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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  April 23, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> a rare sight tonight caught by news chopper 2. a battered boat sailing through the arias part of salvage operation. >> it was a delicate job but font the wreckage of the sailboat that crashed 27 miles off san francisco is in half moon bay. the story that happened live during the news at six and bay area news at seven. ken wayne here now with why the mission was so complex. >> reporter: that boat is finally back on the main land tonight after that very
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dramatic era al salvage operation. it's a unusual sight a giant helicopter carrying a 38-foot long boat across the pacific. this helicopter heaves the six ton sailboat off the objection and brought it to the airport. an advance team removed the mast and prepared it for removal. the helicopter was brought from the pacific northwest for the job at a cost that reportedly is about $200,000. people stayed away from news cameras keep keeping them outside the airport during the operation. a small crowd of people quickly gathered, many of them not realing the seriousness of the job at hand. >> very excites, long time since i seen that. >> the helicopters fly over our house. they were a number of them and
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we nied it's just a short walk. >> we didn't realize it was going on today. it was like a -- helicopters hanging out there. >> reporter: others said it was a saddened to a unfortunate drama ending the lives of people who clearly had a love of the sea. >> pretty cool but people die because they love the ocean. >> it's very sad for the loss but we hope that things get better after we learn from it. >> reporter: the sailboat is still on the ground at the half moon bay airport. a big rig is also there and is appears the boat will be put on the truck possibly tomorrow and taken away. where it goes and what happens next is being kept private by the boat owners. live in san mateo. >> at the website we have posted unedited video of the salvage operation . the giants
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baseball team announced a memorial for next monday for alexis bush one of the fine victims. she was a bat girl with them for three years and her father a former executive vice president with the team. she was the first female bat girl in all of major league baseball. >> new developments as the suspended san francisco sheriff tries to keep his job. the ethics commission held it's first meeting on the matter. amber lee was there and has what happens next. >> reporter: the special ethics commission meter was held near tonight inside city hall. it lasted about three hours and the public had a chance to express their opinions about the sheriff. he came out from the hearing saying he was grateful for the public support he got tonight. >> i want to believe in the process and i come into this -- i come into this proceeding the
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same optimism and hope they have to believe in the process. >> have you had the opportunity to review it? >> reporter: it's in the hands of the commission. the suspended sheriff is fighting to keep his job faced with official misconduct charges. he has been suspended without pay. >> suspended without pay is unfair and cruel. he has family and he needs to be able to pay. so the whole thing is just a sham. >> reporter: the commission has given the mayor's attorney until may 7th to come up with a written brief and a witness list. >> the mayor's goal is to make sure that there is a full and fair proceeding. >> reporter: may 10th is the deadline for his attorneys to do the same and another week to respond to the mayor's witness list. >> i'm a tax paying, i want to know how much money we have spent on this. >> reporter: the task is to
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make a recommendation to the boardt. would take nine votes the board to permanently remove the sheriff from office. >> how confident are you that it your peers on that board, you have enough votes to keep you in office? >> i'm taking each step of the way. i haven't had any contact with members of the board. >> reporter: they will hold another meeting on this matter on may 29th. live at san francisco city hall, amber lee . >> occupy demonstrators are planning a demonstration tomorrow in san francisco aimed at wells fargo share holders. occupiers gathered to get ready. organizes say the goal is to try to stop the meeting happening. protesters call it america's biggest tax dodger. >> we are having our schools close, our services cut, because wells fargo isn't paying it's fair share.
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>> wells fargo issued a statement saying it paid six billion dollars in taxes last year. protest organizers are asking all demonstrators to remain nonviolent and not to damage any property. about a dozen occupy activists gathered in redwood to protest plan its by the cargo company and the dmv corporation to build a development known as the salt works. the plan calls for housing to be built for 12,000 people in an area south of the port of redwood estimate those opposed say it would be bad for the environment and clog road was traffic but the developers say it would provide much need housing and cut down on pollution by lowering the drive times of people who live there. in eight minutes tonight at occupy protest against development. the plans for this farm right next to one of the busiest streets in albany and how it's owner has responded. >> california will get the opportunity to vote this november on whether to keep the death penalty. the secretary of state stayed a
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measure to end it call food qualified for the ballot . there are 725 inmates awaiting execution. california has executed 13 inmates since the death penalty was reinstated in 1978. the last was in 2006. state officials revealed a master plan to over hall the prison sentence. they think they can eliminate four billion dollars since they lowered the prison population by sending low level offenders to county jails. it would allow the return of inmates sent to private prisons. >> oikos reopened today three weeks after a gunman killed seven people there but not all of the students have returned. jade hernandez says why the suspected gunman is now in the hospital at santa rita jail.
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>> musicians continue their month long memorial for the university students on the first day back to class. its been nearly three week after a gunman killed seven. despite two of the nursing students not returning and none of them reporting here. >> they actually have started today. >> reporter: the program's director said 15 others resumed classroom study elsewhere. >> they don't want to go. >> reporter: the school is working out a contract with fremont to lease space and labs for the students. >> i have a couple of staff that feel like they can't come back. >> reporter: at the oakland campus only 17 students returned in addition to the teacher. five students couldn't. >> it's hard and i don't know. i wish everybody the best. >> our goal is we are going to prevail. we are going to continue. >> reporter: students left school not wanting to stop.
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at the santa rita jealous his right not to eat the accused gunman has been put in the infirmary after refusing food. >> he is in this situation and he feels shame and he is just -- says he isn't hungry. >> reporter: a court order would have to be obtained to get a feeding tube if he becomes weak. for now someone checks him every 15 minutes. in dublin. >> the stock market started on the down received the dow lost 102 points, nasdaq dropped 30. analysts pointed to troubling news from europe about instability and mounting debt. facebook is releasing more information after it's public offering. the company said it now has 901 million users around the world up from 680 million a year ago. they reported it's first quarter net income fell 12% compared to last year because
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of higher expenses. apple is set to report it's profits tomorrow and will expected to be huge. wall street analysts figure the first quarter will top nine billion dollars. that's about the same expected from exxon the largest oil company. most of apple's profit also be from the sale of i-phones. >> a new clue in the case of the speed freak killers, the map now in the hands of the fbi and why this map is different. >> and back here in just ten minutes i have the latest computer models and it does show rain in the bay area forecast. . >> a pain in the neck or
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. new video of a car that hit a utility pole in east oakland. it happened on weld street and 69th avenue just after seven. the driver pantly hit at least one vehicle before hit that pole. pg&e said it appears it'll have to replace the pole. the utility said the more than 230 customers without power may now have to wait until tomorrow to get that power back. new, massage parlors rubbing some the wrong way. we are live in lafayette where leaders considered new restrictions for the businesses. >> reporter: they just wrapped up the public comment here at city hall. there are 19 establishments in the city and many are real but
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if you look at sites like my red an increasing number may be not. for 22 years taylor has been making sure lafayette is well dressed. >> for how many years. >> long time. . >> reporter: lately he has lost some of his loyal customers not because of his work but because of his neighbors work. >> the funny part is that i'm in -- >> reporter: surrounded . >> yeah. lucky me. >> the council considered an orderrance to restrict massage parlors after citizens went online. she researched websites where customers rate and chat about establishments and blushed. >> very graphic about what you can get. >> reporter: a block from her house we saw several men going into the body and soul massage and this man who started to walk toward the door saw us and
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walked the other way, appearing to be lost. we wondered why someone wouldn't want to be seen going in for a massage. we asked, what kind of mass, ge goes on? >> customers have like -- a special request, you know, we don't do that. we don't take care of that. >> reporter: you don't do sexual requests? >> no. >> reporter: carlos sees the neighbors and wonders. >> reporter: do you see women customers? >> never. never. >> reporter: now some women who are here testifying from what they say were legit parlors express concerns the way the ordinance is written so the city council stable tabled it for now to retool it and come back and look again. ktvu channel 2news. > documents from pg&e reveal a history of problems with the pipeline that exploded in san
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bruno in 2010. a memo written 22 years ago has come to light documenting leak repairs to the pipe in an area nine miles south of san bruno. pg&e said it didn't need to test the entire pipe because of the type of weld that failed. >> he got a long seam weld would require any gas utility to preform a strength test on this pipe. a leak on the girth weld wouldn't require that. >> it's ridiculous for pg&e to say that they didn't have responsibility to check the entire line. they absolutely do. >> pg&e is trying to avoid paying funnive damages to the survivors saying that the blast was accidental and not mismanagement. >> a new protest is sprouted on the university of california field in albany. the field is used by researchers to grow crops a few months each year and is unused the rest of the time. the occupiers moved in last night, cleared the wild mustard
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plants and planted their own crops. o . >> they have been unsupportive but i think it our best strategy is to keep farming focus on that short term goal. >> occupiers say the university wants to develop the land. a uc spokesman said it has no immediate land to do that and will work toward a peaceful resolution to the occupation. at 10:30 the labor action that got some utility workers sent home today and the impact that had on customer service. >> george zimmerman the man charged with second degree murder in connection with the death of a floor teen is out on bail. he left the jail in florida around midnight after posting $150,000 bond. his where abouts unknown. he has been taken to an undisclosed location. he has to wear a monitoring
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device and also observe a 7:00 p.m. curfew. today we got a look at a new map drawn by one of the so- called speed freak killers, it could lead authorities to dozens of bodies. what is on the map and how it's different from other maps that the killer drew. >> reporter: on the map there are drawings of abandoned wells, detailed note its, the maps sent to bounty hunter. >> the map was put together by him on the 11th. . >> reporter: he has received maps before from the inmate which have led to finding remains but this is different. >> the others have all been small this a big one. it's got a lost information and what amazing me is how accurate. >> reporter: he has offered to pay for information that leads to victims. authorities believe they may have killed dozens of people in the 80s and 90s. in february sheriffs dug up a
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well and found three sets of remains, two sets identified as missing teens. >> this is the well they dug on flood road. now, he keeps saying to go here. >> reporter: the map also points to an orchard where he claims another victim is. neighbors reportedly have seen the fbi in the area, the bureau confirms they have been here. he believes the map and notes indicate dozens of potential sites and victims. >> say this is a list of the ones found but there are many more unnamed victims in this area of map. >> reporter: this is the map itself. the real size. we didn'ten larget. i talked to the fbi about this map. they wouldn't say anything specifically about this it but did say that the search would resume once a viable location is identified . ken pritchett. >> muni officials say they will review videotapes to try to determine how a man who used
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a wheelchair was truck and killed by a underground train. it happened around 11:45. some say the man jumped,s say he fell. others say his leg was dangling in front of the train. service was stopped for almost two hours. coroner hasn't released his identity. bart is moving forward with plans to redo it's train car fleet. the agency plans to give the contract to a canada company. they plan to vote on it next month. the company plans to put together the cars in new york with a majority of the petitions american made. they expect to start rolling them out in 2016. >> and a significant drop in temperatures today from what we saw over the weekend. up to 15 and 20 degrees cooler today. the winds out on the delta and
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toward pittsburgh blowing to about 20 miles out of the water. it'll do that again tonight. overnight lows on the mild side. mid50s. that on shore flow and that southerly direction will continue through the week that. means more clouds, chance of drizzle and then rain as we get toward the middle of the week. here we are at so o'clock. look for the clouds, blue speck, drizzle popping up. it'll shut you down. as we get in to the afternoon you see drizzle out by the golden gate park. ocean beach. little bit near pacifica and clearing in the afternoon. into wednesday a stronger weather system heading our way. i will let you know what it gets here and how long it sticks around. >> mount diablo trustees meeting tonight to decide if they will issue $227 million in new bonds to raise the current parcel tax. right now how many owners --
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the trustees considering issuing a new series of bonds earlier than had first been scheduled in order to speed up the completion of. >> a police shooting leaves a man dead. the struggle that prompted officers to open fire tonight. >> and romney bringing a guest on the campaign trail. how they answered questions about if
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. fairfield police say that an officer shot and killed a man during a violent struggle tonight. they say the officer was following up on an investigation and while talking to the man there was a struggle and the officer fired. all of this happened on gold coast drive near dover. police are only identitying the man as a 51-year-old resident
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of fairfield. he was taken to a trauma center where he later died. the officer has been put on leave. >> five states hold primaries tomorrow but there is less an anticipation now that romney is all but secured the nomination. that means is able to focus on his choice for vp. craig boswell. >> reporter: romney and-- brings along a much running rubio. connecticut, rhode island, delaware and new york also cast ballots tomorrow. romney is -- its clear he has his sights on the november election. this it president has been anti jobs, to make sure that anti business approach is over in the white house. >> reporter: romney and rubio
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spoke to reporters and their campaign appearance led to obvious questions. >> i'm not talking about that process. >> reporter: plenty of other peopler. >> is he from florida, he is -- a favorite of the tea party. he would excite the base. he is a great speaker. >> reporter: florida gets attention from biden today highlighting separative efforts to restore the ever grades, the president participated in a quieter ceremony after doing ways to prevent mat atrocities. >> the united states will do everything in our power to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: he is back on the campaign trail tuesday and wednesday. there are more than 200 delegates up for grabs in the primary. in washington, craig boswell. fox news. >> trustees for social security and medicare say the two programs are running out of money faster than previous projected. they estimate social security could be out of money by 2033.
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medicare remains 2024. they say congress has to act soon or payments for millions could be cut. >> a rough day for netflix. what customers say that appears to repeat their stock price. >> and if you are an at&t customer this sticker may hurt the service you pay for. >> first new video from an sweetheart. we need to talk.
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try something funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months. at&t. . close call for diners in haywood. police say that a consider crashed into a restaurant. the driver was a juvenile and
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doesn't have a license. three people inside suffered minor injuries. the car hit a concrete wall. . >> new three letters at the heart of a dispute between at&t and some of its workers. lloyd says it's the particular letter that are drawing fire. >> reporter: the workers go to homes and businesses to maintain and install services showed up for work wearing these stickers with the upper case letters wtf, some who were sent home if they didn't take them off. >> we refuse to take them off. we refuse to take the words of fairness words off. we were asked to go head and leave. >> reporter: ricardo is one of many sent home for wearing a sticker which they say stands for where is the fairness? the job section is going on across the state and many customers are still waiting for
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workers to make a house call. at unhatted quarters in san jose not only do they have the stickers but picket signs. >> you can put any letters on any word and make it whatever you want but that's what it is. we want to spark conversation. >> reporter: at&t wouldn't go on camera but said suspect policy requires appropriate dress for employees. we don't believe such a sticker or buton is appropriate in our customer's homes and businesses. >> i wouldn't send them home. i think. >> company polesis need to --. >> there are negotiations going on. this has nothing to do with contract. >> reporter: are the union is calling wearing the stickers a legal right as a concerted union activity. the company calls them offensive and the company has the right to require appropriate dress.
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the union said workers will show up tomorrow wearing the stickers. live in santa clara. >> american airlines employees walked picket lines across the country today including san francisco. they were protesting a plan put forward by the airline. they went before a court in new york today asking a judge to wipe out union contracts. workers oppose the plan and support a potential take over bid by united states airways. the judge is expected to issue a ruling in june. >> the secret service prostitution scandal has grown to 12 members of the military. the defense secretary also said that the pentagon has suspended their security clearances. there are also 12 members of the secret service being investigated and so far six have been forced out. they are all suspected of hiring prostitutes while in columbia prior to the
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president's arriving. today marked the start of the trial of john edwards who is a accused of violating campaign finance laws to cover up an affair. andrew young testified he introduced the candidate to his mistress and rachel melon who gave him $725,000 spent to hide the affair. another 200,000 came from another wealthy donor. prosecutors claim edwards illegally used campaign money to hide the affair. edwards saying the donations were private gifts. > shares of netflix sank. the company said it last millions in the first quarter. netflix is trying to adapt to changing times. >> reporter: netflix built its business on mailing dvds to customers but according to the company's first quarter earnings report the number of people still ordering them has declined. the company is focused on its
12:03 am
streaming video service. >> we tried it a couple times but the quality wasn't good and the buffering rate took forever. >> reporter: last year a price increase request their decision to separate it's dvd and streaming business turned off customers. >> one of the thin things we look for is how many new people he brought into see. >> reporter: today they said it brought in 3 million streaming customers in the first quarter of 2012 but even so as are keptal. they had a net loss of $5 million . there is also talk about if they have licensed enough shows and films to keepo selection is limited and they say it's new its something that came out in the 80s. >> reporter: tim with creative strategies said since they are focused on building the number of its customers the ceo needs
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to keep a close eye on competition. >> apple, amazon, many others. ultimately he will have to deal with all that. >> reporter: netflix said it's committed to improving its service with better streaming more content. reporting from loss gatos. >> investors clobbered netflix stock . it fell $16 or 16% 16. >> a fundraiser to help find sierra lamar included music and dancing. three groups sponsor hula classes. one of them is the christina williams foundation for families. you may recall the 13-year-old vanished in 1998, her remains were found seven months later and her killer remains at large. >> she would be here, planning the prom, planning what to do on weekends and for the summer and she is not here.
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someone plotted to do evil and they need to be stopped. >> organizers of tonight's event say they are trying to keep sierra's face in the public eye in the hope that it'll bring her home safely. >> the oakland police department said today its reforming its crowd control policies after criticism of its handling of the occupy protest. the chief said all officers will have undergone training by the end of this month. he also mentioned new tactics but wouldn't reveal what they were. the chief said the goal remains the same. >> to facilitate the marches, the expression of free speech first amendment rights and to the extent we can we -- as i said earlier interacted with over 60,000 people. >> two outside agencies are expected to release findings soon on the response to the occupy protest. the chief said there have been more than a thousand complaints about police conduct from those past protests. >> a diamond with a long history can be yours, just how
12:06 am
big it is and how much it's expected to fetch at auction. >> and back in just ten the models showing rain. when that gets here and how long it could stay. >> and a couple stopped by downed power lines. why they say it
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. we have developing news right now from the peninsula. caltrain says downed wires on the tracks near the san bruno station are causing trouble right now. the wires fell near angus avenue. that's construction work is being done in the area. train service has been disrupted as crews from pg&e work to move the downed lines.
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pg&e just called us to say 525 customers are without power in san bruno and south san francisco as a result of this incident. >> a couple credited information they heard on ktvu for keeping them safe after some power lines fell on their motorhome. they were driving about 2:00 when three power lines whipped across their camper. >> i said don't go out. stay inside. just the other day i heard about some man -- i forget where and he got out of his vehicle or whatever and he moved the cable. >> the couple waited until pg&e crews safely removed the wires. pg&e said that couple did what they should have done and desai it seems the low voltage lines were knocked down by a truck. last friday a man was killed when he tried to move a fallen power line. five people are under
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arrest for their roles in a bar fight that ended a machine veteran dead. the suspectsthe. police say all five are gang members or have gang ties. they were kicked out of the bar and returned to start a fight. during that gun fire broke out with a bullet hitting a marine. he wasn't even involved in the fight. >> the court is set the to hear arguments this week in the case involving arizona's immigration law. it'll focus on if state dear sir adopt their own immigration laws or if the federal government has to. five other states have similar laws. it appears mexican immigration into the united states is slowing.
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the number of mexicans leaving the united states rose from 2005 to 2010 while the number of new immigrants dropped steeply. they say it appears to be the result of many factors including the weakened united states job markets, increased border enforcement and deportations and changing economic conditions in mention do. >> in north korea the national television station interrupted program with an announcement warning of what it called special actions soon that would reduce south kore's to ash was in minutes. it also showed them attacking an efigee of the south korea president who criticized their recent rocket lawn. in south sudan war planes bombed an oil field. they say it's declaring war. violence has been escalating in
12:12 am
the last few weeks. the latest problem is disputing ownership of oil reserving. in paris it's a huge and rare diamond with a long history. it's on disblay display now. it was -- nearly 35carett and and made 400 years ago. its been owned by four royal families and is expected to sell for $4 million. >> female firefighters with an aalarming rate of breast cancer. update on a story we broke earlier this year. the new effort to solve the mystery. >> and bill martin tracking another big change in
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12:14 am
. >> it's a story we first told
12:15 am
you about earlier this year. women firefighters in san francisco with an aalarming rate of breast cancer. only on two, john fowler says our report has now attracted the attention of researchers who are now trying to find answers. >> reporter: compared to other women san francisco female firefighters their 40s are ten times more likely to get breast cancer. >> it's shocking to me. absolutely shocking that -- and it's -- now i'm scared. >> reporter: christina has five children, 41 and just scheduled her first mammogram. we helped alert researchers who met with firefighters today proposing a first ever study to identity their exposures. >> we need to work together to protect people that given their lives protecting us. >> we hope to get a game plan together here to look at the problem we have. >> reporter: tony got kidney
12:16 am
cancer. david nose and mouth cancer. >> treatment was knarly for lack of a bitter word. >> reporter: lisa breast cancer, breast cancer. >> i'm still in that dangerous environment, danger out that i haven't really thought i signed up for. >> we didn't think of the exposures related to after the fire is put out what we are exposed to. >> reporter: nobody has any idea of it on firefighters the contamination left on their turn out gear, gloves and boots. for about $150,000 they say they could start a pilot study. they are looking for foundation grants. john fowler. channel 2news. >> met life the largest life insurance in the united states has agreed to pay $500 million to settle allegations it didn't
12:17 am
pay life insurance to thousands. they said it'll pay some $188 million this year to 35 states which will them disperse the money. the rest will be paid over the next 17 years. california's controller estimates they failed to pay some 30,000 policy holders here since 1995. the state estimates it'll receive about $40 million, that monday write will go to pay. a fake e-mail going around targeting active and retired military. the e-mail appears to come from the defense finance and accounting service. the message asks for various forms of information to claim additional funding from the irs. the dfas said it didn't send out such e-mails and warns people not to send any personal information to the address in the e-mail. >> snow fell along a wide
12:18 am
portion of the eastern united states today from pennsylvania south to the carolina's and north to new york. it looked more like winter than spring. forecasters say some areas could get as much as a 16 inches of snow. other parts of the eastern seaboard received enough rain to prompt flood advisories. >> a significant drop in temperatures what we saw over the weekend. low 90s on saturday and sunday and temperatures in the 60's and low 70s. the wind is howling. we go over, here is angel island. i came in close. we have a live report from the eastside there and we have winds gusting to 23 miles an hour. that's windy for this time of night. the wind will continue to bring in moist air and the atmosphere, the lower at superior getting primed for some rain coming here soon. as we go this to wednesday and thursday. not a big rain event but enough to wet the roadways and slow the drives on wednesday and
12:19 am
thursday morning. the forecast then for tomorrow just more increasing clouds, tomorrow a lot like today with possible drizzle. the extended forecast, showers cunning in as we go into wednesday. tomorrow is kind of a day of transition and more clouds and keeping temperatures cool and wednesday it starts to get wet. i will pull out and you can see the pacific the low pressure center. it'll just park off shore for the next few days and right through the week in some form or another and that means cooler, kind of like today with rain wednesday and thursday. when i say rain i'm not talking an inch or two, quarter inch much. it's not a big event but it'll slow you down. tomorrow is all about clouds and maybe drizzle as that system gets closer to us. as we move into tuesday night and wednesday the clouds thicken up. the computer model out like this. here we are totoght. tomorrow they get back. you can see a lot of cloud cover. the little blue areas and then noontime a little bit of
12:20 am
drizzle toward golden gate park. then we get in thought afternoon, doesn't look to bad and then we get into wednesday, and now it looks like wednesday morning, earlier models showing this rain more late in the day on wednesday but here we go wednesday morning, looks like rain. wednesday afternoon, everything kind of goes east so looks dry. if you been watching, when you see this kind of foot print with rain onto model that the not a big deal. that's -- quarter inch much at best. clears out on thursday, the bay area weekend warming up. the five-day will show you a lot of cloud cover and a lot of -- cooler than average temperatures, there is the five- day forecast and a lot of clouds, different than last week but we warm up as we get toward the bay area weekend. back in to the 80's. wednesday, thursday, drive on wednesday, sketchy and then
12:21 am
thursday morning looks wet. >> maybe a quarter inch. >> thank you. >> sciencists are excited about a rare white orca seen in a pod of 12 in the seas off russia and sciencists have dubbed him iceberg. other white ones have been seen but they have all been young, neverra
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. the salmon season starts next week. today the time for the blessing of the feet in half moon bay. fishermen are expecting a good catch this year. jackie spear was there for it. half moon bay is the only bay area port where they sell it directly to the public. >> seems like someone blessed the giants because they it did well. >> a lot of us were kids. the giants were loving as they wind of winning. they were twice as good as the mets and quietly now kind of sneaking up to respectable. they have won eight of the last
12:25 am
11. plenty of support back there in new york. . fans like him back there. posey, they like this. that ball would have been out of the park last year. they moved the fencing in. second homer of the year. nate, what a day. six total hits in the doubleheader. three in each. that's a three run shot at third. great defense behind tim. watch burres range behind second. flip it to crawford. the bare hand and he goes five innings, eight strike outs, walked five. little shaky. sandoval, can say he has the record with the great willie mace. 16 game hit streak to start the season in this one a blast to deep right. two run shot to get them on their way. they have plenty of support back in new york and the 4th. two on on and greg blanco to
12:26 am
left. bay looks to have a bead. he falls down. off his glove. two runs will score. they build a 5-0 lead. madison with the third win of the year. he goes seven strong. gave up only one run and three hits. this meantime the kind of game he had to fear. you would -- to many times in oakland. pitching just good enough to get you beat and no hitting to speak of. davis trying to put their heads together. nothing was going to beat jake tonight. colon making to good for adam dunn. he pulls one. way gone. solo in the 4th inning and three pitches later, paul konerko pounds one to center. that's gone. 39 -- a complete game shut out. chris mullen always known as a gym rat.
12:27 am
shoot hoops for hours inside but he could take his routine outside. now on his own court. the city of oakland has named the outdoor court after him. you know rightly so. pretty proud of that. >> my dream was to play in the nba. i felt it was far fetched but it was something coaches and teachers always told me to keep work, maybe ten or sea years one of these kid from this park will be in the nba. >> class act right there. you know i wouldn't be surprised if some weekend you see him. >> wouldn't that be cool? >> that would be just look him. >> all right. >> great thing he did. thank you for trusting you. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> the morning team will follow plans by protesters to take over the wells fargo share holder meeting. our morning
12:28 am
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