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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 24, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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videotape of one of the speed freak killers describing cold blooded murders. good evening. >> the human remains found this month offering new evidence about a pair of serial killers thought to have killed 20 or more people. one is on death row, the other hung himself last month. tonight we have obtained police interviews with the account of several of those killings. only on two, amber lee with the interrogation tapes she was able to obtain. >> reporter: i have spent much of the past two weeks, learning about the crimes we have access to the tapes containing confessions. on march 17th 1999 he describes
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for investigators in chilling detail how his boyfriend friend raped and killed a woman. >> i heard -- i knew he was -- i he was already -- he was flashing and hacking. >> reporter: he admitted to helping place the body of a 25- year-old into a vehicle. he said he was scared of his friend and ashamed of his fear for not helping the young woman. he was considered the road dog. he said that he stopped being friends eight years before his arrest. >> [inaudible] he scared me. he is unpredictable. >> what about him -- that you are scared of? >> [inaudible].
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>> has he threatened to kill you? >> yeah. pretty much. >> reporter: he also said that he killed a 16-year-old why 1985 and buried her on his parent's property but he said he didn't know the location. investigators have identified both the two found on that property. that wasn't all. >> you will find more people. >> reporter: in a later interview he further revealed he was with him when he killed two men who were pulled over in a road on the side of a deserted dead end road through the interrogation he admitted to using meth and said he was
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dazed during some of the attacks. he expressed regret. >> [inaudible]. >> reporter: we are told he was married with three children when the first woman was killed. when i first got the tape this afternoon, even reading about what he told investigators was difficult. we did not broadcast many details of the drug fuel killings. one can only imagine how the victim families felt when they heard the tapes in court during trial. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and stay with us for continuing coverage. we are continuing to sort through the 19 hours of tape we obtained and we will bring you more of it in the coupling days. . >> a 61-year-old woman who was waiting to go on a zip line tour was killed in a freak accident this afternoon. it happened in the parking lot of the grounds. authorities say the victim was waiting her husband when the driver of a speeding car went
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off the highway and hit a gazebo with about six people standing. the victim was thrown about 60 feet and died. a car ended up overturned in a nearby creek the driver and woman inside that car suffered moderate injuries. investigators trying to figure out what caused a piece of a san francisco muni bus to fly off the bus shattering a window and almost strike a man in an office building. the equipment shattered this window at the architect you're firm shortly after six. the piece of equipment that connects the bus to overhead wires got caught turning into a dangerous project i'll. they are working with the company to replace the window while it reviews paper innocence and operation procedures. >> new information tonight about a stubborn fire in napa.
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the soda fire is now 75% contained. deborah is there where the fire started and said this february fire has firefighters rethinking their definition of fire scene. >> reporter: that is right. investigators have this yellow tape around the spot. what is left of an open burn pile that got away why the wind and burned 200 acres, another omen for cal fire. day two of the soda fire saw cooler conditions and calmer winds and crews got their containment liana round three quarters of it and could catch their breath a bit but probably not for long. >> the amount of precipitation is the lowest in the last 100 years. >> reporter: in sacramento the fire is another sign. winter maintenance on cal fire air craft may have to shift,
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tangors and helicopters moved in to position early because conditions are ripe. >> the represents were able to swap them out throughout the year that lets us early in to the year have them available for fires like we are seeing. . >> reporter: the helicopters -- one staffed full time, the other crew calledn. >> tonight is a better night. we hope. >> reporter: looking at how fast a pile of burning vines changed in to this, cal fire knows nature will dictate the fire season's start. in the past two months there have been more than 300 wild land fires, triple a normal winter. >> we need to start ramping up we bring the in additional seasonal firefighters, there is a hole program we follow to make sure we are already for fire season when it happens. >> reporter: for residents who homes were threatened. >> where we had the line where the fire stopped. >> reporter: the season is already here. >> probably not the best day to do a burn for vineyard
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workers but you know it happens. >> reporter: the hand crews have been replaced by overnighters working deep in the canyon. they are caming for full containment by eight tomorrow morning. no notice about fines or firefighters costing for the contractor who let lit this fire without permission to burn. >> a county shaken by a quake less than a hour ago. it was a 4.4 and about 36 miles southwest of eureka. it hit at 9:17. we talked to a police dispatcher who didn't feel it.
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ten days ago a 5.6 hit northeast of there causing minor damage. >> more gun fire and violence on the streets today. it's just the latest incident in a recent series of shootings. today's shooting left a woman shaken. she was in a house at a end of a driveway when two gun men started shooting. she said the gun fire barely missed her 1-year-old daughter. >> she just started walking. they is standing at the screen door and something said pull her from the screen door. >> reporter: oakland police were around the corner and chased the gunman over a fence. officers arrested one 18-year- old man and police say he had taken off his shoes, clothes and dropped a gun. the second gunman still has not been found. visitors say the intended target got away uninjured. >> a marine found not guilty of hazing another marine that
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later committed suicide in afghanistan. the lance corporal the third was accused of embarrassing him prior to a suicide. today he was found not guilty at a marine corp. base in hawaii. he was the last of three court martialed for the alleged hazing. >> welcome home. >> in act nine minutes a reunion, two marines return from afghanistan but for one family today didn't mark the end. >> we got the first look today at some of the evidence in the domestic violence against against the san francisco sheriff. this was day one of the trial. the prosecution released images it says are from a videotape taken by his neighbor. they appear to show his wife upset and with a bruise on her arm. the defense is fighting to keep the tape out of court. >> if that videotape gets thrown out the da has other evidence but that's the best evidence if she doesn't testify. >> reporter: next week the judge is expected to decide what evidence can be used. both lopez and the sheriff have denied their was any abuse. >> california republicans are kick up their three day
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convention and eric is there live where the delegates are talking state and presidential politics and also the direction that the party is headed now. >> reporter: frank this is the invite to a party with kevin mccarthy. tomorrow's big speak certify gingrich. while some may be thinking of him as a long shot a lot of people are starting to think california could actually play a hole in deciding the presidential nominee. campaign signs fill almost every inch of space inside the hyatt for the convention. >> i think we are looking to hear what people have to say about how to improve the jobs in the area. >> reporter: a small business owner, judi lloyd is one of the delegate who will decide the direction of the party, struggling to cap evacuate voters. >> our market share has decrease. >> reporter: as the republican candidate for president continues to slug it out the there is new excitement about
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california's role in the process. >> we may wind up, determining who is going to be the nominee. if super tuesday doesn't work out you know when june comes around they may still be looking for a candidate. >> when it comes down to this in enwill be a campaign about jobs and what our candidate can do as the nominee to convince the rest of the country he is a jobs creator. >> reporter: some say they are concerned about a platform focusing on social issues including traditional marriage and opposition to abortion. if you are conversative christian fine that's your belief but not everybody is. you are not going to convince everybody to come to you. many and video of the congressman holding a dinner here tonight. the focus is reaching out to new voters and tomorrow there will be special town halls with asian american republicans, latinos and young voters and tonight we are also hearing that former presidential candidate herman caine will
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join gingrich. >> we have a new field poll tonight. 14 minutes how california's governor's job performance plus the legislature's approval rating if they should work a part time schedule. >> it's not an animal house situation but stanford wants to take over a former from the house onto farm. >> back here, i have the weekend forecast and there will be significant cooling both saturday and sunday. i will show you how cool. >> plus in a special report how this former police officer who died almost 15 yearing others pays for
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. new at ten trouble on the farm as stanford wants to take over a former fraternity house on campus. lloyd joins you now live where is he learned it has nothing to do with parties but the type of lifestyle in the house. >> reporter: that's right. the fraternity you see is only one of two residential houses on campus, not owned by the university. it's not a typical dorm. 35 students live here and they create their own living spaces. >> i can put things on the wall. very my tv.
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>> reporter: they say in other dorms one needs permission to nail something to the wall. here they create art on the walls. the residents say it's funky, individual and homey and the alum board manages them but it's a cooperative so they cook, clean and care for the house as a group. >> as residents in this house we are responsible to each other and that gives us something retainingible that forces cooperation and responsibility that you won't find in other residences. republican stanford which owns the land wants to cancel the lease and take over the house siting fire and health code violations. in a statement the university said the board has not demonstrated consistent leadership nor sufficient management of the property putting the students at risk which is not acceptable. > >> we are working really hard to show the board is doing good work on the house, that -- and
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to show we do care about the safety and health of the students. >> reporter: the students say living in the house teaches life skills and fosters creative and independent thinking. >> we have a much larger responsibility for the house and a much larger sense of ownership over the house. >> reporter: they have started online petition to save the house and say three thousand have signed so far. they say discussions in progress. live in stanford. >> attorneys representing a former student of a now closed medical vocational school have filed a class action lawsuit seeking damages. they closed the institute in oakland and san jose last week. the lawsuit claims the owners, ran the school without proper financial control. hundreds of students have lost
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thousand of dollars mostly from student loan that may still have to be repaid. >> we have new information tonight on a robbery and shooting at a concord mall last night. police have new identified the suspect s in the crime all in their 20s. green is a accused of firing a gun at mall security after officers tried to detain all four of them for allegedly shoplifting from the jc penny store. nobody was hurt. the women now face charges including assault with a deadly weapon. the united states coast guard has taken six pounds of marijuana and several ounces of hash from a boat. the times reports it happened about 7:30 last night west of the bridge. a passing tanker reported a 35- foot sailboat was acts strange. coast guard crews found the boat turning in tight circles, they took the marijuana and the
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hash and took the 53-year-old man piloting the boat into custody. >> two marines the east bay returned home today. it was a joyous homecoming but had mixed emotions. >> reporter: family and friends of two marines home from afghanistan today. they got a big welcome at the airport. scott got a hug from his mother followed by a embrace from his girlfriend. >> where is my mom and girlfriend president . that's the first thought. it's a culture shock. you went from the desert and next day being back in the civilian world. >> reporter: both say they left before the recent violence but felt the tension building. >> sad we were leaving, stuff started getting crazier, heard
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a lot more like -- bad things happening, other marines. >> it affects me. it -- like almost depress that you have to leave. . >> reporter: they were escorted to the marine corp. reserve center. men dozenna got to great his parents but scott's mothers revealed her emotion, her other son leaves for afghanistan next month. >> i get one back and another one goes. you know, they picked this so i have to -- i back them 100%. >> reporter: for now both marines say they plan to enjoy being back in the bay area with move family reunions and barring any further tripping overseas say they hope to serve out their final two years close to home here in san jose. in san jose. >> with just a couple days to go before a vote by the san francisco supervisors on a final agreement with america's cup race organizer, a group has filed to try to block the deal.
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the former president signed it on behalf of a group called the waterfront wal-mart not clear who they are but the lawsuit claims the city failed to conduct a proper environmental review of the event and called for a new review before moving forward. the vote is set for next tuesday. >> it was a stunning day for friday around the bay area. these were the highs from today. they were little cooler than yesterday and the day before. still, mid-70s, almost upper 70's toward livermore, morgan hill, touching on 80, a outstanding friday. temperatures tomorrow will trend down further. we will see numbers drop tomorrow another five or six degrees. numbers tomorrow, 60s, mostly 60s, maybe a low 70 in the south bay. sunset, clouds off shore. they will be a key factor in the cool that will happen saturday and sunday. forecast overnight lows, chilly
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tonight. little patchy coastal fog, tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow morning. as we move into the weekend, temperatures cooler. when i get back at 10:45, we will go back to the five-day forecast and i will tell you this, rabe rain drops in the five-day. >> a scene of chaos at the airport. >> we have been waiting and trying to follow everybody's directions and nothing but chaos. >> the medical device that forced authorities to evacuate hundreds of travelers a terminal. >> and marking the day that steve jobs would how did we do it last time?
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. an object spotted in an elderly woman's bags forced authorities to shut down and evacuate one of the terms at spo. what made them more suspicious was that the woman wasn't able
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to answer a simple question. >> it was 11:17 this morning. terrorism natural one, security checkpoint c where a screener saw a suspicious device. moments later police were called in. >> caution and safety we evacuated the terminal. >> reporter: leaving hundreds stranded. police and the bomb squad checked, making secure. a little more than two hours later the airport was back in operation. it was an elderly woman in a wheelchair that caused it. >> it was in the package was -- oxygen for the passenger traveling on oxygen. >> she couldn't answer the screener's questions about what was in the bag. she said she wasn't the one that packed it. that trigger aid red flag. >> reporter: the ripple was felt by everybody. >> i'm happy they tiki car of that, yes. i just hope that we get to go home though today. >> we have been waiting and trying to follow everybody's direction.
11:55 pm
nothing but chaos. >> reporter: 1200 delta passengers and hundreds of other traveler was stuck with no place to go. some say they blame delta. >> the airline dropped it is ball. they told all the passengers that none of the planes were taking off. >> reporter: in fact that flight that man and his wife were on did leave without them but they were rebooked on a later flight. i spoke to delta about the issue and they say they don't comment about career breaches but do the best to take care of customers. >> in washington dc the rotunda was closed for about an hour after a white powder was found steps the office of the speak of the house. nobody was allowed in while police tested it. authorities determined it was candy from a candy necklace. >> the governor is getting gennari good ratings in the latest installment of the field poll. 45% of those asked say they
11:56 pm
approve of his job prefermions. that compare was 38% who disapprove, 17% had no opinion. democrats overall think highley of him while republicans don't. on the other hand the legislature is getting very negative ratings, 22% of those polled say they approve of the legislatures. 66% disapproved, 12% had no opinion. california also don't like the idea of having lawmakers working part time. >> apple fans took time today to celebrate steve job's birthday. hundreds of people remembered him by bringing balloons, flowers and baked goods to the apple store in new york city. job's would have turned 57 today. he died last october from cancer. many turned to twitter to remember him. happy birthday steve jobs was one of today's top trends nationwide. >> did a great thing for the city that he loved the department he loved.
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>> he retire from the police department more than half a century ago. how his legacy is now helping fight crime once again. >> and the delicate operation to lift a stolen bay area !
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i like it. man: i would definitely consider a silverado trade-up from the pick-up truck that i've got right now. [ male announcer ] we dare you to compare your truck to a chevy silverado, the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pick-ups on the road. celebrate president's day. get 0% financing for 60 months on all 2012 silverados. if you trade in an eligible vehicle, get an additional $1,000 trade-in allowance. offer ends february 29th. in the oakland police accident beginning a new campaign. it doesn't involve the city government and doesn't use city funds. in tonight's special report ken wayne shows you how its being spearheaded by a former police officer who has been dead for years. >> reporter: another day on the streets of east oakland. even in broad daylight officers respond to call after call for help, driving past gang grafitti and shrines to the victims of gang violence.
12:00 am
>> we spotted somebody with a gun. >> lot of -- good citizens that live here that care about properties and stuff of that nature. in the middle of this we have some gang activity. >> reporter: it's a tough place to live, especially for children. >> you see this kid here. good kid, you know i bet you if i go up to him and wave he will probably wave back. you know -- he lives in an area that if the parents aren't careful, he is going to be around maybe school mates or other kids involved in illegal activity. >> you going to shoot this man how stupid is this. >> reporter: at the catholic church exgang members talking to students as young as 12, these are the kids gang members will try to recruit. priests have seen what happens. >> they are in the neighborhoods that are justin fested by gangs and they have
12:01 am
to celebrate funerals because of gang violence. >> reporter: anthony is a former gang member now working for california youth outreach. he is showing kids and their parents how to avoid the gang life. >> i talk to my dad, i'm not like that. i'm smarter than that. i didn't think i was did you i was doing the same stupid things, what good of me being smarter when i'm doing the same stupid things. >> reporter: it comes largely from a former police officer. he retired from the opd in 1951 and invested in napa valley real estate. in 1997 he had no heirs and left a estate of $1.3 million to the oakland police foundation. >> it was a great thing for him to do and it's the heart of this organization keeps us going. >> reporter: it's only recently the citizens run foundation started put that money to use.
12:02 am
the programs that were clash slashed mia was paid for in foundation money. she has already caught two burglary suspects. shipment found one and alerted and -- she found the other and alerted and he didn't give up so he was bit. then he gave up. >> reporter: money has been used to upgrade new head sets at the dispatch center. the old ones kept breaking down. >> it would be a lot of static, lot of background noise and feedback. it was hard to understand us and for us to understand them which isn't very good in a life and death situation. >> reporter: in 2009, four oakland officers were killed after a traffic stop led to a shoot out. the foundation paid for new bullet resist entity shields for officers. >> they asked how many districtwere and i said six at that time and they paid for six shields, one for each district
12:03 am
we have. i was very surprised, very happy. >> reporter: all of this from a man most oakland officers never heard of and who left the force for man half a century goal. >> he did a great thing for the city that he loved the department that he loved. >> reporter: in oakland, ken wayne. >> and we post all of our special reports at just look for the tab on the home page. >> a judge has approved a new gang injunction for oakland covering a two area mile area of the fruitvale district and names 40 alleged gang members. the ruling means they can't associate with each other in the area with many a few exceptions. they have been arrested 200 times and have more than 100 convictions among them. we are learning police have star power during the massive child porn bust yesterday. officials say that ashton kutyher was invited to join the internet crimes against children task force during the
12:04 am
sweep. we were there as authorities served some of the search warrants, he is the founder of the dna foundation which aims to end child exexploitation. >> it appears the lieutenant governor doesn't think much of his job. he told a chronicle that it the office of lieutenant governor should be dissolved at least the way it is now. the budget was cut in half under the governor at the time. he said he would like to have more responsibility. a judge refused to release conrad murray on bail while he is a peal appealing many he was called a flight risk and danger to society if he tries to practice medicine. he was convicted last november of involuntary manslaughter. he was sentenced to four years, the highest penalty possibility. >> united states homebuyers cooled toward new construction according to the commerce
12:05 am
department. new home sales fell nationally almost a percent in january compared to december. still compared to figures from january of last year new home sales were up 3.5% while prices fell nationally almost 10%. the median price of a new home in the united states was $217,000 last month. jc penny reported an 87 million-dollar loss for its 4th quarter that ended january 31st. they blamed the loss on out dated stores and costs related to its new strategy to end all those block buster sales, the new ceo is promising to over hall just about every aspect of the company and promising that this year will be a year of transformation. and the dow flirted again with a 13,000 mark but in the end the dow fell just short closing down almost two points while the nasdaq finished up almost 7 pointsu. >> at&t customer wins less than a thousand dollars in a
12:06 am
lawsuit. why this could have big impacts for millions of others. >> and just ten minutes back here. we look at the weekend forecast. we have the five-day forecast and there are rain drops in it. i will let you know when they could happen. . and >> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's
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i'm bored. [ beep i think i'll ride my bike. [ tv playing [ beep it may never be this easy to help your kids find balance, but you have more power than you know. for a free parents' handbook, plus other resources, visit the we can! web site. a message from the u.s. department of health and human services. the's release of a new show at nike triggered violence. riot police in orlando florida were called out because of the fight. some had waited for days all hope for a chance to buy the shoes called the nike galaxy. the retail price was $240 but prices on craigslist actually raininged from 1400 all the way
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up to 5,000 dollars. >> at&t has lost a small claims lawsuit over its unlimited data plan. a judge ruled in favor of a customer who said it was unfair for the company to slow down his data service. they throttle service for the top 5% of its unlimited plan users, the customer won $850 but at&t could face millions of similar lawsuits due to a ruling that prohibits the complaints from going to class action or jury trials. hundreds more block buster stores slated to close. dish network said it'll shut more than five hundred this year leaving about a thousand nationwide. they did not reveal which stores will close but to say they will be stores under preforming. >> in news of the world, in tunsia, 60 nations met to discuss siry. the secretary of state -- the
12:10 am
group called friends of syria talked about a peace keeping mission once the regine stops. apt president activists say more than 50 died today. in afghanistan more rioting left seven dead today. this week 20 have been killed including two americans. afghanistan's are furious about the burning of the quaran. the united states said detainees were exchanging extremist messages by writing in the books. the united states has apologizes for the burned copies. >> and in australia a coroner opened a inguest into the death back in 1980 of a baby whose parents said a wild dog called a dingo killed her. lindy was convicted then later cleared. now he is relying on reports of fatal attacks. the case was made famous by a movie with the line a dingo has
12:11 am
the baby. >> ben and yearies getting inspired jury by lin. they released a new flavor available only at its shop in harvard. it's made of vanilla frozen yogurt and has a waffle cook eye. the first batches also featured pieces of fortune cookie but accusations of racial profiling had them take it out. >> stolen boat on its side in the waters of the east bay. > . >> and this week's warm weather is about to disa [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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i don't know... i forget. hello, neighbors. hey, scott... perfect timing. feeding your lawn need not be so difficult. get a load of this bad boy. sweet! this snap spreader system from scotts makes caring for your lawn snap-crackin' simple, guaranteed. just take the handy, no-mess bag, then snap, lock, and go. it's a new day for lawn care, feedings never been so easy. to see a demo of the snap spreader, go to feed your lawn. feed it! . >> police in alameda are trying to find a strange case
12:14 am
of a stolen boat. >> woman is in custody but -- the charges against her may be drifting away. >> it was delicate work pulling a boat on its side out of the water and putting on a flat bed right side up. all while spilling no fuel. it started in jack london square at about 9:30. >> late at night nobody goes cruises out on the bethea late. . >> they were kind of obeying the speed limit out here, slow down a bit and just sputtered out. >> around 1:45 a.m. it crashed on the rocks. a woman was soon arrested for possession of stolen property. she was drunk at the time. the boat was for sale for $100,000. the agent said this incident surprises him because the key was hidden and the boat isn't easy to maneuver. >> somebody had the right amount of skill to take it out
12:15 am
and get it round this far. >> reporter: police say they don't have enough evidence to charge thompson with driving under the influence or grand theft because nobody saw her operating the boat and she said someone else was driving it. in alameda. >> the criminal case against a man accused of killing a berkeley resident with a flower pot has been put on hold. a judge has ordered a mental exam for the 23-year-old. his family has said they tried to get him committed for his mental problems. dewitt is suspected of killing a man outside his home saturday night. >> there are new concerns about the new bankrupt solyendry and a possible poxic legacy. a building was one of several leased by them and in court filings the property owner claims they left behind barrels of unknown chemicals and equipment contaminated with lead. they now want them to pay for
12:16 am
the clean up. >> congressional republicans taking up a legal battle over sex marriage. they are appealing the ruling on the defense of marriage act. this week a judge of the court of appeals ruled the law prohibiting the government from recognizing same sex marriages was unconstitutional. a deeply divided church court has ruled a retired san francisco minister violated church law by doing same sex marriage ceremonies. the high court voted 9-6 to censor the reverand. he did 16 same sex weddings when such marriages were legal in california. the censor doesn't carry other penalties. >> a legal settlement mean that the sextape of john edwards and his mistress will
12:17 am
be destroyed. she had been in a legal battle over the tape for go year was a former aid to the canter candidate. the tape is to be destroyed in 30 days, john edwards is still facing trial in june for alleged campaign finance violation that involved her. >> some wind out there right now. temperatures definitely cooling off. they will be cooler tomorrow. you will notice the cool off. a few clouds. let's pick up the wind by martinez. winds gusting to 22 miles an hour. have you clouds just south of concord. they will be back in the forecast but not in a big way. they won't be rain clouds,of, there will be clouds filtered by sun. cooler and -- in -- cooler and -- sunny as you go in to the bay area weekend or mostly sunny. next week chilly with a slight chance of showers, in the showers will show up on wednesday. here is how the system breaks out. this is the system to the north of us right here that starts
12:18 am
the cooling tomorrow that will bring clouds and that on shore flow, already with the wind. then low pressure, sunday and more clouds, and that means a little cooler as well. here is how the computer model sees it. saturday 6:00. the day goes by tomorrow nice. rain all north. sunday a few more clouds, further cooling, monday, clouds and rain starts to show up here. tuesday night. showers north. wednesday morning, wednesday afternoon scattered showers for the bay area. just a little bit wet. into wednesday and thursday it, clearing. so just a low grade weather system at best. as it breaks down, saturday the nice day. not in the 07's, upper, mid60's at best. then as we get into sunday. temperatures upper 50s, low 60's at best. here is the forecast high for tomorrow for saturday. the 65 antioch, 64 fairfield. temperatures in santa colorra valley. mostly in the mid60s. almost upper 60's and the five-
12:19 am
day forecast. with the bay area weekend in view looks like this ; on wednesday, nice to see a little bit of rain there. it's not a big deal there. whatever it is -- you wet the roads and slow down the morning drive on wednesday. we need a series of storms n is one little deal. >> like one day we will get a sprinkle. >> yeah. >> all right. >> thank you. >> san francisco muni riders planning to use the line will have to make other plans. light-rail trains are now stopped and will be out of operation all weekend so crews can do a rail replacement project. shuttle buss replacing the trains. the work is scheduled to continue for the next six weekends. and in the east bay, caltrans canceled today's closure of highway 4, in antioch. crews had planned to shut down lanes overnight for a work to widen the highway. there is no word on why it was canceled. >> all right they are getting ready for a big chill.
12:20 am
it's almost time for the yearly pola
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. hundreds of brave souls set to take a plunge in to the chilly bay waters tomorrow. all to benefit the special olympics, this video from last year when the polar plunge was held. tomorrow folks will plunge at aquatic park and among them, john and mark say they will be there testing the waters. >> good for them. >> couldn't talk me into that. >> no go. >> great cause. >> it is a good cause but cold water. >> bath water. >> yeah. >> you are here now. nba all-star weekend. >> 17 years since, some day
12:24 am
they will have a presence at the all-star weekend but for now, outside, looking in at everything that really matters. not just the actual game but the futures game that jeremy lin participated in tonight. it was the shaq's against the barkley's. that was ivry from the cavaliers. maybe the rookie of the year and then blake edwards, blake, griffin -- not producing a movie tonight d meantime that's john wahl, last year's number one draft pick looking good. you see it turned in to a dunk contest. 146-133 the final. spring training baseball usually a sneezer. much needed shot of adrenaline with the arrival of manny ramirez. he hasn't played in just about a year competitively but he looked lean. still has the dreads and hit
12:25 am
several out of the yard in batting practice. showing the stroke they hope will pump up his line up. he talked about why he decided to come back. >> show my kids, when it's a problem, you can get it up and fiction it. i know a lot of people that manny did this or that. sometime you have to look at your own eyes and see if you are really --. >> the nfl football news. the combine back in indianapolis, chance for elite players to show off their skills prior to the upcoming draft. the man who figures to be the first pick, andrew luck of course on hand. the draft neck happening, back there but he like three other top quarterback prospects won't throw for scouts, he knows he will probably be the number one pick, go to indy to possibly replace peytn on.
12:26 am
>> he modeled myself after him. whatever it was that -- you never replace a guy like that. who knows what happens, who knows, i'm not thinking about it. >> all right. big racing weekend. and a nice bounce back for danica patrick. yesterday's nasty crash into a wall. today -- get ready for the huge weekend. she wins the pole position for the nationwide series race at daytona. first woman to nail down the top qualifying spot in the second tier. not backing off of the pedal after yesterday's mishap. one of those under the radar moves, 49ers, probably pay out for them. special team, top notch. they were great with the addition of spilllman. big reason to be in on every tackle on special teams.
12:27 am
he signs a three year extension, about a million and a half guaranteed, that's the sporting life for a friday night. back to you. >> you can manage that you pretend to be him and then are you drafted and on the same team. >> potentially replacing them though as he said nobody will replace him. but -- he is the guy who will probably be the number one quarterback. >> such a great attitude and outlook. very --. >> absolutely. yeah. >> thank you. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2news, we will see you the next time news breaks. . and morning on 2 begins at seven tomorrow morning. we are always here for [ birds chirping ]
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