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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 24, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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it's a death defying rescue attempt at rough waters to save a fisherman. >> he slips. >> oh. >> oh, no. >> he's in the water? >> you'll see the drama go down as one of these boats capsizes. >> it's your basic qualifying run that became a crash extraordinaire. >> all of a sudden she's airborne. >> she's a chip off the old engine block. >> crazy dash cam. >> somebody better tell gramps you can't shoot at the cops. >> he was in his dressing gown. >> and the guy who neverurns wn anert challenge is back. are you ready for this?
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>> very ready. >> find out why this one is so much worse than it looks. >> the royal national institution is in the middle of trying to save a couple of fishermen off this 33-foot fishing trawler near ports smith uk. the boat is already taking on water. you can see it sinking down the back. the engine is still running. it's keeping the boat somewhat stable. one of the fishermen has his life jacket on. he's ready to get off the boat. but he slips. he falls into the water. the life boat swings around. they pull him back into the rescue boat and they circle around to the second fishermen. while they're doing that, the engine of this boat dies. that makes it much more unstable in the three-foot swells.
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you can see the second fishermen is able to jump into the boat. he has some log books with him. seconds after he jumps off the fishing boat -- >> the rescuer is still on there. >> the rescuer is still on there. it starts to capsize. watch how quickly this boat capsizes and how quickly it's gone. >> he saves two people and he has to jump into the water. >> the rescuers were able to get that volunteer back into the boat. nobody was injured in this incident. >> it's supposed to be just another dog walk, turned out to be a vicious attack for this woman in california. >> we found this story on kcbs in los angeles. judy was walking her chihuahua
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muffy on saturday. while on the walk, she and her dog were attacked by a pit bull. in the video you hear june screaming. the thing about june, she's deaf. >> good grief. >> it hurt. >> you're talking a pit bull versus a chihuahua. there's a huge size difference there. >> this dog ran up to them severely biting muffy and her. she had bites on her arm and buttocks. the dog belongs to a neighbor in that neighborhood. the reporter who covered the story tried to talk to them but was not able to talk to them. muffy because of her severe injuries had to be put down. even though a report has been filed, the dog is still at the home of the owner.
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>> the dog bit another dog, pitt a human, and the dog has not been taken way way? anything? >> neighbors are concerned because the dogs they say are vicious and there are kids who could become victims of these pit bulls. >> talk about an extreme close-up shg, except this one w not planned. we saw this video on yahoo! sports. >> snap. >> a car loses control and crashes into a camera. this is 21-year-old lindsay competing in the american drag racing race. this is on the bristol crag way. she was competing and the car starts to slide to one side. all of a sudden she's airborne. >> it looks like it's not made out of metal and stuff. it's floating around. >> was there a cameraman with the camera? >> no. this camera was unattended.
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miraculously, lindsay walked away from it. >> i can't believe that. that car did two 360s over a barrier. >> you see lindsay here. she's not what you think of when you think of a drag racer. she comes from a drag racing family. her dad is a legendary racer, pat mucy, he competes in the ihra. one year ago he was in a similar crash. we got this video from espn. the parachute does not come out of her dad's car, veers to the right and crashes into the wall. pat wasn't as lucky as lindsay during this particular crash. in this video, he talks about some of the injuries he sustained. >> enough to break my back, still don't know exactly what happened with that. i was walking a day after the surgery. but i completely broke the vertebrae in half. it wasn't a fracture. >> but, of course, it's a racing
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family so they're both going to race again. a columbus, ohio bus driver is being investigated for alleged by fighting with a passenger on the bus. but you won't believe what precipitated it. >> this video was obtained by wbns. the bus driver makes a stop and tells the one woman on the bus i'm going out to run to the restroom. watch what the woman on the bus does. she brings the stroller up to the front, that's when the bus driver said the woman reached in and took her wallets then got off the bus and went shopping. so the bus driver acted. she knew there was one woman on that bus, she got off the bus, went to find her. here is the video from inside the store where the bus driver comes in and confronts the woman she believes stole her wallet. >> wow. >> a straight-up fight. >> police say the wallet was found on the suspect. her name is kyosha moore and they say she had a record and
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with you wanted on a parole violation. she is also facing a charge in this case. >> what was her grand scheme here? she was going to take the wallet, buy a bunch of stuff and get back on the bus to get home. >> i don't know if she fought this through. >> the bus driver made a couple of dumb moves here. is it common for a bus driver to get off the bus and go to the bathroom? seems like they wasn't following protocol. >> she works for dakota bus system, and when something like this happens, you are to call it in. she called it in and then got off the bus, which they don't condone. >> no charges against the bus driver now? >> i have not seen anything that indicate that's bus driver may be charged. but she may lose her job if the bus company says, hey, you shouldn't have done this. ♪ >> a puppy, a bus, and here we
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g go. >> that didn't work out. >> see what happens next. finally someone has come up with this idea -- >> a chin strap. >> the latest in fashionable disaster
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crazy, crazy dash cam to tell you guys about out of santa fe, new mexico this is on bishop lodge road, a residential area in new mexico. from the view of the dash cam, you see this man pull up. he gets out, apparently barefoot five times at this suv. >> it's a marked police car he's shooting at? >> it's a traffic device aimed to stop and slow down speeding drivers. >> i'm sorry, did anybody notice that the man was in his night dressing gown? >> yeah. fortunately nobody was in this
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thing but the police are looking for this guy. you can't do this. they're asking the public for help identifying this shooter. apparently he did more than $1,000 in damages to this suv and could be facing one felony charge. >> he really did not think about what he was doing. there have been cases where people have shot at those police cars, speed traps and nobody is inside and they are manned by people inside. there was somebody killed in arizona two years ago. >> in 2010, a man got 22 years in prison for going up, shooting one of these speed monitoring suvs, but there was somebody inside. that officer was killed. >> why do you use a gun for something like that? >> shopaholics rejoice because if you are ever out shopping and get stuck in the middle of an earthquake, you can use your handy dandy shopping bag as a
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helmet to protect your head. >> what? >> exactly. this right here is the grapa. >> this is a shopping bag which also doubles as a helmet in case of a natural disaster such as an earthquake. >> oh. >> has a chin strap. >> it looks like the people are being led to an execution. >> they look like an executioner when they put it on. >> it's not attractive but they're saying this is a very safe alternative to a helmet or having carry a helmet? >> at the bottom of the bag is a phone. they say it is similar to safety hoods. >> we are laughing but it might be a very good idea. >> my word. >> and it encourages people to use reusable bags, so it's good for the environment. you're right. >> are you supposed to carry this everywhere? in case there might be an
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emergency? >> yes. you can fold it to the size of an umbrella and carry it in your purse. >> the bag is costing between $12 and $15. >> it's not a gucci, but, you know -- >> jorge, the guy from the slingshot title on youtube, crafty, handy, kind of like the mcgeiver of slingshots, he shows us how to create weaponry from office supplies. >> first a pencil shooter. >> i like that. >> ten sheets of paper, roll it around a pencil to make yourself a barrel. then he finds the thickest rubber band in the office. >> you put it over one end of the barrel like this. >> take a sharpened pencil, stick it in that tube -- >> shoot it. >> that could do some serious
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damage. >> you bet. >> if that's not deadly enough, he shows us how to make a slingshot out of scissors. >> i think we should take a moment to say you could really hurt somebody with this stuff. >> next he makes a flail. >> from this and this. >> what are you going to do with a flail? >> first thing we do is cut off the tip. bye-bye. >> he ties that to a whohole pu. >> who knew a usb cable could double as a rope. >> the most deadly of office weapons, the pick axe. take the pencil shooter barrel. >> take a scissor and attach it to it. >> tie the scissors to the end of the handle. >> don't try this at your office, it may get you fired. >> unless your office is a "hunger games" type thing where you have to show off to your co-works. >> or? >> yea> something you have
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to resort to for self-defense -- >> so be it. >> that was little how-to. >> rescuers come to the aid of a mama duck when all her ducklings fell down in this hole. how did they get these little ones out? >> that's brilliant idea. >> find out next. >> and this lady has a little problem with her job. >> i went to college. a monkey can answer phones. what can i help you with?
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what do you do when a bunch of ducklings fall down the drain like this one into a sewer. >> cover it. >> if you're an awful person, you cover it. >> i kid. >> you bust out the shop vac. this video shows the mother duckling walking around anxiously before they realized all their ducklings fell down in this hole. it's a six-inch drain and it goes down about seven feet into the sewer. these guys think what will we do next? shop vac time. >> that's a brilliant idea. >> they don't show in the video the ducklings being sucked up the tube, but you can see it, they were rescued. seven of them were saved. two of them did not make it. after the rescue, they let the ducklings follow their mom around. >> i will take them down to the river after we get them dried
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off, warmed up, get mom back into the box. >> a shop vac, i wouldn't have thought of that. >> you're right. that wasn't their first idea. originally they used duck tape to stick them, pull them up. that didn't work. then they went to the shop vac. the lid for this drain was broken and it was supposed to be fixed. this day, it wasn't. it was still uncovered. >> they should put a little duct tape over the hole. >> you dudes are probably good drivers. >> excellent drivers. >> of course we are. >> what do you do when someone parks right in front of your car? >> you back it up. squeeze through. maybe fold your mirror in. >> that's what i would do. >> since you are driving a bad car, drive right through that chevy. >> this man on the screen is the driver of this car. he's not happy this guy locked him in, so he starts banging on
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the car, because clearly that will help move the car. >> i don't think he'll be able to move that by himself. >> no. but he does go inside the building to see if anyone there owns this car. maybe ask them to move it. >> yeah. >> nobody answers, so he takes matters into his own hands. >> what if this guy had an emergency? what if he needed to get to the hospital? what if he had an appointment? >> what if he just wanted to get out of the area. >> wanted to get some tacos or something. >> catch "right this minute". >> he decides he will get back in the car, move the car out of the way. >> so he is gently tapping this guy out little by little. >> so he manages to move it out of the way, enough for him to slide it away. this is buster, he's a puppy. he likes to play.
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look at that tail going. he's climbing all over this person's lap, but he solves the mystery of the box next to them. just watch. >> oh, man. >> oh. >> that didn't work out how they planned. >> it's so funny, the other dog is like buster? buster? let me get help. buster is stuck in a box. >> buster unfazed after that. >> i'm okay. paw's all right. four paws on the ground. we're cool. ♪ >> so, this dude gulps an icee, gets a brain freeze and attempts to deliver presents. >> great. >> but wait until you see what happ man!
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>> eating competitions are big business but they don't always include the best quality food. there's an eating competition in moscow, russia. $70,000 of caviar was used. each person had to eat this goblet of black caviar. >> $70,000 of caviar for a food
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competition where somebody might upchuck it. >> hopefully you appreciate black caviar. outside of russia, this caviar would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to import. the guy who won? >> this guy. decidingly more upscale than eating competitions in america. this is much more civilized. >> this guy is shoveling caviar. looks like he's going pretty quick. >> i shoved a bag of doritos faster than that guy. >> can we get a bag of doritos, please? ♪ >> where do i see myself in the next five years? >> i went to college. a monkey can answer phones. >> why, working as a receptionist. straight away. first and last name. >> never mind my first and last name. i want to talk to cindy. you [ bleep ].
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we don't give a [ bleep ] if we have your business. you can [ bleep ]. what can i help you with? perfectly fine with unpaid overtime. what do i do when i'm in conflict with a co-worker? i do a belly flop and [ bleep ]. i'm nonconfrontational. >> get a big bar of soap. i try to maintain poise and sophistication. i look forward to the possibility of working with your company. [ bleep ]. the l.a. beast is back and this time he's dumber than ever. this time he's inspired to do a stunt that will take him straight to the hospital. >> great. this is dumber than him eating the ghost chili pepper we had on our show? >> dumber than that. >> the brain freeze challenge. chug it down, give myself a
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brain freeze and deliver these presents, get to the other side safely. >> sounds like an air-tight plan, right? >> his mom probably can't wait for him to move out of the house. >> especially after what happens next. >> awful. >> it hurts so bad. >> he delivered the gifts. >> ready for this? >> i'm very ready. >> oh! [ bleep ] >> i broke my toe. you can see the bone. >> oh! >> whoa! look! whoa! what? >> my god. i can't watch that stuff. >> he keeps rolling, because his brain is frozen. >> it looked like one of those rubber dog toys. >> it made a whole left-hand turn. >> we can't show you the entire video on the show.
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if you want to see the whole thing, head over to >> i want this guy to find some friends. >> one more video for you guys, awesome time lapse video from nasa. seeing some cool images courtesy of the expedition 30 crew. these shots go from the uk, the united states, canada, to the middle east, europe, awesome to look at. we'll leave with you that. see you guys tomorrow.
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