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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 3, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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an entire neighborhood up in arms tonight. they tell us that squaders have taken over a foreclosed home there. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. neighbors say the same squatters that tore up one house and threatened our news crew have now taken over another house in another part of town. those neighbors called eric rasmussen and he's back with a new fight to get those
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squatters out. >> reporter: these residents have lived here for months, and say they knew something was wrong when they saw people they saw on our report a month ago. >> they didn't look right from the very start. >> they started moving in in the middle of night. >> reporter: he snapped a photo and knew he had seen the photo before. >> at first i thought the dog looked very familiar. >> reporter: he says it's the same dog and same squatters that threatened us at another house. but no one, not even police can force them out. >> police tell us it is a civil water because they have a signed agreement between these people that are here and the
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people that technically owns the home. >> reporter: but the previous owner says that lease is not fake. that she hasn't been able to sign anything since she had heart surgery. >> as an owner it's very frustrating and your heart just sinks, because knowing that they have rights, how do they have right? >> reporter: tonight we spoke to police who say they have taken a report from that foreclosed owner and they are talk to the bank . nearly everything inside was ruined after a fire. residents of an apartment fire next door says the first thing
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they noticed was a strong smell of smoke. >> i looked out the door because i could smell it real good, and i seen the back of this building, i seen the flames just shooting out and the black smoke just pouring out. >> an arson investigator told ktvu there's nothing to indicate the fire was set, they say it appears to be electrical and they plan to investigate to make sure. police are thanking some eyewitnesses that helped find the man who possibly tried to kidnap a girl. >> reporter: i spoke to officers who say they found more than passengers trying to ride for free. brand received recognition and
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a standing ovation. this week they detained a man and teenage girl on a vta train because they said the couple didn't pay the fare. but grant says the 16-year-old told him they were not a couple. the girl said, she was being held. >> she said, well he won't let me go any where. he goes with me everywhere i go. i can't get away. i just want to get away from him. >> reporter: the man she was with, merced pacheco is in jail tonight on suspicion of false imprisonment and unlawful intercourse with a minor. legrand says he found a flier indicating the girl had been listed missing since january. >> she didn't show any kind of emotion just wanting to get away. after i told her that she did not have to go with him she looked physically relieved. >> reporter: both inspectors say they're glad they were there to help. >> i was doing my job, that's all. >> i knew i wanted to make sure she was safe.
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>> reporter: after the story, we found out that the girl went missing again. they have had 16 i said -- police say they have had 16 incidents with her describing her as a habitual run away. a vallejo jewelry store owner fought back this afternoon with a would be robber shooting and killing the suspect. it happened at carillo jewelry store. when the owner's wife called police to report a shooting, she told them that the suspect jumped over the counter. but the owner had his own gun and shot the robber. police will only sigh the intruder was a 30 something- year-old man from vallejo. >> i think he ended up buying the gun because he had some problems down in the area and he just wanted it for his personal use. but then about a year ago, that happened and then today this happened. >> police have questioned the
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owner and his wife, they also say they're reviewing surveillance video, no arrests have been made. >> a gang sweep, gunfire, agents shot and a neighborhood locked down. tonight life is still not back to normal in petaluma. debra villalon is live with how a federal raid turned vie leapt, debra. >> we've been on this since mornings on two, 18 hours later you can see the street is still blocked. federal agents still here at the nondescript gray house where three of their own were wounded. >> reporter: preparations as homeland security and immigration agents launch operation red tidings. swooping down on 13 gang suspects in three bay area cities. they got them all. but in petaluma a response they didn't expect. a barrage from an assault rifle, wounding three agents
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taken to local hospitals, all will recover. >> law enforcement agents put their lives on the line every single day. >> reporter: federal authorities and local law enforcement spent 18 months investigating two vicious gangs. >> justice is patient and justice is resolution. >> reporter: ground zero they say was this spot in south san francisco and 2010. where the street gang opened fire on rival gang members. we returned to find it's still tense and our presence clearly unwelcomed. >> they came in, took a bullet out of the side of the house. >> reporter: but this petaluma neighborhood not known for gang activity was stunned by this morning's raid. and to learn a murder suspect had been hiding in plain sight among them. >> hey, how are you doing. he was saying nice to my kids. they seemed to blend in pretty well. >> you never know it could be right next to your house and it's true. just wake up in the morning and
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everything is different. there's cops outside and there's chaos and helicopters flying. it's surreal. >> this area off busy south mcdowell boulevard has been closed all day and into the night. residents cannot move their car to get in and out and i'm told it'll be at least another hour before this investigation pulls out. debra villalon, ktvu news. new information tonight about a lab worker in san francisco who died after being infected with a deadly bacteria. the medical examiner today identified the victim as 25- year-old richard dinn from treasure island. dinn had worked in the infectious disease lab since october. he had been handling samples of a rare meningitis bacteria as part of a team trying to find a vaccine. the va lab is now closed indefinitely while health officials investigate his
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death. the bay area marks the national day of prayer by honoring some victims. a hedge funds manager pointed out thompson does not have a computer degree from massachusetts, although yahoo listed one in its filings with the security and exchange commission. facebook is inching ever so close to its ipo. today the company set the price range for its stock offering, shares will range from $28 to $35 and if it hits the high end, facebook will raise about $12 billion. more than any previous internet ipo. and the wall street journal reports that would value the company at $95 billion. the ipo could happen as soon as two weeks from tomorrow, although at this point no firm date has been set. on wall street, stocks
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tipished lower today ahead of the jobs report. the dow fell 61 points, the nasdaq dropped 35. the number of people seeking first time unemployment benefit declined sharply last week. that is the biggest drop in nearly a year. analysts say any time the number of new applications sinks below 271,000, that means they're able to lower the unemployment numbers. >> right now there's showers falling in north bay. there's green on live storm tracker 2. i'll have the details when i return. >> it is a party to
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the medical examiner in san diego county said that the junior seau death was a suicide. investigators say he did not leave a suicide note. a memorial has been growing outside his home in oceanside. seau played seven seasons in the nfl, most with the
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chargers. seau's family must now decide if they would like his brain examined. they found the same thing in almost every single case. >> reporter: 20 years of prolinebacker, junior seau likely endured thousands of hits to the head. part of a game as doctors point out for even the youngest player. i spoke to a researchers who looked at 23 players. with this machine doctors are able to tell how well a patient's brain is working. the dark area, broken, the light area, damaged. >> judgment, planning, following through, impulse control. >> reporter: injuries also cause memory impairment and depression. >> if you look at specific
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cases obviously some people do commit suicide. >> concussions, we never concluded to that. >> reporter: it's far too soon to know what demons -- doctors say bad outcomes can be avoided. >> brain trauma can be treated and that is the good news. baseball's home run king barry bonds is asking a federal appeals court in san francisco to overturn his conviction. bonds's attorneys argue his conviction on obstruction was
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base on what he calls invented theory. bonds was found guilty of that one count. prosecutors are expected to file their response later this month. republican presidential candidate ron paul is not going to leave the race quietly. he's busy campaigning in california this week. the texas congressman appeared at a town hall meeting. the conservative drew several hundred people. some of his supporters have equated him to a rock star. >> there's nothing rock star about me. i think they might like the message, we're raising money. some others dropped out because they ran out of money. >> reporter: paul started the day in san diego. president barack obama is set to attend three fundraisers on may 23rd. the first event is a campaign round table at palo alto's
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garden court hotel. then he's set to attend a meeting at a home in atherton. tickets are $35,800 per person. the last event is a rally type reception at the fox theater in redwood city. tickets to that event range from $250 on up to $2,000 per person. new details tonight about a transgender woman who was shot and killed in oakland over the weekend. amber lee is live in hayward where the victim's sister says she always tried to protect her brother. amber-- >> reporter: julie we're at 13th and franklin where the 37- year-old was shot and killed early sunday morning. if you look closely, you can see the victim's name brandy etched on to the sidewalk. tonight his sister spoke about her loss. >> me and him, at the bowling alley. >> reporter: from the family's hayward home, telichia told us she took on the role of protector even though her
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brother was 8 years older. she said she was born millton matthew jr. but their family accepted matthew's life as a transgender woman. >> to address him as my brother. my parents are able to address him as his son. and he was accepting of that. he respected that because he knows that's how he was brought into the world and on the other side, we accepted the choices he made. >> reporter: she says he lived an honest life and was careful about where he went and who he socialized with. >> it wasn't about trying to lie to anyone to cover up anything. he was always straightforward about who he was. >> reporter: talisha showed us this photo of massey at his high school. she says her brother started dressing like a woman when she was 18 years old. matthew was an outreach worker for a clinic helping the transgender community but was
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laid off a few months ago. telicha says her brother deserves justice. >> this didn't have to happen. it's senseless. i do want revenge. >> reporter: tonight police told us they are still looking for a motive including whether the attack was a hate crime. so far no one has been arrested. live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the victims of the oikos university shooting were remembered tonight at a national prayer event. it was held at the stadium at diablo valley college. organizers say they were planning a prayer event today as part of the national day of prayer to focus on the nation's schools. when the oikos shootings happened they say it was natural to focus on the victims and survivors. the bill penalizing home
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buyers, investors and developers if they fail to clean up dilapidated homes. buyers can face fines of up to $7,000. the senate approved the bill, it now goes to the assembly. in sacramento, the state assembly passed a bill to keep gun owners to carry guns in public. the legislation includes a long list of exemptions for hunter and military personnel. it now heads to the state senate. and i just checking in with folks in the north bay and we have some showers falling under the radar. you see widely scattered showers. there's a heavy drizzle coming down. the roadways are very wet in this region. the showers haven been leaving.
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they've been kind of nuisance showers all day. .01 in san francisco. nearly .2 of an inch in kentfield. that number has moved. tomorrow is going to be about clearing, not that warm. 60s then some gusty winds out in the bay. wind gusts tomorrow could go 25, 30 miles per hour around 3:00 especially at the san francisco airport. winds come up. skies begin to clear and it sets the stage for the weekend. i'll let you know what you can expect as we head into saturday and sunday, i'll be back here in a few. ktvu got a preview of a silent auction set for next weekend in alameda that will raise money to help the bay area children. the recipe for hope auction on may 7, benefit it is food bank's backpack program. tonight people got a chance to preview some of the items up for auction. they include paintings, wine and a week long vacation in montana. an assistant principal under arrest tonight -- plus. >> his video went viral, the
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one of a kind high tech dorm room that now has a cal student face ago hearing. >> packed with [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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san jose police have arrested an assistant principal at leyland high school on charges of unlawful sexual contact with a minor. police booked joseph jon reghitto. the school principal and another administrator have been placed on leave pending the outcome of an investigation. also tonight we have learned a 6-year-old boy
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injured in a san jose house fire has died. tuesday's fire was in the coyote creek condominium complex. the boy died this morning in a south bay hospital. the fire also killed a woman in her 50s. her husband is still hospitalized. another child a 12-year-old boy was pulled to safety by his uncle. the tricked out dorm room of a freshman in uc berkeley has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world this week after a you tube video went viral. but paul chambers tells us why that video also caught the attention of school administrators. >> reporter: this is derek's dorm room. right now it's in party room. that means the curtains are closed and the music is bumping. >> i wanted it to interact like a room.
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>> reporter: his computer synchronizing all of his equipment. to show it off he up loaded this video up to you tube. >> he had pictures of his room and taking apart the electric switch plates to try to modify his room. >> reporter: students are not allowedded to tamper with property that belongs to the school. however the university had an electrician check out his room and it passed the inspection. he's now known acrossed the world. >> i did not expect it to go viral. >> reporter: he everyone made the cover of his newspaper in singapore. he's getting more attention that you can imagine. >> i did get a few offers, internships especially just because i did this video about my room. >> reporter: one of loes professors will give him extra
11:56 pm
credit about his room however he will meet with school officials tomorrow to talk about concerns about his room. the academic senate at uc davis voted today to -- the school's chancellor. today they said the chancellor failed to -- insult to injury. first it was targeted by vandals, then it
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in tonight's special reports they come from all over. party buses that bring people to san francisco who want to drink without having to worry about driving. but club owners say those buses are causing more trouble than they're worth. >> reporter: it happens every week at night along the broadway corridor. hundreds of partyers show up ready to drink and dance the night away. but at monroe there's one crowd that's not welcomed. >> we don't take party buses. >> reporter: the question is why? party buses bring in excited customers read i can to fill the bar. >> we're doing it. party bus out here. >> reporter: this >> reporter: -- >> this is like the main spot
12:00 am
that everybody comes to san francisco. >> reporter: party buses include vip passes to clubs. for san francisco clubs it would seem like a big boost for business with these buses transporting ready to party passengers right to their front doors. but some clubs say the buses are bringing nothing but bad news. >> it's an open bus. i don't even know if they're spending money at the bar. >> reporter: big buses could mean big trouble for businesses. >> i know there's like 25, 30 guys that come into the club, to cause problems, security gets involved and the security is outnumbered. they start beating up on security guards. >> a lot of clubs are cutting back the party buses because they don't want people getting drunk before they get to the club. >> reporter: police say the booze aboard the buses contributes to the disorder,
12:01 am
drunkenness and injuries on the corridor. the people have often been on the bus for hours before getting to san francisco. >> the buses are bringing in a lot of out of towners. they have a tendency to come here and cause problems for us. >> some people come and they bring guns with them. >> reporter: san francisco police commandser says he would like to ban alcohol from the buses. >> you have uncontrolled consumption. if you are on a party bus you can drink to your hearts content. >> reporter: korea is supporting a state assembly bill aimed at underaged drinkers, requires a chaperone for passengers under 21. party bus companies say there are good and bad companies. and add they carry insurance. >> the vibe we're getting from nightclub, they're not accepting party buses. >> when people do get very intoxicated we get them to stay on the bus.
12:02 am
if it's a female, we have to have another sober person that's going to be on the bus. >> yes, it is so worth it. you don't have to drive. we don't have to worry about driving drunk. so it's cool. >> reporter: by closing time, broadway looks like this. >> she just hurt a girl in the face. right here. >> why are you doing to me? >> so when you have 50 people standing on the sidewalk, just blocking the whole flow of the sidewalk. usually they're rowdy, they are drunk. >> we're doing a good thing because that way they're not driving, getting duis, i feel much safer with them being on my bus and under my care and get them home safely. >> reporter: for now the buses keep rolling, ready to bring
12:03 am
people to san francisco streets. david stevenson, ktvu news. the manager of a san francisco clothing store that was vandalized phopd night said it was like pouring salt to a wound. first revelers broke their windows, so they put a board up. then they got a citation. after complaints on twitter the department of public works apologized, voided that citation and offered to help. al-qaida is reportedly looking at some new tactics to attack america and one of them is forest fires. the latest issue of al-qaida's english language magazine called inspire talks about the correct wind patterns to start a forest fire and suggests that montana would be a good state to target. one american fire official said the idea isn't that farfetched. >> newly released documents are offering an insight into the thinking of osama bin laden in recent years. the paper shows that osama bin laden worried about mistakes
12:04 am
made by al-qaida's prominence hurting support among muslims. he was also concerned about drone strikes and eves dropping by the united states. they also revealed that osama bin laden had specific targets in mind for american officials. >> he was asking for a tax on the united states on president obama, general david pa -- he said don't worry about vice president biden. >> osama bin laden apparently wanted biden to take over the presidential post. saying he was not prepared. republicans announced plans to campaign against --
12:05 am
the second largers worker union in san francisco -- 93% of them voted in favor of the year. this ends years of wage concessions and provide for a 3% salary hike. there are also modest increases for health care costs. union leaders had recommended approval. hundreds of military veterans and spouses showed up today for a hire our heros event in oakland. the special recruiting fair was held at the odotc organize coliseum. it was open to any veteran no matter when or where they served and their spouses. about 30 vendors were on hand along with schools. >> what i'm getting here is good advice about applying. for more information, visit our website and click on web links.
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a 14-year-old boy admits he shot and killed his friend at a park and even more disturbing, why he said he did it. and back here in just 10 minute, live storm tracker 2, still have some green showing then we have a weekend to talk about. later in sports it could be a
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isn't it true developments tonight involving a 7-year-old boy who pricked his finger at a hypodermic needle at an oakland playground. school officials sent a letter
12:09 am
alerting about last week's injury. the boy has been taking medication to prevent hiv and hepatitis b and c. the district says the incident and response are under investigation. oakland police say a 14- year-old boy has admitted that he shot and killed a friend because he says that friend disrespected him. last month 15-year-old shante daniels jr. was shot in a park in east oakland. he ran to a near by house asking for help then died. the two boys had been friends for years and had been hanging out together before the argument. the 14-year-old has now been charged with murder. also in oakland police say they're looking forward to their first ever open house tomorrow night as a chance to talk one on one with members of the public. >> we're going to have our csi staff here. so anyone who watches those television shows can actually come and talk to real csi people. and see that you know things take a long time. they don't get solved in an hour like the tv show. >> reporter: chief howard jordan also plans to be on an
12:10 am
and the department is planning on bringing its police boat and their mobile command postthat can be used for energies -- command post that can be used for energies from 5:00 until 7:30 tomorrow night. in news of the world, in beijing hillary clinton met with chinese leaders to discuss trade and other international visits. but her visit is being overshadowed. chan asked to meet with clinton and says he wants to leave china. in london the british military is placing surface to air missells around the city. they are part of security for the upcoming summer olympic games. so people complained about having missells in their neighborhoods. the summer games begin july 22nd. officials say there have been no specific terror threats. and in nicaragua the last
12:11 am
member of the founding sandanistas died. while in power, borje ruled with an iron fist and was accused of human rights violations. the sonoma county coroners office released the identity of a woman who was killed yesterday in a bizarre twist to a car crash. the victim was 77-year-old anne lynch. she died after losing control of her toyota carolla while traveling on milbre avenue. lynch's car hit a fence then they say a board pierced her windshield and hit her in the head. a new play to keep the a's in oakland. >> plus -- >> this scenic wilderness area in the middle of san francisco is filled with wildlife. what the city is doing to protect people and their pets
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the ceo of a huge company in oakland has come up with a play to keep the a's in town. his solution, maybe buy the team. the chair of clorox is working to keep the a's in oakland. >> if the current ownership is not committed to oakland we're confident we've identified a group of people who can and will buy the team if the team is for sale, keep it here and get a new stadium built. >> 44 companies have put down money to show they are serious. a's management has not commented on the plan. the bay view district is about to get a big boost.
12:15 am
the lenard corporation has donated $7 million for development. it plans to demolish candle stick park and replace it with homes. some residents are worried that the project will displace many african americans that live in the community. new at 10:00, ktvu's john sasaki tells us coyote encounters are not just happening in parks. >> reporter: these bathrooms are shut down not for maintenance but because of wild dogs. >> what were they doing? >> just running all over, around. >> reporter: we didn't see them today but a recent incident involving coyotes similar to this one prompted the closures. >> one of my officers was charged when he went near a bush where we believed there
12:16 am
were pups. so we asked rec and parks to shut down that area. a woman walking her dogs says she's unconcerned. >> i am pretty protective of them. if he saw something odd, he would sense it and i would pull away. >> reporter: city officials want you to stay away from the coyotes and their dens. but there's other places where they want you to be coyote aware. >> when i looked at that video and we had other staff members watching it, we were outraged. >> reporter: it's clear that the coyotes weren't the aggressors. >> reporter: they're obviously protecting their den and the rotties are allowed to harass
12:17 am
them. for the first time ever today scientists used a blimp to search for bits and pieces of a meteorite. researchers from nasa hope to find signs where large fragments fell so they could send in search parties. a close up camera is helping them. the showers have been lingering throughout the area. consistent drizzle and showers. over toward san francisco, it's going to go on for a little bit longer. the roads will be dry for your morning commute. and that's some good news because it was wet for many this afternoon as you moved out and about. tomorrow is friday and things are going to shape up. the sun comes up, the winds come up. temperatures come up a little bit. not going to be a real warm day. tomorrow is the transition day to some really, really nice
12:18 am
weather as we head toward the bay area weekend. back into the 80s, so overnight lows tonight on the cool side. 44 in vallejo, as the kids head off to school. you head off to work. probably need a jacket in the morning. that's typical for this time of year all the dynamics, the core of the jet jet stream is father north. so, the cool air is overus right now. tomorrow will be cool and breezy as it clears out. we could see temperatures into the 90s on sunday. so we'll watch that closely for you. as you look at if forecast for tomorrow you will see a few for
12:19 am
tonight, and tomorrow morning. a few scattered springs hang for friday morning. then it's gone, it's out of here. there's friday afternoon, there's lunch and there's friday afternoon commute. it's done. i showed you a few sprinkles out toward evergreen but i don't think it'll be a big deal. 69 in antioch, 68 in brentwood. 59 in pacifica. 65 in your hayward. so you go to the santa clara valley for friday. a nice day. just not as warm as it has been but warmer than today. 69 in gilroy, 69 in morgan hill. patchy fog not really an issue tonight. i think tomorrow will be a nice day at the coast with winds coming up. five day forecast with your weekend in view, looks good. hand changed but the weekend we're going to see temperatures into the 80s. >> that eye is always on the weekend. >> it's going to be a good one
12:20 am
this time. the oakland commissioners has said no to a new dog park. the commission voted three against it and one [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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developing news now from the south bay where a house fire tonight displaced nine people. the three alarm fire was first reported as 8:08. residents said they heard. a man in southern california found some unwanted visitors camped in his driveway this morning, bears. the mama bears then settled -- the mama bear and cubs then settled in for a nap. the hope is those bears will go
12:24 am
back to their own home in the near by angeles national forest. >> bears, happier than the panda tonight. >> yeah, no kidding. >> yeah. >> and the rest of the giants team. losing three straight to the marlins not good. >> not at all. just a month into the season. giants finding themselves in the intersection of gloom and n baseball. and that's being kind. pablo sandoval going to miss several months with a broken hand. second most errors in baseball but some nice defense here. give them some credit. cabrera wheels and fires to second. your goner, omar infante and they need all the d they can
12:25 am
get. reyes, sir re-- reyes right back in the middle. not this time just a grounder but it did score blanco who had three hits. life without the panda. that was the subject most interested in the clubhouse afterward. >> we've been here before , last year without him. >> i can't replace a guy, that's reality, there's very few people that probably can replace a guy like that. but like said while he's out. i'm going to do the best job i can and at least contribute offensively and defensively do the best i can. >> giants have some injury problem, all the money in the world isn't going to buy the yankees out of this one. probably the greatest closer in the history of the game.
12:26 am
mariano riv era may have suffered a career ending injury. the torn ligament in his right knee, he will definitely be out all season. he may never able to throw a baseball again in professional baseball that is at 36. you never think of oklahoma city as a hot bit for basketball. but they do have a team that's probably going to knock the defender nba champs right out of the ring. dallas going down, thunder with russell westbrook scoring 20 tonight. mark cuban the owner of dallas, he's used to getting his own way. not happy tonight. kevin durant he was on, 31 points on 11 of 15 shooting. and mark cuban and company, yeah, they are getting blown out. they're worse play off loss ever. at home 3-0. you knew this was coming, no amare stoudemire next good as gone.
12:27 am
wouldn't have mattered with omare or not. up top for lebron. 32 for lebron, you will see him again. the heat breeze and they also lead their series with new york 3-0. that's the sporting life for a thursday night. >> thanks mark. before we go we have more developing news this time out of alameda county, two people were hurt in a fire near hayward. the chp says it was called out to the home on blossom lane. authorities saw malatof cocktails thrown into a home. the severity of the injuries is not known. thank you so much for trusting ktvu news. join us tomorrow morning. and we're always here for you
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on and mobile ktvu.
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