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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 20, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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bridge. a rock smashed through this window dangerously close. police are searching for who did it and the key piece of evidence. $4 for a gallon of gas. the rapidly rising prices at pump have people changing plans plans. good evening. it's monday february 20th. this is bay area news at 7:00. the bay bridge is back open but with today being a holiday, the first real test of the newly realigned approach of the upper deck should come tomorrow. al is live at the toll plaza with what drivers can expect. alex -- >> reporter: we're west of the toll plaza. the area of five lanes of traffic squeezes down.
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the changes aren't dramatic, but they're telling people to take it easy when you go across this the first time. it's clearly marked with a caution sign for drivers because the lanes have shifted slightly south. they do not anticipate traffic changes will cause more traffic. drivers don't seem worried. >> expecting almost the same. >> june commutes to the city and was expecting the bay bridge work would be done ahead of schedule. >> i'm expecting it might open early. i'm watching -- i turn on my radio. >> reporter: from the beginning, they said an early opening was a possibility. by sunday night, they made the announcement. crews planned for possible rain delays. they caught a break with dry weather. >> it's a day and a half in
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advance. >> reporter: this is a wholesale mushroom supplier for several restaurants. he planned ton bridge being out of order until tuesday morning and made deliveries ahead of time. >> i was trying to plan to not go over there because i knew it would be a pain in the you know what. >> reporter: many are applauding the new opening. this woman sat in two hours of traffic yesterday. she was bracing for more backups. >> i thought i was going to have to go back with the workers back that way. >> reporter: realigning the westbound bridge all in one weekend will save the state money. the next and final closure will be 2013 labor day. after the bridge reopens at that point, the eastern span will be unvailed for drivers. live tonight in oakland, channel 2 news. more details here. many drivers turn to get around the closure of the upper
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deck. the agency counted 414,000 passengers on saturday and sunday. saturday was the big day with more than 236,000 riders, 5th highest saturday in bart history. around the clock service was given during this closure. normal service resumes tuesday morning. you can always count on us for traffic updates. click the traffic section at the top of our real -- our website for real time. an suv carrying a family of eight crashed around 5:00 a.m. onto the ramp for east capitol expressway. the family was heading back to the bay area from a trip to mexico. one man died at the scene. two others were sent to the hospital, one with major injuries.
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officials say none of the people inside the suv was wearing a seat belt. new details about a deadly confrontation over the weekend at a berkeley home. it's now coming to light. we spoke to the suspect's parents today. allen candy's 23-year-old son daniel is held without bail accused of beating a 67-year- old saturday night outside the man's home. williams sat down with the suspect's parents today who said their son was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic at age 18. >> they shove them with antipsychotics and put them back out on the street again. >> candy says her son had been getting worse since july when he stopped medicating with drugs in favor of a healthy die and exercise. he's scheduled to be arraigned wednesday. berkeley police respond to criticism of their response to that deadly attack saying the initial calls did not indicate
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emergency. the caller was calm and reported a trespasser on his property. at that time, patrol teams were monitoring an occupied protest set to start in berkeley. officers were immediately dispatched ava call happened of an attack in progress. the officers found the victim and provided first aid until medics arrived on the scene. a robbery suspect shot by an officer last night had a gun near seminary. the officer pulled over a car with two people inside. the officer shot one of the suspects after he jumped out of the car and started running. he is expected to survive. officers are looking for the other suspect that drove away during the foot chase. now authorities have filled in the abandoned well after recovering human remains. authorities found more than a dozen bones and fragments in
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that well near the town of lynn don. a death row inmate drove a map to the site. he and his friend are said to have killed more than 20 people in the 80s and 90s. families of the suspected victims are waiting as officials dig at two other wells at the property. >> i'd like them to continue digging and get all the bodies that are there. >> at this point, authorities have discovered more than a thousand bones or bone fragments. they haven't disclosed details. dna testing on the remains could take months. police are looking for a group of vandals after a bizarre attack this weekend. the vandals used a three person slingshot to launch rocks at a home and schools.
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one was lodged through a window sending broken glass into a baby's crib. >> when this mother returned home saturday she was shocked by what she found in her 1-year- old daughter's nursery. >> pretty scary. her crib had glass all over it. she wasn't home thank god. >> reporter: the rock went through the baby's room punching a hole in the hall across the hallway. this room could have turned into a nightmare if her daughter was home. >> if she had been standing there, it would have hit her in the back of the head. she would have died. >> reporter: hers was one of more homes targeted in the area. police believe a group of vandals is behind the thousands of dollars of damage including several windows at the alternative school. >> they're using pay device to launch the rocks. the speed and velocity they're going through double pane
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windows and blinds. >> reporter: police gave this possibility of a three person slingshot often used to launch water balloons. a neighbor who heard a noise captured this on his home surveillance system before 2:00 saturday morning. a white car is scene leaving the area of charlotte way. the vandals are using this decorative yard rock. because of this damage, they're planning extra patrol. channel 2 news. now police are searching for the people responsible for vandalizing a neighborhood over the weekend. the graffiti at the high school included gang symbols and ethnic slurs directed at teachers. officials estimate at least $3000 to clean it up. occupied protestors brought their movement to the prison today to speak out for prisoner's rights. hundreds of people marched and
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chanted outside the prison. the occupied demonstrators were joined by prison reform activists to call for better opportunities for prisoners and an end to the death penalty. police security was tight. roads to the prison were shut down. the rally was peaceful. a court marshal trial is scheduled for tomorrow for a third marine accused of hazing. lou committed suicide while serving in afghanistan on the same night a fellow marine hazed him reportedly by pouring sand in his face. another marine was demoted and the other was found not guilty. the trial for the third marine begins the tomorrow in hawaii. meantime, a long time coming for the now deceased father of the congressman. ahead in seven minutes, the unique role he played in world war ii and why now he's being
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honored. teens came to take a stand this morning against bullying. >> since the 4th grade, i cut myself until there was no more space. when it would heal, i'd start over again. >> he was one of microphone victims that shared his experience on the steps of city hall. his youtube video has received more than 9 million hits. a group of teens and teens and supporters are calling a monster march in san francisco. they're hoping lady gaga will take part. oakland mayor marched along side dozens calling for antiviolence. he handed out information on a job fair. she says jobs help keep teens out of trouble. the federal officials are pairing to help prevent gun violence. friends and family came
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together to honor one of the great survivors of the 1906-e. she was 3 years old when the quake struck her home. a nephew related how she described the destruction. >> the actual jolt she doesn't remember. she remembers going up on top of the hill, little frightened. she was 109 years old, the oldest of the known survivors of the e. four others are still alive. fuel prices are spiking. customers are surely feeling the pain. people tell us they're not going here. still ahead. the race to capture the gop nomination is still in flux. how the latest numbers raise for rick santorum. i'll have the numbers for
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like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. investigators are trying to determine how a tattoo parlor went up in flames. this was taken after 6:00 this morning. flames heavily damaged the lucky star tattoo parlor located on the second floor of the building. firefighters say no one was in the building at the time of the fire. the defense department announced a military plane crashed sunday killing all four u.s. servicemen on board. the u.s. africa command said the u 28 utility plane was conducting a surveillance mission when it went down near a u.s. air base. the cause of the crash is under
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investigation. preliminary investigations shows fire was not the case. all were based out of the base in florida. 36% of republican voters say they support santorum, that's 10 percentage points head of romney. texas congressman ron paul trails with 11%. we report now from the campaign trail. >> reporter: romney and santorum spent time campaigning in the state of ohio, one of the super tuesday states. everyone is looking at next week's aconites in michigan. the race is tight there -- week's campaign in michigan. >> he was the candidate because he was the winner. >> one of the people i'm running again, santorum, goes
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to washington, calls himself a budget hawk. after he's been there a while, he says he's no longer a budget hawk. i am a budget hawk. >> santorum compared the threat the u.s. faces today to america's response to hitler in world war ii. >> after a while you found out things about this guy over in europe. he's not so good a guy after all. it's going to be hard for this generation to figure it out. >> now that santorum is facing more scrutiny, a 2008 speech he gave in florida is getting attention. santorum suggested america is engaged in a spiritual war. >> satan has done so by attacking the great institutions of america using those great vices of pride, vanity and sensuality to attack strong plants so deeply rooted in american tradition. the father of a south bay
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congressman is being recognized for his service in world war ii. he'll receive the congressional gold medal, the highest civilian war in the united states. the next year he served in the military gathering intelligence. his wife and son will accept the award this thursday. the fda is looking into a new caffeine product. it's a powder packed in a lipstick sized canister. it's available online in massachusetts and new york. critics fear teens will abuse the product comparing it to the now banned alcoholic energy drink. the company that makes it says it's safe and contains the same amount of caffeine as a large cup of coffee. 50 years ago today, john glenn became the first american to orbit the earth.
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>> glenn circled the globe three times in five hours aboard the friendship 7 aircraft. today at 90, glenn remembers the excitement of that day. >> we'd run simulation after simulation. you could hardly believe i was really getting up there. after the 11th scheduled date actually. >> in 1998, glenn made history again when he flew on the space shuttle discovery. he was 77 at the time making him the oldest person ever to go into space. a pleasant hill restaurant suddenly closed up shop after 20 years in business. we're talk about fresh mex. it closed down at 7:00 yesterday for the last time. the owner of the shop filed bankruptcy last september. this is one of several restaurants that shut down during the reorganization
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process. gas prices have reached highest levels for the month of february. prices are putting dents into travel plans already. >> reporter: the family's chevron station along i-80 serves locals, commuters and cross country travelers. he just returned if a two week trip to arizona. >> when i came back, it was $3.98. >> reporter: he's happy he has a small fuel efficient honda. >> i wouldn't be able to do it. it wouldn't be practical for me to do that. >> reporter: doug o'neal drives his pickup truck a lot less now. >> i take my car that's less fuel efficient. we'll arrange to always have the highest mileage car available to make trips. >> reporter: the bay area price stands at $4.04, up 33-cents in a month and up 62-cents from a
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year ago today. with prices so high so early, headed for the $5 mark by summer, folks are already going back on vacation plans. >> there will be a lot of things we won't do because of the gas increase. we'll be staying at home. >> with the gas prices the way they are, it's getting ridiculous. >> i won't do driving vacations. >> too expensive. >> reporter: ironically, these higher prices could affect automobile sales. more opt to buy more fuel efficient sources and fuel alternative cars. a charge may come from one of the game's lightning rod players. a new deal with manny ramirez was announced today. he must first serve a 50 game suspension for a positive drug test. on top of that, he served a
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minor league deal. he technically has to still make the team. if all goes as planned, he could be in the a's lineup as soon as the 30th. these student's vision of the future could give them top honor. time to bring out the flip flops. our meteorologist tells us about a warm-up just around the corner. ao
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despite months of dry weather, ski resorts finally have enough snow. president's day weekend is one of the busiest weekends. the slopes were crowded today with skiers and borders. operators say there's now enough snow to keep visitors coming back for the rest of the ski season. i did hear flip flops for us here in the bay area? >> yes. if you're going to hit the slopes any time as soon as you're going to need the sun block and shades. we have plenty of sunshine on the way. in addition to that sunshine, ouren thes will spike. we're talking by 5-10 degrees in some areas. giving you a look outside our doors, breeze blowing north westerly. 10 san jose. our numbers sitting similar to
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yesterday. not as breezy in some cases. 53 santa rosa. low 50s around the peninsula. 53 san jose. 55 redwood city. one last stop, sfo 52. satellite showing you what's going on the last 24 hours. just a few sprinkles here and there. mountain view .008. take a look at the cloud formation here. you can see the ridge beginning to build in. it's going to control our pattern in the coming days. the unsettled weather we did see is moving out. we have a ridge of high pressure building in. we struggled in the 50s today. by tomorrow, 70 in some cases. even warmer wednesday, thursday, maybe even friday. partly cloudy skies in the overnight hours expected. patchy fog will develop. we have moisture locked in
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place, subsiding air. we expect to wake up with just a little bit of patchy fog. we have winds out there to hopefully help too much fog from forming. 40 degrees santa rosa to start the morning. in the afternoon, 70 santa rosa, 69 nevada, 66 san francisco, off to the south bay, we're look agent 69 san jose, 67 redwood city, 70 morgan hill. your extended forecast there, nice mild and warm for the rest of the workweek. into the weekend, we cool down again. no rain in the forecast. >> thank you. a team of middle school students was hoping for a big win tomorrow in a national competition. students are in washington dc. they reached the finals in a national engineering competition to design a city of the future. they were inspired by modesto's
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solar power project. 35 other teams from across the country are competing for the grand prize. tmz is up next here on tv 36. thank you for trusting our channel 2 news. our coverage continues with the 10 news tonight with the exclusive interview of a pair of parents from a recent victim. always online also. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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