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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  February 28, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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with the polls now closed fox news projects romney wins. two man race in michigan kept mitt romney out chasing votes until the last minute. santorum dedepended his use of democrat to vote for him in the open primary. >> i have a feeling conservatives please vote for the conservative who is out there and trying to create jobs and manufacturing that hopefully will appeal to a lot of blue collar democrats in the state. >> the former massachusetts government called it a desparate trick. >> it's very different running from a being a candidate to buying ads to telling democrats to vote against me.
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>> the romney campaign greatly outfit the super campaign while in arizona besides the debate there last week there were few ads and appearances. newt gingrich looked past the contest which included his home state of georgia. >> it will be a challenge for us to present a clear and compelling alternative. >> ron paul campaigned in michigan and is instead looking for delicates in upcoming caucuses. >> they keep asking about winning particular space in this campaign, but guess what, we're still winning a water delegate and that's what counts. >> washington state posts saturday where there are 40 delegates. that's followed by super tuesday where more than 400 delegates in ten states will be awarded. live in washington, craig, ktvu channel 2 news. we are on storm watch tonight after a long do dry spell and even record high
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temperatures last week, the bay area is finally getting some rain. wasn't raining here at this time, but a short time ago we did have a report of sprinkles. our meteorologist says the bulk of the storm will arrive over night and give us a good soaking. showers may have lingered for the wednesday morning commute and tracking was coming our way. she'll be here later in this newscast. the department of water resources conducted third winter snow survey today and once again found less water than normal for this time of year. statewide water content 30% normal and it's just 26% of the average april first measurement when the snow normal begins to melt. the good news here the winter storm headed our way expected to leave several feet of new snow. state officials say reservoirs are in good shape with torch from last winter storm. now to the south bay intense million moments this afternoon as firefighters in san jose battled a two alarm house fire.
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fire crews told us they decided to fight the fire from the outside after woman moved in warned that there was ammunition in the garage. fortunately the flames did not reach the 2,000 rounds of ammunition. the homes were at the 1700 block fire started about 310. firefighters suffered a minor means of battling the fire. the cause was under investigation. new at 7:00 a major bay pet company is fined by the environment protection agency. and alex tells the manufacture is accused of mismanaging hazardous material. >> well, the company is western digital. they're one of the largest hard drive manufacturers in the world but they also produce a large amount of laczar douse waste. according to epa those chemicals weren't always properly handled. accused of violating safety standards, western corporation
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is now facing $62,000 fine. epa inspectors say the hard drive manufacturing facility was not properly storing and labeling saltants and acids. >> they do not -- environmental regulations, which help protect health and environment. >> he's the epa inspector who visited this facility in 2010 for a routine environmental and safety check. along with hazardous waste violation, he says he found the tech company failed to control take emissions and was unaware of federal standards. >> he did not know about the requirement to comply with the hazards admission requirement. when they were trying to verify the requirement, it was difficult to do that since we did not have to pay it. >> he says he also selected several employees at random and came to find out their hazardous waste training was not up to date. >> i find it's very important
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to me personally to make sure to support the environment, maybe workers are all protected. >> today the company gave me this statement. it says western digital takes the protection of our environment seriously and had strong regulatory compliance programs. in the incidents reported, we worked closely with the epa to quickly address all of the agency's op observations and concerns. >> the company now has 30 days to pay that $62,000 fine a -- and i did also have a chance to talk with an employee off camera here outside. he told me this is a safe place to work. we're live tonight in fremont ktvu channel 2 news. happening now the planning commission in the east bay city of pittsburgh is meeting to work on controversial decision about the location of several emergency homeless shelters. two, in fact. business owners along tenth street are upset about their downtown location. they say they worry about
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potential loitering and shoplifting. the residents here shelter in their neighborhood would diminish their quality of life. currently has two shelters with 47 beds. homeless advocates estimate 150 people sleep outdoors there every night. in the south bay south -- cleared out a homeless count. freeway overpasses near highway 87 and interstate 87. it had issued warnings that the camp will be cleared out because of safety concerns, crews cleared away and were told drug paraphia nail california they plan to clean out two other camps nearby. the homeless were being referred to local shelters. exclusive poll finds that voter approval is at an all time high here in california. 59% of registered voters. >> stacey: approve of allowing same sex couples to marriage and have regular marriage law ply. 7% say they have no opinion. and san francisco city hall
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said we found newlyweds expressing their support. >> i believe that everybody has the right to love whoever they want to love. >> new here, the poll suggest 51% of south identified catholics in the state now support same sex marriage. the catholic church high arky contains marriages between a man and woman. it's been almost 4 years in the making, today wall street finally managed to reclaim a milestone. consumer had a drop in oil prices. to push it to close above 13,000. the dow gained 23 points to end the training session at 13,005. nasdaq jumped 20 points today and approaching that 3,000 level. and last time the dow closed about 13,000 looked back in may of 2008. it's now about 1200 points from its all time high up 14,000, 164. the dow reached that mark in
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the fall of 2007. san francisco mayor was boasting about the job and economic for today at the annual chamber of conference. the city's revenues were higher than expected during the first 6 months of the fiscal year. >> we put people back to work, that is the most important thing all of us have joined together in doing. >> says over 17,000 jobs were created in san francisco in the past 12 months during that time the city's unemployment rate dropped from 9.5% to 7.6. san francisco internet company scrapped plan for big new development. more than a year ago sales paid $278 million for 14 acres of land at mission bay. they plan to put 4 office buildings. abruptly cancelled the project. says the mission bay side would not provide enough space or flexibility for their projected growth. the company says it will expand into downtown office space
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instead. >> base apple set up invitations to an event suggesting review of ipad 3. it will be set for wednesday. apple won't say why it's holding the event and wouldn't provide any details about a next generation ipad. however, energy experts say the new ipad 3 will probably have a sharper screen and faster broad band options. threatening to sue facebook over alleged patent infringement. whether it relies on some of the innovations tara yahoo has patented or acquired since launching its web site. demanding that facebook license the technology. facebook says it's evaluating the patent claiming. coming up international -- details on the arrests on how anonymous is responding. the wild pair san francisco telegraph hill are now spreading their wings on the peninsula. since many of it had migrated about 10 miles south about 100
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had spotted on the slopes where there are plenty of trees and berries. >> in the low quads and then the apples later on in the year and obviously is just being wild has gone where the food is. >> the parents are in south america and first appeared in the late 1980s. officials say may have escaped from a pet in porter. a lot can still be found around the northern edge of san francisco. one of the san francisco zoos long-time residents and endangered rhino has died. he died yesterday. he was 41 years old. new officials say recent blood tastes show that jean had kidney failure. he arrived back at 1978 from kenya at the age of sign. during his time he fired five offsprings. her seat is empty. the latest twist in the scandal involving a county super save
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work and panelly and do so committed and making sure you're the best at both. >> listening as presidential hopeful santorum addresses his supporters in grand rapid michigan as we first report at the beginning just about two hours ago. at this point the race is too close to call. romney leading by just by literally a couple of percentage points. it is very early. we're continuing to monitor the
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latest result and we will bring you an update coming up tonight on ktvu. well the man who is reportedly at the center of the scandal was in court today. a marine tells us what he said to a reporter that indicates the drug and sex allegations could just be the tip of the iceberg. even appeared in the courtroom today after chp pulled it in september near the mall in san jose. according to court documents he admitted to using meth and told the chp i have been sober for over a year and i just relapsed tonight. the 35-year-old san jose linked romauntedly to almeda county who is the wife of state treasurer. according to the news, he told the reporter today there's a way bigger story than the sex tapes, referring to a san francisco chronicle report of him with another man. >> the distraction is the fact that these allegations and it puts a light on the county in a
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bad way and we don't necessarily appreciate that. >> reporter: at the almeda county board of supervisor's meeting today. usually remains empty. while the rehab center for substance abuse. >> they've issued a statement already. and we're not going to issue any more statements and it's unknown. >> the supervisors absence was announced mercury news identified as attacked her at this newark hotel earlier this month. the incident is still under investigation and no one has been charged. the -- back saturday courthouse next month for his drug case. they contact lawyer and family today but neither wanted to comment. san jose maureen, ktvu channel 2 news. a major bust today 25 people suspected in taking part in the cyber attacks. the arrest were carried out in columbia and spain. the suspect hacked the web site
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of numerous institutions including columbia's defense ministry and spanish political parties. tweet associate reads, you can't take anonymous. it's an idea. a third student died today in the ohio school shooting once suspected gunman made his first appearance in court. did not allow pictures to be taken of the 17-year-old suspect. prosecutors say he confessed to the shooting ram pain and says that he randomly selected the victims. they also say he stole the gun from his uncle. prosecutors have until thursday to bring murder charges against him and are expected to ask that he be tried as an adult. today county approved the new daytime curfew. it's meant to reduce crime. john unified school district is one of the unincorporated areas that's covered on an average day two of the officers say half of the absences here are unexcused. people under under 18 are who are not in school could face
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fines up to $500. program goes into effect in 30 days. super save sorries today took action who are cleaning up trash covered property. neighbors have been calling on various agencies to do something about the home on south claire mount in his unincorporated area near east son ha save. passed a resolution declaring the house, the move public hearing next month and clears the way for work crews to go on the property. san francisco city leaders are considering a new plan to ease up food truck regulation. it flies in the face of a new state proposal that childhood obesity squarely into the argument. the sign on his truck makes it clear his restaurant on wheels sales comfort food. >> he's one of more than 150 food truck vendors in san francisco. >> i parked south of market. i park close to the financial
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district. >> there are restrictions on where they can development they can't set up in any public middle or high school. if a new state bill becomes law there will be more restrictions, no food trucks within 1500 food with any k-12 schools. it's a public health issue. >> it's under mining the children taking advantage of more helpful foods in the school calf tia, the breakfast programs, the lunch programs. >> school kids aren't my targeted audience. there are probably a lot of restaurants that places can run in and get a bag of chips or soda. >> san francisco supervisor says because the city is so dense under the statewide bill, food trucks will be barred from operating in myself of the cities. >> supervisor wants to scale back existing city regulations so that trucks can set up closer to schools within one city block instead of 3.
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>> this would help us achieve balance. >> there may be room for compromise, but something has to be done about kids heat -- eating unhealthy foods. in san francisco ktvu channel 2 news. we have breaking news about the presidential primary. we just got word mitt romney has narrowing one the michigan -- narrow won the primary. former massachusetts governor defeated rick santorum who had a hard fought battle. michigan critical for romney. it's the first or the nation's industrial battle race. it's romney's home state. his father is a former governor. he easily won the arizona gop primary tonight, but again the latest news we have just in the past couple minutes, mitt romney has been declared the winner of michigan primary. again, we are still getting all the late details and monitoring his reaction, we have yet to
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hear from him. we brought you a picture speaking his supporters live but again we have not heard from the winner yet. we will forecast that for you coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. former bay area athlete is one featured player in paper aviation history. coming up how it was almost a problem for this record setting airplane flight. get out your umbrella. it's already sprinkling in parts of the bay area. they're going to let us know about a winter storm warning for tonight. keep in mind you can watch bay area news at 7:00 and all our ktvu news on your computer on mobile device. we're streaming live for you on [ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank.
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makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. 46 already reported in santa rosa. backing it up the leading edge
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of the storm beginning to sink south. you can see all of this still over the north of us. this is going to fly through the overnight hours, tomorrow morning could be a little soggy in addition to rain we will see wind, in fact areas for the valley stretching into the areas. a wind advisory, wind gusts about 50 miles per hour. if this is your morning commute be prepared for this. the winter storm warning, but also for wake county. this storm is going to bring low snow levels down about 2,000 feet in some cases and around the bay area it could be breezy and it could be quite soggy. take a look at what's going on right about midnight. we've got it over the north bay, it will be moderate to heavy at times but not too bad. we'll be sleeping. they hear it on your roof top. by about 2:00 or so it's down into month ray. we've got widespread rain going on. we've got snow in the sierra. we're out the door by about 6:00 breaking away the scattered showers. looks like the south bay will
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continue to see the steady rain. we've got scattered showers of the forecast and they're going to remain. a look at what's going on here. we've got cold wet windy weather, scattered showers, could see a decent amount of rain with this and winds will be dying down throughout the afternoon tomorrow. 40s in the forecast for your early morning and then afternoon below average, low mid-50s and partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. the extended forecast shows you scattered showers will remain in the forecast for thursday. we dry out and we warm up, 70s for the forecast. >> rosemary, thank you. paper airplane created by a bay area man has gone where no paper plane has gone before. collins is expected to be a new world record for the longest flight of a paper airplane. former cal cornerback jill made the winning toss in the anger of the air force base. the flight beats the old record
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by more than 19 feet. well thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues and tonight we have an exclusive story about steve healing. we're always here for you and tmz is up next. a
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