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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 27, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hello, everyone, i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos of the day and of course the stories behind them right this minute. it's a confrontation with police that sounds more like a beer commercial. >> i love you guys so much. >> but see the love turn violent in the back of the cop car. when your plane is landing like this, you know -- >> it's really freaking windy outside. >> the story behind the white-knuckle flight. >> you should give all of these passengers those free mini bottles of like vodka. >> if the website connects hot chicks with rich guys that like to travel. >> you know where this is going? >> now we asked the controversial site's creator, the tough question. >> can i have a rich female take me to paris? does it work the other way around? >> and it may not be the classiest, but it is the loudest. >> that's why i haven't had a
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soda on a date in like ten years. >> what happened ten years ago? >> it's time to get things started. steven has our first video. >> when you find yourself in the middle of a busy highway on your knees, you might have had too much to drink, because that's what santa fe, new mexico, police found this guy, 24-year-old miguel luhan. as the police approach, he pops his shirt off too, puts his arms out and has a little message for the police. listen. >> i love you guys! >> i love you guys so much. >> at least he's a happy alleged drunk. >> i don't even think we need to say alleged. the police are saying this man was highly intoxicated. he may have started off loving, but quickly turned to quite the opposite. as they put him in the back of the police car, he's handcuffed, he starts banging his head off the glass, trying to break the window. >> he's hitting on my window trying to break it. >> and he's successful.
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>> and he just broke it. >> gosh. >> so not only does he break the window with his head, he wiggles himself out of the car, all the while handcuffed. >> he's a houdini! >> yeah. but here's the thing. there are other police cars following this one. so we get their dash cam video of this guy's daring escape. >> really? >> holy cow. >> he breaks the window, comes out, basically lands on his head, flips around, tries to run away, doesn't get very far and this guy was arrested, charged with assault on an officer, resisting arrest and criminal damage to property. >> was he drinking red bull? >> who knows what this guy was drinking. he was drinking something. >> and he just broke it. ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign because it's really freakin' windy outside. this is in spain.
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50 to 60-mile-per-hour winds. the plane kind of comes in sideways and pilots are trained to do this. it's called crabbing. just before they touch down, they need to straighten out because plane wheels only go in one direction. that's one plane. this smaller jet, look at the trouble this guy is having. he gets blown to the side and says abort. he pulls up, hits the thrusters and up he goes. >> why are they letting them land in this? i feel like they should be circling for a while until the winds die down. >> four other flights were diverted from this airport, you're right, beth. imagine what that must have felt like. >> this is absolutely more r ren -- horrendous for the passengers. i would imagine they all peed their pants. >> so they're close to the ground, though, i would be thinking about my exit strategy. i could jump out the window and still survive. >> imagine what it must be like on the left side of that plane,
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you come in sideways and you see straight down the runway. >> it would really suck if this was just like your connection. >> and you had to take off again. >> you know what, that's being very religious. take a look at this video we got from our good friends at abc 15 in phoenix. this is from the maricopa county jail in downtown phoenix. >> something tells me they're not supposed to be running around like that. >> they're not supposed to be running around like that. ft a fight broke out monday th jail that included 25 inmates. according to the sheriff, this fight was racially motivated. according to him some mexican mafia inmates want to take over the jail and they issued an order to attack black inmates. the fight starts with just a couple of people and then it gets incredibly rowdy. as the fight erupted, more and more people get involved. after a few minutes of the
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fight, guards did come in and try to take control. one of the inmates picked up a mop and tried to use the mop handle as a weapon. this is especially dangerous because the jail in downtown phoenix is a high risk, maximum security jail. after this fight happened, they actually forced a lockdown of the entire third floor and there is 750 inmates on the third floor. >> what's the injury report out of this? >> oddly, no severe injuries were reported from this brawl, but abc 15 spoke to a former inmate who was in the jail at the time that this happened. >> it was horrible. i mean they were basically taking inmates, locking them down for 24 to 72 hours, not letting anybody out. srt coming in doing cell searches for no reason and i was only there four days. >> the other terrifying thing about this report is guards have been confiscating makeshift weapons. tooth brushes with screws in them. look how big they are, they're as big as a dollar bill. a new york bodega employee was arrested and charged with
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selling alcohol to a minor, but this video that i found on the "new york daily news" may actually help enclosure hclear . we see an 18-year-old enter the store. he tries to purchase the alcohol, but the employee rejects him. the teenager leaves the store but another man allegedly bought the alcohol, exited the store and handed it off to the teen. after this happens, you see a police officer entering the store to arrest duran. the nypd said he was arrested because even though he didn't sell the alcohol directly to the teenager, he saw someone else buy it for him. but now surveillance video appears to back up the story that he was helping other customers and didn't see the alcohol handoff. >> how did the officer know that the minor had gotten alcohol? >> it is believed that this 18-year-old was working with the nypd at the time. >> i would think the 51-year-old
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would be the guy who was in real trouble here. >> well, that man was also charged, but the case was adjourned in contemplation of dismissal. >> did the clerk get any kind of fines or jail time? >> he ended up pleading guilty on the advice of his then lawyer who told him that if he did, he'd just have to pay a $120 fine and be able to go home. we did reach out to the nypd and they said that there is an ongoing investigation. it's a showdown at the speedway, but it's not what you think. >> what is going on? >> it just turns into a full-on brawl. >> what went down to make the dukes go up. and a new website to make sure your fashion is trending. >> they went with almost canadian tuxedo. >> yeah, that's not trending. >> but see how you can make sure
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battles at the raceway are supposed to happen on the track, not in the staging area between two guys throwing punches. check this out. this video comes to us from whio in ohio. two guys are duking it out but then it just turns into a full-on brawl. you see the guy in the light-colored t-shirt going after the guy in the blue t-shirt and just throwing hay makers. other people step in and just start punching freely. >> what is going on? >> investigators say that the guy in the light-colored t-shirt told them he started fighting with this guy because he says that guy was responsible for his cousin's death. >> this is like a retribution punch. >> they went up to approach the guy and it started a fight.
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two people were cited in this incident. >> but it's so strange that the fight started between this guy in the light-colored t-shirt and somebody he's trying to get back at but then all of these other people get this mob mentality thing going and everybody joins in on this weird fight that they had nothing to do with. one othe toughest tngs about yuray wear, right? >> definitely. today i went with almost canadian tuxedo. >> so close. >> yeah. >> well, there is a clothing line called pimke and they have a new fashion forecast that helps you determine the most in fashion colors possible. they place high definition cameras in the most fashionable cities in europe. they show you in realtime what people are wearing and what colors are most popular. >> that's really interesting. >> they'll show you which colors are trending that particular day, yesterday.
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the most popular colors of the week or even last month according to these major cities and the software. pimke, they make clothing. so as you see these trends progress, you can then go to the pimke website and buy that color. >> so in reality you could wear any color any day and you'd be trending. >> right this minute skyping from brussels, belgium, we have karen corrigan, she's responsible for the advertising for pimke. >> how did this come about? >> we thought how could pimke say they were a specialist in color but actually we help people choose things, what am i going to wear today and which color. >> pimke must be really excited that the trend is color blocking. >> it could actually be very, very realistic. we did not only put the cameras in fashion cities but also in the most fashionable places in the fashion cities. >> i log on to the color forecast and see a lot of people are wearing purple in milan, i
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put on some purple. that's how it works. >> or you can say, no, i'm not going to do it because i'm a rebel. that's another way to see it. or you can just download the app and say i want to be woken up with an alarm saying which color is trending tomorrow morning in paris. and you say, oh, i'm going to wear that or i'm going to wear the opposite. >> are there some color that say just don't change with time that people always wear? >> there will be colors that always come back. they demonstrate to the people they knew what was going to be trending so that raises their credibility a lot in being the color specialists if you see what i mean. monday on "right this minute," this is kim. she has such a rare disease that no research is being done but her friend says we've got to do something. that's monday on "right this minute." attractive? like to travel and in the market for a rich dude? then, boy, have we got the website for you. >> do you know where this is
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going? >> well, you will. we're getting the scoop on the site from the man who made it happen. >> i don't see anything wrong with it. >> how is this not prostitution? >> and a story about a man -- >> without any feet or arms. >> he thought, you know what, i want to swim around the globe. >> what? >> see
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i'm going to show you the story of a man who is going to
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accomplish a great feat. without any feet or arms. this frenchman you're looking at is felipe. he lost his limbs in an electrical accident about 20 years ago but he has challenged himself in the past, and in 2010 he swam the english channel. here you can see him in the boat with his swimming partner. he thought, you know what, i want to swim around the globe. so they're going to swim four straits between five continents. >> are you kidding? >> i think it's really interesting is what he wants to do is inspire people who are disabled, able-bodied, whatever they are. he wants people to just get off the couch and try something new. he said people see me and see there's no differences, disabled, able-bodied, we all live on the same planet. >> how is he able to swim? >> those are leg extensions with flippers that help him swim, but he's propelling himself with his
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upper body because he does have partial arm limbs and is using that to swim. >> that's incredible. >> that's got to be so tough, though, because the key to swimming is the reach, the reach and the pull. >> it's interesting to me that he can keep up with an -bd uy. >> people can have an amazing life even with a disability. >> everything is about perspective. >> how far along in the challenge is he? >> they don't start this challenge until may the 6th. i'm really eager to know what you guys think about this because it is -- well, watch. >> what if you could travel around the world, stay in five-star resorts, all for free? >> do you know where this is going? >> keep going, yeah. >> on, there are thousands of frequent travelers who hate to travel alone. these generous travelers are doctors, lawyers, bankers, athletes, executives, entrepreneurs and millionaires who are looking to travel with an attractive person like you.
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>> this is an ad for miss and this is a website that pairs up rich men with gorgeous, attractive women to travel the world. >> i don't see anything wrong with this. people have their own methods of meeting people. this is just a different way to meet somebody. >> but really, you want to travel that bad that you put yourself on this website, joe shmo calls you up and says let's go to paris and you say okay. how is this not prostitution? >> life is short and there are many places to see, so what are you waiting for? >> if you want to go all those places, become a flight attendant. >> you've got to work. >> oh, you've got to work for it, what are you talking about? >> of course we had to learn more. joining us via skype is the ceo of, brandon wade. so tell me why create a site that could be interpreted as a hub for prostitution? >> well, it's really not
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prostitution. i think we make it extremely clear on the website escorts are not allowed. there's not even a mention of the word "sex" on the website but people are reading farther into the future and think what would these two people do once they are in fiji or tahiti. >> can i sign up and have a rich female take me to paris? does it work the other way around? >> it certainly does. a lot of guys are signing up as attractive men hoping that a generous woman would take him to paris. >> is this your first time doing a website like this? >> no. i've actually been a very successful entrepreneur in the online dating space. my very first website was also pretty controversial called it was in 2006. i think this really is about traveling and romance at the end of the day. i'm really hoping the website can help people find love. >> you sound like a big ole romantic. >> i truly am and this is another example that it takes my
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love for traveling along for my belief if the guy is willing to be generous, women will flock to you. i combine those two concepts and put them on [ belching ] >> that's the sound of a champion. see what's going on with this guy's story next. hey guys, breakfast!
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tonight? >> somebody from animal new york took some cameras out and asked average new yorkers what they were doing and this is what they found out. >> what are you doing tonight? >> going to work. >> i'm going out. >> i had dinner at vesta which is a hidden jewel. >> of course they got one kid and she's adorable. >> i am going to buy my phone. >> she is going to buy a phone? she's kind of young, isn't she? >> are you a koala bear? >> no. >> they also did another one asking people in washington square what they were up to. >> i'm looking to have a good time, what are you doing tonight? >> when they went to washington square, it trended towards the issue. >> today is not special for you? >> not really. >> i'm doing bobby brown today. >> what's the bobby brown? >> smokingup. >> this one amused me. >> a little permanent, guys. >> it's not like he's playing at carnegie hall, but he still
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wants personal space. >> another guinness world record has been broken. >> the guinness world record for the loudest beg your pardon, 109.decibals. belching ] >> whoa! >> now that's attractive. >> that's paul hund, the current world record holder for the loudest belch. way back in 2000, paul heard some radio competition, who's got the loudest burp. brother encouraged to walk in and try out. boom. he currently holds the world record for the loudest burp. >> you said his last name was hun? >> yeah. >> as in atilla? >> sure. >> goes to show you there's a lot in a name. >> i just open my mouth and let it roar, so to speak. >> you can make a burp. you can make a burp sound that isn't an actual burp and tell
3:26 pm
people you're burping. >> how do they check that? >> i hadn't thought about faking the world's loudest burp. >> you're gagging. >> he could just be a really good burp faker. >> are you fake a burp? >> that was it. >> can you do a better one? >> that was a horrible fake burp. >> i guess you could stand at the exit point of the burp and if it smells like a burp, then you know it was a burp. >> who's going to volunteer for that? >> the guinness people. >> someone has to be the burp checker checker. >> who has that in their job description. you have to smell burps. >> that's probably why they have interns. >> that's why i haven't had a soda on a date in like ten years. >> yeah, what happened ten years ago? >> did you have a bad experience? >> i don't even know why i've earned this kind of hatred. i mean really.
3:27 pm
>> oh. >> you know that movie "five-year engagement" that's coming out, take a look at this. ♪ >> okay. so in "five-year engagement" there's an awkward moment you don't want repeated at your wedding or engagement party. well, there's a couple in wickenburg, arizona, who submitted their best wedding moment to the "five-year engagement" contest. the bride is beautiful danielle iris. she married luke and her brand new sister-in-law did the catching. >> we've got lift-off. we have a winner! >> that's funny. i love that she's wearing sneakers with her dress. >> she also did a little air rogers. did you notice at the end?
3:28 pm
>> i thought at the beginning of the video she's like she's getting ready to run in a track meet. she's in starting position before she charges the bouquet. >> that's going to do it for us here is the "right this minute." thanks for joining us. don't forget check out all your favorite videos at
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