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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  February 15, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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hello, everyone. i'm beth troutman. this is the show that has the best videos and the stories behind them and it starts right this minute. a state trooper goes all superman. right there on the side of route 22. >> see the heroics that saved a driver's life. a perfect day for a snowmobile ride. >> he starts doing something called side hilling. >> find out what pops up to save him when the earth gives way. what's a guy to do when base jumping leaves you paralyzed but still craving adventure. >> he's like, i'm going to do it again. >> he totally separates.
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how does he land? >> see how he does it with a little help from his friends. >> meet the girl who tied her loose tooth to the string. >> the string is tied to the arrow on a [ inaudible ]. >> we're kicking off our show with dash cam footagep. we've seen a lot of footage from dash cams. this is from jefferson county, ohio. the trooper walking up to a car on the side of the road. he realized there was a man inside who looked like he was sleeping. >> are you all right? >> this is the car of 43-year-old john courtwright. he was in and out of consciousness and told the trooper he was having some chest pains and that he had had two heart attacks before. so bodo calls for assistance and grabs his aed. when he returns, courtwright is completely unresponsive. he opens the door.
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he check's courtwright's pulse and then springs into action. he begins administering cpr. right there on the side of route 22. and then a good samaritan comes in. >> i'm going to hook his aed up to him. >> a guy going the other direction on the highway, stops his car, runs across four lanes of traffic and comes in to assist this state trooper. >> oh, my goodness. >> you got a pulse over there. >> the passerby jumps in without any hesitation. >> yeah. we're going to keep doing cpr. >> two more state troopers eric derrington and greg mamula come in and start assisting with resuscitating this man. all the while courtwright is drifting in and out of consciousness. >> stay awake, buddy. >> we see the ambulance pull up in front of courtwright's car and then the emts come out with all of their equipment and they take courtwright to trinity medical center where he makes
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it! after the emts got courtwright to the hospital, the emt actually called trooper bodo and said it was because of his swift actions that this man survived. >> what luck for mr. courtwright to just have pulled over and the cop pull up right behind him. this guy could have totally not made it at all. what do you do when you're caught in the middle of an avalanche? we're about to find out. check this out. a snowmobiler has a go pro camera attached to the hood of his sled and we're seeing these really awesome pictures and nelson, british columbia, canada. he starts mortering it up the hill and as he gets towards the top starts doing something called side hilling, a snowmobiler term where your sled sort of tilts to one side. but that causes a giant avalanche that sends this guy and his sled down the hill in an instant. >> the crazy thing is seeing the perspective of the snow beginning to fall. it falls and he's kind of slow
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waves and then suddenly the camera is buried. >> when you see the camera go past the tree, that snows is moving. >> eventually the camera that we're seeing this from is completely underneath the snow and listen, you can still hear the motor running. >> you don't really hear anything from him. >> he's kind of quiet. >> you don't hear anything from him because one thing you can do to survive an avalanche is use something called a snow pulse, an avalanche air bag system. basically brings you to the top of the snow allowing you to be easily located by rescuers. he was wearing this thing and on the way down he pulled the cord, brought him to the surface of the avalanche. in his comments on his channel here, he says that he thought he was goner. he for sure saw the light. doesn't say anything about whether he was with anybody, solo. >> i know he was with a friend. he said the air bag system saved
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his friend from having to dig him out. i think that's wishful thinking if you think you're going to get dug out from something like this. a lot don't survive from something like this to begin with. many of us travel and when we're traveling going through security, we have our precious items that we really never want to leave behind. that's kind of what happened to this woman. she is 43-year-old gloria de riglado, at the fort lauderdale international airport. pay close attention to the bin right next to her. you see something shine and then she walks away, doesn't realize that she has left her watch in that bin. that watch is a $6,500 rolex that her husband gave her for her 40th birthday and their tenth anniversary. pay close attention to the man tying his shoes. he grabs his backpack and notices there's something shiny
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in the bin, looks around, grabs the rolex and a bracelet and casually proceeds to walk away. the suspect is still at large. which is amazing because this surveillance video is so clear. broward county sheriffs believe maybe he's from south florida but there is no way to tell. they're hoping someone recognizes him from the video. >> i hope that his mom or his wife recognizes him in this video and says what the heck are you doing? >> in some reports gloria said that she believes she made eye contact with his guy after she had lost the watch, but before she realized it was missing. so that i'm sure is going to haunt her. >> i hope they find him because regardless of the value of the watch, the meaning behind it i think is even more special. lonnie is partially paralyzed but not letng them st deliver. lonnie here is getting a piggyback ride to a cliff in norway. he had 1200 base jumps under his
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belt when in 2005, he suffered a freak accident that left him partially paralyzed. even so, he still has that adventure blood in him. >> oh, man! >> whoa! i thought lonnie was going to stay on the back of the guy, but no, he's totally separates. how does he land? ♪ >> they caught him? >> yes. >> how awesome. what a great team of friends to get out and do this with him and let him experience what he loves doing. >> he's not the only person who has a disability that does this. this video was put together by super which helps put together these adaptive adventures for people who are like lonnie. >> was he injured in a base jumping accident? >> he was hurt in 2005 while base jumping off a bridge. >> wow. >> that didn't stop him from wanting that sense of adventure in base jumping. so he's like, i'm going to do it
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again. >> he went to norway and did. >> wow. >> that's brave. to go back and do the same thing that left you paralyzed. >> talk about getting back up on the horse. >> this guy can't stand on his own, but he can certainly base jump. a fishing surprise. what's on the line? >> i'm thinking some kind of fish. >> good guess. but wrong. see the big ugly they snag. and kids love stickers and boxes. so why not this? >> i think it's a brilliant idea. >> brilliant, genius actually. >> see a new great cheap toy idea. next on "right this minute."
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. >> a startling weather phenomenon occurred in richmond, virginia. >> looks like a snowy day.
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>> it is, in fact, a snowy day. this happened on february 11th. there's something a little bit different about this snowy day. listen to this. [ thunder ] >> what does that sound like? >> sounds like thunder. >> this is actually called thunder snow. it's an incredibly rare weather occurrence that basically like a thunder storm, but has snow instead of rain. >> weird. what about lightning? does it have lightning? >> scientists think that thunderstorms and thunder snow create thunder and lightning in a similar way. >> it would be cool if there was snow lightning, like a lightning bolt that comes down and then when it hits the ground like a snowman comes up. now this rare occurrence is actually caused by an upward rush of air from the ground high up into the atmosphere that's
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accompanied by temperatures freezing below. >> i had no idea that was unusual. >> how cool was it for the people in richmond, virginia, that they got to experience this, it's been snowing all over the country but only in richmond, virginia, did they get thunder snow. couple guys fishing in australia, and you'll be surprised at what jumps on their line. >> fish, mate. >> see them out there and they've got a bite. you an tell because something is coming out of the water and also because their fishing rod is like bowed completely. they see that, right. >> i'm thinking some kind of fish. >> they're fishing, but what's on their line is not a fish at all. >> is it a catch? >> you will see. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh! oh! >> yes, yes. >> it's a giant crocodile. >> wait a minute. are you sure they didn't have a fish on the line and then the crock came up and stole the fish. maybe that's what happened. >> i'm not sure about that and
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em i'm not sure whose who's doing the fishing, the crocodile fishing for humans or humans fishing for whatever they can find. >> that's a lot of eating if they can haul that sucker on the boat. >> looks like they don't haul him on the boat. looks like he eventually gets away and gives them a nice look from the distance, saying it's a close call for you guys. >> how ask that crocodile not snap the line when he bit down on whatever he bit down on. >> he was just [ inaudible ]. >> he's probably just having some fun. next time on "right this minute" -- >> you can walk in and around these structures. there's no substructure. these are all built completely out of ice. >> that's next time on "right this minute." ♪ you see the guy walking down the street there? cannon of pepper spray. >> yeah. >> see what happens when he reaches for the spray can.
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you will awake to find yourself in a dark room. >> a dark room game that can be frustrating. >> i played this earlier today and within like five minutes i wanted to punch this guy. >> see what it's all about next on "right this minute the word is swapportunity.
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and here's one from [ inaudible ]. you see this guy walking down the sidewalk.
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looks like his shirt is even unbuttoned and kind of stumbles a little bit and then walks up to this group of guys. they chat for a little bit, exchange some words. just as he's about to walk away. >> what? >> he pepper sprays them. >> that's -- that was like a cannon of pepper spray. >> like a fire extinguisher. >> big old can of pepper spray. immediately the guys jump up and start running after him. >> they just got drive bied pepper spray. >> the poster said he pepper sprayed the guys. had that really been pepper spray, i think they probably would have been in more pain considering the amount of spray that they got. >> who does this? even if it's just water, why would you go up and just randomly spray people with something? this it terrifies me. >> i'm bumped we don't see the aftermath of this guy's dopey prank. >> looks like this dude is looking for trouble, walks out of somewhere with his shirt unbuttoned in public. chances are i think that he might not be right upstairs at
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this point in time. tries to mess with those dudes. those dudes don't want anything to do with him. that's just stupid. this next one is all for the moms and the kid throughout. this is box play for kids. stickers that go over old empty boxes like milk cartons, tollet paper rolls. it urn your milk carton into a cow, mac and cheese box into a camera, egg cartons into a piano. you can turn paper towel rolls into bowling pins, make your own bowling set, tissue boxes into turtles, paper towel rolls into trumpets. go to and they've got all kinds of stickers based on the box you want to cover. >> i think it's a brilliant idea. >> genius, actually. >> tell us more about these designs is the designer and
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creator, jeanette harwell. >> tell me about the moment when this struck you over the head as a great idea. >> typical saturday morning playing with our daughter. she started playing at her little table with stickers and when she was done with that she went into the kitchen and started taking all the boxes out of the recycling bin, egg carton, milk carton, mac and cheese box and that's when it just hit me, why don't i take these two things that kids absolutely obsess over, stickers and old boxes and put them together and i'll recycle them into new fun toys. >> have you seen kids other than yours playing with your creation? >> yes. actually that was really one of the coolest moments is the first time i brought the boxes in to my daughter's day care and they just went nuts over them. >> right now we have about 27 designs and we have an endless
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list of possibilities. they're interactive and educational. >> what age group is it for? >> these are really great for kids 2 and up. >> i think you're wrong. it's more like 2 to 45. >> yes. we're having fun. >> give me mine back. here's a good way to waste like i don't know five or six hours on youtube. >> you will wake to find yourself in a dark room. >> what? >> this man tells us you will wake to find yourself in a dark room and we're left with four choices, sort of like choose your own adventure book. >> they used to have books like this. so let's go north. >> you could go north. if you're north you're in a dark room, what about this don't you >> check our pockets. >> you're wearing check pockets. the room is so dark you can't
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see how terrible your taste in clothes is because i just told you, oh, well. >> look for a light switch. >> you can't look for the light switch. it's dark. you're in a dark room. that's why you need the light switch. >> these are a bunch of dead ends basically. >> i played this earlier today and within like five minutes i wanted to punch this guy. touch wall or kill self. >> touch the wall. >> you caress the wall, it's indifferent to you. >> touch the other wall but -- >> the first wall is jealous. >> now we're in a dark room with one wall jealous at the other wall. >> this is creative. i definitely see why you said you could burn five or six hours on this thing. >> now i want to kill myself. >> see what happens. >> with what? the light switch? the light switch you can't even find. >> oh, geez. yeah. again, we'll link this up on our website if you can figure out how to beat the dark room youtube
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challenge. >> and do it under five hours. >> you're in a dark room. this girl takes the phrase pulling teeth to a new level. she takes aim and -- >> did any of your friends ask you to shoot their teeth out too? >> no. >> it's the honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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>> god only knows. >> this designer found a really cool way to recycle these refrigerators. in this video you see them going through the process of shredding them to make the ink that will go into a furniture printing robot. in one endless stream you're creating different layers that will eventually make -- >> that chair. >> that goop is recycle klds refrigerator. >> that is correct. they make night a hot plastic. >> it's a cool way to reuse something you never thought you could reuse. >> he makes tables, forms of chairs, a rocker. >> what do you do when you're done with this chair. >> this is a chair you save for ever. >> called an endless chair. it goes through all the generations. it's timeless. >> fluffy kitty is confused. ♪
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okay. you all, hang on to your teeth. because i'm about to show you crazy video. this is 11-year-old ferris dehart in lafayette, louisiana, and as you can see she's come up with a creative way to get rid of a loose tooth. she has a string tied to one of her little bottom teeth. the string is tied to the arrow on a [ inaudible ]. >> wow. >> she takes aim. >> i got it! >> she's like, where did it go? >> i wanted to know a lot more about this brave little girl so we have ferris from lafayette, louisiana, via skype, right this minute. >> where did you get the idea to use a bow and arrow to get rid of your tooth? >> my dad found it on a website. >> this was from the internet. >> from the internet.
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>> are you good with the bow and arrow? something you practice with? >> my dad usually takes us out and he sets it up and me and my brother and sisters shoot the bows. >> did you give your tooth to the tooth fairy yet and how much did it give you? >> i think she gave me $20. >> whoa! >> nice. >> can we see the little -- the space where your tooth came out? >> it's right there. >> okay. we see the new one growing in. >> you didn't tell us if it hurt. >> it really just feel the pull, which kind of hurt. >> did you hit your target? >> yes, sir, i hit it. >> what were you aiming for? >> it was a big white thing with cardboard in it. >> what did you tell the kids you did and how you got rid of your tooth. >> i told them i shot it with a w. >> that's a pretty cool story to tell. i didn't lose my tooth. i shot it with a bow and arrow. >> what do you want to be when
3:28 pm
you grow up? do you want to be a dentist? >> no, ma'am. i want to be a photographer. >> wow. >> good choice. >> i think my parents had a good idea like that when i was a kid but i was too scared to let them get close to me with a string. no. it's going to hurt. >> i did the wiggle with my tongue until it falls out in my lip. >> i got it! >> that's going to do it for this edition of "right this minute." we're going to leave you with a look at a min my movie called life is better in board shorts. you can download it starting today at our website of don't forget another episode of "rtm" is on the way. stick around.
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