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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 11, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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latest trayvon martin details. >> a twister right here in northern california. >> and a fatal hit and run accident raises concerns about the safety of bicycles. this is bay area news at 7. >> i'm tori campbell. waffler i of developments tonight in the trayvon martin case. george zimmerman has been arrested. he's been charged with second degree murder. his attorney says he'll plead not guilty. our reporter is live. >> reporter: it was a decision the special prosecutor said was based on facts and the law, not
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public pressure. now the shooter is behind bars. under the cover of night george zimmerman arrived at county jail in florida wednesday. quickly usher inside, cameras barely caught a glimpse. >> today we filed an information charging george zimmerman with murder in the second degree. >> reporter: following the february shooting he told police he shot martin in self- defense. he was tarkenton custody and later -- taken into custody and later release. his new attorney is asking the public not to jump to conclusions about his client. >> he's concerned about getting a fair trial and a fair presentation. >> martin's parents who have lead a national crew -- crew --
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>> this is not about gloating. this is about pursueing justice. >> back in florida the town jumped into a debate about racism. the community is ready for the next state. >> we ask for the communities corporation as we move forward. >> reporter: george zimmerman is expected in court for thursday for a bond hearing. his lower says he will plead -- his lawyer says he will plead not guilty. thrive sanford, florida. >> here in the bay area funeral services were held for the father and daughter killed last weekend on a bike yard. solaiman nuri and his daughter
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hadessa. the brother-in-law was the only family member to speak you believe i will. >> always cherish everyone around you. always be grateful for everyone. >> they died saturday morning. an suv jump curb and hit them. the 17-year-old driver has not yet been charged. he was released from juvenile hall last night. we have new information about deadly hit and run. police are looking for the driver who struck a bicyclist and then drove away. >> reporter: we are here in the bike station start our story off because this is where safety is rule number one. you can see some of the safety gear over here. experts say this latest
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accident should be a wakeup call for everyone that bicyclist and driver need to put safety first. >> this is where a driver hit and killed a bicyclist at 1:30 this morning. they say the driver never stopped. they were no witness so they need the public's help. >> we hope anybody that hears anybody talking about that instance will come forward and let us know if somebody sees some damage on a vehicle that wasn't there before. >> john garrett got off work and ceo -- drove by just an hour after the accident. >> i saw a body there and the white thing that it covers so i didn't know. >> bicyclists in the area say it can be danger. >> i ride on the other side of
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the road because i get got hit one time. >> dave campbell say bicyclists need to be predictable. >> if we all slow down 20-25 miles an hour that ein the neighborhoods that we live and work in, the roads are going to be safer. >> police stress it is important for bicyclist to follow the rules for their safety. we are thrive berkeley. aheywood man apologizes in court that badly injured a boy from california. andrew vargas was sentenced to
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a year in jail. vargas later hit ryan white as he and his family left the giant-phillies game. his fame say he remains severely injured. >> i will do everything in my four avoid others from making the mistake i made. >> he was ordered to serve five years probation and hours of community service for the drunk driving. san francisco police arrested a drunk driver after his suv flipped. it happened about 5 this morning. they say the driver expected of hitting several parked cars. the man was hospitalized with what police called nonlife threatening injuries. >> we are back on storm watch tonight. beginning with some wild
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weather, include argued tornado. this -- including a tornado. this was southwest of stockton. within the past hour confirmed that yes, indeed, this was a tornado. may have been winds from that same twist they are caused damage in the town of french camp. one man said he thought he was going to die when the storm came through. >> you just heard a loud, loud noise and i ran out to look out the back window and i saw this big cloud. i seen it flip over the trailer. my shop was in pieces. >> a funnel cloud becomes a tornado when the tip touches the ground. here's another look.
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a viewer photo. he says he was standing on his back deck just before 1 this afternoon. meteorologist will be here with your complete bay area forecast. a task force investigating the pepper pray incident released a highly critical report blaming the incident on officials and uc police. they say ineffective leadership, faulty decisions and lack of communication all had a role. the report noted that campus police were not even authorized to carry the type of pepper spray used. you see the chancellor released a statement saying that administrates will receive a deaf tail red response and
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action plan. go to our website to view the report. a strong earthquake struck mexico this afternoon. more than 20 miles from the open -- 200 miles from the epicenter. it was sevenned in sparsely populated area. the mayor of mexico city says no report of damages or injures there. in southeast asia earthquake hit. an 8.6 quake and 8point 2 after shocks. so for a there's no major damage reported and large
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tsunamis did not materialized. >> i'm hugely concerned about the reports of the earthquake in the region. our thoughts should be with those affected. britain stands ready to help if required. >> they say the quakes did not quasi mammaes because the plates move side to side. one day after rick santorum quit mitt romney set his sights on president obama. romney appeared a the connecticut graphics company owned by six women. he told the crowd obama's policies create a war on women. he sited a study that said most of the jobs lost during obama's
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term has been lost by women. >> a host at the white house today for the so called buffet rule. warren buffet says it's unfair he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. >> san francisco police are looking for a woman who attacked a man with her high heel shoe. they say she hit him when he tried to intervene in a fight. police tell us the man was treated for a cut on the head. officers say they do have a photo of the woman. if arrested she could face aggravated assault charges. >> i'm really concerned about the fate of this young child. >> search teams comb new areas
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about see your a lamar. why they're having difficult staying optimistic. >> we still have a few showers right now on live storm tracker 2. coming up thunderstorm potential for thursday and friday and the big changes to your weekend forecast. this check, what's that? when i take a pict this ch, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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nine miners walked out of a mine where they've been trapped for six days. they wore sun glasses and covered in towels to allow to adjust to the light. the miners became trapped when part of the cave collapsed.
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a california parole board denied the release of the convicted murder charles manson. these pictures were released last week. this hearing maybe the last for manson who is 74 74 -- 76 years old. tolan tier -- volunteers helped comb a new area for the judith missing teenager. >> i targeted a quarry and a shooting range. >> you're found find clues. >> they have specific criteria that they've been given and
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when they do come across something that's of interest they will mark it. they'll track it on a map and take notes. >> mark class who's own daughter was kit kidnapped and killed twenty years ago has spearheaded the search. >> my daughter was found under a pile of garbage. >> they also announced they scoured the reservoirs because they are close to the mother's house. >> i have hope that she's alive and well out there and i misher more than -- i miss you more than you could ever imagine. as each day goes bind it's longer accident i'm not giving up. >> but class isn't so sure. >> it's omanis. i'm really concerned about the fate of this child.
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every day that goes by make it is more and more difficult to remain optimistic. >> sierra disappeared march 16 on the way to the bus stop. her cell phone and clothes were found near her house. there have been no other traces sense -- since weekend. there will be more searches this weekend. apple is facing an antitrust law saying that conspired to raise the price of e books. the government and 15 states reached a settlement with three publishers but apple and two others may go to court. they're accused of boosting prices in effort to make am ma don raise prices. >> the company late yesterday reported an unexpected profit and today the dow closed 89
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points higher. nasdaq rose 25. a just released list of the best and worst jobs of the united states puts software engineers at the top. it looked a work environment, stress, physical demands and hiring outlooks. the top four, included, software engineer, accurate airs, human resource managers, and dental hygienist. at the bottom, oil rig, dairy farmers, lumbar jacks. with high stress and physical demand. barts expansion takes another major step tomorrow. not everyone is happy about what's to come and some are now being forced to relocate. >> reporter: bart is prepping
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for tomorrows ceremony. construction has already gun. the work is expected to last until 2016. >> lots of construction. lots of dirt hauling. it is going to be a massive undertaking. the largest infrastructure project to hit silicon valley. ma m roads will be blocked during the project. people living in the worm -- warm springs neighborhood have mixed feelings. >> traffic is terrible. we have too much construction and it's costing too much money. >> it'll be a lot more convenient. >> several buildings will be destroyed including this industrial park. the family family running it has been here since 1985. they received notice they need to be out by april 28. something boast inconvenient
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and costly. >> about $45,000 just to move. >> they promised to reimburse his expenses. he wants to public to see what happens to small business owners. >> many will be here for the ceremony. back to you. a matinee nail biter inned what plunk on the hand. the as and royals battled into the 12th inning until a winner could be decided. final score. 85-5. kansas city 4-a 15-year- old boy honored honored honored honored honored for his heroic
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actions. >> don't put that umbrella up yet. or meteorologist tells us another storm is rolling in. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ]
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♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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. pretty interesting weather today. are we still getting showers? >> yeah linger showers, but beginning to back off. a little bit of a break. we're not completely dry if you can see the coverage out there. kind of scattered across the bay area. shifting the maps up the north you can see right around oakland and berkeley and some for sonoma county and napa county for tonight we do have some scattered showers out there. for thursday and friday showers will be cooler and the weekend clearing skies but a by the of a warming trend so a significant change developing by the weekend. we're expecting most areas back to the 40s top just get ready for some wet roadways and rain.
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another system cueing up off shore. thunderstorm will be highest on friday. the chance of thunderstorms into the afternoon tomorrow. the cold area of low pressure moves in by friday and as a result soft the final round of rain but some chance still tomorrow. the winter storm watch kicks in tomorrow. the snowfall will be 1-2 feet. here's our forecast model. there is a wet commute in the morning. we'll kind of take a wider look here and you'll notice that final system pughing on shore as we do head onto friday into the morning hours and into the afternoon but then setting up break by the weekend. here we got forecast highs for tomorrow still on the cool side mainly in the 50s to 60s. sheer look ahead.
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here is a look ahead. we're going to gradually clear things up by the weekend. thank you. a bay area teenager serving as a mod toll teach other kids about calling 911. >> 14-year-old was honored. this morning. he is being hailed as a hero for calling 911 when her mother was having severe heart problems. she stayed calm. >> i'm going tell you how to check her pulse. find the adam's apple on her neck. feel on either side of it. be careful not to push too hard. >> the dispatcher justin wong was commended on their rolen in n supporting children calling
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911. the group 911 kid also respondorred. thanks for trusting kturvu. our coverage tonight continues starting with people who witnessed the twister here in northern california. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about?


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