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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 11, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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new security cameras and a community banding together. tonight's coordinated effort to keep the world's oldest profession that holding back an inner city neighborhood. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. about 20 new securities are added, police say they have added patrol. the neighborhood has kept
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watch. and they plan to shut down two hotels. we have one shop owner's story about how crime in that neighborhood nearly cost him his life. >> reporter: we're outside the corner of 20th, outside a salon. the owners say they've been targeted before. he says a man who he suspects a pimp banded money and the áf shot at him. he suspect as prostitute that made a purchase moments earllier was staking out the store. >> she saw that i had a stack
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of 20-dollar bills, she got her change, ran away. and he rushes in. >> reporter: an area long targeted for prostitution. neighbors say they are worried about the million small children in the area being lured to the sex trade. >> i cannot imagine what would happen if my child would be -- >> this is called living. we have to do something. >> reporter: shawn says the pimp robbed him of $400 sharply for the business but he is
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helpful that he didn't have to pay with his life. amber lee, ktvu news. a disruption at uc berkeley about a dozen protesters arrested this evening and cited for occupying the admissions office at sprawl hall. our camera was not allowed the building but we did see one person being led away in handcuffs handcuffs about 7:00 in the evening. the protest started at 3:00able 15 in afternoon and was organized by the group, by whatever means necessary. those people protesting at a farm plot have been told they must leave by tomorrow. cal officials says they will
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back off if pursuing criminal and further action, but cal says if they do not leave, the terms will change. we received these pictures of a fatal shooting at about 7:30. the victim was chased by two men and both shot him multiple times. no arrests have been made. and another shooting, initial reports ep reports -- indicates an adult male suffered critical injuries. hundreds attended a memorial for a student.
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>> reporter: tonight instead only 500 people came to honor the life of the big kid with the big smile. family and friends accompany the casket bearing futee's body. he was a defensive player for the league and dreamed of playing profootball. the second player coach swift has lost to violence. as intimidating as he was on the field football, he was different in the classroom. people listened when he spoke, he was a protector. >> he had this ability of making people feel safe, made people feel value. he did that for the students but he did that for a lot of
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us. >> reporter: three jive niles are being held as accessories, -- three jive niles are being held as accessories. tonight, his uncle says he forgives his killings. >> learn to forgive. you feel you're tough, there's nothing tough about that. >> reporter: at graduation next month his name will be called and his family will receive his cap and grown and his diploma. and thousands of people attended a public memorial service in san diego this evening for junior seau. his parents along with several current and former san diego chargers attended the service.
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a private funeral was held earlier in the day. seau committed suicide earlier in his home. family and friends of the late oscar grant are expressing outrage after learning of an appeal filed by mehserle. he hopes to clear his name of the killing of grant and return back to the force. >> to allow someone like that back would be a slap to the community and a disgrace for myself and my family. >> reporter: the court has 90 days to decide mehserle's appear. he says he will continue his appeal to the supreme court. new developments in a deadly officer shooting. questions about how it happened and what the chief of police told us. the southern california
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woman who stirred controversy by appearing on this week's time magazine is explaining why she did it. >> my hope is to create the dialogue and detach the stigma. mothers are getting stressed from all of the attacks she's getting from it. >> reporter: amy lynn gromet says she understands the controversy but wáuz not aware she was going to be on the cover until a day ago. gromet herself says she was breast-fed until she was six. the highest ipo in some time is expected to take place next week. mike mibach reports, they focus
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on some of the biggest money investors. >> reporter: this afternoon some of the biggest investors joined to talk. the big question for many investors today -- >> trying to understand what it's worth. people believe it's a real business and it's going so where. we're just trying to figure out how much it will be worth. >> reporter: zuckerberg answered about 10 questions from facebook's future chair. >> i think the future is now. >> reporter: to the purchase of instagram. >> it was brought up but quickly squashed. mark is a visionary, whatever he felt was in the best
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interest for him to do with instagram was his decision. >> reporter: and for those not invited to the meeting, whether facebook has a future as a business. >> i think facebook has gotten where it's going to get, i don't see it going any where else. >> i think it's going to be big. eduardo sovern has given up his u.s. citizenship. the move will significantly reduce his capital gain taxes. he was born in brazil but moved to the u.s. in 1996. now he has decided to become a resident of singapore. he earns about 5% of facebook and stands to make $1.4 million. in 20 minutes the change that could mean you're going to
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see a lot more ads on the facebook site. a bay area man is killed when an airliner slams into a volcano. >> we've been together since we were 16 years old. >> the big challenge his family now faces. most of the bay area warmed up nicely today. coming up where we
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in east oakland a man died after police said he was shot at least 10 times as he was driving in the middle of the afternoon. his car eventually came to a stop next to the 106th street off ramp of highway 580. police say it appeared someone on the sidewalk opened fire at least 13 bullets were fired with 10 of them hitting the victim. he was taken to highland hospital where he was pronounced dead. his name has yet not been released and no suspects have been identified. for the first time oakland's police chief is commenting on the case of an 18- year-old who was shot and killed by an officer last weekend. ktvu's eric rasmussen live outside city hall where 100 people led a rally demanding answers. >> reporter: they might not be so happy with what the sheriff told me on the phone tonight. he said the shooting of bluford
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was justified. >> reporter: the pain in the mother's voice moved a crowd to tears. but there's still a lot of questions on what happened when police confronted bluford. police say he fled and pointed a gun at officers before one of them shot bluford three times in the front of his body. others say they found -- they saw bluford with a gun. today the police chief said, i am fairly certain based on witnesses that bluford was armed. we read the comment to his father. >> i know my son would not shoot a gun. he was going to graduate. there's hard core criminals that would not pull a gun on
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police officers. this is unthinkable. >> how can the penalty for fleeing be death? >> reporter: when asked about the outrage from the people on this crowd, chief jordan told us, it is a microcosm of police in this neighborhood. >> reporter: and the chief told us he wished the people would let the process work itself out. we're live here in oakland, eric rasmussen. ktvu has learned more about the ethics probe of mirkarimi. it reveal it is city wants the cell phone record of mirkarimi's campaign manager. when he spoke to mirkarimi's wife about her husband's
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alleged abuse. also today mirkarimi submitted the names of witnesses he will call in the ethic probe. the list includes his wife eliana lopez, the neighbor ivory madison, mayor ed lee and bromstead. today a jury found the former brother-in-law of hudson guilty of murder. four years ago, her mother, brother and nephew were found dead. he is now facing mandatory life in prison. his defense attorney said they will appeal the conviction. a plane on a demonstration flight crashed wednesday.
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the russian built plane was carrying potential buyers. he previously worked for jet blue. his wife told ktvu they had been together since he -- since they were 15 years old. and his parents had surviveed the holocaust. >> he always came home with parents for them and he just loves them to pieces. >> reporter: adler leaves behind two children, his son turns 18 tomorrow. adler's family is now working with the state department to have his body recovered? the mother of sierra lamar issued an emotional letter on motherhood. the letter wrote in part, the greatest gift that god has blessed me with is the joy of being a mom to two beautiful
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daughters. i love you sierra. >> reporter: this week what appears to be a lead. on monday sheriff's officials said they identified a red volkswagen jetta. what they didn't tell us until today was that already had the car in custody. >> we had it since monday. when we realed people were telling us when they would see the car instead of when they saw it in the past, we had to put out a clarification. >> reporter: smith added the media did not mean to confuse the. >> the media is so helpful for
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us but we're not going to release something that might hurt where we're going in our objective. >> reporter: the sheriff says they have about 80 difficult pieces of evidence as evidence. some show the car near sierra's home, some don't. but forensic and witnesses lead them to believe the car is tied to her disappearance. she reveals the crime lab is still sifting through thousands of evidence. the search crew were in the guadalupe today. they tell me nothing has been found until today. reporting from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. the bay area weather pattern continues to change. in fact, most areas warmed up today a few 90s showing up out toward antioch and livermore. san jose topped out at 90- degree. the fog surging back in, as a
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result san francisco only in the upper 60s at 67. fog has been regroups in the last hours. already a few patches heading back into the bay. here is the updated model. this will be locally dense and we could have a few patches head into san francisco bay first thing tomorrow morning. coming up we'll take a look temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. and the temperatures you can expects for your mother's day weekends. a pilot violated restricted air space, the air space was restricted for president obama as he was leaving from l.a.x. the small plane was forced to land at a small airport near los angeles after being questioned by police and the secret service it was discovered that the pilot simply made a mistake. how president obama's new stance sitting with americans. and a rescue at sea and ktvu cameras were the
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in the race for the white house the presidential candidate's focused on economic issues today on two crucial states. he steered away from talk about his support of same-sex marriage and spoke instead about mortgage relief and job. >> congress should create a veteran's job corp. so that we can help communities hire returning heros, our veterans. >> this recovery has been the slowest and tepid since hoover.
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>> presumptive recovery nominee romney also avoided any discussion of this week's account of him being involved in high school bullying. a new poll shows a slim majority of americans agree with president obama's support of same-sex marriage. the u.s. today gallup says 51% agree, 45% disagree. and 60% say it will have no affect in the way they vote. however, 26% said the shift will make them less likely to vote for the president in his reelection. the nation's largest bank, j.m. morgan says the hedge fund that took the hit was supposed to protect them against business. tighter regulations are needed to keep banks from making such risky investments. the jp morgan news helped send
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the dow to its second consecutive losing streak. the dough closed down 30 points capping the worse of the year. ktvu's david stevenson tell us four people needed to be rescued after their day on the bay went a little too far. >> reporter: what we began as a sunny morning ended with the rescue of people people. >> i was freaking out. it was so terrifying. >> reporter: this rescue boat brought in four people swept out beyond the golden gate bridge. >> tell me what happened? >> well, we foolishly went out past the bridge and we got caught in a rip tide. >> it started when tourists ed and rachel fedderman and eric prede joined a pet poodle and
11:56 pm
friends. the tide was striding the wheeler. >> just knowing that i was not controlling the boat. it was not in my hands anymore. it was just taking us away. >> reporter: a rescue boat went out to the scene. >> the four was more ready than the four of them. none of them had life preservers expect for a poodle. we gave them a little lecture about life preservers and being out there with that kind of vote. those conditions are very dangerous and they can change in minutes. >> reporter: firefighters say they want today's rescue to be a message to those out in the bay to always make sure they have survival gear on board. the chairs are set up and graduation day is nearly here. why some
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new at 10:00, he gave $12 million to sonoma state university. now the university wants to give him an honorary degree in weekend. so why are some faculty and students planning to protest that? ktvu's debra villalon is here and tells us it's all because of where this person used to work, debra. >> reporter: he's on time magazine's list of 25 people to blame for the financial crisis. now this school newspaper blares, day of shame at sonoma state university. sanford while is the former ceo of citigroup who retired to the wine country right before the
12:00 am
economic collapse. now he and his wife will receive honorary degrees when students graduate tomorrow. and a coalition of faculty and students plan to show their outrage. >> this is the architect of the scheme. if your house is in foreclosure, why don't you come out and show who did it. >> he's there, we're going to turn our backs. it would be wrong to not. >> reporter: this garage grad blames people like while. the university defends the millionaire. >> it turned out really good. >> reporter: tonight this seep kwror showed off her cap and grown to family sizing up the seating for tomorrow's
12:01 am
commencement. but worried a protest might mar the day. it's just not a good strategy. my uncle traveled from montana to come here and maybe he doesn't agree with that. it might backfire. >> this is their time, it shouldn't be part of the ceremony. >> we're just going to stand with our backs to the man. that's all we're doing. it will be no fighting, no heckling by us. anything disruptive. >> reporter: these newspapers are also intriguing because for a while they disappeared by the hundreds out of news racks then word spread and they were returned mysteriously. now fsu holds two ceremonies at 9:00 and 3:00 and protester plan to be at both. the west contra costa school board has decided to go ahead and issue lay off notices. there had been a dispute who
12:02 am
would get the notices. at wednesday's board meeting, they voted to send notes to about 10 people. facebook is expected initial public offering. facebook has created a section how it will send ads. the ads will target interests and uses that the user prefers. 34-year-old jesse nesbit spoke with the guardian. in a jailhouse interview nesbit says he's schizophrenic and joined the army as a teenager.
12:03 am
he says since then he's been fighting the police. the city of oakland is asking for help in identifies the people responsible for the vandalism that took place during last week's may day protest. the city is asking for people to hand over any video or photographs photographs showing vandalism. the fight over proposition 29 is getting personal. and now six people have been fired from a state panel. ktvu's john fowler reports. dr.ladona porter worked for the
12:04 am
campaign. the no on 29 calls it cheap poll ticks. >> i was delighted and it's very appropriate d cheap politics, i was delighted and it's very appropriate. >> why not tax people alcohol and on and on and on. i think it's kind of ridiculous myself. >> reporter: another dollar per pack with more than double california tax. raising over $325 million a year. the tax itself expected to encourage 300,000 people to stop smoking. >> i'm a smoker but it's going to make me want to quit. >> i think it makes teenager tries to smoke but i think it'll make a a little higher. >> i think they need to clarify exactly where every last cent
12:05 am
of this money is going to go. >> we may not benefit from the jobs but we will benefit from the research. >> reporter: tobacco retailers oppose proposition. saying any money collected in california should be spent in california. both sides urge your help. san francisco election officials said today there's a misprint on the ballot. they were read to read independent party. the stub don't count a patrol of touting votes. those who vote by mail will receive a vote card. a fire rushes people out -f their homes. and we have warmer temperatures
12:06 am
and some fog. coming up we'll show you where the fog will be first thing tomorrow morning and the warmest day of the week.
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12:08 am
we have new information on tonight's shooting in san francisco east we were edition. this video is just in from the scene. we've now learned from police that a man shot about an hour ago at turk and laguna street has died. he's described as being in his 50s. a second victim a woman was shot in the leg. the gunman got into a car and sped off. at this point no arrests have been made as police have just begun their investigation.
12:09 am
$64,000 have been set aside for a study. the study will determine how vulnerable it will be on an earth quake. calfire is already gearing up for season season. a helicopter making water drops. the fire danger is tightened because of fire danger and stronger winds. >> we brought in addition staffing because the wind we have been experienced in those conditions of the weather that can make for a large fire. on monday, calfire plans to start bringing in more firefighters for refreshing training. right now thehill sides are still fairly green thanks to the spring rains, but a closer look shows that grass is drying out. 90% of fires are caused by humans. a t fire swept through
12:10 am
manila bay. 10,000 people are missing, some 54,000 others were left homeless. the homeless were evacuated to a sports complex near by. in the middle east, clashes erupted as the pal staoáepb yaps responded with tier gas -- at the palestine responded with tear gas. there are concerns about what might happen if one of them dies. in guatemala a discovery is debunking a doomsday theory. some of the hieroglyphics or not tomb, apparently the dates don't end this year after all, instead extend 7,000 years in
12:11 am
the future. cell phone use among all drivers rose 10.8% that's up from # .3%. drivers twaoep the ages of 16 to 35 doubled their cell phone bill behind the growth. the man who has transfarmed american race cars has tide. shelby spoke with ktvu's tom vacar at what used to be sears point. that was the 30th anniversary of the shelby cobra winning the grand tour. shelby put an emphasis on serious power and home performance. he was 89 years old. how much will we spend mom this mother's day. 8&&&&&
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i'm going on break! the more you bundle, the more you save. now, that's progressive. public school teachers in san francisco announcedded this afternoon that they have overwhelmingly voted to under go a strike. how soon teachers could potentially walk off the job. >> reporter: united educators of san francisco today announced teachers approved a strike out in yesterday's vote. the teacher's union rejected the district plan calling for nine furlough days. >> we're willing to negotiate a contract but we're not willing to settle for anything that institutes a reduction in the coverage of the education for our students. >> reporter: state budget
12:15 am
realities means san francisco has to squeeze $80 million for the next two years. >> they inadequately fund education. i understand their frustration. parents around the district are now just learning about the possibility of a strike. some rose a the -- >> the kids don't break up the fight. if somebody ha teach them i rather it be a support that's all the the around. teachers need to schedule a second strong term. at run -- lincoln high school.
12:16 am
david stevenson. reuters is reporting that linkdin is considering a purchase. manufacturers were given six more months to clarify the labels. the fda approved -- they can't claim to be water prof or sweat proof. mother's day is seupd and looks like people will be spending more on this year of mother's day. the most impretsdz -f point of view ways in is six yores, that averages out to more than $150 per mom. everyone so some of the gifts that mean the most can't be bought at the store. >> i just got a call from my son who i haven't talked to in
12:17 am
two years, he just called me to wish me a very happy birthday and happy mother's day. dining out is the most common. and i'm working on a great mother's day fore cast with temperatures, cool to mild to warm. if you were coast side around the bay, that wind has been turning. take a look at some of our buoys we have a wind gusting out out of the west to 15 miles per hour at the golden gate bridge. so a bit of an on shore breeze with that we will be tracking the fog in the short term. we do have this, dense fog really thick for the coast and. cool temperatures for the coast. but some warm too hot numbers
12:18 am
inrapid. -- first thing tomorrow morning, most areas starting out in the 50s. but the coolest locations out in the south bay, santa rosa and napa. san jose 53 and morgan hill at 52. we've been tracking the fog down to the south. we've had more of a southerly flow. for tomorrow not too much change, we have a big range in temperatures with the 60s for the beaches, warmest low kaeugs inland. ease live back up into the upper 80s to 90 degrees. as this high weakens for sunday, we're going to gradually back off for those temperatures. watch out if you're driving, reduced visibilities here, could get a few patch the cloud
12:19 am
go back to near the shore shrine. all the colors respects the 60s. a few neighborhood right around the 90 degrees mark by tomorrow at 9:00 afternoon. clear lake around 90. me tka so at 84 degrees. oakland in the upper # zeros. a few more 90s. san jose just beautiful in the upper 80s. these temperatures we'll check in about 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. right around 65 in pacifica. here's your look alead, you weekend -p rapidly approaches looks just great on mother's day. i'm going to give something. monday a little cooler then we warm back up julie and frank by tuesday and wednesday. but we should have a wonderful
12:20 am
forecast for the moms out there, they deserve it. and one lobster is dark with those bright orange and yellow spots. the lobster conservative says one lobster in a million is blue while a kr-rbg
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cyclists levy seas it's a go. leifheimer aoeu tphoupbsed he
12:24 am
will participate in the olympics. tuesday riders will be in the east bay. then the race ends in los angeles a week later. all right let's talk some baseball now. a's here. the a's above 500. >> i think it's.ár official, they are a more interesting now right now any way than the san francisco giants -- i think it's official, they are a more interesting team than san francisco right now. the tigers might be a little sorry they gave up on brandon inge. a lot of fans out there tonight to see miguel cabrera and the tigers. but inge how about this guy as well. you think boston are sorry they traded this guy to oak land. redick two shots, 2-8 in the
12:25 am
fifth, he had 16 rbi for oak land. two home runs he was a week ago on title. shot to deep right just enough on it to get it over the wall. three run homer. he was 4-4 tonight with five rbis, 11-4a. final history and they are one game oh 500. mien sometime make bit just dusted san francisco. first problems for the giant's tonight. not much sending terrible defense. although cabrera hit one out. a short live lead as arizona comes back. here's an example of no defense. miguel montero deep left. greg pell i guess you can say he's not an outfielder he's really a face baste man.goes
12:26 am
for an ár two errors. a couple of battles later sphaául gold smith deep and gone for the diamondbacks. two homers both against the giants. poorly kept secret to say the least, the nba wanted to announce the league's mvp awart tomorrow. it leaked, it's lebron james. third time he's won it. as a rule, yeah first round play offs nothing to tweet home about but we have a couple of game #s. mike conly with a three, pwroáebg it out at 88 -- three
12:27 am
point, it was at 88. and kutcher, beautiful shot. that's the sporting life for a friday night and oakland by the way they had more than 25,000 out there today. >> good deal. >> so maybe people starting to realize the team has god a little something to do. >> team the watch. >> yeah i like the little inge- n that could. >> let me tie my shoe here. >> players are very superstitious. >> all right, mark. >> thank you. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we will see you the
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