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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  December 11, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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citibank. despite opposition from the hay -- the mayor and some unions, occupy oakland is moving forward with sháuting down the port of -- with shutting down the part of oakland tomorrow. good evening i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. this time they might not have the support they had in the
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past. jade hernandez is live with how some port workers are responding. >> reporter: this is the letter that jean quan sent out. >> reporter: a reminder about monday's call the shut down the port of oakland. >> we're not shutting down the iwvu. we're not shutting down the workers, we're doing this in
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ing with occupy supporters. support is one thing, organization from outside groups attempting to co-op our struggle is quite another. but despite official statements. >> i talked to rank in file long shore folks and truckers and i know the people that have been going down and talking to people have gotten very positive responses from all of the rank in file. >> reporter: within the mayor's open letter to protester she says quote the port of oakland is not the home of the 1% rather it generates 73,000 jobs in the region and is connected to 87,000 jobs in the country. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 muse. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the occupy protest starting with the morning news at 5:30 a.m.
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you will also find updates online on a second san francisco occupy camp was cleared out today at the federal reserve building. we'll show you how that unfolded between police and protesters coming up in about 13 minutes. >> a high speed chase in the east bay ended with a crash in richmond that knocked out power. that chase started on the bay bridge around 2:30 this morning when san francisco police first spotted a reckless driver. officers chased the bmw through oakland and into richmond on interstate i80 at speeds of over 100 miles per hour. knocking down a transformer. two people in the car escaped on foot, police detained two people at the scene while a female passenger was treated for a minor injury. those people had their servers restored by noon. a fire in a public high
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rise has people questioning the safety of fire alarms. tenants said they smelled smoke before any alarms ever went off. >> reporter: charles porsche came home today to find out if there was any damage at his apartment. >> i couldn't see six feet in front of me i. was pretty bad. >> reporter: other residents in the building say their first clue that there was a fire was the sound of a fire truck not a smoke alarm. >> if we would have been asleep, we would have been dead. >> reporter: each of the 95 units has a smoke alarm and so does ever floor on the high rise. >> we know that our fire systems are in place and are in working order so if somebody is saying anecdotally that their detector didn't go off there could be a legitimate reason such as that the smoke never
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guilty into their unit. >> reporter: but some residents who smelled smoke claim the main alarm on their floor didn't go off. >> i didn't actually hear the one in the building but my smoke alarm went off. >> reporter: they are going to question each resident to figure out if there was a problem. fire officials are investigating to save some of the firefighters that responded to the alarm although it's unclear if it was on all floors. >> we will retest all threw because of the incident that occurred certainly. make sure things are in order. this could have been a lot worse if our fire systems are in order. >> fire systems are trying to determine the cause of the blaze. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now there's a total of 102 residents in that tenderloin building. we're told the red cross is helping those residents with apartmenting that are now inhabitable. the red cross is helping to get
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them transferred to another property. authorities are trying to figure out what caused another san francisco fire. it happened before 10:00 on a building on 24th and utah street. firefighters managed to put the flames out in about an hour. no one was hurt. the red cross is also helping shelter those displaced residents. san francisco police are asking for help to try to identify a man caught in a surveillance photo who they say sexually assaulted two women. we want to show you a photo police released of man suspected in the mission district assaults. the suspect is described as a black man in his mid-30s about 5'6" and 6'tall with a medium build. one storekeeper says people in the neighborhood are taking extra precautions. >> every time we leave our store, looking around making sure nobody is hanging around or standing around doing nothing. >> reporter: police say the latest attack happened last thursday. the first attack happens in mid- november. police say both times the women were attacked from behind and
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though police say the women fought back they were unable to avoid the attack. we now know the identify of a homicide victim in san francisco. the homicide is something we first brought you last night. butler was found with multiple gunshot wounds on car street in the bay view district. he died there at the scene. so far no word on a suspect and no arrests have been made. three arrests are made tonight after an officer involved shooting in concord. it happened about 1:15 this morning. police responded to a party where a fight broke out and saw man trying to leave in an suv. one of the passengers ran out of the vehicle with a gun. one officer fired several shots at the suspect but missed. that suspect surrendered. the two other men in the suv were also caught. all three fight charges of evading arrest. they also face drug charges after police say they found marijuana packaged for sale inside their vehicle. santa cruz county sheriff's
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deputies say they have strong leads after a double shooting last month claimed the life of a 14-year-old boy and left another teen wounded. the shooting happened last night in a turn out in the 400 block of hecker pass road. investigators have not released the name of the teenager who died. sheriff deputies say the shooting appeared to be gang related. they say they are confident an arrest will be made soon. a diesel spill at uc berkeley involving hundreds of gallons of fuel is raising concerns about the environmental impact at strawberry creek. >> reporter: workers in vile hazard crew used a pump to clean strawberry creek. a total of 7,300-gallons of
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fuel was released into the creek. >> they automatically pump a mixture of ground water into the creek. >> reporter: it was only a small fraction of the spilled fuel that made itself into the creek. and it was a smaller amount that flowed into the bay. this area in the berkeley marina was closed down and the coast guard put out boons to contain a small slick in the water. >> it appears that the amount that was released into the creek didn't have an impact -- a significant impact on wildlife but we want to confirm that. >> reporter: environmentalist are worried about wildlife. phil stevens with the urban creeks council thinks the university should have had safeguards in place. >> if a diesel line ruptures in a building, there ought to be
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some type of physical barrier that prevents the fuel to go upstream. >> reporter: in berkeley, alex savidge. about the use of alcatraz island during the america's cup race. the national park service recently submited the report and there's a list of environmental issues. the race is scheduled to take place in 2014 and of course alcatraz is part of that area. at least half of the alleged victims in the penn state child sex abuse case are set to testify against former assistant football coach jerry sandusky this week. the young men many teenagers will appear in court on tuesday during a preliminary hearing to see if there's enough evidence to bring sandusky to trial on 50 counts of abuse and misconduct. victim number one plans to testify, he says sandusky abused him for several years starting when he was just 11. a separate preliminary hearing
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is set for friday for two former university administrators accused of lying to a grand jury investigating the allegations. this dictator manuel noriega is back to serve for 20 years for the slayings of political opponents during his ruling in the eight 0s. n o, riega was obscured from view as he landed in panama city. he returned to panama after serving drug sentences in the u.s. and money laundering in france. his attorneys says they plan to ask for house arrest. noriega was forced out of power and surrendered in january. the advertising move by the lowe's hardware store chain that has a state senator demanding an apology. a different type of
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homeless population is filling
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some developing news right now out of the east bay. the coast guard is working right now to clean up an oil spill after a decommissioned
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tug boat sank off richmond. these pictures show the tug boat going down. when they arrived they found indeed that oil spilled from the tug. it's not clear just how much oil leaked. a member of the richmond sea scout says the tiger is one of two navy tug boats that were docked at the southern part of point richmond for years. san francisco list arrested more than 50 -- police arrested more than 50 protesters today. ktvu's allie rasmuss has the perspective as the drama unfolded on 101 market street. >> reporter: police in riot gear lined up on market street this morning. they told the protesters it was time to go. >> you cannot live on a private street to set up cooking utensils and bed stuff and
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bookshelves then commence to live there. >> reporter: police arrested 55 people. many of these protesters had started gathering a couple of days ago after the main occupy camp was broken up. >> we are out here protesting every day, people need sleep. that's just how it worked. >> i feel sorry for them. it's really sad. >> reporter: why do you feel sorry for them? >> because they have a reason to protest. they don't have a job, they don't have a house. >> we've been providing for a week homeless services, beds. >> reporter: the 55 people who were arrested were sited and released. by 9:00 that morning many of them started to make their way back to the sidewalk in front of the federal reserve building. james effen was one of those arrested this morning that returned a few hours later.
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>> why should i have permission to sleep in a private park. i'm part of the public. >> reporter: he says that he will stay here even if it means standing and not sleeping on the sidewalk. a woman was hit and killed by a car in belmont. the accident happened this evening on rollson avenue. the woman kind at the scene. police tell ktvu the woman was not walking in a crosswalk when she was hit. police say the driver of the car who struck the driver stopped immediately and is cooperating with investigators. police released the name of a hayward man in a wheelchair that was struck and hit by a man. 40-year-old david gomez was hit while crossing the street. the driver is cooperating. investigators say it does not appear that drugs or alcohol were factors in the crash.
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a california state senator is demanding an apology from lowe's home improvement for pulling their advertising. ted loue says he wants a reinstatementment of ads during a muslim show. people will be able to use text messaging to get instant information about eligibility. these changes make every driver safer. >> it's the law, you have to have insurance. your family and you are safer if you have an accident. it's also better for all the
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rest of us that has insurance that everyone be insured as they're driving. >> reporter: california's insurance program started back in 1999. it's paid for or subsidied by the insurance company. there's a better outlook tonight for california's tax revenue. the state comptrollers office says last month's revenue is up 9% compared to projections in the state budget. most of the gains are from income taxes. sales tax is actually below predictions but all that is about to change. >> holiday shopping is huge. we do benefit greatly in the months of november and december. we don't see a lot of those dollars in the month of january. california is still a billion dollars behind the revenue. the december numbers will help officials determine the amount of sales.
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research firm comscore says online sales have reached $24.6 billion so far. that's up 15% from this time last year. cyber monday saw the most online sales this season with $1.25 billion. it is shaping up to be a very crowded holiday season at one bay area animal shelter. maureen naylor is back tonight in milpitas where officials tell her they're suddenly dealing with an influx of animals railroad for every animal that comes in the door there's three others coming in. some ending up here simply because of money. tonight we followed this 40- year-old as he opened a christmas present early. 3-month-old ivan the kitten who eventually was going to be a gift from santa. >> we decided if they would come and meet the kitty before we take it home. >> reporter: there are plenty of cats and canines looking for homes.
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the silican valley reports a big increase of homeless animals coming in, especially dogs. one reason is more animals surrendered by their owners because of job or financial reasons. which is the case with this dog lady who's owners job was just transferred overseas. >> obviously keeping a job in this economy is very important. sometimes it comes down to the pet or the dog. >> reporter: with a cuteness that's almost palpable, it won't take long for these puppies to find a home. but others will take much longer. the promotion brought this couple in. >> they are just expensive. getting it from the shelter with
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spayed, neutered, microchipped is great. >> reporting live from milpitas, maureen naylor. a huge explosion and it was all caught on tape. what happened to hundreds of people at a club near by. celebrations today in san francisco celebrate the relationships created by big brothers, big sisters of the bay area. the big hurdle facing them. i'm tracking a few showers
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laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like --
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there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding. thanks. ♪ okay. what's your secret? ♪ [ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. in libya 1,300 pounds of weapons are nothing more than
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dust an debris tonight after a weapons experts blew them up. many of the weapons exploded were missile launchers known as man pads which can be used to bring down aircrafts. >> we're disposing of mostly man pads today which is outdated weapons that can be useed in a bad way if they got into the wrong hands. >> reporter: thousands of weapons went missing during libya's eight month civil war. american experts have disabled 4,000 shoulder fired missiles since september. >> russian president medvedev used his web page to announce fraud in last year's election. several hundred people marched for politics.
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in syria opposition leaders fear a blood -- they said the government warned them to start demonstrating, hand over their weapons or face bombardment. the free syrian army says it fears a masker. take a look at these picktures. the -- pictures. the driver was downloaded fuel. the driver was taken to the hospital with burns to his arms and legs no one else though was hurt. it's an organization that builds relationship that is could last a lifetime. big brothers and big sisters held their big holiday party. demand for big brothers and sisters is far out of supply. >> reporter: 9-year-old ben and big brother eric raced to win this competition. brothers for just over a year
11:56 pm
thanks to the big brothers big sisters of the bay area. >> my mom told me that i could get a big brother. and like he could take me out for ice cream and bowling. >> he's fun to be around. if i'm stressed out or having a busy weekend it's not cumbersome to hang out with him. it's fun, we can relax. >> reporter: big brothers and sisters of the bay area say the kids in this room, they are the lucky ones they actually have a match. there's a waiting list of more than 800 kids. and the biggest hurdle for those kids, funding. ben sat on that list for two years. >> some of these kids may never get matched. it really depends on how quickly we're able to raise more money. >> reporter: the program is free for participates, but the agency says to make that happen costs about $2,000 for just the
11:57 pm
first year. and while donations are coming in, the need continues to grow. as for eric and ben there's already sibling rivalry. >> sorry, i just beat you at everything. >> reporter: but it's more than just about winning, it's about spending time with each other. >> everybody gets a candy cane. >> in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu news. iran claims it took down a u.s. spy drone. why this raises questions about why this raises questions about a possible bigger [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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[ beep ] hi. dave here. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office. [ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank. in england concerns about a possible repeat of last year's riots have police looking to
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test a laser that can temporarily impair vision. police say having that tool can help -- similar devices have been used by nato troops in afghanistan to protect convoys. a senior commander in iran's revolutionary guard says the country will not return a captured drone. the u.s. has not confirmed the drone being shown is the aircraft that it lost over afghanistan. as jennifer griffin report, some say the drone represents a far bigger operation. >> reporter: the capture of a downed u.s. sentinel drone revealed the u.s. was flying spy missions from an air base actively gathering information over iran.
12:01 am
it's a multiple of series explosions. some argue the operation is under way. first a cyber attack. then a dozen mysterious explosions at the homes of iran's nuclear scientists. the head of iran's atomic energy administration is wounded by a car bomb. an explosion at a secret mission base. two weeks later there's a blast at a uranium enrichment plant. >> but the fact that there were reports about an explosion some where near the nuclear side, it warrants more scrutiny when it comes to a facility that used to be standing but it's now gone. >> reporter: the explosion at a
12:02 am
missile based fire in tyran. >> as they were to my knowledge the final preparation -- as they were doing the final preparations fully loaded with the fuel it exploded. with it it took the entire crew of the missile team including the top commander and top expert. >> reporter: they're concerned israel will decide covert action is not enough and strike israel's program itself. republican presidential candidate rick perry is speaking out about a controversial moment during yesterday's debate. it involves mitt romney offers to make a $10,000 belt. >> in his first book hard cover of no apologies he clearly started that individual
12:03 am
mandates should be the model for this country. he took that out of the book in the paper back. that's the fact and even a $10,000 bet is not going to cover that. democrats and republicans are now using romney's comments to try to portray him as being out of touch. some unsettling moments today for passengers flying from denver to los angeles. flight 321 was forced to land in grand junction colorado just a few minutes after take off after one of its two engines shut down. some of the 125 people on board said they could tell there was a problem even before take off. >> we were backing up and as we were backing up, i smelled gasoline and saw smoke. i said hey what's going on. nothing happened. we were in the there 45 minutes and i said hey guys we're going to land. i said what's going on. and they said we're in an engine shut down. all of the passengers took later flights to los angeles.
12:04 am
after two weeks of negotiations in south africa, world governments finally hammered out improvements on greenhouse gas emissions. the nonbinding treatment would be extended to 2017. environmentalists vow to pour chemicals that will kill weeds. environmental groups say the battle must be limited to nontoxic methods. the state's resources board and eventually the epa will have a say in the decision.
12:05 am
santa clara handed out thousands of gifts. today was the agencies first holiday give away of the season. families walked away with 3,000 goodies including bicycles, gift cards and warm clothing. many of them who have picked up gifts say they've been struggling. >> i felt i could do nothing so the charities have helped me out a lot. like they backed me up, it was cool. it's a real blessing. >> reporter: catholic charities says it still needs donations for retail stores. the first family enjoyed traditional christmas carols with pretty big named stars. like justin bieber.
12:06 am
conan o'brien hosted the event which included a sing along of people's favorite christmas songs. they are in the play offs but the 49ers say they have plenty of work to do after today. we'll dad, a big giant bee! get it!
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at ikea, the life improvement store. well we have been tracking a few showers since about 5:00 this evening we could be dodging a few more rain drops as we head into your monday morning commute. right now on live storm
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tracker, two. you can see the cloud cover. light rainfall reports this evening from san jose, redwood city, pacifica, santa cruz, los altos. you can see more coverage with at least light activity. you get the idea scattered amounts of shower activity across the bay area for this evening and into tomorrow. this was a scene today looking out toward the bay you can see all the khroáfr cover with a little bit of sunshine poking through the clouds here. but still mostly cloudy skies throughout the entire bay area. overnight lows tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies. the coolest locations will be back down into the lower 30s for napa and also santa rosa. san francisco 45 and san jose in the lower 40s right around 42 degrees. here's a set up on the
12:10 am
satellite and radar. the loop over the past 24 hours. if rain showers picking up light to federal shares. all because this, this area of low pressure developing offshore will not be making land fall here in the bay area. this will be headed toward southern california. los angeles expects more rainfall for tomorrow. but i have traced into circulation around that low and we'll have the forecast model coming up. we will see mainly scattered showers. we were talking about the rotation, did a nice job of showing you the current pattern out there. watch what happens the clouds and showers all rotating. as we take this into tomorrow morning, it's not to rainfall for everybody. still a chance of showers first thing tomorrow morning, for the excite at the 6:00, 7:00 and 8:00. by the afternoon not a lot to show you at 7:00. still a chance of a linger
12:11 am
with clouds. here we go for tomorrow morning it's 9:00. temperatures from around 55 to 56 degrees across most of the region. these numbers are just a touch warmer than today's high. looks like patchy morning fog for tuesday. partly cloudy skies on wednesday. as we head into thursday the latest forecast model is gem rating rainfall here in the bare. no rain close there just a sun clouds mix. you might not have same question hairing a lot add the lastty days. >> these were light to moderate cells. >> i have a feeling it's going
12:12 am we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! how about a nice home for our tv?
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♪ [ male announcer ] the new united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. good evening everyone thanks for joining us our sunday night edition of sports wrap. the 49ers might be play off bound but they still must be concerned about their second half let downs. today their issues came back to bite them in the end. glocer was in the pack but missed the message. gore surpasses the landmark for
12:15 am
the first time in his career. john skelton relieved him and three catches. fitzgerald scores with 19-14 niners. catchers aepbs scorers we dave the cardinals a lead. san francisco can still win with their fifth field goal of the game but it's fourth quarter. alex smith has to run for his life. he was sacked five times already in this game and his past goes to hands of the 49ers. san francisco still an impressive 20- one but as owe monosáeu reports there's plenty of work to do -- as we a the
12:16 am
amount. >> we got down in the red zone, got down deep in the registration zone and didn't execute, didn't conserve. >> that we're in position to, you know win this football game at all times during the game. we didn't get it done, we're disappointed about that. we'll have to see how the team survives. the next challenge the pittsburgh steelers on a monday night. in glendale arizona for sports wrap. green bay well sreu that
12:17 am
night won since 196. green bay had if carlson mccondition by that's what he gets. -- carlson condition by what's. first nfl touchdown for taylor in his first nfl. to jordi fell son. that's the vickings release. psychers go big. packers roll 46-16 they clench a first round play off bye.
12:18 am
raiders get a new record by trailing 24-10 at halftime was they get scored 80ing to #. zero: even if you don't believe in santa cause you have to believe in tim tebow. watch tim keep it alive. denver scores five points. them 95 yield foal tkpweld in overtime the. three of those wins came in overtime and the jets well they crushed kansas city today 27- 10. raiders next opponent the lions hosted minnesota today and two minings into the game christian ponder gets the goal hit. defenceive touchdowns vickings
12:19 am
commit six turnovers, now it's desroeut's. lions hang on 24 will have the hay came to our and i'm ain't and fine. >> today the dodgers won. and today in tennessee breas throws three, td catchless. brief joins hernandez as the only quarterback that has ever discharged your. >> falcons come back to beat carolina. tom brady and the patriots travel over maryland to play
12:20 am
the skins. tied 20-20. brady hits the crock. third in aoeublger -- but after a late interception brady and bryant exchanged concern. hey guys, you won. can't you just let bye gones by guy bones. philadelphia dumps the dolphins today 26-0. houston was in cincinnati. texans never led in this game until the final two seasons of the regulation. t.j. wicks that gives houston a 20- 19 victory jason gary called time out.
12:21 am
they missed second try. dallas loss in over time. tonight cowboys trailed the giants. that gives bailey the a khas to spill good. it's good. but this time giants had crossly to freeze daily. jason peer pall kicks it. both teams now are 3-3. maureen jones drew scored two times. coming z
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sharks had a tough weekend. first of all their big stars are still not scoring. san jose had to play back to back road games against two very hot teams. cards in chicago wearing their white and red shoulders tonight. mcgee keeps jamming the puck until it gets past summery. chicago still tied it until justin brown one time and his first goal of the super bowl. blackhawks. patrick sharp hanging around the net. scores off the rebound. chicago wins in overtime. sharks are in the point but man when are their shooters going to step in for them.
12:26 am
remember diandre spent his season with the clippers. the reports from l.a. tonight indicate the clippers will in fact, go ahead and keep jordan. oscar was feeling the vibe inside the game. cal also got a good game from gutierraz. cal wins win. cal is now 8-3. santa clara loses by 38 to washington state. broncos now 5-3. the high school state championships are set next saturday, two time defending
12:27 am
champion de la salle will play margarita. great drama in dubai, quiros . he became the first to win the first american to win the american and european league every year. nice trophy. raiders get routed in green bay they're going to have a tough time making it to the play offs right now. >> all right, thanks fred. >> thanks fred. >> that is our report for tonight, thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> be sure to check in, you can
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