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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 17, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> we are live tonight. we are hours away from the highway closure. ski bumps making up for lost time. the surprise that greeted some people who left the day for lake tahoe. and a theft from the deep the sea otters recovery. that is next . complete bay area coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening,. it is friday, february 17th, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. we are at one hour and counting at 8:00 tonight cal transcrews plan to spring into action and close the upper deck of the bay bridge. it is the top story at 7:00. alex safe raj is live with last- minute preparations are now taking place, alex? >> about an hour from now taking the bay bridge into san francisco will not be an option. chp and caltrans crews are set
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to detour traffic in this area near the maze, i should say, shortly. and, some people say they may just skip that trip into the city all together. some east bay business owners are hoping to see a bump from the bridge closure. the shutdown of the westbound bay bridge has a lot of drivers worried. >> it is just a big mess every time they do it. >> reporter: some folks in the east bay may not bother heading over into san francisco. at least that is what the owner of this restaurant is hoping for. >> we are looking for a good night. >> reporter: reservations here are filling up fast for the long holiday weekend. >> so, i think people are staying in the east bay and going out and having a good time. >> reporter: the owner sees a silver lining in this weekend's bridge closure. >> i think a lot of people now with the cost of sort of crossing the bridge and then parking people are -- i think it is important they learn that there are alternatives over here just as good raoerz these two friends usually head into san francisco on the weekends
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but with the bridge closed until -- >> reporter: these two friends usually head into the san francisco on the weekends but with the bridge closed through the weekend we are staying here. >> we will not miss t. we will have a busy weekend. >> reporter: and businesses are doing what they can can to capitollize on the closure. they are offering customers 20% off for the weekend as long as the bridge remains closed. >> we came up with this idea the first year the bridge closed. we had a great time and decided we will do it every time. >> reporter: the westbound bay bridge is slated to reopen at 5:00 a.m. on tuesday morning. but, if the weather cooperates and it stays dry throughout the holiday weekend it could open earlier. we are live, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco hotels say they are letting their guests know about the upper deck closure. most rooms for the holiday weekend were booked long in advanced. they sent guests e-mails or
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posted information on facebook. others are handing out flyers. some visitors told us they will have to find new rates to bay area attractions -- new routes to bay area attractions. >> the highway patrol tells us it will begin redirecting traffic starting in 30 minutes. the crews plan to spend the weekend reconfigging westbound lanes passed the toll plaza -- reconfiggerring the westbound lanes passed the toll plaza. >> they are sliding over. the lanes will be striped. follow the lanes. >> caltrans says the benefit is the long awaited eastern span could open six months to one year ahead of schedule. if you plan to drive from the eastbound to san francisco this weekend there are a few options. the northern loop has two tolls
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and down the golden gate. now, the southern route is one on the dunn barton bridge. b.a.r.t said they will run trains 24 hours but in the overnight hours the trains will not stop at every station. 14 of the stations will be open all night. trains will run hourly. b.a.r.t suggests checking its web site if you are planning a trip in the wee hours. and visit for more information this weekend including updates on the closure and commuting options. many cars leaving the bay area are heading east for the sierra for what should be the best ski weekend of the year so far. we made that drive to the sugar bowl drive and found sought some people got an early start. >> a dry start for winter kept the skiers and boarders away, but now there is better coverage. >> conditions are great right now. 1 1/2 to two feet of snow out of the last system. >> reporter: resort officials say there are three big
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periods, christmas, new year's week, martin luther king weekend and president's day weekend. and finally, skiers say it is more than worth it to be here. >> can not ask for a better weekend. >> the first time you were up? >> with snow. we were up with martin luther king weekend and and no snow. >> last year was better but this year fine, we are out on the mountain and having a good time. not crowded and keeping the prices down. >> reporter: the get away rush is packed with people heading for the slopes and backs up early on fridays but this afternoon it seemed like friday light. >> no traffic. a perfect day. kids out of school, easy. >> they got a clear shot to the amount of snow for a day of sledding. >> great. not a lot of people and it is warm. and, and the runs are packed and fun. >> reporter: the forecast calls for snow showers over parts of the weekend but nothing causing problems or add much to the snowpack. >> today has been beautiful. i mean t is nice sitting at the
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lodge and the kids are having a great skiing day. >> reporter: they are saying the start was artificial if the conditions start good the year can continue later than normal. at sugar bowl, ktvu channel 2 news. the search for victims of a pair of serial killers entered a new phase today. the deputies brought dogs on the property where hundreds of bones and fragments of bones have bye-bye tpoupbld. the remains is victims of -- have been found. the remains are victims. the dogs were around a well but found nothing. the remains will be investigated by scientists and at a state lab in richmond. >> it is a rush case. everying is being a priority. we are working around-the-clock to analyze any fragments, any bones that we may have in the laboratory. >> the authorities say they will fill the abandon well and
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continue searching for a second well. oakland police say the man involved in a gun battle along a east oakland street are still on the loose. the police tell us two pairs of young men exchanged gunfire before 12:30 at 100th avenue and international boulevard. one of the gunmen reportedly ran into an auto zone store. we had a camera at the scene as employees and customers came out with their hands up. armed tactical officers searched the store but say there was no sign of the gunman. the police say it appears no one was hurt. earlier in the day the city leaders met with concerned oakland residents to talk about curving gun violence. city councilmember, reid and oakland police spoke before dozens of people. the city says it is focusing on the one00 block plan. stepping up law enforcement first in the areas where homicides occur. most of them residents say they want to see the city's crime lab improve to raise their families in a safe environment. >> too many homicides and
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robbery and drugs in this community. >> the officials say because the city has limited resources the police need the public's help. members of a eastbound family are searching for a newborn who's father took her from the hospital hours ago. the newborn is just two days old. dad and mom have custody the sheriff's deputies are not treating it as a kidnapping but they want to know the baby is safe. the father's car is a 1996 gray torres. the pleat number is 6 -- the plate number is 62eus 77. take a look at the video. the security cameras catch a pair of pet store thieves in the act. in a minute the rare and expensive item now missing. president barack obama left san francisco with $3 million
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add to his campaign treft. he campaign. he is heading to washington state today. >> we got a choice right now. we can either setel for a country where a few people do really well and everybody else is struggling or we can restore an economy where everybody gets a fair shot. and everybody does their fair share. muse muse. >> the president spoke to workers at boeing and everett, washington where he made a dramatic entrance down the stairs of a new 787 dream liner. finished with a fund raiser in the seattle area before departing for washington, d.c. just after 6:00 p.m. a bill to extend the tax cuts is ready for the bill. it was set to expire in two weeks. it is a $100 million cost
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that'll be add to the budget deficit. the bill extends long-term jobless benefits and prevent the scheduled cut in medical reimbursements for doctors. the measures are paid for under the legislation that the tax cut is not. on wall street, stocks finished the week mixed. the dow gains 6 points. dow is 50 away from the 13,000 mark. a level unseen since may of 2008. nasdaq lost 8.s today. pg&e says a shutdown is not linked to a sulpher smell reported earlier this morning. they tell us the gateway plant on will born avenue had a turbine failure. an hour earlier people reported a sulpher smell. the officials say the odor was gone before the inspectors arrived. the new and popular sea otter at the aquarium is a shark attack survivor. why he is a rare exception. what is happening to the
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overall sea otter population. one of america's darkest hours is remembered this weekend san francisco. those who lived it explain why they are so driven to tell their stories. wrapping up another mild day across the bay area. coming up the temperature change you will notice for tomorrow and highlight shower chances through the holiday weekend >> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. . on display at pier 39. the aquarium of the bay says several giant pacific octupi were captured as they were trying to steal crap from fishermen's traps. there is a dome beneath the exhibit that visitors can look
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through. giant object puss week runs through february 26th. scientists -- giant being octapuss week runs through february 26th. a story here, rescued, injured from a shark attack. visitors and scientists can only guess how he escaped. >> they are quick animals. they can survive. >> reporter: but not many can. research groups at monterey bay aquarium say sharks are now the biggest obstacle and sea otters getting off the endamaged list. last year, 70, shark bites in santa barbara. a leading researcher it in santa cruz says in the 1980s and 90s sharks accounted for 80% of the mortality rate. now it is 30% and growing. >> if you take the current levels of mortality that we are seeing from all of the other factors, and you add this
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reason in shark mortality it definitely does not go well for continued recover of the sea otter population. something has to go down. >> scientists are trying to find out if sharks are behaving differently or sea otters are changing their patterns putting them in the path of sharks, attracting the predators. the answers come from groups with the knowledge. asking questioning about what, if anything can be done about it. >> researchers will launch their sea otter population in the spring. now, the idea of more sea otters are surviving the attacks or the situation is getting worse. in monterey, ktvu channel 2 news. the authorities in sacramento are looking for a pair of pet store thieves who made off with the rare snake. watch the video here specifically on the bottom right corner there. you can actually see the theft
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as it happens. the man walk inside on tuesday and that the man walked out with the baby bumblebee python in his pocket. that snake is worth $500. it is the most expensive thing in the store. the owner says the couple first picked the lock when no one was lookingism the state of maryland is another step closer tonight to legalizing same sex marriage. they nearly passed a bill to allow for gay marriage. the governor of maryland is expected to approve the measure. now it is a different story in new jersey where the governor vetoed that state's new law legalizing same sex marriage. they just passed the bill yesterday. in the vetoed message the governor renewed the call for a ballot measure to allow the voters to decide the issue. he supports civil unions, he proposed creating a person to overlook the law. critics say it is gnawed. a suspected terror suspect was arrested today as he walked away with what he thought were
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suicide vests and an automatic weapon. the 29-year-old khalifi was taken into custody today by agents posing as al-qaida optives. the justice department says that he was charged hours later with position of a weapon of mass destruction. the officials say he intended to carry out an attack at the u.s. capitol. the suspect was under surveillance for months and that the public was never in danger. tonight, a dutch prince is recovering after he was buried in an avalanche. the heavy snow in austria this month triggered numerous avalances today. he skied off and got caught as snow came shieding down. he was rescued and is in the hospital in intensive care tonight. his family says that tonight their son's condition is stable but he is not out of danger. singer whitney houston will
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be laid to rest tomorrow following a private service in her hometown of newark, new jersey. 1500 guests are expect approximated to,a attend the memorial. fans have been leaving balloons and candles there all week to remember the 48-year-old star who died last saturday. her god mother, aretha franklin, is expected to sing at the service along with alisha keys and stevie wonder. it is streamed live for the millions of fans. you can watch it live by going to tomorrow starting at 9:00 a.m. a free concert is in san francisco for music lover warren helman. the day-long event at ocean beach featuring artists that stay at the blue grass festival that he founded. harris, stags, and earl are among those set to appear. it will take place on two stages on the great highway.
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organizers say the site has limited capacity. they are encouraging people to arrive early and use public transit. this weekend marks the 70th anniversary of a painful part of american history. 100,000 japanese americans were placed in internment camps. sunday will be a day to remember in san francisco. rob roth spoke to people still experiencing the difficult memories. >> reporter: he is 86 years old. he remembers being a typical 16- year-old american teenager back in 1942. whao's life was suddenly turned upside down. >> we -- who's life was sudden isly turn ited upside down. >> going from an apartment in san francisco to an internment camp surrounded by barbed wire, bad food and no privacy. >> the showers, you would have to share the shower with everybody else. and the toilets were all open. everybody looked at each other. >> reporter: this sunday marks the 70th anniversary when the president signed executive order nine 066 allowing the
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round up. -- 9066 allowing the round up. the loyalty of japanese americans were put into question. >> you have to have people to back you up. >> nobody did. >> reporter: karen, the daughter of fred who refused to go to an internment camp, was arrested and spent much of his life fighting againsts what he felt was an injustice. he won a landmark decision in court. >> he simply said he thought what he did was right and the government was wrong. >> reporter: many japanese americans say this painful part of history must be passed down. >> it can happen again. >> you still see discrimination. you can see it in the schoolings and you can see it in the housing like the war was still going on. >> reporter: the remembrance is planned here downtown. time to remember a painful chapter in american history and perhaps learn from it.
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in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 newsism the latest chapter in -- the latest chapter in lin- sanity is written again. he has taken the nba by storm. the conference player of the week and the knicks face the hornets. he is having another solid performance. 20 points so far. the game is late in the 4th quarter. the knicks are trailing. l the countdown is on. they are minutes away from shutting the westbound bay bridge. we are monitoring preparations and we will have an update for you. a slight chance for sprinkles. meteorologist mark tamiao will let us know where. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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. we are talking about bay area weather. this weekend is changing. >> yes. changes for tomorrow. first you may notice fog pushing back into the bay area. the clouds are on the increase. and we could have drizzle first thing saturday morning. moveing in from the north and right now we have partly to mostly chowdy skies across the bay area. overcast. it will -- cloudy skies, across the area and overcast. it looks like a summertime shot looking out towards san francisco from the distance from the north bay camera up in
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marin county. now, today, once again, fairly warm out there. 60s out there. everybody cools off for tomorrow. that means the warmest locations in the upper 50s to right around 60 degrees. so, you will notice that temperature change as we head into the weekend. fog increasing coast side. even right around the bay. this weekend, sun cloud mix. the temperatures as i showed you cooling off. then a rebound for next week for tuesday and into wednesday. overnight lows, coolest locations will be in the lower 40s towards santa rosa. around 47. and we could be tracking drizzle first thing in the morning. a good possibility. wet roadways out there. here is the weather system as you can see moving in from the north. and the wind speeds pick up in the afternoon hours. could be on the ordof 25 miles an -- an odor of 25 miles an
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hour -- order of 25 miles an hour. sunday, increasing cloud cover. there is a slight chance of a shower for sunday but the main action is out to the west. here we go. we will take it into tomorrow morning. the cloud cover out there. 8:00. and drizzle. we will take it into the afternoon hours. 12:00 and 4:00, clouds being swept out rapidly to the south and to the east. here we go, the temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. as you can see, evidence of the cool down, only in the upper 50s to lower 60s. san jose around 60. here is a look ahead. the five-day forecast. the weekend always in view. a slight chance of a shower on sunday. possibly a few sprinkles by monday evening, gasia? >> mark, thank you,. crews are getting ready to shutdown the westbound lane of the bay pwraeupblg. the closure should be complete 30 minutes -- bay bridge. the closure should be compleat in 30 minutes. this this was the time they were expected to stop traffic. the bridge is expected to
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reopen tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. if not before. tmz is up next here on tv36, i'm gasia mikaelian, thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. the coverage continues with the 10:00 news and still developing story about a bay area newborn who disappeared from a hospital. we will be live at the bay bridge to give you a look at the bridge. we are always here for you at
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