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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 27, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's friday and time for the rtm top ten countdown, "right this minute." a cyclist is run down on the road and a cycle cam captures it all. >> the car knocks these guys over, and then takes off. >> details of the high def hit and run. a truck catches fire in a drive-through. not good. >> but the worst is yet to come. the explosion. two students build a giant guillotine to chop off the head of a sheep. >> no! >> hear how your vote could save his sheep's life. >> that's so creepy. and see what you get when you combine a high ledge and a kid with no fear. but did he stick the landing? it's time to get our
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countdown started. we begin with our number ten video of the day. take a look at this. the video that you're seeing is from the vantage point of a high def camera mounted on a bicycle. these two cyclists, according to reports, are brazilian guys who are cycling in berkeley, california. css s ykthwal-marked a whecyclt. wa what haens. >> oh, my gosh! >> oa,both oem! noccording epts tck.ra whh sock bki >>er. alltimww. ovaraterey. they did end up going later that evening to the berkeley police department to file a report, and they had this video evidence to show the police.
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we contacted the bkeley police and they said they were able to are looking for him. >> even if it was an accident, if you're the driver, you've got to pull over and check if these guys are okay. at number nine on today's rtm tom ten countdown, this drive-through flames. >> when you go through the drive-through in mcdonald's, you want your food hot but not like this. this was in coachella, california. a big blast of flame cming out of e backof guy's pi heuck. ad propane tanks back there that caught on fire. now watch. the fires there and shoot up. it looks like some kind of thing that happens at a concert. >> i bet you the valve on the propane tank gotege and keeps g. but listen to the radio station as they tell people what to do. >> you've got to get out of your cars. you've got to go get in a ditch. >> so he makes another left
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turn, pulling into what looks like the police station. they also have security video of what was going on over there when the tornado hit. look what gets tossed up against this. this is the area i pointed out that you guys should look at. look at that piece of metal siding just slammed up against that. >> and now he's backing out so that's the tree chasing right after him. look at that. >> nothing, absolutely nothing stands a chance with this tornado. >> i'm just thankful that the officer was not hurt. this show is all about video and this one is one you've got to see at number seven. >> lush cosmetics is known for their no animal testing policies and their organic, fresh products. well, in the u.k. they started a campaign against animal testing. in their regent street shop in london, they had a very interesting display.
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on their window display is a performance artist who is being animal tested on. >> they're doing -- they're reenacting what they might do to an animal who ends up having cosmetics tested on them? >> exactly. so you see she has her eyes covered, she's blind folded, they're pushing her on a table, they're rubbing stuff on her. >> i'm feeling bad for animals right now even though there's no appear mals animals in there. >> what they're doing are making people who aren't aware of animal testing practices more aware. >> this model let them shave her head? >> yes. she is a performance artist and at one point they shave part of her head and rub some sort of solution on it. once they finally have done as much testing that they can do, she's succumbed to all the testing. >> oh, wow. >> they put a bag over her head and then they dump her. >> in the trash. >> in the trash.
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>> oh, that's sad. >> this is such an effective way to get the point across about how horrible animal testing can be. >> of course the goal with all of this is for people to sign a petition against animal testing. you can sign this petition online if you want at this 6-year-old -- >> is known as turtle boy. and what you're seeing on his back is -- >> most likely not what you're thinking. find out what it is and hear how one doc changed his life. >> that right there is an alligator. >> and then comes the dog. >> stay out of there. no, no, no, we don't want him in
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we're back to the rtm top ten countdown. at number six, a new life. >> the next time you find
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yourself complaining about, i don't know, your nose or that your feet are too big or something stupid like that, maybe you should take a look at this. >> oh, wow! what is that? >> this is a young boy, 6-year-old from colombia, named didier. we saw this story on huffington post u.k. they got these pictures from channel 4 in the u.k. from their documentary series "body shock." he is known as turtle boy. what you're seeing on his back is a birth mark. >> a birth mark? >> a birth mark that didier has been living with. he's been quoted as saying i want to grow up, but the mole won't let me. >> oh. >> he suffers from a rare conditi condition. there was a big worry that this birth mark could become malignant. his mother couldn't raise money for the operation. >> has anybody been able to say, yes, there is a treatment or has
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somebody stepped forward and volunteered? >> yes, there is a hero in this story. a leading surgeon, dr. neil bolstrode, came and said i'm going to do the surgery for free. he specializes in patients like didier and he flew to bogota, colombia, to operate on the boy. the doctor said that three-quarters of this boy's body was affected from this mole, from this birth mark. didier had to go through a number of painful operations and skin grafts, but look at him now. >> look at the smile on his face in the picture. >> yeah. >> he's thrilled. >> that is beautiful. all right, everybody, it's time for our top five videos. at number five, great pictures, few words. >> this next video is just pure eye candy. >> uh-oh. are there naked people in this? >> my money is on a blonde.
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>> oh! that's so unlike you, nick. it's an animal! >> this is a film trailer for a movie called "few words" done by quicksilver. it's all about this guy. this is a professional skier from france. and this whole film is about him. it took two summers, two winters to put together. i have never seen a ski flick like this. >> and he'll ski off anything, it seems like. >> you see that shot of him crawling up the mountain? how terrible must that be? >> it's not terrible if you're the kind of skier that loves to get into just pure virgin snow. he's won x games gold, broken his back and come back to win a free skiing world tour.
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the guy is incredible. i mean that's controlled chaos coming down the face of that mountain. it looks like it's practically vertical. >> i don't know how he kept his skis on the mountain, because he was going straight down. >> this is crazy. i mean he's crazy good, but this is crazy! >> is this going to be in wide release in theaters? >> it's made for a fall release, 2012. up next, a reminder to keep recording, at number four. >> video. >> it's a video? >> that right there is an alligator. look at that. unbelievable! look at him! he is floating. >> why is the lady so close to the water? it's like there's a fence protecting her from this alligator. >> and there's the lacy dog.
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saying, mom, what are you doing? hi, darling. hi, sweetie pie. stay out of there. no, no, no, we don't want him in there. >> what happened? >> the video ends after she dropped the camera and, you know, goes to get the dog out of the water before the alligator could come and get it, because the alligator made a beeline towards the dog. but they didn't film it. so that's the whole thing. >> there's no more? >> no, that's. >> it but the dog's okay? >> that's what the poster says. >> this is a weird one. >> stay out of there. no, no, no, we don't want him in there! this guy is really out on the ledge. >> holy cow, that's high! that's high! >> see how he gets down, on the countdown. and these guys are building a brightly colored execution.
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. we're back, everybody. about now we could use some crazy video from russia, so
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here's number three. >> take a look at this guy on the roof of this building. he's got a couple of his friends or people just passing by watching him. starts off his stunt here, jumps off the roof to another roof, no big deal. kind of ask a somersault, okay, cool, we've seen that before. but then when he gets to this ledge. holy cow, that's high. that's high. wait until you see what he's about to do. whoa! >> a double backflip that this dude just pulled off. he didn't break an ankle, hurt himself. >> or maybe he was trying to run off the pain. we've seen that before. >> that's nuts. >> i mean that's two full flips. it looks like he lands in some soft dirt, which probably helped cushion his fall. but of course as you can imagine, people are pretty pumped. >> the problem with this is that it really does raise the stakes. if you can't do two back flips
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off the wall, you're just not that cool. >> i'd be okay than that. i'd be, you know what, you're better than me. good for you. i'll stay down here and watch. >> at number two this week, our runner-up, our almost number one, it's a chance for you to vote yes or no. >> i want to show you guys a little performance art. this video was shot by two students at berlin university of the arts. they are saying that this video has nothing to do with any of their student projects, but they wanted to do some kind of performance art piece that could teach the world about democracy and about the online world. they're building a giant, brightly colored guillotine. >> everybody needs one of those. and it's so nice that they painted it in cheerful colors too. >> well, if you're going to go, you might as well go happy.
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>> yay! >> well, nick, it is actually what they're doing with this guillotine that's really going to alarm you or pique your interest, i don't know which. they are planning to use it to chop off the head of a sheep. >> no! >> but here's the thing, gayle. we as an online community, people around the world, have control over the fate of this sheep. you can go to the website and vote no, do not chop this sheep's head off or you can vote yes for go ahead, slaughter this sheep. >> this is so creepy. there's so much wrong with this. >> at this point over a million people have voted. when this video first started getting action and first started making its way around the internet, two-thirds of the people had voted to save the sheep. but now it's about half and half. >> what is the statement about democracy here? because i'm not getting it. >> because everyone has a vote. everyone has a say in what
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happens in this situation. >> when does it end? when do we find out what happens? >> we have about 20 days left. >> i love the fact that they are creating such a controversy in the name of art. i'd hate to see the animal die. but i hope humanity proves better and animal survives. how are you going to vote? vote right now. >> we need our rtm viewers to save this sheep's life. >> that's exactly right. >> go to the website and vote yes -- or no! >> oh, god! >> so if you want to vote to save this sheep's life, go to our website, sadly, we're not always on tv. but don't worry, because we're always on full episodes, breaking news, great videos, always on
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it's a funny one. stick around to see the number one video when the rtm countdown continues.
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dj flula is happy to be in
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new york, but he's the only one. ♪ >> is that a pig being slaughtered? >> it's the birds on the docks just going crazy with his poor rendition of frank sinatra's "new york, new york." >> sorry. i'm going to go. >> the wildlife at dawn in new york did not appreciate his singing, and i just thought it was pretty funny. maybe they were trying to correct his lyrics. he was getting them quite wrong. ♪ i want to be a part of it >> frank sinatra would not be pleased. >> sorry, new york, i'm sorry. sorry, frank sinatra. >> all right, everybody. it's time for our number one video of the day, and christian
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has it. >> you've all been shopping before but if you have kids in your family, sometimes you have to drag them alone. that's exactly what this grandma did, quite literally. >> oh, boy. i wonder if she even knows what's going on behind her. >> is that target? >> yes. this is video that was captured at a target. and she definitely knows that there's a kid behind her little scooter there because she even does some u-turns. >> that's like a ride at the amusement park or the ride that you put a quarter in in front of the grocery store. >> the greatest part about this, though, is the little kid's whee moments. >> you notice the crowd? she's got an audience, like what the heck is going on here? >> he's definitely going to need a bath after this. this is the floor at target. >> kids don't care. kids are just glad to be getting a ride. >> there's no way this kid's mom or dad would let this happen. but when you're the grand
3:55 pm
parent, oh, you want to do that? okay, great. >> look at granny she, has her head down and her hand up but i feel like she's laughing. >> you know what would be really funny, if that wasn't her grandson. >> just some strange kid? >> some kid. >> i want that granny to be my granny. >> that's it for the countdown, everybody. we're so glad that you joined us. have a fantastic weekend! we'll see you on monday. -- captions by vitac --
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bailey: there are 13,000 cabs in the streets of the big apple, but there's only one that pays you. climb into the cash cab,
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