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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  May 11, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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our camera captures the rescue. in is bay area news at 7:00. good evening, it is friday, may 11th, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. teachers union this afternoon announced they voted for authorizing a strike. christian is live at lincoln high to explain what else has to happen before the teachers walk out. >> students are right in the middle of a match here competing for the boys volleyball match. another high stakes match underway as the teachers negotiate a contract. now, they are raising the stakes taking the first step in
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authorizing a strike. teachers approve a strike authorization by a 97% margin vote. >> we are willing to negotiate a contract. but we are not willing to settle for anything that constitutes a reduction in the quality of our education for our students. >> reporter: the super intend tphapbt superintendent realities means they have to take money. >> it is a california-state issue. the state dump today on the local school districts because they inadequately fund education. so, i understand their frustration. >> reporter: parents around the district are learning about the possibility of a strike. some raise concerns about their kid's education. >> the kids don't take a strike. they have to keep coming to school, right? so, somebody has to teach them. i would rather it be a teacher that they are supposed to be with year around. >> reporter: others are
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throwing their support behind the teachers. >> i agree on the strike. they should be more respected and more paid. >> reporter: with only three weeks left in the school year the teachers need to schedule a second strike authorization vote. possibly over the summer and a strike could follow as early as next school year. we are live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. friends and relatives of oscar grant are expressing anger to learn that the b.a.r.t officer is in court trying to overturn the conviction. at a news conference family members said they were not told that mehserle was in court to appeal his conviction. they say they are furious to learn that mehserle would like to return to law enforcement. >> to allow someone back on the force like that would be a disgrace to our community, to our society, and it would be a slap in the face to me and my family and the community. >> as for why the grant family was not notified about the
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hearing. the state attorney general office said it never received a victim's form filed by the grant family asking to be informed of procedures in the case. we posted unedited video of the news conference today. now, down to to the south bay where the mother of a missing teacher had a statement. it reads the greatest gift that god has blessed me with is the joy of being a mom to two beautiful doctors, i love you danielle and sierra and i am so proud to be your momm. the authorities want to solve this case but the way the information is released is questioning. >> reporter: this week, on monday the sheriff officials said they identified a red volkswagen jetta associated with her disappearance and put out a photo. what they did not tell us is
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they already had the car in custody. >> we had it before monday. when we realized that the public was looking for the car instead of telling us when they had seen the car in the past we had to put out a clarification that we actually did have the car but looking for information about the car and the driver. >> smith says the department did not mean to mislead the department or the public. she would not say if sierra was seen in this car. >> the media is so helpful for us but we are not going to release something that might hurt where we are going and our objective. >> reporter: the sheriff says they have 80 pieces of video as evidence. some show the car near sierra's home and some don't but forensics and witnesses lead them to believe the car is tied to her disappearance. they are still reviewing hundreds of pieces of evidence collected in the field. the dive team searched the reservoir today. none of the searchers have turned up any evidence.
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the sheriff told me that the department will continue to dedicate resources to this case until leads dry up. she does not expect that to happen any time soon. reporting from san jose, back to you. more details now for the search for sierra will receive national attention tonight. america's most wanted plans to highlight the case. the show featured the disappearance once but this will be an in-depth piece. they hope the exposure will generate new leads. the police say a 15-year- old student admitted he brought a pellet gun to school setting off a campus lockdown. 30 officers responded to independence high school after a caller reported seeing someone on campus with a gun. no weapon was found but the next day the police say an unidentified student admitted taking an air soft pistol to campus. he was suspended from school and released to his parents. the officers found the gun at the student's home. a homeless camp is causing anx for residents.
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squatters set up a camp out of sight on coyote heights. people that live nearby blame the campers for car break ins t. is partly on santa clara county water land. the district tells us that the city usually takes care of cleanup but has suspended the program while it reviews the process for removing illegal encampments. >> they need to decide if they want to take that leap of faith. >> that is dan moggeloff talking about a new deadline about a deadline for the protesters. they are asking them to leave the 10-acre park by 10:00 a.m. f. they do, berkeley promises to include them in a discussion how to best use the land. the university will cancel civil actions against the protesters. one occupier says the group is reluctant to take the deal because they feel they would lose bargaining power. there is new information in the suspended sheriff. late today the city of san
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francisco submitted a new filing seeking cell phone records from his campaign manager. hayes spoke to his wife the day lopez talked to her neighbor about the alleged abuse. the filing accuses hayes of trying to persuade the neighbor from cooperating with the policism the lawyer released a list of 17 witnesses for his defense today. including his wife, neighbor, matson, the mayor, ed lee, former san francisco mayor, and chronicle editor bill brownstein. governor jerry brown removed a doctor from a state advisory panel after she appeared in tv ads opposing a tobacco tax. she spoke on behalf of the tobacco-funded proposition 29 campaign. the governor fired her along with five republicans from a committee that identifies substances dangerous to infants. they raised concerns about herry position considering her stance on prop 29 and
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participation in clean water regulations. a bay area congresswoman says she is troubled a move could slow to restore the blimp hangar. the representative says that nasa wants to bridge in the general services administration to review where the airfield will go. rather than restarting the process after so many years of work by the community. facebook ceo answers tough kweus. as he brought his home show home to silicone valley. they met with investigators at the kraupb plaza hotel. they crown plaza hotel. >> they believe it is a real business and it is going to go
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some place but what is it worth? we will make that decision. >> so far no date for the ipo but it is expected to take place one week from today. facebook's purchase of instagram could be on hold for a year. the federal trade commission is investigating the deal for possible antitrust issues. facebook bout the photo sharing company for $1 billion. if the deal falls apart facebook would have to face them $200 million. san francisco linkedin is looking to make a deal with they are only one of several suiters for that new york company. shares of monster sored. together, they would make up an estimated 39% of the online recruitment business. new fall out tonight from that surprise $2 billion loss of jp morgan chase. the largest bank took the huge hit in a hedge fund meant to protect against losses in its lending business. several members of congress
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says the law shows tighter limitations need to be made. securities debt says they are investigating the loss. weakness made for another wobbly day. the do you felt 38%. nasdaq, today, was mostly sun changed. >> tourists on a paddle broke. our it tv crew is the only one to catch what happened. >> a woman with an uncertain future. her head was the only american aboard a jet crash this week. big change in temperatures. coming up, the temperature change that you can expect for your saturday and your mother's day forecast
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. happening now. a public memorial for junior seau. a live look at the service taking place at qualcomm stadium. home of the san diego chargers. this is his former coach, the head coach of the chargers when that team went to the super bowl. that is also there in san diego where the star linebacker played a majority of his career. the 43-year-old fatally shot himself in the chest last week at a southern california home but did not leave a suicide note. a private funeral was held earlier today. more than 1,000 people attended. he played 20 seasons in the nfl and regarded as a hall of famer. a change jury convicted a man today of killing the mother, brother and nephew of entertainer jennifer hudson. william balfour was hudson's former brother-in-law. he faces a life in prison. hudson cried as the verdict was read.
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the prosecutors described the crime as an act of vengeance by a jilted husband. a paddleboat excursion turned into a rescue. we have the pictures and tells us how a dog on board was better equipped than any of the human passengers. >> reporter: what began as a sunny morning for sightseeing ended today with a tense rescue of three tourists. >> i was absolutely freaking out. it was so terrifying. >> reporter: ktvu had the only cameras in the sky and on the shores. the boat brought in four people swept out beyond the golden gate bridge. >> tell me what happened. >> well, we foolishly went out passed the bridge and got caught in a riptide. >> reporter: it started when the tourists ed and rachel and alex perez join joined a man and his dog on his paddleboat. >> we got passed the bridge and we were turned around and the tide was too strong. we were making no progress
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coming back in. >> basically new knew i was not con-- knew i was not controlling the boat. >> reporter: they called 911. a rescue boat rushed to the scene 100 yards beyond the golden gate bridge. >> none of them had life preservers or flowtation twices but for a poodle. >> reporter: a jetski operator returned them close to shore. >> we gave them a lecture about life preservers and being out there with that kind of boat. those conditions out there are very, very dangerous and they can change, you know, in minutes. >> reporter: firefighter says they want today's rescue to be a warning to those enjoying warm weather out on the bay to make sure they got life-saving gear on board. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the state officials say cell phone use while driving is up here in california. particular he with young drivers. drivers between 16 and 25 doubled their cell phone use behind the wheel from 8% last year to 16% this year.
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cell phone use among all drivers is now at 10.8%. that is up from 7.3% from last year. the safety officials blame it on two things, the use of text messaging and popularity of smart phones. restrictions on soda and junk food at california high schools may be having a positive impact. a study by the university of illinois says they eat less fat in california schools than other states. norad was forced to flex its muscle as president barack obama left los angeles this morning. the north american aerospace command says it scrambled two f- 16 fighter jets shortly after these pictures were taken. a small plane violated the restricted airspace at the airport. the jet filed the piper 28 for five minutes until it landed just before 10:00 a.m.
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secret service questioned the pie lot and let him go. he was the only american on the russian airliner that crashed in indonesia killing everybody on board. that man would have been at home in oakley tonight preparing to celebrate his son's 18th birthday. >> >> reporter: randy is lost. her husband, peter, was killed in the indonesian plane crash on wednesday. >> i don't know how to react. we have been together since we were 16 years old. >> reporter: the plane was showing buyers on a demonstration flight when it crashed into a volcano 20 minutes after take off. possibly because of human error. the family is working with the state department to have his body recovered. >> i want him home with us. >> reporter: the 55-year-old was working at a consultant for an indonesian airplane. everyone died. the search crews found 10 bodies. his parents were holocaust survivors. >> he loved his children a
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great deal. he would come home with presents and -- he just loved them to pieces. >> reporter: he was supposed to return home today. now he has left behind the two children, daughter erin and son, adam, who turns 18 tomorrow. >> graduation is coming up. he wants to be a doctor. my daughter is just mad. >> reporter: i talked to senator barber boxer's staff saying her office will do what it could to bring his body home. back to you. a former chicken farmer, who rekroet the history of american sports cars has tkaoeuld. carol shelby, shelby cobra -- died, carroll shelby, shelby cobra died. we spoke to shelby. he started his career as a winning driver before turning
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to car design. he gave high performance tweaks to the ford mustang and the viper. he died in dallas last night. he was 89 years old. racers of the two-wheel variety kick off the tour in cal cal in the bay area. the bicycle race begins in santa rosa on sunday morning and wind up in los angeles one week later. the first 8 stretches 116 miles. stage 2 starts in san francisco on monday. it winds through daly city, pacificca and half-moon bay before ending in santa cruise county. riders will climb mount deablo. moms everywhere will be the center of attention. find out what ranks top for mother's day gifts and where you can get flowers this weekend. >> this t is shaping up to be a sunny weekend. there is a change on mother's day. >> if you are on the go or away from your tv you can still watch our newscast live on your
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green, thanks to late rains, but if you look chosely the grass and weeds are starting to dry out. the warmer weather expected this weekend along with stronger winds creates the potential for wildfires. our meteorologist mark tamayo is here we had a warm week but we want to know about sunday. >> your big day, and all of the moms out there. happy mother's day. a little bit of a change in the second half of the weekend. between now and then we could track 90s as cross the bay area. right now the maps on my stormer tracker the fog resurfacing around monterey bay and the bay area coastline around the shoreline and here we have a southerly breeze. transporting the fog closer. the beach cooled off a little bit today. as far as highs had this afternoon, you can see the range, microchime at resurfacing. middle 60s for the coast. inland, opposite story. upper 80s to antioch and
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livermore. the forecast headlines for tonight. we do have mostly clear skies. still, coastal fog. this weekend it will be cool and mild for the beaches. warm numbers inland. warming things up on monday. but fairly a nice weather pattern. overnight lows you can see. san francisco in san jose around 53. the fog, yesterday at this time, tracking it to the south. right around southern california but more of a southerly push for today. as a result the clouds still a factor tomorrow morning. but still, away from the marine influence. the inland spots back up to the upper 80s to 90 degrees. as the highs go, we will cool things off for mother's day on sunday. here is the forecast model showing you fog regrouping first thing in the morning for your saturday at 6:00. and then as we head into the
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afternoon hours skies becoming partly sunny for the shoreline. but, around the bay and inland spots, more sunny skies and temperatures maxing out to the 80s. warmest locations right around the 90 degree mark. here is the look at the forecast highs for your saturday afternoon. here you go. san rafael, 80 degrees. right around the rim of the bay the temperatures in the upper 70s. still a few 90s for antioch and livermore, morgan hill, 90 degrees. 80s after patchy fog. here is a look ahead. five-day forecast. the weekend in view. warming by tuesday. s goia? >> thank you, mark -- gosia? >> thank you, mark. what we are spending on mom this year will be something to write home about. they are calling it it the most impressive mother's day, money wise, in 6 years. $18.6 billion will be spent and averages out to more than $150
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per mine. dining out is the common expense followed by nowers. spa vice -- flowers. spa visits rank 6th. but, bring mom to san francisco's golden gate park. nowers will be handed out -- flowers will be handed out to the first 100 mothers visiting. gardens open at 9:00 a.m. the conservetory opens at 10:00. flowers handed out at the entrance to each venue. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight, east bay city is using cameras to crack down on prostitution and crime. we will speak to a victim about what he calls his brush with death. we are always here for you, "tmz" is up next here on tv36.
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