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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 3, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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it's friday february 3rd. this is bay area news at 7:00. their home is under water and they say they've had no luck getting help. it's our top story at 7:00. shows us what happens and why police were called in. >> reporter: dozens of people took over bank of america. they came here in support of a husband and wife who are in danger of losing their home. >> it's unfair for them to lose
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their home. that's their whole life. >> reporter: . it felt really good to know how we feel as people and to struggle. we're working trying to keep a roof over our heads. >> so this is our home. >> they invited us to the home they've been fighting to save which they say is 40% of what they paid for in 2006. >> we worked so hard to get and, you know, we hit, you know, some down times we're just trying to save what we have. >> they say they've been trying for several years to -- last summer the bank suddenly foreclosed on it. >> we don't want to lose our home. >> while we were there the bank vice president called to talk with them. >> this is the most interaction i've received for someone trying to help me from inside the bank. >> -- several bailouts of the
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bank but not -- in hopes of refinancing their loans. loan officers, chase, wells fargo and other lenders took part in the day long event. organizers of the nonprofit neighborhood assistance corporation of america the aim is to get people back on track. this free event continues tomorrow and goes on through monday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. more encouraging economic news today as the strong jobs report sent the u.s. unemployment rate follow fall -- falling to the lowest level in 3 years testimony jobless rate dropped 8.3% in january. reporters added -- president obama says the recovery is speeding up but acknowledged that it still many people are
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struggling. >> there's still far too many americans who need a job or who need jobs that pay better than the one they have now. but the economy is growing stronger. >> president obama spoke while visiting a virginia fire station. added an average of 201,000 jobs a month over the past 3 months and reports fire -- hiring with -- now the gop presidential contenders of their own take and with the president is not doing. in just ten minutes mitt romney tells me why the president's policies are not working. today's job numbers provided another shot in the arm which has been on a roll. another dow gained 156 points today. it's now at the highest level since before the start of the housing crisis in 2008. the nasdaq rose 45. each up 7% this year and closed at its highest level in 11 years. economist here are seeing the uptake in hiring reflected here
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in the golden state but they caution the progress is slow. >> the economy is still weak. there's a lot of slack. we have empty factories and buildings. we have empty homes. we still have millions and millions of people who are capable of willing to work that don't have jobs yet. >> the job loss bottomed out. analysts say future are likely to come from entrepreneurs starting new businesses in 2012. getting a new look at some new tenants. the owners guided on the tour of remodeling today. the corporation says its replaced some of the walls with glass so it won't be lighter and brighter. it's facing the gardens opens tomorrow. the owners say a number of new restaurants is signed on. the center's new target store plans to open its stores this fall. another shooting investigation on their hands tonight. the latest one is subscribed as a rolling shoot out.
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it happened at about 3:40 this afternoon near the corner of 65 65th avenue international boulevard. police say the male victim was shot five or six times in a shoot out. the victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition. this is the 7th shooting in oakland during the spanning of 2 days. two of the shootings were fatal. the coast guard tells us it is keeping up search by air and sea at this hour for missing bay area crab fisherman. about 10:00 this morning the coast guard located the boat belonging to the 64-year-old of sanramone. he was seen leaving wednesday. the boat was located south of there. his family reported him missing last night when he did not return home. you can go to our web site to see unedited video of today's search. it's located under the latest video's section. silicon valley is mourning the loss of high-tech pioneer
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tonight. the 51-year-old ceo was killed in a crash of a small plane he was piloting. >> state of the art engineering facility of the company's new flash memory product design. after some downed year, steve apple ton had the idaho based company on the upswing. >> had a break through in terms of memory capacity and capability they're talking about. >> that all changed around 9:00 a.m. today at the boise idaho airport when apple ton single engine airplane took off, landed about 100 to 200 feet as they tried to turn back it crashed. apple ton was flying so low was known as aviation buff. pictures online show the 51- year-old pilot posing with one of 20 airplanes. the conductor founder and ceo rogers was apple ton's friend and admirer. >> he worked his way of from
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being technician. american dream. >> today mike sent to the statement expressing apple ton's family and saying steve's passion and energy left a mark on micron. the idaho community and the technology industry at large. >> k rogers agrees. >> at a time when everybody is talking about out source and he was a hero. he's -- he's going to be missed. >> so early to discuss publicly what will happen next in terms of leadership. the safety board is investigating the crash. robert hon do, ktvu channel 2 news. a mother was sentenced to 10 years probation today in fiery death of three young children and her niece. 25-year-old james was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in the deaths of the four children ranging in age of 1-4-years old. firefighter say that the candle caught on fire in april of 2010. her sister had gone outside
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leaving the children unattended. she pleaded guilty today. schaeffer was the man convicted of 2009 killing of 9-year-old melody during a drunk driving incident. in return for the guilty plea suzanne received a life in prison without the possibility of parole, but it does spare him the death penalty. today guilty plea in 20 million-dollar fraud case. ahead in just 8 minutes why you might call it a family affair. denied san francisco near the request to visit with his 2- year-old son. he's been banned from having contact with his wife and son since he was charged with missing domestic violence three weeks ago. he separately asked the court to allow her husband's visit a drawing by their son was introduced as the court exhibit. >> i tell you how much i miss my family. e can't wait to hug my son. i'd like to hug my son and wife
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and get back to some level of normalcy. >> the judge set another court date on the visitation issued for next wednesday. near the trial on domestic abuse charges was set from three weeks from today. a federal judge set a trial date today accused of stealing cocaine and was part of evidence in drug cases. 61-year-old debra was indicted on the federal charge in december, the one week trial is set to start june 18th. the alleged prosecutor to dismiss hundreds of criminal cases. building potholes we're on the fast track to san francisco. ed lee and other elected officials kicked off $248 million road improvement project. the 3 year project is paid for by vendor passed by voters last november. starting this summer crews will begin repaving roads. the mayor says that paying work will create as many 1600 jobs. we've had a sneak preview today of san francisco building being
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turned into housing for homeless veterans. the run down was once the city's juvenile hall now being transformed into 45 studio apartments for veterans. the $34 million project was funded by federal grant china town community development center and nonprofit source. >> keeps pouring in this week. we'll tell you how much this foundation controversy this week bay area planned parenthood. >> and an oil painting shattered the previous record price for a single work of art by more than $100 million and only now is the world finding out about it. the bay area lost in a dry weather pattern. the warmest day of the upcoming weekend and when will rain chances will be added to our forecast.
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firefighters say the damage is mostly limited to the kitchen of the thai cuisine restaurant. apartment directly above the eatery is also damaged. there was no injury and the cause is under investigation. the secretly recorded phone conversation between the fbi and scotland yard. take a listen. his house went to that ip address. >> anonymous frequently targeted law enforcement and what some people call -- happened this week in boston, syracuse, salt lake city and greece. in election news tonight
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the republican presidential candidates made their final push today. john roberts explained how mitt romney's fate could play major factor in determining the winner. frontrunner mitt romney focusing on the economy a day ahead of nevada caucuses. today's labor dropped to 8.3% in january, the lowest in nearly 3 years. but the former massachusetts governor points out too many americans are still looking for work. andy says president obama's economic policies aren't working working. >> corporate taxes. he's raised them. he said we need to have less regulation. he's increased them. he said we need to have all of the above policy. coal oil and gas on the ground. he said we need to crack down on cheaters like china. he hasn't. >> romney who is a mormon is expected to get a lot of votes in nevada for members of his own fate. in 2008 nearly a quarter of all caucus goers were mormon. former house speaker continues
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to attack romney. >> we now know he joins obama. obama is big food stamp, he's little food stamp but they both think food stamps are okay. >> texas congressman ron paul trying hard to convince people in the silver state. >> the first ones to introduce the age of government with this rejection of the founders motion that we should have an -- i'd like to restore that we should need it. >> rick santorum is moved on to missouri where that state's primary takes place on tuesday. >> every time -- caucuses allocates -- which means that all of the candidates could come out here with something of a win. in las vegas i'm john roberts ktvu channel 2 news. forbes magazine has released its annual list of
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america's most miserable cities. based on factors such as violent crime, unemployment, pollution and foreclosures. forbes listed miami as no. 1 miserable city. sacramento came in 6. more said 15. because of it's municipal prices. modesto came in 19. federal prosecutors today announced they dropped to doping investigation of lance armstrong. the 7 time tour defrance winner had been under investigation for the last 2 years. allegations surfaced for fellow sickist that armstrong had used performance enhancing drugs. the u.s. attorney's office made the decision made the decision to drop but did not say why. armstrong had long denied any doping. paints by the french dope professionist. sandy fair magazine reports the royal family of cotter bought the card players last year from
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the estate of billionaire for $250 million. the nation has been buying up big name art for its natural museum set to reopen in 2014. the previous art record was $140 million for a jackson poll lip splatter painting. well-known san francisco nightclub dj has died. the web site for solomon khan known professionally known as dj solomon. he was in a taxi with his fiance on a 5-day tour when the cab was hit from behind. she suffered injures to her face and lower back. he played music for golden state warriors. husband and wife were among those pleaded guilty today in 20 million-dollar mortgage fraud case. ronald nelson and his wife and two foreman -- presented plea -- in oakland. the irs asked obvious -- more than 60 fraudulent mortgages. authorities say they converted
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many of the properties and hired undocumented immigrants to work there. announced more than 40 years in federal prison at sentencing in may. an about face today as the suzanne g coleman foundation reversed decision to pull funding from planned parenthood. many clicks in the bay area are actually benefiting from the backlash. >> there are 18 planned parenthood health centers like this one. none of them had ever asked for or received. but they are now benefit frog the controversy. >> someone walk in off the street in the health center and hand them a 300-dollar check. >> a flood of support and donations to planned parenthood after the suzanne g coleman foundation announced earlier this week it would cut funding. >> all -- >> planned parenthood tells us they raised $3 million this week, ten times the amount they normally get. the public backlashed led the foundation to reverse its
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decision. >> they heard what the american people felt and i think when women see their health being mitt sized, they galvanize. >> we're now going to be able to really concentrate on our mission and get breast cancer services to low income women and political issues like this are not going to be distracting us. >> they raised $2,800 for the coleman foundation. they're now going to give that money to the breast cancer fund instead. >> that money was raised specifically to go towards awareness, education, and research to find a cure for breast cancer. and we don't want that donation to be in any of the political things that are going ape long with this. >> redirecting their money they're not giving money to us. they're in fact damaging our services for low income women. >> director of san francisco coleman down dation says her
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also opposed the foundation assistance to cut. she's still worried that her local chapter is going to receive fewer donations in the future. ktvu channel 2 news. >> we'reless than 48 hours from the biggest football game of the year. super bowl xlvi. indianapolis is a host city for the first time. fans of the new york giants and then patriots are pouring into the city for 42. giants upset and undefeated patriots team. the prize vince lombardi trophy. tom brady will have the same number of super bowl victories. and get ready for baseball season. the giants are holding annual fan fest tomorrow at a standard a standard park. familiar faces are including brian wilson and buster posey who is bouncing back from a major leg injury. they'll get their first look from 2012 edition. regular season tickets also go on sale tomorrow. wintery full force in colorado.
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colorado is getting hammered by powerful winter storm. it's expected to bring as much as 2 feet of snow. parts of two major highways, interstate 70 and interstate 25 were closed for a time today due to blizzard conditions. it forced a cancellation of more than 600 flights at denver international airport about a third of the usual daily air traffic there. school districts also decided to give students the day off. for. plenty of sunshine for today. mild temperatures right on into the weekend. right now the maps you can't see live storm tracker. you can see the lingering of showers and storminess out. tighter closer to california and bay area. few white clouds over the past few hours. no rain drops expected from those clouds, but still you can expect partly cloudy skies at least in short term. this was a scene today looking out across the bay. here is the time lapse of high clouds pushing into the bay
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area nice setting. that's after another fairly nice afternoon. here is a look at some of the action from today mainly in the 60s overnight lows once again get ready for the chilly night as you can see the lower 30s out towards santa rosa and napa. san francisco right around 44 and san jose starting out saturday morning in the upper 30s at 39. also tomorrow the giant fan test at a tennessee r t and t park ux see throughout the day. but those readings back up into the lower 60 z by 3:00. temperatures for tomorrow, really not a bing change for highs today. that means most neighborhoods back up into low to mid-60s. dry weather pattern continues into the weekend. we'll thicken up the clouds a bit. few more changes do head into early next week. area of low pressure moves in. we've been talking about this in the past few days still on track to move into income northern california. with that we'll thicken up the cloud cover on monday.
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by monday night and tuesday we bump up those rain chances. here we go updated forecast model, tomorrow it will be nice out there and mild into sunday, increasing how clouds and takes us into monday you'll notice that rain band just offshore, rain bands pushed back into the region as we head into late monday night and into tuesday morning. we'll fine tune that as we head into early next week. for us tomorrow get ready for another warm thought that 66. -- and here is a look ahead extended forecast with weekend always in view and few extra clouds for monday and then we drown out quickly by wednesday of next week. it's time to make -- workers produce in sanleandro spent the day creating it. the workers say customer demand for both soared the week before the super bowl. they told us super bowl trivia. during the hours the game is
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played americans will eat 8 million pounds. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news break. keep in mind our coverage continues online and with tonight's 10:00 news on ktvu news channel 2. tmz is up next right here on tv36. ahhh. so soft. time out. sweet. [ female announcer ] with charmin ultra soft, you can get that cushiony feeling you love while still using less. charmin ultra soft is designed with extra cushions
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