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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 30, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. it's a brand-new week. it's time for brand-new videos, "right this minute." get ready for it. a car hits the gas -- >> and -- >> oh! oh! . yeah. >> whoa! >> looks like somebody needs a lesson on -- >> rate versus gas. >> a well-planned heist pulled off with precision timing. >> you see a gang of ten burglars bust into this place. >> see why these guys ought to be in the burglar olympics. forget the sen cinnamon challenge. salt and ice is where it's at now. >> ah! >> ah is right. the trend that has a lot of people saying -- this.
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>> is stupid. >> and how an engineer figured out a better way to test a toilet. >> who uses four pieces of toilet paper? i mean, to each his own. nick gets things started for us with some great video. >> doesn't this just make your day when you get that awesome parking spot? istanbul, turkey, check the top of your screen. did you see that? >> whoa. >> did the car just fall from the sky? >> a car did just fall from the sky. let's take a look at that from a different angle. this is at a parking garage where a guy tried to give the right-of-way to somebody else. he hit the gas a little too hard. and -- >> oh! >> yeah. >> whoa! >> he drove right through the side of the parking garage, fell about 15 feet, bounced off the building across the way and landed upside down in the street. >> is the driver okay? >> he's fine. he suffered some minor injuries,
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people came to his rescue pretty quickly. but wasn't hurt too bad. >> so this guy was doing a good deed and ended up flying off -- >> why we should cut people off, keep cutting people off. it's better he landed the way he did and not completely upside down. if he landed straight on his roof, it could have been a lot worse. >> absolutely. >> we have so many videos on this show where people just miss the brake pedal. we might really need to work on this, you know, brake versus gas. brake versus gas. i want to show you guys an impressive and almost systemic robbery of a best buy in daytona beach, florida. look at this surveillance video. you see a gang of ten burglars bust into this place like bats out of hell. they spread out, they use chains tied to their vehicles to yank open the doors. they sawed through the security system. but still managed to set off an alarm. they were in and out of this best buy in three minutes. >> what were they all after?
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>> they all mobbed that one area. >> nick, they made off with $50,000 worth of apple electronics and other items. investigators say this is believed to be the work of a gang that has been linked to similar crimes, similar very thought-out very systemic crimes like this one all the way from miami to connecticut. they fled away in separate vehicles right after this robbery. police were able to catch up with one of those vehicles and arrest two guys. 23-year-old gregory smith and 31-year-old david daniels, both charged with grand theft and burglary. with those arrests, able to recover 20 ipads, also near to the scene, they were able to find ski masks, gloves and laundry bags left behind by the two guys that weren' arrested. >> it makes you wonder if this is an inside job, if someone works at the best buy maybe dividend these guys off or were part of the clan.
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a lot of kids are doing the cinnamon challenge, and they're posting it on youtube. well, kids are now doing the salt and ice challenge. giving them a bunch of burns. and they're posting those videos on youtube, as well. notice how this girl in this video has put salt on her hand? then an ice cube. ask then they hold it to see how long they can hold it before the ice melts or they're screaming in excruciating pain. >> does the salt lower the freezing temperature? >> yes. >> and make it -- >> and it sucks out the energy from your hand, so your hand is freezing. but the thing is, this promotes reaction that could give you frostbite, according to medical experts. of and some kids are showing off their scars after they do this. >> ah! ah! >> ah is right. you're doing something to burn yourself, a stunt with your friends. >> oh, my god, ah! >> this is stupid. >> it really is.
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>> stupid. >> as this kid shows you, you can get a burn equivalent to frostbite. >> at least the cinnamon dragon challenge is funny, because it comes out of your nose. ha-ha-ha. but this just hurts. this is stupid. >> there are over 6,000 videos of kids doing this online. so this has got parents obviously worried as they should be. >> 6,000 people thought this was a good idea? how about 6,000 i got a cute puppy videos? >> hide the salt and the ice. >> ah! ah, ah, ah! >> take a look at this surveillance video. we got this from albany. see this woman standing here in the striped shirt? this woman's name is pat eubanks and she is about to pay for her meal. you notice this little fox box right here. inside that box is a diamond necklace given to her 50 years ago by her now late husband. she had it with her at the mall, because she was taking it to get
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the clasp fixed. >> and when i went to pay, i just forgot to put the thing back in my pocket. >> as you can imagine, she was devastated. the necklace is worth, according to her, about $2,000, but it's priceless, because it was a gift from her husband. >> does the video capture what happened to the necklace afterwards? >> you see this woman back here at the back of your screen. she walks up to the counter, just as pat eubanks leaves. she picks it up, looks inside the box, she looks around, see if anyone is watching, and she puts it in her purse. >> unbelievable. >> when i saw -- >> this all happened on april 6th. walb ran this story on their news station. and the next day, last week, someone called pat, wouldn't leave his name. he had the necklace. >> he said, is this the lady that lost the necklace. and i said no, this is the lady that the necklace got stolen from. >> left it in her mailbox and gave it back to her anonymously. >> i am so happy i got my
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necklace back. ♪ it's tech time. ♪ ooh-ooh >> oh, boy. >> tech time is all about this thing. see what it's all about. and e baum's world. drinking and driving. not good. is this one real or fake? we show you. you decide.
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the day before. he came back in the morning, the parking sign is gone. you might be thinking, who would steal a parking sign? but nobody stole it. juan decided to take a look back at surveillance video from the 24 hours, and noticed that a lot more went down. so this is from the night before. we see a car here back out of a parking spot. that car pulls away, somebody is like, oh, i found a spot right in front. perfect. sounds good. let me pull in. except they keep going. boom. >> oh, my gosh. ♪ another classic gas instead of brake incident. see the parking sign? the person drives in and completely takes the thing out. now, you'll notice, look, two air bags, both deployed. >> oh, wow. >> nobody was seriously hurt. people rushed to the scene to help this woman who was behind the wheel. >> what did they wind up hitting? do you know if they hit the building? >> they hit the pillar that basically holds the building up. so good thing they didn't knock
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that over or the whole place would have come down. eventually a tow truck came to get the car out of there and you can see what damage was left of this thing. >> whoa. that's quite a dent in that front fonder. all right. it's tech time! ♪ ooh ooh >> oh, boy. >> well, it's -- it's weird. this is called the hugby. now, it's a -- like minimalistic human form that has a pocket in it for your cell phone. so you put your cell phone in, and you hug it, and talk on the cell phone. >> holding the phone up is really arduous. >> yeah. >> so why not have a pillow that has your phone in it? i kind of dig this. >> well, i'm going to take this a step further. it's got like vibrators in it. and they react to the tone and
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volume of your voice. we never know why things are the way they are when it comes to tech. >> yeah. >> so we're going to bring in a textpert. that's a good idea. >> yeah. >> oh, hey, zack. >> the hugby. tell me exactly -- beyond the vibrating part. >> so basically, this robot is connected to your phone. and it has sensors that pick up the volume or tone of whoever you're talking to. and based on that, it will tell the vibrator if they should pulse ate faster or harder. >> oh, my gosh. so if i'm screaming and yelling and i'm in an argument, what's going to happen? >> so if you're yelling, the heartbeat is going to get stronger. >> he says they should make it more human and huggable. >> not only that, they want to make it so if two people have them installed, they can sense what the other person is doing, so you can have another one in another state, you could hug it as well and i could feel -- >> so you're saying i touch my
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doll's like nether regions and a lady's doll would also do something. >> kind of, yeah. >> this takes phone sex to a whole new level. >> yeah. >> all right then. what is one of the coolest things about buying a new car? >> the smell. the new smell. >> yes. >> and is how it's so clean in the beginning. cleaner than it will ever be. again. >> the smell is one of the coolest parts. >> that's really good. >> that's really great. the smell. so when you get a used car, it's kind of missing the smell. it doesn't smell so good anymore. well, this is a brand of ford used cars in madrid, came up with -- >> smells new. presenting the first used cars that smell new. first we had to find the right smell. we sought out the specialists in spain. was it possible?
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and after a great deal of sniffing, we had it. >> so the smell is going to make them feel like their used car isn't used? >> it's just changing the experience. they're saying that their used cars are nearly new. so what they did was, they bottled this scent, and this freshening perfume comes with your car when you buy it. >> convincing people at ford was easy. [ speaking in foreign language >> am i supposed to put a little on my neck? >> you don't want to smell like a new car. >> it looks like it's in a cologne bottle. >> nick, you would probably like a girl who wore this perfume. >> smells like a new car, but she's used. >> a few miles on her. that's so exciting. >> yeah. one day, an engineer apparently woke up and thought -- >> how can i make more accurate feces? >> well, we'll show you what he came up with. and a bird flying over a
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crowd. looks real. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, but maybe there is. hear why max
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guess what time it is, guys and gals. >> dreidle time. >> that's right. matt joining us once again for real or fake time. what's up?
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♪ hello! i've got some breaking news for you guys. picked up my first sponsor for freddie's deli. >> woo! >> first video, guy builds a star trek fazer. >> oh, wow. really? >> we've seen this. we have -- >> with zack. and he told us it's because of the light. >> oh, right. >> that is emitted. >> it absorbs the light from the laser. it was laser time with beth and christian. >> okay, nerd -- owe i mean, trekies, how accurate did he make this? is it spot-on? >> looks pretty good. >> the most impressive fazer gun i've ever seen. >> real. >> sure, real. >> cool. >> really cool. okay, next one, when guys mess with wrong driver. >> oh. huh? >> oh, no. oh, no!
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>> what? oh, no. now, that is obnoxious right there. >> oh! >> oh, did i see a thump? >> all i can say is alcohol was involved in this story. >> come on. >> looks like a weird "saturday night live" skit the way these guys are dressed and act. >> how do you know those guys don't go through life looking like this. this is a good look. look at this guy right here. >> i'm calling it real. >> i think it's real. >> all right. >> i'm going to pick fake. >> woo! >> it's a tie. >> even split. the last one, robotic bird crashes into speculatatospectat. >> has a wing span of two meters. >> oh, geez. >> oh! right in front of the camera! >> i don't think anyone is buying this one after this
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convention. >> she just got bird brained. >> i'm going real with this one. >> oh, yeah. you don't have to think about that. >> i'm going fake. that's not a real bird at all. >> oh. >> all right. good picks again this week, matt. >> thanks very much. when do you work out? becoming an engineer, not easy. it's definitely considered a noble profession. this guy is an efficiency engineer named bill gallie. he works for varitek consulting. but what does he test the efficiency of? toilets. >> let me show you what would be used for certification right now to test a toilet. not very realistic. little sponges soaked in water.
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they put in the toilet. let's see how this toilet does. >> so he holds a little colorado ander underneath to see what comes out. this guy is thinking why use sponges and pieces of paper when you can use the real thing. >> is he going to eat tons of bureau eat owes and blow up the toilet? >> this is what he's using instead. >> we decided to use this. >> what is it, chocolate pudding? >> did he put it in a tupperware container and freeze it? >> it's soybean paste encased in latex so they can reuse it. proper consistent cy. 50 grams each. i know one of beth's life wondering how much poop weighs. 50 grams each. this is a butt simulator. instead of dropping them in,
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they drop them in at the appropriate height so they sit in the bowl in the appropriate way. >> who uses four pieces of toilet paper? >> i mean to, each his own in that department. is he lying in bed when he thought that up? soybean paste. >> how can i make more accurate feces? >> yeah. put it in -- you know what this is? this is cool-gusting. it's a combination of cool and disgusting. cool-gusting. regular old drone and rc cameras are cool. but -- >> this thing is a whole another level. >> it's called the cam copter s-100 and it's pretty darn cool. check it out next on "right this minute."
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50 amateurs and pros competed in france for the first-ever red bull kite quest. you're wondering, what is the kite quest? >> what is the kite quest, christian? >> the kite quest is a scavenger hunt, a mixture of kite surfing and a treasure hunt. >> one guy just pushed the other guy. instead of just goofing around out in the water, they use their kites to go from one place to another, get off their boards. >> like a scavenger hunt.
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>> this guy got a big check. >> this happened on the brittney french coast. >> someone told these guys, you know what, go fly a kite and these guys are like i will. >> do you think benefit ben franklin would do well in this? of course, he's ben franklin. he's on the $100 bill, why wouldn't he be able to shred? >> there's got to be a kite boarder in the world -- >> if you're out there, let us know. >> and send us a video. guys, this thing is going to change the game of aerial photography. i've shown you rc and drone helicopters that carry small cameras. they're kind of cool and get great shots. but this thing is a whole another level. this is the sheebel cam copter s-100. the cam copter is basically a drone, previously used for surveillance by the military. these things can be flown remotely. the guys have teamed up with sheebel to put a cinaflex camera
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on one of these drones. >> this looks like an old fashioned helicopter. it just shrunk down in size. >> obviously no cockpit. uses a small jet engine, a pilot to fly it from the ground and a separate cinematography. you can preprogram weight points in it, and it will fly a mission or it can be flown by a pilot. >> how is this better than one of the mini drones? i feel like the images look pretty similar to the smaller drones. >> the small drones can't carry a camera system like this cinaflex. this is the cream of the crop when it comes to aerial cinematography. highly stabilized, a big long lens and i imagine these can probably go further distance. further distances, faster. you know, the drones, you know, can't quite keep up with a race car. >> that's amazing. >> news organizations, instead of sending up their chopper with a pilot and photography, they may be able to launch something from the top of their building and have somebody sitting in an
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office flying this thing. that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." we have one more video for you, the first-ever commercial for discover america set to the song "land of dreams" written by roseann cash and john levinthal. enjoy it. see you next time. ♪ ♪ i cannot wait to play for you. ♪ -- captions by vitac -- ♪ ♪ so play your songs and make them real for how
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