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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 15, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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the bay area company talks about pop already facebook page had a rough time on wall street today. the stock was down 17%. industrial sold shares after the game maker reported a fourth quarter loss of $435 million. however,. concerns about oil
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supply from iran, and lower refinery -- are all -- a group of restaurant workers in san francisco. worker reviews. eight workers are sharing $316,000 settlement with the owners of full clems 2 restaurant. the workers claim. 7-days a week for as little as $65 a day. the owners of the restaurants did not return calls from ktvu. the city was accusing pg&e of breaking offset lment talks about restitution about the price line explosion. pg&e has already agreed to pay them $70 million for
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infrastructure damage, but sanbruin know wants addition naileries city institution so it could build a library, park memorial and scholarship fund. it says it -- >> they're concerned that pg&e is committed to pay restitution to make our community whole. in fact we had a meeting scheduled with the city later this week to cobb the discussion. >> negotiations are not set to resume on friday. agencies in south bay. started just after 7:00 a.m. at a home in inincorporated area east of hills drive in san jose. the family members were sleeping when the fire started but everyone including four children got out safely. firefighters say when they arrived about half of the houses red cross is helping the family. no word yet on what started the fire. it's on, the westbound bay bridge will be closed over the
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weekend. they'll realize westbound lanes on the oakland side so can continue on the new eastern span. the closure starts at 8:00 p.m. it is scheduled to end by 5:00 a.m. tuesday. they expect little serious traffic impacts over the president's day weekend. you can go to our web site for more information about the weekend closure and detours. look for the bay bridge link when you get to the top of our home page. >> the journey san francisco -- former bay area star jeremy is adding to his growing legend tonight. success is also breaking barriers. still tracking clear skies and breezy conditions right now. coming out the neighborhood will be sub freezing and the one part of your weekend we could be dodging a few sprinkles. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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1200 people are now united states citizens after taking the oath of citizenship today at this ceremony in oakland. they come from about 100 different nations during the ceremony they watched a video from president obama who told them in america no dream is impossible. president obama is going to pay a quick visit to san francisco for a series of campaign fund-raisers. talked to one high school senior among a group of teens who will be attending one of those vents. >> you've been with the boys and girls clubs for 7 years. >> president obama. >> tomorrow carol senior high school and 14 other teenagers associated with the boys and girls club will attend
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president obama's fund-raiser. >> i guess i will talk to them about the rising tuition and colleges i feel that's what's holding everybody back from applying the colleges. and in the beginning. >> president obama will go to for a fund-raiser 20 people expected to attend. $35,000 per person. and then it's on, a private dinner this time reportedly $38,000 a head. >> i'm not in favor of the fact ha he does that during the time he's in office and that he uses air force one to get here. including -- (inaudible).
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>> i feel what benefits the community and all the kids that did come down here. at least pay a community a visit. >> he's expected to land just before 1:00 tomorrow afternoon ktvu channel 2 news. presidential hopeful is ruin tea parties by bashing the auto industry. the bailout was an example of big wasteful government. some say. many credit was saving michigan's key industry. romney grew up in michigan where his father was a top auto executive and governor. rick santorum is searching in michigan. >> it is the no. 1 issue, the strong that brake's the camel's back in america. >> he took aim as president obama while on the campaign trail today in north dakota. the pennsylvania senator said he was concerned that his children as well as other
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american children would not receive good medical care. earlier today in town hall meeting he criticized president for opposing the proposed keystone oil pipeline. he said the pipeline. on those calls to get tell marketers. to obtain permission from people before placing automated calls or texts. banks and other companies business relationship can still call without permission. informational calls such as school notifications and flight updates will be aroused. says real women have curves for wrinkles. taking aim at advertising air brush images that look otherwise. member of proposing a bill that will require advertisers who -- to put a disclaimer on the add. even if the bill doesn't pass, what's important is the people
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start talking about the effective altered photos in women and girls. investigators looking into whitney houston's death are focusing on the prescription drugs found in the hotel room where she died. the coroner's office has issued subpoenas. authorities reportedly found six bottles of prescription drugs in here suite the amount was less than what's usually present within overdose deaths. it could be weeks before the cause of death is determined. they're having another game -- they had a career high in assists that the new york beat the sacramento kings. this was the nick's seventh straight win as when continued to seek the nation. with all the hype there's been some negatively. lauren looks at why jeremy performance on the court isn't the only thing people are
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talking about. >> junior basketball hopes to and above these trophies. >> he is exemplifying, you know, what it is to be a student athlete and someone other kids can look up to and say you know what i'd like to carry myself like that. >> with the phrase there's some comments. on twitter may weather is a good player but the height is because he's asian adding black players to what he does every night and don't get the same praise. asian american studies says the type of comments. >> i think one can't help -- i think it's nice to think that we -- it's a fact negative factor. i think in this case it's very positive. >> breaking barriers as first american born in chinese that
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what these decent. intention phenomenal player. >> i think he's -- >> it's that story from going to be an unsigned player and now nba stand out that has the president of the united states inspired. in san jose ktvu channel 2 news. >> santa clara new football stadium the 49ers is ahead of schedule. ground breaking set for july. officials say suspect stadium will open in 2014 rather than 2015. meantime kind of play it fair wants to put the project back before voters and judge will review that case. the properly tourist destination is doubling as an experiment. coming up the information hope to gather depending on which way the wind blows. and you may see wind combined with cooler bay area temperatures for these next few days. meteorologist tells us can expect it to be the coolest.
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turns out that all this fun does have a price. you can see the pictures from
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the annual valentine's day last night. take a look at the screen, here is one more chance. we can tell you that the price tab for the clean up is a pretty big one. it estimates taxpayers will be outside. it's about $1,500 more than last year's clean up cost which puts on festivities which by the way are not sanctioned by the city. we had rain last night and tonight it's not, boy it's going to be cold. >> talk about the winds all day today. once the winds back off they already are, the temperatures will drop off rapidly will be sub freezing first thing thursday morning. if you can't see a live storm tracker two. the left over clouds from yesterday's system has moved out from the south to the east. take a look at those, in fact here is a look, you can see winds gusting at 22 miles per hour, still a bit breezy in the short term, you can see time lapse from earlier this afternoon into the evening hours with clear skies and
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excellent visibility and the winds at least over the next few hours around 15 to 25 miles an hour. but as the winds back off temperatures drop off rapidly. look at the projected lows first thing tomorrow morning napa will be 29 degrees. santa rosa right around 30. quite a few 30s for oakland, and san jose starting off thursday morning. back out satellite the remnants of the last night's system moving out to the south and east high pressure returns and with that it will keep us dry for your thursday after some patchy morning frost. plenty of sunshine and a big temperature swing starting out in the 30s as we shell you a cross good portion and temperatures warm back up nicely back up into the 60s. it's cold front moves in it will be fairly weak but strong enough to send in a few extra clouds and possibility of few sprinkles by late friday evening into early saturday morning. the cloud rain fall forecast
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model. we'll take this friday an increase into clouds throughout the day on friday. by friday night we do bring in a chance of few sprinkles and into early saturday morning they remain shower activity tracked to the south and east leaving us with decreasing clouds by saturday afternoon. temperatures for tomorrow, warmer than today. that means the warmest location on track region, mid to upper 60s. and look ahead your 5-day forecast weekend always in view. we'll have that extra rain cloud saturday possibly peace goes out there. slight chance of sprinkle on sunday partly sunny skies as we head into monday of next week. >> thank you, mark. >> the national park service today unvailed new wind turbine and electrical vehicle -- field center. the first of five planned for the center. part of research study on the effectiveness. business from san francisco gal lay hoe high school will monitor project. tmz is up next here on tv36.
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thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. keep in mind our coverage continues and tonight the price of beauty what was found in many brands of lipsticks that has one bay area calling for change. and we'll also always be here for you at [ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy
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