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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 31, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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it's mitt romney in a rout. he has restored his republican front runner status today with a landslide win in florida. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. romney is celebrating a win after he easily beat gingrich. romney finished with 46% of the vote.
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gingrich came in second with 32%. rick santorum and ron paul finished third and fourth. it is the biggest win yet. we go to tampa with more on today's outcome and what comes next. good evening tory. >> reporter: florida is win it take all so romney is leaving with a lot of momentum going forward. >> thank you tonight for this victory. >> reporter: for mitt romney it's win number two. a new more aggressive candidate emerges. >> mr. president you were elected to leave, you chose to follow, now it's time for you to get out of the way. >> reporter: an influx of tv adses were the momentum that
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mitt romney needed to win the prize. >> florida, you're the best. >> a competitive primary does not divide us it prepares us, and we will win. >> reporter: last night was rough for newt gingrich but he says he's still going all the way. >> it is now clear that this will be a two person race between the conservative leader newt gingrich, and the massachusetts moderate. we are going to contest every place and we are going to win and we will be in tampa as the nominee in august. >> reporter: well the other two candidates delivered their speeches from nevada trying to get a head start on saturday's caucuses. >> there's one message that i think we got from the campaign in florida is that republicans can do better. >> we will spend our time in the caucus space because if you have an irate tyrus minority you do very well in the caucus
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state. >> reporter: so frank the race now moves. >> it'll be back to florida for the gop this summer. the republican national convention is being held in tampa. the convention was in the end of august. romney has 84, gingrich 27, ron paul has 10 and rick santorum has eight delegates. it's still very early, a candidate needs more than 1,100 candidates to win his nomination. president obama stopped at the washington, d.c. auto show. >> let me just say that when you look at all these cars it is a testimony to the outstanding work that's been done by workers, american workers, american designers. the u.s. auto industry is back.
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>> reporter: the president checked out some electric hybrids and other cars. he also said it's worth remembering some people were willing to let the industry die. last november mitt romney said u.s. auto makers should have been allowed to go bankrupt rather than receive a federal bail out. and stay with ktvu channel 2 for continuing coverage on ktv,.com right now you will find the latest election headlines at the top of the front page. a chase through oakland this evening ended with three people in custody and injury two three others. alameda county sheriff's deputies arrested three men in a van. at one point the van hit a car and injured two people inside. they were taken to a hospital complaining of neck pain. the sheriff's department has not yet told us why its deputies tried to stop the van in the first place. new at 10:00, within the past hour the oakland city council voted to lay off dozens of city workers as it struggles to make up for the loss of $28
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million in redevelopment funds. ktvu's amber lee is live now where our cameras caught up with mayor quan after the meeting. >> reporter: the results, dozens of city workers will soon be out of a job. hundreds packed into tonight's meeting, but in sharp contrast to last week's ruckus point, tonight the mood was somber. >> the motion passes with six ayes, two noes. >> i'm really very sad. i want to thank them for their service to oakland. i'm hoping some of the redevelopment programs will come back and we'll be able to
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bring more of them back. >> reporter: city workers tell us they're angry about having to be laid off. >> it's really created a very hostile environment. a lot of fear and anxiety that was not necessary. i think we've proven in the past that we can be your partners. >> reporter: before the meeting started, this aztec dance group performed a dance. they're lobbying to keep a park open. >> kids like myself go there to stay out of trouble. >> i worry about our young people who are most affected by your disgusting and dispickable behavior and breaking the law.
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>> thank you mrs. sanchez. >> thank you. >> reporter: the mayor told us the city is actually eliminated 150 positions but only 81 of those are currently filled by workers. city leaders have not said exactly what jobs will be cut. live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu news. a major construction project got under way. the examiner reports commissioners approved the design of a new headquarters for sales the company wants to build a 14- acre campus in the mission bay neighborhood. that campus would include eight brightly colored buildings. sheriff ross mirkarimi is not giving up on seeing his wife and son. he plans to go back to court on friday to try to get his stay order lifted. the stay away order is in effect at least until the end of his trial which starts on february 24th.
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and we've learned that sheriff mirkarimi is close to picking an undersheriff. he has interviewed 14 candidates. we have new information at this hour regarding a nationwide labor dispute involving refinery workers. it appears a strike has been averted at least for the tile being. late this evening national representatives released a statement saying a at tentative agreement has been reached. united steel workers union represents the refinery workers. a local representative told us 18 refinery workers have died in the past three years across the country and safety measures are a sticking point. >> we're the ones doing the work. and we're making lots of money, we're looking for safety, we're
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looking for better health. coverages for our family. >> reporter: the union representatives here in the bay area tell ktvu they expect negotiations here will continue into the wee hours of the morning. union workers walked picket lines today at kaiser hospital across california. the labor dispute include 1,500 workers who provide medical care. thousands of other nurses joined in sympathy. >> what's this about? >> patient care. >> reporter: the strikers mentioned patient care for especially patients with mental health issues. >> many of our patients have waited six weeks or more to get into more return visit appointments. we find this inexcusable. >> reporter: the hospital counters. >> we provide excellent care for our members. we've been recognized by the office of patient advocates for delivering four star care. >> reporter: both sides acknowledge money is at issue. >> we won't accept these cuts
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that they've decided that they're going to visit upon us. >> the claim that we're cutting their benefits is not true. we have an offer on the table. we have a long history of providing market leading salaries and benefits to our employees. >> reporter: both sides are powerful entities yet both refuse to reveal the contents of their proposals saying they don't want to negotiate in public leaving patients caught in the middle. >> i think it's a sad commentary when the patients themselves have to been inconvenienced. >> so i think definitely they need more staff. i think it would be helpful to the patients and the people who live here. >> reporter: two out of three nurses showed up to work any time. that they will not be locked out tomorrow but that the strike cost them an extra $300,000. on wall street, it is a january to remember as optimism about economic recovery helped the stock markets posttheir best start to a new year in
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more than a decade. the dow industrials added 3.4% this month for its best january since 1997, the s & p increased 440% it's best performance in 15 years. the nasdaq did even better reporting an 8% rise, it's best january since 2001. on wall street today, the markets ended mixed, the dow surged in early trading but ended early by 20 points. nasdaq added one. i know he's a very hard worker, it's very tragic. >> reporter: a worker buried alive. the investigation into how it happened days after officials ordered a construction site to shut down. back here in 10 minutes with tomorrow's forecast, perhaps some rain drops on that morning commute. i'll show you where and when.
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new at 10:00, caltrain is facing a service order that could be result in cuts. robert handa is live with a proposal to ask riders to pay for it whether they ride the trains or not. >> reporter: it's a system that's looking for ways to keep
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the trains running. 86 trains transport 30,000 people every workday. but theirs alone cannot keep the trains running, it costs $100 million a year and caltrain has no dedicated funding source. >> we were almost forced to cut our service in half just a year ago because some the same kind of funding issues. >> reporter: there is sufficient funding since 2014 and ridership is up double digits. >> operationally, caltrain has been improving. >> reporter: looking down the tracks, a grass roots group called friends of caltrain is proposing a tax increase to pay for caltrain. >> the caltrain measure will be a local measure. it's a self-fund locally funded measure to fund all of us. >> reporter: every tax increase has to be approved by voters. >> probably vote against it. >> reporter: why? >> caltrain already costs enough. >> why not?
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it's all worth it. we need to keep caltrain. >> reporter: officially caltrain says it is premature to talk about a sales tax measure. while other options are still being considered. but if the trains are to keep running, the money has to come from some where. >> reporter: if we don't provide a permanent dedicated source of fund for caltrain, the problems are going to become unsurmountable. they will just wipe away. >> reporter: there's a question whether only san mateo taxpayers will pay for caltrain or whether santa clara county will also share in the cost. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. on our facebook wall tonight we asked if you would support a tax increase to pay for caltrain. many of you were against it. we had a lot of comments. brent writes, no, they need to learn how to work with less.
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greed is killing everything. bill elliot's comment, can we not ring the bell like in san jose. in a letter, lawmaker comptroller says, -- lawmakers had previously say that the state had enough cash to end through the end of the fist -- fiscal year in june. protesters today were ordered to stay away from frank ogawa. seven were arranged on misdemeanor charges. a 12th protester were ordered to appear in court next week
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for arraignment. prosecutors are still reviewing the cases of dozens of others arrested on saturday. the 36-year-old man wanted for oakland's first homicide of the year is behind bars. u.s. marshals today announced that remon daniels was captured yesterday in pittsburg. mcdaniels is wanted for the death of white. white was shot outside his home on east 25th street. police say outrage over that killing is what led to several tips from the community. an about face in the state assembly today, as lawmakers approved a bill they voted down yesterday involving the controversial three strikes law. voters asked that a third strike be a serious or violent felony. right now lower level felonies qualify as a third strike. the author of the bill says, it would save the state $50 million over three years. the measure now goes to the state senate. multiple invest tkpwaeugs are under way in --
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investigation are under way in milpitas after a worker died on the job. >> reporter: an aerial view of the milpitas hill shows where cal osha investigators have been examining the construction site where the fatal accident took place. officials are looking over the spot where 39-year-old raul zapata was buried alive in a trench. zapata had a wife and three daughters in mexico. >> it's very tragic. i know he's a very hard worker. he's always out and about with his tools and stuff. it's just very tragic to hear that they have to go through this. >> reporter: the milpitas building director says the contractor of fremont was ordered three days earlier to stop work until the trench was stabilized. he says an on-site supervisor claimed due to a language barrier no one understood the stop work order.
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cal osha says the contractor should face severe fines. >> they could go up to $75,000 for penalty. >> reporter: lu said it had no contact with them. zatatas' family and friends say, they want justice. >> i don't know why they would continue to let him work if it was an unsafe environment for him. >> reporter: cal osha will be speaking to the attorney's office on whether criminal charges will be filed. a high school in san francisco are telling parents to keep their kids at home tomorrow because of the stomach flu. st.ignacious says 140 students either called in sick or went home sick. tomorrow the entire building will be cleaned and sanitized. classes are set to resume on thursday. parents are also being asked to
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keep their child home for 72 hours after symptoms seize. and your daytime highs today on the cool side. a lot of clouds moved in. 58 in napa, 57 in vallejo. slightly warmer tomorrow. we're going to start with lots of low clouds and fog. when you wake up 49 in napa, 49 in santa rosa. not freezing but chilly. patchy fog, high clouds moving in overhead. some where around 5:00 in the morning we have a shot for a light sprinkle. look for some wet roadways, this weather system right here kind of pushing right up against the coast. tomorrow morning's commute looks like it could be a little damp. here comes the system around 5:00 p.m., it starts to move in. a chance for sprinkle and drizzle. clearing after that. i have the long range forecast with the bay area weekend clearly in view. i'll see you back here in just a minute. a cleaning company has
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announced plans to move into a car lot and hire an additional 14 employees. it hopes to move into the old hummer building. concord's planning commission is expected to approve the plan during a meeting tomorrow night. preparing for new millionaires, what bay area communities stand to gain the most from a ññ0ñ@ñ
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how about this, apple stock hit another all time high today securing for now the company's title as the world's most valuable corporation. shares of the cupertino company closed $456 a share. apple and exxonmobil have been
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battling it out for the title of most available company since last august. exxon stock was down today following its latest earnings report and as a result apple is back on top. it is expected to be the biggest stock offering silican valley has ever seen. facebook is reportedly prepared to file paper work for its ipo with the securities and exchange commission tomorrow. as ktvu's maureen naylor tells us the initial public offerings could create hundreds of millionaires with a lot to gain. >> reporter: analysts say the offering could raise as much as 10 p-l dollars and value the social network between 70 and 100 billion -- raise as much as $10 billion and value the social network between 70 and 100 billion. >> reporter: holding on to those billionaires will be a big challenge for facebook. >> you really want to keep them within that company because that talent brought you to
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where it is. >> reporter: the tech giant has more than 3,000 employees. >> most people out of an ipo can only with after taxes between one and $5 million. and you can't if you're a 35- year-old employee you can't retire on that. >> reporter: silican valley's high end car dealers, investors and realtors say they are readying the inventory. >> we're chumping at the bit, we've been in the horse stalls for a long time. >> reporter: john pinto with the santa clara association of realtor says after google's ipo home prices jumped 16% in the peninsula. he expects one in every five facebook employees to look to buy. >> in los altos, los altos hill. they'll get the blunt of the benefit. >> reporter: even if papers are filed tomorrow, the ipo likely wouldn't happen until april or may. market watchers think the
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market would start between 35 and $40 a share. maureen naylor, ktvu channel two news. facebook development team spent this evening meeting with the menlo park to describe their expansion business. the nine building campus has room for up to 3,600 workers. facebook is seeking approval to boost that to as many as 6,600. a program allowing prescreened frequent fliers to move quickly through security will soon be returning to the san francisco airport. it allows participating to move to the front of the line to get their carry on items screened and to by pass the first tier of security by using an automated kiosks. it should be up and running at sfo by this april. it has been a long time coming but lawmakers from washington say they have
11:57 pm
finally agreed to extend the faa bill. the $63 billion compromise includes funding for air traffic modernization effort. both the house and senate are expected to pass this compromise bill sometime in the next two weeks. the bay area roads and bridges labeled structurally deficient. >> some transportation agencies blow up their old bridges. coming up in a live report, a much different plan for the old section of the east span of the ahhh. so soft. time out. sweet. [ female announcer ] with charmin ultra soft, you can get that cushiony feeling you love while still using less. charmin ultra soft is designed with extra cushions
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dismantling of the old eastern span of the bay bridge. ken wayne is here with how much it will cost. >> reporter: the dismantling of the old eastern span will begin within a matter of days after that and it won't be easy. this is how bridges are taken down in sol -- in some part -rts of -- parts of the country but not in the bay area. >> it would be fun to watch but it's not going to happen. >> reporter: the demolition will be similar to what happened in the cardenas bridge. all of it aimed at having as little impact on the bay as possible. >> 75 years of lead paint on that steel so we just can't
12:01 am
blow it up and have it fall into the bay. >> reporter: sediment will also affect the bridge. >> we're looking at pesticides and petroleum by-products. >> reporter: transportation officials made this video of their bay demolitions complete with music. here workers will have to build a trestle to move equipment adding the cost to 244 million. the project is said to be a spectacle for passing motorists. >> keep your eyes on the road and don't mind that hanging beam that's 100 feet over to your right. >> reporter: team 84 section of the don barton bridge was blown
12:02 am
up. everyone with the softer approach to the bay bridge dismantling there is bound to be some environmental damage but it'll be a lot less. ken wayne. now today on capitol hill, house republicans propose spending $260 billion on transportation. money to repair roads and bridges nationwide. we found more than 3,000 locations across california that the group transportation in america says are desperately in need of repairs. and many of those happen to be right here in the bay area. take a look at this, every single red spot you see right there on this map shows a bridge or an overpass that's considered structurally deficient. what we want to do here is highlight three of them for you. so first, what we're going to do is head out to contra costa county near walnut creek. this is the intersection of 680 over olympic boulevard. it was built in 1981. you can see there 169,000 cars use it every day. we want to head to san
12:03 am
francisco, specifically near candle stick park. this is highway 101 where it crosses over the candle stick park exit, you've undoubtedly used this to get to san francisco or to the airport. i want was built in 1962 and it carries 199,000 cars every day. and now we want to head to santa clara county where the motague crosses 880. that road was built in 1974 and 75,400 cars use it every day. assuming this transportation bill would pass, it would be up to the california transportation board to pass which roads would get funding first. five google buses pick up employees at a presbyterian church every morning. the church is right across the street from blossom hill elementary school.
12:04 am
parents say the buses are causes back up as they stop to pick up and drop off. >> i don't like the time they do it. it makes it a little congested. >> reporter: google officials tell ktvu that starting tomorrow the buses will pick up employees at the church parking lot rather than on the street. new at 10:00 tonight, they are the faces behind the occupy movement captured in time. ktvu's rita williams introduces us to a man who's pictures tell the stories of the 99%. >> reporter: this is the imagine many people have of the occupy movement. a faceless group in motion. these are the faces san francisco photographer robert shultzy sees, individuals who are the movement. >> i would say that they are just like you and me. >> reporter: shultzy said that a few months ago he took a few portraits and posted them on
12:05 am
his website. >> i didn't think a thing of it. but the next day my website, my blog had crashed. >> reporter: he was hooked. he takes his camera and studio to them. he's now been to camps in nine cities, two in his native wisconsin where it was 20 degrees below zero. the rest in california and has shot more than 10,000 photos of 364 occupiers. >> this guy -- >> reporter: he says this man has cancer would leave for chemotherapy then return. >> the little girl it was her idea to come out and protest. he hasn't had his picture taken in something like 25 years. >> reporter: some people tell him their life story, some didn't talk at all but he said in their eyes he saw their soul. he says he's tried to stay neutral. doesn't go to demonstrations, how long he shoots portraits of the 99% depends on how long the
12:06 am
occupy movement lasts. >> i don't know how long that's going to be, it'll be done when it's done. >> reporter: he says the hardest part is not knowing what will happen to the people after he shoots their imagine. at we have posted a link to that photographers website. look for the web link section on our web page. a recall of birth control pills. and new information about the killings of two east bay parents, what may have led their son to do it. back here in just 10 minute, we have tomorrow's forecast. the chance for some sprinkles in tomorrow's commute then we go right to the five day with th i remember the moment clearly. -i'll never forget that moment.
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woman: as long as i live. man: i realized, at that moment, when we first saw the damage, these people really needed us and i was going to make a difference, right here in my community. together with local responders, we cleared trees and collapsed walls. we had to get to the family trapped beneath. as a citizen-soldier, i made a difference. announcer: be there for your community, at
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>> new information tonight from authorities on what may have caused a boy from strangle his parents to death. moses cayman appeared in court tonight. the district attorney says the 15-year-old had an argument with his mother and later that day he strangled her. >> there was a period of time when he was using his hands to choke her. but then he went and got a ligature so that he could then use that to kill her. >> the da says when the father came home the teenager also strangled him. the boy's mother was a physicians assistant and his father was a clinical psychologist at san francisco county jail. they adopted their son out of foster care when he was 5 years
12:10 am
old. >> reporter: the sonoma county coroner now found that the 15- year-old girl who died ingested ghb. sonoma invest investigators say it's not clear if she knowingly took or accidentally took the ghb. police arrested william payne yesterday, he's now 47 years old. investigators say he was rick linked -- he was linked through to the killing through dna. a cousin of crumbley said he couldn't believe an arrest had finally been made. bitter cold weather has claimed more lives. at least 60 people have died so far. temperatures plunged to 17 below and some rivers are now frozen. in warsaw officials set up coal heaters in the street to provide relief to the homeless
12:11 am
and the army has been mobilized to set up emergency shelters and get people off the streets. at the united nations, the security council took up a draft resolution today demanding syrian president assad give up power. his regime is blamed for a protest for the last six months. moscow has strategic ties with syria. emergency officials decided to end the underwater search for those missing on that overturned cruise ship. they say it's too dangerous for divers. the families of 16 people still missing and presumed dead have been notified. officials are now focusing on preventing an environment disaster from the half million gallons of fuel still on board. phizer says it is recalling birth control pills who put women at risk for unintended
12:12 am
pregnancies. the pills are marketed under the brand name lo/ovral28 and ethinyl estradiol tablet. berkeley neuroscientists say they are working on decoding the electrical activity in a american's rain in order to predict the words a person is hearing or preparing to say. the scientists are planting electrodes that detect tiny signals in the brains of neurosurgeons. scientists say the same general brain area seem to light up when a person thinks about a word and one day a decoding machine might be able to read a person's mind. >> the clinical application would be potentially it would aid in the development of a communication, prosthetic device for say severely disabled or paralyzed
12:13 am
individuals. right now scientists say their alger rhythm is 90% correct in decoding words that are heard. a potential $300 million hit. the big bank looking at losing a big contract with an east bay a big contract with an east bay city over its role wi [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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fed up with big banks, berkeley is looking to put its money where its mouth is: heather holmes was at tonight's meeting where the city council took a bold $300 million step, heather. >> reporter: julie, the city's multi million dollars account could soon be coming to a small community bank like mechanics bank. the city council voted not to automatically renew the city's contract with its current bid
12:16 am
bank which expires at the end of the year. wells fargo has been targeted by protesters. seeing individuals including this woman pulled their personal account. >> i did a few months ago because i felt like it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: even berkeley's major left the big bank. >> i removed my money from wells fargo recently. >> reporter: now the financial institution is at risk of losing the city of berkeley as a customer. >> edson. >> yes. >> reporter: the council tonight voting to explore other options to take over its $300 million account. >> when you look at moving our money to a bank that represents our community's values. >> reporter: jesse arreguin says wells fargo was at the heart of the financial melt down that impacted berkeley's economy. a wells fargo spokesman told us tonight that the bank is committed to berkeley saying that it has donated $300 million to nonprofits in the city over the past three years.
12:17 am
and that it currently owns fewer than 10 foreclosed properties in the city. >> i think they've certainly done a lot of good things but i think it peals in compareson to the bad mortgages throughout san jose. >> the report is due back to the council in may and members could vote on a new bank in the fall. berkeley has been doing business with wells fargo since 2004. reporting live tonight here in berkeley, i'm healther holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. the highly ranked college mckenna has a cheating scandal of sorts in its hands. the school says a senior admitted falsifies entrance scores for years. for example, clairmont reported
12:18 am
a median score of 1410 instead of 1400. pier 27 will be demolishes and then rebuilt and will serve as the headquarters for the america's race. >> but this is really to me an exciting part of the kick off where you see labor people contractors, public works, all beginning to see real stuff getting done. the terminal project is expected to cost $92 million, it'll be located at the intersection of embarcadero, lombard and battery street. sometimes the waves are too big even for the professionals. one prosaid he went surfing and he didn't know how it happened but his dislocated his hip. things are changing and
12:19 am
bill you say some of these changes may impact the morning commute. >> looks like there will be a few sprinkles on the morning commute. that will slow things down a little bit more your wednesday commute. those big waves that julie showed you in hawaii they're headed this way. there's the rain i was talking about to the north. you see the area kind of moving in, you see it right here it comes coming in right with me. you'll see it right there. those showers will extend south. very light. if we get .006 of an inch that would be a lot. your windshield wipers will be at best at intermediate. there's a lot of wind
12:20 am
generating activity. in about two days or three days they show up along our coast. so those big waves here by thursday, friday and into saturday. mostly cloudy tonight. maybe a little fog. drizzle starts after midnight. mainly right along the coast. we'll call it a few showers possible. tomorrow will be marked by afternoon clearing and kind of mild temperatures going to the low 60s tomorrow. as you head into thursday, the winds clock offshore and things change around. so morning drizzle temperatures in the 40s, just a weak weak weather system slide through. then bam, high system settles in and temperatures start to go up. as we head into saturday and sunday, low 60s. we might pop a low 70. what you can do is key up the computer model, 5:00 a.m. you see the sprinkles to the north. we come a little closer, 8:00 a.m. that's the heart of the commute. the dynamics are there. there's enough lift and moisture to get a little sprinkle along the coast. not going to be hard to do.
12:21 am
so just prepare for that. it just depends what kind of work you're doing tomorrow. by lunchtime everybody is outdoors doing what they need to do. wednesday morning, watch the clouds now. all of a sudden everything just goes away. that's the high pressure, that's the model picking up on the high pressure on that offshore flow. that's the warm up thursday and friday. temperatures go up. with that said a lot of folks going because the weather is nice might go to the beach and it's going to be big thursday and friday. five day forecast coming up after we look at some of the daytime highs tomorrow. you can see the bay area weekend in view and it's a dry one. so a dry year quite frankly that's where we stay. no big deal. there's really no significant rain in the forecast. so you know -- for a ways out. >> till the middle of february. >> are those waves maverick wave size. >> yeah, they're going to be big enough. >> they were big in hawaii where we saw them. assange has lent his voice
12:22 am
to a milestone episode of the simpson. assange will voice his character on the @(
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mark joins us now in sports and a double victory tonight, not with sharks. >> not too often we get to talk about that. the common threat for this kings and sharks evening they both played with passion. they played for keeps in oakland. monta ellis not much of a factor but he does a good job. up tempo he has 15 for the warriors who will push the ball a little better against their arch viral the kings. behind the back, nicely for the on rushing david lee. left hand jam he had 15 but the bench is the key in this one, brandon rush, 15 of his 20 in the fourth quarter. pop it for three, left pocket right there. warriors hang on to win it 93- 90 over sacto.
12:26 am
pure hockey fans they don't like to make too much of the deal on the fighting aspect of the sport. but tonight, come on. at least five or six brawls in san jose. columbus didn't have a whole lot of fight in them when it came to the hockey game. marlen scoring there. right to the net. his 18th, 4-0. six goals on second chance opportunities. watch joe thornton his own second chance they need him to come on strong in the second half of the season. he had two goals tonight. now 4-0 in the third. it is young michael hanzus out in front. scoring it, 6-0 but 5 total fights in this one. the final moments of this hockey game just unabash mayhem. one fight after another seemed to break out. and in each one it looks like the sharks got the better of it. they certainly did on the thing
12:27 am
that counts, the scoreboard 6- 0. with the loss still fresh, media day today, the game is upon us ready or not. a little different spin on this year's event. not only hundreds of media allowed access to the players but on both sides but fans for a fee able to attend in indianapolis. there's one real story to pursue. the patriots big tight end gromskowsky dealing with a high ankle sprain asked about his availability come sunday. >> i'm improving every day. that's what you want, when you're hurt you want to improve every day. try to get stronger every day. listening to the training staff, healing up, getting stronger and making sure i'm more fluid out there. i can be on it and everything. so basically, going in the right direction. >> all right we have a little more hype to endure, but that's it for right now. that's the sporting life for tuesday. >> it went on fast now. >> julie. >> mark, thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu
12:28 am
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