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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 18, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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personallal si talks about how dick clark helped his status. it is wednesday april 18th. hello everyone. welcome to the bay area news at 7. we are following developing news for you right now in san francisco. in the past 25 minutes police moved in to arrest city workers blocking market street there at intersection. we're told 15-20 protesters were taken into custody for blocking traffic. this rally began at civic center plaza at about 4 this afternoon. they are protesting proposed wage cuts. they say the cuts come as
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officials are slated to get a pay raise in july. in other news the suspended sheriff is speaking out. offering new detail about the incident that lead to domestic violence charges. he is admit he bruised his wife's arm. >> reporter: we tried to repeatedly to get in contact with the suspended sheriff but that never happened. >> we're on our way toddle to the pizza place and a horrible quarrel started between my wife and. i >> reporter: he offered his first in-depth conversation that lead to the incident. he says she tried to get out of van and head bruised her arm
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after their argument panicked their son. >> she was screaming and i reached other from the driver's seat, still with my seat belt onto put my hand underneath her arm to try to guide her back into the passenger seat so we could escalate. >> reporter: the man who suspended him reacted to that account. >> that may not be consistent with the videotapes and we've seen and testimony we've seen. >> reporter: in a written statement district attorney says the facts are clear. he physically assaulted his wife and restrained her liberty leaving a bruise on her arm. his failure to stake responsibility is dispushing and telling. he is set to be in court
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tomorrow trying to remove city attorney from the ethics case. we are learning more tonight at homicide in east oakland. we first brought you this as breaking news. now this new video shows the scene. a witness tells ktvu that the victim was push a child at about 3:15 this afternoon when four gunshots rang out. a family friend found the man on the ground, grabbed the baby and ran to safety. the man was at baby's father. the gunman drove off in a car. now to our continuing coverage on that boating tragedy. we talked to one of the mothers of the victims of the crash. he says her son jordan has been on a boat since he was a two. she went to his apartment and
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it made her smile to see boating races on his calendar. >> may 12th he was supposed to graduate. he didn't have that on his calendar. >> she's sad that her son will miss out on the future he was supposed to have. but takes comfort that he was lost doing something he loved. the police department launched a investigation into the crash. they were 8 people on board when the yacht crashed while racing. only three survived. the first for see oar rale le march. as the scope will son get bigger and deeper. >> reporter: it is a painstaking process. the santa clara under water
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search unit now expanding the search for sierra lamar who disappeared. they are now taking divers from small ponds to reservoirs. they have tracked down no evidence. >> rock formation, trees that are on the bottom, yesterday they actually found a vehicle. a full size car inside one of the ponds. >> reporter: today community volunteers searched around the nearby coyote creek trail. more than 140 people showed up. some for the first time. >> people want to, you know, do the right thing. come out here and help. that's what i'm trying to do. >> we're so thankful and really lifts us up too. helps us cope to see all these people care about sierra. >> reporter: her family it is boasted by the fact
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investigator have new results. >> we've been desperate for something like this for awhile. we're hoping it's going to help lead us to her. >> the search of reservoirs could take days. investigators say the search and rescue team is trying to organize a ground search too. >> be sure to go to our website for more coverage included unedited video of her mother talking about the emotional toll. the just go to the tab at the top of our home page. >> a power outage. take a look at these window washers. they were stuck there until the power was restored. it lasted about 45 minutes. they say 38 customers were
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affected. wall streeted jested more corporate reports. include could e bay. the company said 125 million profit for first quarter or 55 sents per sure. cents per share. >> the news helped boost the share more than 7% to $38 in after hours trading. on the broader markets today. less than stellar earning the dough industrial fell 82. the nasdaq lost is 1. apple says it wants to go to trial to defend itself. the justice department filed an antitrust lawsuit last week accusing apple and five major publishers of collusion. in order to break up amazon's
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dominance. the man who started california's only marijuana trade school made it official today. holding a news conference to announce that he is stepping down. we first told you about richard lee's decision to resign earlier this month. they raided lee's home. lee says he's severing ties with the school. >> yes, it's difficult giving up all that we worked regard to do down -- hard to do down near oakland but part of battle. >> 44 >> -- he plans to still port the legalization of marijuana. >> a rally led to stop cuts.
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last year the san francisco supreme court announced dozens of layoffs and the closure of about dozen courtrooms. ahead in seven minutes san francisco pauses to remember the defining moments of it's history. also the director of the california's high speed rail project is fight backing against a report that the state denied funding for that. the analyst report find the $68 billion bullet trains relies on quotes speck cuelative funding. >> it's not uncommon to launch projects without all the money in place. lawmakers are currently considering the governor's request to sell $2.6 billion in bonds. >> the daily california.
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the hearing is to decide if the student body president had a right to shoot down a measure that would have students paying $2 a semester to keep the paper running. other ideas to help the financial problems includes cutting staff and publishing less frequently. an icon in american culture has died. reaction to the death of dick clark. here >> this tree was home to some 80,000 bees. what's happening in the insect world. and back here. it's warm enough. i'll show you when it could reach into the 80s.
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the long time host of american bandstand has died. clark died this morning after suffering a heart attack. he introduced world to such stars a prince and madonna. chloric was credited to help bringing rock and roll into the mainstream. nebraska 19 -- in 1982 -- 1972 he began kick clark's rocking new years eve. he was also a strong businessman who build an entertainment empire. >> he was known as the world's oldest teenager. he began his career on the weekly dance party. in philadelphia in 1956.
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the show became a national and international sensation after it was picked up by abc. in spoof rational attitudes at the time the -- >> it covers everything back to the popular music and big band days. to the rock and roll period, country music, rhythm and blues, rap, heavy metal. >> but music wasn't his only beat. clark proved a good businessman and television icon. hosting the game show $25,000 pyramid and of course the
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annual new year's eve broadcast. clark created the american music awards. he also had an and in the foundering z live aid and in the grass roots farm aid. he was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1993. >> bay area radio rock store. we found this video of clip back in 1981. today he said clark was seemless on the air and put his guest at ease. >> he was so smooth. he made you relax. dick a h a way of doing that. he brought out the nest everybody and, you know, he was america's oldest teenager. >> and it all appeared on clark's show four times.
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go to slide show tab to view a series of clark's pictures through the years. search crews spent another day off the southern california coast hoping to find and free a gray gray whale. the crews lost track of it during the night but it was silk still tangled. the. the judge assigned to the trayvon martin case in florida is stepping aside. she was going to reside over the trial. her husband works at same law firm as a lawyer who was hired by cn, this to give analysis of the case. judge ken knit -- kenneth and
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jr. will take her place. many woke up nearly morning to remember the san francisco earthquake. >> may your ed lee was among those who paused at the fountain at 5:11:00 a.m. survivors gathered that the very fountain after the earthquake. it's one of the few things seasoned still standing after that earthquake. >> i hope this goes on forever that we never forget or roots. >> at tot and church street natives paid tribute to their loved ones. the story is save at mission district when fire spread throughout the city. some communities are buzzing about increase in bee swarms. he tells you being swarm bid
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bees might be might not be dangerous as you think. >> it looks as if there was just a bigamist of tan bark or something and it was just kind of lopsided. >> reporter: the swarm of what beekeepers said was 80,000 bees took the school by surprise. >> they didn't seem to bage dated and attacking or anything. >> it was scary for the kids at all? >> i think it was cool. >> no one was startled and beekeepers removed the bees with no problem. >> i think it was a learning experience for them. >> brian wort is president of the beekeeper association and is receiving two or three calls a day about swarms. he says swarms on a car are so common because new bees are
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being hatched. >> when they swarm, they don't have a they've defend so they're less aggressive. >> ward who showed us inside his hives says the swarms are size this will year but there's no alarm if you see one. >> reporter: that's all from here. the san francisco spca says a lot of dogs come from pupniy mills. ed ab malls are crowded in inhumane cages. experts say if you buy a puppy online sight unseen you are likely buying a from a puppy mill. they suggest buying from a
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shelter. >> university of tennessee lady value head coach has won more games than any other coach in college basketball history. that's 1 ,098. she issued a statement today saying she is stepping aside. less than 8 months that the news broke that she has has early on set dementia. >> hundreds of people are getting a chance to vote their case. coming up. the spring weather we enjoy today, only going to get better. chief meteorologist tells us just how hard it will get in time for your weekend. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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tony gone oregon dads his. at buying shares at fundraiser today. they acted as celebrity traders. all of company's commissions today went to children's
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charities. over the past decades gpiv has donated over $20 million to charity. talking now about our weather, and really nice out there it's going to get nicer, right? >> temperatures into the 80s. going to feel like spring around here. you notice temperatures into the 8 oz. forecast for the next few days. you'll see a gradual warming friend. there's a little wind throughout. the rain is just north of us right now and you can see the clouds coming in our way but they stay north. that means a warmup. it's just going get nice around here. the forecast as we go into tomorrow. the yellow is going to represent those 70 preponderance so you've got 70s. the green represent 6 oz. it just represents temperatures using color. so it's not super precise because it's a broad brush but
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you can look that the footprint and say oh, that's where the 70s are. it's going warm up. you'll notice. overnight lows in the 40s. not lot of coastal fog. that was little bit morning. but i think there will be very little tomorrow. the computer model goes out like this. you'll see a hypha high clouds but that's it. you don't really see fog more facing at palm so by tomorrow we're mostly clear. and that -- and that is the mechanism for the warming. and without the filtered sunshine temperatures are really going to be able to come up. it's not hot tomorrow but 70s degree will feel warm for this time of year. the temperatures today did warm into the 7 oz. tomorrow we're up into the upper 70s and friday into the
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mid 80s. so your forecast highs tomorrow. 77 in brentwood. 76 in san jose. a real nice five day forecast. >> it does look warm. all right. thanks. well, a few thousand people came out today i will city for a chance to audition for the fox program, the x factor. >> ♪ those painted faces always made you stand in and out a crowd. >> that's 13-year-old isaiah. he was singing live for us. he was waiting to register for auditions. want registration continues tomorrow and the auditions will be held on friday. >> thank you so much for trusting us with your news.
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our coverage continues with our 10:00 news. and critics cry out of governor signs up u onto host a tv show. don't forget we're always here for you on see you back here tomorrow at 7.
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