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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 30, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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we have the lucky numbers for the $640 million top prize. the record sales that made tonight's mega millions jackpot the biggest in history. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. it is a fantasy for millions of americans. dreams of a lavish lifestyle bankrolled by hundreds of millions of the dollars of free money all for the taking with a single lucky lottery ticket.
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now back to reality. if you haven't checked your numbers yet take out your ticket. eric rasmussen is here to tell us about that huge jackpot that was up for grabs tonight. >> let's go ahead and take a look at those numbers, they are 46, 23, 38, four, two and the mega ball of 23. of course the jackpot is that record $260 million. but now for the reality check, the odds of winning are just one in 176 million. but that did not stop people from jumping in right until the last minute. >> tonight's mega million number is 23. >> as they drew the winning number for the largest lottery jackpot ever. john molina and his family waited with us in san lorenzo to see if any of their 30 tickets was a winner. >> lost, lost. >> reporter: what do you think? >> next time, man. >> reporter: he was one of the last people to get his lottery
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ticket before the 7:45 cut off. hundreds waited hours in line to buy their tickets from the east bay store with a history of delivering big winners. there were still many in line when the deadline came and went. >> i've seen this a number of times, 30, 60 times, in 30 seconds everybody is out of here. >> i missed out but it's one of those things that got right there and the machine shut down. >> reporter: yet even for those who did make it the odds of winning were far worse than what han faced in this moment from star wars. >> the possibility of navigating are 326,000 to one. >> never tell me the odds. >> reporter: there is no winner in california but there's a preliminary report of one winner in maryland. if that's not the case the jackpot would grow to $1 billion for tuesday's drawing. >> all right, let's take one more look at those winning numbers for $640 million.
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check your ticket one last time. the numbers again are two, four, 23, 38, 46 and the mega number 23. u.s. stock markets today closed out the first three months of 2012 with one of the best first quarters in years. the dow was up 8% for the quarter. the nasdaq gained 3% but was up a whopping 19% so far this year. for the dow it's the best first quarter since 1988. for the nasdaq the 19% gain is its best first quarter in more than 20 years. a government report out tonight shows consumer spending is up. the commerce department says americans increased their spending by the most in seven months. but it wasn't due to bigger paychecks it was mostly because americans saved less. and coming up at 10:30, a data breach involving visa and
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mastercard. hundreds of accounts are potentially compromised. just hours after a toxic leak sickens dozens of employee, doctors checked out more than 70 workers at the girandelli special foods after an apparent carbon dioxide leak. debra villalon is live with what the employers are saying. >> reporter: it appears some sort of night crew is under way after fumes caused an evacuation. employees had nausea, trouble breathing caused by a carbon dioxide gas spewing in the lunchroom. >> a lot of people are cleared to work. so that's all i can say for right now. >> reporter: tonight the company owner told me he's not
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convinced there was a malfunction. >> you know you test the environment when you're working with refrigeration. in all the environmental tests were perfect. >> reporter: his theory all day was that this was hysteria, a false alarm. >> i know that when people get nervous, this could be a chain reaction. >> we don't have 25 people complaining of something without something happening in there. we did have some levels in there, that will be followed up in the investigation. >> reporter: this man sickened earlier was among a trickle of workers who returned to the plant by early evening. it boasts round the clock production of frozen entrees. >> a lot of people went to go check the doctor, the doctor said everything is okay. >> reporter: and they came back? >> yeah. >> reporter: supervisors had made it clear, the emergency work stoppage was temporary. >> i want to get that we get everybody to come into work this afternoon because i need
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my production to go out. >> reporter: and my last conversation with the owner, i couldn't get a straight answer on whether operations are normal now or when they will be. as of tonight there was only one worker remaining in the hospital. and sutter solano told me just minutes ago he will be discharged within the hour. we're live in vallejo, debra villalon. more on this story, see just how quickly staff in one hospital mobilized to receive patients. we have new video to show you right now following a shooting that sent a car careening into a taxy in oakland. police are not confirming the details but witnesses say the driver of the car was being chased and shot at by one in another car. the victim's car then collided with a taxi. we spoke with one whom who told us her house was shot with stray bullets.
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>> it turns out where we fell on the floor if the bullet had come through from the outside it would have hit one of us. >> reporter: the driver of the car was taken to the hospital. but there's still no word on his condition. the driver of the taxi was not hurt. >> reporter: about 30 people marched through the streets of downtown oakland this evening, protesting the shooting death of florida's 17-year-old trayvon martin. >> some of the demonstrators wore hooded sweatshirts which have become a symbolic tribute. martin was unarmed and wearing a hoodie when he was shot. zimmerman has said it was self- defense and he has not been arrested. an officer has been cleared
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of excessive force allegations. he was in a squad car chasing after a 13-year-old boy when he fired a taser at a boy. b.a.r.t. suspended austin for 30 days. b.a.r.t. police chief took tasers from all officers and had them go through training before they could get them again. we're on storm watch, meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking that storm right now. >> fairly quiet but things will be changing as we head into the overnight hours. as you can see, not a lot of coverage out there with possibly a few sprinkles, some spotty drizzle over parts of the north bay. here you can pick up the coverage right around lake approaching mendecino county as well. here's a closer look at the satellite. you can see a band, there's the big circulation that trailing frontal band that will be
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moving on shore for tomorrow morning. coming up i will break down rain totals around the area. when the heaviest downpours are expected to arrive. and i will also outline thunderstorms. >> he's working on his complete forecast for 10:45. you can get up to the minute weather information on or through our iphone app. all of this rain has boosted drop off into the asian river. the sonoma county water agency made that announcement today. water supply conditions will be reclassified from critical to normal. the normal classification means russian river flows will not be designated as low level. the first lady michelle obama headlined a fundraiser
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for her husband. tomorrow she plans to commission a new coast guard cutter in alameda. right now ktvu's amber lee is live on nob hill at the hotel where the first lady is spending the night, amber. >> reporter: we're told the first lady is spending the night here behind me. when we first arrived here we saw plenty of police officers providing security following her appearance at golden gate park. >> reporter: at 5:16 we spotted first lady michelle obama's motorcade as it drove along john f. kennedy drive to the academy of sciences. security was tight at the fundraiser for the president's reelection. media cameras were not allowed inside but one man who attended the event shared with us this video he shot with his iphone. >> many of you know my story but i want the -- >> reporter: supporters paid any where from $500 to $7,500 to meet the first lady. >> i was right next to her, it was so exciting. right next to her and she was
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so warm and so cordial. >> reporter: there were about 200 people inside that listened to mrs. obama's speech. >> just incredibly down to earth and spoke to the hopes and wishes of family in talking about the american dream. >> reporter: mrs. obama posed for pictures. >> i really admire her and i'm going to vote for her family. >> reporter: many children were in the audience. >> she wanted the kids in the front so she could address them and let them know that they're important. >> reporter: state attorney general harris introduceed the first lady. >> the president of the united states barack obama is the one who has the character, who has the values that are directly aligned with the middle class families. >> she's i think been very kind to things that we've cared about. i'm very fond of this woman. >> reporter: after spending the night here, mrs. obama will visit the coast guard island in
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alameda. she will be participating in a commissioning ceremony, live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. we are patrolling the waters of the estuary of the hpd. authorities identified two more victims of the speed freak killer. what one family
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a food and drug administration voted to ban bpa. >> reporter: the decision is controversial and it's also confusing for consumers. we've heard so much hype about the levels of bpa on things like plastic water bottles. so the fact that the fda has deemed bpa safe is controversial. >> i usually buy the camel back ones. i know they were bpa free. with all the plastic bottles you continually reuse and all
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of those that reusable water bottles are typically best. >> reporter: like many americans she had heard that when bpa leaks into the human body they can be harmful. dr.gina soloman conducted much of that research. >> the fact that bpa has been linked to the promotion of cancers. >> reporter: it once deemed the chemical not dangerous. in 2010 it reported some concern. but today the fda reported there wasn't enough evidence to support a ban. >> they should have done what they were supposed to do and protect consumers. >> reporter: everyone without an fda mandate, manufacturers are finding a replacement for bpa because consumers have been demanding it. it's been hard to find a
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plastic bag with bpa and canned foods companies are changes too. campbells announced it would go bpa free at some point. despite the industry changes the coatings of can goods are still the main source of bpa's for people. reporting live in oakland, patti lee,. the expected yahoo lay offs could begin as early as next week. yahoo is under going a renovation from rivals such as google. a report in a wall street journal blog says the lay offs will not take place all at once. executives have been in meetings all week. kphaoeu that's giant electronics manufacturer foxcon says it will shorten the hours of employees. employees often work 60 hours a week. foxcon says it will keep the pay the same giving workers a
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raise in effect. foxcon assembles close to 30% of the world's electronics. 19-year-old kimberly billy disappeared in 1984 and 16-year- old joanne hopson vanished in 1995. wesley shermantine drew maps of the area where he says he and lauren herzog married their victims. the remains were found inside the same abandoned well linked to the two suspects. we talked with hobson's sister on the phone today. >> he did the right thing by giving the information for you know for these families to get our closure. but he needs to continue to do the right thing and tell the rest for everybody else. >> reporter: authorities say they have identified four out of five sets of remains that shermantine directed them to. >> police are searching for a man suspected of robbing two
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banks today in marin county. the robbery occurred at the citi bank in green gray. they believe the robber was unarmed. they say he fled in a dark colored two door toyota. hours later a wells fargo was robbed. menlo park police released this sketch of one of the men wanted for a stabbing. he's described as latino, 5'8" tall with a thin build. the victim was stabbed several times when two men tried to rob him on alma street across from the caltrain station. the man is recovering and is expected to survive. investigators say they are still working on piecing the case together. 29-year-old joseph pickelo was detained in philadelphia
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yesterday after airport screeners found m80. pickelo told authorities he left the explosives in his backpack by accident. as mike mibach reports some of the eyesores might return after she's gone. >> reporter: this is opd boat 703. officer jim gordon is at the helm. >> we had security zones, our safety zones we put in place. >> reporter: decked out with the top equipment, gordon patrols the waters way. >> we want to keep anyone who would pay a threat to the first lady. >> reporter: the biggest issue that oakland police is looking at is specifically to get those folks living on unregistered boats out of the water.
11:50 pm
they are known as anchor out vessels. unregistered owners sometimes homeless living on abandoned boats. >> it's a hazard. they're in fair ways according to the port code and a lot of regulation, there is no anchoring in one of those areas. >> reporter: ktvu's first uncovered the problem back in november until this week, most of the anchor outs remained. >> what there was was a lot of boats that were just abandoned. >> reporter: with the first lady in town, gordon says he's been ordered to bring them in. so far 20 anchor outs have anchored in. >> there's so many spots that we can storm and remove them but we don't have the funds in place in order to make that happen. >> reporter: and so now this one police officer is riding a grant looking to get money to enforce the law. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news well the clouds have been moving into the bay area over
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the past few hours. no real severe ranges yet but that will be changing first thing tomorrow morning as our next storm begins to move on shore. rainfall expectations for your saturday about .25 to over an inch for the coastal hills. winds ramping up to over 20 miles per hour and the swell will build. this will also produce snow out in the sierra. this begins at 7:00 tomorrow morning. snow levels coming down to around 5,000 feet. fairly quiet out there right now but i'll put this into motion, look what happens first thing saturday morning. the band of heavy rain pushing through the bay area. this will produce will be the most severe rain first thing tomorrow morning. coming up we will highlight thunderstorms chances especially for one part of the bay area. high surf could make for a dangerous start of the abaloni season on monday. a high surf advisory has been issued from saturday afternoon to monday morning with swells as high as 20 feet expected.
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officials say the last time abaloni season started with unfavorable conditions was in 1985. 20 people needed to be rescued and one person drowned. big backing for a proposed north bay casino. plus the biggest search yet for a missing teen. okay, people, let's get started.
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a case first reported as a hit-and-run is now being called a homicide. a want is put out for singh of san jose.
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they believe he's caught a flight to dubai and is now in india. as ktvu's robert handa explains more people than ever turned out to help search for a missing teen. >> reporter: hundreds out to fi of sierra lamar. yesterday they found handcuffs and two used condoms. the items were sent to a crime lab. >> hopefully it will help us find sierra. it's a bad find but hopefully it'll help us find her. >> reporter: one day later searchers found a purse a mile from that location on laguna avenue. since then no reported significant finds until yesterday's discovery on paul avenue. >> obviously hard doesn't get
11:56 pm
any easier i would say, but all this going on helping a lit bit. keep us a little calmer because we know things are being done. >> reporter: today more people turned out to help. about 500 were first timers. >> everybody is so compelled to come and help because it's such a sad thing. >> seeing this growing effort you know in reaching the community and people aren't giving up and i'm so grateful for that. >> that community support will continue with a peace harm in morgan hill tomorrow. more details on tomorrow's search for sierra lamar. the santa clara sheriff's office says it will scour a trail and vernal road area. teams will be using atvs. a las vegas casino is
11:57 pm
another step closer to becoming reality. the fed rated indians wants to build a casino on 250 acres. today the governor signed an agreement. current tv announced the departure of oberman. he has a history of clashes with his employees. his slot is being replaced by a new show hosted by former new york governor spitzer. the lead investigators have as banks try to figure out who's affected. but up first
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treating more than 70 people sickened by carbon dioxide took planning and execute. diane walker was there and tells us how they managed the massive response. >> reporter: an emergency call and sutter solano medical center answered. crews had a triage working within 30 minutes. eight patients were serious enough to be admitted to the emergency room here. >> there was a lot of people fainting. they were out of breath, they were throwing up. you know they just couldn't talk really. >> reporter: justin breden was triages to lower priority, he told us what it was like inside
12:01 am
the specialty foods plant. >> everybody just started dropping and fainting. it was kind of scary seeing all your coworkers do that. but yeah. >> reporter: you're smiling now clearly you feel okay. >> oh yeah, i'm fine. >> reporter: a carbon dioxide leak is the suspected cause. a team of nurses is keeping an eye out for symptoms. >> what we're doing is monitoring them for headaches and uncomfortableness. >> reporter: sutter treated 48 patients and admitted just one. a man who was showing signs of carbon dioxide poisoning. diane walker. a supervisor at sutter so -- solano hospital told us that employee should be released within the hour. san francisco police say a man had been fatally shot.
12:02 am
they said his last t facebook posts were written about six hours before. police have not released any suspect information or a motive for the shooting. berkeley police have arrested one person and are looking for one other involved in a deadly shooting. the victim and another man had just left a liquor store when they were confronted by a small group of people one of whom was armed. the two men tried to run away when the gunman opened fire killing one of the men. the victim's name has not been released. there's new details about a man who attacked and robbed a woman in san carlos. they say the victim was unlocking the door to her suv when a man grabbed her from behind and told her he had a knife. he then tried to undress the woman and stole her purse. a security alarm eventually
12:03 am
scared him off. gop presidential front runner mitt romney headed to wisconsin today ahead of that state's primary on tuesday. he focused his attack on president obama not the other republicans. president obama did not cause the recession but he most certainly failed to lead the recovery. his stimulus protected government did not protect the american people. >> romney also stopped to buy some cherry pie and reporters asked about the mega millions jackpot. the candidate said he wouldn't be buying a lottery ticket. lately romney has had to defend his wealth estimated at $250 million. >> santorum also attacked romney for making a joke earlier this week about his father firing people. santorum accused his rival of being out of touch with the american people.
12:04 am
in the latest poll romney is leading santorum. president obama made an appearance today. he returned to his theme of change. >> there are no americans fighting in iraq. >> he also took a shot at his rival saying abraham lincoln could not win the gop nomination right now. from there he traveled to main for two fundraisers. the secret service is investigating a major security breech that could involve millions of the credit card accounts -- breach that could involve millions of the credit card accounts. investigators have a lead in new york city. >> reporter: a major scare for mastercard and visa card holders. their accounts potentially compromised after hackers may have gotten access to their data through a third party payments processing firm. >> they're talking about 10
12:05 am
million, that's with an m. that's a lot of numbers. >> these credit card processers are people who hold out to merchants and third parties. when you get credit card transactions we will process them for you. >> reporter: the company at the center of the breach is global payments inc. and intermediary between merchants and credit card processers. it says quote, it is crucial to understand that this i said kept does not involve our merchants or their relationships with their customers. on news of the breach, officials emphasized that their own systems had not been compromised. investigators believe some of the cards were used at new york city. >> if you're at some retailer you assume you can basically swipe your card and buy something and obviously there's a very complicated electronic
12:06 am
chain with all kinds of steps along the way and hackers are constantly trying to breach that. >> reporter: the company planning to hold a conference call monday morning to update customers on the matter. in washington, peter barnes, ktvu channel 2 news. mastercard and visa say they've notified the banks who issued cards about the breach. both companies emphasize customers will not be held responsible for fraudulent purchases. honda announced a recall of more than a half million suvs because of an issue with head lights. the recall covers 2002 to 2004 suvs adds well as 2003 pilots. honda says it needs to inspect head light wiring. a stunning invention, she once managed the money for some of the california's biggest political names wharbgs she admitted to in court -- what
12:07 am
she admitted to in court. just a little bit of activity right now on storm tracker radar but that will soon be changing. coming up the timing of the rain bands and also a chance of a few thunderstorms and the one big change you can expect for the second part
12:08 am
12:09 am
a woman who managed the campaign money for some of california's biggest political names pleaded guilty today to embezzling $7 million. kendy dirkey appeared in federal court.
12:10 am
an fbi investigation found dirkey stole thousands of dollars including feinstein. >> dirkey pleaded not guilty to five counts of fraud. she faces 11 years in prison when sentenced. police in santa cruz have rearrested a man already facing charges of child molestation. officers say 42-year-old david escobar was rearrested yesterday after a second victim came forward. escobar was initially arrested last week after investigators found he had been engaging in sexual activity with a 14-year- old. escobar is also suspected of possessing child pornography involving a third victim. police in antioch are investigating a second assault at deer valley high school. a girl reported getting attacked yesterday afternoon in a restroom on campus. school officials say they have
12:11 am
since increased security on campus and are assuring students and parents the school is safe. in news of the world tonight, in the middle east protests against israel on the west bank turned violent. israeli trooped shot and killed a palestinian man and injured many others. the demonstrations are held every year on this day to commemorate the killing of six pelestinians by israel back in 1996. police carried out raids and detained 15 people. the french president said a number of people will be expelled from the country. in canada authorities still aren't sure how much money spilled out of a truck and on to an ontario highway. it's believed there were close to $2 million in coins.
12:12 am
in addition to the truck with the coins, another truck carrying chocolate also crashed and spilled its load. some oakland students made an exciting discovery at lake merit. sixthgraders from st. paul's elementary school visit the lake every thursday to clean. but they found two bags of jewelry and collectibles. the students may claim them as their own if someone doesn't come up to claim them in six days. you have to enjoy where you are and what you've been given. >> she survives the odds, the story of an avalanche survivor zero
12:13 am
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it was one of the deadliest avalanches in the country killing seven people at alpine ski resort. >> reporter: a tsunami of snow, beautiful to look at, dadly to be in. it was just such an avalanche that slammed into a closed alpine meadows ski resort 30 years ago tomorrow. searchers dug out the bodies of six people but two others remained bury in the snow. the world watched and hoped and on the fifth day. >> we have found anny conrad, she's alive. >> reporter: alive it seemed impossible. the 22-year-old ski lift operator recent uc davis graduate survived five days buried alive. her feet had frostbite but she was conscious and talking. >> i think this is truly a
12:16 am
miracle. >> reporter: did you ever give up hope? >> no. but i was praying today. i knew they would come in. >> reporter: two hours after she arrive at the truckee hospital i was the only reporter allowed to interview anna conrad, she didn't think she had done anything miraculous. eating snow, trapped in a deep two by four space of what was worse of an employee locker room. >> until today i knew it was an avalanche that had hit. >> what was it like today when they found you. >> fantastic. >> reporter: her boyfriend and five others were dead. the head of avalanche control still missing. searchers called to say that they had found the last known missing person, keany but he was not alive. >> they decided they would have to amputate my right leg below the knee and all the toes were gone on the other side. >> reporter: that did not stop her. collins now a wife and mother of two. she skis and works at mammoth mountain.
12:17 am
>> you have to enjoy where you are and what you have been given. >> reporter: in this case life, life an avalanche almost took away 22 years ago. a ray with a notorious path is set for tomorrow night. more than 12,000 people are expected at pop 2012. the event happened two years ago at the cal palace. that's when two men died after taking extasy. a disease responsible for the deaths of millions of citrus trees in florida and brazil has now been detected here in california. citrus greening was discovered. the bacterial disease is carried by an insect called the
12:18 am
asian citrus silid. whole foods market announced a change to its seafood selection. store officials say starting earth day april 2nd it will stop stocking seafood that is not considered sustainable by the mont e rey aquarium. this includes octopus, halibut and cod. a little bit of activity right now on live storm tracker 2 radar. this will all be changing over the next 12 hours. right now as you can see on the maps out there the bulk of the action is up to the north coast. a few showers moving up to lake county. up in the north bay could be tracking a few sprinkles or spotty drizzle not being picked up by the radar. forecast headlines, we will continue to look for a chance
12:19 am
of a shower. our next storm arrives and it'll be packing heavy rain. forecast we have an average high with partly cloudy skies, and that is still on track for the second half of the weekend. first thing tomorrow morning, lows will be in the low 50s but the big deal will be this. rainfall developing and it'll be locally heavy first thing saturday morning. in addition to the rain we have the wind, in fact, strong enough, a wind advisory kicks in at 8:00. winds could be gusting at 8 miles per hour. this could be expanding to cover more regions. here's the weather system that's tracking this beautiful circulation out here in the pacific. here's that cold front. we've been dealing with the clouds and possibility of a few showers. it will move in first thing tomorrow morning. into the afternoon hours some scattered showers, more occasional measures but still with the sun poking out that could boost up if chance of an
12:20 am
isolated thunderstorms and winds varying, wide, still gusty as well. here's our forecast model first thing saturday morning. once again the heavy rain band pushing into the region. watch out for the little league games at this time and we could have an urban and small stream flood advisory kick in. this could be a heavy ban pushing into the region. you might think there's a break at 12:00 but a cold stable air pushes in and we could have scattered storms. it could be a possibility that you have sunshine and scattered rain. forecast highs everybody cools off tomorrow. everybody cools off a good six to 12 degrees from today's highs. that means the warmest locations right around 60 degrees, san mateo 57. temperatures up a few degrees with your weekend always in view. we're going to warm things up a little bit by monday and
12:21 am
there's a chance of a few light showers, julie and ken by tuesday night and into wednesday. first thing tomorrow morning, heavy rain and rosemary will be tracking that heavy band. at least they have a defined break and that will be in for the second half. >> is it going to roll through everywhere? >> basically one big blanket of heavy rain. in the afternoon there could be a little trick out there with some sunshine and
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
that yacht you see there is leading an around the world race that started last august in the united kingdom. the leader is gold coast australia. there are ten boats taking part
12:25 am
and this is the sixth leg of that journey. the lead boat sailed into jack london square tonight where the crew was greeted by a cheering crowd including oakland major jean quan. there's two more races that take off from where it first started, in the uk. the warriors let another one get away. >> you sound shocked. this is starting to become their mo as you might say. i know you have to feel a bit conflicted. you want your team to win games but if they keep losing they may get a draft and maybe select a player. letting the new york jets to come back from 13 points down. rookie charles general kins beats the shot clock with a 34 point and the ducks led by four. as usual, david lee plays big.
12:26 am
lee pours in 27, breaks the 98 tie. but the warriors got outscored in the fourth quarter. gerald green gives the knicks the first lead. that's when the 6'3" rookie gets stuck by gerald wallis. warriors lose to the knicks. the giants released mike fontano. the biggest question might be what are they going to do with barry zito. the giants travel to peoria arizona to play the padres. zito turns it into an rbi triple. zito allowed three more walks
12:27 am
in 3 innings pitch. but the giants come back. then the men who figures to take over mike fonatno doubled off dustin and the giants go on to win it. the raiders can't afford the big ticket items but they are filling some holes. phillip wheeler agreed to a one year deal. wheeler played four years, 84 tackles for the colts last season. they will get a chance to replace keeler. and goodson lost in south carolina because he just fumbled to do. and goodson will get a second chance here with oakland. yeah the warriors, lose another one late in the game.
12:28 am
>> fred, thank you. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> mornings on two starts at #:00 tomorrow morning. they'll keep you up to date tomorrow morning that should be hitting the bay area what do you think of this one? really? what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. perfect. two worlds that fit in one kitchen. come in today and save up to 20% on a kitchen from ikea.
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