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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 1, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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in a trench, a frantic rescue effort in contra costa county to free a man buried in dirt up to his neck. >> he was buried alive for three hours. rescue workers kept digging to get him out and rush him to the
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hospital. live in brentwood have the drama that began when that trench caved in. >> reporter: what an ordeal, julie. just a few minutes ago, we watched as firefighters here, placed these large boards over the trench, with the words no step. they don't want anyone anywhere near this trench, but this was right here in front of this house where the man was digging this trench to do work on a sewer line, when suddenly it caved in on top of him. this power of dirt, that is buckets and buckets of heavy clay-like mud that suddenly fell on top of him. >> you could see they were bucketing out by hand, the dirt around him. once they were able to free the victim up, then they lifted him out. he's now going to john mere hospital, they're transporting him by helicopter to the walnut creek trauma center. >> describe his condition. >> he was stable. he was conscious and alert, answering questions.
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he was complaining though of leg pain and some pain to his pelvis and chest area. >> reporter: that was the fire chief of the east contra costa county fire department. just about 90 minutes ago, telling us exactly what firefighterred did in order to pull this man to safety. i wanted you to now take a look at pictures from earlier in the evening. the crowd of neighbors that have gathered here throughout this three hour ordeal. they erupted into tears at the sight of the man's face. the man was pulled out to safety. suffering just a few minor injuries. also, i want you to take a look at some other pictures. they were taken around 5:30, right after the man became trapped. we don't know a whole lot about the victim, except that he is a 50-year-old man from oakland. >> we are not at this point able to determine in this is a contractor able to do the work,
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or this is friends helping friends. cal-osha has been notified, and we've sealed off the scene, so a cal-osha inspector can come out and look at the work. >> reporter: the homeowner did not want to talk with us again, as you heard the fire chief saying, cal-osha is planning to come out and investigate what happened here. i'm told this trench was 10 feet deep. the man was trapped for more than three hours. we watched as firefighters shored up the side. they borrowed wood from the neighbor's house to get the sides shored up. they used buckets and hands to remove all of this dirt. early on, throughout this ordeal, we saw the victim actually using his hands to remove dirt and put it in a bucket. there were firefighters obviously trying to keep him responsive. and make sure he didn't lose consciousness. but again, a very happy ending to what could have been a tragic situation in brentwood. tonight, richmond police
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are investigating a shooting that left within man with a bullet wound in the back. police say he showed up around hilltop mall around 4 this afternoon. according to officers, the man said he was driving on hilltop mall road when he was shot by someone in another car. he is expected to survive. no word tonight on any suspects. facebook opened a new chapter today. as expected, they filed papers for its hotly anticipated ipo. the buzz this evening is all about the future riches anticipated by many of facebook's employees. >> the world's largest social networking company is hoping to raise $5 billion in a public stock sale, probably four months from now. >> reporter: we're learning more tonight about this very secretive company, which began just eight years ago in a
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harvard dorm room. facebook revenue rose 88% last year to $3.7 billion. >> the real problem they have now is to decide exactly what price to offer the shares at. that will depend on the reaction they get on the road show from investors. >> reporter: company founder 27- year-old mark zuckerberg owns 28% of the company, and as the single largest shareholder, could be worth $28 billion. that would putt him at number 9 on the forbes list of richest americans. estimates are, at least 1,000 facebook employees will become millionaires. we couldn't find any workers willing to talk tonight. >> i sort of refer to this culture as the club of unpretentious pretentiousness. they know they have wealth, and will have wealth, but they don't want to be flamboyant and too showy.
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>> reporter: he is already shopping for homes for his facebook clients. >> the porsche and mercedes dealers are going to benefit. even. >> reporter: a general manager of a local porsche dealership tonight told me it was 6 to 8 months after the google ipo before he saw more buyers and many paid cash. he expects the same from facebook. the buzz over the facebook ipo is also being felt in the halls of the state capitol. lawmakers are hoping that stock offering will bring a windful of tax revenue to boost the government. however one said it's unclear how long taxes collected from facebook employees actually end up in the state treasurer. more details now on just how wide facebook's reach has become. the social network has 845 million members worldwide.
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in the united states, one survey showses facebook users spend an average of 7 hours every month using the site. and facebook says 250 million photos are posted each and every day. high-tech giant dell says it's looking to add more workers to its south bay operations. currently, has some 250 employees in santa clara. but dell is now looking to expand to a second building, which would allow it to add some 600 more workers. the computer maker says it it hopes to eventually grow to 1500 employees. pge is admitting its failure to check for natural gas leaks is wider than first reported. pg and e had already acknowledged it hadn't checked gas lines on 16 maps and they were fined $17 million for that. pg and e plans to appeal that fine. the state public utilities
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commission decided that pg and e customers can refuse to use those controversial smart meters, but it will come at a cost. the news is not welcome by opponents of the meters who blame those devices for health problems. >> this is a crime against humanity! >> she's right! >> commissioners voted unanimously to approve a plan that allows customers to opt- out of the smart meter program by paying a one time fee of $75, and an ongoing charge of $10 per month. >> so you have to pay to keep the meter that you have on your house. that's extortion. >> customers were literally standing in front of the meter, begging pg and e not to replace it with a smart meter. >> low income customers would pay less. one of the commissioners told us he voted to approve the plan even though data doesn't prove smart meters are dangerous. washington state is on its way to legalizing same-sex
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marriage. >> 28 yea's, 28 nay's. >> now it heads to the house. governor christine gregoir said she will sign it into law. washington would be the seventh state to allow same-sex marriages. the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco says it will rule tomorrow on whether or not videotape of the prop 8 trial should be released. in that trial, federal judge, vaughn walker ruled california's same-sex marriage ban violated the constitution. they say releasing it will cast those who testified in a bad light. now to the campaign for president. republican mitt romney appeared to stumble today. fresh off his decisive win in florida's gop primary. romney took center stage again with some controversial remarks about poor people. ♪ [ music ]
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>> reporter: mitt romney positively sparkled today, but it wasn't because of his big florida win. a gay rights protester just hit him with a glitter bomb. that came after some folks thought the multi-millionaire dropped a bomb of his own. >> i'm in this race, because i care about americans. i'm not concerned about the very poor. if it needs repair, i will fix it. >> i think it's a stupid thing to say. >> he thinks there's a safety net for the ultra poor, but he wants to cut that safety net even further. >> reporter: some bay area folks told us they don't think politicians or office holders, democrat or republican, understand what it takes to survive today. >> we're out struggling to find jobs and people out there don't give a darn. >> i'm lower class, but i don't qualify for assistance, and i have to work two jobs to get by. >> reporter: romney later clarified, saying his focus is
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on helping the middle class. >> i am fed up with politicians in either party dividing americans against each other. >> reporter: newt gingrich reminded voters today, there's still 46 states to go, and with the volatility of the republican presidential race so far, anything can happen. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. there are reports tonight that donald trump is ready to make what he calls a major announcement tomorrow in las vegas. the atlanta journal constitution says trump is preparing to endorse newt gingrich. just a few days ago, trump said he's still considering running himself as an independent. stay with ktvu for continues coverage. the next stop for the campaign trail is nevada. ken pritchett is headed there and we'll have live coverage here on ktvu news. american airlines is set to
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cut hundreds of jobs and those that remain could lose their pensions. tomorrow, we're going to warm up quite a bit. i'll show you which cities
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a possible new lead in the
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case of mikayla garret. a convicted murderer said it was his friend who may have murdered her. a police sketch was compared to that of the suspect. >> reporter: 9-year-old garret was kidnapped from this parking lot. this 911 call came from the store. >> mikayla garret. she's a white 9-year-old. >> she's got blonde hair. >> reporter: a killer named wesley shermantine believes his colleague may have been responsible. >> there is similarities there without a doubt that we have other leads too, with whom there were simulates if you
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recall. phillip garrito looked a lot like that sketch. >> reporter: today, ribbons on a tree in the parking lot to honor mikayla. tonight, we talked with her mother. >> because we've been through it before, i try not to invest myself too heavily. >> reporter: i talked by phone to two different bounty hunters in sacramento. one said he talked to herzog the day he died. another told me he thinks herzog was responsible. ktvu, channel 2 news. the family of the oakland couple who prosecutors say was killed by their 15-year-old son spoke out today saying the couple's lives were outward expressions of love. the family spoke briefly outside the home that robert cayman and susan shared with their son, moses cayman. >> it is what led them to adopt
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a child no one else wanted. >> we can be ordinary, and look for something or someone to blame. or we can be extraordinary and try just a little harder. >> he's been charged as an adult for the murders of his parents. a different route for a honda paid off for a woman. heather took her case to small claims coward. she said honda misrepresented mileage claims. a proposed settlement in that case would have amounted to just a couple hundred dollars at most, and a credit toward a new car. the stock market's began february the same way they ended january, on the up side. the dow jones gained 83 points and nasdaq closed 34 points
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hire. there were also encouraging reports on greece's debt crisis. chrysler and volkswagen ledded way in growing sales, and toyota was up 7%. analysts say new car sales are being driven in part by the number of older cars on the road. the average age of a vehicle in the u.s. is a record 10.8 years. the nation's third largest airliner announced massive layoffs today, as it tried to emerge from bankruptcy. 13,000 workers could end up losing their jobs. ken wayne where american airlines employees are whiting to find out if they're on the chopping block. >> reporter: frank, american still flies out of sfo. it reduced service in san jose, which was once a hub and ended service in oakland, four years ago. tonight, many passengers and especially employees are wondering, what's next? passengers arriving on an american flight from dallas tonight told us they weren't
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happy to hear about the layoffs. ingly hate it. i hate it for everyone. it's inconvenient for us, they're a business and they're trying to make it work. >> reporter: american lost more than $11 billion since 2001. the company plans to shed thousands of union workers. american also wants to ground older planes, and replace them with newer, more fuel efficient models. >> i'm not taking anything for granted. what looks good on paper in reality, may not be there. >> reporter: one of the biggest sticking points for employees is the potential loss of pensions. >> we have the average age of 51. we have 5,000 people at retirement age. and what the company is doing, is forcing people to work well into their 70s, never letting these people go. it's really an outrage. >> if they cut it the way i think they will. i'm probably going to have to go back to work, and i'm 67, i really don't want to go. >> reporter: american could ask
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a bankruptcy judge to oppose them. one says it's a fall from grace for a once proud airline. >> it's sad. it's just like having a layoff at your own company. it's hard to make people go, and you make adjustments and you move forward. i guess we'll find a new way to travel. >> reporter: employees here at sfo said they couldn't talk on camera, but one worker told me, they hope to find out more about their future with american airlines tomorrow. live at sfo, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. a ground breaking today on a new building in the east bay hills that will eventually be home to one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. energy secretary steven chu was on hand for the ceremony at the lawrence berkely national lab. when complete in 2014, the research building will crunch the numbers on everything from climate change to complex physics. work on the tunnel has entered the last major
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construction milestone. crews are pouring cement for the beds that will link san francisco and pacifica. once the road is complete, they'll put in the tunnel lighting, traffic signals and other systems. they hope to open the tunnel by november. some drizzle this morning. it might have slowed you down on your morning commute, or your outdoor entivers in the early morning hours. the sun came out this afternoon. daytime temperatures increased 62 in santa rosa. we saw sunshine, more sunshine tomorrow, and higher daytime highs. we're going to see numbers tomorrow going up 5 or 6 degrees. overnight lows tonight will be in the mid- to upper 30s. maybe a little patchy fog, but not much. the winds are clocking off shore. the winds are going to stir it up. fog shouldn't be an issue. tomorrow is going to be one of those days that feels like april. tomorrow's temperatures will easily get into the upper 60s. a little rain to the north. a little rain out on the
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pacific. i'll show you how that could impact us. i'll see you back here about 10:45. tickets to this year's burning man festival are a hot item. selling 43,000 tickets. the final chance to buy tickets districtly will start at noon on march 28, when 10,000 tickets will go on sale at $390 a piece. the 26th annual burning man event will be later this year from august 27 to september 3 in nevada's block rock desert. a southern california nuclear reactor shut down. hundreds sick and classes canceled. the effort to
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♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done. chase quickdeposit. take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on hundreds of students are
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sick and a san francisco high school is shut down until next month. as ktvu's rob roth reports, this is more than just a flu and its impact is felt in other bay area counties as well. >> reporter: cleanup crews were busy today, disinfecting the collegein the outer sunset. >> all of the places where students will come into contact. tables and chairs and door nobs and doors and walls, and desks. our floors. all of those areas will be thoroughly cleaned. >> reporter: yesterday, some 150 students either called in sick, or went home with a stomach bug. >> the bathrooms really smelled. it was a tough situation to be in. after school, i'm walking by, and there's spots of throw up everywhere. >> reporter: the number of infected has swelled it more than 300. school was originally called off just for today, but the school decided to shut down for the rest the week.
11:55 pm
>> it would have been difficult to have school with so many students. we believe we're clean enough to open, but we want to ensure the health of our students. >> reporter: health officials say the bug is not what many people might commonly call the flu, but most likely the norovirus. the norovirus has been spreading throughout the bay area. contra costa county reports 20 schools with students become ill. >> if you're around somebody that's infected, chances are that you will become infected. >> reporter: encouraging people to wash their hands when they use the bathroom and to stay home if they're sick. more details now, two schools in santa rosa, are also reporting a likely norovirus outbreak. the principal of monroe elementary sent a note home with students last night, and
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students at rincon valley middle school were sick with nausea. operators shut down reactor 3 yesterday after detecting a water leak. the nuclear regulatory commission and southern california edison said if there was a radiation leak it would have been extremely small. inspectors have found unusual damage. a group of wind mill operators say 5% of california's electricity now comes from the wind. the berkely based california wind energy association says wind power generated enough electricity last year for more than 400,000 homes. the association credited projects in contra costa, and solano counties for adding to that total. the state hopes to get a third of its power from renewable
11:57 pm
resources, including wind, by 2020. the 62-year-old dining hall at st. anthony's in the tenderloin is being demolished to make way for a $23 million multistory facility. st.anthony's has moved into a temporary dining hall around the corner, which will be used until the new dining hall is complete. [ siren ] he was the voice of soul train. we'll go live tonight to see how the bay area ññ0ñ@ñ
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cornelius, the creator of soul train. they were called to his home this morning after reports of shots fired. when they arrived they found cornelius living on the floor. the coroner says it appears he died of a self-inflected gunshot wound. but they are still investigating. friends said in recent years, he had fallen ill. he was 75 years old. >> we wish you love, peace, and soul. >> cornelius was the writer, producer, and host of soul train. the show was first broadcast back in 1971, and actually ran for 35 seasons right here on ktvu. tonight, as people across the bay area celebrate black history month, many are remembering don cornelius as a pioneer for the african american community. new at 10:00, ktvu's amber lee is live with how soul train introduced black artists to the mainstream community.
12:01 am
>> reporter: behind me tonight, hundreds of people came to celebrate black history month. they paid tribute to a man who made his mark, bringing black culture to the american audience. soul train on saturdays would don cornelius was a part of american culture for decades. paying homage to cornelius. >> he was our dick clark. right? he was. >> he was the first ever african american owner of a syndicated television show. >> reporter: pete spoke to an audience of several hundred. one said he and others formed the famous soul train line today when they learned of his death. he fondly recalled watching the show every week. >> one of my earliest memories of soul train is sitting with my mom, eating peanut butter
12:02 am
and celery on the couch, watching soul train. being able to actually see black folk in a positive light for once. >> reporter: shes is the chair of san francisco's school of music and dance. she says the same way "american idol" inspires singers, cornelius inspired young people by showcasing black artists not seen elsewhere on television. >> it was like a very, very rare thing to see anyone of color. >> reporter: hip-hop artist common hosted tonight's event. he urged young people to follow in the footsteps. >> we are the history writers right now for ourselves and our future. >> we wish you love, peace, and soul. >> reporter: while saddened by the passing of cornelius, fans told us the famous soul train dance will forever be a staple
12:03 am
in american television. ktvu, channel 2 news. at we've posted a slide show dedicated to don cornelius, and soul train. just look for the slide show section on the front page. the campaign for a new $1 a pack cigarette tax got underway in sacramento today. prop 29 will appear on the june ballot, if passed, it would raise the state cigarette tax from $87 to $1.87 per pack. supporters claim it would have major health benefits for california. >> it will save 104,000 lives. top 228,000 kids from smoking, and generate approximately $600 million to go directly to support research to find a solution to cancer. california's secretary of state is providing new insight tonight to the political
12:04 am
leanings of california voters. new numbers released today show this. 44% of the state's voters are registered democrat. 30% are registered as republicans. more than ever, 21% are choosing to vote without registers for a specific party. >> i'm actually about ready to do that. >> why is that? >> because i feel like both of them are not, they're not in my interest anymore. >> we found that same sentiment today when we talked with a number of potential voters and the trend poses a growing challenge for republican and democratic leaders. for example, in contra costa county, take a look. here is the number of declining voters 20%. santa clara county, 28%. finally, we take you to san francisco, an even different number. that number, 30% of voters have registered without a party. and keep in mind, california's primary is now just four months away. the state has 17 million
12:05 am
registered voters. if you ever needed an example of how hard work could pay off all you have to do is look at oakland's new fire chief. why her selection today is also a major milestone. >> she will be the first african american woman to lead a major fire department in the united states. >> reed also becomes the first female to lead oakland's fire department. she retired as the assistant chief from san jose. >> i did start off as a firefighter. i was a driver which i thought was a really food job. i work as an numberer, a company officer. >> reed is a long time oakland resident and says she will work to make the fire department more efficient. >> this is a real joy to me to be able to come and work in oakland. oakland is beautiful. i love the city. >> reporter: city officials also welcomed howard jordan who
12:06 am
was referred to as hojo by fellow officers. he worked his way up the ranks and was turned down for the chief position before. >> i'm fortunate because i've seen how things happen. i'm familiar with the budget, the crime trends, the residents. >> reporter: jordan says one of his top priorities will be getting the department up to compliance. decreasing the crime rate also ranks high. many will be watching if jordan will change tactics when it comes to how his predecessors handled the occupy movement. one of the biggest challenges on the job will be learning the politics of oakland. ktvu, channel 2 news. a riot breaksout when fans get angry. what prompted the violence that killed dozens of people.
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unusual pain in your back, neck, jaw, one or both arms, even your upper stomach, are signs you're having a heart attack. don't make excuses. make the call to 9-1-1 immediately. learn more at firefighters say it's not clear yet what sparked a fire in an abandoned building in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. the fire was first reported about 5:15 tonight. it took only about 15 minutes for firefighters to put it out. no one was hurt. there is word tonight that a woman who was critically injured in an apartment fire in concord on monday has died. firefighters say 34-year-old elise english was taken off life support this morning. investigators say the two-alarm fire on clayton road started in
12:10 am
english's apartment. several other apartments were damaged, but no one else was hurt. >> occupy protesters breaking the law in and around city hall during saturday night's violent protests. the video appears to show people burning a flag that police say was taken from inside city hall. police say other parts of the video show someone prying open the doors to city hall with a tool which allowed others to then pour into the building. >> if they are intend on causing damages and breaking out windows, then our job is to respond to those things. >> i was arrested saturday evening, and i saw many instances of cruelty from what appeared to be a robotic monster type people. >> at a press conference today, members of occupy say they plan to sue the city of oakland, and alameda county, accusing law enforcement officers of
12:11 am
resorting to violence and unlawful detention. in news of the world tonight, in egypt, at least 74 people were killed in a soccer ryeout. hundreds -- riot and hundreds others were injured. when fans at another match in cairo heard what was happening, they set fires in the bleachers of the main stadium there. in italy, some engine oil leaked from the ground of cruise ship costa concordia. that job is expected to take a month. the cruiseship can't be salvaged until the fuel is removed. in london, wikileaks founder, julian assange and his attorney appeared before the british high court. this was his last chance to avoid extradition to sweden.
12:12 am
the hearing continues tomorrow and a ruling is expected in weeks. president obama outlined a new plan to help americans struggling with their mortgages. his proposal is for homeowners current on their payments and not for those who bought homes they couldn't afford. the president says he wants to make it easier for borrows to refinance their homes and get lower rates. >> no more red tape. no more runaround from the banks, and a small fee on the largest financial institutions will make sure it doesn't run on our government. >> this latest proposal is already running into resistance among republicans in congress. it is the largest breast cancer organization in the u.s. the decision that has the susan g. komen foundation under fire. plus, the relates of today's snow tax survey in the sierra. is there any hope ♪ [ male announcer ] for our town. [ dog barks ]
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a decision from the susan g. komen nonprofit organization to drop funding for planned parenthood is drawing fire tonight. >> i've run in the susan g. komen race for the cure. i have been a big booster of the susan g. komen organization, but not anymore. >> yesterday, the komen foundation cut funding, citing an investigation of planned parenthood by house republicans. komen gave planned parenthood $680,000 last year for breast cancer screenings. >> since it isn't about services to low income women for breast cancer screening, it's about something else, that makes it political in my perspective. >> the komen foundation issued a statement tonight, saying we
12:16 am
regret these new policies have impacted some long standing grantees, such as planned parenthood, but we want to be absolutely clear that our grant making decisions are not about politics. the pentagon announced a marine from redding has been killed in afghanistan. sergeant william stacy was killed yesterday by a roadside bomb while on foot patrol. he was 23 years old, and in his second got tour. friends say he was smart, charismatic and wise beyond his years. the obama administration announced major changes for the war in afghanistan. its goal is to end the major combat there as earlies a next year. that's one year earlier than u.s. forces were scheduled to come home. leon panetta made the announcement. u.s. forces would remain in afghanistan through 2014. a lot of fighting lies ahead.
12:17 am
the vfw, is in a battle with medical marijuana proponents. using vfw to mean veterans for weed. he stopped after numerous complaints. but it is still used to support marijuana use. >> we are prisoners as long as it is illegal. this is not the right way to treat our heros. >> that i feel is extremely offensive, because unfortunately, those guys are the ones who can't speak for themselves. >> the veterans for weed group added united to the name, but the veterans of four wars may file suit anyway. they walked out to the measuring station that often requires skis to reach. they said while there was more snow than last month, it's still 63% below normal. >> there's about 16 inches of snow depth here, and normally,
12:18 am
you would expect probably around maybe three or four feet at this time of year. compared to last year, it's just night and day. it's a huge difference. >> frank says we don't have to worry about water shortages, because the above average snowpack from last season has left plenty of water in the state's reservoirs and lakes. there was a little of that water on the roadways today. we go outside, and tomorrow, no sunshine thing, we're going to -- such thing, we're going to see winds clocking out of the northeast like this. right now, you can see these little white arrows here, starting to below north- northeast. as they turn, and this is typical for the evening hours, they'll start to turn offshore could see breezes in the oakland hills. just a different wind direction, which will bring us a warmer day tomorrow. temperatures pack another 5 to 8 degrees warmer than they were today. the hot spots, upper 60s.
12:19 am
maybe low 70s, toward san benito county. the jet stream is driving this way. i've been tracking this weather out in the pacific. it's bringing a big swell to the coast. look how wide. way over here, towards nevada and idaho. it's a very broad ridge of high pressure. that is something that's hard to break down, when you get a big ridge like that. it's going to stake around through the weekend. might see showers in here next week. so we can see temperatures warm this week and into the weekend, but they're going to drop off nicely with a chance of sprinkles middle of the week. today we had that weak system go through. as it blew through, we saw skies begin to clear in the afternoon. we also saw temperatures, or we will see temperatures begin to warm as high pressure settles in. when air rises it cools. when air sinks like tomorrow, it warms. the air compresses. when things compress, they
12:20 am
heat. that's what we're going to see tomorrow. not record heat stuff, but it's just going to be warmer than it was today. here it is thursday. i'm just showing you the computer model. high pressure is here because the model is not creating clouds. the model is going, clouds can't form because the air is sinking. thursday and friday, a nice weather pattern, a few high clouds slip in. saturday, we will see partly cloudy skies. sunday, maybe mostly cloudy. maybe monday and tuesday, some sprinkles. your forecast highs tomorrow, a pretty nice day. it's not going to feel like a february day. it's going to feel like something you might get in march, or even late march, early sprung. with your bay area weekend in view. i've gone through struggle, do i accept this nice weather? >> you feel guilty. >> i'm good with it now. we need rain, but let's enjoy it while it's here. thanks bill. we're going to show you something that only a few individuals have ever seen before. had is the far side of the
12:21 am
moon. the side that is always turned away from the earth. a nasa spacecraft that began orbiting the moon around new years, took these pictures of the crater surface. only a few apollo astronauts have ever seen the far side of [z
12:22 am
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department of homeland security chief, janet napolitano said the fbi is working behind the scenes to secure the super bowl. agents are being brought in
12:25 am
from other offices to help with the big event. mark is here with sports. we're talking about boxing, angelo dundee has to be the most famous of all. >> a man who not only lived, but thrived in the golden age of boxing. angelo dundee, who helped guide the career of the greatest of them all, muhammed ali has died in tampa, florida. he was the motivator and trainer for 15 different champs. not own ali, but sugar ray leonard, and george foreman. perhaps the best man any fighter could ever hope to have in his corner. he was 90 years old. meantime, one of baseball's most flamboyant stars was a two sport star for a day. the brewers outfielder making a pretty good catch in center field for milwaukee. kind of gets into it with some of the bleacher creatures out
12:26 am
there. he was all smiles earlier today working out with the sharks, playing his second favorite sport. and even as you will see, scores a goal in the workout. he was asked later, what kind of hockey player he would be if he could do it regularly? >> big and happening. just excitement, grind, be on the third line, just make it happen. do what i do, crowd favorite. >> you looked a little wobbling? >> but how many athletes do you know could just jump on the ice and did what i just did? >> none. i don't think it's really a big secret, the nba has turned into not much more than a high priced game of pickup basketball, especially with the strike shortened season. jazz and clippers no exception. but it's not that it isn't entertaining.
12:27 am
blake edwards up top. he's ambidextrous. he did it with the right, he'll do it with the left. slamming which way and everywhere. not much defense in evidence tonight. he's basically mugged, draws the foul, converts the three- point play. the jazz are headed to play the warriors tomorrow. might be in a bad mood after losing that one. coaching is no profession for anyone not interested in packing their bags on a regular basis. next stop could be pittsburgh for former raiders head man hugh jackson after just one year with the silver and black as their head coach. the pittsburgh steelers reportedly interested in talking with him about their still vacant offensive coordinator position. if you know hugh jackson, he's probably interested in talking back to them. that's the sporting life for a wednesday night. mark, thank you. and thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time
12:28 am
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