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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  May 4, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage, starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it is friday, may 4th. i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with developing news in the east bay tonight. california highway patrol says one of its officers shot a suspected car thief. news chopper 2 is over the scene. this is a live picture from the area. the officer was following a stolen chrysler 300 sedan on highway 4 when the driver exited. the officer followed. the authorities say the driver then pulled into the kaiser parking lot and took a shot at the officer. the officer returned fire, hitting the suspect. the officer was not hurt and the suspect is expected to survive. it is start of cinco de
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mayo. and the police want to be ready. we are live in san jose where he found preparations have begun, noticed? >> reporter: i am in downtown san jose. behind me the police set up a mobile command post to coordinate a large police presence tonight and through the weekend. cinco de mayo is tomorrow. there is no official large scale city sponsored event. but in the past, downtown is the gathering places for people. large crowds, drinking alcohol can mean problems. the police are getting prepared with cars, bicycles, horses and on foot and the police helicopter will be above. >> we feel confident we will be a clear presence for individuals to realize it is a safe environment but then for anyone who plans to be disruptive we will be able to address the issues immediately. >> there are concerns about increased gang activity. in light of the beating death of a 14-year-old boy.
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the crime is still unsolved. the police say it was gang related. >> my family will not be present, neither will i, here, just because of how much gang activity and stuff like that is happening down here. >> reporter: but the police say they are encouraging people to come down and celebrate in a lawful manner. we will be on the streets tonight to see what happens and we will have complete coverage on the 10:00 news, live in downtown san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. two former eastbound police officers were in court today in drugs and crime scandal that will have both seeing years in prison. chris butler pleaded guilty in federal court in oakland to stealing and selling drugs, running a prostitution ring and extortion. he could face 10 years in prison. a police officer was sentenced to three years behind bars for
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stealing drugs, money and jewelry on the drug task force. >> his behalf, i guess i would have to say, there is no explanation, what he did was wrong. he is prepared to pay the price for those wrong decisions. >> the former head of the task force, norman welch, has indicated he will not take a plea deal. a person is in the hospital in bad shape after a fire in san francisco. firefighters responded to a home on 41st avenue just before 3:00 this afternoon. jay hernandez is live at the scene and the home was full of clutter. >> reporter: firefighters found themselves fighting more than flames here, gasia. you can see a big tree obstructing it. that is the spot where firefighters were called to and rescued a woman. >> the neighbors alerted us. an aggressive interior search
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was conducted. indeed a victim was found and taken from there. >> reporter: paramedics rushed her to the hospital. we are told she is in critical condition. the home is located along 41st avenue. the flames began spreading early this afternoon. neighbors called for help around 3:00. firefighters put out the flames fairly quickly. less than 20 minutes despite challenging circumstances inside. >> the inside crews reported it was difficulty in mobility inside because of the tight quarters there. any time ingress, obstruction, firefighterring is hinders. >> reporter: no one else was hurt. i want to bring you back out here. firefighters are lucky because it is windy tonight. also, just down the street there is an elementary school, saint gabrials. students at the school were not
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effected. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. ahead in 8 minutes a suspicious suitcase causes tense moments. we have no word on what happened. administrators on campus are considering meade eightiors tkaour -- mediators to help during protesters. some security workers were using batons. they released a report recommending how a campus should respond to future demonstrations. high-level administrators should be involved and that the police need better training. >> we believe our report, and its recommendations, set a precedence for how demonstrations will be approached. >> the uc attorney add while the use of pepper spray is not frowned upon police should not
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rush to use it. now, back to san francisco, businesses in the mission district are racing to open in time for this weekend's street festival. 30 stores and restaurants were damaged when a protest turned violent. they are reviewing law enforcement tactics after criticism that police was slow to respond. meanwhile a fund for the companies is growing. some say they are finding suck with a concept called a pop up neighborhood. five businesses open together, six months ago at a building at 8th and broadway. the building was empty until a neighbor convinced the owner to allow five businesses six months of free rent to get them going. three of the five say they have done well enough now to sign a long-term lease. >> the city of oakland celebrating the 160th birthday with a party at city hall. including a revailing of the remodeled city hall. it was damaged back in january. volunteers at the museum of california restored it.
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later the party moved outdoors to the plaza for cake and other festivities. >> san francisco representative expressed concern today about the impact of stepped up federal raids on medical marijuana facilities in california. the crack down underminds previous policy to leave individuals alone if they are in compliance with state law. in a statement the democratic leader says she is concerned that raids like this one are hurting people who have a legitimate need for the drug. there is a happy ending to the story of a california gray whale, entangled in fishing line. there is word that the whale has been untangled. federal authorities say the whale has been making its way north. the fishermen spotted the whale today and spent 90 minutes cutting it loose and then it
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swam away. firefighters say a fire at the home of a disabled vietnam veteran was deliberately set. neighbors say they saw a man with a gas can on the porch of the home just before 10:00 last night. firefighters say they had the fire out within minutes and the crews rescued the veteran who was a double amputee. the caretakers escaped through side windows. >> i heard pop, like that. i heard a big pop. then, i seen flames. just started to try to put it out. >> investigators say it appears the arsonist poured gas on the porch and lit it and then got into a waiting suv. one of the caretakers said she had no idea why someone would target them. they suffered minor smoke inhalation. a school will stay open until next month. elciritos school can operate through june.
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the private k-8 grade school filed for bankruptcy last fall after defaulting on a $13 million construction loan. the school will close its doors on june 7th after 8th grade graduation. a cleanup got under way at saint leo the great's school. vandals targeted -- great school. vandals targeted the school two times and was hit with tags that are antireligious. businesses nearby were targeted. people who work in the neighborhood say graffiti has been on the rise in the last month. adam yak. a yauch, from the beastie boys died at the age of -- adam yauch, from the beastie boys, died at the age of 47 from
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cancer. their first record was the first to top the top of the charts. he was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. he was too sick to attend when the group was inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame last month. he was a boodist. a group organized a concert. the free tibit concert in 1996 drew 100,000 fans over two days. it was so successful similar concerts for tibit were held in other cities for several years afterward. at we posted a series of photos chronicling adam yauch through the years. the dream of a 13-year-old girl, to build a park for a slain soldier she never met, took a step toward reality today. 13-year-old ema spearheaded the project to build a park in
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memory of a soldier. the soldier, lawson, was kill inside 2006. ema took a year to raise money. but still needs donated construction supplies to fulfill her vision. a high-tech fueling station some say this could not have happened at a better place. a sad time in america. >> mitt romney spins new jobless numbers one way but president barack obama has a different perspective.
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. we are just getting word that a lengthy investigation
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into a abandoned suit is over. they rendered the package harmless. it started at 2:00 this afternoon. a bomb squad approaching what looked like a blue suitcase. the police shutdown the ramps near interstate 280. it effected muni lines and b.a.r.t but we learned in the past 25 minutes the situation has ended. no word what was inside. a bay area lawmaker wants to help victims one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. sex trafficking. >> i did not choose that life. i was put into it. and i was -- it is all i knew. as a child at 12 and on the state capitol was where i was arrested at age 13. >> she says it took her many years to realize her dream of bottoming a foster parent because of her criminal record.
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his legislation would allow sex trade victims to have a slate clean. san francisco is a hot spot for such crimes in california. continuing coverage now of the hydrogen fuel leak that put a neighborhood on alert this evening. what the investigators found this afternoon that could help explain what went wrong. >> reporter: we first showed you the scene at 45th and doyle this morning. firefighters and police fearing an explosion. evacuated the high school and businesses including pixar. residents startled away at 7:30. >> i heard a big boom, i came out. i saw a plane. should i leave the area or not? >> reporter: he shot this video and sent it to us. flames. transit workers told us they saw flames leak from a 9,000
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tank of pressurized hydrogen. used to fuel buses testing fuel cell technology. >> once the system detected it was having a problem it began to shut itself down. less dangerous than a gas station would be under similar circumstances. >> reporter: we showed you the station's unveiling on a rainy day three weeks ago. part of a mandated 0 emission bus program. when burned the fuel emits clean water but creating and compressing hydrogen requires electricity. the full-cell vehicles are less efficient than diesel hybrids. >> they tell us that it is absolutely safe but i think today sort of refutes that. >> reporter: i learned late this afternoon that investigators found a faulty valve on one of the tanks and plan to keep this fueling station closed for several days until they find out exactly what went wrong. back to you. the family of the late san
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diego chargers player, junior seau, say they will donate his bring for research. they hope to help scientists learn more about football- related injuries. there is no word yet in the facility would be made. he shot himself on wednesday. this is no evidence that brain injuries played a role in his suicide. representatives of jerry sandusky says there are more accusers in the case. the defense motion filed yesterday suggests this are 16. sandusky's lawyer are seeking more information on uncharged conduct evidence. a major investor wants the ceo of yahoo, fired. that after scott thompson's credentials came under question. an fcc filing and a web site says he has a computer science degree but he does not. if the board of directors does not fire thompson he might file a lawsuit. he became the ceo four months
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ago. stocks sank yesterday following the release of the unemployment report. the dow fell 168, nasdaq fell 67, the largest decline of the year. investigators fear that jobs report may indicate economic growth is stalling. that job data quickly became a focal point in the race for president. >> reporter: employment figures are crucial in the election year. the numbers are not in the president's favor. they add 115,000 jobs in april. down from 154,000 in march. the unemployment rate dropped slightly to 8.1%. but that is only because the number of adults actively looking for work has fallen to the lowest level since 1981. mitt romney says the economy should be adding closer to 500 jobs a month. >> this is a sad time in america. when people who want work can't find jobs. >> reporter: the economic policy institute says 300 to
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400,000 jobs should be add each month for the economy to recover, but president barack obama says the recovery is still alive. >> after the worst economic crisis since the great depression, our businesses have now created more than 4.2 million new jobs over the last 26 months. >> reporter: employment growth began to slow in march after three strong months in the winter. some economists believe the slow down is a seasonal adjustment. adjusting warm weather earlier in the year gave the economy an artificial boost. president barack obama says next week he will urge congress to come together and take steps to accelerate growth. >> there is too much at stake for us all not to be rowing in the same direction. >> reporter: if the figures do not stay afloat the president will be paddling against a strong current ahead of the november election. today, san francisco 49er's coach helped celebrate the success of a job program.
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rita williams and former 49er start, love, who joined the breakfast of champions this morning. it honored members of the job train program. well, it was an exotic bird that descended on a school tonight. in some cases, though, it was pretty close. the winners of an annual event that gets initial attention. a warm weekend is underway. we will see where we will have temperatures in the 80s [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them. . celebrating the last weekend's demolition. it was about this time last week that the crews rolled in to knockdown the 75-year-old structure. the mayor praised the crews for their work and then hyped the completion of the project, 2017. the mayor received a piece of rebarb to mark the completion of that phase of the project. i do believe the weekend is here. we will be in the 70s? >> it will be perfect, gasia. a change beginning tomorrow, by sunday you will notice the
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changes with more 80s. 80s back in the forecast. right now i can show you this on live storm tracker 2. clear skies across the entire bay area. the wind speeds take a look at buoy. winds gusts at 20 miles an hour. still a bit of a breeze. changes heading into saturday. the temperatures this afternoon, the afternoon highs, maxing out in the 60s to 70 degrees for santa rosa. but, today, one of the cooler days of the week. but it will be changing. overnight lows, you can see the coolest locations, starting out saturday morning on the cool side. napa, pacificca, 50, san francisco, 49, livermore about 42 degrees. this week tend is the key headline. plenty of sunshine. the temperatures warling up as we head -- warming up as we head into saturday. sunday, the high pressure strengthens and remains in command of the weather. that sets up the flow.
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with that fog free condition that means a warm up for the beaches. here is the trend for saturday, sunday, and it will continue into next week for early next week for monday and into tuesday. first thing tomorrow morning showing you the 40s and the 50s. look at the big change into the afternoon hours. 60s, 70s and the 80s. the warmest locations right around 80 degrees. here we go. the numbers tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures checking in at 3:00 and 4:00. it is a big change from the highs from today. these readings up six to 12 degrees. middle 70s, walnut creek, 77 degrees, lower 80s towards antioch. more neighborhoods here, san jose, topping out in the upper 70s. morgan hill, 80 degrees. fremont, 76. and san francisco beautiful at 72 degrees. fiwere to pick a beach day tomorrow night, sunday, it will be the nicer -- if i were to pick a beach day tomorrow night, sunday, it will be the nicer day. just ahead, the five-day
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forecast. the weekend view. the weekend rapidly approaching. the temperatures going up for sunday, monday and tuesday. we will initiate the cooling trend by wednesday of next week. between now and then a good warm up along the bay area. a lot of creativity and a hint of wackiness were on display for the birdcalling contest. >> anderson, shacker and smith took the top prize for their performance of the call of the greater prairie chicken. this is the 47th annual contest, started by a biology teacher at that school. it is worldwide renowned. contestants usually go on to perform on late night talk shows. that is our news for tonight. our coverage continues at 10:00. tonight, the uplifting story of
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a fisherman and freed a gray whale that was entangled in fishing line. tmz is -- "tmz" is up next here on tv36. good night
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