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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 26, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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asleep inside, and a quick thinking neighbor who jumps in and manages to save everybody. >> wow. >> now how our hero's bravery nearly cost him something he loves. >> they say war is hell. a disturbing new video backs that up. >> by far the most horrific i've seen. >> hear the story behind the images creating an online outcry. >> she's not even street legal yet but this 12-year-old told her parents i want to build my own car. see which one she's turning into the wheels of her dream. >> i like the way they look. when i found it, it was love at first sight. >> a boyfriend poses as a burglar to prank his girlfriend. >> he's getting a purse to the
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noggin. >> worse than that. hopefully he took her out to dinner or something. firefighters went to a neighborhood and caught the action on a helmet cam. you see the firefighters get their equipment from the firetruck and running toward the house with huge, severe flames. >> whoa, that whole thing on fire. fully engulfed. >> do they know if there are people inside they are trying to rescue. >> at this point they are trying to save property. fortunately a neighbor walking by noticed the fire in the garage of this house, knocked on the door, woke up the family and six dogs and managed to save everybody. >> wow. >> when he walks towards the door, you actually see black smoke coming out of the top part of door. >> dealing with fire, black smoke, at night. these guys have to do this job basically blind. >> funny you say that toward the end of the video, listen to what
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the fire chief said. at this point the firefighter with the helmet cam has gone into the house. the reason the screen goes black is he's completely surrounded by smoke. >> five different fire departments called to fight this fire. at the end this was a total loss. in a report done by fox 6 in milwaukee you see some of the@math. >> the firefighters did what they could but they also have to hand it to the neighbor getting those people out thereof and six dogs. >> the neighbor that ended up rescuing the family also talked to fox 6. he told them in the chaos of everything, his own dog that he was walking ended up running into the house an into the basement and ended up suffering a smoke inhalation. >> she's been sick a lot, throwing up, having a hard time breathing. hopefully she'll pull through. the 12-day search for the razor robber suspect is over. in this video you can see from a
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bus cam in the boca raton area, there are two women waiting to get on the bus, an 84-year-old woman and her 96-year-old sister who is in a wheelchair. notice the kid on the razor. >> she fell out of the wheelchair, too. >> cord to detectives, he had been tailing these two women and saw them in the grocery store. while they were in the grocery store, they got $620 worth of money orders. authorities say he got away with $1200, a gold watch and a gold bracelet. you will never guess who helped turning him in. >> his mother. >> and his dad. >> good. >> his dad saw the media reports and said, i think that's my kid. so his dad called crime stoppers and said i think that's my son. him.m tolduthorities we've he's been in and out of rehab. in the end their son, adam, 19 years old was arrested. >> were the women injured? >> the lady in the wheelchair
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suffered cracked ribs. her sister was treated for blood pressure. look at these images they captured from the store. you can see him following them. we're talking about this kid who was 18 years old when he was trailing these ladies allegedly in the store caught on camera, but it was on his 19th birthday they actually arrested him. this isn't his first run in with the law. >> the right move by the parents. honestly if you're them, you're embarrassed. stupid criminal time, our friends in atlanta, georgia brings us this video. smash. in comes a stolen uhall truck to butt bust out windows and doors of j & j video supply. they are here to steal $1,000 worth of weave. >> it's expensive. >> this is a crime wave.
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in one case they got away with 10 grand worth of weaves. >> i don't know why it surprises you at $79 a pack. police say the video is so poor they don't think they can enhance it well enough to see who the person is. >> let's stop everyone with a weave and say is that yours. >> it gets dumber. on to pennsylvania, see some feet dangling? guy drops in from the ceiling. did he go through the air conditioning duct? >> no, stephen, he had three other accomplices. they broke into the apartment above, cut a hole in the floor and dropped in. what is he here to steal? >> cigarettes. >> cigarettes. he takes a bag, starts stuffing it full of cigarettes, hands it back up through the hole. there's three people waiting in a car outside, but he can't get to the people in the car outside. >> he can't climb back up. >> he breaks the nobody off the
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door, goes to the back room. he eventually breaks himself out of the basement door. when they look at the video, they say that's the guy that lives upstairs. the dummy returns to the scene. police are still looking at the video. they are like we recognize those boots, come with us. stole $150 worth of cigarettes created damages. maybe he was thinking i don't have that far to run after the robbery because i live upstairs. we've seen a lot of violent images from the ongoing revolution in the country of syria. but what i'm about to show you is by far the most horrific that i've seen. i have to warn you, what we're seeing is a man being buried alive. unconfirmed reports say the man being buried in this video was
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an activist, one of many calling for the resignation of the current president bashar al-assad. the guys doing the burying are assad loyalists. apparently this guy provided video to the television network al jazeera that showed crimes committed by assad's regime. as a punishment they bury this guy alive. he's saying there is no god but god. the assad loyalists are answering back there is no god but bashar. of course we're not going to be able to show you this video in its entirety but you can head to and see the entire thing. i will warn you, it is very, very graphic. they cover this man's head completely. tough to watch. they also in this video refer to him as an animal, as they pile
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dirt on his head. >> this is so hard to watch because some of these people like him probably felt like he was doing something for the good of the people. >> hopefully if anything can come of this, just to show the atrocities that go on over there. this guy is a killer great rider. >> is he single? is he doing this to impress girls, brazilian girls. >> he's a guy. ladies, see his moves next. a flash model with a twist. do we smell a proposal perhaps? >> every girl in the restaurant is going --
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the spectacular views in rio got better. julian dupont a trials rider took to the streets in the community and pretty much turned the entire street scene into his
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track. riding, jumping, leaping, back flipping off of anything he came across. look at that coastal view, though. isn't that beautiful. >> is it like a guy with a motorbike. >> check this out, up and down stair cases, part of the red bull x. >> i'm expecting this to be an action movie, something hollywood will embrace. he makes it look easy, like i could do it. >> it's like there are springs on the bottom of the tires. jumps up over a pylon in the middle of the street. cars, forget it. >> is he single, doing this to impress girls, brazilian girls, to get a few numbers. >> are you interested? >> i totally would be. wow, dude, this is cool. >> without his helmet off. >> a mystery. >> he could look like shrek.
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>> it goes dark. did he ride it to the bushes? did he make it? he didn't finish. >> i'm going to assume he landed that. >> i think he shot up to the moon. doing all those tricks up there at the sea of tranquility. been a while since we had a good prank. i feel like some of you may think this crossed the line a bit. >> dismuk into my girlfriend's apartment waiting for her and her sister to get back. i'm going to be carrying their tv in my hand acting like i'm robbing the place. >> this guy goes in arms himself with a tv, laptop in the duffel bag and waits for his girlfriend and sister to come home. the girls come home talking saying, you know what, girlfriend, you should have bought those shoes. >> i think first off they close the door on him. >> slow motion replay reveals
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one girl high tails it out there. one girl pushes her friend out of the way. get out of the way. here is the dumb thing, he quickly takes his mask off and grabs the camera and goes out to confront him. the three girls wait on the steps and scream. first of all they ran out like cartoon running. once it's revealed it's a prank, one girl gets physical with a guy. i think this is the guy's girlfriend sitting on the steps. she gets upset. she actually starts crying. the one girl who is already over the prank looks back at the camera and says -- hopefully he has to take her to dinner. >> he has to take -- do more than take her to dinner. >> petrified. there is an actual robber in the place. the prank is over. did this go too far? would you be mad if your boyfriend did this to you? >> no.
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>> go to our facebook page. >> lucy loves ice. next time on "right this minute," controversial. >> a website that pairs up rich men with gorgeous, attractive women to travel the world. >> see the story behind this video next time on "right this minute." what if your daughter said she wants to buy this car. >> what if that daughter is 12 years old. >> see the story behind this video next.
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>> and who wants a tiny can in the fire. >> i want it. >> i want it, too. >> see if this
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. >> so your daughter comes to you and says, i want a car. you're like, okay, if you earn your own money you can get one.
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what if that daughter is 12 years old. >> like a bumper car. >> how about an '86 fierro. >> perfect. >> that's what 12-year-old katherine got when she told her parents, hey, i want a car. they let her buy one with her baby-sitting money. her dad in a chatroom said my 12-year-old daughter is so cool. she came to her mom and i and said i want my own car. i want to build a fierro. she had a list of reasons. it gets good gas mileage, relative inexpensive, will be down in four years when she's 16. she wants to do the work. >> it will be loaded with cool stuff. forty miles away they found a fierro. >> it's pretty b. >> she has this love to put into it. she has four years to make it
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special. that's a 12-year-old girl working on the car. she wasn't kidding. >> i want to work on it with her. >> we have katherine via skype "right this minute." what made you want a fierro. >> i like the way they look. when i saw it, it was love at first sight. >> are you good at working on cars? you want to do it yourself. >> i can do some fast but it's getting better. it's 200,000 miles, the only problems are bodywork. >> what are you going to make it look like? it's crummy black. what's your vision? >> yellow highlights in the interior, i want black with yellow racing stripes. >> are you also girly girly or all about the cars. >> i'm sort of in the middle. i'm not completely a girly girl
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but i can have fun messing around with stuff now and then. >> sometimes do you think what in the world have i done? >> no, not yet. i haven't had a what the heck have i done moment yet but it will come, i bet. >> cat in the bag. >> oh, my gosh. this is incredible. you have to try it. >> no way, no how. >> just try it, dude. i know you're going to love it. >> all right. well, now i'm stuffed. >> the griddle cafe on sunset boulevard in west hollywood is a very popular destination for brunch. >> and breast. >> this time it became the location for a proposal flash mob style. >> i'm sergio, here at the
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griddle cafe in hollywood, california. today i'm going to propose to my beautiful girlfriend kara. >> very busy joint. >> too good to be true. >> some singers start singing "can't take my eyes off of you" by frankie valuee. >> she thinks she's experiencing a flash mob and is excited about it. >> every girl in the restaurant is looking around. >> then sergio appears to reveal it's really for her. >> you're the most precious thing in my life, given me the best gift in the world. >> i think it's cool. to see the proposal head to our website, >> got some girl on girl action for you of the skate board kind. see these gals head down the
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help me out, i'm confused. this is at a zoo and the baby is bottle feeding the fish. when she puts the bottle in the water it sucks on. >> you can say nipple. >> nipple. >> that's what it's called. never seen anything like this
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before. like right there, it is weird to see that fish totally suckling that nipple, you know. it's one thing, a goat, for example, feeds from a bottle because it was raised feeding from its mother. fish don't do that. >> no. >> it is a kind of odd thing to see them doing this. fish eating from a bottle. >> big deal. >> it's not something you see every day but still feels like something you see every day. >> it does feel like something. >> time to talk about weapons. i'm talking about weapons that fit in your pocket. i'm not talking about a small handgun. i'm talking about a cannon. >> i want it. i want it. >> i want it, too.
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>> these are carrying some power. >> 30 calibers of power. >> are they selling them as toys. >> they aren't selling them as toys. they are selling them as mini cannons. >> do you have to have a license to get these things? >> i don't think so. when i add them to my card it said $39.95. it didn't ask me if i had a license. >> did you see that with the army men? how much fun would that be, setting up army men? >> g.i. joe in the backyard has never been that fun. >> no way. i'm serious, i'm going right now and ordering one. >> even i like this, although you have to be very careful. be careful, don't blow a finger off.
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>> nick, i've got a little girl on girl action for you of the skate board kind. this is the berryhill free ride 2012 going down in washington. a bunch of skaters go out there every year to whip down this road, windy road. this one we see two girls tackling the course on long boards. >> they also hold hands for most of the way down, which probably makes it more difficult. >> i think it makes it more fun to watch for us guys. >> absolutely. i've got to give them props. she's wearing a bikini top. she bites but gets serious road rash. >> that's not going to protect everything else. >> these girls are tougher than i am. >> i couldn't stay ongoing that board more than 15 feet without falling off. >> perfect video to end the day.
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don't forget to check out don't forget to check out we'll see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac --
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