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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  May 8, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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in the hour we learned an employee of the store was arrested in connection with the fire. it took 70 firefighters to control the three alarm fire. despite the heavy smoke the county has did not issue a
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health warning. we do have a crew on the scene. we'll have a live report for you on the 10:00 news on ktvu. new information tonight in the search for missing teenager sierra. they located a wed volumes wagon jetta that may be associated with the case. what investigators are saying about that vehicle. >> reporter: sheriff's department now has the car. they're calling it a significant piece of evidence. these are surveillance camera images of a red four door volkswagen jetta with a black hood. these pictures were taken on march 16th the day she disappeared and near where her personal belongings were found. they won't say when or where they found the car. they don't want to compromise the case. at this point they're not saying that if they're looking for person of interest but they have the name of the car's registered owner. >> we still want to reach out
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to the public, even though -- we still need information regarding any sightings of this vehicle. >> we've been kind of in limbo and desparate for more information for a long time now. this is good. it's making us feel much better and even more helpful. >> investigators say finding the car puts them closer to find sierra than 2 weeks ago. they say until find ed of the contrary, they believe sierra lamar is still alive. live in morgan hill, ktvu channel 2 news. where police are not yet saying if the shooting that claimed the lives of mother and daughter is the case of murder suicide. flowers have been left where amy and her 13-year-old daughter they lived and died. investigators say they moved to the bay area from missouri
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about four months ago. police say he found them at at 6:00 last night. there were no signs of forced entry and gun was nearby. >> forensic evidence whether or not that handgun was used on the victims. >> thomas hard middle school where she attended called in grief counselors today. police say they're looking into whether the mother was suffering from pair know ya. a 2-year-old boy hospitalized tonight and father behind bars following the second family dog attack in a matter of hours. that's where the dog is now and where sheriff's dep byes -- deputies spoke about inconsistent -- inconsist sentties in the case. >> the child's bite marks are so severe, they're not releasing the photos. >> reporter: the dog is being held here at the east county animal shelter and it's under quarantine. investigators say this house is
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where the 2-year-old boy was attacked between 2:00 and 3:00 this morning. however, after checking the home on gary drive, deputies say the lack of blood evidence inside leads them to question where the attack took place. >> normally we have a serious head injury, there's physical evidence that's left behind and as of right now we're unable to find that. >> reporter: here is a picture of the six-year-old german shepherd mix. the bites were so severe he will need surgery. the family claims lived in this home, they say it's so dirty they arrested and charged the dad 36-year-old perkins for child endangerment. the mom was also arrested but released. >> very unkept pheeses from the animals in the house, those kind of things, unsanitary. not fit for a 2-year-old boy to live in. >> reporter: neighbors say the child and his parents and dog actually live here at this home
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several miles away. one of the neighbors say she's shocked to live the news. >> it would surprise me if those dogs did anything. they didn't seem to be that kind of a dog. >> reporter: the mother was released but taken to the hospital where she was treated for dog bite marks. it's still unclear if she'll be taken back into custody. >> that is the second case of a family dog mauling a dog in as many days. animal control says the family pit bull that attacked a girl yesterday has been euthanized. he suffered bite wounds to her face neck and right leg. she's in intensive care. pit bulls can be unpredictable even if they've been in household for years. >> it's not a dog that gives a warning. in most cases these dogs will just all of a sudden just snap at someone's face. >> investigators say this
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particular dog apparently was not aggressive before and they say the honors will probably not be facing criminal charges. the family and friends of al may dee -- movie -- alameda soldier are in mourning tonight. 30-year-old staff sergeant was killed sunday in an ied attack near the border with pakistan. he leaves behind two young boys and a wife. he attended alameda hospital. he joined the army in 2004. he served two tours in iraq and been in afghanistan for about a month where he was killed. today a friend remembered him as a quiet man with a smile that would lite up the room. >> i mean, first one in, last one out kind of guy, always has your back. >> ktvu bob ross focused will bring you the full story on tonight's 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. somber ceremony today with
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california highway patrol pay final respects to two officers who died in the line of duty. 24-year-old thomas adams died last year. the second officer 49-year-old robert died back in 1971 of a heart attack. he was honored today because investigators have now determined his death was direct result of a foot chase while on duty. on the agenda again where the university of california board of regions meet next week. the board will consider a number of scenario -- university says the amount of any increase depends on the state budget and could range from 6% into the double digits. jerry brown allude $200 million in funding if voters failed to approve a tax increase in november. therapy they claim to make strays pass final states committee in sacramento this afternoon. the measure forbid the use of
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conversion therapy for minors. they'll have to sign a release form saying that counseling is ineffective and possibly dangerous. such treatments can cause depression and draw people to suicide. the bill will go to the state senate. meantime north carolina voters tonight passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and woman only. the amendment won 60% of the vote. north carolina already banned same sex marriage, this new measure will forbid civil unions between same sex partners. it comes as joe biden were public support for gay marriage for the first time. now to the race for president, mitt romney tonight won primaries in indiana, north carolina and west virginia drawing close tore the 1144 delegates needed to win the republican nomination. the former massachusetts governor campaigned today saying he was offered new ideas what he called president obama. romney said he will provide
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more details as campaign goes on. he also received the endorsement of his former arrival. santorum offered his support via e-mail late last night. congress aid to do list to help economic recovery. he explained during a visit to the than know tech complex at the state university in albany new york. he wants congress to pass legislation to extend low student loan rates discourage out sourcing, help veterans find work and let homeowners refinance their mortgages. in an effort to face depression at san francisco tower is drawing from relatives of the original owner. the support of proposition be held outside the tow we are on telegraph hill this morns, a nonbinding measure would direct money generated by the tower to who apparently became. it would also limit commercial activities such as renting the tower for private parties. the daughter of one of the 25 said she's worried about the
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future. >> once they're gone, they're blocked. so we really have to do something right now to make sure they are preserved. >> city officials say this city has earmarked $250,000 to restore those. attorney representing the wife of san francisco sheriff fought to keep video of her from being played at an epics commission hearing. the attorney for lopez argued the video is private and should not be made public. the video shows lopez as playing a groove arguing with her husband. a judge is expected to rule on this issue next week. the commission begins testimony in about one movant to determine permanently lose his job. he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault. >> the underwear bomb plot took a new turn. the proposed terrorists in that plot was cia operative. officials say the informant was working for the cia and said arabia and delivered advice to
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authorities. they created the device and planned to use the bomb to blow up a plane bound for u.s. secretary said today the bomb was under control and that no plane was ever at any risk. the management of well- known bay area lake is creating waves. the room is what lies beneath the surface. >> how do you know if that organic produce is actually organic. we'll let you know how much happened behind the scene. cool down will spread inland for tomorrow coming up, i'll have the numbers expected for your neighborhood.
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firefighters had to scramble to put out a fire along the oakland.
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they were call today what they're called a fire burning outdoors in area of 99th 99th avenue just after 4:30 this morning. firefighters spotted the fire in empty building that once housed the barbara shop. the upkeep said took a turn today during the meeting about who was best suited to manage that facility. explains how one decision made today could impact the cause for years alleged shop. >> critics today slammed the management of san francisco saying the wreck and parts department should be in essence fired. is managed by the san francisco public utilities commission. in 1950 the let the parks department manage the land and facilities surrounding the lake. >> a number of us who have been involved for 20 years or more on the lake do not feel they've been good stuarts of the area.
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>> port ton said mismanaged the lease given to the pacific rod and gun club on the west shore of the lake may have cost the city some $10 million. he says the park failed to adequately hold the gun club responsible for led shop that has contaminated the lake. >> they would have renegotiated the lease from month and to month and they would have gotten what is standard now in contact. >> they will not take over management of that lease. the park will continue to manage recreation for now. >> they have indicated lots of good things, as we all know the proof is in the pudding that they want to hear more before deciding if and when to let them take permanent control of the fa i is around the lake. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. a yahoo director will help hire scott thompson is stepping
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down. she is not seeking re-election. it comes after the board reportedly asked her to step aside. she managed the ceo that led to hiring of scott thompson. yahoo is under fire for putting up false information about thompson education on his resume. financial health late on wall street due to grease following last week election. fell for fifth straight day. but still its lows and nasdaq dropped 11 points. gas prices are dropping across northern california according to the aaa the average cost of regular unleaded in northern california is $4.20 a gallon. it's a drop of 5 cents a goal listen from this time last month. gas will costless this summer than first expected. the administration expect the cost of gallon of regular fall to national average of $3.79 a gallon. of top 100 public high schools in the country.
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santa cruises collegiate school ranked no. 8. came in at 12. san francisco low high ranked 51. the mission high school 67. oakland american indian public high school ranked 71. the city summit preparatory high school no. 81. ranks 97. schools were ranked on the academic performance of the entire student body. creator of the children's classic wears the wild things died at the age of 83. the author and illustrator suffered a stroke 4 days ago. the 1963 release of where the wild things are shattered the conventions of children's books at the time with the rebellious young hero who runs away. other books include in the night kitchen and outside over there. one of the world's largest cruise ships is getting ready to make san francisco its home beach. princess cruises said it will move to peer 27.
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the ship's port and call includes alaska, hawaii, southern california and new mexico. they're taking reservations on the boat for next year. produce has quickly become a popular choice for bay area shoppers. it reports that always getting what's advertised so you can be sure. >> farmer's markets are popular for those who want to eat local and/or gappic. >> it is going to be organic. >> we did some digging into how much checking happens ben hind the scene. >> i don't want everybody, you know, to be ripped off at the farmer's market. i want this to be a safe environment. >> it runs nearly 70 markets across the bay, including this one in concord. anyone calling themselves organic must display three certifications one from the state, county certification and one from ccos just a few weeks ago strawberry farmer was
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sanctioned for selling organic strawberries that weren't truly organic. >> we put the product in the bag. we seal the bag. we give them a copy of the bag number and we took it to woodland. that's where they have testing. >> another vendor was suspended for reselling peppers he didn't grow, yet another was busted in fair field for selling garlic from china. >> you cannot by itself. you have to grow it yourself. >> the pacific coast says in the past year eight vendors were found to be violating the rules. >> they come -- i come here pretty often. i know they have the signs up. i'm glad they actually check. >> they tell us there's no certification for that. the best bet is to talk to the farmer and ask specifically about growing practices. ktvu channel 2 news. >> new youth center will be open offering young people a
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officials are warning officials to be prepared to what could be fire season this year. bay area homes creating fuel for grass fires. homeowners should create at least 100 feet of desipienceble face around homes to other vegetation. rosemary joins us now for some of us. it's a lot warmer and others opposite. >> exactly. another will drop at the coast anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees
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today. meanwhile inland areas warm a few degrees we're looking at low t h 90s once again. giving you a look at what's happening out there right now. we have a westerly breeze. the winds are today as we get into the evening hours, we like to see it before we really start to feel that. tonight we're going to be with mostly clear skies we're going to see the clouds roll back in. looks like tomorrow morning we may start off along the coastline. you can see here and just inside the bay to east bay may have a patchy fog as well as few low clouds. these are signs of the on shore breeze that will be strengthening a weak season, get a cool down a little bit. today we felt it as we know it takes another day or two before the inland area will feel it. tomorrow morning we wake up with fog and clouds along the
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coastline once again. but by mid-morning you can see it's backing off. it takes before we see it leave the coastline. again this is going to bring us the cool down in addition to low clouds. we'll we'll have that wednesday or thursday. in the overnight hours, our numbers will be very similar to what we've been feeling lately. we'll wake up tomorrow morning. 52 redwood city. 52 -- afternoon highs this is where you're going to feel the difference. 79 for sonoma. upper 60s to low 70 z for the east bay. 73 in oakland. mid-80s. areas right around livermore down into the south bay, low 80 for san jose. 83 degrees expected for morgan hill. these numbers anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees below what we
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felt today. low to mid-60s for the coast. extended forecast there still again the notable drop examine cooing tomorrow for everybody. hold on to that trend for thursday and then as we get into the weekend numbers will slowly and gradually warm back up into the mid and upper 80s. >> most anticipated races is gearing up for big weekend run. >> earlier today racing team stopped by the ktvu studios to promote this weekend's race at the raceway. event takes place on saturday. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight questions about a fatal bay area police shooting. was the use of force specified.
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