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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 17, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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celebrate president's day. get 0% financing for 60 months on all 2012 silverados. if you trade in an eligible vehicle, get an additional $1,000 trade-in allowance. offer ends february 29th. right on schedule, 8:00 sharp tonight caltrans crews detoured traffic and shut town the upper deck of the bay bridge. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. if upper deck is closed. take a look at this camera
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angle. the upper deck is empty and traffic isn't expected to resume until early tuesday morning. we have team coverage tonight. chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us if the weather may upset caltrans's timetable. but we begin with debra villalon where as soon as the cars stopped, construction started. >> reporter: if you see behind us you see a different bay bridge back up. backhoes and dump trucks, this is where back up usually slows. lights flashing forcing drivers away from the bay bridge which is taking a holiday this long weekend. drivers hoping to slip on in emeryville disappointed. >> this is kind of like a pain in the butt to have to go all
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way around for the next three days. >> at our very earliest opportunity will open this bridge. >> reporter: opening may even come before the target tuesday 5:00 a.m. the new realigned approach needs to be dry for the paving and lane stripes to stick. caltrans's engineer. >> gary: watch and call -- caltrans engineers will watch and call the shots from this room. the best way to do massive engineers is if you gave people the right notice to take it out of service and do big things. >> reporter: but even with ample notice, people did not know. >> i did know about it but i did not think that it was really going to happen. i mean this is the bay bridge.
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i mean come on now. >> reporter: and we're back live now inside the closed zone where the demolition of the existing roadbed is under way. now this construction should save six months off the final completion day and allow it to open in both directions at the same time. also over the next three day, there are dozens of repair jobs going on. everything from plumbing to electrical, paving and paint because they are taking advantage of the opportunity no cars to dodge. we're live in oakland, debra villalon. for -- more details now on the bay bridge. once it's removed, crews can finish construction on the so
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called touchdown ramp for the new eastern span. >> the bay bridge closure means added traffic on the bay bridge. we've been keeping an eye on the traffic since 8:00 tonight and it's been relatively dry. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge it's the other key alternate route. traffic also appears to be flowing well on the san mateo bridge. many people plan to ditch their cars all together and turn to b.a.r.t.. some people we asked say they are glad to have an alternate route. >> absolutely. i plan to come to san francisco. >> apparently you can get back to the city but you can't get over. just makes sense. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is offering rare round the clock service to a limited number of areas. >> b.a.r.t. is keeping 14 of its 48 stations open to help people get around the bay.
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we made a map to make it easier for you. we want to show you this which stations are staying open. there are four in san francisco, nine in the east bay and sfo station. trains will run once an hour. three ferries are providing additional service until the bridge reopens. alameda oakland ferry, the alameda harbor bay ferry and the vallejo bay link ferry. and if you live on treasure island remember this, they will be allowed special access to the bridge that means you can drive into san francisco this weekend. like always for more details just go to and click on the bay bridge tab. caltrans says wet weather is the one factor that could upset the week -- weekend timetable. and our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking that. >> there's a chance of a sprinkle out there because caltrans is worried because
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they're going to be doing some painting. there's the bay bridge. we back up. right now it's 50 degrees it's pretty dry. as we look at saturday it's still warm. showers in the area on sunday, showers in the area on monday. they should go off without a hitch. these showers should not be as extensive, but there will be moisture all three days. another picture of the bay bridge, the upper deck closed at this hour. we're going to keep cheque check -- keeping back. the discounts being offered to shoppers who decide to stay on one side of the bay coming up. new information tonight, there is a happy ending to a bizarre case where a man walked out of the hospital in castro valley with his 2 -day-old baby daughter without telling the
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mother or anyone else. ktvu's eric rasmussen is now live where that baby girl was just returned. eric. >> reporter: julie just about 90 minutes ago we caught up with a family member here in the parking lot who told us in fact, the baby had been returned to her mother here at the hospital. still no sign of the father though who authorities say took the baby and made it past security when the mother stepped out of their hospital room for just a moment this afternoon. when 18-year-old segrum miller and his 2 -day-old baby daughter disappeared it triggered a code pink. the bracelet that would set off an alarm was slipped off. >> there's no indication there's any crime that was committed. >> reporter: the alameda
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sheriff's department announced it would not be setting a search because of the mother's reaction. >> the mother does not feel that the baby is in any danger. >> whatever situation they were having, is all settled and the baby is back. >> reporter: just after 8:30, segrum miller's uncle told us it was the baby's grandmother who tracked the miller down, got the baby back and returned it to the hospital. she would not say where miller was or whether he and the 21- year-old mother had any problems before the 18-year-old took the baby. >> he's young, his emotions were running high too when he thought he wasn't going to be able to see his baby. >> you think it's just a miss understanding. >> i think it was just a misunderstanding. the mother did not press any charges, so i think it was just a misunderstanding. >> there was some speculation miller would not be able to see his baby daughter as much as he
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wanted to. they -- tonight the hospital said they will be looking a second look at all their security measures. workers concerned about pink slips announced less city workers will be laid off than first thought. the number was lowered to 81. a spokeswoman said oakland consolidated some departments to save jobs. the city plans to let go 30 to 40 employees in the next month. you may have noticed, folks everywhere seem to be checking their phone, texting more often. it may have given way to a new addiction. >> reporter: there's now an estimated 5.6 billion cell phones in the world. in the u.s. more cell phones then there are people. it's all given rise to a new condition. >> how do you feel when you
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don't have your cell phone? >> i feel like i'm missing something about my body or something about me. because you carry your phone everywhere. the phone is -- you use it for everything. >> reporter: fear of not having your cell phone. there's even now a critical name for this, nomophobia. no mobile phobia. >> i'm not afraid i might be concerned. >> reporter: i mean you have to have it with you is what i'm saying. >> i like to have it with me yes. >> reporter: 66% suffer from nomophobia. that's a 14% increase from a similar poll just four years ago. the greatest amount of nomophobics are in the 18 to 24 year age groups followed by 25 to 34-year-olds. >> the anxiety, yeah, i need it. it's a necessity for me. >> reporter: women are more concerned about being
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disconnected than men. >> if you start to fear not having your cell phone, i think it can, probably shows that you're overdoing your phone a little bit. and maybe you're a little too overconnected. >> reporter: a survey shows people over 55 are the least nomophobic. >> i know where i'm going and i have myself and i don't need to be talking to anybody else. so why would i need a cell phone? i'm out enjoying nature. >> reporter: there's even a suggested treatment for nomophobics, imagine being without a cell phone then spend a small amount of time away from it. wing yourself off of it. to to all of you nomophobics and i'm admit i'm one, you have to hang up to cure the
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nomophobia. for you on facebook, we asked are you a nomophobic. and lisa wrote, i lost my cell phones twice, and it wasn't pretty. join the the ktvu facebook page. here in san joaquin county, investigators are moving into a new phase in their search for human remainless. find out what outside help they are receiving. and i'll be back here in 10 minute, i'll have tomorrow's forecast. we're looking at a few clouds, perhaps some sprinkles. >>
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earlier today there was a flurry of activity as investigators allowed a news camera into the dig site for the first time in five days. >> reporter: today investigators brought in cadaver dogs from santa clara county to help with the search. it's a slow and difficult task as the dog sniffed for human remains among the piles of dirt. for every 15 minutes of work,
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the dog needs about an hour break. >> it's constant effort on the dog to detect any odors that may be down there. so they can get worn out quickly so it's important that we slow them down. >> reporter: authorities say the same dogs were used successfully in the search for remains in calav era s county where it was determined that chevy wheeler was buried. maps by shermantine have led investigators there. remains will be sent to labs for analysis. >> we have every resource in this case, it is called a rush case everything has a a priority. >> the bones and evidence will be taken to a lab in the
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central valley. a forensic scientist in richmond told us the bones will bones will be bones will be polverized to a powder form. now the search will continue through the weekend for remains and any additional well that may lead to more victims. reporting live here in san joaquin county, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police say they are looking for four suspected gang members tonight after a gun battle along a busy street that led to a stand off. customers rushed out of an auto zone store at 100th avenue after one of the gunmen reportedly ran inside. officers say he and three other young men exchanged gunfire around 12:30 this afternoon.
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officials say this is just another exam of a growing problem for east oakland. >> i've seen an increase in violence, violent crimes involving firearms in this area. >> reporter: officers searched the store but didn't find anyone. they say it appears no one was hurt. a tip line is now available to help stop the violence in oakland. police launched that gun tip line this week so people can report illegal possession and use of firearms. it's available in english, spanish and cantonese. that tip line number is near the top of your screen it's 510- 517-8739. the fbi arrested man for plotting to detonate a suicide vest at the u.s. capital. the 29-year-old morocan man was taken into custody at parking garage in washington, d.c. they had alkalifi under surveillance for about a year, undercover agents set him up with what he
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thought was a suicide vest. new york congressman peter king was briefed on the investigation. >> he decided to change from attack military installations, he wanted to put a bomb in a restaurant that was frequented by military officials. then he decided on the suicide bombing on the capital. >> reporter: court papers said alkalifi thought he was working with al-qaida operatives. he had been living in the united states since he was 16. more violence in syria as the leaders of britain and france urge other countries to intervene. mike mibach spoke to a woman who said she doesn't know if her family in syria is still alive. >> reporter: today in the syrian city of holmes explosions could be heard, slivers of black smoke could be seen. women and children hid in makeshift bomb shelters. the images of destruction have been visibility for months.
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>> everything was about friends. friends coming over, we going over to their house. >> reporter: abasha grew up in ensha. he is teaching in san jose. she says her parents remain in homes and as of 15 days she does not know if they're alive. >> 15 days ago, the connections have been cut. i have not been able to communicate directly. >> reporter: even here at school, she is keyed in into news coming out of syria and today is no different as world leaders stepped up to the microphone. >> what is happening in syria is appalling. you have a government that is butchering and murdering its own people. today the leaders of britain and france urged other powers to stop the crack down. >> we have always have been fearful of the regime. >> reporter: she says the more countries that join forces against president assad. >> the better chance that the
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president will actually you know be ousted. >> reporter: the united nations says more than 6,000 people have been killed in syria since march. tonight that number continues to rise. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. president oe -- obama wrapped up a three day trip today. the president spent two days in san francisco. he left from sfo this morning and flew on air force one to washington state. before he arrived there, congress passed a payroll tax extension. mr.obama made note of it when he spoke at a boeing plant and included a dig at republicans. >> it is amazing what happens when congress focuses on doing the right thing in -- instead of just playing poll -- politics. president obama's west coast trip was expected to rake in a lot of money.
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in all he attended eight fundraisers over three days. it's estimated he raised more than $8 million. that's on top of the 29 million that he raised for his campaign and the democratic party last month. bay area holiday weekend is here. we have some temperatures that are going to be a little bit cooler. these were the highs from today, 67 in santa rosa. 65 in napa. temperatures definitely coming down tomorrow. look for your daytime highs tomorrow to be in your low 60s as best. fog along the coast, you can see this is before the sunset. transamerica pyramid that fog is cooling us off. that will keep temperatures on the cool side tomorrow and throughout the day. some nice looking numbers, here we go into saturday. temperatures temperatures drop down into the 50s. there's a slight chance of sprinkles in the bay area forecast. so we'll break that down.
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i'll bring that to you at 10:45. the state assembly massed the bill but christie had made it known he would take quick action. christie says she's opposed at same-sex marriage. six states and washington, d.c. offer marriage to same-sex couples. he was one of oakland's most wanted. why a suspect who turned himself in is now being released. plus the rush right now to the sierra for a holiday weekend. how a recent snow has led to a change in attitude. and another live look at the bay bridge right now. here's how the toll plaza will look until tuesday morning. stay with ktvu
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soft non-lotion pillows, they're sure to impress. now the tissue monster had gone away, and puffs ultra soft & strong saved the day. a nose in need deserves puffs ultra soft & strong indeed. for those who prefer lotion, try puffs plus lotion. he was considered one of the oakland's most wanted suspects. then earlier this week he walked into a police station
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and surrendered. tonight he is out of jail. fishes said they released 36 van of oakland yesterday. alameda prosecutors say they department have enough evidence to charge him of any crimes. van was suspected of beating another man with a baseball bat last november. a trial has been set for esteban. she's scheduled to stand trial on november 17th. that's exactly one year to the day that authorities found the remains of the student. esteban is accused of stalking and killing her friend. the main road from the bay area into yosemite national park is set to rose and is not expected to reopen until april. a landslide last month damaged 120. crews made temporary repairs at the time. here's what caused the damage, you see there a number of boulders landed on the roadway during a storm.
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took about a week to remove all the debris. crews put down gravel and reopened the road to traffic. now they plan to close the road on february 29th to make permanent repairs. the park remains accessible from highway 140 and highway 41. well it hasn't exactly been a great winter so far for skiers up in the sierra but they're hoping that's going to change during this long holiday weekend. john sasaki drove to the sugar resort near donor summit to find out firsthand what conditions are like. >> a dry start to winter kept the skiers and boarders at bay. there are three big periods during any season, christmas and new year's eve, martin luther king and president's weekend. and skiers say it's great to be here. >> you koápt ask for a better -- you couldn't ask for a
11:57 pm
better weekend, weather wise. >> reporter: is this the first time you were here? >> we were here for martin luther king weekend and there was no snow. this is much better. >> last year it was way better. but it's good. >> reporter: this afternoon it seemed like friday light. >> no traffic, perfect day, the kids are off school, it's perfect. >> great, there's not a lot of people and it's warm. and the runs are packed. the forecast calls for snow showers over parts of the weekend but nothing that would cause any major problems or add much to the snow pack. >> today has been beautiful. it's very nice sitting at the lodge and the kids are having great, almost like a spring skiing day. >> officials tell me if conditions remain good and the crowds turn out the season
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could continue later than normal. john sasaki. the window of the dream of space travel is quickly opening. where we are now and how soon [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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a live look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza and incline section where crews are on an incline. and we've learned that right now workers are using torches to cut through the pavement. they'll break it up and losen it and if all goes as planned it'll be hauled off tomorrow. we've also learned that
12:01 am
tonight's closure was the fastest ever. caltrans says traffic was light this evening and so it took them only 12 minutes to close the upper deck. it takes years sometimes decades to develop new passenger jets but when it comes to the next step, developing spacecraft to take passengers up into space you might say it's buyer beware. in tonight's special report our consumer editor tom vacar tells us why the government is taking a hands off approach. >> you can see virgin atlantic and virgin america at sfo any day of the week. but virgin galactic is still unrealized commercial venture into space begins here. mohabe airport in the high desert of california. >> we expect to see some test flights as early as this year and some of the companies are planning to be in formal operations as early as next year. so we're really quite close to seeing quite a bit of activity in that area. >> reporter: the only reason we're as close as we are to passenger space is because eight years ago the government
12:02 am
took a hands off approach. that freed up the thinking of people here at mohabe airport in southern california. virgin galactic seems to be the first to take tourists to space. >> actually starting to build the following vehicles at the space company. that's really an example of things that are happening across the industry. >> reporter: for $200,000 a ticket, virgin spaceship two will carry two tourists to an altitude of 368,000 feet space, for all inat the in -- for all intents and purposes. but how can a spacecraft be approved for space so quickly? >> we're going to achieve an equivalent level of safety. >> there are rules that these vehicles are licensed to operate. we need to meet those rules.
12:03 am
>> reporter: by order of congress, the faa requires the safety of all people and property on the ground. for space tourists congress has set a different standards. >> and so they've asked us to use something called informed consent where the launch operators are going to need to thoroughly brief their perspective customers on all the hazard, all the risk, on all the things that can go wrong. the fact they can be injured or killed during these flights. part of our job is to inform as part of the faa process is to inform our customers of the risk. >> reporter: nonetheless nearly 500 passengers have already signed up. >> that's good right there. >> with that and contract security science packages into space business is so good virgin, the spaceship company is boding a fleet as are our companies. >> we built this $80 million,
12:04 am
600,000 facilities. >> reporter: brain child of microsoft mind will launch humans and cargo far into space. other companies from excort are space adventures. skilled composites, from rocket ship tours and many others all racing to join the new space race. passenger confidence in space tourism will blossom once level out and a clean record. >> we have to do better than that in space traál to start achieving numbers -- space travel to start achieving numbers that our public expects. >> we're certainly going to be doing a lot of work to get there. >> reporter: slashing flight time from city to city.
12:05 am
tom vacar, ktvu news. as always we postall of our special reports at just look for the tab on the front page. a san francisco police officer has found himself on the other side of the law tonight. the district attorney's office announced assault charges today against offer richard soares. soares is accused of attacking a woman he was dating last month while he was off duty. if convicted, soares faces up to four years in prison. pa -- faculty members at uc davis are throwing their support behind katehi. another measure supporting katahi while also condemning incident also passed. congress passed a social security payroll tax cut today that effects 160 million work. the bill also renews unemployment benefit for millions of others who have
12:06 am
been without a job now for six months. the 2% cut on the payroll tax means workers who make $50,000 a year will save about $1,000 per year. the unemployment benefit and tax cuts are expected to remain in place. -- the united states and china visited today. later trade was the subject and a forum that included governor jerry brown. this evening the man expected to be china's next president went to a los angeles lakers game. before leaving for their three day weekend, state lawmakers paid tribute today to
12:07 am
japanese americans. the california state assembly passed a resolution declaring this sunday a day of remembrance for japanese americans. many were forced into internment camps after japan attacked pearl harbor in 1941. today ktvu talked to a former internee. >> you had to share the shower with everybody. and the stalls were all open. everybody had to look at each other. >> reporter: president franklin d. roosevelt signed an order calling for the end of the interment. the photo from a hunting trip that's sparked outrage. >> and i have the seven day forecast, and in that forecast are a few light showers. and a woman
12:08 am
12:09 am
12:10 am
the president of california's fish and game commission is coming under fire from animal welfare group. the photo shows richards holding and carrying a mountain lion that he caught. hunters do not eat mountain lions. some members of congress want to know if google violated a privacy agreement with a federal trade commission. the wall street journal reported that google has been bypassing the setting. that allows google to track people with cookies. google says it did not collect personal information and it has now stopped the practice. a class action lawsuit
12:11 am
against franchises of the hooters restaurant chain has received a green light to move forward. more than a dozen workers claim they were cheated out of tips, denied proper breaks, and forced to buy their own uniforms. the class action lawsuit covers employees who worked at four bay area locations. the appellate court ruled that the bay area hooters franchise hot wings inc. waited too long to demand that case be settled through arbitration. in iran, the government of president ahmadinejad is forcing transaction for oil. at the birthplace of the ancient olympics. they smashed display cases and
12:12 am
stole thousands of antiquities. hundreds of tourists were stranded after their airline went out of business. air australia left hundreds stranded in hawaii. two other airlines say they may step in now to get the passengers back home. a southern california woman received quite a surprise she found a pair of wedding rings in her new purse. mcnael says she was switching purses when she found them, she notified police and called the store. >> i called the store thinking somebody was probably panicking and left a message saying if anybody find a ring to call. but nobody had. >> reporter: mcnall also posted a listing on craigslist. so far she says no one has responded. with a bay bridge closure
12:13 am
in place, someone maybe skipping a trip to san francisco, how some east bay businesses are trying to benefit.
12:14 am
12:15 am
another look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's been empty since 8:00 as promised. you can see there are some crews doing some work in addition to the heavy construction that is going on near by. that bridge closure will probably change plans for a lot of folks who may decide to stay in the east bay instead of going into san francisco. alex savidge tells us how several east bay businesses are trying to capitalize on that. the shut down of the westbound bay bridge has a lot of drivers worried. >> it's just a big mess every time they do it. >> reporter: some folks in the east bay may not even bother
12:16 am
heading over to san francisco at least that's what the owner of boca nova restaurant is hoping for. >> we're looking for a big night. >> reservations here are filling up fast for the long weekend. owner meredith noville sees a silver lining. >> the people now the cost of crossing the bridge and then parking people are i think it's important that they learn that there's alternatives over here that are just as good. >> reporter: these two friends from alameda usually head into san francisco for the weekend but with the bridge closed until tuesday morning they're going to switch things off. >> we do break to the city. it's fun when we get to go. but with the bridge closed we have things here. we won't miss it. we'll have a good weekend. >> reporter: some business are doing what they can to
12:17 am
capitalize on the capital. pegasus books is offering 20% off. >> we came up with this idea the first time the bridge closed. we had a good time and a great sale and we decided that was it, we were going to do it every time. >> reporter: if the weather cooperates it could open earlier. still if you're planning to drive into san francisco using one of the alternate routs give yourself plenty of extra time. in emeryville, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on air and online we'll help you get around the bay bridge this weekend. it could cost 50-cents in the not too distant future to mail a letter. the u.s. postal service said it lost $3 million in the last quarter charges 50-cents could bring in $5 million a year.
12:18 am
the postal service depends solely on money for postal services. this is houston's only daughter bobbie kristina arriving at the funeral home. whitney houston's god mother aretha franklin is expected to sing along with stevie wonder. tomorrow ktvu will stream it live, you will find it on our website begin at 11:00. the bay area holiday weekend is here and we have pretty nice weather to talk about. we're talking february here and it's not going to feel like it. cooler, we go outside live storm tracker two. this one will bring a chance of sprinkles as it comes down. then there's one behind it that will pop down here later in the weekend. neither of them are strong, very strong at all. and neither are going to amount to much.
12:19 am
but the bigger impact will be increasing clouds saturday and sunday. and just cooler daytime highs. so instead of upper 60s like we had today. tomorrow clouds in low 60s upper 50s. same son sunday. sunday will be a little cooler. still mostly dry. if there's a few sprinkles in the forecast they'll be very light. transitory they'd be out of here. as far as the bay bridge is concerned. for rain issues, i don't see it happening, i see it being fine. but they should go okay. next week is going to be a warming trend. go figure, so we're heading into spring like weather pattern next week. go figure, it's not spring but we're going to be warming up. those are weather systems last year these would be been a big deal. they are just systems. the áf the áf for us we're just on the south end of everything so it's an unusual pattern.
12:20 am
it stays in a relatively dry mote. tomorrow some clouds, maybe some drizzle a little bit of wind as well. but not a big deal. that's saturday, here comes sunday. thing moves off. something moves offshore sunday. this thing kind of lives offshore. with that a few sprinkles possible but not a big deal. temperatures slightly cooler, so the computer model here we are saturday morning, here we are saturday afternoon. no rain. here we are sunday morning. here we are sunday afternoon. a little bit of drizzle on the coast. here we are monday morning, and here we are monday afternoon. so yeah, nice looking weekend. more clouds, cooler that's what you notice. forecast highs tomorrow, low 50s, upper 60s. the bay area forecast with the weekend in view. there we go. let's embrace it, enjoy it because it's become a heck of a run. people are getting used to it. i'm over the fact it's not raining i'm really enjoying this weather. >> because you can get outside and do so much.
12:21 am
>> i'm seeing cherry blossoms in some neighborhoods. >> i'm just waiting for the day, we're really going to get creamed. this is the flu season's latest start in nearly 25 years. flu season usually starts in december or january and is often half way bay area !
12:22 am
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california sea otter population has been making a come back in recent years but it now faces a growing threat from sharking.
12:25 am
researchers with the aquarium, the shark is the biggest pretty tor the otter is face -- biggest predator the otter is facing right now. >> so cute. mark joins us now, sharks of a different kind tonight. not a good night for those sharks and for the warriors. >> let's start with the warriors, they were out on the road playing one of the best teams in the nba. if you didn't expect much of the warriors then you won't be too disappointed to learn that oklahoma got the win tonight. 38 second quarter point for oklahoma city, did it james hardy exploding for two very defentive of his 25 points. 18 warrior turnovers, bad pass by curry resulted in the russell slam dunk. he later left with a bad ankle.
12:26 am
and ellis ends up with a hyper extended knee. it is thought not to be too serious and he may play tomorrow. might be lin-somnia. the way he played today he might lose some sleep. ariza steals the show for new orleans. the seven game new york win streak is over. as the nhl's trading deadline approaches, you have to figure the sharks would be up for some tweaking of their roster. their team measured by whether or not they win the stanley cub they appear a long ways away from that idea right now. that's the new guy, moore acquired yesterday in a trade from tampa and he contributes tonight in his first game as a shark. the canes in the third. uc cocanin game decider. 3-2 your final, joe thornton right here in the final moment
12:27 am
for the shark. did have a chance to tie it maybe send it into overtime. but he whips on the shot. they need more from joe thornton not question getting it. hugh jackson has landed on his feet but a long way from a coaching position. marvin lewis brings him on to the staff as an assistant. he will help position coaches for the bengals, secondary and special teams lasted only one season with oakland as the raiders finished 8-8 and out of a play off spot. down at rivi era to see what mickelson can do to back up his pebble beach performance. and the answer is he did pretty good. 100-yard out with a wedge, it will crawl back to the cup for an eagle. on the day one-under 70 he's got a two shot lead. half way through at rivi era. that's a sporting life for friday night and it's got to
12:28 am
get a whole lot better for the warriors. soon. >> mark, thank you. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> mornings on two begins at 7:00. they will sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that?
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