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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 26, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> good-bye is right. >> talk about a road hazard. >> starting to weave a little bit. >> nick, it gets way worse. >> a scary commentary from the car behind one crazy driver. >> it's a powder keg down under after cops go crazy on a car full of teenagers. >> police shot at this car. >> the video that has australians saying you can't blame this one on the dingo. >> the number one video, now the group's number one fan. >> it's incredible, she's got crazy talent with spoons. >> some guys call for a cab. one of them in hockey gear. it's a good thing. he's going to need it.
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>> straight up jumped out of the van. >> you got that straight. now hear why these guys might look familiar. >> here is a down right scary scene that if you guys caught on video and posted to youtube, we believe this is in the southern illinois valley in oregon. keep an eye on the white truck. >> already started to weave a little bit. >> nick, it gets way worse. the camera is fr t passenger of this vehicle. the passenger at one point tells the driver turn your hazards on so the other people know. >> goes down the way. >> either somebody is impaired or distressed. >> we're unable to confirm the state of this driver in the white vehicle. this guys taking the video are speculating this guy is drunk. >> definitely intoxicated. >> the commentary from the people in the car really makes the situation more tense. >> whenever you see a driver coming, flash your lights.
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good-bye. >> good-bye is right. >> at this point he's in the left lane as he's approaching a big curve. he has a really close call right about here. >> watch out. >> no, no, no. >> could they have done something other than just trail behind him and record him. >> one guy suggests i wish i was behind the wheel. at one point he pinballs off the guardrail into the other lane. >> i can't believe he's not hit anyone yet. >> that's it. >> oh, jesus. >> oh, my god. >> after spending quite a bit of time in the left lane, the guy swerves to the right, hits the guardrail, ricochets down a ditch. >> oh, my gosh. >> stop, stop, stop. >> oh, my god. >> looks like he didn't hit too hard. hopefully he's okay and didn't hit anyone else. >> his lucky day. >> stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. >> oh, my god. racial tensions in parts of sidney are very high right now
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because of this video. police are smashing the windows, spraying mace inside the car. eventually they get the door open and drag all the kids out of the car. aboriginal teenagers. there's a 14-year-old driver and 18-year-old passenger and four other kids in the back seat. police believe this car was stolen. police recognize the stolen car. police say the car drove about 300 feet on a footpath, hit a 29-year-old woman and another pedestrian. before this video started, police shot at this car. they struck the 14-year-old boy twice and 18-year-old passenger once. >> when you first showed it to us, i thought they were trying to get into the car to save them. >> you see the police officer pulling one of the passengers out, punching him in the head. the aboriginal community is
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upset. they believe the cops were being too aggressive and too brutal with these kids after they were brought out of the car. they were driving on a sidewalk, hit two people and attempting to get away. police say why not shoot for the tires. police say, look, we don't shoot for the tires. when we draw our weapons, it's an emergency. >> it was dangerous, could hit other people. >> this quickly, people were hurt. >> they probably didn't know what color the people were in the car. >> this video caught in ambush by the taliban against danish soldiers in afghanistan. >> this is a helmet cam in the middle of the action. >> the scariest part about this is, you don't know where it's coming from. they all duck behind the berm. are you on the right side of the berm or wrong side of the berm.
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>> the taliban that ha been effecting this technique of ambushing troops. they will see a troop, let them get to an area. then all of a sudden the fighting starts and the soldiers are left to scramble for cover. >> it gives a very clear idea of what our soldiers are facing every single day. >> i hate seeing them run in the open. >> this video was posted on the channel bunker fights 30. this is only three minutes of an hour video. >> got from a service member in the squad. >> a lot of people out there think these wars are winding down. a video like this totally proves these guys are out there in the thick of it every day. >> there is a part two to this video. to see that head to our website, it was anything but a
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regular overnight shift for this one deli clerk in spring valley, new york. >> we got this video. >> the surveillance video comes from seven-day deli. look at this guy coming with a gun. >> there's a lot of customers, too. >> he just ruined all of that food. >> he's throwing stuff off the counter. >> as you can see here, the cashier is scooping up the money while he's pointing a gun at him. >> the guy comes in to rob the place and throws the cash register on the floor. >> try to open it to break it out, what's the purpose? >> i think the purpose is to get the money and cause as much disruption as he can. >> i would freak out if that was me behind the counter. >> he's so out of control. you don't know when the gun will go off by accident. >> when you look earlier, notice how some people run out of the store. >> that person waiting on the outside. >> they are waiting by the door, not picking up a phone, running to alert anybody. no one was hurt in this incident but they say the suspect got away with more than $1,000.
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here is the thing. they say that because he wore so many layers of clothing, number one, they don't even know what color the man is and what his real build is because he had so much clothing on. it matched his size. >> wow, that's so scary. >> could you imagine, 1:48 in the morning, you're going to pick up doritos and funyuns and this happened. >> want to check out my van? a really bad tv commercial. >> so bad it's great. see it next. time to get az showing off in the pool. >> come and watch dogs do cool
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>> i can guarantee you guys this will be the most unique cover of a song that you'll see today. >> she lives in bridgeton, australia, 60 something mother of three, grandmother of two. deb really likes "lonely boy." ♪ >> she's hitting spoons off her n knees, head, crazy talent with the spoon. >> go, grandma. >> looks a lot like their actual official video. ♪ >> the best part about deb, once she's done with her performance, she finishes it up, walks to the
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camera and gives a spoon rating. >> rate a got 8 1/2. >> the spoon. >> the pad on the leg, something attached to her arm to keep her from flying away. this is 21st century spooning. >> spoons perry has her own website and photos. she's been doing this for a really long time. she's made television appearances including australians got talent. this video might take her to superstar dom. she gives a shout out to them. they will be touring in her homeland of australia. for more information, go to the website. here is a side of pakistan that you've probably never seen. this is in the valley in pakistan. their version of extreme snow
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hockey. >> in the dead of winter, subzero temperatures, village from all over the area come together. over 100 players involved. they call it snow hockey. to me it looks like snow golf. >> you said their version of snow hockey. i'm thinking it may be the only version of snow hockey. >> that's not even an even surface. >> no. this match dates back centuries. the captain of the winning team is crowned prince for three days. >> only three days. >> only three days. >> and the villagers have to do what the prince says. >> if i was the prince for three days, i would just ask to be the prince forever. so that would have to happen. >> that's interesting.
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>> fixing the world's drug problems was simply roller-skating ring. >> the guys at roller kingdom in reno decided to create a commercial to drive home the message. >> hey, kids, would you like some drugs? >> want to check out my van? >> i've got some candy. >> hey, kids, want to join our gang and spray paint under a bridge? >> no. no. bug off, man. i'm going roller-skating. >> this commercial is so bad it's good. >> he's got his shirt buttoned up. >> gangster. >> three-way high-five. >> i want to be addicted to roller-skating not crack. for people who have never roller-skated. >> that's a good message. i like that. >> i say no to drugs.
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i say no to gangs. >> i say no to unplanned pregnancy. >> i say no to meth. >> maybe we should give up this life of crime and start roller-skating. >> this the best commercial i've ever seen in my life. it's awesome. >> the bad guys in the commercial are employees of roller kingdom. you may actually run into them if you go roller-skating but they are not going to offer you drugs. >> oh, no, there's a bear in my bed. >> no. >> you are right. this commercial was done by the roller rink. >> i'm going skating. >> next time i'm in reno, i know where i'm spending my saturday night. >> some guys in a taxi, the door opens and -- >> oh, my god. >> see what happens after the door opens up.
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>> and a different way to look at crash tests, you know, with crash dummies. >> why not like a crash test scholar. >> that's besides the point. we're giving a behind the scenes look at what goes down honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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cab they are making a video log. no big deal. >> video log for my girlfriend. >> shawn dressed in full hockey gear, pads on, helmet, everything. it's a good thing because he's going to need it. >> you know what, realize i could probably walk faster than this. i'm going to walk there. >> straight up jumped out of the van. >> shawn flies open and bails out. looks like it's going at least 20 miles an hour. his skull cracks up against the pavement. good thing he has the helmet on. watch the cabbie's reaction. >> the poor cabdriver is completely freaking out. >> these are the guys. >> we've seen their videos before. they have set their hair on
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fire, jumped through rings of fire. no fire in this video. it seems even more painful and extreme compared to other things they have done. here is the damage report. >> deep inside aren't you sad the people are being so careless and foolish. >> no. >> i don't get it. why are they doing this? it's embarrassing. >> you need to ask again? because it's what the people want. >> just a few days ago purina hosted a tough dog diving event. >> i have to say i wish i was there. >> this video is shot and took the footage at purina farms in missouri. the dog diving event was held to benefit a young girl who had ms. >> are they judged on how far
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they can jump. >> i think this is an event to raise money. no judging or scores given in any video. >> come and watch dogs do cool stuff. >> they do have a measurement, maybe they did. >> this is because this was part of a trial they were having for dogs. this was an extra event for a lot of fun. >> as you can see, there are no judges. >> they are getting like really far, like more than halfway across the pool. if i had a dog in the competition, don't you have to put a superman cape on? >> what i love is that they put cameras all over these dogs. at some point they had some on their collars. this dog from team molly has the camera attached to the back of her neck. you just see the back of the head bouncing up and down. >> it would be funny if like after a while the dogs got wise to this. okay, look. we're not jumping in the pool again.
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>> you know what -- >>, that's what. >> go there, enjoy the videos. share them with your friends. >> it's a great deal just for you. and everyone else. >> no fees. >> no membership. >> that's a crazy great deal, crazy great deal, crazy great deal. >>, that's what. here is what's coming up next on today's show. this video is called floating on a dream. nice, huh? >> if you were a creep you'd be a paraglider with a pair of binoculars. >> forgive him and wa
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steven, i know you're not the biggest car fan but i think you're going to like this anyway. this morgan three-wheeler. morgan has been a british carmaker for years. this is a newer version of one they built in 1910. it's a three-wheeler. it's got a wooden chassis that's all hand built by morgan in britain. but the engine, built in america, a motorcycle engine, two cylinder -- >> that means nothing to me. >> i will say it looks mean, man. >> it sounds even meaner.
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listen to this. $53,000 for this thing. >> can you even take it out on the road? is it street legal? >> totally street legal. here in america it would be classified as a motorcycle, actually. >> we see crash tests all the time in slow motion, but we don't really see all the work that goes into setting it up. jay gillespie filmed it, and it's pretty incredible. >> you see them setting up cameras and preparing the crash test dummy. >> why do they also use a crash test dummy? why not like a crash test scholar. >> you always see the info from institute of highway safety saying this gets in so many crashes, this is the safest car. these are the tests they do.
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they are showing us this is the tyus, how the test is conducted. >> test will commence in four seconds. three, two, one. we're under way. >> i'm glad they do these tests. inevitably they keep us safe. i hope they get to recycle the cars or do something. >> i think it's great. they are saving lives. >> they are doing this research and completely crashing these cars. >> they only get one shot and then that's it. this video was taken by productions and media company. >> they did a great job. >> this awesome paragliding
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video over torrey pines and san diego. you used to know this place. >> i used to work right around the corner from this place. >> absolutely beautiful. >> one day i will do this. i'm going to go paragliding. it's on my list. >> you can't beat the hiking. but to fly over that would be amazing. >> why go for a long walk on the beach when you can go for a long flight over the beach. >> could you imagine if that's your home, your view, and you could see the paragliders gliding buy. >> if you were a creep, you would get a paraglider. >> you turned dark just like that. >> this is spectacular. it makes me want to go. i'm kind of afraid of something like this. i keep seeing people do this. in school they say they would never do it. >> what i like, i think it's the safety of water. if you fall, you've got water to fall into as opposed to bungee jumping. >> you've got parachute. that's the safety blanket. you have to watch out for flying
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into the side of the cliff. >> or a bird. >> birds striking a paraglider. >> they are running into everything, planes and everything else. probably run into paragliders. >> that's it for this edition of "right this minute." we leave you with more of floating on a dream in san diego. floating on a dream in san diego. have a good one. -- captions by vitac --
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