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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 5, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos and stories of the day, "right this minute." maggots in the trail mix. the video had flyers reaching for their barf bags. now the passenger describes what went down. >> what it was like for you. >> it felt odd. squishy. >> she sexed, now she is sorry. a woman claims there was a racy text. why it made her life a living hell. >> have you ever seen anybody make a rainbow with a shotgun? >> you're about to. and 200 students at a pittsburgh high school get one shot at an awesome video.
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>> he gave me my start. >> now he gives us the dirt on the video and on steven's high school high jinx. >> that was pretty disgusting. i'm sure he has grown up. this video has been blowing up the internet. take a look. >> ooh. >> it's live. it's not even dead. >> that's sick. >> these are maggots in a packet of trail mix on a qantas flight from los angeles to mill burn. the back story here, 42-year-old victoria cleven was traveling with her 15-year-old son, opened a pack of trail mix and began eating in the dark. something wasn't quite right. this is what she found. >> that's not right. >> the airlines gave them this trail mix as a snack on the flight and the trail mix itself was provided by the company. now, victoria did what most people would do in the situation now. picked up her camera phone, shot
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a video as proof. so we wanted to find out more about victoria's experience and what has happened since this video was shot so "right this minute" from melbourne, austral australia we have victoria an skype. explain what it was like for you. >> everyone was asleep, i kept the light off, and i started opening up the packet, put them into my hand, put them into my mouth and started eating. and as i was eating, felt odd. squishy. i turned the light on, and that's when i saw the maggots coming out. >> so what did you do next? did the airline, like, giving you something fresh, did you scream, what happened? >> i just started crying, i turned the indicator light to call them. the cabin crew came over. i showed her, and i said, i've just eaten part of this packet. and i said, look what i found. and she was horrified.
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she grabbed the packet and she took off to whatever -- to do whatever she had to do to report it, et cetera. >> did you get sick at all? >> never sick. i have just faced feeling this horrible feeling in my stomach. just -- i'm finding it very difficult to put things in my mouth at the moment. >> what made you pull out your camera? >> it was mainly, because i thought my husband is never going to believe me when i tell him this story. break-ups are horrible. but this one is just evil. this woman in the video that we got from wsb-tv is in silhouette, because she is afraid for her safety. she broke up with her boyfriend recently, and she claims that boyfriend printed out a very racy photo of her and distributed that photo in their community in georgia. it is a shot of her ba hoony that she e-mailed to her boyfriend last summer. >> you never know where that relationship is going to go, if
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something is going to happen to those photos. >> her ex-boyfriend printed her phone number and her address on this photograph, so last month, she started getting calls from people trying to get with her. >> just constantly rings, i'm getting text messages from people. >> and she said someone actually showed up to her house. >> oh, my gosh. >> i can imagine, this is illegal. >> she did file a temporary protective order against her ex-boyfriend, but no charges have been filed yet. >> she would probably have to move. >> yeah. >> something like this can ruin somebody's life, that's for sure. >> i'm going to get hell -- i don't even go outside. i don't want to go outside. because i'm afraid. >> if you are just some guy walking down the street, a pervert, you see this photo with a phone number and an address, ma prostitute. and you're going to call that woman and think you're going to go over there for who knows what. it's bullying, it's harassment. >> it's the fact that he took
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this woman's photograph, and with it put her in danger. >> maybe not so flattering mug shot that we're looking at belongs to 50-year-old donna marie in this case nichols. we saw this story and donna felt the need to dial 911 not once, but twice because of this pressing emergency. >> i want to see if i can get an officer to come to the family dollar. >> what's going on? >> i had ordered some food from hardy's over here, the food is no good and the girl told me when i called her back i could bring it back and get my money on it. now she's telling me she can't do anything until tomorrow. i took a small bite out of the burger and it's nasty. >> donna called twice because the burger that she got from hardee's was no good. >> what's 911 going to do about your nasty food? >> according to me, hardee's burgers are delicious. of course, police came and booked her into jail because of
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abuse of 911. she is going to be paying a lot more in court fees for this stupid decision to call 911. >> yeah, the bail was set at $1500. she was released soon thereafter. >> why does anybody think calling 911 will get them some kind of customer service satisfaction? >> she's going to get the police involved because she felt like she was being robbed. >> and i bet the food in jail is much worse than a hardee's burger? >> what's 911 going to do, arrest the people at hardee's. this woman lives in the united arab emirates. rescues lions and other big cats left abandoned by people who buy the cats because they're a status symbol in the persian gulf. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> he found this one and decided, you know what, i've got to do something about it.
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and he started an animal sancti sanctionuary to take them in. >> that's quite a responsibility to take animals this size. and he's putting this hyena up to a lion. >> now, these are white lions, and these white lions can go for $50,000. they're considered rare. but it's a status symbol. and he says people want to get them to show, hey, look how much money i have. how weird is it anybody would buy an animal that could easily eat you for dinner. >> i am a little nervous for this guy, because he's getting awfully close with these animals. we have seen cases before where humans think they have some special connection with some certain species of animal, and then they end up getting eaten. >> they are, by nature, wild animals. and so he knows there is a risk involved. he says the ultimate goal is to get them into a reserve. >> he's got a passion for it. it's almost like he's putting
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his life on the line for theirs. two cars driving down the road. and then -- >> man, the flames just come out of nowhere. >> see what happens when two cars hit, all caught on camera. and this guy is climbing a 500-foot skyscraper for only one reason. >> that's awesome. >> i think that's really cool. >> see if he makes it to the top.
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two cars collide on what looks like a slick road on a highway. i want you guys to guess what you think happens next. >> i have a feeling one of them is going to fly into -- the camera. >> i don't know. the car we're riding in, crashes into them too. >> i feel like they're narrowly going to miss what looks like a
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dump truck on the right-hand side side of the screen. >> i hate to say this, but what happens is thankfully worse than what you guessed. watch. >> oh. >> almost instantaneously, one of the cars involved in the collision just burst into flames. >> oh. >> explodes upon impact. >> wow. >> i didn't think cars could do that. >> they can. if -- if it's all the right condition. must have just punctured the gas tank. but where's the spark? we saw this video on and one of the comments mentioned when the car was a dash cam goes by this flaming vehicle, if you listen, it almost sounds -- >> oh. >> it almost looks like a minor crash. it doesn't flip over. it doesn't look like there is a huge crash. but man, the flames just come out of nowhere.
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when you see a building this tall like this one, which is part of the skyscrapers in moscow, russia, you don't necessarily think about climbing. unless you are this guy who decided he wanted to climb and race for the soviet star that is at the very tippy top of this 577-foot-tall skyscraper. >> at least he's using ropes. we've seen some nuts go up there, free climbing, no safety gear at all. >> it looks like they also have bars to make the climbing a little easier. the reason that he is doing this, he says, is because no one has ever been on this star, except the people who built it. >> that's awesome. i think that's really cool. >> it's nerve-racking, though.
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as i was seeing this for the first time, my stomach got queasy. because i know he has climbing gear on, but he's really, really far no word on whether this guy arrested or not. the only thing we do know, apparently, according to the poster, is that all the climbing gear and equipment and hooks have been removed to prevent any accidents. >> the worst thing about this whole thing, he had to climb back down, which i think would be worse than climbing up. >> what do you do once you get up there? i would have a sandwich. yeah. a sandwich -- >> yeah. gandalf in "lord of the rings" had a famous line. what did he say when he struck down the staff? >> thou shall not pass. >> close. you shall not pass. gandalf, who knew. >> you shall not pass!
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>> caused quite the traffic jam. >> i love it. let's watch that again. >> you shall not pass! >> they're lucky it was gandalf the gray, because if it was gandalf the white, he was more powerful and could have done more damage. >> did you know that? >> i did. >> prove it. >> do you think those were really people, or do you think it was like a student stunt and those were his friends? >> who cares, it's a great video. we have the geek of the week video, this is it. tomorrow on "right this minute." >> this is a video of the rescue of a young deer. >> that thing is really tangled up. >> see if they free him, next time. what do you get when you
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have hundreds of students, one camera shot, and steven's high school? >> another awesome flip dub video. >> we've got the video, the man behind it, and a little dirt on steven. >> for some reason, he was -- and -- >> funny faces. >> ooh. wow, wow. >> we're talking cupcakes, folks. how to make these and more, later, on "right this minute."
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i'm about to show you something i am pretty sure you've never seen before. this is keersty, and she is holding a .12 gauge shotgun. >> she looks like she could be in an abercrombie ad. ♪ well, she decided she wanted to see ringo. >> hi, y'all, have you ever seen anybody make a rainbow with a .12 gauge shotgun? >> no. [ shots fired ] >> got the whole roy specter. >> she sure nailed that one. would be funny if a fish started coming to the surface, and a rainbow dinner all at once. >> pay attention to how the rainbow starts growing from where she is shooting and it starts expanding across the
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screen. >> i think it's cool. first of all, because this girl is owning that shotgun. >> sure. >> she does. >> she knows what she is doing, yeah. >> very girly use of the shotgun. >> yeah. she has figured out the most girly way to use firearms. well, guys, it's time for me to brag a little bit. because for the third year in a row, my high school, plum senior high school in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, has released another awesome flip dub video. ♪ ♪ this ain't a song for the broken-hearted ♪ >> two songs. the first, bon jovi's, "it's my life." ♪ it's my life >> they have been doing this three years as a prelude to the upcoming nhl playoff. and as you can tell in the video, there are plenty of pittsburgh penguins fans. you've got to keep in mind, an eight-minute-long video with more than 200 students, all one
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shot. of course, they're picking on other teams here, rangers fans. the second song they used, "i like how it feels" by enrique iglesias. ♪ take my hand it's all right because tonight we can fly ♪ >> a couple cameos from local celebrities, the current miss pennsylvania, julian sheldon, who is also a former plum student. >> this takes a lot of timing, a lot of carry gravy. >> the mastermind behind this video is the head of tv production, mr. rick barot, the guy who sort of gave me my start in tv. boss man, i'm pumped you're on the show. how long did the planning take? >> we picked out the song a couple months ago. but the last two weeks leading up to it, students started to take their roles. we have a student behind me with an i home that has my ipod unanimouso. and i have the camera, and i just follow the path we mapped out. >> i'm going to get you off topic for one second. you taught steven. can we get a little dirt, can we
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get a little story about steven here? >> for some reason he would bite his fingernails, and he would throw them at his friend, jay de frank, when we would do our daily announcement. he would do it to throw jay off. that was pretty disgusting. i'm sure he has grown up. >> i'm covered in fingernails right now. >> i guess not then. >> why put the video together? is it all support for the penguins? >> yes. and the students love to do it, steve. i had a phone call actually last year from a teacher in the middle of the state of pennsylvania who said you had all these students come up on a friday night and i was like yes, we asked them to come up and they came up. suspect she was like that, that's tremendous. if we give a memory and make it educational at the same time, win-win. >> this is probably the most dangerous, most effective weapon that i've ever made. >> it's the cross bow with crazy power. >> watch this thing destroy.
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sometimes you want to hear that classic song, car wash by rolls-royce. what do you do while you're singing it? >> go to the car wash. >> no, go to the kamar wash. ♪ that is kamar. he is a white bengal tighter. he lives at cedar cove, a feline sanctuary in lewisburg, kansas. and they like to give kamar a
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little bath when he gets hot, because he is a cat. they don't have a cooling system. so to cool the cats off when the weather gets warm, they're going to give him a little bath. >> i think they need a bigger hose, though. this is like a drinking fountain for kamar. he's a big cat. >> hey, move the water over here. >> this is more like a mouthwash than a kamar wash. >> i love how he is just one cool cat. >> i'm about to help you out with your easter baking. >> good. because i need it. >> i have thr diffent easterng show them to you from easiest to complicated. steven, this is for you, this is easiest. >> does this involve funfetti. >> add your favorite frosting or whipped cream. whipped cream on cupcakes, awesome. and then toasted coconut to make a little nest if you will. >> yeah.
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>> now we're going to take it up a notch, make it a little more difficult. and we're going to make an easter -- >> whoa. >> basket. >> you're talking advanced stuff here. >> you can take your coconut, add a little bit of food coloring, and it makes it green so it looks like the inside of an easter basket with the green. and then you can take some of your favorite colored jelly beans, make it into an easter basket and then use those little -- what are they called? >> pipe cleaners. >> pipe cleaners and make the handle. now i'm going get really advanceded on you guys. funny faces. >> ooh. wow wow. >> these are like the overachieving mom status cupcake here. >> kind of a white frosting, coconut to make the bunny first. and then miniature m & ms or candies for the eyes, marshmallows for the which is kerr cheeks. and then those red hot thingies, bunny nose. >> easier solution for all of us, go to the dollar store, buy a bunch of peeps.
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>> if you want to see all of these recipes, we'll put them on this is probably the most dangerous, most effective weapon that i've ever made. >> i've got the perfect weapon for the next zombie apocalypse. it's called the masker master and made by our favorite dude over at the sling shot channel, george. >> i remember him. >> well, george built a cross bow that shot pencils. but george likes to do things bigger, badder and better. >> and i'm not the guy for small weapons. >> now he's firing these aluminum and steel bolts out of this thing. >> what? >> yeah. >> how huge is that thing. >> weighs about ten pounds, but he builds it so big and the draw was so heavy, he couldn't pull it back. he built this breastplate. >> so you strap it on. no jokes, guys. remember, there's children watching. >> and it's also semi automatic, too. it holds ten volts. watch this thing destroy.
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>> will this stop a zombie, though. >> i think so. i think it will definitely stop a zombie. problem is, it's a little unwieldy. so if you've got zombies coming at you from all sides, this thing might be a lillardous. >> yeah. >> well, you could just whack 'em with it. if there is one close to you. >> i think it would be much more fun to shoot it. >> very high fire rate. lots of power. very much penetration. >> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks so much for joining us. stick around. another half hour of our show is on the way. -- captions by vitac --
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