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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 2, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's a brand new week, time for brand new stories and videos "right this minute." armed thugs storm a pharmacy. see what happens when a brave little boy -- >> has his two-year-old sister's hand in his. >> and tries to sneak her to safety. a man getting bitten by a headless snake. hear how the genius move unfolded. a family loses treasured memories with a lost go-camera. and the alabama face guy is a huge hit, but is he now
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university president now? >> give us the face. i'll begin today's show with some surveillance footage from an australian pharmacy. the woman behind the counter in the pharmacy is truke lee. she's one of the owners of the store, along with her husband, peter vu. you see two men come into the store and truke trying to figure out what to do. the commotion starts. she high-tails it and runs. her husband peter in the back office at the top of your screen comes out to try to help her. he chases one of the guys down, the guy charges him with what looks like a giant knife or a machete. but that's not all there is to this video. as this is going on, this man with the knife is asking where's your money? where's your money? peter, knowing his two children are in this back office, quickly opens the till and just says have what you want.
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that's 8-year-old jamie, the boy in the green shirt, and his 2-year-old sister, justine. but watch what this brave little boy does, pushes a chair out of the way, has his 2-year-old sister's in his, you can see the card rack turn as he moves it and gets around it to try to protect her. >> how brave of the little boy to keep his head straight and be able to protect his sister and get her out of harm's way. >> did anyone get hurt? >> no one was injured. they did get away with money. peter vu, the owner of the store, said the whole thing lasted no longer than 30 seconds. this was the second armed robbery in the last six months. the pharmacy had also been broken into four times previo previously. that's bo mcmahon, he lives in a camp out in the woods in alabama. he came in contact with a
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cottonmouth. >> i saw it swimming down the creek, i hit it with the machete, killed it. picked it up. he picked the head up. >> that's one of his camp mates who killed the cottonmouth, so bo is like, huh, let me put my hand in there. >> probably something like this. hey, watch this. >> the nerves, i guess, it bit down on his finger. >> i didn't know the thing would still bite with the head cut off. it bit me. >> maybe wait a day. you know, his friend just cut the head off of the snake and you immediately put your finger in the snake's smooth? give it a little time to -- >> stop wiggling? >> yeah. >> i fell down a few times. you seen that. i couldn't help it. >> a cottonmouth is a venomous snake. he's not getting bitten by a garden-variety black snake. he has a cottonmouth bite. >> they said the bite was not that serious. he still had to go to the
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hospital. listen to what bo had to say if asked if he would do that again. >> would you do that again? >> what's that? >> play with the snake? >> no, never again. the situation gets out of hand quickly in this video. being shot on a cell phone in front of a walmart. >> you're about to tase me? >> there's a walmart contracted security guard standing out front. these two guys are taking video of the front of the store on their camera phone. the security guard says don't take any video of me. >> i'm doing it of the sign, of the walmart. not you. promise. >> a few seconds into t the security guard goes show me your i.d.. >> nobody has to show i.d., sir. >> yeah, you have to show i.d.. >> sir, you are grabbing me? are you serious? calm down. put it down. >> are you serious? you're about to tase me? >> is this a tasering event? really? >> my first question is why and
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what are these guys filming in a walmart parking lot? >> are they filming to try to instigate this guy? it escalates, but it doesn't get to the point of the security guard pulling the trigger. one of the other guys in the video puts his hand up to calm things down -- >> get your hands off me -- >> don't tase me, sir. >> we're leaving. we're leaving. we're leaving. >> you're not going anywhere now. >> why didn't he say you're trespassing this is private property, take your camera elsewhere. >> i have not broken the law, sir, so -- >> yes, you have. at this point is, you can go to jail. do you understand? >> the two men were arrested and handcuffed, they were later released when a houston police officer arrived. no charges were made. the two men were given criminal trespassing warnings. we reached out to walmart. they promised a statement on this situation, we have not received that statement before we went to air with this story.
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we talked to the houston police department, he is not part of the houston police force. >> he may have felt they were completely disobeying what he asked? >> even if that's what he thought, there's no call for a taser in the situation. again, we don't know what happened before the video started recording. >> you're about to tase me? check out this scene on this canadian freeway where the road was really paved with gold. >> this is the crash scene of a huge brinks truck carrying 3 million to $5 million worth of canadian coins. >> oh, my gosh. >> they're all spilled all over the road. >> do you know what denominations of coins? >> it's all small coins. >> >> loonies and toonies. >> investigators are still trying to figure out what it is
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that happened. >> must have been some mechanical failure which our officers will determine, or the driver fell asleep. >> i'm shocked to see how far and wide these cars spread out. that must have been a heck of an impact. >> the impact left the driver and passenger of this truck in serious condition and caused four other vehicles to crash. the clean-up process is intense, so they enlisted the help of a crane magnet. >> i don't know if it will find it all. there's some inside the truck, outside the truck. >> you know guys will be out there with metal detectors. >> and if you're a kid with a sweet tooth, this is also where you want to be. one of the other trucks involved in the crash was full of candy. >> candy and money? >> it's like a giant highway pinata. michael vick is on video crusading against animal abuse.
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>> just seems a little fabricated. >> see what vick says and who he's saying it to. you've seen this. a guy holding up traffic. you haven't seen this. >> what? >> watch what happens when the
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. welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. i'm going to now call russia the land of dash cams, that's where this video comes from. >> we got this video from live leak. >> the light turns green, the person on the motor bike is not going anywhere. the person behind him is like, hey, come on. the person on the bike doesn't like the honking. >> what?
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>> and brings out the axe! >> he's carrying an axe on his scooter? >> why did he have an axe? where was that thing? >> he's like the hells scooter of russia. >> i know. look how quickly the other car -- >> the light was green. go, dude. i would have beeped, too. >> the scary part is he is calm and cool about the whole thing. he doesn't get all crazy. puts the kick stand down. pulls the axe out of the axe holder on the scooter. >> i will say the scariest part is not he's calm, it's that he carries an axe. >> he could be a lumberjack or an axe murderer. nfl quarterback michael vick is part of a new ad campaign for the humane society. in this ad campaign, he is talking about his now incredibly famous conviction for participating in a dogfighting ring. he served 21 months in prison.
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he was convicted back in 2007. >> i wanted to be a voice in the fight against animal cruelty, i don't want kids to go down the wrong path. i don't want more animals to be hurt. >> are those his words or words of the humane society that is paying him to do this. >> he says he wants to make up for all of the wrongs in his past. >> this stuff always confuses me. just because somebody makes a mistake like michael vick did, can they just say they're sorry and pay their time and be done with it? do they have to be an advocate on the other side now? it seems a little fabricated. >> i think the fact he is going to talk to kids who would have never heard the message until michael vick came and told them, that's a positive. >> people say this often, it's true, you learn more in life from making mistakes. >> i think it's a poor choice. i don't call that a mistake. >> he had bad judgment. he had time to think, and i do feel like he has learned something. there's another commercial out there, too, about 30 seconds
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long. look at it as well. >> if you see animal cruelty in your neighborhood, speak up. make the call in this particular ad he is asking people to speak up if they see animal cruelty. >> i like the humane society, i hope this reaches some people. >> we want to know what you think about this ad campaign. head over to our facebook page, >> tomorrow on "right this minute" -- >> we have seen quite a few proposal videos. no, i don none of them as beautifully shot as this one. >> that's tomorrow on "right this minute". >> a go-pro camera lost in the ocean in it many family memories. >> a lot of personal stuff. who does it long to? unraveling the mystery to the videos and finding the owner next. and just in case you didn't celebrate the holiday like these women -- >> still plenty of time to
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aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ i got to think losing a go-pro camera would be like losing your wallet or your purse, right? a lot of stuff you want to hang on to. a lot of personal stuff. stuff that you want back and definitely a time where you would be keeping your fingers
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crossed that some good samaritan finds it and turns it back in. this is go-pro video of a camera found by a man named jeremiah wilson. he was on crystal cove beach in newport, california. found this thing in march. it's got 17 clips. you see here guys playing around in the ocean. guys hitting golf balls together. driving around in a car. >> it's like he found somebody's photo album. >> exactly. >> we're looking at somebody's life. >> somebody's family memories, the kind you can't get back. >> jeremiah who is in st. george, utah, he put this video out there to ask for help trying to get this camera back to the rightful owner and see if he's made any progress or had any bites, we have jeremiah wilson from st. george, utah joining us. how did you find this thing? >> we were there as family spring break. we spent wednesday with the kids on the beach, brought my metal
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detector. >> a lot of people would say, okay, score. found a camera. why did you do otherwise? >> how many of us have lost stuff before and hate the feeling of it ultimately it was a question of hope we can find who it belongs to. >> what did you feel like when you watched the video footage? did you feel like a voyeur? >> i had to ask myself if it was appropriate to look at it we were looking at the videos for clues as to who it might belong to. my 8-year-old said it's like a message in a bottle. >> how did you get this to go as viral as they did? >> i went to go-pro and they posted it on their website. >> have you gotten any hits? >> yeah. actually we were surprised how fast it did get figured out. the owner's father, the kid's father called me. just wanted to verify who they were. they are definitely the ones in the video. i went just today, my son and i mailed it to them.
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we got the confirmation here. >> that's awesome. did you guys know friday was a national holiday? yes. you did not know that. there's still plenty of time to celebrate national cleavage day, steven. >> oh, man. >> how did i forget about that. >> i don't know. but anne summers, a lingerie retailer in london did not forget, they celebrated with 30 lovelies stopping traffic in the street to show off their wares. >> no. >> this is a reason to celebrate. >> i think so. >> boom, there goes the jacket. some of the most busy and popular streets in london -- >> that guy needed a cigarette. >> not surprisingly, this is a retail created holiday started by wonder bra back in 2002. >> you know what i'll say? i'll surprise you here. i like this. look at this lovely group of
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ladies. they are all shapes, all sizes. i'm not just talking about their ta-tas and cleavage. they are real women. >> glad you noticed that that's what anne summers was trying to do. it's part of their real women campaign. 30 real women here. >> just so you know, we are equal opportunity cleavage gazers. big, small, let's see it. >> what a treat for the drivers that got to see them while driving down the street. all of a sudden, boom -- >> why does this have to be one day of the year? why not every pride? instead of casual friday, cleavage friday. >> when is it not cleavage day? >> obviously not today. >> he's 19, famous and now a university president all because of his face. >> give us the face. >> see the face that launched a
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it took four days of building and counting to set this up. what this is is the guinness record for the most dominos falling in a spiral. >> oh. this is awesome. it's all different colors. >> what the -- >> it looks like a giant rainbow spiral. >> it takes close to ten minutes for this all to take place. think about it.
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30,000 dominos, the guinness book of world record says it is a record. the previous record was 28,000. >> imagine. did they set these up by hand? imagine the time. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> what if you accidentally sneezed after you got the 25,000th. >> geez, oh, man. that is insane. ♪ >> yeah. >> what do you do when it's over? >> all right. clean those up. sweep those up. >> this dude is all tatted up and everything. looking all tough. big tatted up tough guy is a afraid of a little arachnid. >> little? that thing is the size of a cup saucer. >> it looks on the close-up like a hairy tarantula. the funny thing is how these two guys are trying to take care of
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this -- they resort to the old aerosol lighter trick. does it one, she falls to the ground. now she's mad. let me show you what happened at the end -- >> oh no! >> what a bunch of idiots. >> i hate what they did to take care of this spider. if you want to see this video, head over to our website, a guy named jack blankenship is running for the president of the university of alabama. he's a freshman. >> hello, i'm jack blankenship. >> his name might not ring a bell, but his face definitely well. >> i didn't just bring my face -- i brought my knowledge. >> that's jack there. jack gained nationwide fame by making had sort of cut-out, if you will, of his face in that
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very, very -- >> angry. >> angry face. he gained his fain by holding up his face at the university of alabama basketball games. it's safe to say he's experiencing his 15 minutes of fame right now. so he's trying to parlay all of this attention into running for president of the university of alabama. he's put together this campaign video where he's walking around campus. in portions of it there are other students giving the face, the jack blankenship face. >> he's at least becoming a legend at the school. >> as a freshman. >> as a freshman, i know. we have jack blankenship joining us via skype to talk to us. i'm holding an article from the crimson white. the headline is blankenship named new face of the university. is this all an april fools joke? >> maybe it is my time for
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office. of course not. >> so you got the face to insight a crowd at a basketball game. has this attention had any other good effects for you, if you yo know what i mean? >> first off, i don't know what you mean. if you're referring to the dating game, i got a lot of facebook friends but zero dates. >> but you still got the face. give us the face. ♪ >> as president of the university of alabama, i want dreams to come true on campus. the therefore i would be installing wishing wells on every corner of campus. >> what happen now? >> i never thought i would be on late night or jimmy fallon, but for now, the future is unknown. >> take it easy. that's going to do it for this edition of "right this minute." we have one more video. this is beautiful footage from a
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trip to vienna, austria. stick around. another half hour of "rtm" is coming up. ♪ [ female announcer ] there's surprising news about whole grain
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