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tv   SJSU Update News  KICU  October 30, 2011 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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. occupy san jose is getting listed. i will have a live report. police escort help keep people safe around campus. students reeling from a double homicide tried to find closure with a memorial honoring one of the victim. >> in these times of down
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sizing, new money to help improve one vital area. people are -- in the halloween spirit on the streets of san jose. update news starts now. from the school of generallism and mass communications at san jose state university, your source for what's happening with a fresh perspective on today's issues, you are watching update news. hello and welcome to update news. >> thanks for joining us. >> the okay "occupy wall street" is still running strong including near the bay area. thousands have been arrested and/or cited. how the remaining demonstrators are reacting. the surge are not slowing down the occupy protesters. they're still standing up for
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their cause just a week away from here. >> you would be dead. how are you going to even -- >> consumerism. >> they are anti-- just the fact you are louder doesn't make you more right. it makes you less knowledgeable about the situation. >> doesn't want to work. >> but here in the silicon valley, one protester is taking his case to new height. >> you can't hurt us. this is helping. more than 30 days into the national protest movement, some police on the west coast are running out of patience. four occupy protesters were taken into custody if front of city hall. when when sean o kelly climbed the wall that towers over his campus. >> this movement is solid in that we are not going to bend over and take it anymore. it is time to stand up.
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>> police arrested 7 more people but stopped short of going after o' kelly. >> we want people to comply with the rules and laws we have set forth but we also have a great place for people to heard just within the laws set glorgt forth. >> with fiver days and counting, o' kelly still has no plans of coming down. his goals are to talk to the city manager and the mayor about the quote peaceful protesters who have been arrested. i was at city hall at 10:00 and drill. he said he has to come down. he said there was no evacuation floor plan up here, i am going to have to stay. update news has covered the story about two student that is lost their lives in an off
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campus shooting. friend of one dime celebrate the life of a friend. it was a touching and light hearted night in the comfort of food, drinks and a slide show. it was a warm evening. all were welcome to share memories about she touched their life before her life was taken. they say she will be in their lives forever. >> we mostly planned it because the memorial like the families did with -- and not everyone got a chance to go that really knew her. he wanted to put it on more of a sell celebration of her life than a sad memorial. she touched so many people's lives and we want today remember her in a positive way. >> selling bracelets and setting up a scholarship. they want their sis tore be part of a legacy for when they graduate. -- as a great friend. sjsu is take mart part in
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the project -- brought supporters to campus including the best friend of michelle a missing nursing student whose body was found last month. we have the update. >> reporter: by myself and the survivor of sexual assault and intimate partner violence: i i am also here to spread awareness. >> lauren is only one of the 95% of women affected by domestic violence. it occurs in 60% of marriages and is the most underreported crime in the united states. this week we brought some experts to campus. >> la tasha barnwell says being in a relationship isn't necessary for domestic violence to cur. it comes in all shapes and forms and styles as well. many people don't consider
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themselves victims because they're not able to identify signs of abuse. >> you don't have to be in a relationship, you don't have to be live with your partner. you don't have to be hetero sexualment you can be homosexual. an information l night was held on tuesday and includes close friends of michelle lay. -- also her best friend says violence of any sort is unfortunate. but for women especially. glr right now is mission is trying to spread more awareness about violence against women because it doesn't get a loft attention by the media tore community. she was a former student at the university and emphasize that had intimate partner violence and domestic violence can happen in the most common places. the police escort service may be in for a change this
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semester. coming together with campus students to help make the campus protected. >> 10-14 central class room building north side doors, contact. >> police service assistant spends his evening escorting students and staff to and from campus. >> a typical night will be anywhere from maybe five to ten. and that's ranging from about 7:00 to 11:00 at night. the service is available 24 hours seven days a week. student can say call upd or push the button and a police officer can escort them home. cars like this used for the escort on campus start up in the early 80s after series of rape struck the campus. sound familiar? after recent reports of
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groping incident this is month -- sent out sunday night. over 400 signed up by gluz the petition has also been -- because we are not doing it in opposition because we think you won't do anything about it. some arrangements extend to six blocks. since many students live further than two blocks from the campus. says -- need to be protected as well. our evening guides and member do not carry weapons. they do carry radiosment we have to analyze the safety level going off campus. >> this week to talk about future possibilities. on campus, gina update news. the garden right outside of clark hall has caused a debate on campus. the oasis are going to be
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moved. and are raising some eye brows. jessica savage has more. >> reporter: you have probably stopped by the vegetation outside is of clark hall and wondered why it is there anyway. it was started in 2008 as part of the healthy campus of ky ser permanente and a few years later the -- was created to take care of the garden. sjsu student says the plans are there for social justice. >> we think it stands for something more than just being a garden, you know, there in front of the -- money has delayed getting an official plaque. >> we don't have that many funds to have the very official- looking plaque. >> a movement to beautify the campus has caused a debate between grow and the university over whether this should be.
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>> the faculty advisor says it is settled. >> i believe it has been resolved, and i think it is great to certainly move forward and look at how all of us can be involved in creating a very welcoming, warm and beautiful space. >> they're working with the university and are working on dropping a proposal for review. not many people win awards talking about sex in collegement the fan page gave the award for teaching anthropology 140, by assigning small projects. students create public -- and use props like an inflatable sheep and banana, but she also brings in planned parent hood for birth control condoms. tolerance is a key point made
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in class besides judging others. >> just not to judge the entire world by what you are and what you have learned sexually. because there is a whole rainbow of response out there. >> human sexuality can be taken by any student because it is part of a general ed under area ed. >> these days it is rare for state universities to find the money to extend academic programs but we have done just that. fernandez. >> as we all know money is tight everywhere but an unexpect grant from the federal government has come in to help a much-needed program here at san jose state. >> provide an example. >> $2 million is what san jose has been granted by the u.s. department of education to improve student writing skills. >> it is the national problem that we are seeing, and many students do not have the
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adequate skills both in, adequate communication skill. >> overseeing the additional l money and says writing is important for all majors. >> it is a great opportunity to really invigorate the state and focus it on a culture of writing across the curriculum. >> in 2010, almost half of all incoming freshmen were not up to par in english. will be instructing writing workshops and says the grant also help in hiring more writing specialists. >> we have ten writing specialists for 30,000 students. >> san jose state has a lot of second language students and a lot of them come in not really prepared in terms of grammar or vocabulary for writing at the university level. >> university officials say 70% of all freshmen african american students need remedial
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english courses compared to 60% of hispanics half of asian americans and 30% of whites. and because the sjsu requires all students to pass, it will -- in hopes they will pass and graduate on time. >> student that need remedial courses as freshmen take on average two years longer to graduate. coming up next, natalie will be here with our -- and will look at the problems facing netflix. eating and delicious food can go together. how eating locally grown food can beneficial them financially and physically. >> a wild ride with some crazy costumes in a are tradition going strong in the city. >> and where you can learn to
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help cope with stress. but first we asked students how they deal with stress. >> i probably vent on my blog and i tell like my boyfriend about it. >> usually i just try to work out or play video games or just listen to music. >> usually mack make sure i avoid cramming and relax. >> i try to take breaks from school, home work and stuff. last weekend i went home for a weekend just to go home. >> i to music. dj just to get my head away. >> i will do a self talk with myself, mixed with music and meditation with nature sounds. >> most of the time i just go for a run, make a walk around the block and that does it.
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feeling wired? don't worry. there's help on campus, about 20 ways to deal with stress at clark hall on tuesday. the hour-long discussion was meant to help show students better ways of dealing with their problems. >> i think that a lot of times students underestimate the way stress affects you and a if he cans your behavior and your body. >> some of the main factors leading to frustration included a lack of sleep, upcoming tests and putting things off. if you are feeling wiped out and you are a student these seminars are held every two weeks in clark hall. you can also go online to and -- that seem today be the theme on wednesday which
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displayed a new delivery service that brings local organic food closer than you think. >> what if you could get fresh local produce delivered right to you? well, that's what one family- run farm doing jp organics delivers to students and faculty on campus. >> it is a good thing. >> support sustainability and you are supporting local farmers and you will be supporting san jose state university as well. and it is cheaper. >> the environmental resource center invited green clubs and businesss to the fall fair to teach people about being eco friendly, awards some think little about. >> everything you do has consequences on sustainability of your society. >> and being sustainable is what chef laura is all about. she shows people how to cook on a budget and says the tastiest foods are the ones grown closest to you. >> the best food you can get the most nutritious and the
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most delicious are foods that are local and in season. >> so if there's anything to gain from this, it is sticking to word local. >> every local. >> buyers. >> buy your food local, buy your produce local and support the local economy as well as preventing food -- >> it was part of national campus sustainability day and held at universities across the country. >> now we will go to arts and entertainment. what do you have this week. >> netflix. a few months ago it was all the rage but as one small change has caused big problems for them nationwide. >> getting dvds in the mail to many americans is just as common as that dreaded bill. but when netflix said they're raising fees, 800,000 angry customers said this was too
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much. >> nor was like really, really extreme to the point where it is just like wow, i am paying way too much just for like what i intended for. >> junior psychology major says he had to cut back to just online streaming after netflix went from $10 to $16 a month. instead of getting movies from netflix he now streams to the television and rent from a local grocery store. how could they lose 70% of the stock in just three months. >> in a statement, netflix does not comment on stock movement or analyst report. >> they got greedy. the bottom line is they got greedy. >> the company could have increased prices and still kept investors and customers happy. >> netflix should have incrementally raised their rates and they would have still captured a significant number
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of people. so for now it is unclear what the future will bring to the company. in san jose, update new. >> >> custom bicyclists and costumes are not what you would normally find on the roadway, but bike riders converged for a big celebration last week. >> reporter: more than 200 bike riders packed the streets of san jose friday to ride in style. the gathering known as the bike party takes place every third friday of the month. riders can take their two- wheeled vehicles around the city in a preestablished route that volunteers make. >> we have four different point as cross the city. so everybody came with their bike and we came together at the big main ride. >> it allows riders to get their minds off of everyday thing. >> it wakes people up a little bit and gets them away from the
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things they do. >> bike riders can make pit stops along the ride where they find other vendor. >> the san jose bike parties last about three hours. if you are worried about getting tired you don't have to worry because there are plenty of rest stops like this one alock the way. >> this is the fourth anniversary of the bike party and the wheels keep on turning. >> grab your carving tools and bring on the pumpkins. courtney has the story. >> from harry potter to puff the magic dragon. this man has carved just about everything on a pumpkin but in the month of october he's more known as farmer mike or the pumpkin -- in his infamous
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straw hat. >> i am just enjoying myself. i don't really care. people can ask me questions. i will talk to the people as i  am carving and i will, i will focus in on somebody for a few minutes and chat with them. they may think i am hitting on them but the fact is i am just looking at their teeth because it is going in my pumpkin. >> and sculpting these in front of an hour for six hours doesn't sway him one bit. >> their detail, he takes the ugliest side of the pumpkin and makes it look just incredible. >> farmer mike has carved more than a thousand pumpkins to his credit including one weighing more than a thousand pounds. he let the pumpkin determine it future. >> i tend to use the uglier pumpkin. even replicated jay leno's face on the night show. >> i've had little kids grown
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up watching farmer mike year after year carve. it has been fun. everybody has a pumpkin story. next week we will be carving a 1500-pounder. >> that guy has a lot of skills. >> yes, he does. thank you. >> next we have sports. we are talking football and much more. >> reporter: we will have an exclusive intershrew interview with the voice of spartan football. you may be surprised to hear how old he is. speaking of young a spartan wide receiver who is only a sophomore. and aa rough sport. we will get into the action, but first students sound off on their favorite scary movies.
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my favorite is sixth sense. i remember crying when i was watching it. >> my favorite scary movie is -- scared to death. i had to watch a funny movie after. >> 28 days later, the postsetting has been appealing to me. >> my favorite is the blair witch project. >> my favorite is -- because it is really creepy. summer because it is the first scary movie i watched. >> my favorite scary movie is never say never, the justin beiber movie. i still have nightmares to this day.
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>> jen is here for sports. who is this guy receiving this prestigious award. >> i am sure you have heard of him. chandler jones once again. >> right now is a great time to be a fan. even though the spartans had a by, one player is still receiving national attention. wide receiver chandler jones scored three touchdowns in three different ways. one receiving, one rushing and another after recovering a fumble. his performance won him a nomination for the paul award which honors by making plays in different ways. coach mike max say it is sophomore deserves the recognition. >> you know he's just a tenacious warrior a great fierce competitor. he really works hard and excited about chandler. >> he is competing against oregon, you can vote for jones on facebook to win the award. >> the city of san jose is
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known for cutting edge technology and taking chances. san jose did the same with the hiring of the new play by play announcer. we have the story. >> when you look at michael, you probably wouldn't guess what he does for a living. >> i had the job so i couldn't be happier once i heard the new. >> but the 23-year-old who is hired as the new play by play announcer as they have plenty of big -- >> he did radio play by play for the football and basketball games and even was recognized by famous tv color commentator during a espu televised game. >> the young man there doing the play by play. >> this is the first time in 11 years i will watch without being in the booth. >> he got a new role, and sjsu and says he is offering to help
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set spool his new role. >> i app exciting for michael who is replacing the play by play announcer. >> i can go into his office so it is great. >> if you are not at the game tune in and listen to calls such as this. >> 20, 15, 10. san jose state. >> one of the best kept secrets on campus last year. a win over local rival stanford was only the beginning to a very memorable season. >> it was a banner year as they had a 9-2 record and finished 13th nationally in the division 2. the club has been riding a wave of success after major upset of sanford. that brought the team together and energized everyone. >> the come rodly, the interaction between other teams finding out who we are going to play, when we are going play,
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getting the guys pumped up for things like that. >> the club has gotten off to a good start with a preseason win over san jose seahawks. new players are filling in for those who have graduated. they practice on tuesday and thursday from 6:00 to 8:00. >> the women's volley ball team will hit the road to nevada zmef fresno state this weekend. 800 fans packed tuesday night to watch the spartans take on hawaii. sjsu battled but hawaii would pull away. even though they lost the spartans made hawaii fight for the match. we really defended to set the tone on our side of the court and challenged hawaii to earn a win. >> the player of the week had 12 skills in the seventh ranked
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-- >> all right, guys. that's it for sports. those girls look awesome and they're going to -- >> good observation. that's it for now. thanks for staying up late with us. search sjsu update news. now get some rest so you can see us again next week.
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