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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 30, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. we've got the best videos of the day, "right this minute." cameras catch two fire bugs with ice in their veins. cops say their barricaded people inside a building. >> and then lit it on fire. >> what? >> see the chilling moments as the flames start to spread. he's the disabled cat who became an internet star after surgery. now we've learned -- >> there was a complication, because of this surgery. >> an update on corky, the cat everybody is rooting for. see a new video that shares the five secrets to becoming a nascar champ. things like -- >> you have to keep your anger in check. >> you're saying you have to hold your anger if you can retaliate without getting caught. did i say that? we've also got a sleepy bear
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stuck in a tree. well, not anymore. and one happy dog who surprised his soldier at his homecoming. >> he's just dancing around the room. this is -- this is -- this is -- >> yeah. christiana is going to kick our show off with the first video and the story behind it. >> this video is just chilling, because of what these two guys were up to. in this video, you see two men, one identified as hymed matta, holding a block of wood and barricading the doors of a nightclub in houston because he's mad. earlier that night, he and his friend were thrown out of this nightclub and he didn't like it. so he left, but came back, and you see he used a block of wood to look the door and prevent it from being opened. and then he and his friend went to the back of the nightclub and doused the back of the nightclub
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with gasoline and then lit it on fire. >> what? >> wow. oh, my goodness. >> all of this while the nightclub still has patrons inside. >> geez. >> look at this right here. look at how as his buddy is pouring the gasoline around the building, before his buddy comes back, he lights the gasoline on fire. putting his buddy in danger too. fortunately, everyone inside the nightclub was able to get out of a third door that was not locked. >> there is zero regard for human life in that. i mean, this guy was mad at people who had nothing to do with him getting thrown out of a club. >> what is going on that you think this is a good idea? >> they're thugs. >> fortunately, everyone was able to get out, and there were no reported injuries. authorities are still looking formata, but he has been charged with felony arson, and a warrant is out for his arrest. >> surprised he's not charged with attempted murder. >> his friend has only been
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identified as pepe, and authorities are also looking for him. this next one will make you guys sick. look what was caught on camera in the middle of the day at franklin high school near boston, massachusetts. watch this. >> ooh. >> a complete sucker punch. you see this one kid in the white shirt waiting against the wall. you see a guy in a black shirt come by. the kid in the white shirt just hauls off and sucker punches this kid. he hits the ground. the kid in the white eventually tells the person filming to cut the camera and stop recording as he runs off. what a coward. this video was circulating on twitter, passed around on the internet. fox 25 of boston obtained a copy of this video. that's where we're seeing it. the superintendent called this cowardly and disturbing to see. but the police are calling it much more than that. they're saying that both the attacker and the person filming this could face some criminal charges.
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they're pursuing both individuals. they're saying this whole thing was premeditated. were they targeting that single kid or did he just happen to be walking down the hallway at the time? >> police believe the attacker was targeting that kid because he was talking trash about him. >> cell phones have really changed up bullying and everything else, because everybody wants to record it. but they always seem to forget they get in trouble when -- i can't wrap my brain around this kind of behavior. >> the victim in this video was taken to the hospital but fortunately, he will be okay. take a look at this 7-month-old kitten. this is corky. if you notice corky's legs are a little different. he suffers from a rare congenital disease, which means that his legs are actually backwards. >> oh, my goodness. >> corky was rescued by one of the co founders of a shelter called cat's cradle that focuses on rescuing cats.
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and it gets better, because a surgeon came to the rescue with groundbreaking surgery, really, to help fix this cat's legs. let me show you a video post surgery of corky. look at the little guy! >> he's got green socks. >> so cute. >> corky has actually been in the hospital since his april 5th surgery. there was a complication, because of this surgery, and unfortunately, one of corky's legs ended up having to be amputated. >> oh, man. >> we wanted to check in and see how corky is doing so "right this minute" via skype, we have gail adams one of the co founders, and one of the ladies who rescued corky. tell us what happened with this back leg. >> a few days after his original surgery on april 5th, he had some swelling. and it ended up causing some nerve damage. and the tissue actually started to become necrotic. >> he'll still be able to walk, though, with just three legs, right? >> he's walking better with
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three legs than he ever did with four. >> how much did a surgery like this e cost, and aryouh donatio? >> we are doing it just through donations. and i don't know. how much it's going to cost. we haven't gotten the bill, and to tell the truth, we just -- we didn't want to ask, because it didn't matter. people are telling us they're in tears watching his videos. so for just a few minutes, when people see that something good is being done for an animal, it makes us forget about the rest that's going on in the world, maybe not so good. >> is there hope that corky will be adopted, or will you guys hang on to corky? >> what we would hope to do is make him a therapy pet and take him up to the hospitals and visit children who maybe are recovering from orthopedic surgeries or maybe have some type of disability, that they're struggling with and let them know that corky has a tough time too. and if he can do it, they can do it. it russia. ♪ the resort town of sochi, the
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guy up front in this dash cam is driving down the street. >> whoa. >> something came out of the sewer. the car just launched up into the air. watch again in slow motion. the back end of this land rover free lander just launches into the air. here's a surveillance camera view of the same incident. reports are saying the cover of the manhole had been removed, and they replaced it with some sort of mesh or something. and they covered it poorly. >> oh. i see. >> right there? >> yeah. >> yeah, it's a big metal grate that wasn't in place properly. >> oh. >> dislodged. got jammed up underneath the truck. and that's what flipped it over. ♪ imagine driving down the street, beautiful day, nothing in your way. and then your car just flips over. >> what the heck just happened? >> yeah. ♪ see people coming to his aid, took him out during the windshield. >> he walked out of the windshield. >> yep. how crazy that there's a dash
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cam view of thing from the truck to the delivery truck behind it and surveillance video. >> yeah. and like really high hd. >> wow. >> dash cam videos in one city tell a troubling story. >> oh! >> geez, man. >> cops causing crashes, next. and when the door opens, this dog is going to go crazy. >> oh, my gosh. >> he's like, i just can't get enough. i can't get enough. >> see what happens when the door opens. [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access.
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dash cam from wsb-tv in atlanta, georgia that shows a car running a red light, causing an accident. >> oh! >> geez, man. >> wow. >> the dash cam is from a georgia state patrol officer's car. an investigation by wsb-tv shows
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that there have been about 99 crashes caused by georgia state patrol officers between january 2011 and march 2012. >> 99 in just a little over a year, that's more than one a week. >> georgia state patrol officers get about four times more driver training than the minimum standard requirement. so they're getting plenty of training. they're getting about 100 hours of driver training when they get out of the academy. this video is from trooper donald kroezer's cruiser. >> was he on his way to an accident site or to a crime scene? >> kroezer was on his way to catch up with a police chase going on. if you have your lights and sirens on, you do, of course, have the right-of-way. but these other drivers, you've got to give them a chance to see you. kroezer was found at fault for this accident. people in this incident weren't seriously hurt. but that's not the only accident he was involved in. this past new year's eve, kroezer was involved in this
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accident that killed cathy porter. this guy shouldn't have been driving. >> i don't think you have to be involved in a tragedy like us to realize that he probably should not have been driving. >> in this incident where cathy porter was killed, kroezer ran a red light again and broadsided their suv. the family was on their way to a football game. we reached out to donald kroezer's attorney but did not get a response. in the past, kroezer told a reporter he was sorry for their loss and he plans to continue to cooperate with the ongoing investigation. i think with friends like this, we can all change the world one little bit at a time. the woman you see here is cam, and she has hivm. >> her he hadtory inclusion body myopathy is a progressive condition. according to my doctors, no research was being done, primarily because it was known as an orphan disease.
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an orphan disease i anything considered too rare to any sort ofr financial support by pharmaceutical companies. >> but her friend says we've got to do something. so on may 12th, for seven days, they're doing their second annual bike for cam. >> bike for cam was organized in 2011 and it was a charity event as a grass roots. >> what they're going to do is bike from san francisco to santa monica to raise funds and awareness for hibm. >> how amaze that her friends have taken that upon themselves. >> the donations raised for bike for cam is given straight to hibm medical research. >> to tell us all about it, we have cam redlusk via skype, and ben on the left, sean in the middle and vyette on the right. thanks for joining us on "right this minute." was it your idea or your friend's idea to say hey, let's do this bike tour to raise awareness? >> it was my friend yvette.
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he was planning on doing a bike tour by himself or a couple friends. i contacted him and asked if he would like to join a fund-raiser awareness project and he said yeah. >> how much money have you been able to raise so far? >> right now we're at about $5,500. we're at a $40,000 goal. >> tell us about the bike trip itself. >> it was an amazing adventure. part of it is venturing out into the unknown. >> what will you be doing? >> i blog. they call me and talk about what happened throughout the day. >> i hope you get farther than your goal. that would be wonderful. >> really excited to see how 2012 will wrap-up. tomorrow on "right this minute." >> chuck from the bronx again. >> chuck from the bronx is taking on two food challenges. >> oh! >> tomorrow on "right this minute." listen up, nascar newbiess,
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want to be a champion? he's breaking down the five steps you need to be the next nascar champ. and that too. and it's a bear in that tree. >> not going to fall asleep -- i'm not going to fall. i'm falling. >> we'll explain the falling, next. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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3:18 pm great videos, all day long. what's a video shot on the campus at the university of colorado at boulder. >> that's a black bear! >> yeah. sleepy black bear. >> this bear came on to the campus of the university of colorado at boulder, and apparently, according to reports, actually broke into some dorms, broke into the car park, and eventually crawled up this tree. so they called in the colorado parks and wildlife department, and they tranquilized the bear. they shot a dart up and tranquilized him and brought in some maps you can see on the ground there from the rec center on campus, and the bear just got a little sleepy from the tranquilizer, fell right on to the mat. >> i'm glad they took those extra steps, to bring in the mats, to cushion his fall instead of letting the poor guy thur thump on the concrete. >> this is when they should have asked him questions and stuff. how did you get up in the tree, did you know you fell out of a
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tree? >> i think the funniest part was him holding on to the tree limb like i'm not going to fall asleep, i'm not going to fall -- i'm falling. >> this is a 2-hundred pound black bear, between 3 and 5 years old. officials tagged the bear and took him to a habitat so the bear is completely fine. travis cast tranno made his nascar debut friday. but in order to get ready, he had the help of five-time sprint cup champion jimmy johnson. >> hello, jimmy johnson. >> according to jimmy, there are five steps to becoming a nascar champion. the first one is to overcome your fear. >> what's your biggest fear? >> freezing to death. >> one of those guys is travis and the other guy is travis' nitro co star andy bell. the way they're supposed to overcome tir fear is b lake and then jump in it.
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and swim across and come out the other hole. >> oh, crap. >> oh, that's -- i would not do that. >> ah! >> oh, god. >> oh, they're going to pass each other underneath. >> yeah. >> making me nervous. oh, they made it. >> step two. motivational haircut. >> and that haircut is none other than the mullet. so now travis has to keep that haircut until he wins a nascar race. so step three is anger control and retaliation techniques. you have to keep your anger in check. >> hold your anger. if you can retaliate without getting caught. did i say that? >> step number four is a victory celebration. ♪ and, of course, the last step is actually do the nascar race in the richmond international raceway. and to find out the ruts of that race and to watch the entire video, go to our website, ♪
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>> this marine surprises his dog. this is from the welcome home blog. >> whoa. whoa, whoa, whoa. that doggy is excited doing 360 spins. >> oh, my gosh. >> he's like i just can't get enough. i can't get enough of you. >> rocky, rocky, rocky! >> they are family members. and so for this dog to be this excited, he's just dancing around -- >> yeah. >> this is -- this is -- this is -- >> so amazing, it's ridiculous. >> this is posted by brittney r. and she says he was gone for months, and the dog has always been daddy's best friend so when the siberian husky saw him, it was love all over again. >> oh, giving him kisses and jumping and dancing around. >> they're probably bffs, you know?
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how anybody would react when their bff comes home. if you have old cds lying around, you could sell them, throw them away, or you could -- >> blow bubbles. >> um, yeah. well, see what happens when the flame's put to the test. >> what? >> whoa. >> next much
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snowball fight. had to be devon, because it looks so good. devon posted on his twitter/facebook page saying, hey, anybody want to be part of my next video and join a big snowball fight? a bunch of fans came out. this was shot in utah. other cool part about this video, as they say in the interwebs, it's a good collab. he dlab collaborated with freddie w., on the back of the snowmobile. freddie w. has the fifth most popular youtube channel. 3 million sub vibers. he saw the post and decided to join the shoot. >> so devon didn't ask freddie, freddie saw the post -- >> he was in the neighborhood and said i'm going to stop by and be part of your video. >> you want like a ton of snow balls thrown at you because that means you get more screen time. mechanical engineering students at georgia tech have created this little gadget.
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watch what it does. no. i wanted to invent this years ago. >> well, you're not an engineering student. >> i could have -- when i worked as a waiter at pizzeria uno at new york city, at the end of the shift, we had to do this, roll like 75 silverwares, and it would take 1 million years. and it's right when you want to go home. and i would say someone ought to yooib vent a machine where you can put forks, spoons and it's done. >> they say machines like this exist, but they're costly, they're large. the students wanted to invent something that was small and affordable for restaurants. they're saying that there are a few kinks they still need to work out. and once they do that, they think they can make this a marketable produc >> i happyr god, this is my idea. in a world of mp3 players,
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what do you do with your old cds? >> sell them to the recycled cd store down the street. >> nope. you blow bubbles. >> well, yeah. that was my other choice. >> that was going to be your third? yeah. these guys discovered that if you took a cd, scraped off the print on it and then heated it up with a flame, it would melt just enough to blow a bubble. >> what? >> whoa. >> pretty cool, right? so what they do is they keep the flame on the cd for about 15 seconds, or until the plastic melts to the point that it's about to drop. once they see that it's about to drop, they blow on it. >> that's crazy. >> isn't that gnarly? i have never seen anything like that. >> we should try that right now. i've got a cd down there. let's just try it. >> oh, boy, here we go. >> 15 seconds. >> i don't know if you should be doing this. >> no, no, no. >> yep, it's gone. [ buzzer ] >> go now. go now.
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yeah! >> yay! >> cool. >> it actually worked. we found something on the internet that actually works. >> that's it for us here at "right this minute." we're so glad you joined us. don't forget to check out for all your favorite videos. we'll see you next time. have been -- captions by vitac --
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