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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 4, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos of the day, "right this minute." a man dies on the beach. deputies say he was resisting arrest. but witnesses say, uh-uh. >> he just couldn't breathe, because he was face-down. >> let the finger-pointing begin on this one. see the woman at the 7-eleven counter? >> she kind of has a frightened expression and kind of a weird smile. >> that's because she just survived this. >> oh! >> it's amazing she didn't get hit. >> motorcycles cheat the wall of
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death all the time. but now -- >> they are saying kids could do this with a car. >> yes. >> but did they really pull it off or pull one over on everybody? and the story of an orphaned bear cub. >> he's cute now. >> in a short time, he'll be biting your face off. but for the time being, he's happy playing hockey. >> that's stinkin cute. >> take a look at this surveillance video from a 7-eleven in water bury, connecticut. >> whoa! >> man. >> not what i was expecting. >> it's amazing she didn't get hit. >> and the guy just slams in reverse and doesn't really notice her. almost hits her on the way out. >> she is like face-to-face with the driver there for a second. >> look at her face, she kind of has a frightened expression and a weird smile and strange frown, all of these emotions happening all over her face. she crawls up on the counter to avoid getting hit again. >> what a jerk! >> he didn't just leave. >> yes, he did just leave the
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scene. but police did eventually catch up with him. and believe it or not, this guy was actually a regular at the 7-eleven, so the clerk who was also the manager of the store, recognized the guy. they took him into custody. his name is dahl-dahl kennedy fitzgerald, aka kennedy. this story surprised a lot of people in waterbury, connecticut, because this guy is actually a military veteran. now, he did appear in court yesterday. he currently faces charges of third degree assault and operating under the influence. now, according to court records, police did ask him to take a sobriety test when they caught up with him. and this is what he said. quote, i ain't taking no test. i'm drunk and i know i will fail the test. >> well, that's pretty much all they need, right? it's a bit of a confession there. >> yeah. >> he was so close to killing somebody. i mean, so close. >> the customer was taken to a local hospital and did suffer some minor injuries. but she is doing okay.
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this video is getting a lot of attention on the internet, and what happened before it is causing some controversy, as well. this video was captured by a man who was on honeymoon island on st. patrick's day. >> this video picks up after the officials realize he is not breathing. >> they just tased this guy because he was being violent. >> the sheriff's office in pinellas county, florida said james barnes was distraught, in the water with his aunt, pushed her, she called for help, and it was witnessed by a department of environmental protection officer. that officer got in the water, he and james got in a fight. they eventually got out of the water, and then a sheriff's deputy from the marine unit showed up. he had the taser, and witnesses say the deputy tased james barnes while he was on the ground. >> he couldn't breathe, and they kept tasing him. >> the man who shot the video told "right this minute" the deputy said every time you move, i will taser you. do you understand. now, there is a dispute as to
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what happened, and how it happened. because james barnes died two days later while hospitalized. >> and it looked like they killed the guy. >> the sheriff's office says he was resisting arrest whereas witnesses are saying, no, he wasn't resisting arrest, he just couldn't breathe. >> they had him face-down, and he couldn't breathe. >> the family says when he got in the fight, they were holding him under water. but the sheriff says it doesn't appear the deputy acted out of order. >> as for the department of environmental protection officer, still waiting to hear word on what's going on there. but there is an investigation going on right now. >> his death may or may not have anything to do with the taser. >> that's what the family is saying. it's not just the tasing that may have caused his death. they think the fight beforehand did, as well. >> guys, i've got a really, really sweet story about a grandmother and is her granddaughter. this comes to us from chinese central television. this 57-year-old grandmother is taking care of her granddaughter, tan. tan was born with cerebral
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palsy. now, the granddaughter was left in the grandmother's care, because this is going to break your heart. her father was killed in a car accident four years ago, and her mother had to go off to find work to provide for the family. the granddaughter desperately wants to go to school. so grandma carries the granddaughter to school every day over mountain passes, 3.1 miles to school. and back. it takes them two hours to get to the school. just to go 3.1 miles. because the pass they have to take goes up and over mountain roads, up steep stairs. it's treacherous. the trek they have to make every day. >> it's amazing to me. >> this is not a small child that this grandmother is carrying on her back for more than an hour every single day. >> two hours each way, they say. >> daily. >> daily. she says the morning commute is harder, because they have to get there on time. she has never been late. they have been doing this for three years. it's believed that the grandmother has traveled about
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6,200 miles total. the grandmother waits at the school every day to take her home. the grandmother will sit there and knit. when there is a break in class, she will help her go to the bathroom, help her go on break. the school has tried to help out by making tuition free, giving her free lunch. and she has alsoeceive the best surgeons in town. >> how about a free bus ride? >> right. >> i think they would really appreciate that. animal encounters are awesome. this first one is in panama. a group of guys on a fishing trip. get a little -- >> whoa. >> from the dolphins. >> that really is slippery. he like jumped right up and did a double somersault. >> yeah, these dolphins are showing off their skills in the water. >> like they're in sea world and didn't have to pay for admission. >> look at that. >> like, he slammed toward the boat and then jumped right in front of it.
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>> sea world! >> woo! >> let's go a few thousand miles away to destin, in florida, where the beach-goers got a pretty pleasant surprise by a bunch of very brave dolphins. >> oh, wow, they came right up to the surf zone. look at that. >> a whole pod of them. >> how many people do you think were totally freaked out thinking these were sharks? >> for a few seconds, all of them. >> yeah. >> i know i would have been at my car at this point. >> right. do you know the kind of money people spend to have that kind of experience at, you know, a vacation destination, 90 bucks to swim with the dolphins? >> expensive. toward the end of the video, you see a whole group of people running over trying to take pictures and getting a little look at this pod of dolphins. ♪ dash cam of a police chase, and -- >> wait, what the -- >> is that a person on a unicycle in the middle of the road? what's going on there? >> something like that.
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wait until you see this one. >> this next video is called crazy lady trying to pet a wild moose in alaska. >> so that's what she's gonna do. pet a wild moose, and then you get to see what happens.
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dash cam footage of a police chase for you. this is in the czech republic. tell me what you think the police were chasing. >> ooh, wait. what the -- >> is that a person on a unicycle in the middle of the road or what's going on there? >> whatever it is, police are having a hard time catching it. >> it's really going to come into view now. as you can see, look at the speedometer on the side. what about coming up on 60 miles per hour? >> is that a gigantic person? >> it was a regular-size man on a bicycle. is he, like, using some type of air dynamics to propel him to go that fast? >> it's called drafting. that's why in the video you see him first behind the van and then he's behind the truck.
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that kept his momentum going. he was up to 60 miles per hour, and believe it or not, the world record for drafting, 167 miles per hour. >> on a bicycle? >> on a bicycle. >> so the big truck just pushes the air in front of him so he doesn't have to break through the wind, just sits in the pocket behind the truck. >> the police are kind of gaining on him as he gets to what looks like a highway exit, but watch this move. >> oh! >> is this guy training for the tour de france? >> he could give lance armstrong a run for his money. keep watching, because the cop is not going to be outsmarted. here's an access road. he takes a lift. and look across this pass. >> oh, there he is. >> police did eventually catch this guy. >> did they pull him over and say, like, you know, step away from the bicycle. put your hands on the seat. the future is now.
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and traffic could be a thing of the past with this invention. >> this week, the dutch company announced the first flight to this prototype flying car. >> no way. >> this is the pal-v or personal air and land vehicle. >> for 100 years, people have been dreaming of a flying car. now it has truly become a reality. >> sort of the gyro copter idea of flight. rotor blade on top and a pusher prop in the back. >> could you imagine, like, rush hour traffic? you want to get home, you could fly all over it. >> you would still have to go to an airport to take off and land. >> is this just for a plane then or helicopter? >> you can at least drive to the airport or nearby runway. i guess it does eliminate the problem of getting a ride to the airport. >> you wouldn't have to pay for parking. >> you have to have a driver's license and your pilot's license. >> the next step will be the design of the first commercial version. >> they expect it to be available by 2014. >> what?
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>> but if that's not quick enough for you, then a massachusetts company has created the transition. which is available now for about $280,000. they've already taken orders for about 100 vehicles. imagine going to the only need hours of flight time before you can get out and fly the puppy. what's with the sour face? you're both kind of like -- >> not quite yet, the flying car. not the back to the future thing that lifts up and everybody is driving them. it's a hover craft. i'm waiting for the hover craft. this next video is called crazy lady trying to pet a wild moose in alaska. no word if she is actually crazy, but she is shantel hernandez. originally from miami. she moved to anchorage last year. some people are calling her crazy, saying this is a pretty bad move. the department of fish and games said you have no idea how fast
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and powerful a moose could kick somebody. >> she might be crazy if she went from miami to alaska. that's kind of crazy to begin w. >> she says she was used to segal gators all of the time, but she kind of always dreamed of petting a wild moose. jason blake is the man shooting it, he was inside his apartment with his 2-year-old son when he saw the moose outside and saw a lady coming over to pet the thing. he thought, i don't think this is going to end well. >> i don't believe what this lady is doing. she is trying to tush the moose. not a good idea. >> she accomplished her goal. she had a dream, she went for it. >> a biologist from the department of fish and games is saying that there may even be a legal issue with something like this, because touching a moose can be considered wildlife harassment. when it gets up, you can see how much bigger this thing is than she. >> i would hate to see her get in trouble for something like this. it seems pretty harmless. she wasn't, you know, bothering it for an extensive period of time. it is a dopey move, but if she just moved, she probably doesn't know any better.
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a funny short film about an awkward encounter. >> i'm sara. >> legally blind. >> we've got the story behind the true story from the man who lived it and then filmed it. >> it was just a really uncomfortable experience. i was like, i've got to make a movie out of this. and this pup is just hanging around by a shoe. >> swing for a pitbull. >> they don't both hang from it, do they? >> see if they both pull it off during pitbull play time, later. >> oh! >> wow!
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imagine your husband comes home and says, hey, guess what i found? and this is what is sitting in the car. that is makoon, the bear. rene dubois, who lives in man tobaccoa, found this guy in a ditch on the side of the road. he was shivering, cold, his tongue was black, hungry. they did call animal control and said we'll have to put him down. so they said uh-uh. they have a sanctuary they'll put him in. but for now, they took him to a radio morning show. this video comes to us from design back he climbs over the computer, climbs over the phone. he just wants to play, because he's a bear cub. >> he's pretty stinkin' cute. so mama bear was nowhere to be found? >> mama bear was nowhere to be found. >> i just want to hug him. he's just -- >> they gave him fruit and honey which they say he gets all over
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the floor after they have mopped it and also give him milk, but that's not enough because he's a growing boy so they have to get up in the middle of the night and feed him. and they have grown children so it's like having a baby again. >> he's giving bear kisses. >> yes, he is a lovebug, but since he is canadian, what do you think his favorite sport is? >> hockey. look, he's a hockey bear. he shoots, he scores. >> i want to hear him roar, you know? oh, he's cute now. keep watching. >> oh, my goodness! >> yes. >> that is stinkin' cute. >> going to his den. i found a really funny short film called def-con 3. >> legally blind. >> that sucks. >> i can take care of myself. >> this is the story of walt and
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sarah. and the lesson walt learns about giving. >> that's when i got shot. >> you got shot? >> is this your mom's minivan? >> no. >> anyway, like i was saying. i'm getting emancipateded from my parents. >> okay. >> and i'm living with my lawyer. >> ts is enho based on a true story. the filmmaker is one of our own "right this minute" editors, and to explain the storyline and get the back story, the creator/director, matt levi. the initial idea of are you giver or taker came from where? >> i heard a really awesome inspirational speech one night. >> there are givers and there are takers. now let me ask you. are you a generous person? >> and i was like oh, my god, i'm the most selfish human being alive. i'm an awful person. and then i heard this girl talking about how she was blind, how she was living with her lawyer, how she was emancipated from her parents, how she had been shot. she showed me her bullet wound.
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and i'm like, i guess i have to be a generous human being for once in my life. >> i can't take this -- >> you need a ride. >> the movie is about whether giving is really that great of an idea when you don't know how much you're giving. >> i don't have any money. >> hey, you guys. this is sarah. >> hi. >> so i'm going to be staying the night. >> what? >> she eventually ended up staying at my place and my roommates chided me for it. >> she's going to rob us. >> why would she rob us? >> hide the ps3. >> i had to stay up and guard her, make sure she didn't steal our ps3. she is basically taking advantage of the guy as much as possible. >> come on. let's get up. come on. up, up, up. >> i'm going to take a bath. >> it was just a really uncomfortable experience and i'm like i've got to make a movie out of this. so odd. >> so after this learning experience, have you become more
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of a giver or a taker? >> i'm definitely more selfish. i never give anything. i'm a jerk. >> is there anything we missed that you want to add, make sure we get it? >> i -- >> i think our other editor is jealous of your face time. motorcycles can ride the wall of death. can this car? >> i want it to be real. >> see if a car can get up and stay on the wall of death, next. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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behold the wonderful cuteness, the wonderful sweetness. it's marshmallow. >> oh, a cat named mar mal low. >> a kitten named marshmallow. >> this is the part where i say, i kiss you. >> the people -- >> he's tiny. >> yes. well, that's the main part of the story. when marshmallow was born, she was 60% of a normal birth rate. she only weighs 2.3 ounces. ounces. >> hold her in the palm of your hand. >> that's like she weighed just over a quarter of a cup. >> i can put her in one of those quarter cup measuring cups. >> she could fit in that with only .3 ounces spilling over. but they hand-raised her and she is now seven times what she weighed when she was born. >> oh, she is adorable.
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>> this is seriously the cutest video of the day. i love it. i think i've got the perfect video for you and your gearhead brain. you've probably seen this before. it's the wall of death, where the motorcyclists, they fly around, parallel, going 30 miles per hour, 20 feet off the ground. but now they're saying, okay, let's one-up this thing. think you could do this with a car? >> really. >> yes. they tried it with a mazda 2. now, i have to say, they did modify the mazda 2 a bit, disabled the air bags, tire pressure and took out all of the seats, except for the seat for the driver to make the car, you know, a little bit lighter, but even with the modifications, still weighs more than the motorcycle. but get this thing going -- >> there's no way. >> it's too small. where is he going to get the speed? no way. >> look at that. >> i don't believe it. they -- according to these guys, they were able to do about a half dozen laps in the mazda 2 going up to 30 miles per hour.
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>> is there a chance this is fake? is it sponsored by mazda? that looks real. >> so you're buying this one. >> i want it to be real. >> let's pose the question to our facebook ns, headver to and let us know if you think the mazda on this wheel of death is real or fake. >> it's play time for these two pitbulls. >> holy smokes. look at this jump. he's got a vertical jump. >> this guy has a shoe hanging from a tree in his backyard and these two pits love just to jump up and hang on. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's like a swing for a pitbull. and the other one is still trying to get up too. >> they don't both hang, do they? >> what's to dislodge the guy? >> they're both trying to catch on this shoe. one pit has a good, solid grip. not letting go any time soon. but watch this. >> no way. oh, wow. >> if they were summertime smart, they would go from the table -- >> he thinks about it, gets up
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on the table and says nah, i'm going vertical instead of horizontal on this jump. takes one last leap. >> oh! >> wow. >> it's like the ringling brothers circus. ♪ >> holding on to his buddy too. >> they're like acrobats. >> it's the spinning -- i don't think it's the shoe. i think they love to spin. >> it's their version of dizzy bat. >> like ballerinas. >> that's it for this edition of "right this minute." thanks so much for joining us. see you tomorrow, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. see you tomorrow, everybody. have a great one. -- captions by vitac --
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