterday's quakes helped a little strain on the fault but long term its biology up energiy for a big quake. >> it's a fault that has the highest projected probablyible of a large quake is next three years in the bay area, one and three chance of a large cake in the next 30 years. >> the doctor add there is no way to know if thursday's 4.0 and 3.8 quakes are precursors to a big event. they are normally -- the quakes typical for the fault and similar to ones in 2006 and
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2007. >> the bay area weather pat certain changing. this was the scene earlier looking out toward san francisco bay and the clouds cleared out leaving mostly sunny skies, as far as overnight. coolest locations, santa rosa, also around the coastline but most of the bay area starting out saturday morning and in the mid40s. off to a chilly start. we started to warm up today. the numbers for santa rosa, san jose and -- look what will happen for tomorrow. santa rosa back up to the 80's. more 80s -- concord and san jose. coming up i let you know if if there are any rain clouds and the timing, possibly high fire danger returning to the bay area forecast. >> gabreille giffords will read aloud in the audio edition of her bookletting people hear how she is recovering.
11:51 pm
she was shot in the head in january when a gunman went on a shooting spree killing six people and injuring 12 others. her book tells the story of her relationship with her husband mark kelly. they wrote the book together . it'll release on november 15th. >> i'm angry of how it's affected them now. >> families of local iraq war veterans speak up about the planned end of the eight year [ female announcer ] at jcpenney we're giving you
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plus save an extra 20% off bras. the savings are that simple! doors open early on saturday. go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. . the president said the occupation of iraq will end in the next 60 days but almost nine years of war has brought a
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heavy price. patty lee is live in the east bay where she spoke to a veteran about the war and it's impact on families here at home. >> reporter: i'm live where you can see these crosses represent the lives of americans killed in iraq and afghanistan. tonight there is relief that america may soon be out of harm's's way in iraq with you but it doesn't mean they won't go to hot spots like afghanistan. matthew says he was shocked to hear troops would be leaving iraq by the end of the year. >> we have lost people there and i just don't want to see a bad decision that the people we have lost was for nothing. >> reporter: he was shot by a sniper while serving as a marine in iraq in 2006. >> the bullet hit me in the stomach, went off my body armor . >> reporter: the man is now a father, husband and full time
11:55 pm
student. he said he has recovered, his mother disagrees. >> they shouldn't have gone. i don't him. >> reporter: brenda's three son sevenned in the military. two fought in iraq. she said all paid to high a price for the war and she is relieved it could be over. >> i'm angry of how it affected them now. that will affect the whole life. >> reporter: i have been talking to blue star moms here and they say the president's announcement is bittersweet for families whose loved ones paid the price. now for family was loved ones still in the military there is a sense of worry. though troop withdrawal has been announced they aren't out of harm's way. reporting live, patty lee. >> we asked on facebook at the iraq war. one commonned we have over extended and spent to much
11:56 pm
money. another says it's a catch 22. it had to be done but was it worth the lives lost and the heartache caused? tell us what you think on. >> there are lingering questions tonight about the circumstances of gadhafi's death and if he was executed after he was captured. libya residents turned out by the hundreds to see his body laid out. he was captured trying to flee his hometown. he was found hiding in a drain pipe. video showed him wounded but alive and then later he was seen dead. the united nations wants to know how he died. the new leadership says he was caught in the crossfire but by who is not known. >> i can't tell you whether it was from far or near but . >> reporter: that account is unconditional not confirmed.
11:57 pm
tomorrow the council will declare libya lib rated. the secretary general said the alliance plans to end the bombing campaign at the end of the month. it started seven months ago with a no fly zone over libya. they plan to do air patrols for the next ten days. >> back now to our top story after the break. . >> protesters out here preparing for a possiblee vision. i'm live with some of the ♪ [ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things.
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. we want to bring you a live update on the deadline for the
12:00 am
protesters to leave the camp outside city hall. we are now 30 minutes past the deadline. he we are monitoring the situation and are at the plaza now. >> reporter: we will let everybody get a look for themselves. we have been out here all night. it seems like the crowd crash in
12:01 am
oakley. officers say the driver was one of two men who robbed a chevron on hillcrest in antioch. they say the suspect driver rammed the patrol car and ran another man off the road. that man was seriously hurt. the other suspect got away. >> the city council is now
12:02 am
offering a ten thousand dollar reward for information in a triple homicide case. three young people were killed outside a tattoo party back on october 2nd. swat officers arrested the 20- year-old paul stevenson the third. investigators say they are still looking for a second person this are also asking for the public's help in tracking down witnesses or anyone who may have intersection. >> berkeley animal care is trying to find who shot a dog with a pellet gun 38 times. the dog lived. she was found in a parking lot. 38 pellets were in her. two other dog s were left in the same parking lot in march. one had pellets in her as well. >> also in berkeley the find of a rabid bat has prompted a public health alert. this is no halloween prank. >> the body progress -- is
12:03 am
this big and --. >> reporter: gary saw the bat sunday in the backyard of his home. >> it was flying funny and swooping down. i didn't -- i had a -- i had the dog go inside. >> reporter: he said the bat dove into a bucket. officials determined the bat had rabies and issued a public health advisory. >> people should avoid touching wild animals. >> reporter: that was the third one found in alameda this year. that's the same number reported in each of the last two years but it's the first in berkeley since 2008. no question the find is a bit strange. >> we have a cat that is outrunning around outside and we want to be careful. >> reporter: they dine son bugs and like to hide in dark places
12:04 am
like attics. health officials say rabies in human social security rare s is rare but if you see one call it in. rob roth. >> san francisco is moving forward with a lasting tribute to one one of the heros of the september 11th attacks n he have approved the mayor's plan to name a rec center after the flight attendant. she grew up in the china town district and is now remembered for her courage on american airlines flight 11. she called in the hijacking then spent 23 minutes calmly relaying information about the terrorists before the plane hit the world trade center. >> the european union and russia are challenging the navigation system common in america. a russian rocket lifted off carrying two satellites they can are part of the navigation
12:05 am
system designed to compete with the american gps network. it should be up and running in three years. another satellite, is expected to fall back to earth this weekend. officials say about 30 pieces will likely hit earth. when and where is the question. the experts say it could be pretty much anywhere but the polar areas. >> stocks pushed higher for a third week in a row. they received a boost from the improving employment numbers and optimism about this weekend's summit, the dow gained 267 points today. the nasdaq rose 39 points. strong earnings from blue chip companies also fueled the rally. >> new car sales in california are up 11% so far in year. that's according to the new car dealers association. california is now out pacing the united states market.
12:06 am
it's up 10.4% this year. the new car dealers organization also said new vehicle registrations rose 9.4% last quarter. >> now it's the defense turn. attorneys for conrad murray try to poke holes in the testimony. . >> i'm working on a nice weekend forecast, coming up the fog pattern for tomorrow morning the warmest beach day and when fire danger could be on the rise. >> and later in spor
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12:08 am
. it was defense's turn to ask the question in the trial of michael jackson's doctor conrad murray. the team questioned the prosecution's key witness, in
12:09 am
had us testimony the doctor said murray was responsible for jackson's death by giving him the heavy sedative. today the defense sparred with him. >> would you be at all surprised that there are other medical expert that would disagree? >> i don't know what other parties think. >> the defense is suggesting the conclusions aren't necessarily supported by the evidence. murray has pled not guilty to manslaughter. the fbi said a tip has led to the arrest of a so-called plaid bandit robber. . he has been linked to four robberies in san francisco. >> in news of the world tonight in pakistan the secretary of state met with top leaders, clinton asked them to send their military against militants who are based in
12:10 am
pakistan but cross into afghanistan and attack american forces. relations with pakistan have been strained since united states special forces killed bin laden. in north korea a top relief official called on wealthy nations to help millions of north koreans from going hungry. other appeals have largely been ignored because of the politics. the un said as many as six million north koreans need food and that a third of the children under five are hungry and living on diets of rice, corn and cabbage. and in london the historic st. paul's is closing for the first time since world war ii. the dean of st. paul's said it can't welcome visitors because of the estimated 500 protesters who have set up camp. they have been there six days and say they have no plans to move in spite of pleas from st.
12:11 am
paul's. >> a long time employee was found dead after a truck accident on the job. co workers found the body at the bottom of a ravine. he was driving from one part of the plant to another. they don't know what caused the accident. his wife reported him missing morning saying he miss aid meeting and still hadn't come home from work. >> a sexual assault reported earlier this week didn't happen. a 16-year-old girl who said she was attacked at the park now says it never happened. police say they don't plan to charge her. >> it's about robots tonight. the young behinds and big ideas behind the robotic competition. . and a promise of
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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. new at ten tonight a high concept robotics competition in silicon valley. lloyd live at the high school in san jose with a nuts and bolts of that contest going on. >> reporter: let me introduce you to mark. it's a robot and able to make this tube but this weekend -- it's a host of the robotics forum. >> the gym was converted in to robot playing field tonight. the object places many tubes on pegs in two minutes 15 seconds. some of the robots deployed minibots. marvels created by teens. >> this will shoot out to the end and it'll climb up the pole which will sit here.
12:15 am
>> reporter: this is the pit where the students work on the robots before going on the playing field. the competition involves 35 teams who had six weeks to build the robots. the defending champion is from san jose. >> we run -- like a company. we have the executives and leaders and project leaders and the students underneath that. >> reporter: some of the teams all female. >> i don't know if we have the advantage but it's nice to work on all girl's teams. >> reporter: tonight's robot games are part of a worldwide competition by a group called first. inspiration and recognition of science and technology. many companies are involved. > you learn a lot of problem solving and life skills. >> reporter: everybody who participates is eligible for $15 million in scholarships. the championship round will be
12:16 am
tomorrow in san jose. admission free. so come and see a robot. live in san jose. ktvu. >> a mexican truck made and historic delivery when it crossed the border into the united states. in doing so it filled a long delay provision in the north american free trade agreementt. it was stalled for 17 years due to concerns the trucks would put highway safety and american jobs at risk. this afternoon a commercial truck from mexico bringing construction equipment came in to the united states and headed inland. the program was designed to improve cargo transportation between the two countries. now that has been resolved mexico lifted a 20% tariff on wines that was imposed in 2009. wine exports to mexico hit a peak in 2007 of nearly $24 million. by last year that total dropped
12:17 am
to about $18 million. >> the warming trend is right on track. we started to warm up today and wait until you see the weekend numbers i have for you in a few seconds, we have mostly year skies in the bay area, the fog down to the south, right around la, still mostly clear skies, we have a bit of a northerly breeze, we will deploy the bouies and a northerly wind and pushing the fog more to the south and -- less coverage expected tonight into tomorrow morning. forecast headlines for tonight pretty much pretty clear skies, sunny, on the warm side. the extended still a dry weather pattern but dry gusty winds returning to the forecast. current no.s updated, mild -- 64 degrees, dropping down to the upper 50s for santa rosa and napa. those two areas could have patchy fog overnight. it'll be chilly once again as we head into saturday morning.
12:18 am
higher pressure continues to strengthen. it'll set up the northerly wind and -- temperatures warm enough for saturday and into sunday. mostly inland, into sunday we could have a little bit of stronger sea breeze cost side. still fairly nice for the weekend. into next week he we will have to watch that. stronger winds pushing back. monday, tuesday and into wednesday and as a result fire danger will be on the increase l say possibility we could have a red flag warning, we will keep you posted as we head into early next week. here is the forecast, the model showing you not much in the way of fog, we could have a few patches in the inland valleys n to the -- the colors showing up. the orange with the 80's and the warmest on location -- 85 to 86. that's all reflected the forecast highs for tomorrow. assistantsa rosa 83, fairfield
12:19 am
84, oakland, haywood all in the upper 70s. look at the mid80's. san jose topping out at 82. they will check in around three for our. san francisco, look at that, beautiful, 76 degrees. here is the look ahead. the extended forecast with the weekend always in view and temperatures cool -- not much change for the inland spots, we bring in partly sunny skies on tuesday, we will have to watch the gusty off shore winds by late monday, tuesday and wednesday. a beautiful weekend across the bay area. could be a top ten and no rain drops in sight even for halloween. >> we are getting spoiled. >> it'll be nice. >> 70 degrees in pacifica. >> thank you mark.
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flot tour of california bike race won't include yosemite. the park service denied a request to have one leg of the race start in yosemite valley. they said there is a regulation against holding for profit races in national parks. it'll take place in may starting in santa rose a. the full course hasn't been announced. >> mark with sports now. sharks in last place. >> you know only five games in, this is the best game they played so far. maybe the garden state but new jersey has never been a garden spot. they have been -- since 2,000 without a single victory. with 33 seconds left. joe thornton suiting up for the 1,000th time in his career.
12:24 am
san jose down 2-0 in the second period. mondo joe -- getting home his first goal of the year. they are in the ball game 2-1. the puff game. three minutes later sharks draw even as ryan gets it home. we have 2-2. devils up 3-2. sharks pull the goalie. joe getting it home. top shelf, 3-3 and a scoreless overtime period bringing on of course the shoot out, ryan, with the beautiful work here off the back hand. that is your game winner 4-3. sharks pull it out back in jersey. common sense prevails with the raiders. doesn't make sense to throw a guy out to quarterback a team less than a week of practice, hasn't played a down in a year, especially considering you have a buy week for palmer to brush
12:25 am
up on the play book and work out more. against a relatively weak opponent. a team source says it looks like bowler will get the start but the coach of course loves to keep everybody guessing raiders have another pressing issue. one of their best offensive weapons huge question mark for sunday. problems with his left hamstring. doesn't respond quickly could miss the game, obviously -- he brought in three kickers, he has nailed 12 of 13 field goal attempts this year. we may have to do a little something about how we vote on the games. the last two friday nights the winners have won by a score of 94-6. not even close. didn't see that coming tonight -- common sense would say there was nothing common about this
12:26 am
one. 17-yards to griffin. pilots touchdown and he goes both ways, played defense tonight. he had a couple of interceptions, as -- the mayor denied, 21-0. half time, after intermission it didn't get any better for the visitors as they break it open. third quarter, 35-0. play of the night stevens hits vince, touchdown. 42-6 the fine. kurt young, later served as a pitching coach but left for the red sox this past year, he is coming back to oakland.
12:27 am
he will -- that's the sporting line for a fried night. >> he they were both undea feat. l. >> thank you. >> we will see you the next time news breaks. >> the protest going on in oakland over night. tune in for the latest on mornings on two beginning at seven and we are always here for you at ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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