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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  May 14, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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celebration began about half an hour ago. the names of returning homeowners were read. you would 2012 burglar that cutted 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. it pg&e expects to pay a
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healthy fine. >> special recognition today but i would -- as well as -- >> reporter: during a shareholders meeting at pg&e headquarters. >> our house is not for sale. >> reporter: protesters greeted people attending the people -- greeted people attending the meeting. they're upset about fees. 17,000 customers have chosen to opt out due to health concerns. pg&e says smart meters do not pose any health risks and most customers are happy with the devices. the state of california is facing another round of budget cut. the deficit is growing. in january california's budget gap was estimated at $9 billion. today the governor's office revised that deficit to almost
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$16 billion. consequently the call is for $8 billion in additional cuts. reports from the capital on wide scope of latest spending cut. >> reporter: the second look at the budget revealed almost nothing but bad news. >> it's a difficult budget and it reflects the fact that revenues are lower than we expected. >> the governor says half the solution to closing a $17.08 deficit will come from cuts saving $402 million in parks. the funding hospitals and nursing homes will be cut by $396 million in home health care cut by 7% or nearly $100 million. we're going to have to cut deeper. cutting alone doesn't do it. >> a governor offered a plea to voters to pass his tax plan in november. >> rejected a last 7 proposed statewide tax increases. >> k-12 education is not
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touched in this budget. if the governor's tax plans fail he says more cuts will occur. >> an additional 2 weeks. >> democratic leaders is legislature say they will find a way to avoid some of the governor's cuts but say nothing can be done for schools without new revenue. >> the only way to overt the cuts is to win the election in november. >> what the governor outlined today is his budget plan, the legislature will have its own take and a promise an on time budget by june 15. ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now on the budget process, the governor typically releases the spending plan in january based on estimated tax revenue. when the april 15th tax deadline aryes the state gets a better idea whether eastbound coming revenue falls short. that brings us to today and may revision when the governor updates the budget to reflect current situation. the governor's latest solution will likely have a ripple
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effect around our state. for example, reducing employee hours could result in state offices and agencies such as the dmv either closing early or shortening their weeks. road projects could be delayed if cal tran hours are cut. they're increasingly fed up with sacramento. >> i've seen everything go completely rock bottom. >> where is the up in this. >> governor brown's budget did not cut through 12, but it does call for deeper cut to higher education. you can go to to view an outline of the governor's proposed cut. phase 2 of the end of tour california wrapped up a couple of ours ago. 130 races left the marina green around 11 this morning. they peddled 170 miles down the coast. >> ment be -- those last 20k
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are just suffering so bad. it's internally, you think it's never going to end. >> ment to believe saw say three began in san jose with a climb of -- along the way. the city of oakland fires back. a christian live with san francisco's pick and what oakland leaders have to say about it. we're here in san francisco at this site here appear -- peers -- piers 30 and 32 from our camera you can see that this area right now is just a parking lot but as san francisco leaders get their wish, this could be the new home for the warriors. tonight's giant game drew tens of thousands of baseball fans at san francisco's waterfront. now city leaders are hoping to do the same thing with golden
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state warrior fans. lee brought this letter last week urging the warriors to consider the move. >> we consider the warriors to be the bay area team. so it's not about stealing the warriors from oakland. it's about bringing them home from san francisco. >> will be privately funded number of locations including piers 30 and 32. golden state warriors responded saying we appreciate the out reach exhibited as they continue to show their enthusiasm and interest in the warriors build ago new state of the art multi purpose arena in san francisco. at this point we consider our due diligence exploring all potential sites in the bay area. oakland is going ahead with its plans for new sports at the warriors current home. mayor says not giving up the team without a fight. >> oakland has the warriors now, our plan will give them our stadium on great public transportation.
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>> the warriors hope to to be in their new arena wherever that may be at the 2017 season. we're live in san francisco. one of san francisco's most popular foot races takes place this weekend. ahead in 10 anyone minutes. one thing turn off. massive sweep has headed dozens of arrests. ktvu camera was on hand last week on what was first part of 3-day operation. they announced the sweep ended with 32 arrests for robberies, shootings and even murders. they confiscated two assault rifles. oakland police chief howard jordan said shooting death of 3- year-old last august pushed the department to act. federal officials help lead the operation. learning more tonight about an officer involved shooting that left a suspect in acoma. the officer chased 25-year-old a suspect on foot last night in east napa.
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they say the two had a physical altercation before overstainer opened fire. and in medically induced coma but is expected to survive. hasn't said why they're facing. police officer killed in the line of duty is one of the more 350 officers being honored in washington, d.c. during national police week. he was fatally shot last november while chasing a bank robbery suspect who was 45 years old who left behind a wife and two daughters testimony good name is now engraved on memorial in falling police officers. the 19 year veteran was one of ten california police officers killed in the line of duty last year. today was the first day on the job for new man at the top yahoo after the former ceo stepped down this weekend at the resort reports that is of resume padding. levenson is now the new interim ceo. he joined back in 2010 and was formerly in charge of media web
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site. he replaces scott thompson who resigned yesterday after plans of science degree that he will not actually have. he told the board of directors he's been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. in addition to the swap three of the board members and chairman were also replaced. >> now they've got a new board in place. look like the board is trying to fix the underlying problems. >> employees declined to talk on camera today. but off camera one employee told us things at that company can only improve. baseball is taking final orders, will reportedly stop off offering shares for the ipo tomorrow 2 days ahead of schedule. sources say that's because it's over subscribed. facebook is currently offering -- on thursday trading is expected to start on friday. this comes as facebook founder
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celebrates his 28th birthday today. he was in chicago on the final leg of the road show to market the idea to big money managers. happening now in the city council meeting where they're considering tougher restrictions restrictions. the new regulation would require massage parlor to be state certified and registered with the city police department. you see police move in and move out protesters at a farmment we'll explain why the area still has not been totally cleared. get ready to pay the price if you text and drive. relatively cool day around the bay. i'll have the number of what you can expect for your area coming up. gp
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new york city college an all women's school. he urged the 600 graduates to become a deacon of light to the world. he talked about the powers and possibilities of being a woman called on students. mitt romney remaining rival ron paul announced today he'll no longer be spending money on his campaign but he is not giving up the fight. at a web site message paul said he won't spend money on the party's eleven remaybing primaries it will take tens of million of dollars we simply do not have. however the small campaign said it will urge supporters to attend state convictions an effort to get in august.
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so far paul had 104 delegates. romney had 973. piece of farm land owed by uc berkeley is mostly cleared. he tells us what happened when uc winded with nonlethal weapons to remove the encampment. >> after three weeks of negotiations they went nowhere about 100uc police officers went in this morning. police arrested 9 protesters for trespassing and several. >> they came through as a line snatching people, things, anything in the way forcing us to the front gate here. >> changed my life. >> because they say protesters had baseball bats. but unlike some past occupy, the operation. >> we work closely with all the ucs in terms of their training
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and so we were real confident in their ability in how they work with us. >> after police cleared the field, there was still a game of cat and mouse. this man hopped a bashed wire fence. police say they're keeping close watch on a protesters who is sitting in a tree out of camera view. two police choices tell us they're urinating in direction of officer. the plan now is to wait them out. police say they moved in because as urban farm land is needed for uc research, the university will dig up the crops they planted. >> he's -- peas, beans, pumpkins, cucumbers all kind people eat. >> protesters planned to meet tomorrow to decide their next move. in albany rob rock, ktvu channel 2 news. >> new uncertainty overseas day long tail spin on wall street growing concerns that quit the
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european union. the dow fell 129 points. nasdaq sank 31. today was the nice day of athens for minute unity government. comes after recent elections left the major parting with the majority vote. socialist parties for smaller groups. the new government must be made by thursday or another election will be held next month. postal service announced today it will spare 600 post offices. and 3700 post offices. the move they say will save 6 and a half billion dollars a year, today the postal service says 600 of those post offices will stay open. the postal service is expected to present a new plan for the processing centers later this week. roger clemens former personal training took the witness stand today. chief accuser trial. he claims the injected clemens
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between 1998 and 2001. he's accused of lying to congress about using the drugs. he claimed he had substance abuse problems during the time he said he gave drugs to clemens. the fines could go up for texting while driving under the bill that passed the state senate today. they wrote -- under it the total cost for first offenders could climb to $200. 24-9 it now goes on to the assembly. annual race isless than a week away. many runners are less than enthusiastic this year. david stevenson tells us why some say they're not going to party pate. >> san francisco's 100 -- set for this sunday. but this year some runners say they'll sit it out on the sideline. they're disappointed that basic registration cost $57 and doesn't include a t-shirt.
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>> included a medal and t- shirt. this year the t-shirt will cost you $15 extra. on the registration web site. >> a lot of people were asking for tiered pricing to give people more of an option as to how much they wanted to spend for the race, we're being responsive to that as well. >> ray spokes one 40,000 registered runners are expected this year. 50,000 registered for last year's centennial race. >> people want to be a part of history and come out for the big anniversary. we're still expecting a lot of people to come up for this year's race. >> they're pretty nice, you can wear it to the next race the next year. >> organizer's point registration goes for port that potties and clean up. >> i'm not going to pay for registration, i'm just going to show up.
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>> online registration ends wednesday though runners can register in person saturday at bill graham auditory jam. ktvu channel 2 news. >> it looks like recently shuttered bay area bowling ally could be rolled again and new location some day soon. we creptly vacated by the market. been asking to recommend other possible sites for new location locations. >> coming up we meet the man whose faith contributed to prize winning work of art. it's cooler out there tonight. he'll let us know if we need to keep this jacket handy for tomorrow. if you're on the go, you can watch ktvu newscast live on your computer, smartphone or tablet. get the app or go to
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it's using technology to connect people with nature. officials launched a new web cast today that sends out a picture of the fault. web cam transmits a new image every 30 second. it's actually the fourth web cam the conservable city has
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placed. and the valley, you find alike to it on to scroll down to the web link section. here a little bit cooler than we should be this time of year. we're going to check in to see if that's going to change. >> holding in the 60s. we have an on shore breeze that's fairly strong in some cases. a little cool and breezy you have to be outdoors. by tomorrow, though, things will be changing. we're going to warm anywhere from 4 to 6 degrees along the coast. 5 to 10 degrees inland. westerly breeze at sfo. 82 reported in fair field. so yes, you may notice that getting outdoors temperatures still holding in the 60s. low 60s oakland. concord live moore. and over the minority bay widespread 60s as well the system bringing us the cool down bringing a little bit of rain to the northeast corner of california. thunderstorms reported in that area as well and they aren't even looking a possibility of fire weather they're tracking
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that for you and we of course will be tracking it as well. we are looking at a nice warm up as we head into tuesday and wednesday, notable we'll hold steady wednesday before we begin a another cool down. building it for tomorrow and our temperatures will be rebounding, pretty good. for tonight into the overnight hours it will be a cool for you. starting your morning at 48 degrees. along the coastline 50 degrees for pacifica. patchy fog expected through least the morning hours. for tomorrow partly cloudy skies and mostly sunny. 79 expected for santa rosa tomorrow. 79 for sonoma. upper 60s -- areas like hayward, berkeley looking at 70 for the afternoon, low 80s for danville, pleasant and
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livermore most areas warmed into the low 70s, that's a whole ten degree warmer in -- for tomorrow 78 along the peninsula going to be a mild nice one. 75 redwood city. 68 degrees expected in the city, mid-60s for the coast and partly cloudy mostly sunny sky. a look at your extended forecast there, notice that we do warm up, we hold on to that at least through wednesday. as we get into thursday we cool it back once again, in time for your weekend, low 80s for inland spots along the coast with mid-60s with mostly sunny skies. >> developing news now out of south san francisco where train service has just resumed after one train hit pedestrian. it happened a little more than an hour ago just south of the cal tran station. we're told a pedestrian is alive and has been taken to the hospital. so far no word on condition or how that person ended up on the track. a mystery in the south baby
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the subject of award winning artistic endeavor has been solved. people were wondering who the model was who won an art contest. the artist is 18-year-old sam a high school senior. the model, it turns out, is 90- year-old herman who he found eating a hot dog as he does every monday at the costco. they were both honored just about an hour ago at a reception in the central park library. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news break. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight's one woman's plea to take a not yet improved cancer drug. she hopes it can save her life. why her efforts are still unique. keep in mind we're always here for you at tmz is up next right here on tv36.
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