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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 25, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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good evening. this is bay area news at 7:00. within the past hour here, oakland police declared an unlawful assembly and advised protesters they're subject to arrest. officers firing flash grenades near the crowd but not tear gas. we also saw several people being arrested. the crowd numbers have topped one thousand. they're corralling the crowds, preventing marchers from going on the on-ramps. they arrested dozens of people. we've been following this developing news and have continuing coverage here at 7:00. we're going to go live at 14th
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and broadway in oakland for the latest. >> reporter: this has been a day of tense confrontation. people are milling around on all of the street corners. traffic is back open. i don't know if you can see, but there's a group of a half dozen people who sat down on the pavement right in front of the police lines. the police did remove the metal barricades, but they're not allowing anybody to go through. they want to show this movement is still moving on. >> who needs a bail out? we need a bail out. >> this movement is not going to go away. because of the brutality of the police force, we've seen more support flooding in and folks are starting to get involved. >> reporter: around 4:30 this morning, police in riot gear fired tear gas to clear out the camp where hundreds of occupiers who had lived out of
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tents for the past few weeks. hundreds of people were arrested. officers pulled down tents an a makeshift kitchen. the reason is public health and safety. fighting problems with debris, human waste, rats, and assault within the camps. some occupiers moved to the jail to protest the arrests. >> it seems like they're really going out of their way to, like, scare us and to intimidate us. it's like, what did we do? really, i wasn't violent. i would totally not support any kind of violent protest. >> reporter: police closed the plaza. many businesses, though, were open but suffering with empty tables. >> nobody can come in and have lunch with us. >> reporter: right now back out here live there are a lot of cars going through.
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as you can hear right here are honking in support of the protesters. this does not look like it will be wrapping up any time soon. we did want to let you know that the sheriff's department tells us those people who have been arrested have been cited and released. they're not being held. so far, scenes here pretty peaceful and a lot of people are hoping it stays that way. >> and our live coverage continues with a look from high above thanks to news chopper 2. this is a look at a very large crowd, gathered at snow park in oakland. it's on the north side of lake myriad. again, this group is back at snow park. snow park was the site of a smaller secondary protest in addition to what was set up outside of city hall. this snow camp protest was taken down by police earlier this morning. now several hours later you can see protesters are back in full
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force as news chopper 2 is ahead, you can see some spotlights from the sky. there are an awful lot of police in this crowd and at least several hundred protesters from what we can count. they started at the main branch of the oakland public library, wound their way through some streets in downtown oakland, and police were keeping them off of certain streets and nearby interstate 880. we can see here from another live picture, this one from the ground, that it looks peaceful from this relatively small view of what we can show you. we see they're holding some signs. this is the occupy wall street movement here in oakland. it started more than two weeks ago. it had a major disruption this morning when police disbanded it in front of city hall and here at the snow park location. but as of right now, tonight's march has found its way back to the snow park location and we
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don't know what's going to happen next. we have our news chopper 2 over the scene, we have a number of ground crews on the ground following this. let's go ahead and bring in one of them. amber lee has been covering this story. we're going to bring her in as soon as we get her. she was bringing us reports of clashes between police and protesters. we're going to stay on top of the scene. when we get new information, we'll bring it to you right here. we'll stay in snow park, actually. you may remember that police and city officials earlier today talked about their decision to carry out the raid early this morning to clear out the occupy encampment. the city administrator said that the park had to be cleaned. >> i have an obligation and responsibility to uphold public health and safety. i could not do that under these circumstances. i made the decision with the team that was in place to put an end to what i see as a very
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critical situation that posed significant risk. >> reporter: as all this is happening, the mayor is in washington, d.c. she released a statement that says over the last week it was apparent that neither the demonstrators nor the city could maintain safe or sanitary conditions or control the on going vandalism. the plaza will continue to be open as a free speech area from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. some occupy protesters addressed the city council trying to dispossess the perception that their encampment is untidy or unsafe. meantime, that one man remains perched on top of a wall outside city hall for a second night. he says he won't come down until he can have a dialogue with the city manager or police agree to stop removing protesters from the plaza. let's turn back to the
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occupy protest in oakland and turn it over to amber lee. she's being following the protesters for about two hours now. >> reporter: i'm at snow park. we see about 300, by estimate, protesters. it looks peaceful. i see that they're talking and just gathering. i don't see a strong police presence out here, unlike earlier when we were by city hall and by the police department. >> and, amber, talk to us a little bit about what you've brought to us live at 6:00. police and protesters really coming face to face. >> reporter: they were. but each time when they confronted each other the protesters ended up backing off and walking another way. the last time i spoke with you guys on the phone, we were in the middle of it where they were sitting at the intersection by city hall and there were about three dozen protesters and i saw police officers and sheriff's deputies
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put on their gas masks and riot gear. as it turns out, the protesters eventually got up, dispersed, and now they marched up franklin and ended up here at snow park without any incident. i did not see any police fire any tear gas. i also did not see any vandalism either. >> and from where you are on the ground there at 20th and harrison, it appears to be peaceful. we're showing pictures where people might be listening to a speaker, arms waving in the air, and we're listening to sound that's happening there. but you said it's peaceful where you are tonight. >> reporter: yes, it is. we just got here. i'm still getting my bearings. there's a lot of people. they're standing around with their signs. someone's speaking. i cannot tell who it is. i see a lot of helicopters flying above. some might be police helicopters. i do not see the police presence i saw earlier at the
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other intersections. >> amber, we'll let you go. if there are any new developments, we ask you bring them to us immediately. we'll stay on top of what's happening in oakland and bring you any developments as we get them. president barack obama visited the bay area today. the visit provided another opportunity for members of the occupy movement to voice their complaints and for other protest groups as well. demonstrators gathered outside the w hotel with a number of causes. a proposed pipeline to canada to the gulf of mexico and a federal crack down on medical marijuana. inside the hotel he was raising campaign money. >> the one thing that we absolutely know for sure is that if we don't work even harder than we did in 2008, then we're going to have a government that tells the american people you are on your own. >> local media were not allowed to attend the event.
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the the president was in town for less than three hours but long enough to raise $1.5 million for his campaign fund. the president's visit provided a thrill for a small group of supporters at sfo. we explain how one woman managed to get his attention. >> reporter: air force one roared into san francisco international airport this afternoon, the president bounding out the door, down the air steps, and over to the visitors where this mother had a plan. >> i'll dress her up in her best dress and i'll hand her over. if he grabs her, then it's great. and he did. >> reporter: the president lived up to his reputation as the baby whisperer, holding and bouncing 6-month-old josie for about 15 seconds before passing her back to mom. >> she was calm when he passed her back to me. >> reporter: it was a big day for this 8-year-old who rode on
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his father's shoulders to slap hands with the president. >> i really wanted to show this video to my class. >> reporter: some it have bigger kids couldn't wait. >> i texted my friend mckenzie and then i'll text a lot more people. >> reporter: the president's arrival was marked with a small crowd of well wishers, his departure was all business. the president spent just over two and a half hours on the ground during this fund raising visit. we're working a developing story tonight where concord police have been searching a home. a neighbor told channel 2 it appears to be a homicide investigation. those who live in the area say it's peaceful, without much crime. police say they'll have a statement later this evening. we'll have a full report for you on to night's 10:00 news.
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the crowd here gets riled up again. we'll show you what got them so upset. a notable cool down over the bay area this afternoon. coming up, what you can expect for your wednesday and who will see an elevation of fire danger.
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we continue to follow breaking news happening in oakland where occupy protesters are on the move right now. when we showed you this picture from news chopper 2 not five minutes ago, they were gathered in the area of snow park. they appear to be listening to a speaker. we saw some people raising their arms in the air. the group is on the move. they are marching back to city. that's essentially north of the lake of where they are. let's go ahead and bring in live coverage of what has been
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a very tense evening. you're at 14th and broadway. tell us what you see there. >> reporter: right now there is a pretty good-sized group standing on the west side of broadway on 14th. they got riled up because of the fact that the police, if you can pan over to the right there, you can see the police started to set up that barricade and that got the folks upset. as you recall earlier, if we can show that video from about 6:15 or 6:20, when that big group of protesters came in here, they walked in, they blocked off 14th and broadway and one of the very first things they did is pulled away that barricade and pulled it right out of the street. that opened it up to these protesters who were here still. it was very, very tense here and then that crowd left when the police started to threaten they were going to use tear gas. there are a lot of people still
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here on scene at 14th and broadway and as you said, it sounds like they're heading back here. they were at, what, 20th and harrison or so? they're heading back kind of southwest to 14th and broadway, which is of course where city hall and the plaza is. we'll be checking out what they do, if they get back to this area and we'll bring it to you live. >> okay. thank you. let's take it back to where it all began. the heart of oakland city hall, we're live on the ground there and brings us developments from where he is. >> reporter: the plaza still blocked off with these barricades. just beyond the barricades, dozens of oakland police, the sheriff's department, as well as the california highway patrol. they are officers here in riot gear. just planning on protecting the
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plaza. one of the sergeants i just spoke with said they are expecting these protesters to head back this direction sometime soon. we know they're on the move. we do expect those protesters will make their way back here to the plaza. quite a few police officers ready to greet them once they get here and make sure they don't get back to the plaza. >> live right in front of oakland city hall. our ground crews will stay in place and we'll bring you updates just as soon as we get them. provided emotional testimony in the trial of michael jackson's death. attorneys for dr. conrad murray ratcheted up their defense. the nurse says that michael jackson made a specific request he insisted he needed to help him sleep. >> reporter: the defense asking lee about how michael jackson asked for a specific drug to help him sleep. >> he looked at me and he said, i have a lot of difficulty
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sleeping. i've tried everything and what i need is something that's going to help me fall asleep right away. and then he went more into the only thing that would do that is diprovan. >> reporter: it's another name for propofol. >> he said it's never used at home? he said absolutely not. >> reporter: it's supposed to be used in surgery and emergency situations. jackson disagreed. >> doctor told me it's safe, i just need to be monitored: >> reporter: the prosecution pointing out a statement lee made to the police. >> you relate to the police that you told michael jackson in response to his request for propofol, quote no one who cared or had your best interest at heart is going to give you this. >> yes, i did tell him that. >> reporter: lee broke down
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momentarily when discussing a conversation about the dangers of the drug like never waking up. >> and he responded again, i'll be okay. i only need someone to monitor me with the equipment while i sleep. >> yes, that's exactly what he said. >> reporter: lee is the sixth witness called to the defense as they try to shift the blame from murray to jackson himself. they could rest their case by the end of this week. in los angeles for fox news. >> we'll stay on top of this trial for the duration with comprehensive reports nightly of each day's testimony. dry, windy conditions strike a red flag warning today. how long the warning will be in effect. and you can watch bay area news at 7:00 and all our newscasts on your computer or even your mobile device. we're streaming live.
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red flag warnings are going up in the hills because of a high fire danger. high winds and dry grass prompted one an hour ago. some residents say the alerts strike close to home.
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fire officials they're on heightened alert tonight and will attack any fire with an immediate and aggressive response. talk to us more about these dry, dusty conditions. >> they'll be with us through wednesday night, possibly thursday morning meaning the hills north and east bay. already in effect for the north bay hills. let's talk about what's going on out there. the satellite view giving you a good idea. do you see that trough sweeping through california today? anywhere from 5-10 degrees cooler than yesterday. outside your door this hour, 50s and low 60s. it is cool behind this system. high pressure going to set in really fast. as it does, it will kick up the off-shore winds. by tomorrow, they're expected to shift north and northeasterly. meaning blowing toward the pacific. we're not expecting much of a
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marine layer. it will be nice for most of us, but without the marine layer, we'll be low humidity wise down to critical values. the red flag warning lasting through thursday morning. our humidity levels down to about 10%. overnight lows going to be a chilly one, going to be clear and cool. if it's breezy, it will be quite brisk as you step outside. 46 mountainview. 47 livermore and toward the north bay, we're looking at 39 degrees. high pressure building in, we're expected to be warmer tan what we saw for the afternoon today. 74 expects in sonoma this afternoon. 67 sausalito. south bay a mild day, 72 expected at san jose.
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and for the peninsula here, looking at 72. upper 60s san francisco. mid-60s today. slightly warmer there and mid- 60s expected along the coastline. those wind gusts above a thousand feet for the hills. going to be quite breezy there, but the rest of us 10-15 miles an hour. thursday into friday, we budge very little all the way into the weekend. very mild temperatures. >> more live coverage as occupy oakland demonstrators have spent the past two hours on the move. right now, these pictures coming to us from news chopper 2 show the people moving back toward city hall. earlier today, police cleared out the encampment in the front of city hall that had spent the past two weeks living in tents. police tell us they made 85 arrests earlier this morning.
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there was a heavy law enforcement presence. the crowd numbers about one thousand. this is a different view, this is still live. this is a camera we have at 14th and broadway. this is the area we just saw. our reporters are telling us that so far it's been a fairly peaceful demonstration this evening, though we have seen some additional arrests. as you see here, there are a lot of people in the streets. we also just showed you a couple of police officers there. police have been working to sort of keep this crowd off of certain streets. they expect them to end up at city hall and there's an even larger presence there. you see barricades in the street at broadway and 14th as a precaution. if you have any chance of avoiding this area, certainly stay away. it is an unpredictable situation. because of that, we'll keep our eye on the this protest all night long. that's our report for now. thanks for trusting ktvu
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