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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 16, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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president 0 ban ma stops for take-out at a chinatown restaurant before checking campaign contributions at three fund-raisers in san francisco. >> our economy is getting stronger. the recovery is accelerating. america is coming back. and the last thing we can afford to do is go back to the same policies that got us into this mess in the first
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placement. >> good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. it has been a profitable night for the president. three stops in san francisco are expected to net about $3 million for his campaign. the president just wrapped up his last event on nob hill. after his speech he spent a few minutes shaking hands. the pictures here are from about 15 minutes ago just moments before the president left the auditorium. we have more on the president's surprise visit to chinatown. we begin with debora and the third and final fund-raiser that just concluded. debora. >> reporter: that's right, it was a fired up president obama in full campaign mode tonight. that speech just ended. you can see people streaming out of the masonic auditorium. the motorcade just flew by
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taking the president back to his hotel. this crowd was on its feet many times as the president promised a fair shake for the embattled middle class. >> we can go back to an economy that's based on outsourcing or bad debt or phony financial profits, or we can fight for an economy that is built to last, an economy built on american manufacturing and american made energy and skills and education for american workers and the values have made america great, hard work and fair play and shared responsibility. that is what we're fighting for. that's what's at stake in this election. >> reporter: the president had just come from a high-priced private fund-raiser in pacific heights, $38,000 a ticket. before that a private reception at his hotel, so this is the most accessible event of the
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evening. he decrayed what he called the republican fend for yourself mentality. he promised an economy in which people build, not just buy stuff. and he noted the repole of don't ask/don't tell. >> for the first time in our history you don't have to hide who you love to serve the country you love. that's what change is. don't ask/don't tell is over. [ applause ] >> reporter: don't ask/don't tell, a big issue here in this city. and the president had another san francisco moment when a code pink protester heckled him about 10 minutes into his speech and was escorted out. mr. obama made light of it. he joked that these kinds of things always happen here. of course, he can afford to be lighthearted because he finishes his west coast campaign swing with millions more dollars in what is already a bulging reelection war chest.
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live in san francisco, ktvu news. >> air force one landed at sfo. he was greeted on the tarmac by the lieutenant governor and then mingled with the crowd that had gathered. after a few minutes he was off to his first fund-raising stop in san francisco. >> the one stop that is getting the most attention is the surprise visit to chinatown. instead of fund raising the president actually dropped some cash. >> reporter: just another day for delicious dumplings in chinatown until the president showed up. >> i said, yes, obama! 2012! so that was great.
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>> reporter: the president greeted diners and even carried this baby with flashes popping off in every direction. joseph shot this video on his iphone. his family just happened to be in town so we caught these cherished moments on his digital cam rachet senate's very exciting to meet the president of the united states. it's like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> reporter: the president spent $160. his order included dumplings, mushrooms and fried crab claws. according to the clerk mr. obama made the order himself. you can see him taking out some cash. here he's carrying his own take- out bags. >> today is the lucky day. the president. >> reporter: a few cooks can say their food touched the president's lips. the president stayed about 25
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minutes. >> president obama's surprise visit to the great eastern restaurant made for some once in a lifetime photo opportunities. we have some for you. take a look. you can see this picture of the president taken outside the jackson street restaurant. president obama reaching out to shake hands with a lot of people in the crowd. another one now inside the restaurant. this is a good one. the excitement continued as more people got a chance to meet the president. this one right here posing with the president, all smiles as she has her arms tightly wrapped around his waist. one more now. we want to go back outside. this is a special moment here. this is moments after air force one touched down at sfo. the president is meeting 44- year-old jodi fisher, the woman with the purple cap on. she has inoperable cancer. she recently told her local newspaper that meeting president obama was, quote, on her wish list. a presidential stop means street closures for those who live in neighborhoods visited bey the motor cai.d one stop
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was in pacific heights. this is what it looked like at 1:20 tonight as the obama motorcade left the fund-raiser. police blocked off streets keeping cars and people away. coming up at 10:30, we'll look at the impact this visit had on the city including what protesters were asking the president not to do. the president is set to leave san francisco at 9:00 tomorrow morning. air force one will then depart from sfo shortly after that. from there the president will end his three-day trip bey heading to seattle. the president is set to address workers at boeing's everett production facility. the president started his day in los angeles where there were some tense moments as military fighter jets intercepted a small plane. turned out the plane was carrying marijuana. at the time president was aboard his helicopter, marine one. the small plane was escorted to the long beach airport. the secret service says the president was never indanger. and has more on the
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president's visit. will you find excerpts from his address tonight as well as video and photos from his stops today. a taken aimer was shot and killed in east oakland today. it happened about 4:00 on 81st avenue and birch street. the young man was shot several times. officers performed cpr but were not able to revive him. they say he was only 17 years old. authorities have not yet released his name. turns out what was making inmates at that time san mateo county jail sick wasn't the mumps after all. 125 inmates were isolated on the third floor after a doctor thought one of the inmates showed symptoms of the mumps. two others had similar symptoms. now jail workers say it was actually the flu, and cart, court appearances, trials, and n mate visits were back to normal today. now to the search for more victims from the so-called speed freak killer. tonight we hear from a woman what is convinced the remains of her husband are buried in that well that crews are
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excavating. ken pritchet tells us what makes her so sure. >> reporter: it takes a camera with an extreme zoom or a helicopter to see the work taking place at the site where more than 1,000 bones and fragments have been unearthed. >> no matter what rick was, he loved his son, and his son loved him. >> reporter: elaine's ex- husband went missing in 1989. she says her ex ran in the same sir kales as death row inmate wesley shermantine. she says she's certain her ex- husband's remains are here. >> just what i'm understanding the last few months of his life, what he was dealing with, he was dealing with him. >> reporter: at the dig site excavators worked to clear out
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the hole around the abandoned well where a camera will be sent in. the search now begins for a second well east of the original dig site where more remains may be locate. >> we're going to bring the dogs in. hope havely by tomorrow. we're trying to coordinate this. we're going to bring the dogs in so they help us pinpoint an area where we need to focus. >> reporter: the cadaver dogs are from the sheriff's department. they will be used first to clear that initial well to make sure the work is complete there, then they will be used to identify two additional wells on this property. in san joaquin county, ktvu channel 2 news. the ex-wife of wesley shermantine spoke out saying after the first killing she believes there was no stopping him. >> he was very hot-headed. he was into the drugs. when he started smoking the drugs is when it all started going downhill. >> she said she expects more
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bodies will be found. she also said she's surprised he never killed her. she divorced shermantine. scientists are studying two mine for earthquakes that hit in the east bay. the 3.5-magnitude quakes hit within 15 hours of each other and both were centered just southwest of vallejo. they both happened on the franklin fault. >> somewhat unusual. it's not an area that's had a lot of earthquakes but there have been earthquakes of this size in the past couple decades. >> the quakes didn't cause any injuries or damage. seismologists are expected to begin digging trerchgs across the franklin fault to try and learn more about its history. it was a brazen bank robbery. the quick action bia pink slip san jose police officer that landed three suspects in custody. back here in 10 minutes with your holiday weekend
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forecast. it's just around the corner. we've got some cool overnight lows to talk about and the chance of some sprinkles. buying booze for teens
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alameda police are just wrapping up an undercover sting
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operation stinging those trying to buy alcohol under the age of 21. they're looking for offenders inside and outside liquor stores. eric rasmussen has the story. >> reporter: earlier, police busted a clerk for selling alcohol to a minor. >> reporter: one bad decision ended this man in handcuffs. he did not know the youngster who just asked him to buy alcohol for him was a decoy. warrants for unpaid tickets meant police had to take him to jail instead of just writing him a citation. >> nothing good comes out of saying, okay i'll go buy you the alcohol. it's illegal, it's costly, it's
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dangerous. >> reporter: last year prosecutors say 51-year-old amelia chin bought alcohol for her son's 16-year-old friend who was killed hours later in brisbane. abc agents invited us on this operation funded by $25,000 state grant to alameda pd to fight alcohol related crime. >> what do you think about what just happened here. >> no comment. >> have you ever bought alcohol for anyone before who is under age. >> reporter: this 21-year-old who got caught didn't want to talk about it. on average one out of 10 people approached bid their decoys take the bait. as we saw tonight, most say no. >> for the most part people are doing a good job. but there's still work to be done. i mean one out of 10 is too many when you have adults buying alcohol for kids. the punishment for buying alcohol for somebody under 21 can include a fine of up to $1,000 and community service. as for the stores that got
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caught tonight. abc will decide how severely they punish them. oakland police are alerting the public about a man who attacked a woman. they say the man approached a woman from behind with a knife as she was walking through the door of her home on east tenth street. happened about 10:00 in the morning. the victim screamed and the suspect ran off. that suspect is described as a hispanic male in his 20s. 5'5" tall with a heavy build. police now are offering a reward of up to $7,500 in this case. good news for the police department. howard jordan says the department is hiring more officers which he says will help police do their job. the police department is holding several workshops. anyone interested in applying must do online by may fifth. a fire started at the kelly house in kelly park shortly before 9:00 this morning. the house was built 100 years ago by one of san francisco's
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pioneer families. it hasn't been opened since the 1989 loma prieta fire flocked it off its base. unusually clear surveillance photos -- investigators are hoping unusually clear surveillance photos will help them catch a robber. the man took some cash and left in a brown toyota which was last seen driving on the willow off ramp. anyone with information here should contact the contra costa police department. in south bay, he was in the right place at the right time. three san jose bank robbers are in jail tonight all thanks to the actions of one man. lloyd lacuesta is live in san jose tonight with how this was not your ordinary citizen, lloyd. >> reporter: frank this wells fargo bank in santa teresa was
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robbed on tuesday. a san jose man had just drove into the parking lot to make a phone call when he saw something was amiss. >> when i was parked, i saw three guys going into the bank with hoods on their face. >> reporter: michael nassar had realized a bank robbery was going down. he hasn't spent years in the police department but this day he was unarmed, no uniform. nassa followed them when they went into the gold's gym. he called the license plate into 911. >> at one point i thought about hitting their vehicle with my car but decided it was not a good idea. >> reporter: in jail are joe lima, jonathan garcia and bryan
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chavez. police are praising what nasser did. >> he's a poster child for what we ask the public to do. he was able to maintain distance, able to get a license plate number. >> reporter: nassau was pink slipped last year, and fearing for health department for his wife and child he went to another job. nasser is wearing his badge tonight because he was called back by the department today. he is planning to spend his first paycheck on the valentine's day dinner he and
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his wife were not able to take. h republican lawmakers want to put gay marriage to a popular vote. six states currently recognize gay marriages. gop presidential candidate newt gingrich was in los angeles today. the former speakers of the house called mr. obama the most dangerous president of this lifetime. >> you look at how weak our intelligence services are and you look at the president weakening our military and i think that he literally is putting this country is very substantial danger. >> reporter: gingrich was in southern california hosting an asian american leadership forum. in michigan mitt romney was talking up his roots there while campaigning. he also gained an endorsement from governor schneider. romney grew up in michigan and his father served as governor. >> this president is not interested in my opinion, he is interested in providing
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benefits. he's interested in redistributing wealth. >> reporter: gop presidential candidate santorum spent at a luncheon. santorum is now leading the republican field there in michigan. his surge continues after he won three contests earlier this month. michigan's primary is set for february 28th. and we've got a few clouds out there right now. we're headed to a big holiday weekend. a few more clouds in the forecast. these were the highs from today. significant, 70 degrees in santa rosa, upper 60s in the napa area and out toward antioch, in fairfield it won't be this warm tomorrow. temperatures will come down into the mid-60s. forecast model tomorrow mortgage at morning at 7:00 a.m. it's nice. then the clouds increase during the day. you see a few showers showing up in the north bay. some of these showers could translate south overnight friday into saturday. suffice to say, increasing clouds tomorrow. temperatures trending down.
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hazy sunshine. when we come back, i'm going to run the model through the bay area weekend. there's a chance for more sprinkles even some snow in the mountains. the founder of the strictly bluegrass festival will be honored with a free festival. the warren hellman tribute will be honored by several bands. he died back in december but his family says he left a large endownment to keep the concerts going well into the future. has a link for complete details on sunday's concert. you will find it in the web links section. coming up he set out for help after being stranded in the sierra. >> either you're going to see me again or you're not. >> reporter: a northern california couple describes their three day ordeal in the
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>> the count down is on.just 22 hours now until caltrans plans to shut down the entire upper deck of the bay bridge. crews are set to stop westbound traffic heading into san francisco as 8:00 tomorrow night. the upper deck will then remain closed saturday, sunday and monday. it's not scheduled to reopen until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday die. getting around that closure is going to take some time. as ktvu's jade hernandez found out. >> reporter: this b.a.r.t. rider has missed the b.a.r.t. signs nor the weekend. >> do you have any plans in the city for this weekend. >> not this weekend, no. so i'll be avoiding all that hassle. >> reporter: we thought we would take a few little trips
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to gauge the track. first up public transportation, via b.a.r.t. this map shows orinda to san francisco. so how long does the trip take? san francisco train, six minutes out. here we go. one rider voiced her concerns about travel aboard b.a.r.t. this weekend. >> b.a.r.t. is going to be crowded. it's going to probably run a little slower or faster we don't know. >> reporter: we reached the embarcadero station in about 31 minutes. >> it's going to be good just to have a new bay bridge. hopefully everybody can get to work and on time. >> reporter: for those who have no fear of a driving alternative we decided to time it. the track begins from jack london and travels north. along the 880 we ran into normal uncongested traffic. we continued on the 580 and then on to the richmond san
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rafael ridge. all the while tracking our progress. >> reporter: this trip clocked in about 40 minutes. but there's no guarantee this weekend. for those still opting to drive from oakland be warned. the trip fell just under an hour. jade hernandez, ktvu news. on our facebook wall tonight we asked how you our viewers plan to deal with the closure of the upper deck. a lot of people say they're going to avoid the bridge all together. lisa szweda says she plans to have a sick out. and charles hwang said, i don't know why nobody has suggested this. split the bay bridge in two
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directions. mark schroder said, janet was not feeling well so he had to go out and trek for help. >> as i'm walking i got one shot here to get out of here. >> reporter: he said he walked about 6 miles in the snow until he managed to get a cell phone signal. the couple had spent three days and night in his porsche. he said they rationed snacks and ran the engine briefly to keep from freezing. tonight we follow the president as he attends fundraiser after fundraiser. we'll have reaction from people trying to get a glimpse of him. plus you're personal information up loaded
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new video right now within the past 20 minutes, a ktvu crew captured these pictures of president obama's motorcade. it's pulling up to the hotel where the president plans to spend the night. people lined the streets all along the president's route today. amber lee is up the street and she joins us. she's been talking to supporters and protesters to ask what they hope to see. >> reporter: the barricades are up that's because president obama is staying at the intercontinental hotel. that's the high rise just down the street. we followed the president as he went from fundraiser to fundraiser and spoke to people trying to get a glimpse of him. >> reporter: just two hours ago the presidential motorcade traveled on to california street and headed toward a fundraiser at the masonic
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center. there were dozens of protesters awaiting the president. they're asking him not to crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries. >> please don't take away the medicine from the people who really need it. >> reporter: also outside are obama supporters. one told us he got $100 to access the president. >> what are you wanting to tell him when you go in. >> just have him rally the troops. >> reporter: supporters cheered as they used their cell phones to take picture of the motorcade. as he arrived at a home on broadway street. >> cheer curiosity. he was across the street from my work and wanted to know what all the hoopla was about. >> seeing the police officers, secret service, i think that's really interesting. >> reporter: this 11-year-old boy says he's be writing about his experience at school tomorrow. >> i don't get to see him that much, because there's always a lot of police.
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but we live two blocks away so i got to come down. >> reporter: the president again is spending the night at the intercontinental. from here he'll be flying to seattle tomorrow morning. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and our coverage continues at as well as tomorrow morning we will be following the president and his departure on the ktvu morning news beginning at 4:30. walnut creek restaurant and bar owners are threatening a lawsuit now over a proposed ordnance promising to cut down on trouble businesses. the ordnance could potentially put some of them out of business. >> the accomplishment owners have the fear that it could lead to dramaticically restrictive reglations which in the long run could curtail the
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business. >> reporter: the pub lib will have plenty of time -- the public will have plenty of time to weigh in. vallejo police have asking the public for help in finding a suspect which they consider to be armed and dangerous. they say maurice vernon is responsibility for a theft. the man took her jewelry and sexually assaulted her while threatening to kill her. they say he's a gang member and has prior convictions for weapons, theft and assault. a deal on a payroll tax cut has been signed. congressional negotiators put their signatures on the agreement today. it calls for an extension of the tax cuts. the measure is expected to pass the house and senate tomorrow. president obama has said he'll sign it right away. the congressional budget office
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says it will estimate $145 million. the labor department says applications dropped by 13,000 last week to 348,000. this is the fewers number of claims since march 2008. the four week average fell as welcoming in at just over 365,000. the drop in unemployment claims helped stops stops climb back again. the dow moved to within 100 points of 13,000. yelp today set the price range for its public offering. the company is looking for between 12 and $14 per share. if the stock goes for $14. yelp would end up with a value of $849 million. yelp is nearing the end of the ipo process. it plans to debut under the
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symbol yelp. you use your cell phone to call, tax and e-mail your friends and for your favorite apps. but sal castaneda found out those apps could be stealing your friend's information right from your contact list. >> reporter: if you use a cell phone or tablet you probably didn't know some of your personal information like your address book may be up loaded and shared by theapps on your device. apps like instagram, twitter, four square and more. >> the number one party that's responsible in this case would be someone like apple. now apple has built an ecosystem so that all information goes through apple. >> reporter: in a statement yesterday, apple says apping that transmit or collect user data without permission are in violation of its guidelines. but online security experts say app developers have been using information for years. >> it's the wild west. all these vendors are trying to figure out what information can
12:07 am
be used to monetize it. >> reporter: users say that apple only uses others information if you ask to find them. many doesn't seem concerned. >> yeah, i think people are going to continue using it. >> i will try to maintain my best to maintain control of my information and hold a wall around it as much as i can. >> reporter: whether it's on the computer, your tablet. or your smart phone, people seem to be willing to trade privacy for convenience. ultimately privacy advocates say it's up to developers to police themselves before the government has to step in. sal castaneda. a warning tonight about some organic baby formula. the ingredient
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san francisco district attorney george gascon says he has no intention at all in prosecuting the wife of mirkarimi. he is set to stand trial on domestic violence against his wife. a message of, domestic violence is never a private
12:11 am
matter is relating to mirkarimi saying that the matter he was going through was a family matter. the sheriff and his wife have insisted there was never any violence. at the united nation, the general assembly voted overwhelmingly denouncing the violence in syria. it calls for president assad to step down and condemns the violations against protesters. the government pounded the area with rockets and bombs today. dozens of people have been killed in the country. new details are being released about the fire that killed 13 people. there were only six guards for over 800 prisoners in 10 cell blocks and just one set of keys. survivors say they watched as
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the guard with the keys ran away without unlocking cell doors. one report says a majority of the inmates had not been convicted and were awaiting trial. >> in rome, taylors are busy making new vesments to be worn by the new cardinals. cardinals wear red to symbolize their willingness to shed blood for the church. parents are being warned to avoid baby formula sweetened by brown rice. they found high levels of arsenic in at least two baby formulas that use brown rice syrup as a sweetener. one was six times the legal limit. they also found higher levels of arsenic in bars sweetened by organic brown rice syrup.
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rice absorbs arsenic from the soil. >> i'm down $30,000, i'll have to find a new place to still pursue my dreams. two schools suddenly shut down, how some students tell us they'll try to get their money back. and our chie
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12:15 am
students say it came with no warning. their school, the institute of medical education suddenly shut down. consumer editor tom vacar tell us those students are now out thousands of dollars but there may be a way some of them can get their money back. >> reporter: early this morning
12:16 am
as students were arriving for class, the institute of medical education was being shut down. >> they're running without accreditation. we have an option here to immediately seize the operations so that they can be again applying for student tuition recovery and discharge of their federal loans. >> even if we knew where to continue, our teacher, the one i got wasn't licensed. so even if we were to continue it wouldn't have no afect. >> reporter: many students needing hundreds of hours of nonpaid on the job experience cannot find health care facilities that will let them be interns. >> without those hours i have nothing. without those hours i cannot take a test. state boards cannot help us with any of that. >> reporter: no one from the school could reach anyone. >> i don't have a degree, i'm out $30,000. so now i'll have to find a place to still pursue my
12:17 am
dreams. >> they're criminals. they found the perfect crime. they've taken everybody's stafford loan money. >> reporter: some students say they will seek criminal charges. more details now on the sudden closure. many of the students at the school were laid off nummi workers seeking new job schools. a transition center will now help them find a place they can transfer to, possibly with the credits they had already earned. a federal judge in detroit sentenced the nigerian man dubbed the underwear bomber to life in prison. he tried to set up a bomb on a flight to detroit on christmas day. it failed to detonate properly and fellow passengers then subdued him. he quickly confessed and said he was trained by al-qaida. >> one. >> that was fbi video demonstrating exactly what those explosives could have done. they were strong enough to bring down the plane which had
12:18 am
nearly 300 people on board. abdul reacted to the video by saying god is great. his attorney says he has no remorse and appears to be committed to his cause. and a beautiful day today, we saw 70s degree. did not feel like february, feels more like march and april. we go outside. tomorrow a few more clouds. jet stream driving over the north of us. this area north of us, is going to sag over the area. tomorrow night, that could bring a little bit a spritzel this afternoon. we know this cycle, this pattern and it's going to continue into tomorrow morning. some clouds lingering. when you wake up tomorrow a little cold. maybe some frost on those
12:19 am
windshields. as you get going throughout the day the clouds increase. tomorrow increasing clouds, highs in the 60s. this kind of cloud cover, not too bad. the golden gate bridge in the presidio. that system i'm tracking is going to slide south. and it'll bring a chance of a few sprinkles. do not change your plans. this is not going to shut you down. this is just enough to be a nuisance at best. maybe a little drizzle. maybe enough to glaze the roads in the north bay. the south bay models, we're looking at it now. then we get into tomorrow night, we go a little farther and early saturday morning, right. that's it. here comes your saturday. a few clouds, sprinkles here and there that's saturday morning. saturday afternoon, still good, right. sunday morning. sunday afternoon. and then watch this. so this deal on sunday night is going to come in. bring us some showers but really, looks pretty impressive here but doesn't look like a
12:20 am
lot is going on. mark tamayo will be here over the weekend. this is going to be the story sunday night, monday deal. it looks like it's a nonplayer as well. it's a big holiday weekend. forecasts are going to be on the mild side. a pretty nice looking bay area weekend. considering it's february. 65 in san jose, 66 in morgan hill. i have to, you have to keep reminding, it's february. there's your bay area weekend in view. that pops in but it is february and it does not feel like it. 70degrees in santa rosa. still warm tomorrow, a little cooler for the weekend but no major storms staring us down. >> that's really something. thanks bill. >> thank you bill. >> friends and family gathered today for a private memorial service for don cornelius. he died february 1st from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. reverend jesse jackson led the
12:21 am
service. since corneliuss death tributes to him and his show have been held across the country. we have new details for the funeral services set for this sunday. this is the new hope baptist church in newark new jersey where her tribute will be held. invitations have also gone out to houston's ex-husband
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and healthy lungs throughout the country. the american lung association isn't just fighting for air. we're fighting for all the things that make it worth breathing. join us in the fight at
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okay, people, let's get started. pete, did you forget yours? me pete, me use pen! (laughter) sorry i'm late, i was in the 16th century looking for pete's pen. (laughter) guys, guys. take it easy, ok? pete's mom is videochatting me, and she wants her pen back! ok, alright, well. i just got one. so...
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yeah, you've got a little... yep, i can feel the wet patch. don't look at it. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. auditions for season two of fox's the x factor are starting out. try outs come to san francisco on april 12th. the second season of the x factor airs this fall on ktvu. for more information about the auditions just go to the website and scroll down to web links. mark joins us now with sports. moving on to the sharks who seem to be having some problems lately. >> a little shaky but some time before the play offs start.
12:25 am
if you give up six goals in a game you don't deserve to win. giving up one of the worse defensive efforts. one of the bottom feeders in the nhl. they have some plans down there in florida already 3-3 in the second. white had gone 149 games without scoring for the sharks. finally, he gets the back of the net 4-3 san jose. but now they are down 5-4 in the third. logan couture will assist. tommy wingels who ties it up. on to overtime they go. it is 33 second left in ot. marty st. loui in front of the net with the rebound. game ender. 6-5 san jose. now 2-4-2 in the final. cal is the kind of game that could concert some of those afflicted with college
12:26 am
basketball apathy. entertaining it was wall to wall. there's jorge gutierrez parents in from mexico to watch their son. and they watched proudly as jorge steals it. beautiful play there, but cam with a nice move in the basketment put him up by two. 20 points but got to show you some of the shooting exhibition for joseph. he is 10-13 from the field. including that from way downtown. that was past the nba three point line. cal wins. stanford also handling their orogonian obligations. san leandro product cunning happen did pop 22 for oregon state. meanwhile the once proud program of santa clara who has
12:27 am
produced great product didn't do much tonight. beat gonzaga. too much to handle. robert zakra 20 points just look at that. just man handles akro. other local motion, usf losing a tough one up in the hill. cancer it knows no bounds. it's an epidemic in this country and all around the world. but it's been a particularly rough week in the world of sports. gwinn had a growth removed from his mouth. today 11 all star carter died after he was diagnosed with a ma malignant brain tumor. briefly with the giants, gary
12:28 am
carter was only 57 years old. >> yeah. >> julie. >> all right, mark, thank you. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. ktvu morning team is sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online.
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