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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 16, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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3/16/12 complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> a soggy friday night has us on storm watch as the rain returns. which places are getting hit the hardest and the problems this storm is causing. good evening. >> we are on storm watch tonight as another storm system is rolling through the bay area right now. the latest round of wind and rain brought down a tree on top of a home in the north bay and we have been getting pounded.
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we have team coverage this evening. mark will have the rain totals. right now we start with amber lee. >> reporter: that's right. they are at the summit of highway 17. raining here for the past several hours. you can see it is still pouring. we drove from oakland to santa cruz to see what mother nature is leaving behind. at the santa cruz beach board walk tonight crews are scrambling to build a levy as the river threatens. been a three day uphill battle. whatever progress was made was gradually being eroded as rain fell. >> i've been here my whole life. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> no, i have not. always been a straight shot to the ocean when i've seen it. kind of surprising that it's running alongside the wall of the board walk. >> neighbors told they frequently visited the board
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walk and concerned about future. >> it is a little bit sad. it kind of takes away the excitement of the board walk. >> the woshg on protecting -- work on protecting it has become the attraction. >> we will be out here to see what's happening and how close the water is getting. >> the driver of this mangled bmw told us he was southbound on highway 17 when his car hydroplaned and struck the median. we also saw bumpers from several vehicles on the side of the road. >> everyday there's been accidents. there's a lot of traffic. other than that, it's just kind of as you can see, get wet and deal with it. >> back here live you can see it's still raining pretty steadily. and the traffic is heavy. everyone we spoke with told us no major problems. but if it continues to rain that's likely to change. reporting live amber lee ktvu channel 2
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news. >> search teams were called out tonight after someone reported seeing a teenager in fast moving water on a boogie board. the county emergency crews searched the canal there. they tell us they didn't find anyone and couldn't -- the report could not be verified. so the search was called off. the oakland hills are feeling the impact of the stormy weather. a 40 foot pine tree came crashing down this afternoon. crews cleaned up the messas quickly as they could. the tree missed nearby homes and cars. ktvu noel joins us now. >> reporter: we're at fire station number 2 where they have a do it yourself sand bagging
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operation. they provide the bags and the sand and you get to do all the work. there hasn't been a lot of need but it's nice to know it's here when you do need it. the creek is moving at maximum speed. but the dry winter hasn'tthat once flooded homes. they always plan to rebuild. now their home is five steps up to prevent history from repeating itself. >> one time we had water going from my curb all the way to across our neighbor's driveway curb. there was no sidewalk. no street. it was just water. >> lesson learned. the city has sand bags ready on many street corners. some areas in the north bay are beyond sand bags. a 200 foot toppled. that was before today's storm hit in earnest. >> you can set an alarm clock.
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they told us this rain would start around 5:00. my iphone says it's 5:21 and the commute is already a mess. >> there is already the 5th collision i've responded to. >> accidents like this one kept the highway patrol and tow trucks busy and drivers hit being the brakes. >> people are going too quickly, when something happens, they don't have time to stop. >> as long as no one gets hurt. >> i'm enjoying the rain. i actually like the sound of rain. >> reporter: and it's not raining here right now. that's a good time to have these sand bags ready rather when that water is knocking at the front door. ktvu channel 2 news. >> the strongest part of the storm moving through the southern half of the bay area right now.
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and as a result with rainfall rates approaching, the national weather service issued this flood advisory until 10:45 tonight. all the areas shaded in green with the roadway flooding and a sharp rise in the creeks and the streams. 6 hour rainfall totals. these are the numbers from 3:00 to 9:00. 6 hour period taking up over 2 inches of rain. san francisco over half an inch. and quarter of an inch. here is the latest. the bulk of the action focused in the southern half of the bay area. yellows and reads indicating excessive rainfalls. we'll continue to shift the maps across the bay out toward union city and fremont. and still picking up significant rainfall down towards the mountains and right around loman. i'll let you know when this rain moves out and highlight chances as we
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head into the weekend. >> coming up in 25 minutes we will have a live report from tahoe and the wintery conditions they are facing. >> new information tonight. investigators may be narrowing search for a missing mother. and there is real concern she may be dead or serious injured. lloyd lacuesta is live tonight. >> reporter: two women came by to tell me they are organizing a search tomorrow beginning at 10:00 in the morning. and the police department called me to tell me they are asking the sheriff's department search and rescue team for help. there is still hope for the mother who is missing from this apartment complex. will she come home or will there be another memorial for her alongside her dead daughter and son? family and friends prayed
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tonight for 11 year old. the 6th grader was killed by her 27-year-old brother before he turned a gun on himself on wednesday in this apartment. and they prayed for 52-year-old, the mother of the two victims is still missing. >> i was always looking at him and playing with guns. >> he said he was scared of able, an iraq war veteran who had been treated for post traumatic stress disorder. >> was he different since he came back from the army? >> yes. very very different. he was not normal . >> police tonight released this picture similar to his 2003 green ford mustang with license plate 169 vvj. police are hoping someone may have seen it this week with able and his mother inside. >> there was a violent struggle
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inside of able's vehicle. we know that a firearm was discharged and there's blood inside the car. so we are fearing for the worst. hoping she's still alive. >> martha worked at the head start nursery. co-workers describe her as a good person who is happy to have her son back from the military. but she told them her son had become a problem. >> he changed in attitude. not normal attitude. >> reporter: police say they are trying to get more information on where they should be searching. time and the weather are working against finding martha alive. live in gilroy, channel 2 news. >> treating post traumatic stress disorder has a new high tech advantage. coming up in 22 minutes how va hospitals are reaching out to veterans whoever suffering. >> we now know the name of the
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sergeant suspected of killing 16 civilians. almost two hours ago. these are department of defense photos of his training in southern california last august. he is from the town of lake tapps washington. one neighbor said she was shocked at the news. >> he was super fun to hang around with. kind of the life of the party kind of guy. super loving, friendly to everybody he met. great with his kids. >> here are more details. he is 38 years old and married with two young children. their home was put up for sale on monday and his family moved to his home military base. he was charged with assault involving a woman back in 2002. he underwent anger management training and the case was dropped. his attorney said he wasn't happy about being deployed to afghanistan after 3 tours in iraq where he was injured.
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afghan president lashed out against the u.s. today saying he's at the end of his rope over civilian casualties. he made the comments during a meeting. he said it was impossible for one man to carry out those killings. he added that working with the u.s. is becoming increasingly difficult. he and president obama spoke on the telephone earlier today. >> gun a formal investigation of -- begun a formal investigation. chief is under fire for ordering the sergeant to visit the home in the middle of the night. asking for changes to a story about the police response in beating death of a 67-year-old man. a police officer is facing prison time after pleading no contest to having sex with two teenage boys. originally pleaded not guilty back in september. he was a campus
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officer at leeland high. he met the boys on the internet. he is facing up to 3 years and 8 months in prison when he is sentenced on april 30th. >> police have broken up an alleged auto theft ring with 3 arrests. 30-year-old mark. the department recovered 17 vehicles in all including motorcycles and trailers. >> former top officer is facing new allegations. his alleged connection to an east bay brothel. >> and rescue crews go after a small dog. we're monitoring the rain and meteorologist will have the forecast in 9 minutes. >> the lengths that some
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wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. tryomething funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t. an elderly north bay man says smoke detectors woke him up in time. started about 9:40 last night. fire officials say the fire started in the home's garage where gunpowder and am munition were being stored. no word what caused that fire. former top vice officer is
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facing new accusations from a woman who ran a brothel. there are reports he received money from the owner. he reportedly get weekly payments and protect the business from raids. his lawyer declined to address the new claims. in august he was indicted by a federal grand jury on corruption charges in connection with the brothel. >> a judge ruled today that some sections of a report on the controversial pepper spray incident can be released to the public. paul chambers tells us why the police union is trying so hard to keep certain parts of that report private. >> reporter: today's court ruling surrounds this incident which happened in november of last year. a police officer pepper sprayed a crowd. since then attorneys representing the officers say one of their clients has received numerous threats. and in a way to
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protect the other officers they are asking to keep the report sealed. sdmr not to try and avoid releasing the reports. just a certain section. >> reporter: yesterday it appeared the judge would allow the public to have access to the entire report. some of the items which include officer's testimony should be kept from the public's eye. >> we think the public has a right to this information. >> reporter: lawyers also said there are several officers including the one with the pepper spray that are named in the report. and all of them may face disciplinary action. and decide what if any portions will be released. >> may or may not make sense to release the report in a peace meal fashion. and need to have opportunity to figure out to what extent. >> both sides are expected to be back in court on the 28th of
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this month. expected to be issued on monday. paul chambers. >> the demonstration followed the arraignment of two protestors arrested during the november 9th occupy cal protest. five protestors are facing charges including obstructing a police officer and blocking a sidewalk. the protestors call the charges bogus. >> sweet jimmies night club is reopening tonight. they closed after a shooting spree in april that left two people dead and five others wounded. opened today on the location of broadway and 3rd street. another sign of the revitalization of the area. across the bay san francisco's preservation commissioned determined today the gold dust lounge does not
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qualify for historic landmark status. a 90 day notice eviction clause was added without their knowledge. property landlords say the gold dust owners knew they could be given notice to leave. >> seems to be happening more and more. gay men meeting someone at a bar or a club, going home with them and then getting robbed. who is being targeted and why it's led some night clubs to start texting one another. >> reporter: police are cautioning gay men especially middle aged men would be weary of strangers. >> it's scary. the most talk of the bars. >> in one recent case, a victim told him someone may have drugged his drink. >> the guy asked him i want your passwords to your computer and he said no and he was struck. >> the man said someone tried to steal his wallet but that may be the tip of the iceberg.
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the victims are often middle aged. >> i don't think it's that orchestrated where it's a team or a specific individual. i think it's a crime of opportunity. >> older lonely men are susceptible for picking up younger guys. buy a few drinks and go home. that's it. it's a sad thing . >> bartenders say they are keeping their eye out. >> weird behavior from people. you just kind of know when something is up. >> the night clubs are texting one another about suspicious people and signs are up cautioning customers to be aware. >> i'm a frequent bar patron. >> just be cautious. >> police are cautioning people that if they decide to leave with someone they just met, ask for driver's license and write it down and perhaps text it to a
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friend. >> the city of walnut planned to help deal with traffic congestion. the plan is to install signs. they will display a driver's speed and warn about delays and accidents. the transportation commission will vote next thursday. the city council must then approve the plan. >> east bay animal control officers rescued a small dog from the rising waters of a flood canal. pulled the cold frightened dog this afternoon. the animal was wearing a collar but no tags. they plan to take the dog to a shelter to be checked out and see if she has a micro chip that identifies her owner. >> still tracking heavy rain on live storm tracker 2. changes over the past hour shifting to the south. we do come in tighter you'll notice the
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yellows and reds flairing up. we do have heavy rainfall to report in this region. also heading out toward the east bay for right around union city and the fremont area. still quite a bit of activity down towards the mountains affecting morgan hill and gilroy. and all this accident will spread to the south overnight. as far as the rest of the weekend, i'll highlight shower chances and let you know if we have any more major storms showing up. >> now to the race for the white house. mitt romney traveled to pick up votes for this sunday's primary. he supports state hood if that's what the people there want. he also stood by criticism. and very popular. rival candidate rick santorum spent his day
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campaigning in missouri and illinois. missouri holds caucuses tomorrow. illinois primary is next tuesday. santorum said he's being out spent 10 to 1 by romney. polls show romney ahead of santorum by an average of 6 points there. but santorum is hoping conservative voters will give him the edge as they did on tuesday in mississippi and alabama. >> an analysis of the republic can primaries looks at how much they've spent on advertising. mitt romney has spent $91,000 per delegate. rick santorum about $29,000. newt gingrich, the total is $77,000. and ron paul is getting the least bang for his buck. $129,000 per delegate. >> san francisco has found a way to open parking spo
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san francisco is on the cutting edge when comes to helping people find a parking space. sf park changes the hourly rate from 25 cents all the way up to $6 an hour depending on demand. now that sf park has been in operation for more than a year, is it working? >> reporter: they've become a familiar site at a quarter of the 28,000 parking spots. these meters and street sensors use real time data to raise and lower pricing at some of the city's most in demand parking areas. quick and easy to find available spaces. >> took me less than couple minutes to find a space which usually is not that easy. >> the program launched in 2010 enabling to pay for parking by
11:56 pm
credit card, coin and now cell phone. officials tell us it has had a big impact on parking patterns and penalties. >> parking meter revenue is going up and citation revenue is going down. we'd rather get the money through the meter than by ticketing people. >> it penalizes the poor or may unintensely drive motorists to park in private lots. >> you may use the building $30 than charging $30 to park here. >> officials say it's too early to tell whether they have largely shifted the demand for parking. >> we're looking for that sweet spot of around 80%. what that means is there's going to be 1 or 2 spaces available at any time on any block. >> 40,000 drivers have downloaded an app that displayed available parking and pay the
11:57 pm
meter by cell phone. ktvu channel 2 news. >> a drug bust netted 116 pounds of processed marijuana and $36,000. the lake county sheriff's narcotics task force seized this marijuana from a house. during the search agents found 47 immature marijuana plants and a sheet of suspected lsd. 45-year-old elizabeth and brandon scott were arrested at the house. a new report shows a compromise tax measure may bring the state less money than estimated. raise the state sales tax by a quarter sent for five years and boost state income tax for those making more than $250,000. the analyst office predicts the measure would bring in $2.2 billion less. >> all the cold weather and rain didn't keep folks away from
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apple stores as the new ipad went on sale. hundreds of folks are lined up for a chance to buy the latest generation. $499 all the way up to $829. and at this point the website says the shipping delay is 2 to 3 weeks. >> after a week of strong gains the stock market had a less day today. overall the major indexes ended the week up about 2%. >> help for veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. the new ways the administration is trying to bay area ! here's big news from verizon wireless
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the veteran's administration is trying new ways to treat veterans returning home from war and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. rita williams learned about a new proposal to test every veteran. >> the possibility the soldier accused of killing civilians in afghanistan was sufring from post traumatic stress has those who treat it concerned. >> it is important we not stereotype or stigmatize veterans as being dangerous walking time bombs. >> they are not says the head of the center. but that perception may make it even harder to get vets to admit they need help. >> we have to remember that ptsd is a normal response to a painful set of experiences. >> i have such great empathy
12:02 am
for those who are suffering. i had that experience. >> reporter: jackie still carries two bullets from when she was shot more than 33 years ago. congressman and four others were killed. >> even now whenever there's a 21 gun solute. it nerves me. >> requiring a mental health assessment before each man and woman is discharged. >> you can be given the kinds of resources to help you overcome it. >> the va has just created an interactive ptsd app with screenings resources and if help is needed right away. a link to the veteran's crisis hotline. ktvu channel 2 news. >> and you can learn more about suicide prevention as well as how to get the new app by going to and clicking on web
12:03 am
links. the transition from the battlefield to back home is hard. works with vets to readjust a life away from combat. left the army after two tours and though she's never been diagnosed with ptsd, she has fought through many of the associated problems. >> i think that i find so many more ways to channel some of the darkness. some of those thoughts of despair, worthlessness. >> having the pressure suddenly lifted after months in a combat zone can result in nightmares. and although it's rare, even violence. >> the conviction of a student could broaden the definition of hate crimes where laws have not kept up with evolving technology. a jury found 20-year-old ravi guilty of a
12:04 am
hate crime. prosecutors say he used a web cam to spy on his roommate while he was kissing another man. he later committed suicide. ravi faces up to 10 years in prison. all of the rain here has translated into a lot of new snow. in some cases more than 2 feet. has it been coming down heavy all night? >> reporter: it certainly has. rain to a snow . if you are traveling up i 80 tonight you are going to want to do so with extreme caution. take a look down here. this is the condition on area roadways. that snow slush mix. take a look at this video. this is about 4 miles back from kingville where chain control was set up. you can take a look
12:05 am
at the traffic there. folks waiting to get through. wanting to see this weekend. a chp officer told us they want drivers to be well aware. they need to bring blankets and water bottles. could very well end up on area roadways much longer than they expected. >> yes, potential to close 80. spin outs and cal trans deems it up safe, there is a potential to close 80. >> reporter: there have been a number of spin outs. so fur traveling up -- if you are traveling up i 80, chains are required. back to you. >> thank you. in oakland right now a tree is blocking a street in the upper rock ridge section. the tree came down a little more than an hour ago.
12:06 am
police pulled out flares to warn drivers. the weather caused hour long delays. cross country and international flights have been largely unaffected but commute for and regional legs are facing delays and cancellations. delayed up to 2 and a half hours. no delays reported at san jose and oakland. >> unincorporated areas to know sand bags are available. the sheriff's department says they can be picked up at the west county detention center, fire station 4 in walnut creek and ambrose park. water bird way. and the fire protection station in walnut creek. and you can always find weather alerts as well as live updates on our website
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>> george cloony was released from a jail hours after he was arrested. he was arrested today during a protest outside the embassy. his father and several law makers were also arrested. the group had been told not to cross a police line. cloony and other protestors accuse of provoking a humanitarian crisis. >> our job is to try to bring attention to it. one of those ways was apparently getting arrested. >> the arrest came after he testified in the senate about the sudan following his recent trip. one of the men behind the kony 2012 video is arrested. his strange behavior when police found him. >> tracking moderate to heavy rain. coming up i'll highlight thunder storm chances as we head into the weekend and areas that could pick up dusting of snow.
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a report tonight says u.s. and european regulators are investigating google on accusations it bypassed the privacy setting. millions of users on apple's safari web browser. they placed a tracking tool on computers of people who used safari. in a settlement, google agreed not po misrepresent its privacy practices. one of the men who created the kony 2012 video is under going a mental evaluation. he directed the video of the
12:11 am
african war lord that went viral. detained him after they found him in his under where vandalizing cars and exhibiting other behavior. >> activists released video of what they said was security forces opening fire on demonstrators. hundreds of people were marching and two of them were wounded. also today new fighting broke out in a suburb. in the year of the uprising 8,000 people have been killed. a german court ordered a myosee um to return thousands of rare -- museum to return thousands of rare posters. the court said allowing the museum to keep the posters would be like perpetuating the crimes of the nazis. and at the vat kin, the
12:12 am
roman catholic church was a scent for the pope. of course it's a secret. but it's meant to reflect the love of nature. the cologne will not be made available to the public. >> the obama administration is proposing regulations by religious employers. catholic bishops have object offering free birth control -- objected to free birth control. announced today outline a range of scenarios for employers and the public has 90 days to comment and suggest changes. >> st. mary's played hard tonight but the lights went out in more ways than one. what happened halfway
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ffs game interrupt -- it was game interrupted for thousands of fans watching the game tonight. the power outage that put viewers in the dark. >> reporter: that's right. we started off with student s watching the game on campus. but we ended up here in walnut creek scrambling for any tv that worked. that was the high at the stadium sports pub tonight as the gales pulled ahead for the first time. it didn't last any more than this viewing party. the power failed heading into half-time. several hundred students, staff and supporters turning to their phones for
12:16 am
updates. >> 31-24. >> the prognosis, a couple hours. >> this would happen at st. marys. >> we're hoping things will turn out at least in omaha better than they are turning out here. >> fans switched game plans. their fast break landing them in walnut creek. >> people were sprinting down here. >> we ran but the power went out. we went to the first place we saw a television >> and for many that venue was the jam packed stadium. >> i think they are going to pull it off. i have faith. >> but faith flickered and as the power had been knocked out, the team was knocked out too. >> hope everyone comes back next year and keep on going. >> it's awful. but not much they can do. they played a good game. we still love them.
12:17 am
>> reporter: as far as the outage affecting the campus and beyond, pg&e says it's down from 22,000 customers to 1,000 now. and they will be back on sometime after midnight. ktvu channel 2 news. >> there was plenty of other march madness action tonight including major upsets. coming up in 7 minutes, which teams are playing the roll of cinderella. >> boost megamillions to the $200 million mark. the cash option would be worth about $145 million before taxes. that game is played in california and 41 other states. and here are the 6 numbers picked. 28, 29, 43, 51, 53 with meganumber 7. no word yet on whether there are any winners.
12:18 am
>> a potent frontal system continues by. focused on the southern third of the region. this front will continue to move south. it's been moving rapidly over the past 2 to 3 hours and the focus down toward santa cruz. clear that out and come in tighter and show you some of the areas that are being impacted more so with the heavier down pours. a closer inspection right now with yellows and reds indicating heavier amounts just moving out of fremont with yellows and reds. will continue to shift right around san jose. and still picking up significant rainfall right around santa cruz itself. and sand accrues mountains still picking up moderate. -- santa cruz. overnight lows we don't have heavy rain in the forecast tomorrow.
12:19 am
that front will be heading south. but 30s to the 40s and we have shower chances for your saturday and even a possibility into sunday. here's the latest on the satellite. you can see that circulation well defined frontal system. continue to be on the move for this evening. moves out of town for midnight. this area of low pressure not too far away. the bulk of the rainfall remains off shore. bring in chance of scattered showers. temperatures definitely cooling off to the low to mid 50s and we could have snow levels down this weekend to 2,000 to 2500 feet. here's our updated forecast model. not showing you much in terms of rainfall for tomorrow. but close enough we bring in the scattered showers and possibly an isolated thunder storm and then into sunday pretty much the same story. these models have backed off a bit. we cannot completely remove the showers or
12:20 am
thunder storm chances. winter storm warning still in place until 11:00. snow levels coming down to 3500 feet. could have amounts aproeching to 3 feet. and for -- approaching to 3 feet. temperatures mainly in the low to mid 50s with sun cloud mix. want to prepare for a chance of shower. forecast for tomorrow, everybody down into the low to mid 50s. warmest locations around 57 to 58 degrees and a look ahead. five day forecast with weekend always in view. the weekend rapidly approaching. you can see the shower chances into saturday and sunday. and a passing shower. that will be the theme this weaken. no major -- this week
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how about that? those high stepping students warmed up for saint patrick's day parade. they were practicing traditional jigs. they'll be performing tomorrow at that parade which begins at 11:30 in the morning in the city. >> cute. the return of monte ellis. >> seems like he just left. >> he did. >> on his way out the door, he was quoted as saying i knew they wouldn't trade me to a contender. not so quick. looks like he did a favor for you. milwaukee does have a shot at post season play.
12:25 am
they make the warriors 5th consecutive victim. nice warm ovation as he took the floor. hit the first bucket of the game right there. also most of the night he was 6 of 15 shooting. hang with the bucks at least in the first half. wright finishes on the other end but milwaukee hitting everything tonight. wound up with 18 as you see more of his activity. but 120-98. the warrior's effort tonight embarrassing. 49ers stealthy this week. fans apparently the last to know one of the teams that want peyton manning is san francisco. the niners have laid low and have in fact intimated strongly they were not even interested in his services. the fact of the
12:26 am
matter, manning worked out for coach harbaugh back in north carolina earlier in the week. word has it niners are still in the running. the other two being denver and tennessee. one and done now for both bay area entries into the week and st. marys tonight didn't seem to have that umf. although they took it right down to the final seconds. randy bennett's group trailing by 11 at one point to the boilermakers. 13-2 run and down 2. less than 2 minutes left. 45 seconds remain. gales actually take a lead. bombs a 3. your pumped thinking they are going to come back but regaining the lead. they go up 3 and jones will not be able to hit the hero shot to try and tie it. there's the buzzer. coach bennett bummed
12:27 am
but proud of the great come back effort. >> it wasn't lack of competitiveness or effort. it didn't go our way and dug ourselves a hole. i was provided of our guys. had a chance to win but didn't get it done. >> all right. other games maybe the biggest surprise, duke and coach gone stunned by lehigh. john adams may be -- securing with authority these surprise victory. 75-70 the final. missouri, norfolk state pulling that one off. norfolk a bucket better than missouri. and that is the sporting life for a friday night. everybody seems to love those upsets except the people who are getting upset. >> you see the agony.
12:28 am
>> they make it to the tournament but haven't had a real run in a while. >> thank you. and thanks for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. see [ male announcer ] the draw of the past is a powerful thing. but we couldn't simply repeat history. we had to create it. introducing the 2013 lexus gs, with leading-edge safety technology, like available blind spot monitor... [ tires screech ] ...night view... and heads-up display. [ engine revving ] the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back.
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