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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 8, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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hello, everyone, i'm beth troutman. we have today's best videos "right this minute." >> you don't want that. >> you don't want that! >> what is that? terrorizing a boatload of guys? see the panicked rush to get to safety. you want to reach out and help. what's an end-of-school party without somebody jumping from the roof to the pool? >> but when you look closer, ian actually hit the pavement first. >> we have got the incredible survival story. a guy gets his order at a fast food joint and then wonders -- so how did that giant straw get in there? >> in your bag? >> this came out of my bag.
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and it's the video that proves beggars can't be choosey. >> he's just being an ass. it's time to get today's show started. and christiane has our story. >> for a group of people traveling on the strait of georgia in british columbia, the ride became very exciting when they saw this in the water. >> you don't want that. you don't want that! you don't want that! you don't want that, guys! >> i don't think they want that. >> what is that? >> that is a cooler that was swimming right next to the boat. >> a cougar as in a cat or as in a woman? >> he's got the engine! >> it seems like the cougar swims under the boat so they did end up killing the engine so that they didn't harm the cougar. >> that's worse than, like,
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reeling in a shark. you get a shark on board, he can't really move around. you stay clear, you're okay. you get a big cat on board, you're in trouble. >> in this part of the video, they zoom in and look, it was trying to get on the boat. >> go, go, go! >> my heart is breaking for this cougar because you want to reach out and help. >> but what do you do here? do you rescue him or what? because you could be putting your lives in danger. >> in danger. >> they're not dead in the middle of the ocean here. they are pretty close to land. so i feel like the cougar could have swam over there and saved himself. take a look at this city surveillance footage from buffalo, new york. i want to warn you, it is tough to watch. pay close attention to the people on the right side of your screen as they come walking through this intersection. >> oh, my god! oh, my gosh!
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>> it barely missed the guy who's left standing in the middle of your screen. he got away just in time. it did hit the person in the middle of that crowd. >> it looked like he turned right for it. >> the guys seemed to see the car coming or at least the lights. they try to get onto the sidewalk, but that's right where the car is headed. >> he was taken to the hospital right after this happened and believe it or not, treated and then released. >> wow! >> this was a hit-and-run. the driver of this car was a 19-year-old nigerian exchange student, but there were so many people who saw it, they quickly started calling 911. and within five minutes, police had this guy in custody. >> did he do it on purpose? >> that matter is still under investigation. they're trying to figure out in this group of people was targeted or if this was an accident. they do say that they don't beli believe that alcohol was involved. >> it's amazing he was launched like that and then released from the hospital that night. >> listen to what the mayor had to say. this is byron brown.
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>> our message is clear that if you commit this kind of crime or any other kind of crime in the city of buffalo, we are watching. the video surveillance cameras are always watching. >> it always seems like there's somebody who wants to jump from the roof to the swimming pool at the big end-of-the-year party, right? take a look at this one. this is at colorado state university at the rams village apartment complex in fort collins. this is sophomore ian smith. he jumps off the roof. and you see him eventually in the pool. looks like a successful attempt. but when you look closer, ian actually hit the pavement first. a body then sort of rolled into the pool. ian got seriously injured during this. according to his brother, he broke his ankles. he broke his heels. he has multiple broken vertebrae in his lower back, and he's in critical condition. >> he could be paralyzed.
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>> some of the paramedics say this guy is lucky to be alive. kusa did a story about this. the reporter in this video shows the distance between the house and the swimming pool. >> this is the edge of the building. he had to go all the way over here to the pool. >> that's quite a broad jump from the top of a house. ian doesn't even live at this apartment complex. and some witnesses at the party had said that there was some drinking going on. >> everyone was, like, don't do it! >> oh, my god! >> you hear everybody realize what's going on. >> oh, my god, he's bleeding. >> there was, like, almost a pool of blood there in the swimming pool. you can see still moving around, had to be helped from the pool. >> i don't even feel bad for the kid because who thinks to run off a roof into a six foot deep pool. even if he made it into the pool, it wouldn't have been good. >> where's his friends? they should be there stopping him. >> some of them were saying don't do it, dude, but he just
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wasn't listening. >> run! >> oh, my god! >> oh! >> that blood-kurlgcurdling scrs from a woman taking video of a tractor trailer stuck on a track in north carolina. >> but she's yelling "run!" >> who is she yelling "run" to? >> so the driver and passenger of the rig. if you watch closely to the left, you'll see those two people getting out of the way seconds before the train crashes into this truck. >> oh, whoa! >> and it barrelled through there. do you know what the truck was carrying? >> the truck was full of cotton bale.
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>> honestly, of all the things to be in that truck, nobody was hurt. but the mayor is getting fed up. this is the fifth time in ten years this has happened. >> these are accidents that can be prevented if the truck would just obey the signage, we wouldn't have this. >> there are signs there that clearly say trucks are not allowed to use this crossing. >> if that train derailed, that could have been a huge disaster. >> our friends at wsoc got a few images of the aftermath. you can see the truck now is not stuck anymore. it drives away with what's remaining of the trailer stuck to it. >> oh, my goodness. >> are you kidding me? >> the mayor of the city is considering closing this crossing for good. a bunch of dudes, motorcycles and some drama, and you've got a tv show. >> typically motorcycle brotherhoods are pretty secretive. >> we'll hear from the founding father of the laughing devils
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who's giving us a rare glimpse into his world. and ever wonder what's going through a dog's head? >> they want to go on a walk and eat food. that's about it. >> a new breakthrough co ♪
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. this is rahunt. rahunt is a self-proclaimed magician prankster. >> is that a new genre? magician pranksters? >> you know, because regular old pranks are getting so boring. he shows up to a fast food restaurant. he orders his food, gets it to go, gets the paper bag and then he brings out a humongous ginormous straw. >> it's like a mary poppins bag. look at his face.
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>> it's a happy meal, right? >> so then he goes back to the counter and starts asking, did you guys put this in my bag? >> i know it's not real. i just pulled this out of my bag. is this like a kids meal? >> that came out of your bag? >> this came out of my bag. >> that came out of your bag? >> i don't know how else to put it. >> is this a joke or something? >> i guess this is what a prankster magician does. >> yeah. this is fichick-fil-a. >> you can name restaurants by the decor? >> fast food detective. >> not again. >> that one's longer. >> one of the fast food chains, i like about them, they have the really thick straws. >> you get more drink in your
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mouth with each suck. >> yeah. >> this entire video is just under search minutes long. if you want to see the entire thing, head on over to our website, >> i'm going to say that prank didn't suck. if you like motorcycles like me or you like the show "sons of an anarchy," you may like this new discovery channel show called "the devil's ride." >> i'm a part of something that's bigger than myself. >> the baddest of the blood that i would offer to any of my brothers and the gray for the smoke on the trailer we blaze. >> the difference with this new show is, it's a reality show. it follows the san diego motorcycle club the laughing devils. it's all about the brotherhood of being in a biker club, what goes on. the membership struggles. in this clip, a new prospect, a guy that's trying to get into the club has a bit of a run-in with a photographer. charles was given the job of protecting the bikers' wives and
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girlfriends. they were out to dinner. he was sent there to make sure nothing goes down. >> a photographer has just hit charles in the face with his camera. [ bleep ] >> lots of drama on this show. >> lots of real-life motorcycle drama. and to find out what it takes to be a laughing devil, i'm not sure if i can get in with my honda gold wing. i have a feeling that's not cool enough. find out more about what it takes to be a laughing devil. we've got founding member gypsy. gypsy, tell me, why agree to a reality show on the discovery channel? typically motorcycle brotherhoods are pretty secretive. >> yeah, for the most part, they are. they don't like outsiders kind of coming in and seeing what they do. basically what we're using this for mostly is to educate the public and to kind of counter all the negative press and propaganda that law enforcement puts out there. >> what does it take to be a laughing devil? >> someone with heart.
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you need to ride an american-made motorcycle so your gold wing won't work. you need to be there for your brother. you need to believe in the brotherhood that we share. >> for guys that just love motorcycles, are we going to see a lot of cool bikes and rides? >> you're going to see some awesome bikes including mine and some good rides. >> but no gold wings? >> no gold wings. >> you'll see us passing a few. >> oh! all right. that's okay. you guys want to check out "the devil's ride," it premieres tuesday, may 8th, at 10:00 eastern. so far we've seen people from bad lip reading dub over presidential candidates, but now they've tackled a popular song. that song, gotye's "somebody i used to know." ♪
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>> i sound like that before. >> on wednesdays. on wednesdays. ♪ >> if you want to see the entire bad lip-reading version of gotye's "somebody i used to know, head to our website, kids in cages. they're telling the stories that dogs can't tell. >> see what's going on with the kids behind the chainlinks. and would you look at that donkey face? >> not a very does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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some producers entered in this video for an anti-puppy mill psa competition for the humane society. >> i live in a small wire cage. >> my entire life. >> no one loves me. >> no one touches me. >> i live in filth. >> i cry for help. >> but no one comes. >> all the kids in this video have either adopted or rescued a dog. and so they're telling the stories that dogs can't tell when they come from puppy mills. >> i am america's dirty little secrets. >> i am a multibillion-dollar industry. >> when you buy a puppy from a pet store, you keep me here. you keep me in business. >> please love me.
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>> please help me. >> when you stop buying. >> i will be saved. >> please adopt from your local rescue or shelter and make the world a better place. >> this is so effective. because when you put the face of a child in this scenario, you can't help but react to it and nobody wants to see their child in a situation like this. why would you want a puppy in a situation like this. >> if this was a bunch of adults in these cages, it wouldn't be half as powerful, i think. >> i think producer jennifer peterson and geno andrews did a good job because puppies can't speak for themselves. >> go rescue a dog. >> yeah, what she said. >> rescue dogs have this very nice temperament. i have one and i happen to adore him. >> yeah, my next dog's going to be a pound puppy. baby elephant loves the sand.
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we are responsible for teaching animals bad habits. but some of them are pretty darn funny. check this one out. this is a donkey at the custer state park in south dakota. this is a part of the park where donkeys are known to be fed but not just be fed. they're so into getting fed that they've now learned to stop and block traffic to get there. >> and so this video is of one of those donkeys succeeding at his attempt to getting fed. it's not a very good-looking expression. >> that's not a facebook picture. >> people that come to this park will drive through this road. and they'll bring food specifically for the donkey. so they can then stop, roll down
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their windows and feed away. >> what do you feed a donkey? >> carrots, pretzels, bread, whatever you have in your fridge and waucnt to get rid of. >> don't you feel like there would be some crazy noise coming out? he's just being an ass. >> he is. okay. now you're just a few minutes away from the end of the show. and spending a lot of time on our favorite website, say with me now, okay, now back to the show. a race caught on camera. lots of cameras. the entire go pro race experience. >> bingo. >> experience it for yourself from every angle next.
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who can take down darth maul? no one but 18-month-old ari who lives in orville, california. >> is that a motion-sensitive darth maul? >> that is a darth maul bank, and her dad said that she is amused by this thing. so he thought, let me show her the ways of the jedi. he puts the light sabre in her hands, and it's ari versus darth maul. let me tell you, the force is with this padawan.
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>> she just kept waving the thing. >> this looks like a david and goliath story. >> if she doesn't get him with the light sabre, she'll get him with her extreme cuteness. >> cute will always beat the dark side. the force is strong with this one. >> darth maul got beat up by a little baby girl. in a onesie. wouldn't you love to know what dogs are thinking? >> yeah. >> some researchers at emory university in atlanta are trying to figure it out. this whole project is called the dog project. and the dog you're looking at is callie who belongs to one of the researchers part of this project, gregory burns, a professor of neuroeconomics. >> we hope this opens a whole new door into canine cognition, cognition of other species. >> they're scanning the part of the brain that has to do with human interaction. >> and really paving the way for
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understanding interspecies communication. >> they trained two different dogs to actually crawl into an mri machine. >> the dog has to walk up some steps to go onto the patient table, go in the mri, shimmy down and stick her head in a head coil and then hold still. >> this is the first time that a scan of a dog's brain has been taken while a dog was awake. >> i want to know how much they really think they're going to figure out because yeah, they want to go on walks and they want to eat food. and that's about it. >> but what they can find out is possibly what kinds of language they understand. how much they understand. how hand signals and things affect the dog's brain. >> this is all real interesting, but i think when a dog shows up with a leash in its mouth and wants to go for a walk, i think that's kind of universal. >> wouldn't it be great to see if you could get a scan of the dog's brain when he's sitting there with the leash in his mouth? >> he's saying i want to go outside. i want to tinkle. >> the reason we care, i think
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dogs probably made some part of us, too. this one's for all my race fans out there. the go pro hd hero cam 2 recently came out, and this video is entirely shot by that camera. these cameras are peppered throughout the long beach world challenge. it's a road race. one of the few road races out there. the only road races that's gone on longer than the challenge is the monaco race. so they've got the go pro racers' dave welch. he's racing a ferrari f-30. along with justin marx. he's in a porsche 911 gt-3. it's really cool to get down into this thing to see and hear all the beauty of racing. so they basically at go pros just kind of sprinkle all around this course. >> the entire go pro race
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experience. >> bingo. the challenge is a big deal to racers. if you want to win a race, this is the one you want to win. so it's on a public road, right? so could i take my jeep and be in the race? >> no. the guy in the ferrari in this video, he can't even test. >> yeah. shoo-in for second. a go pro on that would be awesome. that's it for us here at "right this minute." we're so glad that you joined us. we'll see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac --
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