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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 17, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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facebook workers are pulling an all nighter, why they are still at work on the night before the ipo. >> like it or not facebook is going public. and it's going to create millions of millionaires in the area. shares will start at $38 per
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share. lloyd lacuesta is live where the ipo is generating worldwide attention. >> reporter: i just watched a bbc reporter do a live report back to london. the media is gathered here at the parking lot across the street from facebook headquarters. inside workers three hours before began a hack-thon. where workers are allowed to play on any project they hope. mark zuckerberg answered questions before the hackathon began. >> will it expands photos, videos, will it have time to have interaction between picture and voice. it has to evolve; it has to change. if it should stay stagnant then
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it's not a good investment. >> reporter: an investment that will start at $38 a share on nasdaq. the company will be listed as fb on tickerment will it change its downward trend on the ticker. >> if we thought the market would fall because of facebook, then everybody would have emptied the market today. >> reporter: there's no doubt about 1,000 facebook employees will emerge millionaires tomorrow. but how risky is it for the common investor? >> but it will be a wild ride. it'll be up from $38, and where it closes probably some where in the middle there. then all bets are off. because the excitement will die down. >> reporter: then nobody knows for sure. mark zuckerberg himself will ring the nasdaq bell himself
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tomorrow here at facebook headquarters, lloyd lacuesta. >> reporter: more details now at more than $18 billion tomorrow's stock sale is silican valley's largest ever. on a national scale only visa's ipo lying larger. silican valley insiders are telling us some of the facebook ipo millionaires are already spending their money. he's broker ken de leon. >> most of my facebook employees are so young they don't have children yet. >> reporter: many coming from his facebook giants, many cashing their shares on private
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exchanges. >> one of my facebook clients he wants something that's very particular, there's nothing there. so we're going to place an ad, dear sellers, we can pay cash, no contingents. >> reporter: from dealerships to luxury cars. >> those customers are frequent guests of ours. >> reporter: casey is home to have the michelin restaurant. >> we welcome the challenge every day. >> reporter: if you think it's hot in this menlo park kitchen, it might be hotter in noe valley. >> i didn't even imagine this would ever happen. >> reporter: the spending boom impacting san francisco noe valley, who's buying? >> almost all tech people and they're paying all cash. >> reporter: a new wave of ipos
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from linked in, to zynga. >> we waited for up to close and it sold for 1.4 million all cash. >> reporter: and it's a spending free that might just be beginning. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage, we will be on the air tomorrow morning when the markets open with live coverage, as all the excitement continues to build. you will also find a facebook tab with facebook's five core values and the story about some of the millions that are not on facebook. the company that pioneered the silican valley boom hewlett packerd. hp is prepared, such a move
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would save the company. official word from meg whitman is expected next week. the big slump continues on wall street. the dow jones dropped 156 points today. nasdaq fell 60, the dow has now closed lower 11 of the past 12 sessions. bay area grocery store workers rallied this evening and the south bay calling for a new contract that gives them fair pay and affordable health care. you could see the enthusiastic crowd that turned out at san jose cesar chavez plaza as they hear from ron lin. he's the president of the commercial workers union. >> the only thing that keeping safeway from the wall wal-mart way is a union contract. >> reporter: union workers at ralley's voted to authorize a strike. a mediator is set to join their
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negotiations tomorrow. a power outage in the north bay is being blamed on tonight's gusting winds. the outage happened about 6:10 this evening when high voltage lines came down. a spokesperson for pg & e told us two power lines and a pole fell likely because of those high winds. commercial and residential customers lost power. falling tree limbs hid a pickup truck this afternoon in the east bay. it happened around 4:30 in san leandro while the driver was on east street. here too they blame the gusty winds. firefighters removed limbs before crews came out to remove them. new at 10:00, only ktvu's eric rasmussen was able to ride
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along with the gang task force. eric is live as officers are still at work. >> reporter: this is the first night of a summertime operation that will go on for the next 15 weeks. i just got a text back from officers that are still out there on the streets they say they've already made two arrests tonight and they says that just part of their mission. the action started even earlier than expected for the san mateo county task force. >> do you live with anybody? >> reporter: during a briefing in buehrleing game, an officer recognized a gang member going inside. >> it just happened that he was there at the same time we were there. he has a fairly violent past. attempted murder here in our county. >> reporter: the man had already been arrested and just released from jail. making contact with some of san mateo county's 2,500 validated gang hers is one goal.
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>> what he basically insinuated was that he's part of a new gang, that they support the he'll's angels and they're called bloodline so that's what we know so far so this is something new we add to our data base. >> reporter: before the summer is over, the gang task force expects to conduct 100 searches. this time the man officers was looking for wasn't home but officials confirm they keep a top 10 list of wanted gang members. >> one of the neat things about that is it's not just based on the severity of the crime, it's that that person may be a high ranking official of some type of gang. >> reporter: officers told us the biggest challenge they face is gangs have become increasingly more organized in just the last year or two, it makes operations like this one even more important. eric rasmussen, ktvu news. in four minutes, dozens of victims, police tell us about a scam targeting certain people here in the bay area and what
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they've confiscated from the suspects. in san francisco, a pedestrian was killed this afternoon after being hit by a truck in the mission district. it happened shortly before 1:00 today. a truck turning on to 13th street from fulsome hit a 45- year-old man. the corner identified the man as 45-year-old sena putra of oakland -- the coroner identified the man. in the east bay dublin police say a bicyclist who was struck and killed be i a hit- and-run driver was a visitor from china. he's been identified as 57-year- old bo hu. he was identified tuesday night. car parts found at the scene indicate the vehicle was a 2012 mercedes benz likely black and color either a sls550 or 563. a vallejo family is asking for an apology after a police
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officer shot and killed one of their dogs. the officer came yesterday unannounced to take a police report. two dogs aggressively came at the officer. the officer feared for his safety and shot and killed bell. the family says their two children are heartbroken. >> he could have stepped out the gate and would have been safe. >> none of the family dogs have ever bitten anyone and they say all they want is for the officers to come over and apologize to their children. they say if he does that all will be forgotten. her music is playing and fans are remembering why you didn't have to grow up in the 70s to appreciate donna sommers. and back here in 10 minutes, your weekend around the corner, i have a forecast i think you will like. and at 10:30, the reality that comes with a college diploma.
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thousands of dollars of debt. tonight the
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we have developing news out of oakland at this hour where two people have been shot and wounded. a woman reported it at 9:00 tonight. she said someone had shot her son. officers also found a female wounded about a block away, both were taken to the hospital
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and their injuries are considered nonlife threatening. neighbors told us they heard about 20 shots fired in all. the 65th avenue village in east oakland has been the scene of several shootings lately. in san francisco, police are warning people tonight of a scam targeting elderly chinese women. amber lee is live in the city where three people have been arrested but police fear they're part of a much larger crime ring. >> reporter: we're on san bruno avenue near san francisco's portolo neighborhood one of several neighborhoods where police say a crime ring has preyed on elderly asian women. this 65-year-old woman told us she lost her family heirlooms and cash to three women who scammed her. she asked us not to reveal her identity. in cantanese mrs. chan told her
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she was coming from a doctor appointment and the women convinced her she was ill because of a -- the money stolen was for his wedding at the end of the year. he has now postponed the big day. >> in each of these incidents, an elderly chinese woman was approached by foot. >> reporter: three women from china have now been charged with felonies. they were arraigned in court on tuesday. police say they might be part of a crime that has struck in new york, boston and other major cities. >> korea, china, hong kong and europe. >> reporter: law enforcement displayed money and other
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valuables they confiscated from the suspects. the chan's are sharing their story in hoping of something like this happening to anyone else. >> something like this happened to me. my mom could have avoided it if my mom didn't talk to them. >> reporter: mrs. chan is among two dozen victims in san francisco alone. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. postal workers or inspectors went door to door in one east bay community to warn residents about the threat of identity thieves. >> a couple of days ago a letter carrier got assaulted and a lot of mail was stolen. >> reporter: it happened after a postal carrier was attacked, beaten and had mail stolen. the postal service is now asking a $50,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in the case.
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at 10: 10:40 tonight, what we learned about plans to close postal facilities here in the bay area. when it will happen and when how it will affect you. a man was found bleeding from the head at a station in san francisco. 45-year-old sam white was found unconscious and bleeding on march 9 at the civic center station. six weeks later he died of complications from blunt trauma to the head. police say white was homeless at the time and that no next of kin have come forward. here is a description of sam white, he is 6 feet tall, he was 6'tall and 200 pounds. he had brown hair and hazel eyes. baseball commissioner bud selig said it's up to bud wolf to decide whether he wants to reconsider moving the team. the giants are balking at the idea of having the a's head to the south bay where the giants
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hold territorial rights. the a's would need the approval of major league baseball if they were to leave oakland. the parks are austin creek, jack london state historic part and sugar loaf ridge all of which are in sonoma. both napa valley in napa and china camp in marin, the nonprofit california state parks foundation says it has received grants of more than $300,000, the money will save the parks from planned closures due to state budget cuts. plans by an indian village to open a casino calls for 3,000 slot machines and card games at the casino. the music world is mourning
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the loss of the woman known as the queen of disco. donna sommer died after a battle with cancer. debra villalon is live where fans are also remembering the singer. >> reporter: donna somm er songs, and there are many are playing. and people have been up and dancing like they have for 30 years. >> i'm going to play a special song for a special lady. >> reporter: the d.j. was in grade school when love to love you baby became donna somm er's first hit. and 18 more would follow from 1975 on. >> donna sommer she's a classic. she always brings the beat from the old 70s. >> she's one of the best artists in the 80s, so i love her. >> it's party music, it's hot
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stuff, it's hot girl, it's love to love you baby. >> reporter: ben santorre met sommer in the 80s. she didn't like being defined by being a diva. >> for a woman like her it was a struggle because she knew she was more than dance music, she loved rock music, rock & roll. >> reporter: on the radio, sommer's long play list has been on demand all day. her song a sound track to so many lives. >> look at how long all that music lasted. you know it never, it never went away. >> sommer visited this kiss fm studio four years ago about the same time she appeared on american idol. promoting a new record. >> she was 100% approachable, she was 100% humble and normal and real and she was a
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wonderful spirit. a wonderful lady. it's donna sommer hot stuff. >> many fans may not realize donna sommer in her later years became devoutly religious. even hosting bible study in her own home. she's survived bid -- by her husband and three daughters and people who love to dance everywhere. debra villalon. >> has a special slide show on donna sommer you can see her through the years, just look on the slide shows tab. it is pretty windy out there this afternoon, and it's windy right now we go up to point rays. a live buoy readings. i have gusts up to 45 miles per hour. the winds have died down at the san francisco airports down down to 40. but they were blowing up to 65 miles per hour at the airport today. 62degrees in hayward, that was the high. 74 in concord, 75 in vallejo.
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highs tomorrow are coming up, less wind tomorrow, more sunshine, less fog. it's going to be cool overnight. the temperatures are going to drop. we're going to see upper 40s in the inland bay valleys. it'll seem chilly when you head to work or school tomorrow morning. when i come back we'll go right to the bay area weekend. i'll show you which day will be the warmest. i'll see you back here. a new restaurant draws big crowds. >> plus -- >> it was the biggest and baddist ship, now [ male announcer ] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
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is going for aluminum. cullen jones is in it for water-resistant thermoplastic.
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and amanda mcgrory? she's competing for carbon fiber. they're not just going for gold, they're joining with citi to give back to the programs that helped them along the way with bikes, kickboards. and racing chairs. join the movement at and help citi help our u.s. athletes give back together, every step of the way. thousands of people flocked to a new restaurant.
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the newest in and out restaurant started service. retail shoppers in the area seemed happy about the opening. >> you see a lot of businesses that are closing so to see a business that's thriving and here is a good thing. >> reporter: some people worried the burger shop would drive too much traffic. despite the crowds, things seemed to run smoothly as people came from miles away to sample the popular burgers, fries and shakes. the topic, development in africa. mr. blaire pointed to democracy but he also mentioned starvation and a lack of medical care. demonstrators outside the auditorium called for blaire's arrest. they say he's a war criminal for supporting the u.s. invasion of iraq. a battleship is about to
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ship out after being cleaned up at the port of richmond. the uss iowa is set to pass under the golden gate bridge this weekend and will likely never return. once it was one of the biggest, baddest world war battleships in the u.s. navy, today the uss iowa was getting ready for what may well be her final voyage. this sunday the iowa with her massive guns is scheduled to head out for the port of los angeles to become a floating museum. and when it leaves there will be no more battleships left in the bay area. >> it would have been nice to have the ship in the bay area because of the importance the bay area played in world war ii. >> reporter: the battle to keep the iowa has a northern california attraction was long hard and ultimately unsuccessful. plans to place it in vallejo, alameda and stockton fell
11:57 pm
apart. maryland wong helped spear head the efforts. >> it's saturday because we put in a lot of effort, a lot of time and many people gave. >> reporter: many military buffs are relieved the iowa at least has a home in southern california. but they admit bay area residents will miss seeing the guns that could fire car side shells 24 miles. and the bathtub made especially for president franklin d. roosevelt. >> he had polio, they installed this tub for him along with the rails. >> reporter: the battleship is scheduled to pass under the golden gate bridge sunday about 3:30 in the afternoon and that will be the last look the bay area ever gets of the u.s.s. iowa. aboard the u.s.s. iowa, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. college debt has never been higher but you may be able to lower your payments, maybe even stop them. and at 10:45, a simple test
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to detect [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian mebkeflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch.
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most people agree the cost of a college education is soaring. and often the fact of paying them off doesn't hit until after graduation. >> congratulations and good luck class of 2012. >> reporter: it's all over. and now diploma day. time to start paying off those college loans. >> over 30,000. >> 40 to 50k. >> over 54,000.
12:01 am
>> like 30 grand, man. >> reporter: they're certainly not the only ones with the repayment burden on their back. more than 30 million americans now owe a trillion dollars in college loans. almost 90% in federal loans. and perhaps surprisingly most folks with student debt almost 2/three are older than 30. >> nationwide 2/3 of four year grads have loans and their average debt is $40,000. in california it's lower, about half of all college grads and their average debt is $18,000. the president of the national project on student debt based in oakland says in this economy almost one in 10 college debtors now are defaulting on their loans. and finding out that debt follows them to the grave. >> if you don't pay back your federal loans you're in a heap of trouble. your credit rating is ruined.
12:02 am
they can garnish your wages. one the amount of your monthly payments is based on income. usually no more than 10% of what you make. >> and it can be as low as zero if your earnings are really low. it also gives you a light at the end of your tunnel because any debt that remains after 10 years will be forgiven or if you work for a nonprofit. >> reporter: a smart college graduate would pick one of those repayment plans, right? no. only 630,000 borrowers out of millions had opted for it. >> who knows how i'll pay this back. >> it feels crippling. >> reporter: there are other ways to ease the payment pain. defer the payment, get a little discount paying online and deduct interest off your federal taxes. >> right before we got married she said i inherented her student loans as well and i was
12:03 am
okay with that. >> reporter: burcket went to six schools in five years. >> it took me 10 years to pay off the federal loans and the credit card debt probably still lingerings. >> were they worth it? >> absolutely. >> reporter: now brad a community college graduate finally is getting his bachelor's degree in engineering and borrowing $30,000 to do it. >> sometimes you have to pay the price. >> reporter: at the same time they're trying to save money to send their children to college. >> it scares me, it scares me that my kids are going to have to face such high education costs. >> i would want to be a teacher for elementary school if i don't go to culinary school and be a baker. >> reporter: by the time angelina is ready for college, tuition alone at a four year public school is estimated to cost $95,000. and for little matt -- >> i want to go to college so i
12:04 am
can be an engineer and build robots. >> reporter: $114,000 and his parents say, worth every penny. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. and at we have posted information to help explain loan repayment programs in more detail. just look for the story on the special reports tab. new video into the ktvu newsroom at this hour of a fatal crash in the wine country involving a car and a bicyclists. it happened along the silverado trail about 6:30 this evening. the chp says a car and 50-year- old bicyclists were both headed southbound when for unknown reasons the driver veered into the bike lane hitting the bicyclists he died at the scene. officers were questioning the woman behind the wheel. a memorial service is planned for tomorrow for a hayward police officer who died in a motorcycle accident. the service for rodney pierce is scheduled at 11:00 a.m. he died on july 7th when he hit
12:05 am
a deer while on his motorcycle and was thrown from the bike. he was wearing a helmet at the time. pierce is survived by his wife and four children. presumpive presidential nominee mitt romney distanced himself from a super pack. >> reputeuate that effort, i think it's the wrong course for a pack or a campaign. i hope that our campaigns can respectively be about the future and about issues. >> the republican superpack has outlined a campaign called the defeat of barack hussein obama. closing argumenting wrapped up today in the trial of john edwards. ed wards arrived with his
12:06 am
daughter kate and his parents. he has pleaded not guilty to federal charges of using campaign contributions to support his then pregnant mistress. the jury is expected to start deliberations tomorrow. new evidence in the trayvon martin case. what photos reveal about the encounter and what was found in the teen's autopsy. and back here in just 10 minute, your weekend is almost here.
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a wildfire forced the evacuation of residents from dozens of homes in colorado today. the hewlett fire has grown to
12:09 am
5,000 acres and is only 5% contained. the fire is burning in rough terrain. humans started the fire although the exact cause is under investigation. in arizona, firefighters report progress in trying to contain a wildfire. today authorities upped the number of buildings damaged by that fire to four. newly released documents show florida teenager trayvon martin had marijuana in his bloodstream the night he was shot and killed by neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman. martin's autopsy report were part of a pile of evidence released today. the 17-year-old boy was shot once in the chest. the documents also show a recommendation from an investigator that zimmerman be arrested on manslaughter charges. meantime new photos of zimmerman show the injuries he says he sustained during that february encounter.
12:10 am
zimmerman told police his nose was bloodied and martin slammed his head into the concrete. zimmerman maintains the shooting was in self-defense. the nearly bankrupt u.s. postal service was decided which plants will close this summer. the petaluma plant will be consolidate with the oakland facility. the buehrleing game plant is being absorbed by san francisco. in all, the postoffice is planning to close 2,000 centers. more and more people rely on the internet instead of the mail. in news of the world tonight in venezuela. heavy gunfire was heard for two hours coming from inside a prison. authorities evacuated near by homes and businesses. armed inmates took control of that prison nearly three weeks
12:11 am
ago. inmates are now shooting at each other. venezuela has been trying to close the prison because of overcrowding. in africa the united nation says sub saharan nations will not be able to progress if hunger is not ended. both make it difficult if not impossible to provide africans with the help they need. in the nation of georgia, the first ever gay rights rights ran into opposition. members of a conservative orthodox group stepped ahead of activists. the march was to mark the day against homophobia. it's a simple postural test that will help determine if a child is
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12:13 am
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a simple test could determine whether your baby is autistic. j ohn fowler reports on the new research and clues for parents. >> reporter: as i told you two months ago, the cdc now says one in eight children have autism most diagnosed around age three. a simple posture test at 6 months old can be a red flag say researchers. >> having an ability to have a sense that early at six months i think is great. the kennedy krieger institute released this video. in children with a genetic for autism showed this. it's called head lag. >> this could be the beginning
12:15 am
or sign of a development delay. hence you need to watch that kid much more closely. >> reporter: most kids don't have a genetic autism risk and head lag is is usually not serious. >> the vast majority are healthy, well normal kids doing it their own way. >> reporter: they already use this test as routine screening but fear parents will do this and worry it's autism. >> if we over interpret or over respond we're taking away from the well being of the child, the parent, the family well being. >> for every chance of that happening there's a chance that somebody might pick up on something that they might bring up to their doctor. >> reporter: researchers now say detention in early motor development can provide important clues and they note that early detection improves outcomes. john fowler, ktvu news. new developments in the alleged abuse of 50,000 chickens in modesto. several thousand hens were
12:16 am
rescued from a & l poultry back in february but most died or had to be euthanized because they had been abandoned without food or water. today three animal welfare sanctiorias fired suit. there's almost impossible to get a meal at a chain restaurant that meets federal nutrition guidelines. 96% of entrees sold at restaurants had more fat than recommended. researchers looked at almost 31,000menu items from restaurant chains. they found main entrees averaged 336-calories per serving. in sa -- sacramento a bill
12:17 am
passed to curve stadium violence. democratic assemblyman mike gatto said he wrote the bill after a series of high profile incidents of stadium violence that bill now moves over to the state senate. the state senate today approved a bill that bans landlords from requiring renters to declaw or devocalize their pets. the bill also prohibits landlords from rejecting ten in -- tenants who refuse to have that procedure on their pets. that bill now goes to the state assembly. mortgage rates hit record lows for the third consecutive week. freddie mac says the average rate on a 30 year loan is 3.79%. a 15 year fix is at point from san francisco based gap clothing today reported its net income was unchanged in the
12:18 am
first quarter of last year. rising cost and a drop in overseas sales outset chains. gap finished the day off 3% closing at $26.31. a windy day today and kind of a cool day out there. the fog got blown away from the coast. we did have patches of fog but the main fog bank that you saw this morning went away pretty rapidly. outside we go and you see the ananometer spinning. pittsburgh gusting to about 14 miles per hour here. those winds are dying down as well too. less wind means cooler overnight lows. 48, 47 degrees in some areas tomorrow morning north bay and east bay that's chilly for this time of year. tomorrow will be slightly warmer, the weekend warmer still with 80. so the weekend is when we get back into the 80s.
12:19 am
tomorrow is about 70s and upper 70s. the computer model shows fog forming at the coast again tomorrow morning about 6:00 a.m. and down toward monterey. as we go through the day kind of wipes out again and temperatures begin to warm up. we're going to start seeing more 70s. the yellows are 70s and oranges are 80s. the oranges are going to start coming this way when we start to see more 80s in the area. tomorrow will be warmer, less wind, less fog along the coast. the weekend is going to be sunny and warmer as high pressure establishes itself. temperatures on the rise. saturday look for temperatures to be 82 degrees, 83, then by sunday we could see some 84s and 85s. tomorrow temperatures are mainly going to be in the mid- 70s, maybe upper 70s. 78 in clear lake, 78 in napa. 65 in sausalito. with the wind of today i know a lot of you were suffering from
12:20 am
that. east bay and south bay city pollen counts are up and they will be again tomorrow. 77 in morgan hill, los gatos. sun comes out tomorrow and you will see plenty of clearing. it's friday, and the five day forecast is one you look to see for friday. you can't beat it. someone said in the earlier broadcast, beta breakers, giants in town. a lot of outdoor stuff going on and the weather is going to be perfect for that. everyone at the coast. >> nice all the way around. >> all the way around. >> thank you, bill. oakland's youth uprising celebrated seven years of service. it is committed to helping young people transform their lives. it provides career and education guidance and enpowers them to become active members in the community. one teenager shared how youth uprising helped him. >> i was in high school, trying to get my high school diploma but i was also hustling trying
12:21 am
to make ends meet. i ended up going to jail and placed me right here. >> reporter: youth uprising says it helps about
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great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave.
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it's looking like the reno air races will take place this year. today organizers received approval for a special one year permit but they still need to secure insurance for the event and they'll need to follow any new guidelines set by the ntsb which is still investigating last year's crash. about 700 elementary school children went to san francisco's ocean beach today for a massive clean up project and after picking up the trash the students got into formation. we have a picture here to show you how it turned out. that formation turned out the words defend the sea. the audobon society helped organize the event. the group says for some children it was actually the first time at the ocean. >> that was such a cool picture. almost seemed like it wasn't real. it was perfect. >> they did such a great job. >> good for them. today actually a good day. today both the a's and giants
12:25 am
winners today. >> doesn't happen that often. of course we will just call it reason for 3,447 that baseball is such a great game. yesterday giants for instance, completely incapable of scoring more than one run, right. terrible offense, quick turn around. they dump the world champ. they have a tradition on the get away, they dress up as they get off the bus. that's pretty much where the fun ended for the cardinals. 2-out, two run single since april. 3-2 giants but later not so good for them. audrey huff grounder the pinch hitter but david freeze throws it away. the giants back in it. three errors for the world champs today. a couple of doubles, this one will fetch buster posey, giants
12:26 am
giants 6-4. >> to have a 3-2 lead and give it back up two hitters later in the next inning is always a downer. but the guys just hung in there and kept with it and we were able to get the runs in when we needed it. >> it feels good for cain because we know he lacks support sometimes. over the long haul the rangers just loaded with talent. they're probably going to finish higher than the a's that's a no brainer. but you can't help but fall for the chemistry and tenacious of the a's. the ron washington, living its up with the rangers. but he has problems because the a's in the three spot, kurt suzuki. didn't matter the a's down now 4-3 in the seventh. josh redick just completely
12:27 am
pounding the ball so far for the a's. 10 homers, that ties it 4-4. kila with an rbi fetching johnny gomes. and that ended up 5-4 a's in 10. basketball, they are calling him the lord of no rings. looks like lebron won't be wearing one any time soon. lebron 16 of his 22 in the last half. where did he disappear to. they were tied at halftime. he looked like a man among boys but the face calms down. roy hibbert 19 points, 18 rebounds no answer. pacers up in the series 2-1. and right now the spurs look invincible, they took the clippers by 20. thank you for trusting ktvu
12:28 am
channel 2 news we'll see
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